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American Interests in the Region…! Understand the Differences between Israeli Targets and Indian Goals

American Interests in the Region…! Understand the Differences between Israeli Targets and Indian Goals 04-07-2 009

It is astonishing that on American pressure India at least got ready to reduce its number of consulates and staff. According to reliable resources in the central building of Indian Consulate in Kabul, moreover in Jalalabad, Kandhar, Khost, Mizar-e-Sharif, Herat, Hilmand, Nimroz and other consulates there are about 300 on duty officials of Indian army from Major to Brigadier rank. Most of them belong to Military Intelligence. Remaining are experts of Gorilla Warfare. Moreover in the form of civil staff the number of agents of RAW is also in hundreds (there presence in Afghanistan is not possible without American will). And now if on American order India calls back its agents then through this at least one thing is proved that Pakistan’s protest and concerns against armed Indian interference in Pakistan through Afghanistan is based upon reality and fact. But will India easily act upon American order and if India fulfills American order, will under the presence of Northern Alliance Indian interference will be decreased by decreasing the number of Indian consulates?

I think nothing will happen as expected in the above lines. Because on such an important news the reaction of Pakistani govt. and media is disappointing. There are no statements, no talk show, “so that international community could know that how much financial and loss of lives has to be born by Pakistan due to armed Indian interference in past years and at least America has been forced to say, “it is enough, now stop this”. Secondly international community will remain unaware of damned Indian role in Afghanistan. Taking benefit of this India will utilize lame excuses while fulfilling the American decision. It is also possible that after being dormant for sometime India start its activities afresh and Pakistan again becomes target of Indian terrorism. Definitely this will go on as long as we don’t understand tension between international imperialistic forces for Central Asian States, and points out our real enemy who is converting Pakistani cities in war fields.
 American Interests in the Region…! Understand the Differences between Israeli Targets and Indian Goals 04-07-2 009
If we analyze interests of international forces separately it is revealed that every country has its own Imperialistic agent. India is utilizing this agenda and wants to jeopardize others interests. Although the purpose of presence of international powers in Afghanistan is to stop Islamic extremists from taking control of Afghanistan and stop terrorism but American activities in the name of war against Al-Qaeda is not even accepted/verified by American intellectuals. There stance is different from our “Local English”, who have written bulk of books to prove that Taliban wearing black turban on their heads and armed with Kalashnikov are capable of capturing the whole world. In contrast to them “Charlie Wilson War’s” writer “George Crile” claims that Al-Qaeda is the central character of script written by American CIA, British MI5, and Israeli MOSSAD. He is astonished that in spite of being aware that all names now linked with Al-Qaeda were important allies of CIA in past, but we have accepted that poisonous lie as truth that these few people can capture the whole world.

He writes that whether it is Khalid Jahani or Khalid Shiekh Muhammad, Shiekh Abdul Rehman, Zakariya Mosvi, Jamal Badavi, Abdullah Azam or Ali Ahmad all such like persons are agents of CIA. Through their support America has broken Yogoslavia into Bosnia and Kosovo, later on in Chechnya these people have been used against Russia. They were responsible to transfer youngsters from Chechnya and Bosnia to Guantanamo Bay for training of Jihad.
 American Interests in the Region…! Understand the Differences between Israeli Targets and Indian Goals 04-07-2 009
Author writes “CIA and Osama collectively have done many operations for American interests”. One Identity of Osama is “Timosman”, American people may forget him but such facts cannot be ignored. According to the author, “The persons who made Al-Qaeda a nightmare for world know that their purpose is only to destroy Islamic Identity and capturing natural resources of these countries”. In this mission the agents of CIA (present terrorists of so called Al-Qaeda) played an important role. They have represented Islam in front of world as religion of terror.

In this way the author of “Holy War Unholy Victory”, “Kurt Lohbeck” writes with reference to the Commissioner Bob Kerrey’s statement after Bush’s regime about 9/11,

