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Challenges to Pakistan and Appointment of Lt. General Zaheer-ul-Islam as Director General ISI..!

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Director Generals of ISI
General Zaheer and General Pasha retiring DG of ISI

According to a foreign news agency, CIA wanted to establish a secret agency parallel to ISI. This was allowed by Obama in 2009. according to the report, the head of CIA at that time Mr. Penta convinced US President that in order to secure US interests in Asia it is necessary to establish a secret agency which utilizes Pakistan as a center but should be kept secret from ISI, so that such a spy network could be established which keeps an eye over the whole region. For this it was decided that US embassy in Pakistan shall be expanded and should be converted into largest center for CIA outside USA. This was to ensure that an aye could be kept over the region. Moreover deployment of rapid reacting American commandoes was also part of Penta’s plan. These commandoes/terrorists were to be sent in the disguise of trainers, which initially had to be numbered up to one thousand but gradually this number has to be increased up to thirty thousand. After progress in the Leon Penta’s plan, Obama said in his address to Australian Parliament that USA is power of Pacific but Asia will decide the role of world in the future, so we should concentrate all of our attention towards it.

            If one remembers this was the time when without scrutiny or security clearance thousands of US spies/agents entered into Pakistan. Most of these American agents/terrorists were disguised as workers of NGO’s. In order to fulfill satanic plans this was necessary for USA (United Satanic Alliance) to uproot and weaken ISI, because ISI was not ready to allow any one to play with sovereignty of Pakistan and this is the basic duty of ISI. Including propaganda and false reports whatever USA did to remove important officers of ISI (in terrorist attacks) all this detail has been given in recently published book of a retired US Commando (Marine) named as, “The Command: Deep Inside the President’s Secret Army”. This is another shameful aspect that our gurus of media who are day and night busy in fulfilling their duty of defaming Pakistani security forces and fabricating stories (at least they get dollars for it while ISI cannot pay them even a buck) have not felt any need to discuss this book or its disclosures. This is the crime of General Shujaa Ahmad Pasha that he shattered US dream of establishing a spy (terrorist) control center/headquarter outside USA in Islamabad. As a reaction to this on the one hand Pakistan has to face series of terrorist attacks mostly targeting security agencies and especially ISI, this situation was further spoiled by our private media under control of Zionist terrorists and they (anchors) started criticizing Pakistan army, General Pasha and ISI as a institution on the road map which was provided by their masters and this process is still going on in different forms.

Including US terrorists like Raymond Davis, the network of American spies and terrorists which was exposed by General Pasha and this resulted in propaganda against him

            Most shameful role of our gurus of media and anchorpersons is that they have never felt any need to discuss the challenges which Pakistan is facing since 1947 to onwards but they always keep themselves busy in injecting the venom of hatred, insecurity and untrustworthiness against security agencies of their own motherland in the veins of nation. Their belief is just what is taught to them along with dollars and lust i.e. all of the problems of Pakistan are due to Pakistan army and ISI (because if these institutions seize to exist there will be no Pakistan and thus no problems, what a treacherous mentality). How India is busy in weakening Pakistan, how terrorists trained by Indian Raw are entering into the country via Afghanistan all this is no more a secret but these anchors and gurus or so-called defense analysts could not dare to discuss all this because they know that dollars that are paid to them and what ever facilities they are getting to fulfill their lust will be taken back. The operation of Swat is a great example of sacrifices of our security agencies; in the history of whole world there is hardly an example in which army moves civilians to safe places, then starts cleaning the area from terrorists and safely brings back the civilians to the cities in such a short period. This was such an achievement which astonished the whole world. But when these media terrorists observed that their brethren terrorists holding American and Indian weapons are on verge of collapse and this will not only boost up the respect of army in the hearts of nation but supporters of terrorists will also be unveiled, so they came forward along with the fabricated stories of target killing by Pakistan army (if terrorists were killed in target killing than what these media minds of Satan want that army had also targeted innocent people like armies of their masters?) and also brought forward fabricated discoveries of mass graves (in order to cover up mass graves discovered in Kashmir and befool international community) which they failed to support by any evidence. They did not dare to say even a word or discuss those terrorists who were killed in fight with Pakistan army and later on proved to be Hindu; most heinous aspect is that these Hindus were disguised as Muslim preachers living in Masajid/mosques befooling and misguiding illiterate people of Pakistan.
Building of US embassy in Islamabad equipped with latest spy equipment

            All these painful facts aside but the most important question still remains unanswered i.e. has ISI succeeded in saving Islamabad from falling in the hands of American terrorist agency CIA, or US has just postponed her plan so that before acting decisively Pakistan could be weakened by pushing it towards political chaos and ISI could be defamed within Pakistan. So that after ISI gets weakened and hated by nation US could bring back her expelled terrorists disguised as trainers by General Pasha. USA also might be busy in realigning plans against Pakistan, at that time US has to face the problem of approval of nine storey building of US embassy which is threatened to form a dispute in between CIA and Pakistani govt. Because this plan of building was disclosed by famous Pakistani English newspaper, “The Nation”, in spite of editorial protest of Nawa-i-Waqt on 24 March no other newspaper or channel or their gurus of defense has dared to discuss this affair in an attempt to keep Pakistani nation in dark about US terrorist and expansionist plans. This was the duty of gurus of media to discuss and ask that how did CDA (Capital Development Authority) allowed USA to construct a building of nine storey in a sensitive area where many important buildings like that of President House, Prime Minister House, Secretariats of different Ministries etc. are situated? If this satanic plan of US is fulfilled all of the important govt. buildings and important state personals will be under the observation of US terrorist spy network. Now let’s see that would Supreme Court take suo-motto action over such an important conspiracy or this will be also left to be done by ISI so that our sold media could get another point for condemning and criticizing ISI that like political interference the desk for interference in building department shall be also closed in ISI.

