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Delhi Peace Conference…

I.K. Gujral, Aasma Jahangir

The tension between India-Pakistan could not be ended in spite of 63 years have passed. The cause of this tension is that India has never accepted division of India.  Right from the beginning conspiracies are going on from Indian side to capture the areas that Muslims got in 1947 through movement based upon ideological differences. After attacking Kashmir India herself took that dispute to UNO. There India accepted to give Kashmiri people right to decide about their future. Afterwards not only India is claiming Kashmir as its integral part “ATUT ANG” but has been always trying to defame Kashmir freedom movement as TERRORISM.

Many conferences have been held in the name of Peace but the result has been further instability in the region. Look at the history, whenever Pakistan resisted against the aggressive and imperialistic plans of India, she staged some drama and tried to cross the border in the dark of night, or through propaganda India either tried to prove Pakistan as a terrorist state or create such circumstances to provide bases for her attack on Pakistan. Then over the intervention of international community the joke of dialogues have been started afresh through BACK DOOR DIPLOMACY, then it is repeated that both countries should solve their disputes through dialogues. In these dialogues there is only one purpose of India i.e. business and trade activities should be increased while the disputes will be solved by the upcoming generations.
Malik Siraj Akbar,         Ayesha Sidiqa,      Madeeha Gohar

Take the example of water dispute, as soon as the international community expressed concerns over illegal dams of India keeping in mind the anger in general public of Pakistan, India staged the drama of Mumbai Attacks. Whole Pakistani nation was put at the horns of dilemma that whether should they protest over Indian water aggression or defend themselves that they are not terrorists? The result is clear to everyone, like past we are looking towards the faces of participants of PEACE CONFERENCE while famous rivers of South Asia have been dried up and Pakistani agriculture is at the verge of collapsing. We are hopeful that these characters of Peace Conference will return back from India with some good news and concessions in spite of knowing their individual ideological identities and their political roles. We Pakistanis have not dared yet to ask that who were those RESPECTED PAKISTANIS who handed over the record of activists and leaders of Khalistan Movement to India, and as a reward how much money was shifted to their accounts by New Delhi? Who were those patriots handing over the report of Hamood-ul-Rehman Commission 1971 that was published in the weekly INDIA TODAY? The purpose behind the publishing this report in India was to defame Pakistan army and pressurize it to accept American demand of DO MORE. Whether they are providers of lists of Sikh activists of Khalistan movement or protectors of Indian interests in Pakistan, you can find all of them in Delhi Peace Conference.

Hasil Khan Bazanju,       Sherry Rehman,        Aitzaz Ahsan

After all how long we will keep ignoring facts and thinking ourselves to be safe? The only solution for disputes with India is to accept that INDIA IS OUR ENEMY AND WILL REMAIN OUR ENEMY FOREVER. After this we should start peace talks with India only on the international guarantee that India will seriously indulge into peace talks to solve talks not to lend time for its damned conspiracies. But Indian policy is to lend time through any means and during this time India is always practically imposing its plans to weaken Pakistan so than when peace talks are started Pakistani nation accepts Indian terms due to internal poor situation otherwise Indian conspiracies will be going on.
Iqbal Haider,     Professor N.H. Nayyar,       I.A. Rehman

We congratulate over its cunning policies and Brahmans over success of their deceitful conspiracies. The first achievement of India is that through influential anti-religious elements it succeeded in creating such a group of society under illusion of enlightenment and liberalism who are misguided to believe that India is friend of Pakistan and humanity. This ideology based upon lies and disillusions has been also propagated by our liberal MASTER MINDS of MEDIA.

The second success of India is that it had never let its actual plans to be opened and had always claimed that its war mania and heaps of weapons are for China. We have no objection over Peace Conferences because just like past their results is always 0+0=0. However if through these conferences India tries to misguide world about Indian Held Kashmir and Balochistan then protesting against it is duty of every Pakistani. This was the actual agenda of this mentioned peace conference. Before moving ahead lets analyze the participants of this conference and its agenda. Please keep in mind that such conferences cannot be called just to make statements or on the short notice of few weeks, huge money and time is needed to prepare such conferences. Especially when the participants are renowned politicians, the situation is threatening to was between two nuclear powers, not only one or two but dozens of people are invited, how is it possible that media is unaware of such a big preparations? If keeping such matters secret is BACK DOOR DIPLOMACY then prove that how many disputes have been solved through it? The term “Back Door Diplomacy” was first time used by Shah Hussein of Jordan for Palestine then did he succeed in saving Palestinians from Jews? This secret was unveiled after his death that he had deep contacts with Jews.
Salman Haider,      Mahesh Bhatt,      B. Murli

