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The Purpose behind Burning of Quran in Afghanistan..!

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American Policy in the sight of an American Cartoonist

The protest against criminal burning of Holy Quran and Islamic books present in the historical library of Bigram has now changed into a movement against Americans and other foreign army personnel (state terrorists). This wave of protest and hatred against west is even engulfing those towns and regions which remained peaceful during the war of last few years. Since 22 February 26 Afghans have lost their lives in these protests and the number of deaths of foreigner invaders is also rising. The astonishing fact is that moderate and fashionable Afghan (Perhaps they have realized that West will not leave them even if they leave Islam) are on the forefront in this protest and against western brutality. These are the same people on whom USA (United Satanic Alliance) has spent trillions of dollars to convert them from Islam into moderate and liberals. If we say that those Afghans;
 who have cut themselves from Taliban after US invasion, who had not felt any need to protest on state terrorism of USA and West on 27 May 2007, where Western air force targeted the gathering of a marriage in the village of ‘Haji Nabu’ killing at least 47 persons,
who did not even protest on uncountable incidents of state terrorism by Allies like the one on 4 May 2009 when during the aerial terrorist attack of crusaders martyred 120 persons over a gathering of marriage (because many houses of the village were devastated in this attack),
even they have got enraged over the incident of burning of Holy Quran by US terrorists. Not only this many tribal elders who are part of US-puppet govt. of Afghanistan has been forced to think over alliance with Taliban and leave the American slavery.

            Is not this astonishing that what Taliban leaders could not achieve in last ten years few US terrorists posted over the Bigram air base has done this for Taliban in one day. They have caused the Afghan nation to get united and stand in front of American terrorists forces. Here few things need our attention;
·        Holy Qurans and other Islamic books that were present in the library of Bigram airbase even before the US invasion, all these books were not removed or mistreated during last ten years, than why suddenly US terrorists felt the need to burn them?
·        Moreover what was the need to throw all these burnt/half burnt Islamic books out of the wall of the Bigram Air Base?
Now this is impossible that before sending its trained terrorists in underdeveloped and Islamic countries Pentagon does not brief its terrorists about the culture and the love of the inhabitants of these countries for Islam. Moreover Americans know the Afghans since 1981 when they first time met Afghans to use them against Soviet Union.
Afghan Children throwing stones on Americans

            If we look at all these aspects with respect of US history, this is unbelievable that American soldiers have burnt these Holy Books under mistake, or those who burnt these books were unaware of the consequences that NATO and US satanic armies will have to face. If we suppose that these bastards had no idea of importance of these Holy Books; then where the hell was the intelligence network present at the Bigram airbase? Why did not they get informed that Islamic books are being abused and burnt by United Satanic Troops? If this has so happened under mistake and intelligence was also sleeping than the whole chain command should have been suspended when thousands of Afghan protestors gathered at the gate of the Bigram airbase, and set afire a check post and the gate and afterwards tried to enter into the airbase. On this by the firing of watchmen at the airbase 9 Afghans got martyred. When these news were reported this increased the enrage in the Afghans and they gathered every such building which was known for being used by foreigners. During these protests by the firing of protestors 6 Americans and 2 Britain were killed. On the other hand in the Washington when Obama apologized for this state terrorism, opposition severely criticized Obama govt. for apologizing from Muslims. This forced spokesperson for White House in a briefing to journalists that Obama has staged this apology just to befool Muslims for safety of US troops present in Afghanistan.
Those Holy Qurans which survived the fire after being burnt in the Bigram airbase are being separated

            The explanation given by White House over the apology of Obama fueled the hatred and anger in Afghans. On 25 February enraged protestors attacked NATO head quarter and US embassy. 3 Afghans got martyred while 47 were severely injured by the criminal firing of Afghan and US troops on civilians. Same situation prevailed in all other parts of Afghanistan under control of crusaders especially in Heart, Nagarhar, Ghazni, Qunduz and strong hold of Northern Alliance (of terrorists) i.e. Mazar Sharif. Uncountable protestors were severely injured by (terrorist) forces of US and puppet Afghan govt. The most serious incident happened in the building of Afghan Interior Ministry where during a discussion over burning of Holy Quran an Afghan Intelligence Officer shot down two American army officers. Both of these officers were working as advisor in Afghan Command and Control Center. However their behavior was much like a master to control internal situation of Afghanistan.

            This much Americans when they came to know that murderer of their officers is no one else but their own trained officer, Major of Afghan secret agency. No one felt any need to stop or arrest the murderer and he left peacefully. After this first time this happened that Obama establishment requested Qarzai govt. to provide security to US advisors performing their duties of ruling different Afghan ministries. While Afghan President himself is ruling Afghanistan under the umbrella of US forces. Now how he can guarantee the security to US (United Satanic) advisors? The result was logical, not only Americans but all other advisors from the crusade forces were forced to return back to their cantonments. They are more afraid of common Afghans than Taliban. On the other hand Taliban had claimed that two Americans that were killed in the building of Afghan Interior Ministry; one was Colonel while other was not Major but Major General.

