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The Suspicious Activities of USAID & NGO’s and US Citizenship for Dr. Shakeel!

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This Picure shows that USAID is controlled by US terrorist agency CIA

The confession of drone attacks in Pakistan by US President has started a new discussion in USA, few scholars are of the view that President Obama has disclosed official secrets so he should brought to trial according to US law. While the supporters of Obama are claiming Presidential immunity for him. The critics of Obama are trying to use Obama's confession of drone attacks to pressurize him for consenting to attack over Iran. These hardliners are also have covert support of OPEC as well (of course the shortage of fuel during Iran-America war will mean more money for them). Here this should be kept in mind that the members of Congress who brought the problem of Baluchistan under discussion belong to same the group who are actively working US-Iran war. Although US Foreign Ministry has expressed seclusion from any such incident of discussion but actually the purpose behind raising the problem of Baluchistan by US members of Parliament and Senate are two fold; on the one hand this means a threat to Pakistan that if Pakistan did not support USA in her terrorist attack over Iran, US will utilize and reinforce these so-called Baloch separatist (actually terrorists trained and supported by US and India). These separatists had been already provided facility to establish exiled govt. by Israel in Tel Aviv and including Germany, in America they are also allowed for lobbying. On the other hand there purpose is to violate Iran as well so that the tension between both countries could be further intensified to provide basis of US state terrorism in Iran. however our critics earning livelihood by defaming and accusing security agencies should also dare to check the role of NGO’s who are neither afraid of BLA nor they have any threat for their life. The recent example is the report of 9 February of robbery of billions of rupees from the minister of Qatar in Baluchistan. Of course if such a big robbery had not taken place no one would have been informed about the activities of minister of Qatar. Moreover these critics of security agencies may gather courage to discuss those evidence of Indian armed intervention in Baluchistan which was shown to Indian Prime Minister three years ago by Yousaf Raza Gillani in a conference in Sharm-Al-Shaikh, after seeing this evidence Indian Prime Minister had nothing to say. This is another thing that shameless Prime Minister denied of his promise to investigate Indian role in terrorism in Kashmir after return to Delhi. However raising propaganda over Baluchistan in US committee for foreign affairs could not be ignored and like attack over Salala Check-post this is also an attack over sovereignty of Pakistan and whole nation should protest over US aggressiveness.

Weapons recovered from US operative Zaidi

            Lets return back to confession of drone attacks by Obama over Pakistan, amnesty international has demanded explanation from US govt. that under what law they are authorized for this aerial terrorism? Moreover does USA have any strategy to stop deaths of innocent citizens of Pakistan in these drone terror attacks? In this way amnesty international has also raised the question that does US has any written or oral contract with govt. of Pakistan in this regard? Apparently the confession of Obama and questions raised by amnesty international has nothing to do with international community outside Pakistan but international organizations for human rights are thinking of contacting to UNO and demand explaination from UN about its charter in which the safety of life of common citizens were safeguarded during wars, and the generals or sovereigns of the governments were made liable for war crimes, while Pakistan is a sovereign country and in spite of being indulged in war with USA is an ally of US for American terrorism in Afghanistan. In spite of all this if USA is indulged in aerial terrorism in Pakistan than all those responsible for this terrorism against citizens of Pakistan are war criminals according to charter of UNO.
US agent Zaidi arrested by Police

            This is another discussion that whether it will be possible to bring the culprits of these war crimes to trial in USA, however the people outside Pakistan has also started accepting Pakistan’s cooperation with America for her war in which Pakistan has been paid back in  the form of suicide bomb blasts and loss of trillions in the form of property, by USA. In spite of all the sacrifices given by Pakistan, USA is not ready to give up her conspiracies against Pakistan for her damn interests in the region. The American stubbornness against Pakistan are on its peak now, neither diplomatic value nor morals have any value for Great Satan (USA) in this regard. The recent example of this is the practical struggle of US for shifting CIA agent Dr. Shakeel Afridi from Pakistan to USA by claiming him to be American citizen. For this a bill has been admitted in US congress. In his bill the member of congress has said that Dr. Shakeel is friend of USA and Pakistani govt. wants to start a trial of treason against him and if convicted he may be sentenced to death. US govt. should accept that Dr. Shakeel helped America by endangering his life so US should at once grant him with US citizenship. Moreover US govt. has already demanded from Pakistani govt. to free CIA operative Dr. Shakeel. This was demanded by Leon Penta on 28 January which was rejected by govt. of Pakistan that this problem is being investigated by Abbottabad Judicial which is investigating suspicios US invasion and attack over Abbottabad. US govt. was also informed that Judicial commission has already convicted Dr. Shakeel. Here I would like to include that ten years ago US attacked Afghanistan in the name of search for Osama under cover of UNO and with support of western bandits. This was known as national army of Shetan Buzurg (USA). They played with the blood of innocent Afghans for at least ten years, last year USA declared that she wants to get out of Afghanistan by 2014, so the question was raised that what about Osama for which US dictatorship (originally 13 states joined USA but 37 other were captured by the sword) has wasted trillions of US tax payers, perhaps these critics were not aware that USA has already decided to end the story of this ghost i.e. Osama.
Training camp of US for training terrorists

