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Old Pakistani Custom of Dragging Army into Politics and Public Protest on the International Level...!

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In spite of Blackout on international media the crowd of protesters on the roads of New York!

The history of armed dictatorship in the history of Pakistan is very old. The shortcomings of the politicians have been always tried to hide by giving this the name of the ‘Lust’ of the dictators for power. Afterwards after long struggle and protest campaigns as soon as democracy is restored the match for political war is once again arranged.  Corruption, bribery, and nepotism goes to such heights that public starts yelling. Their lives are made difficult, lawlessness spreads in such a way that people are forced to worry about their lives, they once again start protesting. Opposition or those politicians who are out of govt. also start requesting army to interfere ignoring democratic values and this results in negative i.e. army once takes over the govt. on this drums are beaten and in this way a new era of campaign against military dictatorship starts. But no one learns the lesson, neither the politicians who get power leave their dictatorial behavior nor those who are outside of power remember to safeguard rights of public when they get elected.

                However after long dictatorship of Pervaiz Musharaf when democracy was restored under the umbrella of ‘N.R.O’ every Pakistani was hopeful that the era of mutual political rivalries will not return, all the politicians will join their hands to change the concept state and make it according to the very basics of democracy. They will utilize their powers for the development and well-being of the nation and country. Moreover by working for the betterment of public they will try to restore the public trust over the politicians. So that if next time someone tries to derail democracy the public forms the wall between dictator and politicians.
Rome; also in the clutches of economical injustice and capitalism

                But everything happened in contrast to this like ever. That is why all analysts are agreed on this that country has been forced to severe economical and financial problems. The resources of Pakistan for making payments have been depleted to unbelievable limits. The investment is limited and over the lowest historical limit. The upcoming two years will be extremely harsh for Pakistan due to deficits, because the speed of economical development has decreased to 2.9% or has been forced to decrease. The deficit budget has increased to 6.5% of GDP. This is why govt. is forced to print new currency and get loans from local banks. All this is resulting in rising prices. That is why public is now demanding change but now they are not looking only towards ‘establishment’ but towards ‘judiciary’ that perhaps someone steps forward to save them. On such grave situation politicians should have joined hands to solve these problems, but like ever they have started blaming agencies and army that they are interfering in the politics. No one is ready to consider the actual problems and solve them. If we look at the govt., this seems that country is in the clutches of bankrupts, influential lords, smugglers, corrupt bureaucracy, specific mafia of builders and property dealers and black marketers. They are exploiting 95% of Pakistani public in the form of Elites. Their lust and greed for money has now formed the shape of insult of national institutions and political and ideological clash.
Advocate Elizabeth; hit by a rubber bullet. Thousands of peaceful innocents have been hit by these bullets fired by Police.

                Is this only in Pakistan that privileged elites are busy in looting the public resources? Many analysts are of the view that these elites only make 5% of the total population of Pakistan. They are controlling resources of 95% people of Pakistan. But now it seems that in the whole world public is protesting against such like problems. The control of few people over resources of majority that is known as ‘Banking & Corporate Greed’ in Europe, has become a universal problem. People are protesting against profit taking investors and are claiming that ‘Capitalism’ (which has born out of democracy) is enemy of 99% of population. Everywhere public representatives in the parliaments are being termed as ‘cheaters’. They deceived the public to fill up the coffers of investors who are already playing in billions. The rights and resources of 99% public has been sold to multinationals and their owners who are blind in the greed of wealth (majority of them consists of Jews).

                Few months ago it was hard to imagine that in the USA and Europe, people will start protesting like public of third world countries, they will take to the roads and will be forced to protest against their own selected representatives and will term them as guards of 1% elites. These civilized people will occupy roads and demand their basic rights? On 17th September 2011 when 700 unemployed men protested on the building of Stock Exchange, situated in Wall Street, no one gave them any importance, even the so called flag bearer of human rights and democratic values, Western Media boycotted their protest. Until then these people were demanding their President Obama, that he should end influence of investors and corporations involved in ‘War Industry’ within American Congress and American politicians. 99% of American public should be given their rights, unemployment should be brought to an end and they should be given their basic right to live. But like third world countries American govt. tried to control protestors through heinous torture by police to suppress the voices of innocents. Dozens of men and women were put into jails.

