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The Story of General Rath’s Court Martial… Part-II

General Deepak Kapoor
General Deepak Kapoor during press conference
Defense analysts were astonished by the COLD START WAR DOCTRINE presented by General Deepak Kapoor for attacking China & Pakistan simultaneously. As a response of this Pak-Army conducted war games AZM-E-NAU in order to check its war capabilities and practically find solution for new Indian strategy. However General Deepak Kapoor himself falsified his own WAR DOCTRINE when he came to know that he is being removed from army due to his so called deafness. He called a press conference and disclosed that ARMORED INFANTRY of Indian army is not capable to conduct its operations at night, while Pakistan army has 80% of this capacity while Chinese army is 100% capable to fight war at night. This conference was called by General Deepak Kapoor to prove himself healthy, so he put his fingers in his ears and replied to the questions of journalists. But by the remarks that INDIAN ARMY IS BLIND AT NIGHT he wanted to take revenge from General V.K. Singh (Current Chief of Indian army) for his conspiracies. General V.K. Singh has disclosed the corruption of Lt. General Avadesh Prakash serving as Principal Staff Officer (PSO) of General Deepak Kapoor. 70 kanals of Indian army’s land was given on lease by Avadesh Prakash receiving bribe as his commission. This scandal is the actual cause behind premature retirement of General Deepak Kapoor, Court Martial of General Rath, and resign of General Nanda. But this story is not going to end soon because cases against Lt. General Avadesh Prakash, Lt. General Ramesh and Major General P.K. Sen are still in the military court of Lt. General I.J. Singh for hearings. General IJ Singh is Commandant of Army’s Electrical and Military Engineering College in Secundrabad.

Here I would like to give a brief introduction of rivalry between 2 powerful lobbies within Indian army mainly due to KICK BACKS and division of money from financial scams. The COLD WAR between General Deepak Kapoor and General V.K. Singh grew more intense when General Deepak Kapoor presented his NEW WAR DOCTRINE to Indian govt. requesting permission to prepare for it. The Brahmans willing to be BOSS of Asia were much pleased by it but in order to test this NEW WAR VISION huge fund was needed. However, the question that whether Indian army will be able to defeat both nuclear powers China and Pakistan at the same time was still important. Indian Defense Minister was supporting General Deepak Kapoor while Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was at the horns of dilemma and sought advice from other Indian Generals. When other Generals were asked to give their thoughts it was revealed that a group of Indian Generals under the supervision of General V.K. Singh is not agreed with the doctrine of General Deepak Kapoor. The majority of the formation Commanders was on General Deepak Kapoor’s side so keeping in mind the will of majority General Deepak was allowed to work on his war doctrine. This improved the credibility of General Deepak in the country.
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Lt. General Ramesh Halagli
On the other hand, General V.K. Singh was not ready to keep silent. He was foreseeing that Indian govt., Defense Minister was satisfied with the progress of Indian army, and RAW was supporting General Deepak as well. In order to tackle this situation General V.K Singh sought help from his friend, Chief of Military Intelligence (MI) Lt. General Lomba. At that time, General V.K Singh was serving as Chief of Army’s Eastern Command. Chief of Mi General Lomba provided the evidence of corruption by General Avadesh Prakash PSO and Military Secretary of General Deepak Kapoor. General Avadesh was involved in the land scam of SUKNA. Actually the land of army cantonement was given on lease by General Prakash for the commission of 300 millions. General V.K Singh took this evidence to Defense Minister A.K. Anthony and requested inquiry against General Prakash. The reply of AK Anthony that EVIDENCE IS NOT SUFFICIENT disappointed General V.K Singh. There were basically 2 reasons behind this;
1)                  Ruling Party CONGRESS was enchanted by the NEW WAR DOCTRINE of General Deepak and was dreaming to defeat Pakistan and China simultaneously,
2)                  Ministers including AK Anthony were not ready to give up heavy amount of commission that they were receiving from the purchase of military equipment.
General V.K Singh was disappointed but General Lomba of MI took this land scandal as a matter of Indian integrity and got busy in collecting further evidence. At least struggle of General Lomba brought fruit and MI succeeded in getting further evidence. They were astonished that not only General Prakash but including Commander of 33rd Core General PK Rath and 7 other were also involved in the fraudulent lease of RANKHET KUMAON REGIMENTAL CENTER’s land for bribe of 300 millions that was given to them by a Property Dealer an Ex-Brigadier M.K. Singh. Lt. General Prakash, Lt. General Rath, Lt. General Ramesh, and Major General Sen took the major share.

