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The Dream of Peace in Afghanistan without Pakistan?

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The attacks on Pakistani posts on the night of 26 November on one hand has increased the tension on the western borders and pushed the whole towards the brink of war while on the other hand this has also the importance of Pakistan for peace in Afghanistan more eminent. The fresh example is the failure of Bonn Conference in the city of Germany about peace in Afghanistan in which Pakistan did not participate as a protest, in their analyses few analysts have termed Bonn Conference as unnecessary and useless. According to them dream of peace and prosperity in Afghanistan without Pakistan is like a fool’s paradise which can never be turned into reality. American journalist “John Bolden” terms Bonn Conference as a fish that cannot live without water. He is of the view that without Pakistan the conference is a heinous joke with the future of Afghanistan. If it was not possible to postpone Bonn conference for few weeks or months then it was necessary that Pakistan’s participation was made obvious. The call of Obama to his Pakistani counterpart before few hours of Bonn conference is beyond rationalism, on the one hand they are soothing Pakistan over deaths of Pakistani soldiers and on the other hand lower level American officials are indulged in threatening Pakistan, then what does this mean? Does this mean that there is a third force, which wants to keep Pakistan away from playing any role in the peace of Afghanistan? But America should keep this mind that if she tries to force any solution to Afghanistan keep Pakistan aside than this will endanger the people of South Asia but of the whole world.

                This was analyses of an American journalist about Bonn conference that is very different from so called Aristotles and intellectuals. Astonishingly these pawns of the media war represent same point of view whether it is about Pak-India relations or about the peace in Afghanistan that is presented in the east by India and in the west by the Northern Alliance reflecting Hindu thoughts. According to them, we should forget about Indian aggression in Indian Held Kashmir, more than 2500 mass graves showing Hindu terrorism, Indian illegal control of Siachen, moreover water terrorism of India, accept India as Big Brother, and care taker. Some of these puppet intellectuals go one step forward than their fellows in fulfilling their liabilities for foreign wealth, they try to make us impressed by the depth of Indian art. They represent Indian culture in such a way as very soon this tsunami will flow us away with it. They have severe objections over Chinese policy over Indian Held Kashmir, they in every way try to advise Pakistanis that USA is far, she has to protect her interests while she does not want to capture any country, while if China ever got a foothold in Pakistan than China’s slavery will be our fate (so they want us to accept Indian slavery as precaution and turn to Hinduism covertly just like them). When these masterminds talk about west, they can see only Pakistan creating trouble in Afghanistan for last 33 years like Pakistan had advised Soviet Union to capture Afghanistan or NATO and USA were invited by Pakistan to attack Afghanistan (if they did this individually for lucrative salaries USA then this may be a point worth mentioning).
Major Mujahid Shaheed

                However after terrorist attack of NATO on the night of 26 November much has been written and said but no one has ever dared to discuss an important point, maybe they ignored it on purpose. The reality is that on the night on which NATO attacked Pakistani posts, this was the first day of control of Afghan National Army in the area in front of these posts. On the same day NATO and US forces had celebrated the handing over of control of Afghan province Nangar Har and adjacent Pakistani border to Afghan national army (Northern Alliance army trained by India). Gradually Balakh, Gazree, Nimroz and Kabul will be handed over to Afghan army. However the attack over Pakistani posts as soon as the area was handed over to Indian trained military has raised serious threats that what is going to  happen in future, when in 2014 more than 30,000 Afghan army personnel (belonging to only Northern alliance) will replace Allied forces.

                Last year when American finalized its plan for retreat from Afghanistan, Pakistan has offered to train afghan army but India was given preference. This shows that USA is not willing that Afghanistan should enjoy peace and prosperity after US retreat. Is US doing this just to keep running her ordinance factories so that war goes on and White House controls Afghan resources in future as well or is this all just for India so that Pakistan gets busy on western  border and India may plan an aggression? In both situations USA (United Satanic Alliance) is filling up dynamite in the base of South Asia, which will be ignited any time. American journalist Peter Chamberlin has also expressed such like views in his article


Widow of Captain Usman

He has criticized NATO Chief as liar. He claims use of NATO forces against Pakistan as an ages old policy of Northern Alliance against Pakistan at the beck and call of India i.e.
“The Taliban can only be defeated by attacking in Pakistan”.
He is not ready to accept NATO attack over Pakistani posts as accident. He says that when dust will settle and horizon will be cleared then this will become clear that behind NATO attack were Pakistani Taliban supported and controlled by Indian RAW, Israeli MOSSAD, British secret agencies and CIA. Peter has especially mentioned that Taliban leaders like Hakim-u-llah Mehsud, Faqeer Muhammad and Fazl-u-llah are controlled by CIA. If we look at the title of his article it clearly shows that Pentagon is not happy over White House’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan (at least US Generals are earning heaps of money by smuggling Opium and engulfing dollars of American tax payers). Perhaps this is why White House had to face shame (what shame for shameless) several times due to acts and statements of US Generals. Moreover the column of Ex-Chief of Pakistan army, Mirza Aslam Baig published on 4 December in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt also reinforces point presented by ‘Peter’, that CIA, RAW, MI-6 and MOSSAD are controlling and supporting Pakistan Taliban. Obviously Ex-Chief of Pakistan army has not said this baselessly. He writes in his article,
“on the night of 26 November Pakistani soldiers over these check posts had arrested more than 50 terrorists of Mehsud and Fazl-u-llah group. In order to get them freed NATO and US helicopters were sent and they continued their attack until these terrorists were shifted to safe heavens of NATO in Afghanistan”.
General Dempsy in front of Congress Defence Committee 

