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The Propaganda of Few Anchorpersons Against Pakistan Army and Achievement of Waqt TV in Unveiling a Fake Story...

Muhammad Junaid; He was brought in front of nation with real story by Waqt TV
 This is 8:30 pm of 1 June’s night, a famous anchorperson (Hamid Mir) presents a young man in a very dramatic way, in order to further dramatize the whole interview the face of the youth is censored, only his sound is played. He was telling with a mournful sound that the planning of attack over PNS Mehran was done in his presence in a house in Rawalpindi. The sorrow in his voice was showing that he has been forced by his conscience to bring forward a big reality in front of world. But he was sorry that he did not disclose this before attack over Naval Airbase, perhaps in this way Navy would have been able to save its precious lives and equipment. Crying youth told that the planners were no one else but our own people from Pakistan army, including a Colonel, a Major, and other officials.

                If we see the above conversation in the lieu of attack over Mehran base, this was a great and dreadful disclosure, which has shocked whole nation, now no one can save our nukes from falling into American hands. Because this has been proved that within Pakistan army there are such extremists who have deep links with Taliban and Al-Qaeda, who can anytime take over Nuclear assets and force the whole world towards destruction. The same jargon was being repeated by Indian and western media for last two decades. Young man also informed anchorperson about more of such upcoming attacks. While in contrast there is such an efficient security system within Pakistani army that even 40 or 50 men cannot plan a rebellion.

                After telecasting his conversation with the alleged youth, anchorperson turned towards the guest participants of the program (Including Aasma Jahangir and three other members of senate) and questioned them, can they guarantee the life of the young man? The guests who were in shock after hearing the whole conversation were not ready to extend any guarantee, moreover after going on wave of terrorism and disclosure that Pakistan army itself is involved in terrorism who can guarantee it (except Aasma Jahangir)? Because the young man himself was saying, “they are very cruel, and will kill me”, he was pointing towards officers of Pak-Army. In the other words, this program was only to support Indian and American media so that their propaganda against our nukes can be provided ground (verily sponsored by terrorist agencies of these countries).

                However only after two days, Waqt TV Channel showing dutifulness as a national TV Channel disclosed the facts behind story of the TV Channel working for AMAN KI AASHA. Waqt TV channel proved that the story told by the above mentioned channel by bringing forward the young man who had told that story. That young man confessed, “I loved with a girl but her brother Arshad working in Pak-Army as Hawaldar had become a hurdle in their marriage. Therefore, for this in hatred against Arshad I went to such limit and a told self made story. I had only one purpose that Arshad gets arrested and is tortured, I hope till now he would have been too much tortured”.

                Now analyze this situation with a cool mind that after interview has been telecasted on 1 June, if terrorists or anti-Pakistan elements had kidnapped or disappeared the above mentioned youth sick in love, try to imagine what would have been situation now? On the death of Journalist Saleem Shehzad there are just accuses against ISI, but here in case of that youth there was no place for any doubt. His interview and the program of 1 June was enough for evidence. In this way with the struggle of Waqt TV two truths were reveled, one that story of 1 June is based upon lies, to verify this story was the duty of the concerned anchorperson and administration of the TV channel. Secondly in present situation many TV channels sponsored by anti-Pakistan forces telecast all the stories without verification just in order to get ranking from their sponsors and in the name of free media. No matter their fake story hurts integrity of the country. We have heard that love befools many but what about a well educated, so called intellectual, professional and trained person who do such like things without taking care of the results, this can be only seen on Pakistani private TV channels.
This Interview published in Dawn was made a reason by USA to attack Afghanistan, Look here Hamid Mir has greater height than Osama Bin Laden while actual Osama had a greater height as compared to Hamid Mir...

                Including Afghanistan our region has not been able to come out of the affects of an interview of Osama bin Laden on 10 November 2001, which was done by a famous anchorperson published in famous English daily. In this interview, Osama has claimed that he has nuclear and biological weapons, which will be used against USA. The day of publishing of above interview was much important, on 10 November in Rabat the Foreign Ministers of Muslim countries have gathered to stop American attacks over Afghanistan. They had lent time from USA for one week so that they can convince Mullah Umar either to hand over Osama to US or expel him from country. After the above mentioned interview was published US said it has to protect its citizens in spite of fulfilling its promises. In this way from the evening American started carpet bombing over Afghanistan and murdered thousands of men.
Two American Bombers delivering death to Kabul

