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Unrest of India over Progress in Peace Talks between US and Taliban..!

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This Picture shows propaganda of India against links between USA and Ikhwan-ul-Muslemoon 
US state department has shown Held Kashmir as disputed area in its official map on its map of India. In this map LoC has been represented by dotted/broken line, in previous years LoC was presented with continuous line as it was a declared boundary. Now this line has been converted in dotted/broken line which shows that Kashmir is a disputed where borders are yet be declared. Victoria Noland spokes person for US Foreign Department had to face questions of Indian journalists during her weekly press conference on 5 January. She clarified the view of America in her reply that “Held Kashmir is a disputed area and had been designated so in the map. USA does not want to take any clear position over this dispute, however US urges all concerned parties to resolve this issue peacefully through dialogue. As far as maps are concerned they are there since 1972”.

            On the other hand after fierce fighting of ten years, Americans have shown signs of good will towards Taliban and they have been offered to open office in Doha, but all these reports have jolted New Delhi. Although India has not reacted officially over the progress in peace talks between Taliban and USA, but Indian newspapers have started protest against it. The doubts expressed in these reports show that USA is not ready to entertain Indian demands anymore in Afghanistan. Not only in India but Kabul is experiencing same type of unrest. Afghan President Hamid Qarzai has complained to Washington through media that any peace process keeping aside the present govt. of Afghanistan cannot guarantee peace.  Keeping in mind the unrest of Hamid Qarzai, son-in-law of Gulbadeen Hikmat Yar was requested to meet Qarzai and Afghan officials during his meeting with US ambassador to Afghanistan after meeting NATO and US commanders in Kabul. This was just to falsify this expression that USA is indulged in dialogue with Taliban keeping Afghan govt. outside of it. So son-in-law of Hikmat Yar met afghan officials and President but during his press conference he only mentioned his talks with US and NATO commanders and said nothing about his meeting with Afghan govt. Perhaps in this way Hizb-e-Islami wanted to tell the world that they are only negotiating with USA, their only counterpart who is making right decisions now in order to restore peace, and puppet Afghan govt. has no value for them.
Graveyard of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan; Due to no space for burial US decided to burn corpses of US soldiers

            There is no doubt in the way Americans conducted the massacre and genocide of the Afghans after fall Taliban govt. it was unimaginable that any one would raise any voice against Americans. Americans destroyed every house which was reported as Taliban friendly by Northern Alliance. But in the short period of ten years Taliban proved that if a nation decides to over throw the slavery, than even most powerful armies of world collectively cannot stop its way for a long time. Here this thing needs to be clarified that USA strategically got Taliban declared as terrorist from its maid UNO, and through propaganda the word Taliban was made a symbol of hatred and terror for the world. While Americans themselves invented the term Taliban. After withdrawal of Soviet army from Afghanistan, Americans divided Afghan freedom fighter in to groups and then raised one of these groups as Taliban which were later on converted into armed army. So that they can be used to protect the routes towards Central Asian states for exploration of their mineral resources. Taliban were not aliens, but a force consisting of Pakhtoon Mujahideen. As soon as they came in power they captured whole Afghanistan.

            However Taliban captured Kabul they refused to become puppets in the hand of USA, so there removal became necessity for America. Who were original planers of 9/11, what was the role of Osama behind this tragedy, and why a big part of Western and American analysts claim 9/11 as fabricated, this is another discussion. But for practical capture of Afghanistan USA needed internal support which was provided by Northern Alliance having linguistic dispute with Taliban. In this way when Northern Alliance entered into the Kabul as rulers riding over the American crutches this was also a golden opportunity for India as well. Because after defeat of Soviet army in Afghanistan and during the Taliban regime leaders of Northern Alliance were forced to take shelter in India, moreover due to historical ties between Northern Alliance and India, India was given free hand to utilize Afghan land against Pakistan. Through her resources India changed the American war on terror into internal war for Pakistan. One can hardly find any example of such covert war in which Pak army, military installations, training centers and secret agencies of Pakistan were targets of Indian sponsored terrorists. They were given free hand in utilizing weapons and explosives as per their needs. They were not concerned about the deaths of innocent people along with Pakistani soldiers. In contrast to this Pak army had to identify enemies within their own citizens and country men which was a difficult task. Pakistani soldiers were not aware from where and when their enemy might attack. On many tragic occasions in spite of countless loss of lives and unrest present within the army, commanders of Pakistan army practiced patience and avoided any emotional reaction. This was the biggest success of our army that they not only bravely faced enemy but faced internal and external propaganda of enemy as well which is still going on.
Yousaf al Qaradawi

                        The target of India was to divide Pakistan army into two battle fields and create a rebellion like situation in western borders and tribal area, so that Pakistan army get trapped in tribal areas in such a way that army is forced to withdraw its unit from eastern borders and to be deployed over western borders. In this India would have free hand to export terrorism to Pakistan via eastern border. In this plan India was not alone; she had support of USA and other allied countries that were of the view that Pakistan army is supporting Taliban as Pakistan has supported Mujahideen against Soviet army. While representing this theory CIA and there paid servants of media ignored their own theories through which they have proved that Soviet army was defeated by US weapons and investment and not by Afghan Mujahideen. This included Mujahideen brought from Arab states by CIA in the name of Jihad. So then how in the present situation it is possible that only Pakistan has given hard time to USA and her allies by providing support and weapons to Taliban? Pakistan itself is facing war, such a war in which Pakistan has to face suicide bombers. But no one dares to raise this question not even our own analysts that who was providing these terrorists with weapons and financial support? Still this question needs to answered that these so called Indian sponsored Taliban are always ready to attack their own Muslim brethren soldiers, military installations, but in Indian held Kashmir where Hindus terrorists are indulged in state terrorism there these so called Islamist Taliban do not feel any need for suicide bomb blasts? Occupied Kashmir, where India is culprit of state terrorism, in the form of genocide of innocent Kashmiri people, culprit of gang rapes as a state policy to crush freedom movement of Kashmir attacking these Indian state terrorists via suicide bomber is a great sin for these so called Taliban? Does not this prove that boss of these terrorists and Indian state terrorists in Indian Held Kashmir is same? Does not this prove that the force behind these so called Taliban is same anti-Islam which has created satanic triangle in the form of CIA, RAW and MOSSAD?

