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Conditions by RAW for Pak-India Peace…

Lo! Peace talks have not started yet but ignobleness of Hindu has been unveiled. Actually on the bomb blast in Poona India for four days there was complete silence, no reaction was observed from Indian govt. side, after this Interior Minister of India issued a statement, “Behind the terrorist attack in Poona a terrorist organization named as “Indian Mujahideen ” and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) may be involved”. Probably this was a pre-planning so that on 25th February 2010, Pakistani Foreign Secretary goes to New Delhi for peace talks, he can be pressurized. Possibly they had presented few people in front of media that these people have confessed being involved in bomb blast and they are trained by ISI and LeT. Another terrorist activity in any other city is also excepted so that either talk could be cancelled or Pakistani Foreign Secretary can be pressurized only to talk about terrorism or leave India. On the other hand a special advice has been issued by Manmohan Singh on 14th February to Indian Foreign and Interior Secretaries that nothing else (Kashmir dispute and Indian terrorism in Baluchistan etc.) should be discussed except terrorism during peace talks and Pakistan wants to talk on other disputes then peace talks should be cancelled. Manmohan Singh has also called a special meeting in which reports of secret agencies about Poona Bomb blast will be discussed. According to some sources Richard Headley has been accused as responsible for bomb blasts. The name of Richard Headley was also attached with Ajmal Qasab in Mumbai Attacks.

The long story of struggles by Indian politicians aside, Indian army and RAW does not wish as well that there should peace between India and Pakistan unless gives up its defense in front of India. In this regard apparently a defense analyst but actually Director of RAW Dr. Sabhesh Kapella’s articles should be enough to open our (Pakistani’s) eyes and especially the supporters of AMAN KI AASHA. This article reflects actual Indian plans for Pakistan. Before discussing Dr. Subhash Kapela I would like to talk about terrorist activities of RAW in Pakistan through its trained terrorists.

Recall the attacks over Indian parliament on 13th December 2001, as a reaction to this India has brought forward its 28 Divisions of army towards Pakistani boundaries as usual blaming Pak-Army and ISI for these attacks. However in spite of all of latest weapon systems and abundant supplies Indian army could not dare to cross the border because it was aware that in front of them Pakistan army is ready to take the revenge of 1971. After 11 months besiege Indian army had to go back (in military language it is taken as defeat), however the accuse of Parliament attacks is still following Pakistan. I would like to introduce with characters of this staged drama of parliament attack.

Muhammad Arif nick named as Ashfaq is the only character of this drama who has been sentenced to death in December 2007. But he has not been executed yet. Arif has told that he is Pakistani and is working in X branch (India’s External Intelligence Agency) of Indian RAW as an agent in Pakistan. In June 2002 he went to Kathmandu at the order of RAW, here he had to hand over important documents to Sanjeo Gupta. Arif further stated that when though PIA under passport number 634417 he arrived in Katmandu, Gupta advised him to report in India. He himself accompanied Arif to the border of Nepal and gave him number 6834454 and address of a person named as Nain Sukh, Arif had to meet him in Delhi. Sanjeo Gupta ordered him that at no cost Arif will disclose his original country and identity to Nain Sukh and will tell him that he is from Jammu Kashmir.

After arriving in New Delhi Arif met Nain Sukh and told him his name as Afzal Guru. When in order to analyze the statement of Arif, court called Nain Sukh as witness he verified the statement of Arif and said, “Afzal Guru (Arif) spent one and a half month in his house. The house is situated in a near by village OKHLA of New Delhi. During Arif’s stay their neighbor Azam Malik told Nain Sukh’s mother that Afzal belongs to Kashmir. At this his mother got angry with him because she was against keeping any one from Kashmir in her house. After this I made Afzal to leave.” When Judge asked about occupation of Nain Sukh, he replied, “I cannot tell that in front of lawyers and cannot show my service card as well”. When he gave his card to judge in an envelope, after watching the card judge returned it back to him. On the question from lawyers he just replied that he (Nain Sukh) belongs to Cabinet Division of RAW. At this every body got silent and no one dared to ask that why did a terrorist coming from Pakistan in order attack Indian parliament stayed in the house of an officer of RAW? No lawyer raised the question that how the statement of an officer of RAW is acceptable? The other persons with whom Arif was in contact were R.S. BAHSIN and VED PRAKASH. When judge was told that both are working as inspector in Special Cell of RAW, judge did not dare to call them to court. The defending lawyer of Arif also did not object on it.