                The news of state torture over peaceful protestors was neither published by any state media nor by international electronic media. However the news and pictures about the protest over Wall Street and state violence were shown and read not only by West but whole world via internet and Twitter. In this way thousands of people took to the roads to express their solidarity with the victims of police torture. They were holding the banners of ‘Occupy Wall Street’, here this should be kept in mind that protestors has use ‘Occupy Wall Street’ as a slogan on facebook and Internet. This slogan spread like the wild fire and protest spread to 951 cities of 82 countries. Like New York everywhere protestors were severely tortured to disperse them thus providing fresh fuel to the movement and this feeling is now wide spread that in the name of ‘Democracy’ such politicians has been imposed on the public who are busy in sucking the blood of public. Moreover they are also busy in filling the coffers of militant investors who provide them financial support during election campaigns. In this way within few days the protesting movement spread to all those big countries like USA, Britain, Italy, Japan, France, New Zealand, Germany, Greek, Spain, Australia including all those who were with USA to attack Iraq or Afghanistan. During the portests many such banners are visible condemning USA and Britain for illegal control of economies of those countries attacked by USA. In this way on the international in spite of forced ‘Black out’ not only protest is going but violence has also been involved. The fresh example of this is severe torture of state police over students of Davis University of California. On the internet such messages are being sent that the process of change has started on the international level, caretaker politicians of capitalism will not be able to suppress 99% public. Through the internet this news has been broke that by attacking Libya on Britain has gained more 200 Billions. After such like reports, the President Hugo Chavez of most rich country of Latin America i.e. ‘Venezuela’ has declared, he will transfer state assets to China or Russia. Because after the situation of Iraq and Libya he is afraid that USA, Britain along with other European countries might attack Venezuela to loot its resources to support their sinking banks and capitalist structure.
Being arrested for protesting against Imperialism

                In the other words the concerns of Hugo Chavez are of grieve importance and an open expression of distrust over UNO. If this is not taken seriously now then extremist politicians in the American legislature and White, and terrorist Generals of White House will continue their process of looting Oil rich countries. If one wishes to understand the movement against Capitalism than this message over facebook is a struggle to summarize the movement by “Tracey Ann Schilling”:
                “The wealth that “1%” richest of the US, with or without the assistance of any portion of the “99%” of the US population stole from and lands outside of US borders, should be returned to the people and lands that was stolen from. The stolen wealth should be used to meet the needs of the people, including cleaning up the waste and repairing the damage of the environments and of the lands that the US ‘1%’ and their agents from the US ‘99%’ stole the wealth from, the wealth that was stolen through overt and covert imperialist wars and neo-liberal ‘Trade Policies’ or in other words through Global Capitalism”.

                The use of internet, youtube, facebook and twitter by protest movement has made US govt. restless. However in order to snatch the public right of ‘freedom of speech’ the amendment in “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) has been prepared and will be presented soon on Congress. Soon the public will be deprived of their basic right of free usage of internet. But will this help to restore peace in the world or the dying capitalism will revive? This question will be answered by the upcoming time. However the hatred in the international community against capitalism and in order to minimize it Jewish investors will have to amend their favorite ‘protocols’ to fulfill their plan for international conspiracy. These were prepared by Jewish leaders secretly in 1897. They were first published in 1902 by a Russian newspaper. Afterwards Russian clergyman “Professor M. A. Nylus” published them in the form of a book. Astonishing fact is that Christians who took these Jewish protocols as a conspiracy against Christianity are now working for Jews to capture the whole world.

