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Pakistan’s Mother in Law Hilary and Worldly Bestowing of Qarzai on Pakistan

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Hilary Clinton after being called as MOTHER IN LAW of Pakistan

If we talk about Pakistani politics or municipal politicians of Pakistan that our respected leaders had no rules in politics, they change not only their statements but loyalties as well. But if we talk about world’s most powerful country, most developed nation of modern era and so-called “God Father” of the whole world 'USA' and its leadership, changing their statements or giving explanations after giving a statement. After watching all this we come to know that modern and most civilized leaders of USA are not only morally shallow like our politicians but also worst than them. They damn care about diplomatic values or moral values except their vicious interests. The people living in Muslim countries are just like as worms for them, if these people are crushed it does not matter, as there is no one cry over them or protest against their massacre.

                Lo! They are announcing withdrawal from Iraq in such a manner as they were busy in cultivating flowers there for last eight years, after destroying the poor country and now they are going away saying, “take care of your own fields, we can no more lend you helping hand”. As Muammar Gaddafi denied to support falling western economy and provide investment to bankrupt American banks so he was humiliated and murdered. Otherwise you may ask those who are aware of Libyan govt., was not fuel free there, was electricity not supplied free? Every newly married couple was provided with a house or 50,000 Dirhams, there were many universities equipped with modern laboratories manufacturing scientists majority in the field of nuclear technology. If after all this if it was necessary to assassinate Gaddafi, why Americans had not used Drones to murder him or his family? But the question is, had these so-called leaders of world had such moral courage? They staged drama of restriction through their maid UNO in order to fulfill their lust for blood and revenge. Afterwards the assets of not only Gaddafi but whole Libya were freeze. After declaring whole Libya as “No fly zone”, Libyan cities were destroyed by fighter jets of NATO and Libyan educational institutions were their special targets. Trained terrorists from contractors providing soldiers on rent like “Black Water” were sent into Libya with latest weapons.
The Picture of Hilary printed in an Aerican Magazine after she was termed as MOTHER IN LAW of Pakistan

                In short Libya was bombarded for 8 months just to kill Gaddafi. More than sixty thousand Libyans were massacred, thousands women kidnapped who have not been traced yet (prostitution, human trafficking and sex slavery is one of the favorite businesses of Jews). When Gaddafi was arrested alive he was tortured and afterwards killed by being shot in head at zero range. It was preplanned to capture this terrorist act and show this to the whole world through western media so that world could know that what will be the end of those who dare to reject demands of USA (United Satanic Alliance). Otherwise in these eight months (which were not less than dooms day for innocent Libyans) western did not dare to show up a single footage of devastation of Libyan cities. So called civilized nations of West are so much morally shallow that terrorist declared organization UNO i.e. “Libyan Islamic Movement” formally known as “Libyan Islamic Fighting Group” or in Libya known as “Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya” was not only removed from the banned list but its militants were utilized against Gaddafi. Gaddafi repeatedly said that USA is using Al-Qaeda to capture Libya but his voice was buried under propaganda of Jewish media. Gaddafi has been murdered, however Libya is still burning in Civil war, than UNO will send peacekeepers and West will loot all the resources of Libya.
Hamid Qarzai

                USA has recently struggled to use Pakistan for its illegal control of Afghanistan while American imperialism have bowed in front of India in spite of the fact that India has no link with Afghanistan. When Pakistan rejected American demands Pakistan was not only accused of supporting Taliban and terrorists but a new chapter in the history of state terrorism was written in order to pressurize Pakistan. Propaganda campaign was started that terrorists murdering innocent Pakistani people were prepared by Pakistan itself although present govt. of USA itself had confessed that Taliban Mujahedeen were manufactured by USA and leaving was biggest error of USA (United Satanic Alliance). The propaganda campaign against Pakistan for support of extremism was targeted in such a way as we ourselves have given our country on tender to terrorists to destroy it. In order to defame Pakistan our those enlightened intellectuals were successfully utilized who used to support Soviet Union in the past and are expert in writing against Pakistan army and ISI. Now again there target was Pak-Army, they were saying this is the Pakistan army who prepared extremists which are now not only threat to peace in Pakistan but a threat for USA and India as well. Meaning Russia, China, Sri Lanka or Myanmar has no threat from them. Most astonishing fact is that these intellectuals cannot see increased cultivation of poppy in Afghanistan, in order to earn more profit USA had introduced hybrid seeds due to which the fruit of poppy gets as big as apple and four times more Heroin can be manufactured from it.

