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Documentary of Pakistani T.V. and Questions Raised by Indian Media…

Widow of Hemant Karkare, Kaweeta being saluted by soldiers of ATS
Threatening Pakistan and blaming Pak-Army and ISI is daily routine of Indian govt. If Prime Minister got tired “Minister of Threats” Pranab Mukherjee starts. If he stutters then Indian Defense Minister or Chief of Indian Army himself assures journalists that whenever India likes it can attack special areas of Pakistan. In order to fulfill extension plans Indian Diplomats are working day n night to defame Pakistan so that it can be made alone in the world.

Look at the newspapers of past three decades or record of statements of higher officials visits to other countries there is a continuous process of blaming Pakistan. Moreover group of pro-Indian journalists in Europe and America is separately busy in propaganda against Pakistan, Pak-Army and ISI. In 2005 it so happened that in the London for a seminar in order to slow down rapidly growing population of world when Indian representative left the stage after completing his speech, following representative thanked God before starting his speech that India has not blamed Pakistan and ISI for its rapidly growing population. However that was an objectionable sentence. But since a private Pakistani TV Channel has broadcasted a Documentary like report about terrorist’s stay in Karachi and their attack on Mumbai an earthquake has jolted Indian media. Different Indian channels are showing this report again and again. The passion of anchors analyzing it shows as they have caught Pakistan red handed. (Verily on this struggle private Pakistani channel has right to be congratulated because in the whole world there is no such example that in order to prove freedom of speech any channel has made documentary against its own country ignoring integrity and feelings of own country. On this struggle this channel should be included in Guinness Book of World Records.) But We may call it their bad luck that during recording of a fishermen’s village “Yousaf Ghot” at the coast of Karachi they ignored many important points. Let us discuss it;

A deserted house of Yousaf Ghot whose gate has been locked (according to TV channel) sealed by Police then “the TV channel team is allowed to enter into a house sealed by Police?” Then is the recording team was allowed to break the seal or they entered into house by jumping from the wall?

After entering into the house a room was shown where empty cans of oil were present. It was assumed that through these cans terrorists have filled Fuel into Motor Boat for their voyage to Mumbai. In the second room the balls for stopping net from going into the depth of sea were shown. These balls are tied in dozens and they are filled with air so that net filled with fishes could be easily managed. Then there is the third room and its door is sealed like the main gate. Afterwards through a broken window of a closed room interior is shown in order to create environment like movies filled with action and suspense. On the far wall a huge map is hung which is hidden by a curtain. Then suddenly TV channel team arrives into the room. After removing the curtain map is focused. Map consists of four continents. Anchor points out the route from Karachi to Mumbai.

Kaweeta watching her husband for last time...

I would like to have your attention that if terrorists have to travel from Karachi to Mumbai then why there was need to show the map of the whole world. Were the persons dispatching terrorists were afraid that they may forget the route and arrive to New York? Although the world map was shown many times but only for few seconds but in spite of this it was clear that map was made by India. Because in this map whole Kashmir including Northern Areas were shown as the part of India. Now think yourself that according to India the terrorists belonged to Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) who are fighting for freedom of Kashmir. They hate India so much that they decided to attack India on small boats although they knew that they will lose their lives but in order to arrive to Mumbai they chose such a map in which Kashmir and India are one country. Just like as they have accepted Kashmir part of India. Is this hypocrisy of Kashmiri Mujahideen or actually the terrorists belonged to enemies of Kashmir? Readers may themselves decide this. The team also found a framed 6×8 inches picture of Motor Boat which was also assumed as part of planning of attack on Mumbai. Some used medicines were also shown which gave supernatural powers to terrorists. They got such power that after voyage from Karachi to Mumbai and afterwards in 70 hours fight with Indian army they neither felt tired nor did they sleep. However other aspects of documentary have such negative points that several documentaries can be made over it. We hope that next time our private channels will consider such shortcomings.

