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WikiLeaks & Ugly Face of America

This picture shows that American NeoCons are responsible for attack on Afghanistan, they are using American army for their business interests. Look at the infant born under effect of Biological weapons. According to WHO such like babies will be born for years...
From 1901 to 2000 during 100 years in the name of safeguarding their economical, political interests, the champion of modern civilization, human rights and democratic society, “United States of America” has whatever done from removing of rival governments and massacre during such campaigns aside,  the tortures on Afghans during 9 years in Afghanistan are heavier on hundred years of American crimes. The modern civilized American morals are so shallow that on the basis of a fake accuse the superpower of world attacked a poor and undeveloped nation and bombarded Afghanistan.

According to American calculations in the incidents of crash of airplanes, in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania total number of deaths was 2846, (approximately 3000). In reaction to this after few weeks of 11 September on the first day of American bombarding on Afghanistan 3500 people including elderly, children and women were killed, this number is given by American official records, western media and different organizations of human rights (those who were injured and died afterwards are not included). History will question American nation and its allies that was there any weak link between high-jackers of airplanes? Or any afghan was involved in any plan of terrorism in America? Then America attacked Afghanistan for which enemies?
Current Videos disclosed by WikiLeaks on Youtube
Painful, and shameful fact for journalists is that American and western TV and newspapers having a specific identity played a vital role in the genocide of Afghans and they are still doing that. After 9/11 a long time has passed but American media is still representing nothing but revenge and repeating that for protection of Americans bloodshed in different parts of world is necessary. Who are enemies of USA? The answer given by this media is, “Al-Qaeda…. Taliban”. When it is asked that who is Al-Qaeda, what is their geographical location or from which country they belong? In reply to this question an unending discussion is started, “Al-Qaeda consists of extremists Muslims; they hate western development, modernization and civilized society”. On the other hand if a question is raised about Taliban, why they are against USA or Americans. The answer to this question is also fictional. Taliban or Al-Qaeda are just like supernatural characters of every second Hollywood film, filled with action and fiction, these characters sometimes attack in the form of aliens to ruin Americans or sometimes they appear from the earth to destroy only Americans. These supernatural characters have so much influenced Americans that whenever their leaders make them afraid of Taliban or Al-Qaeda they start crying and beg that they should be saved from these aliens.
Underage Afghan boys; who were forced to dance wearing ladies clothes
US rulers, intellectuals, think-tanks and media collectively warn American public, “your enemies have taken shelter in Afghanistan and tribal areas of Pakistan; there they are planning to launch a big attack on America like 9/11. But we will not let them do that and will destroy their last shelter”. Keeping in mind such patriotism, human friendliness (here humans are only non-Muslims of west) and dutifulness of their Generals and rulers they (US Public) practiced extreme senselessness over the genocide of Palestinians, Iraqis, and Afghans. Otherwise which human being is who have not tears in eyes after watching dead bodies of Afghan children killed US bombers, cluster and cruise missiles and Drone attacks. Who is having such cold heart and will not yet to murderers of humanity, “Stop that dance of death, enough is the propaganda of 9/11”.

Afghan mother and her children murdered by American Bombers
Muslims cannot say this, because they have to prove that they are not terrorists. Otherwise they will be ruined like “Tora Bora” for being accused of supporting Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The Muslim rulers who are paid employees of CIA do not have enough courage to get united and tell the whole world that cause of increasing hatred amongst Muslims against USA is situation in Palestine, Held Kashmir, Chechnya and moreover genocide of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Drone attacks on tribal areas of Pakistan.  The purpose behind these attacks and inhuman attacks is not to end terrorism but spreading extremism among Muslims by creating aggressiveness against USA and its allies. Otherwise the attack on Afghanistan on the night of 17th October 2008would has been limited to search of Osama Bin Laden. Till 19th October 2008 after capturing every inch of Afghanistan in spite of searching for Osama, they started chasing shadows in the name of their self created Al-Qaeda. The reality of Al-Qaeda has been unveiled by ex-Foreign Minister of Britain “Robin Cook” that it is just a drama. In an interview he reveals;
“The truth is there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in presence of identified entity representing the “Devil” only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified International Leadership for a was against terrorism. The country behind the propaganda is the USA”.
Were these babies members of Al-Qaeda or Taliban?
Above documentary not only consists of heart wrenching disclosures of Robin Cook but of much more, it is enough to get familiar with the evil face of US and its allies. However WikiLeaks has also completely unveiled Americans. After watching and reading these disclosures one feels hatred against so called champions of civilization.
Many such like innocents have been murdered...
According to WikiLeaks Americans are involved in crimes like sexual abuse of Afghan children. As a proof the details and pictures of a function celebrated in headquarter of DynCorp situated in Kabul have been published. “First Americans forced young Afghan boys to wear women clothes, garland in their hands and dance. During this alcohol and other drugs were used. Afterwards these young boys were raped”. When ugly face of Americans was unveiled Vice President of DynCorp accepted that boys were forced to dance but rejected the use of drugs and sexual abuse. He also defended DynCorp by saying, “sexual abuse of young boys and dance is part f Afghan culture”. On insult of Afghans in such a way Afghan Cabinet protested and said this might be American culture but not of Afghans.
Underage Boys sexually abused by Americans...
Discussing this situation Johnny Narcoe has started a discussion on with the title “US Tax, Dollars fund DynCorp child sex slavery in Afghanistan”. So that through this Americans might fell some shame (but they will not) and world could be informed about American war crimes.
In his article Johnny has also attached pictures of young Afghan children lying nude and unconscious after rape.
Western media destroying Pakistani sports industry due to child labor cannot see these underage boys sexually abused by Americans
However whether these are the WikiLeaks or propaganda against freedom fighters that they are supporting Al-Qaeda and Taliban reality is that body and soul of new Afghan generation is being tortured by Americans.

Some are becoming targets of American bullets, missiles, and bombs while those who survive their souls are tortured sexual abuse and rapes. These disclosures of WikiLeaks will continue to be disclosed, writers like us will keep protesting but it is of no affect for Americans. Because it is part of their culture to murder innocents and sexually abuse the youngsters. Then is there no one to stop them? Not even Muslims having a population of 1.5 billions? Muslims, who have the big part of the world’s resources and wealth? The answer to this is, NO. Because our thinking is divided as Arabic, Non-Arabis, Shia, Sunni, Baloch, Pakhtoon, Sindhi, Punjabi, Seraiki, Uzbek and Tajik in spite of being as Muslims. WikiLeaks consisting of 250,000 documents aside, the harsh reality is that “Muslims cannot unite”. How we can? We do not have courage to find the traitors within ourselves…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 08 January 2011

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