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Indian Terrorists Wanted By Pakistan…!

Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
Innocent Kashmiri Children Killed by Indian Forces

One of the readers contacted me and asked, “Why you pull India into every problem of Pakistan and blame it for the lawlessness and terrorism in Pakistan?” The question is like a doctor objects a patient that when ever he visits doctor why he has the same old disease.

            The interests of Pro-Indian factors present in Pakistan aside but it is bitter reality that as a neighbor India has become a chronicle disease for Pakistan. This cannot be denied that we have to live in the neighborhood of India but who can reject that India has always been trying to harm integrity of Pakistan. While peace in Pakistan is at stake so the interests of all so called factors of society become meaningless. Not only Pakistan, look at the map and point a single country who is happy being neighbor of India? In order to enslave Sri Lanka Indians supported terrorism there for 30 years. Millions of Sri Lankans have been affected due to imperialistic plans of India. After a long struggle Sri Lanka succeeded in crushing Indian terrorists with the support of Pakistan. Sikkim and Bhutan have been already engulfed by India. Two provinces of China are also held by India. The economy of India is pledged by Hindus. The purpose of separation of East Pakistan was to complete the plan of AKHAND BHARAT and nullify TWO NATIONS THEORY. Although India succeeded in dividing Pakistan into 2 parts but it had to lick the dust because Bangladeshi Muslims are not ready to accept the slavery of Brahmans and never will.
Indian Terrorists wanted by Pakistan 
            Possibly pro-Indian elements within Pakistan object that we are not responsible for the other countries of South Asia. Okay! We do not talk about other countries but what about Indian Held Kashmir? What is the crime of innocent Kashmiris? They are being punished just for demanding freedom or being part of Pakistan? Houses are burnt along with their inhabitants. Indian forces are murdering recklessly children, women and elderly. Gang rape of Kashmiri women is being used as a weapon to crush Kashmir freedom movement by Indian State Terrorists. On 30th May 20092 Kashmiri women were raped and murdered by Indian beasts. In the protests against such beastfulness 8 innocent people were murdered by Indian State terrorists. But India is not ready to punish its dogs (Indian Soldiers) and how it can while gang Raping Kashmiri women is part of Indian Military strategy. On such brutality no reaction has been observed from Pakistan’s so called human rights activists and not from the female representatives of NGO’s who are often going on pilgrim to India.

            Possibly our liberal and enlightened friends fond of friendship with India cannot bear protests against Indian state terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir. Then what is their opinion about these innocent passengers of Samjhauta Express who were burnt alive just to stage propaganda against Pakistan and insult the only Islamic Nuclear state by declaring it as terrorist state. Propaganda was started against Kashmir freedom movement. A website from Nepal published the pictures of burnt corpses from Samjhauta Express making one shiver and forces to think is being a Pakistani or Muslim punishable by Indians to be burnt alive?
Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
The number of Deaths is being calculated by counting burnt corpses
            In the way India is spreading terrorism in Balochistan and NWFP via Afghanistan, obviously Pakistan will handle this situation but the water aggressiveness of India on the eastern side will hurt us for a long period. Moreover through planned Mumbai attacks in 2008 Pakistan was blamed for this drama. As the first step India ended the 60 year long meaningless peace talks with Pakistan. Afterwards India started to threaten Pakistan in order to create war mania in its public. However when this plan failed now it has started Pakistan to stop terrorism in India, (funny! how can Pakistan stop Indian military and RAW from bomb blasts within India?). the behavior of Indians is just like as one orders to its servants. To some extent our govt. policies are responsible for this that is always treating India softly. This is the result of our leniency given to India that even most coward nation of the world Hindu is demanding from us TO DO MORE. According to a Chinese News Agency Indian govt. is planning to Black Mail Pakistan by getting Red Warrants of Hafiz Saeed and 35 other Pakistanis, so that by contacting Interpol it can pressurize Pakistan. India has already started this new game by sending warrants of these persons to Pakistan. All the persons wanted by India are supporters of Kashmir Freedom movement, this proves that Mumbai attacks were staged just to kill Hemant Karkare and fit Kashmir freedom movement. Through this drama India also succeeded in diverting world’s attention form Torture Cell i.e. Indian Held Kashmir.
Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
Hit by Bullet of Indian State Terrorists
            Chinese News Agency “ASSOCIATE OF CHINA NEWS” (ACNA) has advised Pakistan to demand all the terrorists involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. This site has also published the list of terrorists wanted by Pakistan and expressed astonishment,
“Pakistan had prepared list of wanted persons due to increasing Indian terrorism in Pakistan since 2008 however they are reluctant in demanding these persons.”
Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
General Primnath Hoon

(1) Ajay Verma, a Karnatika resident and directly involved in bomb blast at Sialkot in which 7 people were killed

(2) Manoj Shastri alias Javed Khan, resident of Mumbai, wanted for killing of 14 Namazees at a Karachi Mosque
Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
Sadhvi Paragiya Singh Thakur
(3) Raju Mukherjee, resident of Calcutta, wanted for bomb blast in Lahore in which 9 people were killed

(4) Mr. Bal Thackeray, resident of Bombay, Chief of Shiv Sena, wanted for organizing at least three major massacres in Pakistan in which some 33 people were killed and a highly active in organizing ethnic and sectarian clashes in different parts of Pakistan
Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
Baal Thakre
(5) Vivek Khattri alias Kaala Pathaan, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for at least four bomb blasts in which over seventeen people were killed

(6) Ashok Vidyarthi alias Aslam resident of Ajmair Sharif, wanted for sniper shooting at an Imam baargah in Karachi, killing some 14 Shias