            Let’s now discuss General Pasha, since May our filthy media is trying to defame him and make him a disputed personality, this process is still going on even after his retirement. As a chain to this conspiracy a famous anchorperson and guru of media wrote a column with the heading “ALWIDA GENERAL PASHA/FAREWELL GENERAL PASHA” against him in a newspaper running with the fund of AMAN KI ASHA, apparently he made General Pasha target of his biased writing and thinking but under its cover he tried to divert the attention of nation from all those happenings which were not less than attack to motherland. These attacks are expected in future as well and such writings to cover up these conspiracies will also be repeated. In his column, he tried to prove that General Pasha is the only person who not only forced Pakistan to problems but due to him Pakistan is still facing these problems (of being sovereign in spite of all Indian and western conspiracies). According to the writer;
 General Pasha is the person who on one hand scolded father of Bilawal (President Zardari) while on the other hand he kept on struggling for expansion in his service period.  However he could not get further expansion in his service term thus his agenda failed as well. Here writer of the column did not mention anywhere that what was the agenda of General Pasha. So called journalist also claims that few weeks ago in his secret meetings with Chief of CIA General Petraeus in Britain and Thailand, General Pasha assured him that supply line for NATO will be restored soon but General Pasha gave an expression in Pakistan that USA terms him as enemy. In this way this filthy columnist tries to prove General Pasha as a hypocrite. However columnist did not tell us that other Chiefs of secret agencies disclose their secret activities to media or General Petraeus takes him (writer of column) or other journalists into confidence before fulfilling his duties?
Character of Pakistani media personnel, their credibility; this picture shows the links between USA and Our media gurus.

            This columnist did not stop here, further he tries to dispute the role of ISI as a whole. He writes that ISI is under the thinking of British Major General Robert Cothom who was Chief of ISI in 1947 and few years after independence, he convinced Ayub Khan for interference into politics. Writer roses the question that General Pasha has retired but whether the thinking of Robert (to defend the country) will seize to exist or not? Here while giving this argument he forgot that not only ISI, but Pakistani security forces and civil departments all were headed by English for few years after independence of Pakistan. He goes one step ahead in his propaganda and writes that a great number of persons were murdered in these last four years. Most of the mutilated corpses were recovered in these four years in Baluchistan; most of the journalists were murdered in these four years. In this way ISI which was already disputed General Pasha made it further disputed.

            Now here the question arises that all these allegations represent reality or they are just outcome of sold thinking of the writer? In 2001 before attack of USA and Allies over Afghanistan Muslim countries had asked for a time of one week so that they can convince Taliban to either expel Osama or hand him over to a neutral country. However on the day the meeting of Muslim foreign ministers, in the morning the story of this columnist was printed in an English newspaper. In this story according to this columnist and guru of gutter journalism Osama confessed that he has nuclear weapons (why could not USA and allies find these weapons or columnist took these weapons) and he (Osama) is planning to wreak such a havoc in the USA that Americans will forget 9/11. After this fabricated story USA launched aerial attacks over Afghanistan that for her, life of Americans is more important then the time given.

            Here I would like to mention the report of US National Intelligence Council published in mother of AMAN KI ASHA Indian newspaper “Times of India” in 2005. According to this report this has been predicted that Pakistan will have to face the end like that of Yugoslavia. Till 2015 Pakistan will rise as a failed state. Civil war, bloodshed, inter-provincial disputes will be converted into war. Lingual and sectarian disputes will be on their peak. Country will be pushed towards complete Talibanization (by whom, USA?) and extremists will struggle to capture nukes. Moreover in 2008 US intelligence council published a report with the title of GLOBAL TRENDS, in this report this has been threatened that Pakistan will be converted in extremely failed states like Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine in the upcoming decade till 2025. In this lieu Indian concerns over Pakistani nukes are of great importance, India would like that international powers take the control of Pakistani nukes or India should itself capture them. In January 2009 “Geopolitical Trends of The US Military Over the Next 25 Years” discusses the sudden fall of Pakistan and how US army will react. Yet we need to know who our enemy is and ignore reality as CONSPIRACY THEORY?

All these above mentioned reports are much lengthy and also include the element of propaganda as well. But does not the situation in Pakistan, political corruption and disputes, increasing inflation, suddenly bursting riots in Karachi does not all this show that Pakistan is being pushed towards a special end through a great conspiracy? Cannot you understand that Pakistan is already in the war? A war which is not apparent but its signs are clear. This war is between secret agencies of Pakistan and international imperialistic secret agencies of the world. ISI is alone facing the RAW, MOSSAD, CIA, KHAD, and their allied agencies. Here this should be kept in mind that actual weapon of secret wars is PROPAGANDA, this weapon is in the hands of our enemies and our own media is effectively being utilized against us…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Naw-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 March, 2012.

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