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Raymond Davis; Satan fallen in its own trap

Remond davis
Foreign Policies of Uncle Sam in the eye of an American Cartoonist
Who is RAYMOND DAVIS? Why he is so much important that American President has to interfere for his Diplomatic immunity? Without considering that whether Raymond Davis is considered by Diplomatic Immunities given in Vienna conventions of 1961 and 1963 or not, US President has been forced to give a statement while Ex-Presidential candidate John Kerry has to visit Pakistan? Was Raymond working as a diplomat for; improving relations between USA and Pakistan, or doing campaign for improvement of environment, busy in bringing people of both countries closer, working for betterment of Pakistani students or for modern sciences in Pakistan or for improvement in trade ties? What is a diplomat or what are the duties of a diplomat?
Does not the rules and regulations set by Vienna Convention make guest diplomat to respect the local laws and people and if the diplomat is involved in any serious crime then host country is not given the right to withdraw the Diplomatic immunity? Leaving aside the heinous crime like murder even if ambassador himself is involved in the spying or knows someone from his office is involved in such activities and hides him or does not send him back to his country, international laws allow the host country to file a case against ambassador and punish him. According to international laws if a diplomat is involved in child labor or sexual harassment Vienna Convention withdraws its diplomatic protection. Moreover on the smuggling laws the host country has the right to withdraw the diplomatic protection.

Here I would like to ask the defendants of American murderers on the basis of Vienna Convention who are busy in telling the golden rules of Vienna convention just for the money they get for America

  1. Ambassador himself or any other staff of the embassy gets visa by changing the identity through fraud?
  2. Diplomat gets the visa on the fake name and forged passport and after entering into the host country hides his duties from the host country?
  3. Is the diplomat allowed to take the vehicle on the rent and visits such areas where he is not allowed to go especially searching for Defense installations?
  4. is the diplomat allowed to visit in the rented vehicle and take with him the military equipment like “wireless set”, Long Range Telescope used by military personnel, Pistol of not allowed bore, 5 magazines and 75 spare rounds (keep in mind the bullets used by Raymond to kill 2 men from Lahore were SOFT TIP bullets, their tip is filled with the explosives and when in touches the living body due to the heat of the body the explosives blast up destroying the body for about 3 to 5 centimeter. The remaining tip of the steel makes its way further in the body. The use of such bullets is prohibited in the whole world), unregistered Laser Scope, spy camera, GPS and all other equipment used by undercover operatives.
  5. Diplomat wanders in the city with fake registration number in spite of red registration number plate as prescribed to him?
  6. Shoots the local people targeting to murder them?
  7. After murdering the innocents says that he did this in self defense?
  8. Crushes the pedestrian to death through his vehicle and then hides in the consulate?
  9. Tries to influence the judicial process and pressurizes the widow of murdered to suicide?
  10. Where in the Vienna convention it is specified that CONTRACTOR OF US STATE DEPARTMENT is also eligible for diplomatic immunity?
  11. In which country where the diplomat involved in serious crime has been favored due to diplomatic immunity?
Ex-American Commando and owner of "Hyperion Protective Services" in Nevada, who was on an important task by CIA

In 1984, in from the upper story of Libyan Embassy in London an unknown bullet killed a passer by female Police Constable ‘Yvonne Fletcher’. British police besieged the embassy and demanded that the murderer should be handed over to police. After two days British police entered into the building, including the ambassador all the staff was forced to get out with HANDS UP and then deported. Due to this for a long time the links between both countries were suspended. However this matter was not solved that from where did the bullet come and who fired it?

“In 1997, Gueorgui Makharadze, the Georgian Deputy Ambassador to the United States, accidentally killed an American teenager in a road accident in Washington, D.C. The U.S. exerted extreme pressure on the Georgian government to lift his diplomatic immunity even though it was not a deliberate shoot-to-death killing, as in the case of Raymond Davis, but a car accident. The Georgian government finally relented “in the interests of U.S.-Georgian relations and on moral and ethical grounds.” Makharadze was tried in a U.S. court, found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 21 years in prison. After three years of imprisonment he was deported from USA.

In 2001 a pedestrian was crushed by the Russian diplomat in Canada. The diplomat succeeded in running to Moscow, Canada demanded for the diplomat. However Russia itself imprisoned him for 4 years. Diplomat ANDREI KNYAZEV accepted his fault and apologized from Canadian govt., people and family of the murdered person.
Remond davis
The Rocket fired by Drone Plane; the camera in its head helps it to reach its target
In December 2009 Vice Ambassador of Romania SILVIU LONESCU crushed a pedestrian in Singapore while he was driving intoxicated by alcohol and hid in the Romanian embassy. He was sent back to Romania silently by the Romanian ambassador on 3rd day. After investigations the death of a person by Singapore police it was proved that SILVIU is the murderer. Romanian govt. like US govt. tried to get the diplomatic immunity but Singapore govt. issued Red Warrants and brought him back through Interpol where he is still imprisoned.

Like this in Sri Lanka the ambassador of Burma murdered his wife for having illegal relations with a famous player. After murdering his wife he secretly burnt her body as well in the building of embassy. When Sri Lankan came to know about this incident it told Burmese Foreign Ministry that they want to arrest him and register a case against the murder. But as the incident happened within the boundary of Burmese embassy so the ambassador was called back to Burma where he is still imprisoned for killing his wife.