            Than not only US public but whole world was jolted  when on 2 May Obama declared that Osama has been killed in Abbottabad in a covert operation by US state terrorists. This was a good news for retreat of US forces as victorious army but this became a cause of shame for Pakistan and Pakistani army. Moreover US claim was rejected by many analysts within USA because US had nothing to show as evidence. According to US govt. Osama was buried on the night of the operation into the sea. Question was raised that how USA traced Osama? CIA told that they hired a Dr. from Peshawar and in a so-called campaign against Polio, in this campaign CIA agent was able to trace Osama in Abbottabad. US govt. got satisfied that bringing forward Dr. Shakeel as spy and operative of CIA, US had succeeded to cover up a weak aspect of fabricated story of death of Osama. But after this on one hand an organization of doctors within USA started condemning CIA for defaming the profession of doctors. On the other hand the arrest of Dr. Shakeel in Pakistan became a problem for CIA that if he is hanged for treason against Pakistan, next time no one will be ready to sell himself for few bucks, no one would like to become terrorist of CIA.

            However this is another question that how the clever Osama who was even able to defy US communication system, who had the wealth of the world, why did he got ready to let his children take the Polio vaccine given for gratuity. Why for such a cheap vaccine he threatened his life? Of course in order to end the weak point of the story the role of Dr. Shakeel is of utmost importance, but most astonishing fact is that if everyone was bound to help USA in search for Osama than what grave crime has been committed by Dr. Shakeel that in order to save him from conviction in spite of using US maid UN, America preferred to bring a bill in the US congress? (Perhaps they want to show us that US congress rules the whole world). The answers to these questions are by no way linked with the safety of thousands of US agents and terrorists working in Pakistan in the name of USAID and NGO’s. They have been able to access those areas which were not accessible to any foreigner before the devastation of floods. Of course these operatives are by no way concerned with the rehabilitation of affectees but their original purpose was to prepare and hire operatives like Dr. Shakeel. The search and arrest of these US operatives and under cover terrorists is of utmost importance for peace in Pakistan as compared to life of a traitor i.e. Dr. Shakeel. What is the reason that CIA and USA has not answered any of the questions sent by the Abbottabad Commission for inquiry over incident of 2 May. If we accept US fabricated story of Osama’s death as true than of course along with Dr. Shakeel many others should have been helping US agents to arrive to the Osama’s mansion which might not have been known by Dr. Shakeel as well. What does this mean that in a country like Pakistan with weak economy US terrorists should be given free hand to uproot the country?

            This is what USA wants. That is why she wants to save Dr. Shakeel which is necessary for safety of her terrorist network established in the Pakistan. In Pakistan it is being posed that disputes and tension arose between US-Pakistan relations after incident of 2 May or after the arrest of US terrorist Raymond Davis but this is not true at all. The disputes had started when the outcomes of designation of Hussein Haqqani as ambassador became visible. USA in the name of USAID and NGO’s injected so many trained terrorists with the help of Mr. Haqqani that it became difficult for these terrorists to work covertly. Than in the way the terrorist attacks and suicide attacks were recorded during this period it became clear that this is the result of terrorists of NGO’s. These were so called terrorist foreign diplomats who were often stopped within capital and outside of capital as well on the vehicles carrying diplomatic number plates but laden with weapons. There is no space here to repeat this detail again.
Stealth drone used by USA

            Some of us may remember that in December 2009 a person named as Zafar Iqbal was arrested from the vehicle of “International Community of Red Cross” ICRD  (look at the character of these NGO’s and their terrorists) in Islamabad, after investigation he confessed that he was supporting terrorists for attacks over military officials and military installations. He also confessed that he traced and designated targets and after attack facilitated these terrorists to evacuate. Zafar Iqbal was also close friend of Captain Zaidi arrested in September 2009 for running illegal training camp for training of terrorists by Americans, however afterwards over the pressure of United State of Terrorists (USA) Pakistani rulers were forced to free him. This US terrorist Zaidi had huge cache of weapons which was forfeited by govt. These are just two examples of anti-Pakistan terrorists playing in the hands of world terrorists and now their target is Baluchistan. In order to provide protection to these US terrorists not only international media but the Great Satan ‘USA’ has also become aware of situation in Baluchistan (because these US terrorists have been badly crushed by Pakistani forces). In order to tackle this situation we need search and destroy and crush these terrorists of CIA but this is impossible without national solidarity…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 15 February 2012.


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