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Withdrawal of NATO and US Troops from Afghanistan

And Responsibilities of Pakistani Leadership
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US-Army getting ready for retreat
We have heard of this saying that history repeats itself; this saying turned to be true on 7th of this month when Chief of Central Command of American army General Mattes accepted that USA needs ground routes from Afghanistan for safe withdrawal of American troops. When he was questioned that how such safe withdrawal of US troops is possible in current tense situation of Pakistan-America relations, he replied that serious conversations are going on this regard with Pakistan. After few days when he will visit Islamabad he is hopeful that Pakistan will agree to restore supply route. If we look at the history same situation was faced by Soviet troops approximately twenty five years. At that time after defeat from Afghan Mujahideen or freedom fighters Soviet Union wanted safe retreat or withdrawal of her troops. Although Soviet rulers has requested for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan to Secretary General of UNO in 1985, but in 1986 when media got aware of Soviet Union, newspapers got filled with reports about defeat of Soviet Union. This made Soviet troops crazy and increased their attacks over Afghan freedom fighters, they wanted to cause as much casualties to Afghans as possible. This resulted only in violent response from Mujahideen as they were aware that Soviet Union has lost its hold and power to capture Afghanistan. Due to shear ferocity in the war Soviet Union and her supporters increased pressure over UNO for safe withdrawal of Soviet troops.

Soviet Army retreat from Afghanistan

            At least in 1987 Mikhail Gorbachev formerly announced the withdrawal of Russian forces and demanded guarantee for safety of Russian soldiers from UNO. In spite of this that Soviet Union had all the land routes available to her for withdrawal but Soviet Govt. was well aware that during retreat or withdrawal Mujahideen of Afghan will cause great loss to Soviet troops with their attacks over retreating troops and that safe withdrawal of troops is in the hands of Pakistan. General Zia-ul-Haq had only one demand that Pakistan is ready to guarantee the safe withdrawal of Russians only if Russian govt. supports and helps in establishment of transitional govt. in Kabul.
Internal images of US cantonment shows their fear clearly

            Before this that Gorbachev had accepted Pakistani demand; USA (The Great Satan) activated handful of pro-American Pakistani politicians against demand of General Zia. While Zia had tried to made this clear over the world through media that if Russian troops retreat from Afghanistan without supporting restoration of peace and govt. in the Afghanistan this will have devastating affects over the stability of the whole region. The linguistic and tribal differences along with the abundance of latest weapons will end in the bloody civil war, even Pakistan will not be saved from its effects. But neither did our politician in greed for power and black money gave any importance to this warning nor did media in anti-army monomania took this seriously; nor did supporter of socialist dared to think and analyze the situation; is their any secret agenda of USA behind pushing Afghanistan into civil war?

            On 5 and 6 March over the beck and call of USA, in the supervision of Prime Minister Junejo, including Benazir Bhutto all notable (traitors are known as notable here) and in order to show down General Zia they passed a decision against his stance in UNO. In the other words all of these politicians paved the way for civil war and US interference in Afghanistan. On 14 April 1988 this historical treaty was given final form in Geneva. The most shameful and interesting aspect of this treaty is that this treaty which was for the retreat of Soviet troops, but Soviet Union was no where mentioned in it, that how does she attacked a sovereign country to capture it. There were only two parties to this treaty; Pakistan and Afghanistan. Moreover Pakistan was made bound by this treaty that Pakistan will interfere into the internal matters of Pakistan in future. (This treaty is as in spite of Russian troops Pakistani army has entered and captured the Afghanistan, and when after successful resistance Pakistan has decided to withdraw her troops now through this treaty Pakistan has been bound by this treaty to not to interfere into Afghanistan in future. What a shame over those minds who drafted it and those who accepted and signed it.) USA and Soviet Union signed over the treaty as guarantors. This treaty no where mentions that what will be the future of hundreds of thousands of Mujahideen who have defeated the Red army of second super power of the world? What will be their role after retreat of Soviet troops from Kabul? Will they eat up weapons in order to live, indulge in dacoity or what will they do? The most shameful aspect is that our politicians having little respect and thinking power did not dare to think in their hatred against General Zia that if such a big well equipped army is forced into dark in the neighborhood of Pakistan this will be dangerous for Pakistan herself. The result was same as General Zia the most hated role in the politics of Pakistan predicted and warned. Mujahideen having different identities in Afghanistan forgot that they had fought the war against Soviet invaders together, they indulged in civil war. The guns that were used for enemies now were being used  on fellow country men. Everyone wanted to capture Kabul. Pakhtoon who are in majority were of the view that they had given the most of the sacrifices for freedom of Kabul so it was their right to rule Afghanistan.
Afghan women soldiers; they are being claimed as 40% of Afghan army who will have to Taliban

