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America Facing Defeat in Afghanistan and Increasing Problems of NATO… Part-III

Fwd: pics part 3
Burning American Vehicle
When all politicians of Pakistan arrived in the Prime Minister House on Prime Minister Muhammad Khan Junejo’s invitation it was an emotional scene. Look at the newspapers of March 1988 all eyes were fixed on the PM House. What good news is given to the world by our Public Representatives? Hopes were not without reason after all the future of Afghanistan was going to be decided. The fate of the whole region was given into the hands of Round Table Conference under supervision of Junejo. While the decision has been already made somewhere else. However after two days sitting Foreign Minister Zain Norani read the mutual statement of Round Table Conference in the presence of all political leaders, “Soviet forces are allowed to leave Afghanistan without any condition, Pakistan will not interfere in it. Moreover under the leadership of Najeebullah a representative govt. is present and can handle retreat of Soviet forces”. On this mentioned statement faces of our politicians were filled with glee, why they should not be happy, at least they had taken revenge from Zia-ul-Haq and Pak-Army for enforcing Martial Law. They all were enjoying General Zia-ul-Haq’s “Baby”. They even did not think that after withdrawal of Soviet Forces how longer Najeebullah can stay in front of Mujahideen who have sacrificed their everything in this war.
Fwd: pics part 3

On 14th April 1988 historical Geneva Accord was signed, the interesting aspect of this accord is that it had only two members i.e. Pakistan and Afghanistan. Under this accord Pakistan was duty bound to not interfere in internal affairs of Afghanistan and will respect sovereignty of its neighbor country. Soviet Union and America signed as guarantors. It was decided that the process of retreat of Soviet Forces will start on 15th May 1988 and will end on 15th May 1989. In this accord condemning Soviet Union is far enough it was not said that it has attacked a sovereign country and Mujahideen were also not mentioned anywhere that what will be their role, where will they go? The result was same for which “extremely disliked role of Pakistan” General Zia-ul-Haq had already warned Pakistani public. Different ethnic and cultural groups of Afghan forgot that they had fought war of freedom mutually, they indulged in civil war, the cannons were now being fired to kill own people, everyone was willing to capture Kabul. Having majority Pakhtoon were of the view that they had given greater sacrifices as compared to others so it was their right to establish Afghan govt. Look at the heart wrenching history of Afghan Civil War, in resistance against Soviet forces not a single building was destroyed, in civil war whole Kabul was converted to ruins. Approximately 9 millions Afghan men and women were forced to migrate, some went to Iran, and rich migrated to Europe. The number of immigrants to Pakistan was 5 millions. Afghan and Pakistani people are still being punished for “Geneva Accord”. While became innocent by saying just, “in past leaving Afghanistan alone they had done great wrong”. Can this make the destruction and deaths of millions of Afghan correct?
Fwd: pics part 3
Near Khost, 34 Km away from Pakistani Boundary Airport used by CIA for Drone Attacks in Pakistan
I think all those politicians of Pakistan who gave “Clean Chit” to Russia to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan  are equally responsible for deaths and destruction in Afghanistan. Alas! Just to take revenge of dictatorship from General Zia-ul-Haq they pushed whole region to hell.

(This is not today’s topic but I think it necessary to mention that just like as Geneva Accord America is today again changing direction of Pakistan, Turkey is being made as ideal for us for administration and culture. Recent visit to Turkey by our Prime Minister in spite of bad economical situation and all accuses warm welcome to our Prime Minister in Turkey shows that America has started working on its agenda. This was revealed on 6th of this month in WikiLeaks;

“Turkey! Seen as answer to Saudi’s Influence in Pakistan”