                Whether it is Pakistan or rest of the world the poor condition of public is a bitter reality. So this should be accepted that world could no longer live according to the Jewish protocols. Whole world is in the clutches of recession from last two years. People are raising questions that why increasing prices have no effect over elites who are in minority. Why their assets are increasing rapidly? Elites neither have answers to these questions nor they are willing to answer. So what will happen, will 99% public be tortured in the hands of police like that? If people will be spared by the bullets of police they will they die due to unemployment? Is not this the time to start discussion on the international level and USA and its allies should be forced that they should stop converting the world into hell just for the benefit Jews involved in the business of war industry. They have the right to keep army for defense but not to destroy humanity for benefits of their war industrialists like they did in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. They will have to learn with peace and give others their right to live. As they claim the advantages of democracy but no where these advantages have yet been observed or the rights of the public has been safeguarded which democracy boosts. As this system of democracy is by people for people in the same way public has also right to their resources. In order to steal these resources first of all international Imperialism imposes their enslaved politicians and than through them the resources of these countries are transferred to coffers of imperialists. When people get tired of occupiers of govt. they always have some other options. But now this has gone to limits, from international media to all big businesses, multinational companies and their Jewish owners have converted the whole world into hell for its inhabitants just to fulfill their dreams control of the whole world and lust. In order to tackle this situation and Jewish conspiracy it is necessary that on every level
Should be taught and seminars should be held. In this way Pakistan which has been forced into terrorism, internal dispersion and financial destruction because of its geographical importance, now this is the duty of our politicians that they forget their ego, self interests and gather on a table and in spite of blaming national institutions they should make a comprehensive plan to solve all the problems. But is our elite, our leadership, our politicians ready to give up their ego and identity for the integrity of Pakistan? If not! Than wait for the demolition of the building raised on the base of international imperialism and capitalism, and God knows how many will be affected by this…
Americans protesting against bombings in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here I would like to quote an article written by Maher Osseiran as follows:
Enough is Enough

