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Sri Lanka Defeated India without fighting War…

It seems legendary when someone says, “Goat defeated Elephant”. However this legend has been converted into reality in sub-continent. This news is being read that Sri Lankan army has at least freed all areas captured by militant “Tamil Tigers” (Liberation of Tigers of Tamil Eelam LTTE). In this way the Inspector of Asia, equipped with Nuclear weapons 4th greatest army of India has to face defeat from a small state Sri Lanka and that also without going to war. India had imposed war on Sri Lanka in the form of civil war and rebellions in last 25 years. In this war Sri Lankan nation has to give uncountable sacrifices. In these 25 years millions were displaced, their properties destroyed and on the deaths the number of Sri Lankan army is also in thousands. Although the series of suicide bombs is still going on, it is hoped that Sri Lankan govt. will control it soon.

Readers would have been thinking that if Sri Lankan govt. has crushed rebellion without going to war then how India has been defeated? In order to get answer of this question we will have to go back to the history. But first of all pay your attention that at least why in the sub-continent only Pakistan and Sri Lanka is targets of suicide bomb blasts? It is true that such type of terrorist attacks have been recently introduced into Pakistan. While in the Sri Lanka this has been going on since 1983 and on the similarity between incidents of suicide bomb blasts in Pakistan and bomb blasts by Tamil Tigers many research papers and articles have been written by international defense analysts. And in contrast to this not a single suicide bomb blast has been reported in India. Why? Except in 1991 the suicide bomb blast on Rajeev Gandhi, in this attack a socialist woman belonging to lower caste was involved. And even on this some analysts has claimed it to be a reaction of Indian aggressive policies against Sri Lanka and had tried to advise India should give aggressive policy towards its neighbors. Some analysts had written that RAW was not happy on withdrawal of Indian army from Sri Lanka in 1990 and took it as a severe shock to Indian interests. While Rajeev Gandhi has signed on the withdrawal of Indian army in 1988 in spite of severe opposition from RAW and senior members. In this way the real ruler of India (secret agency RAW) had been blamed for murder of Rajeev Gandhi.

Now let us come towards brief history of Indian interference in Sri Lanka and to capture its neighbor countries.

After independence in 1947 between India and China there were three independent states Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal. Their sovereignty was internationally accepted. However in spite of being independent the livelihood of these people was conditioned with trade from India. Due to this India succeeded in exporting its culture and religion to these states. First of all India captured Sikkim. This was initiated in 1950 by a defense agreement with Sikkim and under cover of this agreement India entered a Brigade of army into Sikkim while Sikkim did not have any army at all. In 1962 when India went to war with China India captured Sikkim and termed it as temporary defense measures. In 1974 elections in Sikkim were held and results of these elections developed civil war in Sikkim. In order to restore peace help was requested from India. After one year once again elections were announced. In these elections a political party wanted affiliation with India. In this way these elections took the form of referendum for affiliation with India. This drama was planned by RAW which got success in 1975 and Sikkim became a part of India, Indian army was already there.

Bhutan is apparently a free state. Here Indian is army is present in abundant numbers. In 2003 Indian Air force took over the control of Airports. In order to deceive world lame excuse was told that Indian Air force is training Bhutan’s pilots. Six years have passed but Bhutan’s pilots have not yet completed their training. It is possible Bhutanese don’t announce to be a subsidiary of India; it does not matter because Bhutan is already under control of India.

Nepal is also facing such like situation. With this difference that China has started increasing its influence there. Because in opposition with China, Europe and America are silent on India’s capture of Sikkim and Bhutan. After this China does not wish that sovereign state of Nepal is compromised. Although in 2004 India murdered whole family of Nepal’s King and after this brought Uncle (living in New Delhi) of Nepal’s king in power. But last year Maoists ended Kingdom in Nepal forever.

