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Transit Agreement with India in spite of Her Aggressive Plans...!

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Last year in the month of June-July Pakistani leaders were prepared to go beyond Trade Route Agreement and provide India road access to Afghanistan from Pakistan. Therefore, under cover of trade India can smuggle whatever it likes (within Pakistan) to Kabul in its trucks. However, when the details of the agreement were revealed, due to reaction of public, govt. was forced to make several changes in it, but in spite of all this India had been given too many exceptions. Apparently, this trade agreement was with Afghan govt. but actually, it was to provide permit to India to utilize Pakistani roads for its trade with Afghanistan.

After the above-mentioned agreement was signed, it revealed that it was result of American pressure. Because spokesperson for American Foreign Ministry, PJ Crowley said while commenting on Pak-Afghan Trade Agreement that, this historical agreement has been made possible after yearlong struggle and talks. This is a solid and important success between both countries. However if American Foreign Ministry had not played her role in the agreement it was impossible to be signed, because due to public reaction, govt. of Pakistan was not ready to allow India to use Pakistani roads for Afghanistan, while such an agreement was badly needed for peace in Afghanistan. During talks, such a time came when it was impossible to sign this agreement, at such point Hillary Clinton came in and the agreement was signed.

                What benefit Pakistan derived from this agreement is clear, look at the newspapers after the agreement was signed, the behavior of Hilary changed. She had come to Pakistan just for this agreement, on her return there was nothing in her statements except blames, aggressive statements, and threats. Pakistan’s role against terrorism was also criticized. Who knows better than USA that in this so called war on terror for which Pakistan is being black-mailed, Pakistan had to bear the most of the losses in these last 10 years. Not only had this from the month of July last year attacks over Pakistan from Afghanistan started as well after the signing of agreement. In these attacks hundreds of Afghan soldiers assaulted Pakistani areas in civil clothes, not only Afghan govt. but US and NATO forces also keep silent on these terrorist activities. Hilary did not dare to utter a word against these attackers. She is beating the old triumphant that Pakistan has provided safe heavens to Haqqani network in North Waziristan, before this USA was blaming Pakistan for providing shelter to Osama, than Mullah Omar and now Haqqani. While all the strongholds of Haqqani are in Afghanistan. When Pakistan questions about Mangal Bagh, Maulvi Fazlullah or Brahamdagh Bugti who are state guests in Afghanistan and are being used to sabotage peace in Pakistan through suicide bomb blasts or supporting linguistic disputes in Baluchistan. When Pakistan asks, when these terrorists will be handed over to Pakistan, this makes them angry from Hilary to her puppet Qarzai and New Delhi as well because they have no clarification. All of them get silent. If one soldier of occupant forces is killed in Afghanistan, they convert tens of Pakistanis into ashes through drone attacks to take revenge. While more than, 40 thousand Pakistanis have been killed in terrorist attacks but who is there murderer? If culprits are pointed out, including Washington, Kabul and New Delhi gets grieved and in order to hide their faces (involved in these terrorist activities) they start blaming Pakistan for their own acts.
Calcutta to Kabul; Grand Trunk Road built by Sher Shah Suri

                But now this has gone beyond trade route agreement with Kabul, Pakistan is going to declare India as most favorite nation. Moreover there is possibility that agreement for providing access to India via Pakistan roads to Afghanistan will be signed as well, after this if this agreement international guarantee than supply to NATO and US forces from India will be much easier. However, astonishing fact is that the public that had reacted against Afghan Trade Agreement is now silent. Destructions of flood, Dengue epidemic and increasing prices had snatched their powers to analyze the negative impacts of agreements with India. The disputes like Sir Creek, Siachen had been already buried while dispute of Indian Held Kashmir will be also ignored as well, than is this agreement also result of American pressure?

                US had already said that it is going to make India a constant member of UN Security Council. Hilary expressed these thoughts in a press conference on 3 June 2010 that America is  planning long term and short term plans in South Asia to protect its interests. India will play pivotal role in these plans. If we think with open mind it is clear that Pakistan is being trapped. Two weeks ago, Afghan President visited New Delhi and signed strategic contracts; He blamed Pakistan for murder of Rabbani. While many independent resources have verified that Rabbani was murdered to increase tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan by India with support of Qarzai. Because the increasing ties between Rabbani and USA were threatening to Qarzai govt. Qarzai was still in Delhi when protests were staged against Pakistan in Kabul (internet sources has the details that Indian embassy had provided funds for these protests).
Signing Afghan Trade Agreement

                The tension in the region and American interests on its place but India itself wants access to Middle East states. India is ready to become servant of US for this and now we ourselves are paving way for her access to Middle East and constant membership in Security Council, but at what price? Nation should be told that what we would get for such a big sacrifice, at least how long our leaders will deceive us to take poison as sweets. What will be the effects of trade with India over Pakistani economy, industries already facing shortage of energy will be able face cheap Indian goods? What will be the end of our agriculture having lack of cheap fertilizer, seeds, and energy? Our media having belief in AMAN KI ASHA have already destroyed our culture; they will not hesitate to celebrate after giving Pakistan into the slavery of India. Painful aspect is that within Pakistan there are such elements that are ready to sacrifice everything of Pakistan for India in spite of sacrificing their personal assets. I would like to quote two examples;


