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Changing Master Minds of Mumbai Drama...

Changing Masterminds of Mumbai Attacks 15-8-2009
Sadhvi Pragiya Singh, Master Mind of Mumbai 2003 Bomb Blasts
There is no doubt that collective thinking of public is weak. Perhaps it is necessary for the survival of human beings one will become slave of the past, the wounds of sorrow will never heal making life difficult. But there are some incidents which should be kept fresh in the minds of nation which affect country’s stability and credibility. The staged drama Mumbai attacks is one of them which harmed Pakistan's credibility more than India.  Under its cover India succeeded in stopping waters of Pakistani rivers while Pakistani protest was suppressed under Indian propaganda. Same was the case for Pakistani stand over Indian Held Kashmir dispute. Genocide of innocent Kashmiri people also lost its effectiveness due to Indian propaganda campaign. However when this reality will be disclosed that Indian govt. itself was behind Mumbai attacks than can the loss caused to Pakistan can be made good?

Many intellectuals and elements in Mumbai were already expressing concerns that Mumbai attacks were planned by Indian State terrorists (i.e. Indian army and RAW) to remove Chief of ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) Hemant Karkare. Now the western media has also started exposing the weak points of the script of the Mumbai attacks drama. On 29th June 2009, BBC (2) telecasted a program AN INVESTIGATIVE STORY ON THE MUMBAI TERRORIST ATTACK 26-11-2008, severely criticizing the strategy of Indian Police and Army to tackle terrorists. Moreover constantly changing stance of India about terrorists was also highlighted. As a reaction to this Ex-Chief of RAW wrote an article BBC’S UNLIKELY STORY on 29th June and like usual brought forward the illogical stance of India. He writes;
The 50 channels which broadcast second by second report of 70 hours long POLICE RAID are responsible for guiding the supervisors of terrorists in Pakistan and they prepared the line of action watching the deployment of police.
Moreover B. Ramin also claims that secret agencies of USA and Israel have the recordings of the conversation between terrorists holding Mumbai hotels and their commanders in Pakistan.
Changing Masterminds of Mumbai Attacks 15-8-2009
Professor Saeed; New Master Mind claimed by India...
Okay! Assuming that Indian claim is valid. But why did Indian govt. accused for 8 months that ZAKI-UR-RAHMAN LAKHNAVI is the master mind of the Mumbai attacks? In the light of information collected from Ajmal Qasab during investigation it Lakhnavi was claimed as master mind. India also disclosed that how Lakhnavi trained the terrorists in Azad Kashmir then brought them to Karachi and sent them to capture Mumbai via sea. For research and investigations the time of 8 months is not less while according to India the HERO of Mumbai attacks was also in their custody. Then why did Bhagwan tell Brahmans after 8 months that Professor Saeed should replace Maulana Lakhnavi as MASTER MIND?

Actually Indian claim that Kashmir is ATUT ANG (integral part) of India has become a problem for India and it wants to get rid of it now through conspiracies and propaganda. There is now doubt that India staged drama of Mumbai attacks just to remove Hemant Karkare, Kamte and Salaskar. But India tried to hunt two birds with one stone and blamed Kashmiri freedom movement and LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba) in order to paralyze the freedom movement. This is why that propaganda campaign was already planned against LeT and its leadership. Due to this fierce propaganda Pakistani govt. had to arrest Maulana Lakhnavi, in December 2008. Professor Saeed was also arrested but he was released on the order of court as govt. failed to bring any evidence against him. India expressed concerns over this judicial decision, even the peace talks were also conditioned by the arrest of Professor Saeed. When India saw that its plan is failing it decided to reuse its MASTER MIND STRATEGY.

In order to misguide international community and provide support to its claim that Professor Saeed is the new master mind, India showed haste in getting a couple punished from its court allegedly being responsible for bomb blasts in GATE WAY OF India in Mumbai 2003. it was also said that LeT and Professor Saeed were also responsible for these attacks. International media has been also paid for this propaganda campaign. Indian newspapers had been continuously republishing the graphics of the destruction at Gate Way of India caused by these bomb blasts. The statements of the families of murdered persons in this bomb blast are being published as well. While there is no one to question the genocide of Muslims, massacre of Muslims in the hands of Hindu Terrorists and the property destroyed and looted by them? Why the cases of such heinous crimes are still pending in Indian courts since 1947? Under the cover of Babri Mosque riots more than 8000 Muslims were murdered by Hindu Extremists, Muslim women were made to run nude over the roads of Mumbai, they were gang raped, burnt alive and still this is going on in the WORLD’S LARGEST DEMOCRACY. All such heinous acts have been captured by Hindu Terrorists on their cameras, many such movies are in the custody of the Indian courts while these courts have been sent to moratorium. In such circumstances how can Indian courts be unbiased and provide justice? Actually the death penalty to Haneed Sayed and his wife Fahmeeda Sayed and Ahmad Ansari is itself murder of justice.
Changing Masterminds of Mumbai Attacks 15-8-2009
Maulan Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhnavi; Accused to be master mind of Mumbai drama for December 2008 to June 2009
India claims that above mentioned 3 people given death penalty are members of LeT, while another important aspect of 2003 bomb blasts is that Hemant Karkare started his investigations from there. He came to know about an on Duty Indian Army Officer (terrorist) Colonel Purohit while investigating Mumbai bomb blasts 2003. according to Karkare’s research they were planned by Sadhvi Pragiya Singh Thakur. While investigating Karkare got evidence that Sadhvi was master mind of terrorist activities in Jaipur, Malegaon and Smjhauta Express (all these details are preserved in the diary of Karkare).

Shiev Sina, RSS (Rashtriya Sevak Singh) or BJP were not concerned with the arrest of on duty Indian army Colonel, however arrest of Sadhvi jolted Hindu terrorists and politicians like L.K. Advani. Karkare was threatened but he did not accept any pressure to release Sadhvi and at least became target of Hindu Terrorism and wrath of Kotla Chankiya. Then does this mean, that India can mutilate truth as it wants and defame Pakistan as it wants? Hemant Karkare had disclosed during his investigations, “Hindu terrorists are using bomb blasts to provide solid evidence to their propaganda against Pakistan. In the bomb blast of 2003 they tried to tell the world that they were the reaction of heinous genocide of Muslims in Gujarat 2002. Muslims tried to take the revenge. Blaming Muslims for the terrorist activities of Hindu extremists will be equivalent to giving NOC (No Objection Certificate) to Hindu terrorists to continue their activities. If it is not stopped now it will bring destruction for India”.
Changing Masterminds of Mumbai Attacks 15-8-2009
Haneef Sayed and his wife Sayeda Fehmeeda; sentenced to death by Indian Court...

Ignoring that whether the Hindu Terrorism will be harmful for India or not, if we did not defend ourselves from Indian propaganda this will be dangerous for Pakistan. Importance of internal situation on its place but it is the duty of our private media/TV channels to unveil Indian lies in front of the world. At least we can highlight the changing master minds of Mumbai 2008 drama…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 15 August 2009.

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