            Now after long and tiresome fight of ten years USA wants to save herself from humiliating defeat and run away from Afghanistan respectfully, she needs to restore peace in Afghanistan. Other wise no one will believe on the fabricated victory of USA in Afghanistan. US badly need Taliban for this respectful withdrawal of US forces. In addition in order to keep her ordinance factories running before attacking any other country USA needs to enmity with Taliban. But is there any role of India in this changing situation and changing policies of USA? Although this is not clear yet, but sudden propaganda of Indian newspaper THE HINDU against Egyptian Islamic Scholar Yousaf al Qaradawi after showing Indian Held Kashmir as a disputed area in US official maps shows that New Delhi is facing extreme unrest U-turn of USA. The Hindu has published an important news with reference of an important Official with the heading of
The sub-heading of the news reads, “Yousaf al-Qaradawi, a Doha-based Islamist scholar who once called on his followers to back Jihadist groups in Jammu and Kashmir, has emerged as a key mediator in secret talks between the U.S. and the Taliban”.

            According to the Indian newspaper, a senior official in New Delhi have said that Qaradawi was involved in peace talks between US and Taliban from last one month so that USA can respectfully withdraw her forces from Afghanistan and politically SAVE her FACE. Before arriving on only final decision Taliban want that USA withdraws her resolution against Taliban in the UNO while US wants that Taliban end their relations with Al-Qaeda and join Afghan govt. for restoration of peace.

            The Hindu further writes that Indian govt. is concerned about increasing cooperation between Taliban and USA. India thinks that inclination of USA and western countries towards Qaradawi might force Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad to contact him, while these organizations are already in contact with Afghan Taliban. Because Qaradawi claims that resistance of Kashmiri people against Indian forces is actual jihad. The Hindu has disclosed with reference to official Indian sources that in a In 2009, Mr. al-Qaradawi had issued a fatwa, or religious edict, asserting that “the Kashmiris were properly fighting jihad against the Indian army.” The jihad was legitimate, he argued, since Mujahideen groups sought to create an Islamic state. Therefore, the edict concluded, it was incumbent on all Muslims to help Kashmiris gain their “freedom from Indian aggression.” 
An AMerican vehicle destroyed by Taliban last week; corpses and injures are laying beside the vehicle

            Here this should be kept in mind that Qaradawi belongs to Egyptian Islamic group Ikhwan-ul-Muslemoon (Muslim Brotherhood). During Hosni Mubarak’s he was forced to leave Egypt and shifted to Qatar. From here he controlled Ikhwan-ul-Muslemoon. However in spite of being supporter of Islamic control but he never allowed use of violence for attaining his goals. He also condemned Al-Qaeda in his book “Mad Declaration of War on the World”. According to him practical armed jihad has harmed Muslim more than benefiting. Due to such thoughts Alzawhiri has criticized him several times. He wants regain of Islamic power through noble and able Islamic leadership, the recent example of this is result of Egyptian elections. In Turkey this change has been already brought. Than how is this possible that against his ideology he not favors but asks Muslims to help Mujahideen fighting in Indian Held Kashmir? This is a beautiful sample of Indian propaganda as we have not seen any improvement in the activities of Mujahideen in Indian Held Kashmir, moreover the last two or three years were much hard for Kashmiri Muslims.

            Then why India is linking the establishment of Taliban’s office in Doha (which seems to be a dream) with possible jihad in Indian Held Kashmir? The answer is very simple on the one hand after success of Islamic govt. in Egypt after Turkey a hard period lies ahead for Israel, this will obviously affect other Muslim countries whom rulers secretly support Israel in Palestinian movement for freedom. On the other hand if USA wants she cannot guarantee that the role of India will not be limited in Afghanistan. In the other words it will not be possible to support and facilitate and provide financial support to terrorists operating in Pakistan, whose special target are inhabitants of Baluchistan. Like this it will not be possible to intervene in tribal areas of Pakistan through her armed agents/terrorists. So keeping in mind the up coming hard time Israel and India are planning to start an organized propaganda campaign against Ikhwan-ul-Muslemoon, LeT and Jaish-e-Muhammad in order to prolong their capture of Palestine and Indian Held Kashmir.

            Although India has not officially reacted over Taliban-US dialogue but the comments of ex-RAW chief, B. Ramin over the news of THE HINDU shows what is going on in Delhi. He has asked Indian govt. that where are their planners? What ever is going to happen in the region is there any planning going on with in India to face these challenges? Why India has not expressed her concerns over changing US policies?

            This is the unrest in India over U-turn of USA over the matter of Taliban but where are we? Have we any spare time besides saving Hussein Haqqani and threatening credibility of our own security agencies? Have we ever thought what will be the impact of any British or US aggression in Persian gulf over Pakistan?

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 18 January, 2012.

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