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The Tragic Story of Afghan Bride Sabra Ahmadzai…!

Sabra Ahmadzai
Whether it is international media, intellectuals of so called civilized western nations or their rulers no one is ready to condemn American forces presence in Afghanistan just keep it in their illegal control. The civilized and democratic WEST is so much morally shallow if Afghans protest against illegal hold of their country by US Forces or Northern Alliances they are termed as terrorists and Taliban and their murder becomes inevitable for social beasts. Americans have also formulated a puppet govt. in order to hide their illegal capture of Afghanistan and drama of elections is also staged. However along with the looting, gang rapes of Afghan women and murders all other such crimes are also being done in the occupied Afghanistan which are observed only in captured areas by their capturers.

Today’s topic is also such type of tragic incident, the govt. of Afghanistan should be ashamed of this. This is the tragic story of 18 year old girl belonging from Kabul, Sabra Ahmadzai. She became target of lust of an Indian Major. The shameful fact is that this deceitful marriage ceremony was attended by Higher officials of USA and NATO forces, Indian Diplomats and especially by Ministers of Hamid Qarzai’s Cabinet but alas! Now no one is ready to support her to get justice.

Sabra was working in a Child Hospital run by India as interpreter for US $150 per month. Sabra belonged to middle class. She liked Indian movies from the childhood and this was the cause of her fluency in Hindi and getting her job as interpreter. Sabra went to the hospital to get the medicine. An Indian lady doctor who was also in charge of the hospital was much impressed by her fluency in Hindi and advised her to work in the hospital as interpreter. In this way she helped those patients who cannot speak English of Hindi. Sabra served in the hospital till 12 and after returning back to home she attended an evening school as well. She was student of Matriculation.

During this Major CHANDA SHEKAR PANT replaced the lady doctor as in charge of the hospital. He was the new boss of Sabra of her father’s age. Sabra’s father has been murdered in the American attacks over Kabul in 2001. Major Pant had bad intentions for Sabra. Whenever anyone was ill in the Sabra’s neighborhood Major Pant paid special intention and visited the patient himself. This increased Major Pant’s prestige in the area. He tried to trap Sabra but to no avail. At least one day he went to the Sabra’s mother and proposed Sabra. Her mother rejected the proposal saying that she cannot marry her daughter to a Hindu. Major Pant continued his struggle but it was fruitless.
The Marriage Ceremony Picture of Sabra and Major Pant

At last Major Pant went to the official preacher of a nearby Jamia Masjid (Mosque). The preacher informed the family of Sabra that Mr. Pant has converted to Islam and his Islamic name is Himmat Khan so now he can marry Sabra. However Sabra rejected the proposal saying that she cannot marry a man old enough to be her father. The matter was taken to the elders of the Sabra’s family. Preacher convinced them that if Sabra marries Major Pant whole family will be rewarded for converting a Hindu to Islam while if Sabra did not marry her and he reverts back to Hinduism they all will be sinful for it. After being convinced by preacher family of Sabra accepted the proposal and Sabra was told that she had to marry him because they have promised to Himmat Khan and preacher.

Sabra was married to Hindu Major. The marriage ceremony was attended by 700 guests including higher officials from US and NATO forces, Indian diplomats, Indian army officers and ministers of Afghanistan. After 2 weeks of marriage Sabra was informed by Major Pant  that he has been transferred back to India. After 20 days of marriage Pant departed for India. Arriving India Pant called Sabra and told her that he is already married and has 2 children and wife, as Sabra is young so she should go for 2nd marriage. On the protest of Sabra he said that he never converted to Islam and he has staged drama of being Muslim just to marry her deceitfully.

            The phone call of Major Pant was not less than a bomb for Sabra. The news of Major Pant’s bluff was spread in the whole family. The local boys harassed her and shouted that they are ready to marry her for 20 days, too. This affront was unbearable for her and she decided to end her life. One night she tried to kill herself by taking poison but due to timely first aid she could not find shelter in the arms of death. Her mother and other women encouraged her to go to India and confront Major Pant.
Vice Chief of Haryana Chander Mohan with his second wife Anuradha

Sabra’s pledged his land and some other relatives lent her money to go to India. Sabra arrived in New Delhi along with her mother. From the Children Hospital, Kabul she was informed that Major Pant has been posted to Military hospital in Pithoragarh a Himalayan village. Before arriving India Sabra has known India only what she had seen in the movies of Bollywood. She had only NIKAH NAMA/marriage certificate, a CD of video and an album of pictures of her marriage. What type of problems she had to face from her departure from Afghanistan to arrival in India and then searching for Major Pant, this is a long story showing her courage. Major Pant was astonished to see her at his house but rejected to accept her as his wife. He was not a little bit ashamed. Neither he was ready to accept her as his wife nor to divorce her. But Sabra had only one demand, "I told him to come to Kabul and divorce me in front of everybody". Major Pant rejected this demand.

