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Dearth of Leadership and Character of Indian Army..!

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Who Will Safe Guard Indian Nuclear Weapons from Falling into the hands of Hindu extremists? 

General S.K Singh
Indian Defense Minister
Retd. General Tejinder Singh

General Deepak Kapoor
Expected Indian Army Chief; General Dalbir Singh Suhag

The letter written by Indian Chief of Army has formed a crisis in India. This letter was secretly written by Indian General V.K. Singh on 12 March to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a warning over the deficiencies in Indian army. This letter states that “Indian sovereignty is facing severe threats and in case of war Indian army will not be able to defend country. Because Ministry of defense does not have weapons and ammunition to supply to army, 97% of defense machinery/equipment is useless. Tanks and other weapons have shortage of ammunition. For air defense there is also shortage of weapons. Infantry lacks capability to fight at night”. This letter was written after a meeting between Indian Prime Minister and General Singh, in this meeting General Singh discussed the critical situation of Indian army so Manmohan Singh requested him to submit a written request so that this could be discussed in Cabinet Division and necessary steps could be taken. Indian Defense Minister was also present during this meeting.

            On the wish of Indian Prime Minister General Singh submitted his concerns about deficiencies of Indian army in the written form, but after few days this letter was published in Indian newspaper, “THE HINDU” jolting Indian media. Opposition demands that General Singh should be removed from Indian army at once. Few members of Indian Parliament view this letter as a reaction to dispute among Indian govt. and General Singh over his date of birth, they are of the view that General V.K. Singh himself has handed over such a sensitive letter to media. General V.K. Singh says that it was necessary to inform Prime Minister about deficiencies of Indian army for this he wrote a letter. He rejected that letter was leaked to media from his office. General V.K. Singh has demanded investigations over the leakage of such a sensitive letter.

            The disputes between Indian army were severed when during a press conference about the publishing of the letter when General V.K. Singh alleged expected successor Chief of Army Lt. General Dalbir Singh Suhag for receiving bribe in deals of purchase of weapons and demanded that CBI should hold investigations in this regard. These allegations against the future Indian Army Chief further deteriorated the situation, so the emergency meeting of Indian parliament was called. But this meeting ended in a chaos when Indian Defense Minister A.K. Anthony disclosed that General V.K. Singh has informed him about corruption of Lt. General Dalbir Singh in the written form. On this he advised General Singh to take steps against Lt. General Dalbir Singh Suhag. At that time Lt. General Dalbir Singh was appointed as IG (Inspector General) of Special Frontier Force working under Indian RAW. During his appointment he made billions in the deals of purchase of communication and night vision devices.

            After above mentioned revelations Indian Parliament or Rajia Sabha was jolted. Opposition alleged that like ex-govt. of BJP, present govt. along with allies is also busy in looting national resources with the help of Indian Generals. In this quarrel the allegations from both sides over each other engulfed the whole session. During this uproar it was revealed that only Lt. General Suhag is not involved in corruption, many other Indian army officers notorious for receiving KICK BACKS in defense deals are also involved. However all this is impossible without support from Indian politicians.

            Leaving this aside another scandal of corruption and bribe between on duty and retired Indian Generals have been brought to New Delhi court. In this suit retired Lt. General Tejinder Singh has told court that Indian Army Chief has insulted by alleging him for bribe, so a suit for cognizance of the criminal defamation should be registered. He has named Army Chief General V.K. Singh along with Vice Chief of Army Staff General S.K. Singh, Director of MI Lt. General B.S. Thakur, Additional Director Public Information Major General Narishma, Colonel Patan Sawahini and other higher officials of Indian army in his suit. He is of the view that all these above mentioned persons are indulged in criminal defamation and misuse of their designation to cause him financial loss.
Taking Charge from General Deepak Kapoor

            General V.K. Singh has said that General Tejinder had offered him bribe of 140 millions for approving deal of 600 low quality military trucks in October 2010. In reaction to this allegation General Tejinder told the court that trucks branded as “TATA ALL WEATHER TRUCKS” are in use of Indian army since 1986 and since than no complaints have been registered. Indian court has accepted application for suit by Tejinder Singh and issued notices to alleged, but there is no chance that Indian army officials will go to the court to clarify their position. However this is internal affair of democratic India. But the most important question is of the war mania of India, increasing defense budget which has now reached to 41.3 billions, the madness for purchase of latest lethal and mass destruction weapons has brought India into the group of top ten customers of weapons. India! Which is involved in many forms in terrorism and internal armed interference in the other small countries of the region, while the center of all these war preparations and madness is only Pakistan, this is only Pakistan which was threatened for COLD START WAR DOCTRINE. So if the Army Chiefs of such an powerful country are indulged in such corruption, defaming each other for power, disclose sensitive information just in order to secure their designations, than there is no doubt that such irresponsible nuclear power, biggest corrupt army could be involved in any misadventure against Pakistan in order to hide their corruption and divert the attention of their public suffering from hatred against Pakistan injected by Hindu-extremists. Although in spite of such a low budget of 5.75 billion Pakistan army is capable of thwarting any Indian aggression but we need to be cautious over the mutual disputes and quarrels of Indian army and Indian Generals. There is also possibility that such corrupt Generals may sell weapons of mass destruction to Hindu extremists or terrorists. This will bring not only the whole to the verge of collapse but also threat to the existence of whole mankind. The Chiefs of Indian army becomes the target of allegations of corruption, misuse of power, sexual scandals even before they take charge. This is a clear indication that gulf between lobbies and corrupt groups within Indian army are growing. Previously same conspiracy was practiced against General Deepak Kapoor and his supporting Generals by General V.K. Singh. This dispute went up to the court martial of supporters of General Deepak Kapoor like Lt. General Avadesh Parakash and Maj. General Seen in spite of the fact that General Deepak was Chief of Army Staff at that time. They were alleged for corruption in defense deal and bribe in distribution of lands.