                However now American nerves has started paralyzing, they have realized that if they did not withdraw from Afghanistan now, not only their ways to return back respectfully will be closed but the coffins of their soldiers being dispatched from Afghanistan will increase manifold. The fast and furious attacks over American forces in Afghanistan are an example of this. Not only this Afghan freedom fighters succeeded in entering safest building of American embassy in Afghanistan and devastated it, how many American soldiers lost their lives in this attack US officials succeeded in hiding that but they cannot hide the corpses of those killed on roads of Kabul. Due to reports of these increasing numbers of casualties, protests within USA are gathering momentum and few local newspapers have started republishing the news reports of casualties in Vietnam and protests along with photos.
Looting the coins made up of solid gold from Libya

                Is this the background for which USA has stopped threatening Pakistan and adopted a kind behavior? There are other aspects behind this due to which Hilary who arrived in Pakistan for two days visit and after getting title of “Mother-in-Law” for Pakistan she started laughing. These laughters might be natural but there was also a purpose behind this that was to relieve the tension within Pakistani people against USA. Otherwise, has USA now realized that geographical location of Pakistan is of much importance, which she confessed in front of media? Moreover after her return to USA that Pakistan’s concerns about increasing Indian influence in Afghanistan and attacks from Afghanistan on check-posts of Pakistan army needs to be understood.

                These emotions of kindness from USA to Pakistan were not tolerable for pro-Jewish and pro-Indian media. They posed Hilary’s interview to “Bloomberg” after return from Pakistan in such a way as USA has decided to attack Pakistan. Her interview was interpreted as threat to Pakistan which caused shame to USA like Mullen’s threats. Before this that Indian and Jewish lobby has further deteriorated the situation Hilary had to call up a press conference and she had to explain that she had not said anything in her interview that if Pakistan did not launch operation against terrorists Pakistan will have to bear the brunt. In this conference she also gave reference of her interview to “Fox News” in which she had coincided with General Kiyani that Afghan govt. should stop blaming Pakistan and itself solve its internal problems. In this conference first time Hilary confessed that USA had requested Pakistan to play its role in peace talks with Haqqani network. After all these clarifications it was not possible for media blame Pakistan for death of 13 American soldiers killed in a bomb blast few days ago.
American Contractors fighting against Libyan forces

                Here I would like to get the attention of my brothers especially defense analysts and those who keep keen eye over situation in Afghanistan that in spite of looking towards Pakistan or Haqqani network for the death of these 13 US soldiers they should also look towards India which is too much worried about friendly behavior of US towards Pakistan. India will try her best to shatter this advance towards peace in Afghanistan by blaming Pakistan for any serious terrorist activity backed by India. One can realize the Indian influence over Afghan govt. from this that after statement of Afghan President that in any expected aggression over Pakistan from USA or India Afghanistan will stand with Pakistan, (obviously USA should be behind this statement so that tension between Islamabad and Kabul can be decreased), whole Afghan capital jolted. After being forced by Northern Alliance and India, Afghan Foreign minister had to issue the statement that Hamid Qarzai had not said anything like that. If interview of Afghan President was misrepresented than he himself should have clarified it or rejected it. Here the role of NATO (about which Russia has said that in the way USA is utilizing NATO as international terrorist for filling her vicious interests this will have devastating effects) in Afghanistan should must be re-evaluated. On the one hand USA wants help from Pakistan for peace talks with Haqani while on the other hand like before NATO is accusing Pakistan. Deputy Commander of NATO in Afghanistan had said that terrorists fire on Allied Forces while Pakistani soldiers watch this as spectators meaning these terrorists has full support of Pak-Army and ISI. As soon the General issued this statement, the highlights of a documentary prepared by BBC were telecasted again & again, in which BBC had tried to prove that Taliban and ISI are two sides of same penny. This propaganda is nothing new. Let us come towards soft behavior of Pakistan’s Mother-in-Law Aunt Hilary and Hamid Qarzai;
Allied soldier protecting the Hybrid Poppy Plants

                USA and its secret agencies were busy in discovering alternative routes for Afghanistan in spite of Pakistan. In this regard they held talks with Middle Eastern States and Russia as well. However all of the American hopes were wiped away when freedom fighters from Northern and North-Western Afghanistan started attacking Allied forces. American and western media had focused on Pakhtoon Taliban speaking Pashtu, it was impossible for them to focus non-Pakhtoon Taliban, moreover including Washington they were not in a position to change their policy to black mail Pakistan in the name of support of Pakhtoon Taliban. It was also devastating for USA to inform its public that a new militants organization named as Northern Taliban has been established for which Pakistan cannot be blamed in any way, moreover when American public will come to know that international powers neighboring Afghanistan especially Russia have waged war against Americans. Now they have introduced fresh militants against Allied forces already tired of Gorilla war. In all such situations, it will be hard for American establishment to control internal affairs. On the other hand Washington is aware that when Soviet army was overpowered by Taliban, as a last nail to Soviet Union’s coffin not only USA introduced fresh troops of Mujahedeen but also provided them with anti-aircraft “Stinger” missiles. These missiles played an important role in defeat of Soviet Union. USA wants to avoid that situation. The winter season is ahead, it will be easier for freedom fighters to attack allied and US forces. All these grave realities have forced USA and CIA to turn back towards Pakistan. However on this pro-indian and Jewish lobby is too much worried, this can be imagined from this news report published in “New York Times” on 31 October that America is forced to bow in front of same ISI for talks with Haqqani network whom she was blaming for terrorism…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 12 November, 2011.

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