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Role of Pakistan Army in Educating the People of Baluchistan

Chamalang Coal Mines
Commandant Maiwind Rifles Kohlu, School Administration, and parents of students during the annual gathering of Jahangeer Shaheed FC Public School, Kohlu.
Have you ever thought about it that why those parts of 3rd world countries which are enriched with natural resources are target of militancy, lawlessness and poor writ of govt.? Why in spite of all the efforts the problems of these areas could not be solved? What are the forces behind this bloody game?
            Whether these are oil, natural gas or mineral resources, developing countries, or Muslim countries do not have enough resources and skill to explore them. Due to this, these countries are forced to remain as slaves of western imperialist forces. If any country dares to explore these resources on its own than through rebellion and regional disputes the region is turned into war zone, so the country forgets about the exploring of these natural resources and has to beg in front of western imperialists for its integrity and stability.

            Baluchistan is a clear and open example of this aggression, here the minerals like gold, copper, oil and coal are present in a large quantity. Obviously, the experts of western countries were aware of these resources and that is why from last 63 years Baluchistan has been target of lawlessness and terrorism.  However in 2002 when world’s 4th largest sea port was built at Gwadar with the help of China not (only in the name of fight for rights of deprived Baloch) the law and peace of the whole area was shattered but China’s access towards Gwadar was stopped as well by converting all the routes into warzones and terrorist camps. Those who cannot bear China and Pakistan being developed did all this i.e. India, USA, and Europeans.
            In 2003 when terrorist attacks were started over natural gas and other govt. installations, they (Indian & western media and so called Baloch Sardars) tried to veil these terrorist activities as a reaction to the deprivations of the Baloch people. Astonishingly those Sardar’s who were born with the golden spoon, had been educated at Saint Merry, Atchison College and costly universities of USA and Britain were fighting for the rights of deprived common Balochi people. In spite of highly educated they always kept their people (whom they consider as their slaves) deprived from education. These Sardars were always struggling to keep their people away from modern developments so that they remain chained into the centuries old traditions and never dare to challenge these feudals. Not only these Sardars, our leaders, politicians, feudals, landlords all are doing same to the whole country. Due to illiteracy, Sardar is everything for these people (even God), they have to look for the approval of Sardar for their small happiness’s.
Chamalang Coal Mines
The Sight of a classroom of Jahangeer Shaheed FC School, Kohlu.

            These so-called Sardars never thought that whenever big technical plants will be installed in Baluchistan, locals being illiterate would be forced to work as labor and miners. For educated and skilled labor, govt. will have to hire non-Baloch from other provinces. Keeping this situation in mind Army made a comprehensive plan to educate common people. Pakistan Army established FC PUBLIC SCHOOL, KOHLU on April 2001 for providing education to deprived people of these undeveloped areas. The initial stage of convincing these people to send their children was much hard, especially for girls as their parents were ignorant of the importance of the education. However at least after untiring efforts of officers and soldiers of MAIWIND RIFLES, KOHLU (FC), Baloch got ready to educate their children.

            The establishment of FC Public School Kohlu in 2001 was just like as 1st ray of light after a long dark night which is now changing into light. Now under FC (Frontier Core) Baluchistan, there are 12 Primary schools, 5 middle schools, 8 high schools and 3 colleges busy in spreading the light of the knowledge in different remote and undeveloped areas of Baluchistan. More than 9248 students (girls & boys) are being educated in these schools, 2717 out of them are not only provided with free books, uniform but also with monthly stipend. The parents of remaining students are capable to meet the expenses of education, however the fee of these Public schools is nominal as compared to govt. schools in other provinces. Moreover all these students and local people are given free medical facilities by FC Baluchistan. Every month, free medical camps provide free checkup and medicines. Most important fact is that govt. is not providing even a single penny for educational and medical expenses, but all of these are met from the fund of Southern Command of Pakistan Army and FC Baluchistan.

Chamalang Coal Mines
National Anthem over the wall of FC Public School Fazal Chel.
            If we take only Kohlu as an example, 4 schools are educating children here. Most noteworthy is FC Public School, Kohlu, which has been now renamed as Lt. JAHANGEER MARI SHAHEED FC PUBLIC SCHOOL, KOHLU, after the name of Lt. Jahangeer of Mari  tribe who was martyred in operation against terrorists in Bajore. 820 students are being educated in this school.