 Maher Osseiran. September 9, 2011 

 People around the world are wondering when the suffering in the name of 9/11 will end; if we don’t stand up to the criminals the answer is never. people in the millions, directly and indirectly, are victims of 9/11. The many are paying dearly for the crimes of the very few. The reader might wonder if things could get worse – The answer is yes. It gets worse when you learn the truth; the few who have committed the serious crimes are not bin Laden and his followers. The crimes are much bigger than anything bin Laden actually committed. The few who have committed those crimes are living worry free and come from within the Bush administration and those within the Obama administration who are capitalizing on the crimes. If we do not prosecute those criminals, the suffering will never end. The lie we were told after 9/11 is that Osama bin Laden is responsible for the attacks in New York. Ed Haas’ work and mine prove otherwise. Our work, combined, shows that “Bin Laden is a patsy who was aided and abetted at every turn during the execution of the attacks by components in the Bush administration. If law enforcement were allowed to do their work, Bin Laden’s complicity would have been limited to conspiring and planning the attacks and thousands in Manhattan, Afghanistan, and Iraq, would have been alive today.” The above is an excerpt from an article Ed Haas and I co-wrote in the summer of 2007. By that time Ed Haas’ Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests were not all answered by the various branches of the US Government; Central Command’s (CENTCOM’s) response was still missing. His requests relate to the only evidence the US government had provided showing bin Laden’s guilt. I will shortly list all the responses chronologically but first will give you what prompted this barrage of FOIA requests, whose responses show how over time the US government tried its best to distance itself from the evidence that they themselves provided. In June 2006, Ed Haas wrote an article “FBI says, it has “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”. Ed was wondering why the FBI had not indicted bin Laden for the 9/11 attacks so he contacted Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI. When asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted web page, Tomb said: The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” Surprised by the ease in which this FBI spokesman made such an astonishing statement, I asked, “How this was possible?” Tomb continued, “Bin Laden has not been formally charged in connection to 9/11.” I asked, “How does that work?” Tomb continued, “The FBI gathers evidence. Once evidence is gathered, it is turned over to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice than decides whether it has enough evidence to present to a federal grand jury. In the case of the 1998 United States Embassies being bombed, Bin Laden has been formally indicted and charged by a grand jury. He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connected Bin Laden to 9/11.” You must all find this incredible; after all, a war in Afghanistan that has killed thousands, which expanded into Pakistan and continues to kill to this date, was based on bin Laden being responsible. Also, many in the “Truth Movement” and people around the world who had suspicions of the United States and its policies used this FBI statement of “no hard evidence” to support their own convictions, albeit for various reasons, that the United States itself was behind the attacks. The truth was somewhere in between. As soon as I became aware of Ed Haas’ work, I contacted him; it was August 2006. I shared with him my work that was published a few weeks earlier on titled “Osama’s Confession; Osama’s Reprieve” and my opinion as to why bin Laden was not indicted for 9/11 even though the American government had presented the world with that tape in which bin Laden clearly showed prior knowledge of the attacks as evidence of his guilt. I explained, the tape could not be submitted to a federal grand jury without providing both, chain of custody and authentication. Also, if authenticated, the authentication itself would corroborate my findings and show the complicity of the American government in the attacks. On the issue of authentication, It is a fact that, to this day, the videotape released by the Pentagon on December 13, 2001, of bin Laden “confessing”, has not been authenticated by the US government or any other government, media outlet, or institution capable of performing the work; the closest thing to an authentication is “Osama’s Confession; Osama’s Reprieve”. Also, in August of 2006, responses to Ed’s FOIA requests started trickling in. Ed, an ex-military who understood its bureaucracy and record keeping, launched in reaction to Rex Tomb’s disclosures, a barrage of FOIA requests that correctly focused on chain of custody and authentication. The following are the responses in chronological order: 1. August 2006, the FBI’s response: “The material you requested is located in an investigative file which is exempt from disclosure pursuant to Title 5, United States Code, Section 552, Subsection (b)(7)(A). Ed Haas appealed the FBI’s decision and I reminded him that the investigation had started almost five years earlier and should have been completed by now. For the record, to this day, the FBI has not released any results of the investigation, interim or otherwise and no material relating to authentication that Ed Haas had requested. Ed Haas won the appeal and a few months later the FBI sent a letter saying that it could not find any records responsive to his request. 