            Now when UNO (maid of USA) has declared protest of Afghans as rightful over American terrorism of burning of Holy Quran and also demanded that culprits should be brought to trial; this question once again needs our attention was the abuse of Quran a mistake or there was some heinous agenda behind it? This is not acceptable even by the individual of below average intelligence that Americans did all this mistakenly. So the purpose behind this social and religious terrorism of West should must be kept under observation. If we look at the history of USA (United Satanic Alliance) a new battle front, a new target, a new enemy had been need of American rulers thirsty of human blood after every 8 to 10 years. This is the part of the state policy of international terrorist state USA. However apparently behind this religious terrorism of American there might be following hidden purposes;
  1. due to economical failure USA wants to leave Afghanistan before 2014, American Defense Minister has already declared that America will withdraw from Afghanistan one year before the given dead line i.e. 2013. But now it seems that US govt. wants to run away from Afghanistan before elections. Perhaps Obama wants to befool American community that he has fulfilled his promises which he made before getting elected.
  2. America has found some new battle front and want to get out of Afghanistan before drinking blood of these people.
  3. The burning of Quran might be a part of disguising some other conspiracy, which could help USA to prolong its stay in South East Asia to stop access of China to Gwadar. Moreover after the tragedy of burning of Holy Quran the suicide attacks over the Masajid (Mosques) in tribal areas has increased.
Moreover the incident of martyring the persons belonging to a specific identity in Gilgit, all seem to be a part of a chain of conspiracies. The main purpose of this US conspiracy is to weaken Pakistan, deprive Pakistan of her nukes, and converting Pakistan to the status of sub-state.

            Whatever purpose or agenda of USA is, American community should think that their rulers (disguised dictators belonging to Zionist multinational companies) have massacred millions of Muslims either in the name of democracy or under the cover of Islamic extremism. The amounts of their taxes are going into the coffers of these Zionists who own weapon industry for purchase of weapons by USA to kill human beings in spite of for the betterment of humanity. The same drama was staged in 2001. The destruction of twin towers was credited to Muslims and American community was befooled by the United Satanic media through propaganda campaign and license for genocide of Afghans was obtained in order to create more terrorist for CIA projects. During this American public under influence of propaganda could not think of that was their any Afghan pilot involved in the crash of the planes? In the same way under the propaganda of biological weapons US invaded Iraq to drink oil and blood of Muslims, while whole world knows afterwards all US allegations of biological weapons proved to be fake and rulers of USA confessed this as well. After befooling Americans for support of attack over Afghanistan when Pentagon and White House decided to attack Afghanistan; defense analysts tried to advise USA that Afghanistan will prove much more difficult for US troops as compared to Vietnam. Perhaps keeping in mind this risk USA decided to drag up NATO into this terrorist campaign as well and got license from UNO as well. So that America alone should not get the medal of defeat from Afghanistan. In order to befool public of allied countries CIA planned and conducted terrorist activities in these countries as well. Such activities were used to create hatred and enrage in Europeans against Taliban and these befooled public were assured that USA is attacking Afghanistan to arrest planners of 9/11 and for the freedom of democratic Afghan from Taliban. Moreover slogan of democracy has always proved fruitful to befool western public.

            After devastating bombardment over Afghanistan when US and NATO (terrorist) forces entered into the Kabul, they were dead sure that they have got victory. Taliban and Afghans have no power to resist against them. Moreover after brutal (terrorist) use of military power in Tora Bora, US Generals and Military policy makers were satisfied that even if Afghan ever dared to resist they will destroy them in no time. American rulers were in the intoxication of defeat of Soviet Union because they claim that US weapons and strategy defeated Soviet Union and not the Afghan freedom fighters. Now when America herself had the control of Afghanistan how can Afghan Mujahideen dare to clash with USA?
After Kashmir and Palestine now children of Afghanistan have been forced to take up slingshots to face US terrorists equipped with lethal weapons like biological, chemical and weapons of mass destruction

            After invasion in Afghanistan this was over confidence of US rulers that in 2003 they decided to attack Iraq as well. In the arrogance of victory American Generals that in the history of Afghanistan, Afghans have never accepted slavery of anyone and that Taliban had only camouflaged themselves. The strategy of Taliban got clear to Americans in 2004 when after melting of ice (winter) they started gorilla warfare and ambushes on allied forces in the whole Afghanistan, which not only halted movement allied forces but in many provinces allied forces had to pay ransom and even to give weapons for safety of their troops.

            In such a situation when America has announced that she will not stay anymore in Afghanistan, the heinous act of American soldiers of burning of Holy Quran could not be without any reason and purpose. Before leaving Afghanistan this will be utmost struggle of terrorist state of USA to create problems for Pakistan which is already an easy target of foreign conspiracies due to never ending competition of our politicians for power and leaving others behind in corruption…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 March 2012.

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