After getting such authentic evidences General V.K Singh did not think it necessary to inform Ministry of Defense and wielding his authority asked Secretary of Army Chief Lt. General Prakash to clarify his position. Such a notification from General V.K Singh was taken as personal attack by General Deepak and he stopped Prakash from appearing in front of General V.K Singh and complained to Defense Minister that General V.K Singh is misusing his authority. When Defense Minister inquired the matter from General V.K Singh he General Prakash is involved in the land scam of SUKNA for a huge corruption of 300 millions. At this AK Anthony told General V.K Singh that General Deepak Kapoor is being given extension for 1 year and as he is busy in preparations for COLD-START WAR DOCTRINE so his Military Secretary cannot be called for investigation.
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General IJ Singh; he sentenced General Rath for court martial
The news of extension of General Deepak was not less than a shock for General V.K Singh. He at once informed MI Chief General Lomba about this situation. General Lomba decided to take help from Israeli MOSSAD. MOSSAD was not happy with General Deepak because during his time India has made most of the purchases from Russia and other countries in spite of Israel. So on the day General Deepak arrived into Israel to make deal of BARRACK-8 UPGRADED TACTICAL AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM, a newspaper of Tel Aviv published the scandals of General Deepak with the headline
Newspaper demanded for court martial of General Deepak Kapoor by Indian govt. On the other hand, Russia was not happy with the deal of Barrack-8 Missiles between India and Israel. Russia was also angry at India because India has cancelled the deal of missile system to target ground and naval targets pretending that the missiles were faulty and had signed the same deal with Israel. Moreover, the biggest customer of weapons of the region was slipping out of Russian hands. After 2 days of arrival of General Deepak in Israel, MOSCOW TIMES also expressed anger saying that not only Indian generals but Indian politicians are also involved in theses scams. After the scandals of General Deepak published in Israeli and Russian newspapers, it was not possible for Indian govt. to bear General Deepak as Chief of Indian Army. It was decided that General Deepak should be removed from Indian army but for this, it was necessary to satisfy lower ranks. Foreseeing success General V.K Singh prepared a secret report from INDIAN ARMY’S RESEARCH AND REFERRAL HOSPITAL claiming that General Deepak has been suffering with affected hearing. Moreover the reports about the deafness of Indian army Chief were also given to newspapers. After this the premature retirement of General Deepak was inevitable clearing way for General V.K Singh to take charge as Indian Army Chief.
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Lt. General Avadesh Prakash
As soon as General V.K Singh was promoted as Chief of Indian army he started inquiry against characters of Sukna Land scandal. Moreover he pressurized General Nanda to resign under the accuse of raping his Tactical Secretary’s wife. The next target was General Rath, he has been court martial for issuing NOC for the lease of the land. Reacting to the court martial of General Rath an Ex-Indian army officer has written an article “WHAT ABOUT PREVIOUS CASES.” In this article, the greed of Indian generals for bribe has been unveiled. Now lets see that whether our pro-Indian columnists and intellectuals still keep appreciating accountability in Indian army or not;

Ex-Indian Army Officer Writes;
            What About Previous Cases?
Anthony is what has not been done for decades. But, should have. Corruption is not new to the Army. Previously the reason corrupt officers like Lt. General SK Dahiya and Major Genral Swaroop-the two officers with the biggest corruption cases unearthed so far in the history of Indian army – could have risen to the rank of general is because they always ‘bought’ their way through. Why was no action taken against them? It has to start somewhere. By supplying sub-standard food to the soldiers fighting the enemy and the bitter cold in the Himalyas, Lt. General Dahiya amessed tens of crores including houses and assets under the names of his children. What about the soldiers who died in the cold without proper food? Similarly by supplying sub-standard clothing and equipment, General Swaroop was busy enriching himself. These officers are now enjoying a wealthy retirement – while so many widows are still wailing. More than 1500 soldiers have died in high altitude (previous 10 years) due to cold.
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In the end, I would like to share a response to the first episode of this article sent by an Indian woman (not disclosing her name and ID purposely) as an email. In this email being a woman she has expressed sorrow over treatment of Indian woman officers in army by male Indian army officers. Alas! She has also mentioned her thousands of Kashmiri women who are being raped by Indian army as a strategy, along with her class fellow Lt. Iman and no one is ready to raise a protest against it. She writes;
Your article “The Story of General Rath’s Court Martial” dated 12th February on “Truthbykbaig” has revealed two incidence of rape by two “Three Star Generals” of so called very discipline and renowned Indian army. Posing to the world very professional and dutiful but inside story of moral character is too obnoxious. One of my school class fellows named Iman was victim of a “Rape” by her Commanding Officer while as Lieutenant she was on duty in counter-insurgency operations in Kashmir Valley. To my alter horror and surprises the Commanding officer Colonel Debasish Mitra is renowned culprit so far faced 12 disciplinary charges at various occasions and still at large and nobody could punish him so far and still serving at Kolkata-based Eastern Command Headquarters in a so called Indian disciplined army. What a shame!

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Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 19 February 2010.

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