Indian TV Channel program showing Internal war of Indian Generals

            Although General Deepak was already alleged for corruption and bribe, but the situation deteriorated when he went to Israel for making deal for purchase of UPGRADED TACTICAL-AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM (BARACK-8), as soon as he arrived in Tel-Aviv Israeli newspaper published stories of corruption of General Deepak. The headline was SPINELESS AND CORRUPT INDIAN ARMY CHIEF IN ISRAEL the sub heading read, INDIA MUST DEMAND COURT MARTIAL OF DEEPAK KAPOOR. This news report included alleged corruption of General Deepak in the deals made with Israel especially. These reports were published with the help of Mossad over the request of Indian RAW. However after these reports were published Indian govt. decided to remove General Kapoor and in order to save the face of Indian army it was decided that he should be removed under fabricated report of physical disability (deafness) in spite of charges of corruption. This report of medical/physical disability was secretly prepared by Indian RAW over the orders of General V.K. Singh from Indian Army’s Research and Referral Hospital. This medical report was also secretly leaked to media as well. As soon as this report of physical disability was published in the newspapers General Deepak got aware that his enemies have finalized their conspiracy and his time to leave army has arrived. The alleged fabricated report claimed that General Deepak is suffering with deafness. General Deepak Kapoor called a press conference and answered the question of journalists by closing his ears with his fingers to prove that he is not deaf. He also disclosed that Indian army is blind in dark and cannot launch any operation at night. He also informed journalists that future Chief of Indian army has forged the birth certificate to hide his real age to get selected into Indian army; he has been involved in many sex scandal and rapes during his service. He said that he himself is eyewitness that General V.K. Singh got selected into army by fraudulently tempering his birth certificate in 1970 (Detail of these allegations is present against Genera Deepak over here). General Deepak who was himself father of New War Doctrine against Pakistan and China humiliated Indian army by saying that Indian infantry and Armor are blind at night. Now the same like situation has been created by the alleged letter of General V.K. Singh for which General V.K. Singh and Indian politicians are demanding death penalty for those traitors involved in its leakage.
Indian DG MI B.S. Thakur alleged for misuse of designation 

            Most important aspect is that General Singh, who is being forced to leave army pre-maturely because of his forged Birth Certificate, had made it hard to live for those Indian army officers who were inclined towards General Deepak. Few were alleged in corruption while other were alleged for rapes and sexual scandals and were forced to leave Indian army. The most important example is General Nanda; in order to force him to resign, wife of his tactical secretary was made to file application against him that General Nanda has raped her. General Nanda was given two options; either to resign or face charges for rape. In the same way now the allegations of General V.K. Singh before his retirement against his expected successor General Dalbir Singh who is known to be friend of General Deepak, allegations of a retired General against DG MI General BS Thakur in a law suit show the grouping or lobbying on a big scale within Indian army. The basic reason behind this corruption and misuse of power is huge defense budget of India. Which big power in the world manufacturing goods of death has not signed the deals of weapons with India? Moreover the needs for upcoming ten years are announced in such a way that the President of USA is forced to visit India to market his weapons.

            The situation of those countries that are dependent on weapon manufacturing for their economy is that they are ready to accept all war crimes and terrorist activities of Indian army and govt. against minorities within India and other countries of the region. These countries and their governments are black mailed for keeping silent over on going freedom movements with in India and increasing extremism. Spoiling this situation of western imperialist countries Indian army and Hindu terrorists are busy in looting their poor public in the name of expansionist, Akhand Bharat and anti-Pakistan policies. There is no doubt that Indian Generals could go to any limits in order to defame each other and get lions share in the kick backs in defense deals.

            Then this bitter reality should be also accepted that India has started over the conspiracy to capture our markets and economy with the support of Pakistani traitors. According to the defense analysts of India, India will be able to force Pakistan to bow in front of India till 2015 through constructing dams over Pakistani rivers. But the painful aspect is that our politicians and flag bearers of democracy on the one hand are busy in blame game for power while on the other hand forcing Pakistani markets to prove an easy target for substandard Indian goods by creating artificial shortage of energy…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 04 April 2012.

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