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Massacre of Muslims in Palestine & India and Role of Civilized Nations...! Part-I

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Innocent Muslim children murdered in Champion of Democracy India (Gujarat) being buried in Mass Graves
Look at the incidents occurred in last 25 years, every big tragedy started and ended with the genocide of Muslims. Before this process of bloodshed of Muslims was only going on in Palestine and Indian Held Kashmir. When in the refugee camps of Muslims in SABIRA and SHATILA thousands of innocent Muslim men, women, elderly and children were murdered by Jewish Extremists. While in the Indian Held Kashmir, state terrorists of India started murdering innocent Kashmiri people and raping Kashmiri women as a State Policy to suppress freedom movement. However after NEW WORLD ORDER by USA all limits have been crossed. First of all, the protest of Muslim Ummah against violations of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir and Palestine was termed as Religious Extremism. Not only the intellectuals of civilized nations were paid but so called and moderate intellectuals from Muslim countries were hired to write against Islam. This factor of Muslims supported by Soviet Union previously orphaned after disintegration of Soviet Union, became more aggressive after they got support from the Western Imperialist Forces. They started criticizing the protesters, protesting against State Terrorism in Palestine and Indian Held Kashmir. Even when some newspapers publish photos of mutilated corps of those murdered by State Terrorists of India and Israel, just for sole purpose that maybe this can shake the minds of “Moderate and Liberal Factors” and they raise their voice against these violences, but alas! These moderate and liberals claimed that publishing such photos is against Value of Journalism. Even in some countries especially the Kings of Arab states, journalists organization were forcefully stopped from publishing photos of casualties after bombardment by Israeli planes. In those days the favorite topic of Hollywood movies and Western Print media was self made stories of Jewish genocide by Germans. The scenes of torture were filmed in such a way that a normal person could not get out of its effects for several weeks.
Fwd: pics for next article part 1 and 2
Shops of the Muslims destroyed by Extremist Hindus
    First of all the crimes of genocide of Muslims by Jews and Hindus was veiled in the cover of Clash between civilizations. Afterwards in order to solve this so called problem of clash between civilization the new drama of INTER RELIGIOUS HARMONY was started. This was apparent aspect, while other ways and regions for the genocide of Muslims were being discovered. In order to keep silent over this Russia was given free hand to massacre Muslims of Chechnya. Whatever is happening in Chechnya, Western Media is silent over it. During this 9/11 occurred in India. World was told that suicide pilots belonged to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, but Americans attacked over Afghanistan with their lethal weapons. Here such bombs and missiles which burn everything to ashes in such a way that nothing remained within the diameter of 100 meters. After this it was Iraq's turn. Within five years, 1.5 million unarmed Muslims were murdered, oil wells were captured and thousands of tons of gold were looted by Allied Bandits. After looting Iraqi wealth allied forces left Iraq, while dance of death is still going on in Afghanistan. This whole massacre of Iraqi Muslims was held under the umbrella of so called chemical and biological weapons in the possession of Iraq. In Afghanistan this massacre is going on in the name of hunt for Osama bin Laden. However after the excuse for for attack over Iraq proved to be fake the murderers of 1.5 million innocent human beings got free by just apologizing. While in the Afghanistan the Muslims are still being slaughtered in the name of hunt for  made in USA Al-Qaeda.
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Children Orphaned during genocide of Muslims in Gujarat
    On the one hand Muslims are being murdered and their properties destroyed while on the other hand in order to further mentally torture them and agitate them, insults of Holy Prophet was launched by Western Newspapers. Protests over these blasphemous acts by Muslims was natural and this was what was needed by the imperialistic forces. These protests were rejected by terming them as Religious Extremism. Western Media encouraged those blasphemous people under the umbrella of Freedom of Expression. Look at the irony of fate that even on such  sensitive issue our liberal intellectuals in spite of condemning Western Media they took a strange stance, “If few crazy people from western media has made such blasphemous cartoons than we should show tolerance”.
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Muslim men & women murdered by Hindu Extremists
    This does end here, American terrorist Pastor Terry Jones announced a case against Holy Quran for being responsible for terrorism and invited Muslims, “if your Quran is true come and defend it”. Terry Jones acted upon his announcement and US administration played the role of silent spectator. Western civilized nations and their rulers blaming Muslims for religious extremism and terrorism could not stop such a big act of terrorism against Muslims in their own land? At least WHY? This is most important question. Last year such announcement was made by Terry Jones but he postponed it on the pressure of US govt., then as a policy are Americans preparing International Community for a big genocide of Muslims in near future? Otherwise terrorism by US Pastor is not without any reason and backup. The aerial attacks over Libya by US and Allied forces are apparently being done to free Libyans from Qadafi. If USA is really willing to overthrow Qadafi govt. it can do so by getting approval from US subsidiary UNO and launch attacks to murder Qadafi. But here again the strategy of attacks over Iraq is being repeated, after few weeks when everyone will have weapons in their hands and Civil War will be uncontrollable, than UNO will get a solid reason to allow Allied Bandits to attack Libya in the name of restoring peace. Currently Libya is providing only 2% of world's Oil needs, but after allied bandits capture Libyan oil it can be rapidly pumped out and stored. So that during any adventure in Gulf including Italy, Germany, France, Britain, and other civilized nations do not face any shortage of oil.
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Weapon used to slaughter dozens of Muslims being presented to Chief Minister of Gujarat in a ceremony
    The genocide of Muslim in Palestine and Indian held Kashmir has been suppressed by the incidents like burning of Quran by US Pastor, aerial attacks over Libya, direct attacks in Afghanistan and drone attacks in Pakistan. Previously India and Israel were 2 main centers of religious extremism and terrorism from where Hindu and Jewish extremism spread to the whole world. US apparently being Muslim friendly supported India and Israel undercover. But after burning of Quran USA has emerged as 3rd main center of religious extremism. Now a days Christian Brotherhood in Pakistan are protesting against Terry Jones, resolutions have been passed by Pakistani Parliament and Senate, but this reaction is too much late. This should have been done earlier especially at the time when Terry Jones announced his evil intentions. Now if any or even CIA agent murders Terry Jones, Civilized Western Media will start a new propaganda campaign against Muslims. The life of Muslims will be made harder by getting termed as fundamentalists, extremists and terrorists.

