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America Facing Defeat in Afghanistan and Increasing Problems of NATO… Part-II

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An American who has been killed for interests of his rulers...

Till end of 1980 Soviet army has been busy with Mujahideen
and had forgotten to capture Gwadar and acess to Gulf. It was becoming
difficult for them to keep hold outside of big cities including Kabul. Although on all
important roads and entrances to cities Check Posts were established, day
passed calm fully but as soon as dark of night spread Mujahideen used to appear
suddenly and target Russians. In the start Mujahideen used “Mark-I Three knot
three” to target Russians its chamber cannot hold more then 7 bullets at the
same time. Some groups also used “Kalashnikov”. In short time they got access
to Machine Gun and Rocket Launchers and other automatic weapons. These weapons
were snatched from Russian forces during Gorilla attacks. Some Russians had
been selling weapons for drugs. Moreover deserters of Afghan army also joined
Mujahideen along with heavy weapons. What difficutlties were being faced by Red
Army could be imagined from this statement of their Chief “Marshal Sergei
Sokolov”, which he said in an address in Kabul
on 14th January 1981 to encourage his soldiers. Look at a paragraph
out of his emotional speech, which was being broadcasted and published by
international media till end of the war;

“When you are wounded or left on Afghanistan’s plains and women came
out to cut out with remains. Just role your rifle and blow out your brain and
go to your God like a Soldier”.

When America got sure that Soviet Army has been badly trapped into Afghanistan, by increasing capability of
Mujahideen's Gorilla warfare and equipping them with modern weapons, the Soviet Army
can be defeated and American defeat in Vietnam could be countered. In 1982
they started talks with Pakistani leadership, in this lieu help was also sought
from Saudi Arabia
because their contacts with General Zia-ul-Haq were not good. In this way
American got involved in Afghan war. May anti-army intellectuals of Pakistan
(most of them are also anti-religion as well) are still on the stance that
Pakistan was fighting war with Afghanistan in 1980’s decade and if America had
not came forward to help, Russia could not had been defeated. I will request
all my friends who have such like thinking that they should restudy the history
of Russian’s arrival to Afghanistan
and the purpose behind capture of Afghanistan. They will understand
that resistance war against Russians have been already started by Afghans
before the sunrise of 1980 without any external support. When Pakistani support
became a part of their Gorilla activities the scenario of war changed. This was
a war of sovereignty of Afghanistan
and Pakistan which was
mutually fought on every inch of Afghanistan. However America
succeeded in getting credit for Mujahideen’s victory through proper propaganda.
Otherwise if America
had not helped, would Afghans have accepted defeat? Had they given up their
history of thousands of years not accepting defeat in front of Red Army? My
friends having such like hypothesis should look at the look at Afghan
resistance against America
that in last 9 years in spite of all types of tortures, murders, and weapons America
has been unsuccessful to defeat them. What type of destructive weapons which America has not
used there? The condition of higher command in Afghanistan is morally so much
shallow that on 18th November it was announced, “Now America will
first time use latest tanks M1 Abrahms against terrorists (Afghan Freedom
fighters). Initially 16 tanks will be used in Hilmand later on they will be
used in other provinces too”. That news was published on 19th

 part 2 pics

Infact these tanks are being used since 2006 in
South-Western areas of Afghanistan,
Canadian and soldiers of Denmark
are using them also. However after destruction of many costly tanks through
Anti-tank mines and rocket launchers of Freedom fighters these tanks had been
limited to cantonments. On the other hand these tanks are useless against
Gorilla warfare. If America
uses them again it cannot suppress freedom movement of Afghans. To control them
just on Kabul
airport for operational duty American Air-Force has taken 6500 flights. The
details of planes of death are separate who fly from other air bases. Just in
this field Americans are ahead of resistors because they do not have
anti-aircraft Stinger Missiles. In spite of this they are so much afraid that
the most powerful President of the world Obama had arrived silently in
Afghanistan in the dark of night under cover of fifty fighter air planes (Victorious
never go to their captured areas like that) and he do not have such moral
courage to meet the President of Afghanistan in Kabul after arriving at Bigram
Airbase. Is not that proof enough that America
has captured Afghanistan
through barbarism? Here the rivals of Afghan fighters could say that Obama was
gone there to encourage his soldiers, and then has the morale of American
soldiers so much low that in order to encourage them for giving up their lives
without any holy purpose American President has to visit from a distance of
8000 Kilometers?

part 2 pics
Americans in Afghanistan! In the eyes of a Cartoonist...

In contrast to Soviet union America
has support of all non-Muslim countries along with Northern
. India
is separately playing a dreadful role there. If in the past the pro-communist
so called modern (who are now greater supporters of American interests in
Pakistan) are claiming Afghan war in Pakistan wrong decision or poor planning
of Pak-Army that like Soviet Union in past now America thinks that it is
Pak-Army and ISI supporting Afghan Freedom fighters and internally defeating
terrorists prepared by CIA, RAW and MOSSAD, then on their thinking we can just
mourn. They are great supporters of Indian role in Afghanistan
because America
wants utilize Indians as guards for its interests. While neither the boundaries
of both countries (India and
are adjacent nor do they have any cultural, lingual or historical link. In such
situation if Pak-Army takes Indian role in Afghanistan
as threat to Pakistan
then it is right. Pakistani intellectuals, writers and journalists should
consider stance of Pak-Army as guarantor of peace and stability in Pakistan and
should raise their voice on the international level and should tell the world
that India who is murder of millions of innocent Kashmiris, has deprived Muslims
of basic human rights within its territories, is violating rights of other
minorities, if a country having such a dreadful and barbaric identity is given
any role in Afghanistan Pakistani nation will stand up against this and will
consider it as an attack towards Pakistan's sovereignty.