On the one hand there are our private channels who are struggling to prove Indian stance true before India and on the other hand there are Indian journalists who are raising question over incident of Mumbai.

Chief of ATS Maharashtar Hemant Karkare

Ex editor of Times of India and author of many books writes; “Till yet nor Indian govt. has provided any sensible answers about the murder of Karkare nor the public had been satisfied. Even this has not been told that on whose advice Mr. Karkare departure for Chatreti Shivajee Railway Station along with his colleagues. While he was not wearing bullet proof jacket of high quality and he has also disobeyed the law that senior officials will not travel in one car, no matter how much emergency is. From the conversation of Interior Minister Chadambaram it seems that Karkare and his colleagues went to save their colleague on the order of a senior govt. official who was wounded by terrorists. But according to police Karkare and other officials of ATS were following a red car in which Ajmal Qasab and Isamael terrorists were riding. The statement of an eyewitness Police man is different. He says that Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar went on foot for C.S.T Railway station and Cama and Albless Hospital because due to the hurdles laid by police the arrival of car was impossible. The death of Karkare occurred in a narrow street opposite of Cama hospital, how it happened it is still curtailed. But Constable who rided the car along with Karkare and his colleagues is telling a different story. According to him the car they were following broke out on the way. Terrorists got out of car and fired on the ATS vehicle. These bullets were fired from left side while Karkare was shot three rounds in his chest from front. Constable got bullet in his right arm astonishingly however he survived but all other officers of ATS died on the spot”.

He write more; “these all statements and incidents reported are against one another and it shows that govt. wants to hide something. This demand is gathering momentum that the murder of ATS officials should be investigated by impartial team/institution and Muslims of India also want that. Because investigation and research of Karkare has proved that extremist Hindus themselves are involved in bomb blasts and later on Muslims are blamed for it. A non responsible imperialistic govt. may reject public demand but a political and democratic govt. is duty bound to answer and fulfill public demands”.

Additional Police Comissioner ATS Salaskar

It is possible that name of Arun Dhati Roy is known by very few people in Pakistan. But in India and Europe she is much famous for taking stand for weak and minorities. Condemning international Rulers and taking stand with firm arguments is another on every forum of Washington D.C., New York, London is another reason for her fame. She is the only writer who continuously wrote in English newspapers with reference to 26th November against Indian stance that Islamic extremism and Muslim are threat to the world. She wrote full page articles in Washington Post, New York Times and Guardian and international print media was forced to publish her comprehensive articles as it is.

Arun Dhati Roy is not concerned with the attackers of Mumbai or what was their political or religious identity. She is only against conspiracies of Brahmans and their cruel minds. She was the first who dared to tell America that “Mumbai was not 9/11 of India” and on threat of John Mc. Caine American senator that if Pakistani did not take any steps against non-state groups involved in Mumbai attacks as per Indian wishes then America will not be able to stop India from Arial strike. She criticized America and Mc. Caine for this statement and said that historical sentence that “Neither India is America nor Pakistan is Afghanistan”. In reaction to Indian propaganda against Pakistan for Mumbai attacks she wrote on 12th February in guardian; “It is true that Hafiz Saeed laid foundation of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) in 1990. He supports suicide attacks. He hates Jews, Hindus and democratic system, according to him Jihad is inevitable. He thinks that till India is not divided into pieces peace is not possible in world. He wants to kill Hindus till they ask forgiveness. Then by genocide of Kashmiris are Hindus taking revenge of Hafiz Saeed’s acts?

Samina, widow of Salaskar crying on her husbands Dead Body...

Who is “Babu Bajrangi” of Ahmadabad? Why he calls himself democrat in spite of a terrorist? Although he was the mastermind of famous massacre of Muslims of Gujarat in 2002. he said during riots when Hindus were raping Muslim women on roads and dancing over dead bodies of Muslims in front of TV Camera “We will not spare any Muslim alive, non of their shop will be left intact. We will burn their everything. We will do this till these “Bustards” do not learn lesson. My last wish is that give me death sentence, only give me two days to goto “Jaipur” and murder 700000 Muslims who have taken refuge there. I want to kill them all or minimum 50000 of them”.