A message about the above mentioned peace conference was first time seen on a website along with the names of participants; as copied here:

            Dear Friends, Greetings
            A number of organizations in India have got together with eminent persons to organize an India-Pakistan Conference: A road map towards Peace at the India International Center (IIC) from 10th to 12th January 2010. Eminent speakers like Sherry Rehman, Asma Jahangir, Najam Sethi, Ayesha Sidiqa, I.A. Rehman from Pakistan, and Kuldip Nayar, Salman Haider, Admiral Ramdas, Mehesh Bhat, Aijaz Ahmad, Muchkund Dubey and various others have confirmed their participation in this conference.
            Participants coming from outside Delhi should write to Sonila on confirming their participation and requisition for accommodation. We have made some modest accommodation arrangements on twin sharing basis. It will be available on first come first serve basis. There is no registration fee.
We would be sending the program schedule soon.
A conference was going to be conducted at India International Center of Delhi, the names of expected participants were disclosed then for whom was that message attended too, for who accommodation was also arranged, while media was unaware of it? This was very strange.
Mani Shankar,        Kamal Chinoy,          Aijaz Ahmad

For 2 weeks there was complete silence. On 3rd January 2010 a man belonging to Indian Held Kashmir published a news on website that through trusted sources it has been told that schedule for Ind-o-Pak Peace Conference has been announced. Moreover along with the names of participants the agenda was also disclosed for which this drama of Peace Conference was going to be staged. According to schedule ex-Prime Minister Mr. Gujral had to deliver the opening speech, after him MINI SHINKAR AINAR (has served as Consulate General for long time in Indian Consulate in Karachi), Sherry Rahman, Admiral Ramdas, Iqbal Haider, and others have to throw light over the need of India-Pakistan friendship. On the 11th of January 2010, the meteorologists and economists from both countries were invited. On 12th of January terrorism and strategies to curb this evil with the support of USA were discussed by Ayesha Siddiqa, IA Rehman, Theater Director Madiha Gohar, Mahesh Bhat, Murli Dharrodi and Waid Bhasin.

We have no objection till this but the real problem is of 1st session held on 11th of January. The title was ISSUE OF AUTONOMY: KASHMIR AND BALOCHISTAN. In order to deliver speech over this topic Asma Jahangir, Aitzaz Ahsan, Senator Hasil Khan, and an infamous journalist from Quetta, Saraj Malik was especially invited. This session was presided by Ex-Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Justice Rajindra Singh. Yaseen Malik from Indian held Kashmir was also specially invited.
Rajindra Sachar,                Kuldeep Naayar,   Admiral Ramdas

Although newspapers or electronic media did not give it much importance, may be Indian govt. has restricted its coverage. However some news reports were seen over internet. But what did participants say in this session in which Balochistan was attached with Indian held Kashmir; there is no report about it, except protests from Hindu extremists over the speech of Yaseen Malik.  Moreover this sentence by Aitzaz Ahsan was much appreciated by the audience, “WE IN PAKISTAN LOVE INDIA AND INDIANS”.

Who will be against the peace with neighbors but such friendship is cursed which is based upon the slavery. The condition of small independent states around India is that they are begging shelter from Indian imperialistic plans. While India-Pakistan relations are clear to the whole world, one country is converting itself into heap of weapons while other has no time from safeguarding itself from the conspiracies of first country. Neither we are against Aitzaz or others visit to New Delhi nor do we have any doubts that they had said anything harming Pakistan’s interests during their speeches. But had they talked about the tortures over innocent Kashmiri People? Had they asked India to stop its armed interference in Balochistan? How long the Pakistan will be made target of terrorism with the support of MOSSAD and CIA by India?

Obviously Pakistani participants could not have said anything that can make their guests angry who invited them with free accommodation. If through this conference these hosts have succeeded in presenting that like Indian Held Kashmir, Balochistan is also disputed area. Along with this Shankar has also taken revenge of Manmohan Singh’s confession that India is behind lawlessness in Balochistan in Sharm-al-Shaikh.
Kamla Bhasin,              Mehbooba Mufti,          Yaseen Malik

Whether the above mentioned peace conference will be helpful in promoting peace or not this will be decided by upcoming time. But I would like to request my fellow country men tat we should also call a peace conference too. In this peace conference we should discuss the independence movements in India like Khalistan, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tamil and Assam states. But will our govt. allow leaders of these freedom movements to participate in this conference? Perhaps Not, But can over not only protest to India over topics like AUTONOMY OF KASHMIR AND BALOCHISTAN? 


Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 16 January, 2010

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