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Changing Faces of Brahman and Our Simplicity…

Huge Portrait of Ajmal Qasab; erected by Maoists in areas controlled by them

A happiness was noted in Our Foreign Ministry on an offer from India for peace talks. In a statement Shah Mehmood Qureshi expressed happiness and said that change in Indian policy is victory for Pakistani stance but he did not mention that victory for what? If resuming talks after one year and few months is our victory than this is nothing more than our foolishness. Because the fruitless process of peace talks is continuously going on since last 62 years along with pushing Pakistan to the disintegration.

            If we analyze the results, on initial stage Kashmir was the only dispute for which India attacked Pakistan in the dark of the night in 1965 while peace talks were also going on. After defeat, India cultivated MUKTI BAHNI in Eastern Pakistan, attacked Pakistan and formed pro Indian govt. in eastern Pakistan. There is no doubt that in the conspiracy of dividing Pakistan into 2 parts few local traitors were also involved. But open aggression in the form of attack over Pakistan was part of Indian plan. But this is our bad luck that we provide basis for Indian aggression by blaming poor administration and defeat of Pakistan army. This is the magic of PROPGANDA that cruel remains innocent in the eyes of the people in spite of all of his heinous crimes. Are the USA and Britain not been morally defamed in the world in spite the defeat of Iraq and Saddam Hussein? In this way had the allies succeeded in proving their capture of Afghanistan to be legitimate? No! Just because in spite of all the internal weaknesses these have not only faced the US propaganda but also proved that it was based upon lies.

            So as a nation before we start any peace talks with India this should be our condition that should apologize for all its past aggressions (including the attack in the dark of night in 1965 to bomb blasts in Samjhauta Express) and guarantee that nothing such will be repeated again and only then the peace talks should be resumed. But this will never happen. Because within Pakistan there is huge proportion of Pro Indian factors who blame Pakistan for extremism in order to hide the increasing Hindu extremism in India. If such elements would not have been present in Pakistan we would have never handed over the lists of Sikh freedom fighters to India. However all this is the part of our bitter past. We cannot forget it, and how can us; while we are trying to recover from one wound Indian gives us a new one. Look at the bloody drama of Mumbai attacks staged on 26th November 2008, since then Pakistan is being blamed for it. In 2010 Indian journalist, researcher and scholar Amresh Misra from Mumbai wrote a research paper over the cases file against Ajmal Qasab and proved that report presented in Indian govt. is based upon fake evidence.

Rabi-u-Din Ansari

Before this Amresh Misra has tried to prove several times that the whole drama of Mumbai attacks was staged just to remove the whole team of ATS. But we Pakistanis have never taken any strong stand against India.
            Although on 3rd February 2010, Indian Foreign Minister 1st time accepted that Indian people are involved in Mumbai attacks. This will be decided that whether the truth came on the lips of Indian minister involuntarily or it was also part of some conspiracy. However after sometime Indian Foreign Minister explained that Sayed Rabi-u-din Ansari alias Abujandal is the master mind of Mumbai attacks. He is also wanted for assassin attack over Indian provincial Chief Minister Narindra Moodi. Lets wait India claims that Abujandal is also hiding in Pakistan.
Now let’s see excerpts from the article of Amresh Misra published on 26th December in Washington Post and other western newspapers. The title of the article consists of two headlines in interrogative format. The first heading is
Sub heading follows

Amresh Misra in an Islamic Center during his visit to Los Angeles; informing the journalists about poor condition of minorities in India

Now Amresh Misra writes, ‘One of the two Indian men arrested for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by the gunmen in the Mumbai attacks was a counterinsurgency police officer who may have been on an undercover mission, security officials said Saturday, demanding his release. The arrests, announced in the eastern city of Calcutta, were the first since the bloody siege ended. But what was touted as a rare success for India’s beleaguered law enforcement agencies, quickly turned sour as police in two Indian regions squared off against one another.
Senior police officers in Indian Kashmir, which has been at the heart of tensions between India and Pakistan, demanded the release of the officer, Mukhtar Ahmed, saying he was one of their own and had been involved in infiltrating Kashmiri militant groups. Indian authorities believe the banned Pakistani-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which has links to Kashmir, trained the gunmen and plotted the attacks that left 171 people dead after a three-day rampage through Mumbai that began Nov. 26.
The implications of Ahmed’s involvement – that Indian agents may have been in touch with the militants and perhaps supplied the SIM cards used in the attacks added to the growing list of questions over India’s ill-trained security forces, which are widely blamed for not thwarting the attacks.’
Lawyer of Ajmal Qasab

Amresh Misra further writes;
            “It is a standard and understandable practice of Indian security forces to use captured militants or ex-militants with grievances for counter-insurgency operations. What is strange is that SIM cards purchased by these agents working for Government agencies were used by Mumbai terrorists. We can see here a direct clash between the Kashmir and the Calcutta Police.
This could have been dismissed as a one off instance were it not for the fact that even earlier there have been reports of Police informers and even Pakistanis working as double agents for RAW being framed in terror attacks in India.”

This proves that Indian RAW has used these terrorists for some bigger heinous purpose which could not be anything else but to prolong its illegitimate capture of Held Kashmir. Kashmir where since 1989 dozens of Muslim groups are struggling against Hindu India. India in spite of finding a peaceful solution has used its secret agency RAW by giving it unquestioned authority to solve the problem. Now after the Mumbai attacks the whole Indian democratic system which is cause of shame for secularism is slave of RAW. In the way RAW is handling and planning security of India, a dreadful end waits for India.
Chadam Baram

Amres Misra unveils ten years old attack over Parliament House,
            “One such affair is the strange case of the Red Fort terror attack, resembling the Parliamentary attack, in December 2007. A man named Muhammad Arif alias Ashfaq was caught and sentenced to be hanged for being the mastermind. The Court let all other `terrorists’ go.”
Amresh Misra has tried to get the world’s attention towards transfer of innocent Pakistanis in India kidnapped in Afghanistan after USA attacked it. Human Rights organizations and UNO should question India that where are all these innocent people and in what circumstances who have been shifted to different secret Indian camps like cattle in the cargo plans. If they have been killed had India right to that and if they are alive then where India is using them? Is not this our responsibility to force India to handover all our kidnapped brothers?

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Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 13th February, 2010.

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