If Hafiz Saeed is spending respectful life in Lahore then Babu Bajrangi is respected by Gujarat. This extremist Hindu leader left Bajrang Dal and joined Narinder Moodi in 2005. Narinder Moodi who two times became Chief Minister on the murder of Muslims and now is a candidate for Prime Minister. Many notables of India respect Narinder Moodi only because he openly talks for the genocide of Muslims. Through the donations of these notables, “Rashtria Sevik Singh” is running more then 45000 centers of training for extremists and terrorists. But world can only see Hafiz Saeed of LeT. They cannot see extremist journalists, politicians, Police, Bureaucrats, officials of secret agencies and especially religious extremists of Indian army who are not named as terrorists in spite of being involved in bomb blasts in Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, and Maligaon”.

Readers after reading the thoughts of Arun Dhati Roy let us now consider the interview of widow of Karkare’s wife which she gave to a TV channel along with her daughter. She said, “Ajmal Qasab is not the murderer of my husband. Govt. should unveil real murderers and free Ajmal Qasab for humanity”.

Arun Dhati Roy!

After above statement of Kaveeta Karkare Baal Thakre and all other Hindu extremists are angry. Baal Thakre said, “When ATS was formed and Karkare was made its Chief they had only one responsibility i.e. to stop events of terrorism on 26th November. They will stop terrorism but Karkare ignored his duty and investigated the case of Bomb Blasts of Maligaon/Mali Village. At least he himself was murdered in the hands of terrorists. And now her widow wants to forgive murderers of her husband. In the incident of 26th November only Karkare has not been murdered many others have been murdered and their relatives want revenge from Ajmal Qasab”.

In response to the statement of Baal Thakre widow of Slaskar (Additional Commissioner Police) called and press conference and announced that if Indian Govt. is not ready to disclose the truth then we will try to find the truth ourselves. The truth which became the reason of murder of officials of ATS. What will be the result of the protest of widows of these officials? The pressure over India to conduct impartial investigations of murder of ATS officials is increasing. But due to elections this problem might be suppressed. After new govt. is formed this problem may take a new turn. During this it will be Indian struggle that it should blame Pakistan for Mumbai attacks. It should pressurize Pakistan as much as possible in order to win support of extremist Hindus. It is clear that when ever elections will be neat Brahmans will stage a drama of terrorism and blame Pakistan for this to befool their public.

Arun Dhati Roy is on the right side that “Extremist Hindus want to eliminate all other minorities from the area and they are the root of terrorism in Pakistan”. Then what should we do? Our electronic media whose responsibility is to educate world about the increasing religious extremism in India which has destroyed the peace of South Asia, will make fake documentaries to support India? This will definitely encourage Baal Thakre and Narinder Moodi to murder Muslims. The extreme of our ignorance is that Member of Indian “Lok Sabha” Sanjay Rawat is arrested on 26th January 2009, for Mumbai attacks. On 28th L.K. Adwani makes a deal with Sonia Gandhi and on 29th Sanjay Rawat is freed. While our TV Channels are busy in broadcasting Actors show of Film Awards or making fake documentaries.

In the end read this report by Guardian on Mumbai attack and see how through planning Pakistan is blamed for this as the result of a conspiracy;

“One Police officer who encountered the gunman as they entered the Jewish Center told the Guardian that attacker were “white”(all of them? How many of them) although this could mean they were paler-skinned Indians from the country’s North.

“I went in to the building late last night” he said, “I got a shock because they were white. I was expecting them to look like us. They fired three shots I fired 10 back”.

“In India the term white refers to people of European stock and not to fair skinned North Indians (Aryans) (the word Ghora/Gora… Which means white but also means foreigner from Europe… Firangi… old term and numerous other terms.)”

Urdu Copy:

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated 21 February 2009.

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