These were the few examples showing that diplomats can be punished for serious crimes in spite of having diplomatic immunity. There is not a single incident where host country has given BLANK CHIT to the murderer for being diplomat. All of the diplomats punished above were actually diplomats belonging to Civil Services not the spies, commandoes or assassins. Raymond Davis himself has accepted that he TECHNICAL CONTRACTOR or in the other words ASSASSIN then how he can be freed for diplomatic immunity?

Here the matter is not of the murder by Raymond Davis (US govt. and pro-US elements in Pakistan are trying to limit this matter just to murder, and trying to get diplomatic immunity for him what a shame?) but of his suspicious identity and role in Pakistan? There is no doubt that he is a murderer, he has murdered 2 innocents in front of the public and himself admits that he has fried bullets but in self defense. While eye witnesses saw that he fired bullets over innocent motorcyclists from his car and when one of them tried to run for his life he murdered him too and coldly make pictures of the murdered. He is agent of CIA and assassin as well, it is now clear to the whole world. Then is Raymond a lost LINK between terrorist activities in Pakistan for which all secret agencies of Pakistan had been searching?
Remond davis
Shumaila; hopeless for getting justice, she stated few minutes before her death, "I NEED JUSTICE i.e. BLOOD FOR BLOOD, BUT I FEAR THAT RAYMOND WILL NOT BE PUNISHED"
Even the American embassy and staff was not aware of suspicious activities of Raymond, this is why that on 27th January after murders when Raymond was arrested representative of American Foreign Minister, Crowley said, “American arrested as murderer is not Raymond Davis”. This was very astonishing that American govt. was trying to dispute the identity of its citizen in spite of knowing this that arrested murderer is Raymond. On the 2nd day it was told that Raymond Davis belongs to Administrative and Technical Staff of US consulate. From the 3rd February Americans are saying that Raymond belongs to Technical Staff. Were Americans doing this on purpose or they were confused?
Remond davis
A Drone plane
There was nothing like that, actually US govt. was worried that their secret agent “007” has been arrested and Pakistan may get aware of their other JAMES BONDS and their terrorist activities. That is why USA and western media took a different stance about the both murdered persons. In the Press Release issued by US consulate on January 29 it was said that motorcyclists tried to harass Raymond by the weapons and stop him on the traffic signal. On the 3rd February US consulate said that motorcyclists attacked the vehicle of US diplomat. On the basis of American stance western media said that the murdered persons were having criminal record and even said that according to Pakistani law it is not allowed to keep weapons, and in Pakistani law it is allowed to shoot an armed Pakistani. But western no where mentioned that what was American James Bond 007 doing in the area of Mozang Lahore?  However from the last 1 week western media is claiming that the murdered persons were OPERATIVES of Pakistani Secret Agencies.

Who were the murdered persons? Who is Raymond Davis, who got commission in US army, after training from FORT BENNING, GA he participated in Commando Center FORT BRAGG in THIRD SPECIAL FORCES GROUP till 1998. Afterwards he was posted on several important places; in 2003 he left army and founded a private soldiers (assassins) firm in NEVADA along with his wife named as HYPERION PROTECTIVE SERVICES. Why did Raymond Davis shoot two motorcyclists, all this we will discuss later. But before this I would like to lend the attention of Pakistani govt. and public about an important problem which will may grow to worst and create problems for Pakistan and it is the presence many other spies like Raymond Davis.
Remond davis
Global Positioning system (GPS)
It is said that loans are given to enslave the govt. of the under developed country while aid is given to destroy the self respect and self dependence of the people of such countries by international imperialistic forces. It is proved in the history that from last 63 years USA is doing same with us. US has never given loans for internal or external stability, never transferred modern technology, no cooperation and plans have been given by US for boosting trade or industrial support. USA has always chained our govt. by loans through international financial institutions while through alms in the name of aid she had paralyzed the subconscious and destroyed self respect of the public. But currently the conditions set for the aid in the name of “BENAZIR INCOME SUPPORT PROGRAM” are much more dangerous especially linked with the IDENTITY.

Before issuing the grant for social sector development or to remove the poverty in Kerry Logger Bill, US govt. had demanded transparency and had said that the above mentioned aid will be distributed through their own employees. On this our govt. has resisted and said that the distribution process will be made transparent. The pressure from US was actually a psychological strategy and it succeeded in this. The govt. handed over the Performa consisting of 43 questions and a GPS (Global Positioning System). The 43 questions and the verification from the agent of NADRA are understandable. But why the geo-location of that person or family is being recorded through satellites in space? Such like space research have never been conducted even by NADRA or other govt. institutions. People get accounts in Banks, sell and purchase property of millions in Kutchehry in front of Land Registrar, everywhere National Identity Card issued by NADRA is taken as authentic and sufficient, but GPS data or geo location is taken no where. It is just like that survey team comes to the house of KHALID BAIG in Southern Punjab for Benazir Income Support program, they get information about the family and assets and also tag the location as well through GPS MAPPING that in such locality, such street number and such house number, resides such person. In this way every inch of Pakistan will be recorded/geo tagged by 27 american satellites present in the space, but at least why this is being done? While we are aware that as their duty survey team will have to go in every nook and corner of the country…


Urdu Copy:

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 26th February, 2011.

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