    On the other hand if we look at the state terrorism of India and Israel there is not a single day when Israeli aircrafts do not hit unarmed Palestinians with their rockets. But Western Media is not ready to give courage to this open aggression of Israel. Same situation is in Indian Held Kashmir and Indian Held Muslims. Even Indian courts are also under the control of Hindu Extremists.
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This picture should be enough to lift the veil from the face of Democratic India
    The fresh example of this is the sentence of death to 11 Muslims sentenced to death and 20 sentenced to life imprisonment under the charges of burning the boogie of Hindu Pilgrims over Godhra Railway station. This verdict of Indian court is an open example of Indian court's hostility towards Muslims. Before I write detail of Indian court's verdict  I would like to give a brief introduction of the incident that happened at Godhra Railway Station.

    This is 27th February 2002, Sabarmati Express stopped at Godhra Railway station at about 4 o'clock. One boogie of train was loaded with Hindu Pilgrims. Few pilgrims went out of the boogie to a near by tea stall and ordered for tea. After taking tea they had a quarrel over the price of tea. It was no where mentioned over the tea stall that owner was Muslim. But the alleged Hindu pilgrims were aware of it and they started abusing Islam and Muslims. The owner of the tea stall bear all this with patience but did not get ready to leave the price of tea. Few Hindu Pilgrims entered into the tea stall and pulled out the owner out of it. The young daughter of owner of tea stall who also worked there as a helper to her father ran to save her father from Hindu extremists. Hindu extremists left her father and caught her and tried to take her into the train. The owners of other tea stalls also gathered there. On the cries of the girl the passengers from the train got out of the train but no one dared to save the girl from Hindu extremists. In the meanwhile the train whistled for departure and few passengers gathered courage and freed the girl from the Hindu extremists. Hindu extremists boarded on the train calling names to Islam and Muslims. Sabarmati Express had gone few miles away from the Godhra railway station that the boogie of the Hindu Pilgrims caught fire. In the blink of eye the whole boogie was burning into ashes. The Sabarmati Express was stopped, the boogie on fire was separated from the rest of the train. In the meanwhile the fire brigade arrived on the spot and after the fire came under control it was revealed that at least 60 pilgrims were burnt alive. The train was burnt in the same suspicious way/chemical which was used to burn Samjhota Express bound to Pakistan at Deewana Railway Station in Panipat...

To Be Continued...

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 2nd April, 2011.

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