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The Solidarity with Kashmiris Limited to only 5th of February… At least Why?

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The Kashmir dispute is the legacy of British imperialism which has now become a cancer for the region. But the so-called democratic rulers of British could not gather enough moral courage to heal the wounds of innocent Kashmiris by resolving this dispute. They did not have enough courage to support Kashmiri freedom fighters and help them to get their basic right to choose either side as promised to them in the partition formula of 1947 which is also moral and democratic right of oppressed Kashmiris. Leaving all this aside Britain could not even gather courage in last 6 decades just even to express solidarity. Perhaps Britain are not concerned about massacre and genocide of innocent people of Kashmir and state terrorism of India. Kashmir is the only area in the world where according to official records of India more than 96572 people have been murdered and more than 108904 injured during last half century. More than 100,000 shops and houses were destroyed in the name of fight with terrorists. More than ten thousand rapes of innocent Kashmiri women in the hands of Indian state terrorist army has been registered. In spite of such a big number rapes, genocide and war crimes neither any Indian soldier (terrorist) had been arrested nor punished yet. If we look at these facts perhaps Kashmir is the only region where occupant forces are using gang rapes of women as state policy to suppress freedom movement. There can be no heinous crime by a state to use gang rape of innocent women as state policy to prolong illegal hold of the occupied area. In spite of all such heinous acts of secular and democratic India Kashmiris are not ready to accept Indian slavery. They are not ready to give up their struggle for freedom. However in order to attain their goal of freedom, all of their hopes are linked to Pakistan and only Pakistan.

                Yes! Kashmiris still have their hopes based upon Pakistan. Pakistani are busy in saving the country from internal power game and game play of politicians. This does not matter that whole does not support oppressed Kashmiris more over since last 60 years Kashmiris have been fighting their fight for freedom themselves and writing a new history of freedom movement with their own blood. No one on the international have ever felt their pain not even brother Islamic countries. In spite of all this these brave Kashmiris have not chosen to bow in front of Indian aggression. They have not accepted Indian legislation, they are keeping their freedom movement alive in such a way that Indian state terrorism and war crimes have failed to break down their courage for freedom. Perhaps such a high morale of Kashmiris was due to the clear Pakistani stance that Kashmir is the integral part of Pakistan and due to moral support of Pakistan.
Murdering innocent Kashmiris in the name of terrorists is routine of Indian state terrorists

                Why Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah has declared Kashmir as lifeline of Pakistan? New generation watching Aman Ki Aasha on the TV channels running through the Indian investment may not answer this question. They are unaware of the importance of Kashmir for Pakistan and may be they also do not know that Pakistan has fought 4 wars with India for Kashmir. God knows when Pakistan will have to face India again in the battle field because on the eastern borders India is building up heaps of weapons and dynamite. But irony of the fate is that we have neglected Kashmiris. On the one hand there are secular intellectuals while on the other hand are such pro-Indian politicians who favor Indian aggression and war crimes in Kashmir. Whether these are pro-Indian intellectuals, journalists, anchor persons or politicians they are struggling to brain wash Pakistani public that Indian hold over occupied Kashmir should be accepted and resources of Pakistan along with markets should be pledged to Hindus. They are of the view that we should ignore our rivers which are illegally being controlled and dried by India and buy electricity produced from more than a dozen of illegal dams violating international treaties.
Dead bodies of kidnapped Kashmiris are being arranged for showing to the media

                If one differs with their point of view than they try to create link between Indian terrorists i.e. BLA with Freedom movement of Indian Held Kashmir. They claim that Ranjit Singh was leader of Punjab and Raja Dahir as (their) leader of sub-continent and Muslims created uprest in the sub-continent by defeating these two heroes of this class. They claim that Muslims forced innocent Hindus (like them) to convert to Islam. Astonishingly when one advises them to convert back to Hinduism (their favorite religion) if they hate Islam so much then they get violent as they are the only true Muslims in the world. What name could be given to their Hypocrisy that in order to damage ideology of Pakistan and TWO NATIONS theory they become nationalists and in order to support Indian state terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir they start blaming Punjab (from where they get food), Punjabi Army (who protects their women from being banged by their favorite India) and Punjabi establishment for being creator and supporter of Kashmir dispute for creating unrest in their Hindu sub-continent. Now these traitors have created another terminology i.e. Punjabi Taliban in order to support extremism. The most painful fact is that this pro-Indian class of Pakistan is not ready to accept the rights of Kashmiris living in Indian Held Kashmir. They are unable to acknowledge that why  few days before Kashmiris celebrated Indian Republic day as BLACK DAY, why did they protested to show the world that they are not part of the (terrorist) India. They do not accept Indian constitution and law.
Another Target of Indian State Terrorism

