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Obama's Visit to South Asia and American Policy of Ignoring Pakistan

This is not meeting for friendship but for enmity to human beings...

Muslim member Lord Nazir of British House of Lords has said, "Obama is visiting India but Pakistan has given unmatchable sacrifices in war on terror is being ignored. So Pakistan should end all relations and support in war against terrorism". We all know that bitter reality that government of Pakistan will not give attention to Lord Nazir's protest, however what lord Nazir has said is the voice of every Pakistani either he lives in Pakistan or abroad. Definitely Pakistanis are sad on being ignored in such a way by America. Otherwise every American President who visited India also visited Pakistan even for few hours. You remember the visit of American President Bill Clinton in 2001, with the biggest delegation of history and after one week's stay on return he took it proper to show solidarity with Pakistani nation and stop in Islamabad, although martial law has been imposed in Pakistan. America did not want that visit to Pakistan should be taken as support to martial law. In order to falsify this thought American has announced that no official should come to receive American President on the airport. Bill Clinton directly addressed Pakistani nation from American embassy and hardly restricted his photo shots along with Chief Executive Pervaiz Musharaf. But now when there is American favorite democratic govt. is ruling Pakistan then why Pakistan is being ignored, just to please India?

On 31st October has published a news report according to special resources that during Obama's four day stay in India he will not bring name of Kashmir on his mouth. And if any journalist asked about Kashmir (India has already made sure that no one will talk about Kashmir) Obama will give brief reply, "Kashmir is internal problem of India". While according to representative of famous American economic weekly, "Foreign Policy Magazine” and monitor for South Asian affairs "Christine Feer" has severely criticized Obama’s visit in last week's issue. He/she writes, "If America wants peace in Afghanistan then this could be only done by solving problem of Kashmir. While American officials are not ready to understand this that how India is influencing neighbor countries and is increasing its influence there". According to Christine, "in American army there are such Generals who have concerns about increasing Indian role and influence in politics, economy and defense of Afghanistan. while India not only wants to keep an eye on Pakistan through its presence in Afghanistan but also wants to go one step ahead and increase its influence within Pakistan".

Readers will have been thinking that what change has occurred in the region, due to which America has decided to ignore frontline ally like Pakistan who has given unmatchable sacrifices in war on terror. And in order to please India is not ready just to talk about Kashmir problem? The reason behind this is vast Indian trade market or big deals of weapons that America has been forced to accept all Indian demands? Before giving answer to these questions let us analyze Pak-American relations history in brief.

Capturing states of Joona Garh and Kashmir through military power in 1947 by Indians and massacre of Muslims moreover inequality in division of finances and weapons, made Pakistan unsafe right at the time of birth. Russian plan to aggressively get access to warm waters (Baluchistan and coast of Gwadar etc.) also became psychological reason to entrap Pakistan by America. India apparently being claimant of secularism and is situated near to Russia geographically. On the western side Indian relations with Afghanistan and within Pakistan negative behavior of socialist parties against new born Pakistan were such elements which made Pakistan threatened for its integrity and survival and Pakistan got trapped into un-trust worthy relations with America.

Look at the pages of history at that time cold war between America and Soviet Union was on peak, America was busy in besieging Soviet Union with the support of Pakistan having Islamic identity. Due to these American struggles in 1954 Pakistan became member of Middle East Defense Organization (MEDO) and participated in war against Soviet Union, it could be also said that Pakistan laid foundation of enmity with Russia. after this in 1955 Pakistan was included into South East Asian Treaty "SEATO", after few months Pakistan was pushed into "Baghdad Pact" later on that organizations was named as CENTO (Turkey, Iran and Iraq were premier members of it). in the way Pakistan was becoming part of regional Islamic alliance against Russia due to this Pakistan got some American aid but no one even once thought that what if that cold war between Russia and America changed into reality then what will be role of Pakistan in this war? And what price we will have to pay for being used by America? Our rulers were happy on just that statement of America,

"Pakistan had become America's most allied ally in Asia".

