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The Silence of Political Leadership of Pakistan over the Report of London School of Economics

Matt Waldman
 Basically belongs to British establishment, represents Britain in European Union Parliament. Supervises charity institutions in Europe belonging to Britain. Now a days working in “North Rose” International Law Firm of London. As chief of British charity organizations he has spent a long time in Afghanistan. Here he got in contact with Amar Saleh. However there are also reports that he belongs to notorious Military Intelligence of Britain i.e. MI-5.
It is obvious that London is the basic center of all the geographical and sectarian disputes and Britain is the country seeding these disputes. It is also bitter reality that withdrawal from its held areas became for inevitable for “Mother of Democracy” i.e. Britain. However before giving up in front of freedom movements English succeeded to plan that newly sovereign states either keep fighting with each other of they are so much trapped in internal problems like disputes between tribes, different linguistic groups and sectarian disputes.  So that in spite of being independent they have to look towards Britain or other imperialistic forces to solve these problems. They remain under control English in any form. We should accept that unconsciously we are still slaves of “British Crown”.
Gerad Russelol:
 A British diplomat had worked in British Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 14 years. In 2005 he became advisor for Iraqi Prime Minister. After 3 years he was sent to Afghanistan, in 2009 he was called back to London.

Whether it is the establishment of the Jewish state or Kashmir dispute all are created by Britain, in last half century thousands of Muslims have been murdered due to these disputes. After foreseeing that they are getting weak British rulers joined hands with Americans since then the difficulties of Muslims have increased. The process of looting of Muslim resources has become quicker. Their policies (US and Britain) are the greatest hurdles in the development of Muslim countries and their independence. Now if general public wants to break that besiege they cannot because the duty of its protection is being fulfilled by “Local English”, a specific group of our elite class.
Amarallah Saleh: an Afghan belonging to Panj Sher Valley. After defeat of Soviet Union like most leaders of Northern Alliance he spent his time New Delhi. However at the time of 9/11 tragedy he was in USA. Hamid Qarzai appointed him as Chief of Afghan National Security Directorate “NDS” in 2004, a new secret agency. Played central role in contcts between RAW and MOSSAD. Has special links with CIA, without bringing to the notice of Afghan govt. he handed over big number of Pakistani prisoners in Afghan jails to India; they were trained as terrorists and sent back to Pakistan. He has specially supported the report of London School of Economics against Pak-Army. Moreover many consulates of India were established in Afghanistan through his permission. When Pakistan provided evidence against him, Hamid Qarzai forced him to resign. Amarallah Saleh had now fled away from Afghanistan with the special support of RAW and MI-5.

Is not this correct that plan of controlling Arabs through Jewish state has been successful but in South Asia in spite of Indian support Pak-Army and ISI stands in front of their evil intentions and conspiracies. US and Britain want to capture mineral resources of Central Asian but for this access to Gwadar and peace in Afghanistan is inevitable. Moreover occupiers have to face destructive resistance in Afghanistan. America and British want that Pakistan should help them to control Afghanistan and fulfill their evil plans by utilizing its shared society, ground realities and geo location. What else India demands, it is ready to support US and British in all possible ways at the cost of disintegration of Pakistan. Ignoring the end result, the afghan who are not ready to tolerate modernized army of West, Jihad against them is part of Afghans belief, how will they accept Hindu army? If we analyze this situation whether it is India, USA or Britain they blame ISI for their failures. Now the easy solution to this situation is that from eastern side India attacks Pakistan and on the western side Afghan army (in spite of all the training they join freedom fighters along with their weapons) invades Pakistani territory in the name of hunting for terrorists. But neither Afghan army is trust worthy nor is Indian army (in spite of their greater number) capable to defeat Pakistan army. Moreover if India-Pakistan war is prolonged the use of nuclear weapons is also possible. America knows if once nuclear war starts it will be impossible to stop it.
Andrew Wilder

Supervisor of many NGOs working through US finance, few of them are in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now a days working on the welfare of children in Afghanistan.

