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Obama Has been also receiving Dollars from Dr. Fai for Presidential Campaign…

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

On 16 July a Kashmir, US Citizen Ghulam Nabi Fai was arrested under the charges of working as agent of ISI in USA. The arrest of Ghulam Nabi Fai aged 63 was astonishing for world just like as the death of Osama in Abbottabad in a US operation without any resistance and arrest of French Head of IMF. Just like this the tragedy of 9/11 had also surprised the whole world and the punishment of this has been born by millions of Muslims by losing their lives, while massacre of Muslims is still going on in Kashmir and Palestine. Many observers are astonished why all such incidents happen by the hands of America or Americans? The mutual aspect in all these incidents is that in case of arrest of Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai or Head of IMF STRAUSS KAHN the element of American stubbornness is very  prominent or Americans intentionally try to give message to the world that international laws or international morals and values have no value for them.
Police Chief of Indian Held Kashmir Kuldeep Khoda
                Leaving aside the today’s’ topic I would like to quote few paragraphs from editorial of American newspaper New York Times. In this editorial newspaper suggests US govt. that Pakistan should be held accountable for the aid given to it until now. Perhaps this was also a tactic to pressurize Pakistani govt. or expression of anger because Pakistan army has opened up the secret of American aid to Pakistan by presenting the record of American dollars in front of the nation, that from 2001 to until now US has decided to pay only 2 billions, 478 millions to Pakistan army, while keeping in view the expenses of war against terrorism decided to pay 20 billions to Pakistan because US was of the view that this is the US war on terrorism for which it needs assistance from Pakistan. Look at the press conferences of US Foreign Department and Central Command from 2002 to 2004, in all these statement this has been confessed that the war in Afghanistan is the war of US and its allies. In this war, Pakistan is their non-NATO ally. Afterwards this aid money was decreased to 18 billions by US Congress. Out of these Pakistan army only received 2 billions, most part of it was used by the undercover agents of CIA or on the training to Pakistani soldiers. Only with the difference that American war on terrorism in 2001 has now been converted to war of Pakistan for its survival, the editors of US newspapers should also question White House that how many dollars have been spent by Americans along with Israel and India for initiating a war against Pak-Army within Pakistan. World should be clarified that Pakistan is not fighting that war against terrorism with the American aid but through its own resources.
Barack Hussein Obama

                I was talking about editorial of New York Times, newspaper is of the view that the days of unconditional aid to Pakistan has passed away. The more important from the aid is the thinking of Pakistan rulers and public that by war on terror Pakistan is doing act of kindness for Washington, after US got information about the presence of Osama Bin Laden near PMA, and US operation in ABbottabad, Pakistan deported American trainers. After mentioning the suspension of US aid and the loss of this to the American interests in past in disguised manners, newspaper writes in a threatening way that Obama offered Pakistan a vast friendship and relations but in spite of benefitting from this Pakistani leaders kept on non-cooperation and started spreading anti-American thoughts. Moreover the threat from Indian side was also exaggerated. While the time is flowing from the hands of Pakistani leaders to save future of Pakistan. Islamabad should take this situation seriously, Washington has become impatient, and if this situation went on than their will be problems both for US and Pakistan.

                What will be the heavy cost  that Pakistan will have to pay, many news-websites from Washington had disclosed this as well that Pakistan will enlisted as roguish state and its Ambassadors will not be allowed to go out of Washington. Although US Foreign Department had rejected this report but the reporters of these news-websites are still keeping on their stance that White House is considering to enlist Pakistan as roguish state. Possibly this is also part of American diplomatic tactics to force a small country to accept illegal demands of USA, this will be decided by the time. Lets come towards today’s topic;
                Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai belongs to Indian Held Kashmir. He is living in US for last 36 years. He established “Kashmir American Council” 26 years ago in Washington, he was supported by many American members of Congress, who are of the view that India had no right to capture Kashmir. Dr Fai did not have extremist thinking, he wants the solution of Kashmir Problem in a very peaceful manners. He is aware that without international pressure India will never solve the problem of Kashmir, especially pressure from Americans (while Americans have a history of supporting tyrants and violating human rights). Including CIA many other American security agencies were aware of Dr. Fai’s activities. Dr. Fai was not given US citizenship without any reason, his character, behavior, thinking, beliefs all were behind this. He had been never held involved in illegal activity in US, not even he has been ever given a warning for violating traffic laws. His friends includes not only Muslims but from all the religions and Americans, they had never complained against hm. The freedom of Kashmir was his mission, for this he organized many seminars and invited people from all the parts of life, he used to listen anything against his stance patiently. Due to this India was frightened of activities of Dr. Fai in USA, but as he was a US citizen India was unable to do anything against him. Dr. Fai was also playing an active role within India for peaceful solution of Kashmir problem, many Hindu intellectuals from Delhi supported his views.
US attorney General Neil Macbride