2. September 2006, the DoD/Pentagon's response: “The office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs conducted a search of its files and located no record responsive to your request. Responsive records, to the extent they exist, mostly likely would be found at the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) and I suggest that you submit a FOIA request to that command at…” This is the most bizarre response. If we give the Pentagon the benefit of the doubt, chain of custody or portions of the chain might reside at CENTCOM but any authentication work prior to the release must reside with the Pentagon; the Pentagon would not even release information relating to the hiring of the two translators, George Michael and Dr. Kassem M. Wahba, which Ed Haas specifically requested in his FOIA. 3. June 2007, the CIA’s response: ”In accordance with section 3.6(a) of Executive Order 12958, as amended, the CIA can neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of records responsive to your request. The fact of the existence or nonexistence of requested records is properly classified and is intelligence sources and methods information that is protected from disclosure by section 6 of the CIA Act of 1949, as amended. Therefore, the Agency has denied your request pursuant to FOIA exemptions (b)(1) and (b)(3). “ Based on the types of exemptions the CIA took, Ed Haas correctly interpreted the response as confirmation of what Ed Vulliamy and Jason Burke reported in The Observer of London, three days after the bin Laden confession tape was release by the Pentagon, “although absolutely genuine, is the result of a sophisticated sting operation run by the CIA through a second intelligence service, possibly Saudi or Pakistani”, and my extensive analysis of the bin Laden “confession” tape had reached the CIA sting operation conclusion and, without speculation, that the other intelligence service was clearly Saudi. 4. December 2009, CENTCOM responds two years after receiving Ed’s request: “Pursuant to procedures established in 5 U.S.C. 552, Freedom of Information Act and DOD 5400.7-R, Department of Defense FOIA Program, our search included all existing records in USCENTCOM. Despite our extensive search for documents pertaining to your request, we were unable to locate responsive documents.” – Please note the use of the word extensive and ask yourself, if CENTCOM, the command responsible for the Afghan theater of operations did not have any chain of custody records, how did the bin Laden “confession” video come to be. From these responses, the US government would like us to believe that the tape’s existence was due to a divine miracle; a tape materializing out of thin air. There is only one plausible conclusion; the video tape was the result of a sting operation run by the CIA. Also, as I show in “Osama’s Confession; Osama’s Reprieve”, every statement, supposedly statements of facts regarding the tape, issued by the Pentagon or uttered by its officials was proven wrong; 100% of everything they said was wrong, which led me to say, if 10% was wrong, it would be an honest mistake, if 40% was wrong, it would be serious incompetence, but when 100% is wrong, it is simply intentional and a whole bunch of lies. The following is the correct timeline of how the tape was produced. On September 21, 2001, a sting operation targeting bin Laden was launched from Saudi Arabia. The main character in the sting operation was a Saudi Intelligence operative named Sheikh Kalid Al-Harbi. The sting operation had two parts, the first part, conceived after 9/11, was to tape bin Laden confessing, the second part, which was the original goal of the sting prior to 9/11, and possibly as far back as the Clinton administration, was to capture bin Laden or kill him. The first part was conducted successfully around September 26, 2001, and we all have seen bin Laden at a dinner gathering practically, if not legally, confessing to the 9/11 attacks. For the second part, the capture or kill, one of Al-Harbi’s companions was left behind in order to alert American Special Forces to bin Laden’s return to the village. Al-Harbi, had left Saudi Arabia on September 21 with at least two companions to Afghanistan by way of Iran; as determined from the translation of the confession tape. A side bar here, the Iranian government who issued Al-Harbi and his two companions their travel visas have a lot of hard information about him and can get access to even more. While doing my investigative work into the video tape, I contacted the Iranian authorities through their UN ambassador. The email dated 12/22/2005 had a series of about twenty very specific questions relating to material the Iranian authority possessed and suggestions as to where relevant material that they have access to can be found. One of the specific questions that the Iranians could have answered was the date the visas were issued It is also likely that all those individuals received their visas at the same time from the embassy or consulate in Saudi; unless the visas were forged. If they received their visas prior to 9/11, that would also give the article I am writing a different dimension. The response from Iran’s UN Ambassador, Javad Zarif, was boilerplate; “I applaud your endeavors to investigate and report true and unbiased stories…I am not optimistic that I will get any answers.” I was not that optimistic either but had to try. The Iranian government did not respond because it did not want to reveal that it was co-operating with Saudi Intelligence against Al-Qaida and in this specific case indirectly co-operating with American Intelligence. This co-operation with Saudi intelligence continued when they allowed Sheikh Al-Harbi to surrender, as part of an Al-Qaida amnesty program, on July 13, 2004, at the Saudi Embassy in Iran in order to conceal his real whereabouts after the taping; more on that later. Now back to the timeline. Following the taping around September 26, 2001, Al-Harbi left Afghanistan with one companion and made the tape available to his handlers; American intelligence. The other companion was left behind in order to execute the second part of the sting, the capture or kill. In early October 2001, three things happened that are worth noting: 1. Pakistan's foreign ministry spokesman, Mohammed Riaz Khan, said: "There is sufficient grounds for indictment in terms of the material we have seen and we have studied."