                On Indian republic day complete strike was observed in Indian held Kashmir. Trade centers as well as educational institutions remained closed. Including Srinagar protests were held in the whole Indian Held Kashmir. During protests Kashmiris appealed to the international community to help them to get rid Indian state terrorism and illegal control. They raised slogans against Indian forces. As per routine Indian state terrorists had enforced curfew in the whole Indian Held Kashmir but in spite of all the terrorist acts Kashmiris took to the roads. Indian (terrorist) forces tried to disperse through the use of force due to which including Srinagar whole occupied Kashmir became a battle field between Indian terrorists and innocent Kashmiris. Uncountable numbers were arrested and wounded by bullets fired by Indian terrorists. This is not the first time when Indian republic day has been observed black day by Kashmiris. This custom is 64 year old. Every year Kashmiris try their best to unveil Indian war crimes and state terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir, they try to awake sleeping subconscious of world that India which is a terrorist state and indulged in state terrorism has no right to defame democracy in the name of Republic day. However this time the black day observed was different from previous years as they did not have moral support from Pakistan now which is being claimed by slaved rulers of Pakistan in their addresses. Our pro-Indian rulers are so much inclined towards India that in spite resistance from masses they have declared India as (their) most favorite nation. In the name of trade they have handed over Pakistani economy to India. In spite of resisting against cultural war of India it is being supported by these pro-Indian elements. In the name of democracy the cultural attack of India for converting the whole society according to Hindu porno society has been now given official supervision by our rulers. Our ministers are considering to ease visa process and further enhance trade (deficit) with India (for providing easy access to Indian goods in Pakistani markets our govt. has already shutdown almost all the industry of Pakistan in the name of LOADSHEDDING). Now there are rumors that oil will be imported from India as well. In such a situation not only within Pakistan but in the senior Leadership of Kashmir Freedom Movement is in the clutches of extreme unrest. After declaration of most favorite nation for India by Pakistan the lives of the political and religious leadership of Kashmiris are at stake and they are constantly being threatened by terrorist state. These Kashmiri leaders are being threatened that they should forget about sacrifices of 150,000 Kashmiris and accept law of terrorist state i.e. India because now Pakistan is not in the position of supporting them. There are also rumors that after getting green signal of favorite nation by our pro-Indian rulers India has decided to remove senior leadership of Kashmir Freedom Movement and first target might by Syed Ali Gillani.
youngsters being arrested for retaliating with stones for the bullets of Indian state terrorists

                This does not end only there but India has also started using lethal chemical and biological weapons in the India Held Kashmir. This was disclosed by Ali Gillani and other leaders one month ago during a press conference in Srinagar on 5 January 2012. This has been also revealed that India has provided chemical grenades to its state terrorists. Moreover Pump Action Gun imported from Israel manufactured by USA (United Satanic Alliance) for killing wild beasts has been also provided to these Indian terrorists indulged in state terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir. Like India Israeli terrorists also started using this lethal gun against innocent children of Palestine. In spite of the protest by international community the master of terrorists Israel has not stopped use of this gun and now handed it over to its terrorist brother India, now this gun is in the hands of Indian state terrorists and target are 3rd and 4th generation of Kashmiris fighting against state terrorists and silence and shamelessness of world. They are holding the flag of freedom which was hoisted by their ancestors in 1947. But in the way we have dishonored Pakistani nation by silence over Indian terrorist acts in Kashmir one can hardly finf any example in the past. We are not able of any moral support in spite of calling Kashmiris as our brothers. Otherwise protest should have been observed in every nook and corner of Pakistan over paper grenade shelling by state terrorists of India which has caused deaths of hundreds of Kashmiris and many have got seriously effected. Moreover the effects of use of pump action gun are also very dangerous because the pellets used in its cartridge consist of several hardened plastic balls which penetrate into the whole body and several operations are needed to remove them. Due to this in USA this gun is only used against beasts to keep them away from inhabited areas. But the mother of democracy is neither ready to acknowledge and enforce international laws nor any moral values. Perhaps these Brahmans consider Kashmiris as lowest even to beasts (not only Kashmiris but all minorities), because they are not ready to give up their basic rights to internationally supported terrorists and so-called democratic state of India.

                No doubt previously Pakistani media was struggling to show the real facts of Indian state terrorism in Kashmir in the past but now everywhere a grave criminal silence prevails and now this is duty is only being fulfilled by Nawa-i-Waqt and Waqt TV. On this silence of a special media group which is ready not only journalistic values but national honor as well in order to fulfill their of their AMAN KI ASHA. For this they hate Two Nations theory and base of Pakistan. But where the hell is the other media? Why are they dead silent? Do they also want to get some portion from Indian funding for AMAN KI ASHA? Perhaps that is why they are afraid and avoiding talking about the rights of Kashmiris and terrorism of Indian state terrorists. All such elements should think at least once that if India has been unable to suppress the struggle of Kashmiris for last 64 years than she will never succeed to do so in the future as well. Like the innocent youngsters of Palestine Kashmiris have also took stones into their hands, they are watching their families being murdered and tortured in front of their eyes. In spit eof being of younger age they now why Indian dogs rape their mothers and sisters, they are aware that the persons who go missing or are kidnapped by Indian state terrorists would have been or will be soon buried into mass graves as terrorists. So no lethal weapons, no terrorist acts, no terrorism supporters like Modern West, Israel or USA, state terrorists of India or laws of terrorist state like AFSPA can make them afraid or force them to leave their basic right of freedom.
A character of Sikhs laying weapons in front of Indian State Terrorist Lt. General A.S... just to misguide international media

                So this to be decided by master minds of the international as well as local media that whether they support terrorists by remaining silent over Indian state terrorism and play their role in spreading extremism, hatred and terrorism or unveil Indian crimes before world, so that may be sleeping world may wake up for supporting oppressed Kashmiris to get their basic rights. It is also the duty of the so-called UNO and guarantors of peace to end terrorism and allow Kashmiris to decide about their fate as per revolutions of UNO. The 5 February is as ahead and we in spite of fulfilling a custom of expressing solidarity with Oppressed Kashmiris should celebrate everyday as solidarity day with Kashmiris so that Brahman does not take Kashmiris as alone…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 1 February 2012.

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