Definitely Turkey is a brother Islamic country, old and loyal friend of Pakistan and our relations are beyond any confusion or objection. But Pakistan having Islamic identity and Eastern values will be able to accept Secular Culture of Turkey? Imagine if this happens so, will increasing Hindu Extremism in our East allow us to act as Secular? Or the real purpose behind this exercise is to make us slave of Hinduism and make us far from Saudi Influence. Good planning for complete economic devastation of Pakistan).
Fwd: pics part 3
American Female Soldiers who feel more threat from their own colleagues as compared to Taliban
After 1989 Afghanistan was destroyed but three businesses flourished. Many new types of drugs were introduced, the business of illegal weapons and sale n purchase of women also continued. When Soviet Union disintegrated America again needed Afghanistan because natural resources of newly born Central Asian States were released from Russian influence. They make 40% of whole worlds natural resources and could not have been utilized yet. However for their supply to outer world peace in Afghanistan was necessary. For this purpose Taliban were produced. How under the supervision of Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto American Ambassador John C. Monjo, General Naseerullah Babar created them is also just like Arabian Tales. However American established Taliban forwarded to restore peace but before capturing Kabul their thinking changed. Such a big change in thinking of Taliban was done by General Hameed Gul (at least America says so) or America badly misunderstood psychology of Afghan Pakhtoons. Whatever was the reason the access to Central Asian States mineral resources through Gwadar became impossible. After failure from all sides “9/11” solved American problems. America accused that Osama Bin Laden sitting in the narrow mountains of Afghanistan on the power of Magic (Magic for the reason that how a human being sitting in most undeveloped country of world at a distance of 8000 Kms can force pilots to hit their airplanes to American buildings) attacked Twin Towers of New York and for this he had support of an organization named as Al-Qaeda. That organization appeared suddenly after incident of 9/11 just like as a role of fairy tale. Seems CIA has chosen name from Arabic dictionary, “such an organization which can destroy any part of world”. Astonishingly the leaders of this organization are present in every such country on which America wants to attack i.e. first in Iraq and Afghanistan, then in tribal areas of Pakistan, from to here according to American reports they are shifting to Somalia and Yemen (in order to shun Saudi Arabia). However America attacked Afghanistan along with its allies, it tested all of its destructive weapons like Daisy Cutters and Cluster Bombs and this process is still going on. American tax payers do not know that what price they are paying for Afghan War, Fuel costs 800 $ per gallon, 6 million per year are being paid to Afghan translators which number in 5000 (These translators facilitate American soldiers in contacts with local people moreover in making deals of women and illegal weapons), destruction of economy in such a way is not without any purpose. America thinks that it will succeed in looting hidden minerals of Central Asian States and Afghanistan. For this even if America has to kill all Pakhtoons it will do that after all it has attacked Japan with nuclear bombs.
Fwd: pics part 3
Americans are not safe even in their tanks in Afghanistan
The Price of American Ruler’s lust for money and anti-human imperialistic plans sitting in Washington is not only being paid by American tax-payers but also by American soldiers and American female soldiers in Afghanistan. There American soldiers are targeted by Afghan freedom fighters and American female soldiers are raped by their colleagues. American soldier terrified of Afghan Gorillas involved in purpose less thousands of miles away from his homeland expresses his anger on his female colleagues. And America just like the number of deaths in Afghanistan is busy in hiding the number of gang rapes with American female soldiers from its nation. History will show this that just like war in Vietnam what will be the affects of defeat in Afghanistan on American society. No matter today American media is trying to hide these gang rapes of American female soldiers and woman and human rights organization also cannot see such incidents but Professor “Helen Benedict” of Journalism department of Columbia University New York has recently written a book “The Lonely Soldier” and tried to awaken human rights activists. Look at the paragraph;

“Female US Soldiers serving in Afghanistan have more to fear then roadside Bomb or ambushes. They are at risk of being raped or sexually assaulted”.
Fwd: pics part 3
Title page of the Book
According to the authoress hundreds of female soldiers have been murdered after being raped so that they do not open it up in front of American public. Astonishingly most of them have been raped in adjacent areas during Patrolling and after their murder it was reported that they have been kidnapped by Taliban. Now the condition of female soldiers is that they do not drink water because for urination they will have go outside camp and they may not only be raped but lose their life as well.

Whether it is American media or CIA in spite of their hiding the facts their confusion shows that what difficulties are being faced by allies. When NATO announced withdrawal of troops till 2014, Pentagon has to issue explanation that they will not go yet, the announcement of retreat is before time. After this Secretary General of NATO has been forced to threaten Taliban, “Taliban should forget dream of recapturing Afghanistan”.  On American pressure NATO was forced to threaten Taliban because of announcement of troops till 2014 Afghan fighters had been encouraged and morale of American forces (which is already at ground level) has been demolished. In order to change expression of American defeat in Afghanistan America had asked Pakistan to aloe it to expand drone attacks to Quetta which was totally rejected by Pakistan. But that threat has not been removed yet because having aggressive thinking NEOCONS (Neo-conservatives) present in Washington and electronic and print media under their control are trying to convince White House that till American forces do not themselves attack Pakistan to target terrorists they cannot win in Afghanistan. NEOCONS are giving crazy advices of dividing Afghanistan in Pashtoon, Tajuk, Azbuk parts and also dividing Pakistan into ethnic units. Masters of our electronic media who are famous for their intelligence have no time to warn Neocons of results of this division will Nuclear war. Because in American army there are such Generals under their influence who think that by limiting role of  Pakistan and its army defeat in Afghanistan could be changed to victory. In Vietnam these Neo Cons had advised to attack Cambodia and Laos where these communists had alleged training camps. Already badly beaten American army attacked Cambodia and Laos but this criminal act could not save them from humiliating defeat in Vietnam.
Fwd: pics part 3
American Parks n Playgrounds converted into Graveyards
Whether these are suicide bomb attacks or terrorist activities all are to keep alive the identity of American Taliban. However in order to help victims of flood many journalists from all over the world has visited every inch of Pakistan if they had seen any such activity then they had reported it to media. American public should also think that in tribal areas American Drones are targeting Pakhtoons and American officials think that Pakistani Pakhtoon are supporting Afghan Pakhtoons, in this way is not it proved that America are fighting with Afghan people (Pakhtoons) not Taliban. Americans mayu try to support their capture of Afghanistan by naming these Pakhtoons as Taliban but they are never going to accept Americans as their rulers. If this fact Americans can understand then neither they will need to kill innocent people in tribal areas of Pakistan nor any Mullah Mansoor will cheat them by acting as fake Taliban leader in the name of Taliban. But if America is ready to continue war in Afghanistan for interest of its traders of women, drugs and illegal weapons and wants to capture Pakistan, then it should make its play grounds ready to be converted into graveyards because it will not find any Pakistani hesitant in protecting sovereignty of Pakistan.

Urdu Copy:

From Truth By Kbaig

Other Parts:

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 19 December 2010.

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