…” He added: "This material certainly provides a sufficient basis for an indictment in a court of law." Full article at the following Guardian location 2. NATO declared article 5 – “Frank Taylor, the US Ambassador at Large and Co-ordinator for Counter-terrorism briefed the North Atlantic Council - NATO's top decision-making body- on 2 October on the results of investigations into the 11 September terrorist attacks against the United States. As a result of the information he provided to the Council, it has been clearly determined that the individuals who carried out the attacks belonged to the world-wide terrorist network of Al-Qaida, headed by Osama bin Laden and protected by the Taleban regime in Afghanistan.” 3. Statements by Tony Blair – If we combine Tony Blair’s statement to the BBC on September 30, 2001, and, to Parliament on October 4, 2001, we get the following “he [Blair] has been shown strong evidence linking Bin Laden to the attacks… the evidence from intelligence services was "powerful and incontrovertible”… the evidence we have is intelligence and highly sensitive. It is not possible without compromising people or security to release precise details” All of these three incidents indicate that there was strong evidence that bin Laden was guilty and, even though the “confession video” was not released by the Pentagon until December 13, 2001, it was clearly available through intelligence to the parties above. Also, the parties above were crucial partners of the US for conducting war and invading Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Taliban were offering bin Laden in exchange for conclusive evidence of his guilt in order to avoid war. Not supplying such evidence to the Taliban in exchange for bin Laden in order to avert war is a clear violation of the UN Charter and The Geneva Convention thereby rendering the war criminal; but there is more proof of criminality below. The US had the option of supplying the evidence to the Taliban, keep preparing for war, and go to war with the least amount of delay if the Taliban did not produce bin Laden; America’s intentions were clearly war. It is important to put pressure on those who were in the Musharaf regime and those in his Foreign Ministry, such as Mr. Khan, who were privy to the evidence and force them to come clean. The sophistication of the sting operation indicate that it was designed at least three to six months prior to 9/11 which is a clear indicator of prior knowledge by the US government and would explain the inaction of the CIA and the FBI even when they received actionable intelligence about the highjackers prior to 9/11 that would have stopped the attacks. Also, if the sting operation was designed to kill or capture as its primary objective, and the United States opted for the taping only in order to provide evidence that deceived NATO and others into supporting its war, it makes it imperative that the democracies that constitute NATO ask that the evidence behind the declaration of Article 5, be released. November 2, 2001. The Saudi intelligence operative left behind in that village alerts US intelligence that bin Laden is back to visit his family. Two Black Hawk helicopters, most likely belonging to the Navy Seals Team 6, lift off from the USS Roosevelt on the mission to capture or kill bin Laden. The weather over that area of Afghanistan was sleet and freezing rain, the time was close to midnight. Based on the weather and the darkness, the flight by itself was a suicide mission. Upon arrival to the outskirts of that village, a prototype Predator drone operated by the CIA was in the same air space as those helicopters. The drone and one of the helicopters collide. William F. and David S. (last name withheld in order to comply with American law) of the CIA confirmed that the Predator drone collided with the helicopter; they also stated that the collision was intentional in order to sabotage the mission. Since William and David refused to answer specific questions, I reported the collision as a fact that I independently reached instead of using their version that I could not confirm. Later I learned that these two CIA guys were given the task of derailing my investigation and preventing the publication of the results in any mainstream publication; my mistrust was in the right place. Intentional or not, the mission was sabotaged, the Pentagon told us that the helicopters were on a mission to retrieve an ill or injured soldier and that it crashed due to bad weather. The second helicopter rescued the crew while the F-14 that had left the same carrier in support of the mission bombed the crashed helicopter in order to destroy any sensitive material. The name of one soldier on the crashed helicopter is known, Staff Sergeant Pabela, most likely a native of Guam. I don’t know if we can believe the Pentagon when it claimed that there were no injuries. If there were, S. Sgt Pabela would be the first known casualty in the hunt for bin Laden and the first casualty from a Predator drone attack or accident. November 3 and 4, 2001. Bin Laden’s kids videotaped by Al-Jazeera playing with the wreckage of the downed helicopter. Also on those dates, extensive taping by Mokhtar, the person trusted by bin Laden to look after his kids while away. Mukhtar taped the kids climbing the hill near the village to view the wreckage at the crash site. There is also video taping of bin Laden’s son Hamza indoors handling smaller wreckage pieces including Predator landing gear. The indoor taping included close-ups of equipment tags which helped identify the aircrafts they came from. November 8 or 9, 2001. The village is overrun, the Saudi intelligence operative is collected by American special forces or intelligence. Video material the operative managed to record was collected so was video material from the bin Ladin family residence. These two video sources will later be used in an attempt to camouflage the covert tape of September 26, 2001. November 14, 2001. The event indicates that Tony Blair was almost obsessed in providing video evidence of bin-Laden confessing. Without Al-Jazeera’s knowledge or consent, Tony Blair obtained a taping of an interview Al-Jazeera conducted with bin Laden. Due to bin Laden not fulfilling the interview agreement with Al-Jazeera, intimidating their interviewer and technicians, and putting conditions on Al-Jazeera that would have removed any journalistic value, Al-Jazeera decided not to air it. An early release of a Snippet from the tape by David Bamber of the Sunday Telegraph of London alerted Al-Jazeera