“Bob Kerrey, 9/11 commissioner blows the lid of the thoroughness of the commissions report confirming what many of us have suspected for sometime that the Cheney/Bush administration knowingly allowed the trade center attack with the hope that they could use it as an excuse to implant their resulting Middle-East  Neogon Madness. So it is rapidly growing proof that Dick Cheney, Bush, Rice, and Rumsfield have all been knowingly lying to the Congress and the American public in order to implement their Grand Global Plan in Iraq”.
 American Interests in the Region…! Understand the Differences between Israeli Targets and Indian Goals 04-07-2 009
Readers if we analyze the situation before American attack on Afghanistan and after wards destruction of Iraq and the situation after it we can clearly see main interests of CIA, MI5 and MOSSAD. In Afghanistan Taliban govt. cleared of Opium fields due to this American CIA has been completely deprived of income from smuggling of Heroin. On the other hand Bush and Dick Cheney wanted to capture Iraqi Petroleum resources. Elder Bush has remained Chief of CIA and he acted as bridge between Dick Chenney, Younger Bush and CIA to work collectively. The agenda of access to Central Asian states also awaited completion. British MI5 is always waiting for call from America. The purpose of Israel is much clear that by any means world’s attention could be transferred from Jews capture of Palestine to something else.
 American Interests in the Region…! Understand the Differences between Israeli Targets and Indian Goals 04-07-2 009
On the other hand Russia was ready to keep silent on American conspiracies if America withdrew its support of Chechen freedom fighters. China was not in such a situation to challenge America moreover activities of Muslim separatists in Chinese Province Xinjiang forced China to remain silent because the tribes were getting all of their support via Province Wakhan of Afghanistan. After making circumstances suitable through propaganda in media CIA, Bush administration and MOSSAD staged bloody drama of 9/11 and in reaction allied forces crushed Afghanistan. Iran also kept silent because on one hand Iraq and on the other hand in Afghanistan in both points its enemies were going to be cleared away. Why Pakistan decided to support America everyone knows this. However after rain of Daisy Cutter bombs and aerial attacks when stage for ground attacks came then support of anti-Pakistani Northern Alliance became necessary for Americans. In this way after one year of capture of Afghanistan America and its allies attacked Iraq. If you analyze this scenario there is no role of India, except Indian propaganda before American attack on Afghanistan that America should target Pakistan first.
American Interests in the Region…! Understand the Differences between Israeli Targets and Indian Goals 04-07-2 009American Interests in the Region…! Understand the Differences between Israeli Targets and Indian Goals 04-07-2 009
Through Afghanistan the process of Indian interference in Pakistan started in 2003 at that time when America got trapped into Iraq and in New York and London people came to the roads to protest in the shape of “Million March”. Benefiting from this India succeeded to get support in the form of Northern Alliance. Through Jewish media India succeeded in convincing America and Europe that Afghan fighters have support of ISI and Pak-Army. Moreover in noise of propaganda world was unable to differentiate between lie and truth that persons attacking allied forces or Northern Alliance are not fighting to support Islam or Taliban but for saving their Pakhtun identity and for their survival. There lives, property and prestige has been threatened by Northern Alliance and Allied soldiers. It is also true that after capturing Kabul, Northern Alliance treated Pakhtun’s as Mangols have treated inhabitants of Baghdad.

Here mentioning Israeli MOSSAD is much necessary. Readers have been thinking that why he is digging roots of Pakistan along with India? The answer to this question is much simple. After forcing Europe to World War II Jews selected America as their Centre and from there they have been controlling international economy. In the last half century through looting American economy they brought it to the edge of destruction. The results of these are being seen by world as current economical crises and Americans are facing it. Most of the banks and financial institutions had been declared bankrupt. Now the eyes of Jews are on India. They want to make Mumbai alternative to New York and are planning to transfer their business estate to there. In the fond of being super power of world Indian Brahmans have fallen to Jewish trap. Pakistan is psychologically haunting them. They think that this country is a hurdle in the fulfillment of their plans. To break Pakistan except Israel no other force can help them. This the basic cause of Hindu-Jewish union. Look at the American Digests News Week or Time you will see that they are filled with propaganda against Pakistan regarding religious extremism and only with praise of India. The threat from Pakistan Nukes is only for India. American and European media/community is supporting them only due to Jewish propaganda. Otherwise no country has ever expressed concerns over Pakistani nukes, not even Israel. Now when America has started withdrawing its troops from Iraq (because the business men from White House have left Iraq after filling their coffers from money of Iraqi oil) but American govt. has yet no intention of leaving Afghanistan. Not due to this that they are endangered from any Al-Qaeda leader hidden in tribal areas of Pakistan, Americans know that this is just a “Cover Story”. The real problem is lucrative business of drugs. CIA is not ready to leave its heavy income from drugs. Moreover India and Northern Alliance are aware that on the day America left Afghanistan, the real inhibitors of Afghanistan will come into rule and their play will end. In order to keep American forces busy in Afghanistan in the way India has created civil protests with the help of British MI5 on elections results in Iran, after this it is impossible for America to quit Afghanistan.
 American Interests in the Region…! Understand the Differences between Israeli Targets and Indian Goals 04-07-2 009
It is possible some readers don’t accept my stance that India is utilizing those Iranian persons who have got education from universities of India during last three decades. If Iranians think India is their friend then this is their day dreaming. Hindu Brahman is no one’s friend except of its interests. This is magic of India that Iranian govt. is blaming British and America for protests and terrorism in its cities. Otherwise the article of ex-chief of Indian secret agency B. Ramin “Will Khamenai Have the Last Laugh?” published on 24th June is enough to open the eyes of Iran.

The purpose of this article is that at that time many countries are busy in war in this region for their own interests. Apparently being allies they are secretly fighting against each other. The plus point of India is that it has made them all united against Pakistan under the umbrella of “Religious Extremism” (The Drama of 26 November 2008 has been staged with the support of Israel for this purpose). We cannot defeat them all. We will have to differentiate our real enemy out of them and will have to pay our full attention to defeat him and will have to inform other forces about the agenda of that real enemy. Then we will be able to end terrorism with in our territories. Otherwise that so called war against terrorism will silently make us economically weak…

Written By Khalid Biag,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated 4 July 2009.

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