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The Facts Behind 1965 War

In the current scenario while a fresh wave of propaganda against Pakistan army has been started, folks are talking to reopen the Hamood-ul-Rehman report and reinvestigate the causes of defeat in 1971 war, if case of Bhutto’s hanging can be reopened than why an investigative commission cannot be established to investigate the reasons and purpose of 1965 war.  The present govt. has filed a Presidential reference in the Supreme Court to reopen the case of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto and Supreme Court has started judicial hearings over this. Apparently, it seems that this has been done only to create chaos and divert attention of public from important issues of stability. If the verdict of court goes against the will of PPPP workers than whole country will have to face turmoil and if it goes against Zia-ul-Haq than whole army will be under the fire of criticism and propaganda. In this way, a covert attack has been launched on the credibility of Pakistan army. Through these controversial cases, not only our corrupt politicians will be able to hide their corruption but they can also keep their anti-Pakistan activities going on. My question is if time of courts can be wasted in cases like hanging of Bhutto, report of Hamood-ul-Rehman commission can be published than why the facts about 1965 are not released? Why and how the war that was won by our brave soldiers by sacrificing their lives was lost on the table by our Foreign Minister?

                Today I will try to strip down such facts about 1965 war. As soon as the month of September arrives, harsh memories of 1965 war get afresh. From the first day, this was told to the nation that India suddenly attacked Pakistan in the dark of night. What was the reason and purpose behind this war, this has never been told. This was the war, which cut down the wings of Shaheen even before its first flight and till now this shaheen has been unable to fly. Who was afraid of a newborn Asian country developing rapidly? Alas! We would have identified enemies present within ourselves. If we had made these people accountable earlier the situation of Pakistan would have been much different. But the heinous game played against Pakistan is so much mysterious and wrapped up in curtains that real culprits could not have been identified and punished till now. Even until now, we continue to follow traitors like Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq and their offsprings.

                If the war 0f 1965 had been successful to the prepared plan than the map of sub-continent would have been much different from now. This is the war in which Indian aggression was turned into defeat for India by our brave soldiers giving up their live to protect the motherland, by tying dynamite to their chests and laying under the tanks of enemy, they proved to the world that not only the lives can be taken b but given as well to protect the country. They fought with such heartlessness that enemy got astonished. Although lion hearted soldiers of Pakistan army stopped the conspiracy but this conspiracy achieved its target in war of 1971. Too much propaganda is done over 1971 war and its results. After defeat, country was divided into two parts. 90 thousand soldiers laid down their weapons (while the actual number of soldiers of armed forces arrested as prisoners of war is not more than 45000, rest were the employees of different civil departments like health, post office, police, telephone etc.). But no one is ready to disclose the conspiracy of 1965 war and the purpose behind it. Just because this war did not end in defeat of Pakistan and even traitors posed themselves as patriots, they cannot allow investigations in this regard, as they may be exposed. But imagining the results, if this conspiracy had been successful in 1965 makes one shiver with fear. Pakistan would have been turned into Indian colony ruled by pro-Indian rulers. Another reason that this inquiry cannot be conducted is that in order to take the revenge of Indian defeat in 1965, the chaos about secrets of Tashkent deal has been propagated in such a way that nation cannot see anything beyond this. It is obvious that nation is still being punished for defeating India in 1965. Although afterwards in 1971 country was broken into two parts, 90 thousand Pakistani were enslaved but the conspiracies of internal enemies had not ended yet, time by time, they produce new excuses.

                In 1947 when Pakistan got independence, due to internal weaknesses world was sure that this new born state will not survive for long time. India further strengthened this hypothesis through her European friends (that was the reason that Afghanistan preferred stronger India to weaker Pakistan). In the start of 60s, Pakistani economy was developing rapidly. This was not acceptable for West, afraid of communalism and socialism. They wanted stronger India so that it can be prepared to fight with giants. That is the reason that West is always supporting India in Kashmir dispute. But Indian dispute with China changed the whole scenario. Defense and economical weakness of India made west restless. 

