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Another Side of The Picture…

Another Side of The Picture… 9-5-2009
The corpse of an ill-fated Muslim whose legs and arms had been cut before burning him alive to torture him...
Is not it astonishing that India massacre of human beings, genocide of Muslims and other minorities is part of daily routine. There the issue of politics is not solution of public problems but enmity to Islam and end of Muslims. In contrast to this Pakistan is being defamed for being country of extremists. International is incessantly repeating that world is threatened from rapidly increasing Islamizing in Pakistan. The way of propaganda is same as it has been before attack on Iraq that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. The only difference is that in Iraq the real target of Americans was wealth of oil of Iraq but they had made lame excuse that Saddam is a dictator and he has chemical and biological weapons while in Pakistan these imperialist forces have different targets. The eyes of Americans are on Gwadar and moreover on minerals of Baluchistan, Israel is targeting Pakistani nukes while India in a struggle to demolish Two Nations Theory. In this way due to mutual interests “MOSSAD, CIA” & “RAW” has targeted state in spite of person or institution of govt. The Excuse is international terrorism and handful of terrorists present in tribal areas of Pakistan whose identity is suspicious. Who is training them, from where are they getting unending latest and heavy weapons? Who is providing them for finances to fight with state security agencies? Who is responsible for their supply and support? All these questions are neither raised by international nor discussed within Pakistan and nor there is any one to question American govt.
Another Side of The Picture… 9-5-2009
Such a torture had not been conducted by army of Hilaku with whom that innocent girl of Gujrat had been treated
Readers may remember that before attack on Iraq in America and UK there was a flood of Postal Packages filled with Anthrax (No such incident was reported in any other country of Europe). The administration machinery was paralyzed only to the news reports due to fear. Astonishing fact is that for two years terrorists posted Anthrax for English and Americans but no one died after being infected by it. Now anthrax has been replaced by plans of terrorism. Everyday few Pakistani students are arrested for planning for planning for terrorism and Pakistan is defamed, while terrorists attack in Pakistan, what a beautiful technique to befool the world.
Another Side of The Picture… 9-5-2009
Mutual Agenda of RAW, CIA and MOSSAD
However who are militants present in the areas adjacent to the Afghan Boundaries? What is their agenda? This question has been answered by Israeli govt. two weeks ago. Israeli Foreign Minister said, “Israeli is not really threatened by Iran but by Taliban present in Pakistani tribal areas” (it is good at least our brother Islamic country does not need to be worried anymore). A common man has been forced to think that at least what change has occurred in the interests of our region that Israel has been forced to change policy for its integrity and it feels threat from Pakistan. If Israeli govt. just like Indian rulers is threatened from Taliban in tribal areas of Pakistan then they have never said anything against Jews nor do they have any complaint from idol worshipers of India. They are busy in cutting roots of only Islamic Nuclear State in the name of adoption of Islamic law; army and security agencies are their main target. The targets of their suicide bombs are Muslims and Mosques. Children playing in homes, educational institutes of women are their targets. These elements named as Taliban are doing that duty which even army of our enemy was unable to fulfill. They have forced whole nation in the dark of fear. 17 crore people are facing the problem of their survival and safety. Country has been forced to beg in front of international monetary institutes like IMF. Economical growth has been stopped. Due to their activities now our enemy India is hoping to achieve its destination of Greater India. Western and Indian is crying that Pakistan is a failed state. India was struggling from last two decades to convince America to accept Pakistan as a terrorist state. International media working Jewish control was also supporting India but it has to face failure. But American ally like UK is also worried for Pakistani Nukes. It sees every Pakistani as a terrorist. Just for this that the terrorism is not ending in tribal areas of Pakistan. A handful of persons are trying to force whole country to such law which cannot be verified in the history of Islam. Where Islam has prohibited women from education? Islam is the religion which opens the doors of knowledge without differentiation between men or women, other wise before Islam public was not allowed to study and now in the name of Islam educational institutions are being demolished with bombs? The curse of God be on them they claim themselves as Taliban, Islam teaches to forgive enemy, while they are cutting throats of their own people? They claim mutilating corpses as a policy, Islam teaches to give shelter to those who do not have homes while they have millions homeless in their own country. Innocent children, women and elderly are asking for which crime they have been punished. Who are these people turning populated areas into war fields?
Another Side of The Picture… 9-5-2009
A scene after massacre of Muslims in Ahmadabad: A dog is eating corpse of a Muslim baby...