Keep in mind that we are still called biggest allies of America. In 1959 govt. of Pakistan took another step towards enmity of Russia and allowed America to establish a center for spy in N.W.F.P from here American spy planes which recorded movements and capability of Red Army through their cameras and other sensitive equipment. not only this in 1969 Nicholson after taking power in America decided to initiate relations with China using Pakistan. In 1970 Hilary Kasincher met president of Pakistan Yehya Khan and in December 1970 Pakistan initiated secret talks with China. After this at least on 9 July 1971 Kasincher arrived through passenger flight from Peshawar to Beijing. (here I would like to make an interesting disclosure that Americans put a special type of glue beneath both wings of P.I.A so that during its flight particles flying in the Chinese air get entangled so that after analyzing they could decide that whether China is involved in production of hydrogen bomb or not). After this Nicholson’s way was cleared for talks with Chinese leadership. But Soviet Union had drawn red circle around Pakistan and in 1971 Russia took revenge by dividing Pakistan into two parts while Pakistan kept waiting for 11th American naval ship.

America changing world into weapons cache just for its superiority

The story of American blessings on Pakistan quite long however I would like to mention only "Sleeper edition" through which it has been made difficult even to breath. This is story of that time when against Russia with the support of Pakistan resistant Gorilla war has been started in Afghanistan from last 3 years. Americans were silently analyzing this situation. First they even did not think that anyone could face Red Army. When they came to realize that if Afghan Mujahideen could give hard time to Red Army with old 3.3 rifles then Red Army could be defeated. White House at once contacted Islamabad and offered for aid it was rejected, in the way the resistance war was going ahead American blessings on Pakistan increased. In order to increase pressure on Pakistan from eastern side Russia wanted to use India, considering this America accepted Pakistan’s demand to reinforce its Air Force and thus on 12 November 1981 Pakistan signed deal to buy F-16 aero planes. Pakistan acted “over speedily” and paid price for 40 F-16 (deal was for that 60 F-16 that were to be given to Pakistan gradually) Indian lobby in Washington was not happy with this deal, they started creating hurdles. Indian, British and American media also got activated. Propaganda against Pakistan for Islamic bomb and threats to Israel due to it proved much effective. in order to put these hurdles to practical form on 12th March 1984 American senator "Graston" forwarded resolution against selling of defense equipment to American congress, after long discussions at least in august 1985 anti-Pakistan lobby succeeded in putting restrictions on Pakistan under the leadership of "Larry Pressler". And by giving wheat for the Pakistani payment for F-16 paid back most part of this payment. whatever America did is did but our leaders have not left any stone un-turned and during exile Benazir Bhutto wrote a letter against sale of F-16 to American govt. that as army is in power in Pakistan so sale of F-16 will reinforce dictatorship, and should be halted. However these are realities of past let us come back towards our today's situation that what are the purposes behind Obama's visit.

President Obama’s visit to four Asian countries i.e. India, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia could be taken as today's MEDO, CENTO and SEATO’s new form. In the past the block was made against Soviet Union and today China is target of this American established block. Take India, Japan and South Korea as past's Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Remaining Indonesia, Obama will repeat second part of his speech of last year in Cairo, so that in spite of Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan and in Iraq massacre of Muslims (according to WikiLeaks) solidarity with Muslims could be expressed. Muslims could be advised to say good bye to their link with religion and accept liberalism and moderation. This is a new form of slavery for Muslims. The purpose behind repeating the continuation of war against Al-Qaeda while standing in the biggest country of Muslims is to provide the reason for any future attacks on any Islamic country.

Indian and American soldiers during war exercise "Yadh Abhiyas"

Now remains Pakistan I have addressed repeatedly several times that in the name of terrorism or economical bad situation whatever is happening here is result of making America angry by providing China access to Gwadar. China is silently preparing for upcoming war considering the present situation. China knows that America will never dare to stand in front of it in war field, it will first of all use India and afterwards Japan and South Korea will be utilized. China also knows that although Japan apparently is against nuclear weapons but secretly a country with nuclear capability and china also does not want to end like Soviet Union. China does not make statements but believes on practical measures. China knows what it has done with the countries involved in the block against it. But the problem is ours, we have not clearly decided that whether we will stand beside China in the hour of need or we will go against china or do a great sin by remaining impartial. We are yet overcame by this sorrow that why Obama is not visiting Pakistan? while we should be happy that by not visiting Pakistan Obama has provided a chance to come out of American slavery and make friendship with those country who are against American supremacy in the region, and have the power to stop America standing side by side with China...

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 06 November, 2010.

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