part 2 pics
Dead Body of an American Soldier who was killed by Afghan Fighters while they succeeded to infiltrate in an American Airbase

But we have no time from mutual disputes and shameful
corruption/looting. We are senseless that what is happening around our
boundaries or what is going to happen. Our politicians have such evidences for
their inheritance of being our leaders that God save us. Our intellectual
community has been already habitual watching Afghan resistance war through
Jewish and Western eyes. It is the incident of now a days that a famous
intellectual was blaming General Zia-ul-Haq for present condition of Afghanistan, he said “General Zia-ul-Haq started
resistance in Afghanistan on
American order along with his Generals but failed to understand the future,
that what will be the future of Afghanistan
after Russians retreated”? The reply of this struggle to defame Pak-Army is
present in a deal between Pakistan-Afghanistan on American pressure which was
signed on 14th April 1988 in Geneva.
This is not hidden however in order to understand present situation it is
necessary to bring it forward and start new discussion over it. Before writing
anything about Geneva Accord I would like to
mention here alleged statement of Soviet Defense Minister General Yazov
in Moscow in January 1989 which he issued during a function about Soviet Army’s
retreat from Afghanistan to journalists, in this statement he has claimed
limiting Russian forces to Afghanistan as an open error, he has said that in
response to a journalist’s question about interference from Pak-Army and ISI.
In response to this he said, “Before departure of Armed forces for Kabul their destination has been decided but limiting them  to Afghanistan a historical wrong decision has been taken”. Soviet General said, “in Afghanistan war 620,000 armed soldiers, 451 fighter airplanes, 333 helicopters, 1014 armored
personnel carriers (APC), 433 Artillery guns, 285 tanks, and 11389 trucks were
used to transfer personnel as well as equipment, ammunition and weapons. The
whole of this was arranged keeping in view possible American interference after
attacking Pakistani territory which was approximately impossible. However
Mujahideen there showed unusual bravery and engaged our troops initially in
such a way that they got trapped there in an unending war”. After this
statement if we do not give credit of defeating Red Army to Afghan
Mujahideen/freedom fighters then it will be great wrong in the history, they
sacrificed there lives, homes, property and not only secured there sovereignty
but also safeguarded Pakistani territories. Otherwise that if such a great
number of Soviet troops had entered into Pakistan then what situation had
been? Analyzing this situation keep in mind the defense deals between Soviet
and India, it was not
necessary that enemy has been successful but try to understand that how much causalities
and economical loss Pakistan
had to bear? You can estimate it easily.

part 2 pics
Look at the training of Afghan Policemen. After Americans retreat will they be able to face Taliban?
 Now let us come towards respectful retreat of Soviet Union and the deal for which we were pressurized.
In 1985 Soviet rulers decided to retreat from Afghanistan. In this lieu the talks
were initiated through United Nation’s Secretary General, but all struggles
went in vain. However after Soviet stance came to front on one hand the war in Afghanistan grew more intense and on the other
hand the disputes developed between Pakistani leadership and America. Afghan
war was blissful for many important Americans. In Afghanistan drug trafficking, sale
and purchase of weapons, moreover woman trafficking was on full swing. The
American investors having influence in Washington
and American govt. were making unusual profits. They that war continues in Afghanistan because financial support was provided by Saudi Arabia for supply of heavy weapons to Mujahideen due to which American weapon manufacturers were earning unusually. On end of war and retreat of Russian
forces Pakistani stance was clear but against American policy. However due to
increasing pressure on United Nations from Soviet side for retreat forced
international community to look towards America.

part 2 pics
Lo! these American Soldiers have been forced to sleep in the grave like diggings even within the walls of their bases due to Taliban's fear
 In 1987 on Gorbachev’s announcement of retreat of Soviet
forces in public level and during retreat demand for security of retreating
troops from United Nations put America
in difficult situation. Gorbachev knew that Russian troops retreating along
with heavy weapons will an easy target for Afghan Mujahideen. Pakistan’s Armed leadership conditioned
Gorbachev’s demand with establishment of a representative government of Afghanistan.
General Zia-ul-Haq expressed his concerns about future of Afghanistan with detail and told media that if
Soviet forces left Afghanistan
without establishing any representative govt. in Afghanistan,
such an intense civil war will spread in Afghanistan
which will be eventually more dreadful then Russian attack and even Pakistan will
be safe from it. America was
neither concerned with concerns of Zia-ul-Haq nor with possibilities of civil
war in Afghanistan.
Civil war and poor situation of peace was need of American investors which
could be fulfilled in the form civil was between Afghan groups even after
Russian troops left the area. For their interests Americans decided to use
Pakistani Politicians. 

At that point it was test for the public representatives of Pakistan to show their far-sightedness and
deciding for stability of Pakistan
and region ignoring their personal interests. American struggles brought fruit
and Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Khan Junejo called All Parties Round
Table Conference for solution of problem on 5th and 6th
of March 1988. Including Benazir the leaders of all parties decided to
participate. Now the world was looking on the Pakistani Political Leadership
and results of the conference that what decision is made by such knowledgeable

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To Be Continued…

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Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 December 2010.

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