            If one looks at the painful history of Afghan civil war filled with blood, in Afghan resistance against Soviet Union not a single building was destroyed but the civil war converted Kabul into ruins. Due to this civil war 9 millions were forced to leave their houses; those who had resources they migrated to Europe and America. Some went to Iran and more than 5 millions were forced to take shelter in Pakistan. Many lost their houses and millions had to face the famous Geneva Accord and this process is still going on.

            If at that time this problem had been solved there would have been neither any  birth of Taliban now Muslims had been labeled as Extremists. Because majority of freedom fighters fighting against Soviet terrorism belonged to colleges and universities, most of them lost their families in this civil war. I think all those politicians who blessed Soviet Union with Clean Chit for withdrawal of Soviet troops are equally liable for the destruction. Alas! These small minds took their revenge from Zia for imposing Martial Law but forced the whole region towards hell of dynamite and iron (weapons). Here I would like to quote a paragraph selected from the statement after conference of Pakistani politicians in Islamabad held on 5 and 6 March so that one may feel the sensitiveness of the present situation as compared to 1988. India has stopped the water of rivers but we have granted her free access to our markets. Pakistan is facing acute shortage of energy and financial resources while on the other hand the preparations for war are going on in their full swing in India. On the other hand Pakistan has to face Indian interference through Afghanistan in the most heinous form of terrorist attacks. The propaganda of separation of Baluchistan is also on its peak with the major role being played by traitors present within our own lines.

            Just like past the propaganda against Pak-Army (The Guarantor of our Sovereignty) is also on its peak with only one difference that in past Pakistan army was criticized only by Pakistani media but now international media especially western media has joined too. Daily new books based on fabricated hypothesis and stories are being published in order to defame Pakistan. Most shameful aspect is that those American so-called scholars who have not seen Pakistan and Afghanistan except in map are presenting themselves as experts of the region and blaming Pakistan, Pakistan army and ISI for current situation of South Asia (resistance of public against American terrorism). Look at the selection from the declaration after round table conference in 1988, this was presented by Foreign Minister Ameen Norani;
“Soviet Union is allowed to retreat/withdraw from Afghanistan unconditionally, Pakistan will not interfere into it in any way. Moreover the representative govt. under the leadership of Najib-u-Allah is already present to look after the matters of withdrawal.”

Here what needs to considered is that Najib was continuation of Soviet Marxism and pro-Marxist govts. Which was termed as representative govt. of Afghanistan our politicians ignored that 1979 to 1988 Afghan were not fighting against Soviet Union but against Marxism. This is why this war was termed as Jihad or Holy War. Why all these criminal ignorance by Pakistani politicians, only for that USA wanted to act upon her satanic agenda after withdrawal of Red army? If we look from this aspect it seems that USA launched attack over Afghanistan in 2001 but on 15 May 1989 when last troops of Soviet army left Afghanistan and civil war engulfed the whole country.
Northern Alliance terrorists pulling teeth of a martyred Afghan Freedom Fighter