                But on 16 July when Hilary Clinton was about to leave for New Delhi, FBI arrested Dr. Fai few hours before her departure. He was accused of having links with ISI and receiving funds for lobbing in US. This was a heinous joke with Kashmir Problem and Freedom Struggle of Kashmir by USA (United Satanic Alliance). At least why? Just to please India? In order to provide support to diminishing US economy? So that India increases purchases of weapons from USA? What will be the bigger example of enmity to humanity and massacre of human beings that USA is selling equipment of death to India, those weapons which can kill masses in lesser time, weapons used in destruction of infrastructure of human needs and converting fertile lands into barren lands? Just for this little greed of money US has given green signal to India to massacre its minorities especially Muslims of Kashmir? What a shame!
Sarah Linda; FBI agent
                On 20th July American Attorney NEIL MACBRIDE told court that Dr. Fai kept his relations secret to a foreign secret agency and tried to preach his thoughts to American govt. Assistant Attorney General Lisa Monaco represented the stance of Department of Justice that this is the right of Americans to be notified that a person or institution is trying to use its influence in American govt. than what are the targets behind this? However in case of Dr. Fai a foreign secret agency had been held involved for lobbing within America. Court was also told that Dr. Fai has been receiving 0.7 million dollars annually from govt. of Pakistan.

                Dr. Fai was also accused that his belongings had a clipping related to Raymond Davis case, in response to this Dr. Fai told court that what is being claimed as report of Raymond case by US attorneys, on the back of this is the picture of Dr. Fai and his interview, so he cut that part and preserved it. The copy that was presented in the court had nothing on its back, however when court demanded the original paper the stance of Dr. Fai was proved to be true. After indictment was laid against Dr. Fai, the senator of Republican party Dan Burton disclosed that Obama had received dollars from Dr. Fai for presidential campaign in 2008. According to senator he himself received 10,000 dollars from Dr. Fai, moreover National Republican Senatorial Committee was also one of the recipients of funds from Dr. Fai. Dan Burton told media that he knows Dr. Fai from last 20 years, he is a good and loyal American citizen. After statement of Dan Burton the pressure on American govt. has been increased to release Dr. Fai, because he has never been involved in any illegal activity.
Senator Dan Burton

                On 27 July when Dr. Fai was presented in the court the room was filled with the representatives of media including majority of Indians. State Lawyer Gordon Kromberg told court that Dr. Fai has confessed receipt of funds from ISI, famous agent of FBI Sarah Linden was also present in the court for the support of attorney.  The lawyers of Dr. Fai Khurram Waheed and Nina Ginsberg falsified state attorney through their arguments. The summary of their atrguments is; Dr. Fai belongs to Indian Held Kashmir and the dispute of Held Kashmir is accepted reality. Dr. Fai has his own thinking over it, according to American law he has full right for the peaceful expression of his stance and lobbing for it. He has no link with ISI. After this the bale of Dr, Fai was approved. However judge ordered his release from the jail and ordered him to be confined to his house, a device should be attached to his wrist so that his activities could be recorded. Court also ordered Dr. Fai not to meet any witness or representative of foreign govt., if it is necessary to go out of house for him than he will not go out of Washington. The passports of Dr. Fai and his American wife have been also taken into custody.
Nina Ginsberg; Lawyer of Dr. Fai

                After release of Dr. Fai the analyses are going on in the whole world, the most interesting out of them is the statemtn of Police Chief of Indian Held Kashmir KULDEEP KHODA, he is of the view that Dr. Fai should be enlisted into the wanted criminals of India because through the dollars he received from ISI he might be involved in terrorism. However observing the whole situation in the view of present tussle between CIA and ISI the newspaper of Scotland “The Scotland” writes that US is unhappy over the ISI’s demand to condition cooperation with CIA to written agreements and the arrest of Dr. Fai is a reaction to this.
Khurram Waheed; lawyer of Dr. Fai

                Than should USA (United Satanic Alliance) be given right that his agents/assassins enter Pakistan whenever and however they want, they murder or crush any one they like and their should be no one to question them? Now  this has been even realized by international defense observers that from the day Pakistan has confined American contractors and agents (terrorists) of CIA the incidents of suicide bomb blasts had decreased. After this anti-Pakistan elements are trying to weaken Pakistan target killing in Karachi and Quetta. 

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
6 August 2011.

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