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International Conspiracies against Pakistan Army and Memo Scandal!

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Drone at Shamsi Air base

Before writing anything about today’s topic I would like to discuss few disclosures made by Wikileaks in the last year as these will be helpful to understand the current situation. On 8 December 2010, Wikileaks published these documents on the net and all Pakistani newspapers published them with headlines as they were linked to integrity and safety of Pakistan. The important thing in these documents was that USA (United Satanic Alliance) itself has confessed that India is involved in armed interference in Pakistan along with evidence. With reference to these Cables of American embassy that Indian army and secret agencies are interfering in Baluchistan and Waziristan. According to this disclosure US govt. has severely criticized present and previous armed and civilian leadership of India and it was verified that higher command of Indian army is busy in a dangerous game through terrorism in Pakistan. In these documents not only deep relations between Indian army and terrorist Hindu groups are discussed but they have been claimed as more dangerous than Al-Qaeda and Taliban for international peace.

                According to these Wikileaks America was of the view that the purpose of these links between Indian army and terrorist Hindu groups is to crush Indian Muslims and pressurize Pakistani ISI. These documents also include the details of a meeting between US diplomat and Hemant Karkare who arrested an on duty Indian army officer Colonel Purohit along with evidence for terrorist act of burning Samjhota Express. According to these reports, Karkare requested USA to pressurize Indian govt. for the safety of his family and himself. He made this clear to US diplomat that Indian govt. and establishment have decided to murder him for his crime of arresting and unveiling terrorists within Indian army.  In this meeting, Karkare also disclosed the names of those Indian generals who were supporting and leading terrorists within and outside Indian army.

                The most important aspect of these cables between US embassy in New Delhi and US govt. in Washington is that US has rejected any doubt about ISI’s involvement in attacks on Indian hotels on 26 November 2008 in Mumbai. Moreover, DVDs consisting of confession of Ajmal Qasab were also declared as fictional and doubtful. Indian army’s “Cold Start War Doctrine” against Pakistan and China was termed as fictional. Meanwhile US officials expressed astonishment that planning of Indian army revolves only around Pakistan and China. An earlier cable described Indian Army is involved in gross human rights violations in Indian Held part of Jammu and Kashmir while some Lt-Gen HS Panag, the then GOC-in-Chief of the Northern Command of the Indian Army was equated with General Milosevic of Bosnia with regard to butchering Muslims through war crimes. The cable urged Washington to secretly divert UN attention towards the genocide of innocent civilians in Kashmir on the hands of Indian Army and also suggested that US should avoid holding any joint drill with Indian army until it stops inhuman activities in Kashmir. In these secret documents presence of ISI is verified in India however this was told as well that ISI is not involved in any terrorist activities in India.
                Meanwhile in another cable the death of Karkare in the Mumbai attacks has been mentioned as a staged drama and concerns were expressed over the loss of an important link and evidence. US govt. was also advised to ban all Indian organizations including Hindu Council of America who were providing financial support to Shiv Sena and other Hindu terrorist organizations. US was also warned that if these Hindu terrorist groups are not brought to an end in the coming years they will prove a time bomb for the peace of the area. Indian government's capability to handle Naxals has been also doubted as there is hardly any writ of Indian govt. and the presence of more than 80% nuclear installments of India makes the situation graver. This area is known as Red Corridor among Indian intellectuals.
An innocent target of US Drone terrorism