Arif clearly rejected his involvement in Parliament attacks and told judge, “I deposited 700,000 Indian rupees in Nain Sukh’s account in New Delhi through Gupta. Few amounts were spent during my stay, while when Nain Sukh asked me to leave he rejected my claim on the remaining balance. At this I quarreled with Nain Sukh but he was not ready to give me my money. I complained against this to BHASIN who had links with me from 1997 and was constantly in contact through phone. BHASIN promised to return the money and after giving me new place to stay in Ghazi Pur of New Delhi he disappeared. When I told this situation to Sanjeo Gupta he opened an account in my name from Katmandu in a bank of Delhi named as HDFC and transferred amount to it. In order to get the account functional all documents including forged driving license were present there before I arrived into bank”.

On the statement of Arif when Court analyzed the account number 0891000024344 of HDFC, there was balance of 53000 rupees present in it. Bank staff identified Arif as Afzal and said that Afzal himself presented all the documents for bank account. From where did the money come? Police replied it was transferred through HUNDI. In the way the case of Arif was presented in Court it is very interesting and full of contradictions. The story of each witness is different. Even the weapon with which Arif attacked parliament, at the time of arrest he was accused of just having a pistol. During the attack one constable saw him using AK-47 while other saw Arif just throwing hand grenade. In spite of all these contradictions Court sentenced Arif or Afzal Guru to death but his death sentence is yet to be executed. But the question is how long India and its secret agencies will make the world fool only through propaganda in spite of all their barbaric and brutish activities? How long we will keep silent in spite of knowing all the mess just for peace? Is not this our and our media’s duty to unveil the state terrorists of India?

Let’s now come towards today’s headline i.e. Conditions of RAW for peace between Pakistan and India;

On 21st January 2010 a long article consisting of 42 paragraphs written by Dr. Subhesh Kupela was published in many European newspapers with the title of “PAKISTAN-INDIA PEACE STRATEGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE”, actually Dr. Subhesh was talking to westerners especially. He has tried to convince western community through reasons that thinking and struggles for peace with Pakistan are fruitless. He has also informed world about the threats to world’s peace due to Islamic ideology of Pakistan. Like the title shows, if any Indian intellectual, columnist or journalist has written such article it would have been easier to ignore him as extremist but status of Dr. Subhesh is different, he is retired Brigadier of Indian army and now a days working as Director of Propaganda Wing of RAW. In army Dr. Subhesh spent most of his time in the Military Intelligence’s desk against Pakistan and China. Especially on the Indian Held Kashmir he has provided services. He is graduate of “ROYAL BRITISH ARMY STAFF COLLEGE”. Afterwards getting Masters Degree in “Defense Sciences” from Madras University he also got PhD from there too. He has worked in many countries undercover of being a diplomat. He has specialty in speaking against Islam and Pakistan in lectures of western universities. BBC and CNN also sought help from his thinkings. However as being agent and representative of RAW his article should be considered as RAW’s conditions for peace.
In the opening he writes;
India is hardly a year removed from horrendous Pakistan based and Pakistan Army-Facilitated Commando style attacks of Mumbai 26/11 which were similar to the Pakistani attack on the Parliament House in December 2001. India in both occasions under different political dispensations failed to hold Pakistan”.