                We humans have a weak memory and we have forgotten that America converted hundreds of thousands of living men, women, children into pieces of meat through its aerial machinery, no one was there to cry over them or collect them. Families vanished away in this American barbarism. Now a decade has completed to US attack over Afghanistan. In this decade what type of the torture is which has not been practiced in Afghanistan by state terrorists of US, more than 1 million Afghans have been killed by these Dracula. In spite of weapons, hatred, tortures Americans have not been able to control Afghans. Now America wants to run away from Afghanistan but with a respectful manner and under this hypothesis that by killing Osama US has been victorious. The ten years America has passed in Afghanistan by the support of Northern Alliance. America gave free hand to India for terrorism in Pakistan. The war against terrorism has been shifted from Afghanistan to Pakistan. But the freedom fight of Afghans had not weakened. Pushing Pakistan into war situation had not benefited American and Indian war experts. American media has already been doin this propaganda that Pakistan is cheating US (what about US state terrorists present within Pakistan), but our so called intellectuals, journalists, masters of media, representatives of civil society i.e. our anchors are trying to leave behind US and Indian propagandists to prove that Indian and American investment is not in vain. They wish that army not only crushes all those who resist against American fascism, but also accepts India as Boss. However after failure of all their struggles they have now started criticizing Pakistan army  as a department. The strange fact is that those faces are on the front in this mission who are observed lightening lamps during Deewali celebrations overt he Wahga border. This force against Pakistan army is directly being monitored and controlled from New Delhi and Washington. Our anchors use the same words used by agents of RAW and CIA. They are repeating accuses as India says.

B-52 Bomber

                In an publication of 16 June New York Times claimed that Pakistan has arrested 5 person working for CIA including an on duty Major. These people were looking after the alleged hideout of Islamabad. American newspaper published this news in such a way as Pakistan has breached some international law (look at the mentality of blood thirsty Americans). In spite of condemning American violations of international borders Pakistan and ISI were condemned.

                After two days of this news, Washington Post and New York Times published another news that anti-American emotions have increased in Pakistan. The arrest of five agents of CIA is the result of increased internal pressure over General Kiyani. Moreover, General Kiyani is struggling to save his designation. In the news, it was also said that General Kiyani has to face questions from army officers during his address to National Defense University and many such like negative reports were part of the articles of these Western Newspapers.

These children were killed by US bombers without telling their crime

                Before this, US was busy in propaganda against Pakistan army regarding aid to Pakistan. In reaction to this first time in the press release issued after Core Commanders Conference rejected American claim and clarified that actual amount is less than 10% what America claims and out of it only 1% has been utilized by Pakistan while other was used by federal govt. in budget. Americans were not ready for such disclosure and rejection by Pak Army. The instant reaction was observed from few anchors relating Pakistani electronic media in the form of criticism. In just 4 days more than 15 programs were aired by different TV channels. Astonishing fact is that in more than half of these programs Aasma Jahangir participated and criticized army herself.
General Kiyani! According to American media he is under severe criticism internally

                In a program in spite of protesting against massacre of minorities in India, gang rapes of women in Indian Held Kashmir and murder of innocent children, wearing Hindu traditional color and to express solidarity with Hindu extremists, a women of such great qualities Aasma Jahangir said criticizing Pak-Army, “Until Islam is present into Pakistan Army the peace in the region and stability of Pakistan is impossible”. However later she realized for this to happen it is necessary that Pakistani nation should become atheist. Because the army personnel are children of Muslim Pakistanis, so she at once changed her point and said, “Either save country or Army”. All this was said in a talk show conducted in commemoration of Saleem Shahzad. In this program anchor said while pointing to the camera, “you lay weapons in front of enemy and now you will have to lay weapons in front of us too”. Obviously, he was pointing towards Pakistan army and ISI. Now this can be clarified only by respected anchor that in which type of conspiracy he is involved like the one that was planned by India in 1971.

                Our anchors crushing our own army think that they have won some great achievement (maybe do so by uplifting their life standard to elite class, using bullet proof Land cruisers, enjoying their time in clubs etc. all on the expense of American and Indian agencies). However, this process may not continue for long time. Because the center of propaganda against Pakistan and ISI is realizing that anti-American emotions are increasing in both army and public of Pakistan. These emotions can become a severe problem for India in the future. Keeping this fact in mind American newspaper LosAngeles Times advised in its editorial to American congress and Pentagon that aggressive behavior towards Pakistan should be ended now…

 Hamid Mir Exposed By Youth Campaign Against Jew TV

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date:25 June, 2011.

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