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Dirty Role of Pakistani Media to Destabilize Pakistan-

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Electronic Media and Many Anchor Persons Have Been Turned into Toddy of RAW, MOSSAD, CIA and Other Hostile Agencies to Fulfill Their Nefarious Designs Against Pakistan.

Akbar Bugti with Bhutto

When present govt. came into power, President Zardari in order to reconcile with angry Baloch leaders and restore peace in the province apologized from Baloch nationalists and in order to understand their demands established a committee consisting of public representatives.

                This should be kept in mind that while discussing problems of Baluchistan the most favorite topic is underdevelopment of Baluchistan. Afterwards a very strange demand of few Baloch feudal lords was accepted as well, which was against the demands of defense of Pakistan and establishment of cantonments to tackle armed interference from Afghanistan by India. In those days the need of cantonments was more than ever due to the development of Gwadar port. The current upset in the area and target killing started in 2002 when after secret talks between Pakistan the news broke about the development of Gwadar port by China. China had signed a deal with Pakistan to develop Gwadar within three years to be handed over to govt. of Pakistan. This report struck three countries of the region and USA as a shock.
Khan of Qilat and Harabyar Mari controlling militants from London

                So the attacks on gas and electricity installations started, everyday there were reports of some pipe line or transmission line blown up by militants. During this time militants had shortage of weapons and man power. As soon as they got financial support, weapons and commando training from foreign power they started directly targeting FC (Frontier Constabulary). In order to stop work over development over Gwadar port Chinese workers and Engineers were abducted and killed. This thing should be kept in mind that only Chinese or Pakistanis become targets of these militants neither westerns nor Americans have ever been target of this terrorism, does not this clarify the supporter of these militants. Now this is not possible that one murders security personnel and these terrorists are welcomed with bouquets of flowers by this country. So when Pakistani security agencies started operation against these foreign funded militants, foreign funded private media of Pakistan jumped into the battle to support these terrorists by twisting the facts (in the other words media is indulged in social terrorism). If we look at the persons who were involved in these terroristic propaganda they belonged to the same anti-religious and anti-Pakistan class of the society who had paid an important role against Kala Bagh Dam. They went to such shameless arguments (word ‘shameless’ feels ashamed for being used for such people) that if some children have killed few security persons, this is good at least their anger has been released (how good it will be if families of these martyred security persons kill some of these anchor persons; at least they will get a chance to release and revenge their sorrow).
Brahamdagh along with cache of weapons; who has given him right to use funds for development of poor Baloch to purchase weapons?

                Those politicians who wanted to weaken grip of Musharaf over the govt. also played their role in deteriorating the situation of Baluchistan. They forgot that the deprivement of Baluchistan which they are using against Musharaf and in favor of these terrorists is not the actual problem; otherwise they themselves badly failed in removing poverty from Baluchistan during their reigns. They thought that after removing Musharaf, when they will be in power, they will repeat the old history of bribing Baloch feudals and suppressing on going militancy. But here the problem was in contrast to their plans. India was not ready to allow China to access Arabian sea  and establish a trade route from Kashgar to Gwadar. Few other countries of the region were also taking this trade route as a devastation for their economy. On this when not only India but NATO and USA started interference in Baluchistan from Afghanistan then military leadership acknowledged the plan of General Musa Khan belonging from Baluchistan in which he has emphasized over the construction of cantonments in Baluchistan.

New and Old Pictures of Barahmdagh Bugti

                This was increasing foreign interference which forced the decision of establishing cantonments in the province. This decision had to face severe reaction because establishment of cantonment will be not only helpful in controlling external interference but this will also help to uplift and educate the poor Baloch public, this is not acceptable by Baloch feudal lords. They think that if poor Baloch got educated than they will be no more their slaves and their lordship will come to end.

                However govt. withdrew its decision of establishing cantonments and Chief of army announced to convert buildings built for cantonments into cadet colleges, a specific quota for poor Baloch students was fixed for admissions in these colleges. This decision was targeted at removing the poverty and uplifting the situation of poor Baloch who had been living as slaves of feudal lords from centuries. This was a big decision but this decision could not be accepted by so called Baloch leaders on self exile establishing a sovereign govt. from Israeli city Jerusalem. These few traitors claiming to be representatives of Baluchistan (which they have kept as their slave for centuries) have changed their veil and are now following conspiracy of India, CIA and MOSSAD that they want freedom of Baluchistan which was captured by Pakistani army in 1947. It is the same stance which has been taken by Pakistan from last 64 years about Indian held Kashmir in UNO. If problem was of deprivment or underdevelopment than the funds and wealth which has been given to Baloch feudal lords (which they used to enact private armies and buy weapons from enemies of Pakistan) are beyond imagination in contrast to the situation of public Baluchistan who are forced either to join militant armies of these feudal lords. This has been struggle of Pakistan to destabilize writ of govt. in Baluchistan so that problem in Baluchistan could be attached with Pakistan to force Islamabad to withdraw our stand over Indian held Kashmir.