Subhesh Kapila further writes;
India's political leadership, policy establishment and its liberalist glitterati of different hues, in a total disconnect with Indian public’s pronounced opinions went ahead earlier and now advocating once again the resumption of India-Pakistan Composite Peace Dialogue. There are some who have advocated Sub-Composite Peace Dialogue – whatever it means. 
Once again, in January 2010, advocacy of resumption of the Composite Peace Dialogue seems to have become the flavor of the season in India. On analysis of the trend, it emerges that there is a concerted and calibrated subtle campaign to prepare Indian public opinion for what the Indian Prime Minister might succumb to due to his personal inclinations and external pressures for resumption of the Composite Peace Dialogue.  
Such an Indian official decision would be in total disconnect with the well-grounded Indian public opinion's suspicions on Pakistan establishment’s sincerity for peace. With the Pakistan establishment not having displayed the minimum modicum for making amends on Mumbai 9/11, India's official decision for resumption of Composite Peace Dialogue would therefore be contextually insensitive to Indian public opinion and rubbing in salt into the wounds of India’s public psyche brought about by Mumbai 26/11.Further, India would not be paying respect to strategic realities which militate against it. 
India's politicians need not be reminded of the public contempt which was directed at them, and which was visibly and vocally visible on Indian TV channels following Mumbai 26/11. 
Pakistan’s policy postures, Pakistan Army’s compulsive anti-India attitudinal fixations and its continued proxy war do not display any changes for the better justifying a change in Indian public opinion. Pakistan’s adversarial postures and conflictual propensities have sharpened since Mumbai 9/11.
The danger of another Mumbai 9/11 being inflicted by Pakistani elements allied to the Pakistan Army like Al Qaeda and the Lashkar-e Toiba has been pointed out officially by the United States during the visit of US Defense Secretary to New Delhi this week. Obviously the United States has credible intelligence on this count and this public statement indicates that Pakistan Army has not taken any steps to pre-empt such an eventuality.
It is strange therefore that international seminars in New Delhi and Indian prominent political scientists and strategic analysts should be advocating resumption of peace talks with Pakistan which continues to be as intransigent and threatening to India as before.  
Peace with Pakistan is desirable and a common aspiration of the people of both India and Pakistan. The emphasis is on “the people of Pakistan”. The Pakistan Army which even today controls Pakistan does not share that sentiment of the Pakistani people.  
 Sixty three years of India's persistent efforts to engage Pakistan to ensure Pakistan. -India peace have failed time and again, defeated by Pakistan Army’s imperial strategic pretensions.  
Pakistan-India peace cannot be achieved by delusionary political and idealistic mindsets of India's political establishment and “Pakistan apologists” within India
Pakistan- India peace is impossible through the political route of political negotiations, mediation and conflict resolution processes. The Pakistan Army is both blind and deaf to such processes.  
Pakistan-India peace is strategically impossible till India recognizes the “strategic realities" that hover over and impede any achievement of realistic and lasting peace with Pakistan.  
India needs to recognize that any peace process is not a one-way street. It takes two to make peace and with mutual trust between the two as the predominant force. Regrettably, Pakistan- India mutual trust is nowhere on the horizon.  
Relevant to these two propositions this Paper examines the following aspects:
  • Pakistan’s Strategic Mindsets: Major Impediment
  • Pakistan’s Ideological Frontier Fixations: A Major Obstacle
  • PakistanIndia Peace Unachievable Till Pakistan Army Subjugated to Civilian Control
  • PakistanIndia Peace Realization: The China Factor in Pakistan Polices as an Impediment

 Pakistan’s Strategic Mindsets: Major Impediment 
Pakistan’s strategic mindsets more modulated and crafted by Pakistan Army’s anti- India strategic fixations seriously impede the processes towards Pakistan- India peace whether internally stimulated in both countries or externally generated.  
Some of the major strategic myths that dominate Pakistan Army thinking and distorts its realistic view of the South Asian strategic landscape can be enumerated as follows: (1) Pakistan Army especially now with nuclear weapons arsenal is the “strategic equal” of India (2) The Pakistan Army provides muscle to Pakistan’s foreign policy in relation to “strategic bargaining” with United States and China, playing “balance of power” politics. (3) Pakistan so equipped is in a position to herd South Asia’s smaller nation into similar confrontations with India.  
Consequently, the Pakistan Army which determines Pakistan’s foreign policy perceives India not through political prisms but through strategic perspectives. This is truer in relation to Pakistan policy perspectives on India and Afghanistan
The over-riding passion of the Pakistan Army is therefore the strategic diminution of India and the strategic erosion of India's strategic asymmetry with the rest of South Asia and Pakistan in particular. Galling for the Pakistan Army is that its nuclear weapons arsenal also could not reduce Pakistan’s military asymmetry with India.  
Till such time Pakistan continues to view its differences with its neighbors in military terms rather than political perspectives it would be naive for India's ‘Pakistan apologists’ to strive for PakistanIndia peace. (COPIED FROM SUBHESH KAPILA”S ARTICLE)

Now look at another interrogative paragraph by Subhesh Kapila:
“Has anybody in Pakistan realistically delineated Pakistan’s ideological frontiers and especially, even if there was some political ideology like it, what was its relevance to Pakistan’s continued existence and Pakistan's place in the 21st century?”

However the summary of Subhesh Kapila’s article is that neither India should engage in dialogue with Pakistan nor take any steps towards peace until:
1.      Pakistan did not leave and give up TWO NATIONS THEORY
2.      Pakistan did not leave China and leaves its influence (so that Pakistan cannot get any help from anywhere in case India tries to capture it)
3.      Pakistani army is given under full control of POLITICIANS
4.      until Pakistani nukes are not given into the control of international agencies or made useless.
Is India really serious for dialogues for mutual peace? However in reaction to his long article we will just say that TWO NATIONS THEORY and PAKISTAN will remain till end of this universe no matter whatever conspiracies are planned and supported by India.

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Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 20 February 2010.

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