                This was a brief discussion of American cables about our region which were termed as fake by US govt. on protest of India in order to protect US interests. However, has anyone any doubt about the genocide of Kashmiri Muslims by Indian army? Is not his truth that on duty officers of Indian army and Hindu terrorists were involved in terrorist burning of Samjhota Express? Is this a lie that the South and North-western Indian states are practically in the control of Naxals and Maoists? Where Indian army cannot imagine to move freely, where hundreds of Indian army personnel are not only killed in a single attack but their under garments are torn away as well? India could not dare to face them so blames ISI and Pakistan in its propaganda war. The term Islamic extremism was invented by India which has been successfully used Israel to cover its genocide of Muslims. But the more serious problem is that the international media is also blaming Pakistan, at least why? This is a such question for which Pakistani people have no answer, they are just witnessing that since 1947 India has not spared a single to chance to harm Pakistan. India played an important role in the division of Pakistan in 1971 utilizing its resources, huge army, and international Jewish companies. Later on in order to hide its terrorist organizations and conspiracies on international level Pakistan army was posed as Punjabi army. The more painful aspect is that following the Indian conspiracies our traitors have succeeded in convincing the public that fall of Dhaka was a defeat of Pakistani army and all political parties used this as a propaganda weapon against Pakistan army. While on 15 April 2007, in Bareli of UP province of India, during an election campaign Rahul Gandhi claimed fall of Dhaka as great achievement of his family, he disclosed that how more than 1 billion Hindus in Bengal played their role in this conspiracy fulfilling their religious duty. Not only this, he addressed Pakistan in the west that do not worry we (Congress party) will get freedom for you as well. He was obviously talking to his friends in Pakistan who sometimes dream separation of Baluchistan and sometimes they threaten to change the geography of Pakistan. They claim Kala Bagh Dam as poison for Pakistan and water terrorism of India as its basic right, they blame Pakistan army for all the problems of Pakistan (i.e. existence of Pakistan until now is due to its army).
Dual Standards: On the right hand US soldier crying after hugging his baby while on the left same aged baby is being body searched

                Pakistani people are just witnessing powerlessly the massacre of innocents for last 33 years. On the other hand, in the markets, on the roads, offices, trains, buses everywhere innocent Pakistanis were targeted with bomb blasts and terrorism. When Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan at that time Moscow’s need was to access sea via Pakistani sea-shores for exploitation of resources of middle eastern states. All this was done in the name of peace in Afghanistan. When Afghans started resistance against Soviet invaders, this became necessary for Pakistan to support them as the seashore strip is important for Pakistani economy. During this period from Karachi to Peshawar all cities were filled with blood of innocents. There was not a single city of Pakistan that was saved from terrorist attacks and suicide bombs. Thousands of innocent Pakistanis were murdered in remote control bomb blasts. Several terrorists were arrested and astonishingly all belonged to Afghanistan. We kept silent on these terrorist activities (of world powers) and world did not give any importance to it. Just few reports were published that KGB, Afghan KHAR, and Indian RAW are punishing Pakistanis for war in Afghanistan. More astonishing fact is that few of these terrorists who confessed their crimes in open trials, their links with their agencies has been also proved with evidence, they are waiting for hanging in Pakistani prisoners, and now our rulers are finding excuses for sending them back to India because they are Indians and India is our rulers’ most favorite nation. (This is the same terrorist state India which staged drama of Mumbai attacks just to remove few of its honest police and intelligence officers and blamed Pakistan for its own terrorist acts because an important personality of Pakistan said that few non state actors of Pakistan might be involved in these attacks).

                At that time US also participated in Afghan war foreseeing the defeat of Red army and Soviet army left Afghanistan with the gold medal of defeat in Afghanistan. However, Pakistan kept hosting 7 million Afghan migrants who became target of civil war as a result of inhuman policies of American and western forces for their damn interests. Half of these migrants are still living in Pakistan and Afghan President says that Pakistan will have to continue supporting them. On one side we had to bear this extra pressure on our already poor economy while on the other hand a group of our intellectuals, and journalists were criticizing role of Pakistani army in afghan war as army’s policy to safeguard American interests. They were repeating the propaganda of India on international level. These (sold) minds that were against USA at that time, now they are supporting US policies against Pakistani army and earning dollars for participating in propaganda war of enemies of Pakistan.
US forces in a mosque in Iraq!

                Hard time for Pakistani and Afghan people started afresh when USA as a reaction to its own terrorist act of 9/11 attacked Afghanistan to test its latest weapons on living human beings. In fact neither of the pilots who crashed aeroplanes with WTC were Pakhtoon nor they had any link with Afghanistan. Attackers as claimed by USA belonged to Arabs, who had tired protesting against State terrorism of Israel in Palestine and their protest had converted into hatred against USA. But USA in the name of presence of Osama in Afghanistan invaded a sovereign state with rain of Daisy-Cutter and other lethal bombs from its B-52 bombers. They did this as they were taking revenge from the Afghan public. At that time western world had no time to think that how Osama, equipped with light weapons, wandering in the mountains of Afghanistan had got such a lamp of Aladdin that he had got such latest and scientific techniques to control these pilots? Moreover how he forced these pilots who had been trained in USA to go on the journey of death, and also guided them to leave documents containing their identity in their cars outside the airports so that later on Americans can arrest and torture their families?