that it was their tape and quickly moved to have Tony Blair return it, most likely threatening legal action. On November 14, The Washington Post reports how Blair introduce the tape evidence in Parliament, “The British government did not release the video or a full transcript, saying it does not have a copy of the video but has information about it from intelligence sources.” And basically whatever Blair shared with the British Parliament was hearsay. The British mainstream media did not mount any serious challenge to the video committing a disappearing act and never challenged the value of what Blair presented. Still, taking such a tremendous risk by obtaining an unauthorized copy can only be justified if NATO members were promised video evidence and all they got prior to declaring Article 5 were assurances that such evidence existed and that it would be provided. Again, it is imperative that the democracies of Europe begin questioning NATO’s role as America’s backdoor that bypasses their democratic processes and the backdoor to the rapid EU expansion eastward, diluting the Euro, and diluting European independence as newer countries were indebted to the United States for both their NATO and EU memberships. December 13, 2001. The Pentagon releases the bin Laden “confession tape”. The tape is an out of sequence collage from three sources, the covert taping of bin Laden visiting with Al-Harbi, tapings by Saudi intelligence operative left behind by Al-Harbi, and home videotapes from the bin Laden family residence. This “confession tape” is by far the worst attempt to conceal that the taping of bin Laden was the result of sting operation. The material that was added, especially from the bin Laden family home videotapes, had so much information that made it fairly easy to produce the timeline I presented and uncover US criminality. December 14, 2001. Attorney Thomas Henry, on behalf of Leo Wanta, sends a report by fax to vice president Dick Cheney using two different fax numbers, which indicate that the material in the report was important. The report places Khalid Al-Harbi, the visitor in the bin Laden “confession tape” at the Midtown Hotel Metro Manila, Philippines, on October 15, 2001, in the presence of Brad Lee representative of the “company”, i.e. CIA, and, SAC Robert Wachtel, i.e. FBI. The report goes on to say that Al-Harbi was observed over a period of time and on several occasions and that he was about to invite those observing him to visit him at his residence; all important elements for a positive identification even though he was using an alias. The fact that Al-Harbi was in the presence of two agents of the American government is another confirmation that the “confession video” was the result of a sting operation. July 13, 2004. Al-Harbi surrenders at the Saudi embassy in Iran. His surrender in Iran was designed to conceal the fact that his hideout was the Philippines. Iran was still co-operating with Saudi intelligence and by now knowingly co-operating with its nemesis; American intelligence. From the timeline above, there is plenty or criminality to go around; Iran, Saudi Arabia, the highest echelons of NATO, the Musharraf regime, and on top are the Bush and Obama administrations. The crimes committed worldwide are innumerable and should be considered high crimes against humanity. The crimes that are punishable by US law are the following: 
 1. Murder – for each soldier and civilian killed as a result of the war on terror. 
 2. Dereliction of duty – for not capturing bin Laden when they had the best chance; the night he was taped confessing. 
 3. Treason – By declassifying the tape, a by-product of a failed and highly sensitive intelligence operation, to justify an illegal policy of aggression to the detriment of America’s own national security, the Bush administration committed high treason. 
 4. Aiding and Abetting a Criminal – When Bin Laden eventually saw himself on TV confessing he realized that the taping was done by a covert camera and realized how close intelligence were to capturing him; Bin Laden would never let anyone that close again. Again, it is imperative that an independent body authenticate the bin Laden “confession tape” in a transparent manner. If crimes are committed, perpetrators should be prosecuted and punished. If you are reading this material for the first time, I assure you it is not new. It is only combining my work and that of Ed Haas in order to give you a complete narrative. The material was shared directly with the highest levels of law enforcement in the United States. I even managed to have Dr. James Zogby, founder and president of the Arab American Institute, present the material to John Conyers who was at the time the head of the Judiciary Committee in a Democratic controlled congress. The following is the response I received from Dr. Zogby: “I read your work. I have every confidence that John Conyers is apprised of the situation and will proceed with investigations accordingly.” That was back in February of 2007, more than 4 years ago. The crime I uncovered is far bigger than Watergate and no one within the US government is willing to investigate and prosecute. This led me to say in a recent interview with the Corbett Report that “the American government is a criminal enterprise”. It is unfortunate but true. Many people have died as a consequence of this synthetic war on terror; no one should have died. Many people such as Muslims in the west have been treated as third class citizens; they have been persecuted, entrapped, and prosecuted. New laws, supposedly put in place after 9/11 in order to protect democracies, are being used to prosecute in an attempt to silence those who are trying to expose the truth. Governments other than the US started claiming their own war on terror and people with legitimate grievances were labeled terrorists by the governments who deny them their rights; Chechnya and Uyghurs in China come to mind. 

 Enough is enough.

Note: It is not necessary that quoted article confirms or shows the views the author of this blog!

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Naw-i-Waqt,
Date: 26 November, 2011

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