Now let us come towards Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island situated in south east of Indian province Tamil Nadu in Indian Ocean. And right from 1947 India has been struggling to capture it. But astonishingly Sri Lanka favored Pakistan. (Pakistan has also never said no to Sri Lanka and has helped that small state in hour of need). India created problems for Sri Lanka from 1972. The success of conspiracies in eastern Pakistan has made Indira Gandhi over confident. She sent Chief of RAW to Colombo so that he congratulates female Prime minister of Ceylon for being selected second time and also for changing Ceylon’s name to Sri Lanka. The real purpose behind this meeting was to make Sri Lanka ready to give up to India and become a province of India. Leader of Sri Lanka rejected Indira’s demand by saying, “Sri Lanka wants to get developed without Indian aid through its own resources”. For Indira the reply of Sri Lanka was not less then slap. But she was powerless because as being member of Common Wealth and getting freedom as sovereign state Sri Lanka has made a deal with UK that till 1982, “British Royal Navy” will be present on Sri Lanka’s harbor “Trin-comalee”. In the presence of Royal Navy it was not possible for Indira to capture Sri Lanka by military power. She at once ordered RAW that Hindus living in the eastern parts of Sri Lanka should be convinced to get freedom from Sri Lanka. RAW established two training camps in Tamil Nadu and training of Tamils started.

If we look at the population of Sri Lanka 70% population consist of Buddhists, 12 percent Hindus, 10 percent Christians and 8 percent Sinhali Muslims. From 1975 political disturbance started in Sri Lanka and 12% Hindus started protest that they should be given rights in govt. and other aspects on the proportion of their population. Till 1983 this protest for rights changed into movement for freedom and riots started. Somewhere time bombs made destruction while other places innocent people were targeted by suicide bomb blasts. With the name of “Tamil Tigers” a Tamil group came forward as LTTE. It was gradually changed into fully trained army. It was more advanced and equipped with latest weapons as compared to Sri Lankan Army. The distance between Indian and Sri Lankan coasts is only 30 kilometers. When Sri Lankan Navy chased Tamil Tigers they ran towards Indian Coasts through Speed Gun-Boats. If Sri Lankan Navy went farther to chase Tamils Indian govt. called on Sri Lankan Ambassador and protested for interference in Indian Territory. Western media kept their eyes closed due to their specific interests in Indian markets as they are now doing over massacre of Muslims in Kashmir and minorities in India. In no time Tamil Tigers purchased light war ships and Gunship Helicopters. In this way a northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka went under control of Tamil Tigers. Muslims were main affectees here.

When Sri Lankan govt. became powerless in front of Tamils, India cleverly offered to help to restore peace. This was accepted by weak Sri Lankan govt. in the name of restoration of peace Indian Army arrived into Sri Lanka in 1987 but the Sri Lankan public who was aware that the cause of their problems is India, they started protest. As soon as they saw Indian Army they came to roads and threw stones over Indian Soldiers. Sometimes the Sri Lankans got so much agitated and angry that police had to shoot them to disperse them. This was the hatred present in the Sri Lankan public which has to be faced by Rajeev Gandhi. After two days visit on 30th July 1987 when Rajeev Gandhi was returning back from Sri Lanka, during the Guard of Owner a Sri Lankan soldier tried to hit Gandhi’s head with the butt of gun and he cleverly turned aside. The butt of gun hit Gandhi’s shoulder and he could not balance himself. In India rumors were spread that their Prime Minister has been murdered (Indian Air force was ready to attack Sri Lanka). When Rajeev Gandhi arrived at airport due to questions of journalists he became agitated and said, “Should I remove my clothes to show that I have not been hurt and I am fine”.