            CHAKAR KILI is a remote undeveloped village of MAIWIND tehsil, district Kohlu where there is no concept of basic facilities like other deprived areas of Baluchistan. In September 2007 FC Public School was established there. The number of students has increased to 61. Many students are getting admission in the school on the condition that school will provide pick and drop service. For better future of these young children, FC Baluchistan is providing these facilities free of charge to all of the FC Schools.

FAZAL CHEL another remote area of tehsil MAIWIND is also deprived of basic facilities. On the demand of people of this area FC Public School was established here in March 2010, so far 172 students have been admitted. All of their medical and educational expenses are borne by FC as well.

            In BAGHAR WADH village a school was established last year, so far 100 students have been given admission to the school.
            Like district Kohlu, in district BARKHAN, FC has established a middle school in 2006. 269 students have been admitted so far. This fact is very promising that the number of female students is increasing gradually.
Chamalang Coal Mines
Students listening to the recitation of Holy Quran during assembly in BAGHAR WADH
         If we say that illiteracy had played an important role in further worsening already poor situation of Baluchistan, it will not be wrong. Our old enemy India benefited from this poor situation and it started resistance against any mega project which could have changed the fate of Baloch, through exploiting illiterate local people. Take the example of CHAMALANG COALMINES PROJECT, these resources of coal are situated 70 km away in the Southeast of LORALAI spread over 60×7 km. According to the geological survey the quantity of coal is about 55 M tones and value is about 200 billion rupees. Due to the dispute between Marri and Luni tribes, these resources could not be utilized for at least 30 years.

            At last army brought both parties on the table, a just agreement to share the profit was made between both tribes. Now after SANDAK and CHAGHI MARBLE MINES this is the 3rd largest project in Baluchistan, benefiting Baloch people. Not only is this under CHAMALANG BENEFICIARIES EDUCATION PROGRAM (CBEP) this project provides financial support to 4183 students belonging to Marri and Luni tribes. Out of these 677 boys and 15 girls are studying in educational institutions of other provinces out of Baluchistan.

Considering the deprivations of Baloch people and their interest in education General Kayani declared Sui Cantonment as EDUCATION CITY on 3rd January 2011 (Baloch Sardar were against Sui cantonment while from Peshawar to Karachi cantonments have played pivotal role in the development of the areas). General Kayani also announced construction of a Military College in Sui. Before this English laid foundation of 1st Military College, Jehlum in 1926. In 2008 2nd Military College was established in Murree. Sui Military College will be the 3rd,  training officers for Pakistan army.
Chamalang Coal Mines
The sight of a classroom in Baghar Wadh, these students have been recently provided chairs and desks
            On 3rd January during the inauguration of Sui Military College, General Kayani declared that 60% of the seats will be reserved for Baloch. In his speech, he revealed that 22766 Baloch are being educated in institutions of Pakistan army and FC. Along with this, General Kayani declared that 10000 Baloch will be selected as officers for Pakistan army.

            On this our half century old enemy Hindu India could not adhere herself from showing her evil intentions, on 4th January 2011 THE HINDU published a fake report as part of Indian propaganda “HINDU FAMILIES FLEE BALUCHISTAN”. It was reported by the Hindu propagandists that 27 Hindu families from Baluchistan met Indian ambassador in Islamabad on 3rd January and requested for collective asylum. This is not only an evidence of armed Indian interference in Baluchistan but also dangerous propaganda of India against Pakistan. Taking support from Indian propaganda pro-Indian journalists, intellectuals, writers and columnists from Pakistan pose the terrorist activities of Hindu terrorists in Baluchistan in such a way that they push whole nation towards hopelessness about future of Pakistan. They never mention the facilities of Baloch Sardars which they have got through corruption and in the name of rights of deprived Baloch people and are still struggling to deprive their people from basic necessities of life. Only Allah can guide them to straight path or teach them a lesson…

Chamalang Coal Mines Part-I

Chamalang Coal Mines Part-II

General Kayani declares Sui as Education City

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 16th April, 2011.


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