            While Afghan were busy in civil war; USA made deals with Central Asian states for gas and oil. When USA got assured that Afghans have lost many lives and weapons in their civil war, USA manufactured Taliban and through US weapons they captured whole Afghanistan. After this USA made Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE to accept their govt. International media was given the task to defame term Taliban and their ways of ruling. They were made a symbol of Islamic extremism and terror. So that in 2001 when after under cover of 9/11 USA invaded Afghanistan more than a dozen countries were supporting her so that world could be saved from terrorism. Not only this in order to add further thrill CIA introduced undercover wing with the name of Al-Qaeda, this organization was responsible for many fairytale like roles. At least this self created ghost organization was blamed for crashing the hijacked aero-planes with the twin towers. So this was presented as a proof that Al-Qaeda can attack anywhere; it was also said that Al-Qaeda also has access to nuclear and biological weapons. All this forced American and western tax payers to an unknown fear and they got ready to spend billions for ending this terror ghost. (How much US representatives, Generals, owners of ordinance and security firms earned from this war; this is still a secret). The foolish public of these countries was further made to believe that master mind of Al-Qaeda hiding in the narrow mountains of Afghanistan is capable of destroying the whole world. This is due to this while Americans were indulged in massacre and genocide of Afghan Muslims with the tomahawk missiles and daisy cutter bombs; world was supporting these state terrorists in spite of being with the innocent oppressed Afghan people. Neither children, women, ill, nor elderly were spared but when Afghans rejected to accept American slavery and pushed these terrorists gathered under UN resolutions towards defeat; they started blaming Pakistan and ISI to hide their defeat and war crimes. But during last ten years these Afghan freedom fighters have proved that they are not afraid of death and they will not arrest until the retreat of invaders. Moreover as time passed the experience and capability of these freedom fighters known as Taliban by media grew as well. They are now so much powerful that they attacked US Embassy in Kabul and held their position for 19 hours and no one was arrested. USA had not disclosed yet that how many dead bodies were dispatched to US in this skirmish. Now the situation is that including USA all other allied countries individually pay ransom for safe travel of their troops. In spite of all this money and weapons given to these militants US and allied troops are being attacked and killed. If we look at the recent activities including 6 Britain a total of 24 foreign invaders have been killed. The situation of allies is so much poor that in a most strong armored vehicle next to tank six British soldiers were burned alive. Neither any allied nor any British soldier dared to go near the burning vehicle and help their burning colleagues because these freedom fighters wait for such chances to hunt some extra soldiers/terrorists. This has badly destroyed the morale of foreign soldiers in Afghanistan. Due to this grave situation American President Obama was forced to confess that violence and hatred against foreign troops (crusaders in true sense) is increasing in the Afghan public so this is better to retreat from Afghanistan. After the tragic incident of burning of Holy Quran Afghan Public are also involved in targeting allied troops. So this is the need of the hour that security should be handed over to Afghan soldiers so that people of Afghanistan could be assured of their independence (in the other words this was a confession that USA has illegally and immorally invaded Afghanistan).
First women General of Afghan Army

            In such situation America needs Pakistan for safe withdrawal of allied troops and also return of their costly military equipment. Internally the situation that new Chief of ISI has not yet taken up his duties but our sold and honor-less media has started propaganda against him. As an institution ISI is being defamed by these dogs of media paid by Zionists. All the corrupt and moral less politicians want to wash up their hands and blame ISI for their crimes. They want to make this agency responsible for defense and stability of Pakistan accountable for all of their treasons against Pakistan. This also seems to be part of long term US Agenda for South Asia; that through these traitors and faithless elements ISI and Pakistan army should be made paralyzed and defamed that they become weak; and the weak Pakistan will have to bow in front of Hindu India. In 1988 at the time of retreat of Soviet troops same expression was given that Pakistani politicians are ready to give a green signal to Russian for withdrawal while Pakistani army does not agree and this was proved to be true by these honor-less politicians as well. Today we are facing same situation again; international media and our politicians are giving the expression that Pakistan army has stopped the supply of NATO however this is to be decided by our politicians now that whether they repeat the same criminal mistake of 1988 or condition retreat of Americans with the sovereignty and dignity of Pakistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 14 March, 2012. 

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