The incident of Rajeev Gandhi turned worlds attention towards Sri Lanka and due to this India was forced to call back its army. But it continued armed interference within Sri Lanka. How harsh times Sri Lankans had to face we Pakistanis could not imagine it before but after whatever is happening in tribal areas of NWFP, moreover in Swat we can imagine that how great sacrifices have been given by Sri Lanka for their sovereignty. And perhaps it will take some time to make Sri Lanka a peaceful heaven. This peace is conditioned that if India stops its damn conspiracies. Because yet only the areas have been freed from Tamils and Indian terrorists. Thousands of their armed Gorillas are yet present in jungles and Indian coasts. And most worst is that RAW succeeded in saving the Chief of LTTE “Velupillai Prabhakaran”. According to CNN and IBN two helicopters landed in “Mullaitivu” on 19th January and Prabhakaran along with his important colleagues and valuable documents flew towards India. Afterwards on 27th January Sri Lanka captured that area. According to IBN’s website wife of Prabhakaran “Mathivathani Ermbu’ is living with her parents along with her daughter and sons. IBN claimed Prabhakaran as India’s favorite son. He is known as “Thamby” by Indian establishment. Sri Lankan media is on one hand celebrating victory in war and on the other hand protesting against India that it should hand over Prabhakaran to India. He has been announced as “Terrorist” by United Nations. He is also wanted by Interpol for Weapons smuggling, Murders and terrorism.

Readers look at the deceiving policy of India based upon the “Chankiya’s” teachings. On the one hand under the umbrella of Mumbai incidents it is protesting that 20 wanted persons should be handed over to it they have no link with Mumbai drama. On the other hand he has given shelter to dangerous Terrorist like “Prabhakaran”. He is accused for reckless murders of innocent Sri Lankan people and there several documented proofs against him. Here mentioning article of Colonel Ram Hari Haran in “Hindustan Times” with title “SRILANKA: Capture of Mullaitivu and Future of LTTE” will be of much interest for readers. Here we are including only two paragraphs:

“Just before Mullaitivu feel, there had been wide spread speculation in Sri Lanka media that he might have gone to Kerala of Tamil Nadu or even Penang State in Malaysia. All the three regions where pocket of LTTE sympathizers exist, are not inm the good books of Sri Lanka. However at present their stories appear to be more fiction then factual.

But where is Prabhakaran? Despite inspired stories about his departure to India, Malaysia or elsewhere, he runs the risk of being arrested in most of the 37 countries that have banned the LTTE in some form or other. Only Myanmar, Thailand and Kampuchea could become destinations of a fleeing LTTE leader. Of course South Africa and Eritrea are touted as two possibilities. But both are too far and travel will be too risky for the LTTE leader. The LTTE had a history of striking deals with corrupt elements of Myanmar military regime. But it is socially downtrodden Tamil ethnic population has little influence and the military regime might sacrifice Prabhakaran in adversity. Kampuchea where the LTTE has some clout with powerful Sri Lankan Tamil Expatriates appears to be only possibility”.

Retired Colonel Ram Hari belongs to Indian Military Intelligence. He also was Chief of Military Intelligence unit from 1987 to 1990. after retirement he joined RAW and now a days is working with China Studies Group in Chennai Center (this introduction is published in Hindustan Times).

However there is no doubt that our media could not spare time from internal problems but it is covering “Ajmal Qasab” or “Mumbai Drama”. Whether it is Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal or Pakistan are target of Indian conspiracies. India is trying to capture all these countries. India can do anything to fulfill its damn plans. In such circumstances Sri Lanka’s victory over LTTE is a very big success. It is duty of our media that at such time of happiness it stands with Sri Lanka and congratulates it. Their govt. and public should be congratulated so that they get courage that they are not alone in war with India. And Sri Lankan public should demand that if India does not give Ptrabhakaran to Sri Lanka then it should hand over him to Interpol. And it should be made clear that in order to fulfill damn plans how India tells lies.

You can see last two months editorials of Sri Lankan newspapers and analyses by Sri Lankan analysts about 26th November. You will come to know that how Sri Lanka has supported Pakistani stance and proved Indian drama as damn plan of RAW. Just because of this they themselves have been targets of India and RAW, then is not this our duty that we support Sri Lanka against conspiracies of RAW and India? I would also like to request to our govt. that it should help Sri Lanka to re-inhabit freed areas from LTTE and this matter should be taken in to United Nations so that Sri Lanka could helped to redevelop these areas.

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