(7) Rajan Nikhalje alias Chhota Rajan, wanted for a number of terrorist attacks in different cities of Pakistan including a bomb blast in Sabzi Mandi Islamabad and a bomb blast in Quetta. Chhota Rajan is now launching terrorist operations in Pakistan from Indian Missions in Kandahar and Jalalabad (Afghanistan) and is head of RAW’s organized Crimes Wing or Special Operations Division (SOD), he is also wanted for killing of Chinese Engineers in Baluchistan and organizing the murder of some Chinese workers near Peshawar
Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
(8) Asotosh Srivastava alias Maulvi Nazir alias Mulla, resident of Alahabad, wanted for firing on an imambargah in which 9 people were killed

(9) Ashok Dube alias Shah Jee, resident of Gandhi Nagar (New Delhi), wanted for killing some 11 Namazees in a Lahore Mosque

(10) Sanjive Joshi, resident of Bombay, wanted for comprehensive assistance in terror attack on a Christian Mission School near Murree

(11) Ramparkash alias Ranu alias Ali, resident of Hyderabad Daccan, wanted for terror attack on a Christian Hospital in Taxila (he is also identified as a graduate of Hindutva Brotherhood’s terror training camp, located near Sarojini Nagar)

(12) Ramesh Verma, resident of Pune, wanted for terror attack in Sheikhupura, killing 7 innocent citizens
Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
L.K. Advani
(13) Bihari Mishra, wanted for organizing a number of terror attacks in Pakistan through his terrorists of Hindutva Brotherhood’s terrorist school

(14) Manoj Kulkarni, resident of Colkata, wanted for terror attack in Attok , killing 17

(15) Venkatash Raghwan, resident of Mahablaishwar, wanted for terror attacks in Rawalpindi, killing some 9 people

(16) Ajit Sahay, a former RAW Deputy Director, now attached with Chotta Rajan, wanted for organizing attack in Hyderabad (Sindh)

(17) Ashok Vohra alias Nepali, wanted for printing fake Pakistani currency and spreading it worldwide, particularly in Nepal, UAE and UK and also organizing a terror attack in Gujranwala in which 8 people were killed

(18) Vijay Kapali alias Guru, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for terror attack on an AJK village, killing 13 of a family. He is also working for RAW’s cross border operations wing

(19) Vivek Santoshi, resident of Calcutta, wanted for organizing terror attack on some US citizens and killing them in Karachi
Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
Corpses burnt in Samjhauta Express
(20) Mohandas Sharma, resident of Patna, wanted for planning and executing terror attacks on foreign nationals in Pakistan at least on three occasions

(21) Ramgopal Soorati, resident of Soorat, wanted for terror attack in Jhelum, killing 9 through a bus blast on the highway

(22) Rakesh alias Kalia, resident of Bombay, wanted for terror attack in Kasur

(23) Parkash Santoshi, resident of Lucknow, wanted for terror attack on a religious gathering in Lahore

(24) Aman Verma alias Pappoo alias Gulloo, resident of Aagra, wanted for terror attack in Peshawar in which 11 people were killed

(25 Mohinder Parkash alias Yasin Khan alias Riaz Chitta, resident of Lucknow, wanted for organizing terror attacks in different parts of Sindh

(26) Ashish Jaithlee alias Shaikh alias Osama, resident of Bombay downtown, wanted for providing explosives to the terrorists who killed French engineers in Karachi and also to those who carried out Marriot bombing, these explosives were provided through Pak-Afghan border

(27) Manohar Laal alias Peer Jee alias Ubu Khalid, resident of Gohaati, wanted for providing explosive devices for attack on Foreign Mission building in Karachi

(28) Ramnarayan alias Mufti, resident of New Delhi, wanted for providing huge consignments of automatic weapons to activists of banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and banned Lashkar-e-Tayyaba

(29) Arun Shetty, resident of Bombay and wanted for bulk infiltration of explosives, arms and ammunition into Pakistan
Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
Colonel Shital
(30) Nikhanj Laal, resident of Hurryana, wanted for terror attack in border city of Narowaal, killing seven people

(31) Sunil Verma alias Httyara, resident of Maharashtra, wanted for organizing terror attack on Daily the Nation’s office n Karachi

(32) Ashish Chowan, resident of New Delhi, wanted for supply of arms and assisting latest terror attacks in Quetta. Ashish is presently reported to be present in Indian Consulate of Kandahaar (Afghanistan)

(33) Babloo Srivastva of Chhota Rajan gang for providing highly sophisticated weapons to a sectarian outfit in Pakistan and assisting in missile attacks on UN offices in Islamabad in year 2000

(34) Suresh, alias Aamir alias Akbar Khan wanted for providing weapons and explosives to militants in Wana and North Waziristan through Afghanistan

(35) Abu Bakkar, wanted for a number of terror attack in different parts of the country and now living in India with a new identification under the blessings of Indian spy agency RAW.

Indian Terrorists wanted by pakistan
Hindu Terrorists Attacking a Muslim
The names of General Primnath Hoon and Colonel Shital are not included in this list. Both of the Indian army officers proudly confess that they are supervising terrorism in Pakistan. Colonel Purohit and Sadhvi Paragiya Singh also proudly accepts that they were behind the fire in Samjhauta Express with the support of L.K. Advani. Govt. of Pakistan should register against all these culprits and demand them from India and if India does not accept this demand than Pakistan should goto UNO. Other wise India will continue its propaganda against Pakistan and innocent Kashmiris will continue to be murdered by Indian beasts. The result of all this will be a destructive war. Obviously Pro-Indian elements in Pakistan are aware that this will not be a conventional war but NUCLEAR WAR. Then this is the duty of these elements to utilize their contacts with India and try to convince Brahmans that they should not push world to NUCLEAR HELL…
Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Naw-i-Waqt,
Date: 27th June 2009.


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