The second option is to defame Pak-Army and ISI on the international level. Although it is complicated but it is easy. This is the reason that propaganda against these institutions (guarantors of our sovereignty) is always going on. Few Pakistani also play their role just to fulfill their damned interests. For example no one has felt it necessary to investigate that who were behind publishing of ads against Pak-army 12 years ago in the newspapers of London? Who paid the price of these ads, like this Musharaf’s visit to China during Kargil war who recorded the conversation with General Aziz in Pakistan about and how this recording got in hands of India? Not only that how the report of justice Hamood-ur-Rehman report (the purpose of this commission was to accuse Pak-Army for defeat) about 1971 war in order to find reasons behind defeat, this defeat had been considered as to be secret  then how and why it was published in Indian weekly “India Today” in 2000. Now the report of London School of Economics, during preparation of this report the interview and support from Richard Holbrook was also sought. After arriving to Pakistan he said, “this report has no value, so we reject it”. What a joke because the purpose of above mentioned report is not only to defame Pak-Army but also destroy the morale of soldiers and officers fight against terrorism. Hail to the chain of Command of Army, they are not only bearing all propaganda within and out of country with patience, but by sacrificing hundreds of their lives they have proved that they will not hesitate from any sacrifice for the safety of country.
Paul Fishstein: belongs to America, supervised Taliban from 1989 to 1993 from Quetta. Joined World Bank afterwards. When Amarallah Saleh was selected as Chief of Afghan Secret Agency Saleh took him to Afghanistan in 2004. Till 2008 he remained there for different purposes.
David Mansfieled:  Working in Afghanistan since 1997 on rural development program. Purpose of his presence there is told as to stop drugs, but in the Taliban regime he fled away from there. This was the only time when the drug business went to zero. After David returned back, drugs business is developing by leaps and bounds.

The above mentioned report has been prepared by 9 persons under the supervision of Matt Waldman. These persons include Jews and 1 Indian. The introduction of these persons is also along with their pictures in this article. In order to prepare this report the help was sought from books of 25 intellectuals published from 2001 to 2010. This includes report of American Department of Defense, it was represented in Congress about the steps taken to restore peace in Afghanistan. All of these books have been written in the specific scenario so that Northern Alliance can be posed as heroes and in contrast to them Afghan Mujahideen, Pakhtoon freedom fighters can be painted as terrorists and members of Al-Qaeda. This report includes the book of so called expert of Afghan and Taliban, Ahmad Rasheed from Karachi. I would like to make it clear about Ahmad Rasheed that he has several times repeated that as long as Pak-Army and ISI are present not only in Afghanistan but in the whole world the peace is not possible. Here I would also like to mention Amar Saleh, Chief of Afghan Intelligence; he had been forced to resign by Afghan President Hamid Qarzai, because he was busy in safeguarding Indian interests in spite of Afghan interests in Kabul. As soon as he was removed from his designation the Report of London School of Economics was published and his statement, “ISI is responsible for destruction of Afghanistan and there is no need of any evidence” are links of the same chain.
Nigel Pont: Father English diplomat, Mother Jew, Born in Iran, brought up in Pakistan, speaks Urdu, Pashto fluently. Belongs to British NGO “Merey Corps” and working as Chief of Agriculture Department of this organization. Moreover supervises micro-development program in Kabul and Jalalabad.  

Gerald Knaus
He is known as expert for Turkey and Balkan States, currently supervising NGO in Afghanistan. Moreover he is founder and Chief of a British Think tank “European Stability Initiative”.

The longest chapter of the above mentioned report is about THE HAQQANI NETWORK consisting of 5 pages. Through this they (authors of the report) ha d tried to prove;
 That Taliban resisting in Afghanistan had full support of Haqqani Network (Belonging to North Waziristan), they are doing all this on the will of the Pak-Army and ISI. In the other words all the terrorist activities are being held under supervision of ISI. On the page 5 in the chapter “ISI Membership Quetta Shura” it has been told that ISI that has deep contacts with Taliban beyond imagination. The officials of ISI regularly attend meetings of Quetta Shura (Baluchistan about which propaganda is going on that Mullah Omar is hiding there). Their attendance sometimes is as members and sometimes as observers. In this report ISI and Pak-Army have been several times accused that they provide financial support, shelter and training to Taliban by the approval of govt. of Pakistan.
Michael Semple
 An American Jew, living in Afghanistan since 1989. however during Taliban govt. he returned back to USA, on return of Northern Alliance to power in 2002, he returned back to Afghanistan as well. He is much influential in Kabul.

Jesteena Dhillion

Expert of international laws, an Indian lawyer. Working as advisor for NATO forces in Afghanistan. Cannot see poor situation of Afghans, she has prepared many documentaries about Afghanistan, Pakistan had been only target in these documentaries.

If you want to correctly analyze the report then you should do it in reference of the authors of this report and duties they have performed and moreover with the topics of the books they have consulted. You will realize that it is collectively prepared and planned by British MI-5, Indian RAW and CIA. In the way London School of Economics has lent its name to this report, it clearly shows that MI-5 has used its influence. Otherwise Matt Waldman had been already expelled from fellowship of College. However by publishing such a fake report London School of Economics has earned defame for it. Why we are silent on such baseless blames, at least why, are not ISI and Pak-Army National Institutions? The reply to America and Britain had been given by own General Mac who was serving in Afghanistan. He had unveiled the truth and we had seen what price he had to pay for this truth…

 Urdu Copy: 

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 26 June, 2010

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