                However in the last ten years team of engineers and scientists in Europe has proved that in the light of experiments, 9/11 tragedy was a strange example of American state terrorism in which in order to achieve higher interests of US establishment, such a terrorist drama was planned under the cover of which US govt. succeeded in getting free hand for massacre of humanity in two sovereign states. In the videos of these experiments, these scientists have proved that these buildings did not fell due to the crash of plans and fire due to plane fuel, but due to the modern bombs that were planted in the parallel steel pillars from bottom to top storey. Now western analysts have also accepted that Bush and Dick Cheney related to oil business had planned to capture Iraq. In spite of directly hitting Iraq they thought it necessary to attack Afghanistan first. Some groups are of the view that few American elements (CIA) linked with smuggling of drugs forced US to attack Afghanistan first. Through this, international Zionists have captured resources for their multinational companies for future, American weapon industry being on top of them. Moreover world has ignored Israeli state terrorism in Palestine under the fear of AL-Qaeda which was later on changed as Taliban by these western propagandists. Because now these multinational companies and their Jewish owners do not want to leave resources of Afghanistan.
After murdering their parents US soldiers giving flowers to Afghan Children

                But the problem is that in spite of murder of more than 1 million innocents in last ten years USA had not been able to properly capture Afghanistan and defeat Afghans. Now it seems that UNO has given mandate to USA for genocide of Muslims. The videos of American  invasion can still be viewed on the internet. On the one hand these videos show the mountains of Tora Bora changing into dust after due to US bombs after watching which many countries have got afraid that if they dared to stand in front of US terrorism they will be punished like Afghans hiding in Tora Bora. On the other hand these videos show American soldiers entering into Afghanistan with flowers, while few afghan children in dirty clothes are along with them. The purpose behind this propaganda was that they have not invaded Afghanistan but they had come to free these people (from life). UNO had given them mandate to free Muslim public and made Americans saviors.  After Afghanistan, Iraq, then Libya and now Syria, God knows which Muslim country will be chosen next to quench the thirst of UNO for Muslim blood.

                If we look at poor US public, the situation is that due to shortage of space for burial of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan, more than 250 corpses of US soldiers were dumped into waste after burning them. Because the sports grounds and public parks in US cantonments have been filled with corpses of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now this process of burning and dumping of dead bodies of soldiers has become a conflict. Widow of one such soldier has decided to go to US judiciary, she is of the view that these soldiers have given up their lives for Americans not that their corpses should be burnt and dumped into waste.
                USA considers Pakistan army responsible for defeat of US forces in Afghanistan, because Pakistani army had not played any role in genocide of Afghans. USA is not ready to accept that Pakistan has given sacrifice of more than 5000 security personnel (mostly in attacks planned in Afghanistan) and more than 35,000 innocent Pakistani people. Now USA wants to blame Pakistan for her defeat so that she may run away from here, take some rest and attack some other Muslim country to drink the blood of Muslims. But Pakistan is not ready to sacrifice anymore for USA (United Satanic Alliance). The reward of sacrifices of Pakistani nation has been given by USA in the attack on Pakistani posts on 26 November. Whole nation is protesting against it and ISAF commander general Allen says that such attacks may occur in future as well. This is an attempt to further agitate Pakistani nation. Not only this the propaganda against Pakistan army is also going on to create conflict between Pakistani public and army. This has now recently adopted the form of “Memo Gate Scandal”. After this, few of our anchorpersons and analysts are busy in creating hatred in the minds of public against Pakistan army. A long time has passed, army has got aside from politics but these paid analysts are still discussing possibilities of Martial Law. Who is behind this propaganda campaign? Has USA also started thinking like India that Pakistan army is the greatest hurdle in their damn imperialist plans? These questions and reasons behind Memo Gate will be discussed next week…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 17 December, 2011.

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