                In the afternoon of 25 August 1989, a passenger plane bound to Islamabad got airborne from Gilgit airport and was lost on its way. The plane had 49 passengers and 5 members of crew including an airhostess. While the passengers included 24 men, 12 women, 8 children and 5 infants in the laps of their mothers. The only TV Station PTV of that time told nation about this tragedy after 8 hours that a plane on its way from Gilgit to Islamabad has been lost (obviously in the record of Pakistan this plane will be still as LOST). While the reality is different to this, this plane forgot its way and entered into Indian Held Kashmir where Indians shot down this passenger plane. The Pakistani govt. of that time declared this plane as lost on the request of Rajeev Gandhi in order to protect soft image of India. What did we get for this; nation is still unaware like the fate of that plane?

                In the same manners one of our govt. handed over the lists of freedom fighting Sikhs, not only saved India from disintegration but also openly announced this. Even now, Indian analysts accept that if Sikh freedom fighters had remained active for five more years there would have been no force to save India from disintegration into more than 12 parts. What Pakistan got as a reward for such a historical support? Or what was given to those who saved India? May be nation will be never told about answers of these questions. By crushing the Khalistan freedom movement India got a new birth after 1947, now she wants access to Middle Eastern states via Pakistani soil. India is also sure that terrorists attacking NATO and allied supply trucks will not attack Indian trucks, than does not such claim of India show that India is behind these militants attacking supply trucks to allies? However how much friendly India is towards Pakistan this can be imagined by taking in view the Indian statements after attack over American Embassy in Kabul. In these statements not only India claimed Pakistan as a terrorists state, ISI as mastermind of terrorists but also threatened to conduct Surgical Strikes within Pakistan. Still India has not been made constant member of Security Council where it will be able raise clamor against Pakistan.
Strategic Partnership signed

                Here I would like to mention Bangladesh as well; few of us may know that two years ago India has succeeded in signing a Transit Agreement with Bangladesh too, with the support of USA. If our pro-Indian brothers spare sometime to research the importance of route via Bangladesh to remote Indian provinces like Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura than they will understand that why India created Mukti Bahni in 1968 and separation of Bengal was also part of this conspiracy. Because in 1952 Pakistan did not accept Indian, request to grant it access to Agartala. In spite of pressure from Soviet Union and USA Pakistan did not abandon its stance. After this separation of Bangladesh was only target of India and its supporters. However, after separation of Bangladesh, Mujeeb signed transit agreement but he was assassinated and the agreement was buried. After this India, left no stone unturned to reenact this agreement, Indian soldiers/state terrorists used to enter Border areas and murdered hundreds of unarmed Bangladeshi people. In order to build military check posts Bangladesh had to made huge investments. Just like Pakistan, India dried up Bangladeshi rivers by stopping their water. In 2004 Bangladesh made an agreement with India to buy rice and paid the net amount, after taking price India refused to give rice to Bangladesh or repay the amount until Bangladesh allows India to use its soil. At least when the pro-Indian govt. came in power in Bangladesh, India succeeded in reenacting the transit agreement in September 2009. In order to fulfill political needs of Haseena Wajid and satisfy Bangladeshi people it was added to the agreement that India will allow Bangladesh access to Bhutan and Nepal through Indian soil. This was just to befool Bangladeshi people, otherwise every rationale person knows that Bangladesh will not derive any benefit from this agreement. Right after one month state terrorists of Indian Border Security forces entered into Bangladeshi territory and murdered more than 500 people including men, women, elderly and innocent children claiming that they were supporting freedom fighters in Assam. Whereas trade is, concerned economists are aware that the trade deficit between India and Bangladesh is approximately more than 7 billion dollars. Bangladesh is nothing more than a market for India. Indian investors are investing in Bangladesh but all profits are taken by India in the form of foreign exchange.
Hasina Wajid and Manmohan Singh after signing agreement  to  use Bangladeshi roads for India

                Such like problem is also being faced by Pakistan; the balance of trade is consistently bowing in favor of India. Yet we have not declared India as most favorite nation and the situation is that Pakistani markets are filled with substandard Indian books and medicines. Until now, these goods are being smuggled to Pakistan, but when all this will be imported legally than what will be the situation of our economy? Until now tribal Pakthoons blame us for infidelity but after this, will not Kashmiri blame us as infidels and cheaters? Kashmir! Where till now hundreds of mass graves have been discovered, according to experts all these innocent people were shot dead by firing in their heads. World is silent on such war crimes and state terrorism but alas! We are also silent. Nowhere any protest has been observed against this state terrorism. However, this is not today’s topic. At that time, we are protesting against favors of our govt. towards India in spite of all the Indian state terrorism, aggressiveness against Pakistan. According to experts in 2014, India will be in the position to drown whole Pakistan within 48 hours by using water as a weapon against us. This can be claimed as plan of Delhi for Akhand Bharat, but the situation is more serious now, India wants to rule markets of Asia and God knows at what price we are supporting India…

Written by Khalid Baig,

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