                Whether this is discussion in Bonn conference, or Obama or American ambassador to Pakistan all are beating the same triumphant that NATO had not done this attack intentionally. Along with this they are accusing that these posts have fired rounds over allied forces. Perhaps Pakistan had accepted their excuses but in spite of all the assurances, Raymond Davis has not been brought to court for trial yet after his release from Pakistan. In the same way NATO attacked Pakistani posts on 8 June, 11 July, and 10 September but still neither Pakistan has been informed about result of investigations nor the culprits have been punished, then how is this possible that unbiased investigations will be held or murderers of Pakistani soldiers will be brought to court for justice. Moreover the facts that are getting clear as dust is settling down are that Americans were fully aware of location of these posts situated over height of 800 feet, they were aware that neither there are inhabited villages within the 10 kilometers range, nor there are any hideouts from where Taliban may attack on the Pakistani side. Americans were aware that these posts were erected to stop Taliban entering into Pakistan in the form of convoys equipped with latest light weapons and attacking innocent unarmed tribal people and Pakistani soldiers. Whether these are American Generals or Karzai or Jewish media all join the chorus against Pakistan that Pakistan has strong holds of terrorists, but no one dared to stop these terrorists attacking Pakistan from afghan areas with support of Allies and India. Therefore, in such situation Pakistan decided to build up check posts to stop these terrorists. As the purpose was to stop land militants, so neither any bunkers were built nor was any anti-aircraft artillery provided because across the border only allies have air power not the terrorists. For which Pakistan was non-NATO ally in their so-called war on terror, Pakistan had never imagined that these imperialist terrorist countries would attack their on ally via air. Perhaps that was why the telecommunication was not according to battlefield standards as well. However, whatever communication they had it was enough to inform head quarter about any aggression by militants 800 feet below. In this way there was a light anti-air craft gun of 12.7 calibers which often accompanies infantry troops. Its range in air is 600 meters while downwards it has effective range of 1200 meters. American helicopters equipped with latest weapons and night visions attacked Pakistani posts, Pakistani soldiers retaliated weapons that were not sufficient to stop such (terrorist) attack. The soldier who was trying to shoot at helicopters with only anti-aircraft gun was shot down by missile fired from NATO helicopter, after his martyrdom commander of the post Major  Mujahid took the position over the AAA gun, and started attacking these helicopters by changing his positions, but he was hit by the American missile in the open field and his body spread over the motherland in pieces. NATO helicopters targeted each and every soldier over the post as they were taking revenge (for stopping their terrorists). Than how can they dare to investigate their own (terrorist) pilots?
12.7 mm anti-aircraft gun

                British newspaper has already disclosed that ISAF has made a plan to attack Pakistani areas by air and land as a part of operation against so-called terrorists. Newspaper writes that in response to a question NATO commander in Afghanistan did not reject any possibility of (terrorist) attack in Pakistan and also disclosed that this option is under consideration. In his report Guardian says that General Allen said that in next two years Pakistani militant groups will be ended. In this regard this message has been sent to Pakistani forces that if they did not take action against these militants than USA will do this itself.

                In the same in the Bonn conference this has been said that afghan army will consist of 350,000 personnel which needs 8 billion dollars annually. How and from what resources these expenses will be met this will be decided next year conference in Japan. Now the question is why USA and Europeans want to enact such a big army in a country like Afghanistan that is totally land-locked in spite of their drowning economies and what are the reasons behind their investments over afghan army? The only reasonable answers that these internationals are now planning to capture resources in Middle East but this is impossible without Pakistan. These imperialists are using India as bait and India is also ready to be utilized and as a reward India wants to capture Pakistan that is unluckily impossible. However in such WAR GAME we look at our leaders it is astonishing that they are ignorant of what is happening around Pakistan, what type of problems Pakistan will have to face in the future, then is only army responsible to safeguard integrity and interests of country?
Smoke rising from Pakistani posts on 2nd day of NATO attack

                If this is not so than all the political parties of the country are duty bound to take NATO attacks over Pakistani posts seriously and forget or postpone their mutual war for power. They should get united at least for sometime forgetting their individual identities and plan that how we have to tackle conspiracies of enemy. This is the identity of living nations and Momin…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 10 December, 2011.

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