Not in far past just remember after Mumbai drama 26/11 India was threatening to conduct surgical strikes within Pakistan and there was possibility that it might move its army towards Eastern boundaries of Pakistan. In this regard Pakistan has told America that it will shift its army from western borders to eastern borders and had asked America to fight its war on terror itself, America was in great trouble that if Pakistan stopped chasing terrorists in tribal areas then it will be difficult for America to survive in Afghanistan. Now look at the Taliban fighting in tribal areas that India is conducting war games on border of Punjab and they are keeping Pak-Army busy in Swat, Malakand and other tribal areas for protection of public. This did not meant that Pak-Army has left eastern borders unguarded for enemies but imagine how much difficult and painful it is to fight with enemy within own territory. This cannot be imagined from columns or books but controllers of these Taliban sitting in Indian consulates in Afghanistan would had been laughing that now Pakistan army cannot handle this situation. How longer this will go on, it is known by our rulers but it is the need of the hour that through successful strikes against enemies hiding in tribal areas of NWFP and their supporters this claim should be falsified forever, “Terrorists are few miles away from Islamabad and Taliban may capture Pakistani nukes”.
Another Side of The Picture… 9-5-2009
Hindu women getting training for murdering Muslim
Now let us come towards “Soft image” of India, in establishing this, our free private electronic media has played a special role. While in west there are already such influential people controlling American and European media who have never allowed them to highlight severe violations of human rights. All the crimes of Hindu terrorists have been always kept hidden. You can see few pictures in this article. It is a little glance of the tortures that had been conducted on Muslims and minorities in India by Extremist Hindus. After watching these pictures one feels a wave of shudder but shame on so called free international media that they have tried to bring such barbaric acts in front of world. While in order to defame Pakistan Islamic terrorism is used as propaganda weapon. In India the elections are on final stage (at the time that article was written and published). During this analyzing the speeches of Hindu extremists an ex-ambassador of Nepal “Niraj Aryal” wrote in “Telegraph Nepal” published from Katmandu on 27th April in his article “India Permoting Terrorism in the Name of Democracy”. He said that the upcoming years will be much dangerous and worst for minorities and Muslims. Nepali Ambassador writes, “Before this only leaders of Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sina were making statements against Muslims and had planned riots for massacre of Muslims, however Congress was just busy in befooling Muslims through secret plans but after demolition/martyrdom of 500 year old historical Babri Mosque, in the way BJP got popularity and its vote bank has gone up Congress has also given up its so called policy of Secularism. Afterwards in order to win election Chief Minister of Gujrat Narindra Moodi broke all records. In order to win election as a campaign he planned massacre of Muslims on massive basis. After murdering thousands of Muslims Narindra Moodi was praised as hero of politics. In some areas he had been given importance equivalent to god. In front of him not only law of India but so called modern and very human friendly society of America and Europe are powerless. When I tried to know stance of British ambassadors in different European countries it was revealed that all are afraid that if they said anything against Hindu extremism or condemned Narindra Moodi this harm Indian democracy. I think their stance is based upon enmity to Islam. Due to their criminal silence Hindu extremists/terrorists have been so much encouraged that even Christians are not safe from them. Alas! Perhaps for the democracy America and Europe has been forced to remain silent on genocide of Christians but now situation has been much worsened. In elections of 2009 apparently the favorite topic for all politically peaceful parties is “increasing activities of Taliban in Pakistan” but when they talk about possible threats of this the reaction and aggressiveness of Hindu audience is clearly understandable. After watching this I can say that upcoming years will be much dangerous and hard for Muslims of India. And if America and Europe as usual ignored it than not only India but peace of the whole world will be on stake”.
Another Side of The Picture… 9-5-2009
A Hindu extremist known as "HUMAN BEING"! His Tirshul contaminated with human blood and his eyes are clearly suggesting that who he is in reality?
Readers this was point of view of a Nepal ambassador, there is no doubt Pakistan is passing through critical stage of its history in lieu of internal peace. But this does not mean that whole country is in the clutches of lawlessness. However the policy of our specific group of media is beyond understanding. Why they cannot see increasing Hindu extremism and massacre of Muslims in India? Through properly covering such incidents of Hindu terrorism and state terrorism of India it is our duty to make world aware that if in near future Indian Nukes fell in the hands of Indian Hindu Extremists/terrorists then not only Muslims but whole world will be on the verge of destruction…

Another Side of The Picture… 9-5-2009
These are not just corpses of Muslims burnt alive in Gujrat but a slap on the face of so called World's greatest democracy and Modern Human Friendly societies of WEST who can't see Hindu Terrorism

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date 09 May 2009


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