When this story was leaked to media the newspapers of Pithoragarh were filled with the painful story of Sabra. On this famous Indian intellectual and human rights activist Arundhati Roy and other women rights organizations contacted with her. The representatives of Pithoragarh female student’s organizations also arranged meeting with her to know the reality. After the reality was disclosed a huge number of students and women took to the roads to protest and besieged Police Commissioner’s office. The besiege was ended after police registered a complaint against Major Pant. During this Sabra’s mother got ill and was sent back to Kabul via Delhi. While Sabra decided to remain in India to get justice. In order to support Sabra students from 3 univeristies of New Delhi formed a committee consisting of 30 student members named as “JUSTICE COMMITTEE FOR SABRA”. This committee was supervised by a retired Professor from Jawahar Lal Nehru University. The committee contacted eminent lawyers, retired judges, professors and other persons from civil society to support Sabra to get justice. Astonishingly most of the supporters of the committee are from minorities and lower castes of India. On this Washington Post published the painful story of Sabra on the first page with the title “STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE BY DECIEVED AFGHAN BRIDE RESONATES IN INDIA”. In this article concerns has been expressed over silence of Indian army and political parties like BJP & CONGRESS. When the representative of Washington Post RAMA LAKASHMI contacted Indian army chief General Deepak Kapoor he said, "Our inquiry is in progress," Kapoor said. "If he is found to be at fault, we will not hesitate at any point to take action."
But, the army chief added, there was a discrepancy in the dates. "She said in her police complaint that her marriage took place in December," he said. "But as per our records, the major was there in Afghanistan from January to November."

This means that Indian army chief is not ready accepting his major as guilty and this is why no inquiry from Indian army’s side has been observed. Mobeen Alam, Joint Secretary of Jawahar Lal University Student’s foundation had severely condemned it and said that is due to enmity for Muslims in India. Along with the Justice Committee he mentioned the marriage of Vice Chief of Haryana Chandar Mohan’s 2nd marriage with Assistant Advocate General Anuradha. This marriage had jolted whole India. Hindu law became a hurdle in his 2nd marriage. So both of them tried to get shelter in Islam and changed their names.

Chandar Mohan became Chand Muhammad and Anuradha became Fiza Parveen. They got Nikah from a Muslim cleric in Marriot hotel. 500 thousands were fixed as Haq Mehar paid on the spot by fraudulent Muslim Chandar Mohan. As soon as this was story got coverage in media the Hindus came to road protesting against it. The pictures of Chandar Mohan were hanged in the necks of dogs during protests. The protests did not end until Chandar Mohan announced separation from Anuradha and reverted back to Hinduism. Before this announcement Chandar Mohan disappeared. After one week unknown persons left him outside Delhi in the deserted area of Rajghat. Police took him to the police station but Chandar Mohan denied registering complaint against anyone, while it was clear that he has been mentally and physically tortured. The people of Delhi are of the view that Chandar Mohan was kidnapped by Mahasbhai Hindus (Hindu extremists) and their torture brought him back to Hinduism.

Mobeen Alam also mentioned alleged marriages of Indian filmstars Hemalini and Dharminder, and Raj Ameer and Seman Payal. He expressed grief that these people also went for 2nd marriages by getting Islamic names while whole India knows that they are not Muslims. Mobeen Alam and Committee for Sabra also contacted Anuradha Bali and assured that they will help her to get justice as well. According to Mobeen Alam, Anuradha wants to file a case of rape against Chandar Mohan. Anuradha told Justice Committee that Chandar Mohan was pressurizing her for marriage for last 3 years. One day he put pistol on his head and said that he will suicide if she did not marry him. Anuradha also told that this was Chandar Mohan’s plan to get married as Muslim. However this is a separate story, will discuss it some other time.
Dharminder and Hemalini, got second marriage in the name of Islam

Now the situation is that protest from Muslims on the insult of Islam or Islamic values is termed as initial stage of terrorism by so called civilized world. But this does not mean that we remain silent over what happened to Sabra in Kabul or we took this stance that Pakistan has nothing to do with it. The incident of MUKHTIYARAN MAI in spite of being doubtful from the first day the human rights organizations from all over the world started propaganda over it jus to pressurize Pakistan. Moreover this incident was propagated by a human rights organization having deep links with India. This was a part of Indian strategy to limit Pakistani role in South Asia. In this few NGO’s and a so called champion of woman rights played the central role. But silence over tragic incident is criminal silence even in soft words. This is not only the insult of an innocent and powerless girl of Islam as well, that a Hindu Major dared to play with a Muslim girl disguising himself as a Muslim.

Indian media has boycotted to give coverage this matter, then will our media also remain silent just in order to protect SOFT IMAGE of India and Indian army?


General Deepak Kapoor denying that Major Pant was not deployed in Afghanistan at the time of marriage

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Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 22 August 2009.

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