                When FC started operation against these terrorists after deaths of FC personnel, India started propaganda through her media that Pakistani army is targeting Hindus living in the Baluchistan. Two years ago India hosted a conference in new Delhi; Asma Jahangir, AItzaz Ahsan, Shery Rehman, Hasil Khan Bazanju, Madeeha Gohar, A.I. Rehman, Professor N.H. Munir, Malik Siraj Akbar, and Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa were specially invited to participate in this so called peace conference and all these persons secretly visited India. The President of this conference was I.K. Gujral ex-Indian Primeminister, other participants from India were PurKamal Chinoy, Mahesh Bhat, B. Murli, Retd. Admiral Ram Das, Kuldeep Nayar and others. Some people may think that I am against Pak-Bharat peace; this is not true, who will be against peace in the region; but if this peace is aimed at declining Pakistan to the position of toddy like Nepal and Bhutan than this is not acceptable at any cost. Peace conference held on 10-11 January of 2010 was a part of chain of conspiracies against Pakistan. The agenda of This conference called for specific purpose was “Issue of Autonomy Kashmir and Baluchistan.” Four sessions of this above mentioned conference were held but Indian media did not leak out any speeches or talks of this conference over the orders of Indian govt. However reports about purpose of this conference were published in Indian print media. After the conference this sentence of Aitzaz Ahsan was published as head lines; “We in Pakistan love India and Indians”, but Pakistani media who is always looking for reports about Indian actresses did not felt any need to give coverage or discuss this conference.
Scene of arrest of Shah Zain Bugti under allegedly for smuggling weapons

What did India get by attaching Baluchistan with her illegal capture of Indian held Kashmir?

This question needs much attention.

We also need to think over this that in USA a resolution about Greater Baluchistan was presented and here in Pakistan our private TV channels (getting paid dollars for broadcasting programs of “Voice Of America” or those private TV who have businesses outside Pakistan) at once got contact numbers of Brahamdagh Bugti and Harabyar Bugti (wanted by Pakistan) and these channels broadcasted their conversations. Is this also a coincident that our anchor persons portraying themselves as Aristotle suddenly got revelation that they have to talk about the reasons behind terrorism in Baluchistan for which these wanted persons blamed Punjabi army and Punjabi establishment (Does FC belong to Punjab)? During this no anchor person dared to ask these self exiled feudal lords that;

  1. Where all these funds of billions of rupees did go which were given to their elders/forefathers      (Baloch Feudal lords which they used to purchase weapons, establish private armies, educate these young traitors into West and for their debauchee) and other Baloch feudal lords for gas and other minerals. Does poor public of Baluchistan have no right over this money of royalty beside feudal lords?
  2. Would they like to disclose sources for their farm houses in other cities of Pakistan and abroad and also expenses for their roister; would they like to answer that if they are not involved in the poverty in Baluchistan than why there is difference in their life style and life style of a common man of Baluchistan?
  3. Would they like to disclose resources from where they get finances to meet their expenses to stay in five star hotels (whose one night’s rent is more than annual budget of a Baloch belonging to middle class) outside Pakistan and also how they fund their anti-Pakistan campaigns?
  4. Who is the hurdle in construction of hospitals, schools, and other infrastructure and facilities? Are not these feudal lords now playing in the hands of enemies of Pakistan against construction of such infrastructure that it will release poor Baloch people from their slavery? Is not this true that these feudal lords do not want that these common Baloch get all the facilities of life which these corrupt lords enjoy in other cities of Pakistan? This should be kept in mind that approximately 6.511 million Baloch are living outside Baluchistan.
  5. In Baluchistan there are 103 tribes of Baloch people, out of which the four Baloch lords from 3 tribes who are working for greater Baluchistan, their forefathers had been designated as Chief Ministers, Governors and ministers. Than why did not they do anything to uplift the standard of living of Baloch people besides establishing private armies, running farrari camps and purchasing weapons from India? Had Punjabi army or Punjabi establishment stopped them for doing anything for their poor people while same army and establishment did not do anything to stop them for corruption? If they were free in establishing private armies, corruption than this is also true that they were also free to eliminate poverty in Baluchistan for which they got votes from Baloch.
  6. The present elected leadership of Baluchistan and representatives present in provincial assembly, are not they Baloch? Had not they got funds for development work in their relative electoral areas from where they have got elected?
  7. As these separatists have said that they will accept support of Satan for freedom; would they like to disclose that what are other sources beside Satan from where they are getting weapons, funds and support?
  8. Are not they involved in killing and creating hurdles for poor Baloch in rocket attacks or sabotaging of railways, are not these the people who being poor and deprived could not travel in big imported vehicles or aero planes? Than why these so called freedom fighters are killing those poor and deprived for whom they claim to be demanding right of freedom while on the other hand they themselves are responsible for deprivement of these poor Baloch.
Map of Greater Baluchistan; Dream of Indian RAW

But irony of fate is this that these anchors could not dare to ask such questions; if they do their salaries paid in dollars and branded suits that they are gifted for treason will be taken back. Otherwise these moral-less anchors who in order to increase rating of their channels broadcast scenes of quarrels between representatives of different political parties, should have dared to invite elected member of national assembly Sardar Ahmad Bugti from Dera Bugti in their conversation with Brahamdagh Bugti. So that this newly elected MNA could have been able to present his views over unrest in Baluchistan.

                This does not mean that situation in Baluchistan is all good, but it is not so much critical as being presented by one class of media. Govt, of Pakistan should go ahead for the peace in the Baluchistan after consulting with all political parties. Moreover this should be raised in UNO that why Britain and Switzerland and other such countries are letting their land to be used for planning and control of terrorism and armed interference in Pakistan? Moreover all the evidences of foreign interference and support of these terrorists should be disclosed in front of nation and international community; this is not the time for in-camera briefings but of telling the truth to the nation…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 29 February 2012.

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