                In 1962, Chinese attack on India was not without any reason. The actual dispute behind this war was that in World War-II English captured some parts of China along with Indian border, China kept silent due to internal weakness. But after successful revolution when China demanded these areas back, English had already left the sub-continent. In 1958 China proposed that both countries leave 25, 25 miles area from their current boundaries declaring 50 miles area as NO MAN LAND. After this dispute should be solved through peaceful means. Nehru arrogantly rejected this proposal because India had made strong ties with Russia and Europe.  China repeated same demand in 1961 but as usual not only Nehru rejected this proposal but used aggressive and insulting language against Chinese leaders in the session of parliament. So Chinese were forced to teach the lesson to India by force. In the mid of 1962 Chinese army attacked and penetrated 90 miles within India. Nehru pressurized Ayub Khan through western friends so that Pakistan allows India to use some of the areas of eastern Pakistan against China as Military Bases. Ayub Khan straightly rejected this pressure.  After this western powers dispatched minister of British common wealth “Dankan Sanday” as their messenger to subcontinent, he met Nehru who was worried that Pakistan may attack over Indian Held Kashmir, he consolidated Nehru. Later on through the support of Bhutto acting as temporary Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Sanday met Ayub Khan and got assurance that Pakistan will not attack India in that hard time. Bhutto used to call Ayub Khan as “Daddy” in gatherings.  This was the time when to weaken Pakistan conspiracies were formed. But foolish and simple Pakistani could not understand these conspiracies and identify hidden enemy (Pakistani are so much simple even now). They did not question that why a feudal of Sindh, having Feudalistic and arrogant lifestyle, not hesitating in claiming Nehru as his ideal personality, in order to prove himself as follower of Nehru takes Rose as his weakness, himself takes care of rose plant just to resemble with Nehru. Why such a person had made Ayub Khan (Althoguh now General but son of an ordinary Pathan Sepoy) his father? Some people raise the objection that why few Generals were playing in the hands of Bhutto, especially General Gul Hassan? Very few people are aware that Station Commander of Rawalpindi, Colonel Sahibzada Mustafa was married to sister of Bhutto and General Gul Hassan had worked under Colonel Mustafa. As per the behavior of Bhutto, he never mentioned his relationship with Colonel, because after having links with Generals, relatives of lower ranks were a cause of insult for him. General Gul Hassan had much respect for his old Commander and was aware of his relationship with Bhutto. When intentions are bad then due to the mutual interests people get together as the birds of a flock fly together.

He is the same Gul Hassan who arranged safe return of Bhutto after fall of Dhaka, and made him leader of the country, not only himself accepted a civil ruler as Chief Martial Administrator but forced the whole nation to accept as well.

                If we analyze the 1965 war, one fact is clear that it is impossible to watch every inch of the hundreds of miles long border. Whether it is modern warfare or ages old, there are specific strategies to attack enemy through specific weak points keeping in mind the geographical locations as well. This has never happened in the history that an army of thousands of men arrives at the gates of the enemy without letting enemy beware as they were wearing magical caps. Unless enemy has no power to defend itself or there is abundance of traitors. In 1965, electronic media was not so much effective and print media was not so much advanced. But people of common sense know that attacks or wars are not launched suddenly. But we are still being told that Indians suddenly attacked heart of Pakistan, Lahore in the dark of night. If so happened then what punishment was given to those who were responsible to keep an eye over the military formations and movements of enemy? If we look at the headlines of newspapers before 1965 war, they read that Pakistan had started its activities in Indian Held Kashmir by infiltrating Gorillas and this is not a secret that all this was done on the orders of Foreign Minister of that time i.e. Zulifqar Ali Bhutto. These reports are preserved in the pages of these newspapers that Bhutto has assured Ayub and General Musa to the extent of belief that “If Pakistan starts limited operation in Indian Held Kashmir, India will not attack Pakistan on the international border”. In order to further strengthen, trust of the establishment of that time Bhutto said that he had taken guarantee from China and other world powers that India will not launch open aggression against Pakistan. Astonishing fact is that experienced Commander like General Musa, who has climbed from the rank of soldier/sepoy to such high rank, was cheated by Bhutto. Bhutto was playing double game, if Kashmir had been freed from Indian forces, all the praise should have been for Bhutto, and in case of defeat including Ayub Khan, General Musa, General Sarfraz, General Akhtar Hussein and many other would have been blamed for this. While in both cases, the Shimla Accord has to be signed by Bhutto as Foreign Minister of Pakistan, after which this announcement had to be made, “Thanks! Pakistan had been saved”.

                6th September is coming near, while nation celebrates victory, nation should be told that when Gorilla Operation had been launched in the Indian Held Kashmir, and Indian Prime Minister was warning that now Indian would attack its choice of place, why Foreign Ministry ordered army to prepare sports ground in Lahore. When there were reports that India had dispatched Heavy artillery and APC’s why our Foreign Ministry did not stop saying that we will remain peaceful in all situations? When Pakistani troops wanted to go to the border, they were stopped in the name of a special gathering in US consulate for which few Americans had to visit from India via Wahga border to participate in this function. Therefore, if they saw troops moving towards border this will not be good for peaceful image of Pakistan. The reports afterwards proved that the jeeps of these Americans were being driven by Indian army officers in civil clothes, after returning back they reported that all is clear. This is why Indians attacked in the dark of night otherwise neither the Radio Akashwani nor Indian Army Chief General Manak Shah was so much crazy that they claimed they will take their lunch in Lahore Gymkhana. Indian had never dreamt that they would face any resistance. Nation is proud of those lions of Pakistan army who not only defeated external but internal enemies as well and as reward accepted just the martyrdom.

                If present govt. has reopened Bhutto case, wants to reinvestigate 1971 war than they should gather courage to hold an investigation in 1965 war and punish those characters that pushed Ayub to this war and should take legal measures against them as well.  We are always trying to protect our own interests; we hide many facts in the name of national interests. But nation could never get aware of those national interests for which these dirty secrets are secrets yet…

Written By Khalid Baig,
A Selection from “Aur Kia Likhoon اور کیا لکھوں”

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