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Abundance of foreign NGO’s in flood affected areas of South Punjab

A beautiful blend of protection and help...

Depressed South Punjab due to ignorance of rulers has suddenly become center of attention of world when enemies of Pakistan started claiming it as center of terrorists. Anywhere in the country any incident of terrorism occurs few people blame South Punjab for it and demand that an operation like Sawat and Malakand should be started here. In these demands voices of some Pakistani intellectuals and columnists are much higher. The process of these demands was going on that Pakistan had to face flood waters. Unusual rains and their water destroyed cities from Peshawar to coasts of Sindh. Either it was coincidence or bad luck or bad administration whatever you call it but reality is that those which were blamed for terrorism are worst affected. Moreover these areas have been restricted for foreigners due to some important strategic installations so that undercover of foreigners’ enemies could not get access to them.

However after flood all of these preventive measures have been ignored and during relief activities South Punjab has become center of concentration of foreigners. It is impossible to imagine that any part of South Punjab would have been saved from latest spy installations of Helicopters of these guests or under cover of relief activities in the foreigners the agents of enemies were not included. Some of them have been already deported due to their suspicious activities (will talk on it later).

Here this question is raised that these suspicious NGO’s or unknown faces have just come to help affectees of South Punjab or they have some undercover assignments? Can we not limit or restrict these foreigners to specific areas; it has been planned before flood to send them here. Under Kerry Lugar Bill America has already said that it did not trust Pakistani rulers so all the aid will spent via American NGO’s.

Latest American Helicopters which arrived here for relief activities! Their sensitive Cameras would have definitely recorded too much...

But at that time no one dared to question “Uncle Sam” that if our rulers are so much corrupt then why they have deployed on us in the name of democracy? However American Embassy in Islamabad has been busy in establishing contacts to South Punjab during last years. Respected personalities here were found supporting and discussing benefits of “USAID”. Through their talks it was clearly felt that America is trying to spread its roots in this area undercover. Because in the form of a group these respected were also called USA in the name of training Course. Govt. of Pakistan has shown its concerns not only verbally but some measures were also taken against such activities e.g. the Americans who left for Christmas were not issued visas for return, raid and arrest of the owner of security agency providing trained manpower to Black Water, checking of vehicles with Embassy number/license plates and recovery of unauthorized weapons became point of attention on international level. In such circumstances when flood devastated the country the whole scenario changed. How much honest are our leaders or rulers, how they utilize National Resources, how they hide their looted money of nation and in which countries all these realities are known by American supervisors of our rulers. How America used honesty and fame of our rulers before discussing this I would like to discuss dangerous disclosures by American media. They have at least some link with the propaganda campaign of dishonesty of our rulers during relief work of flood.

Last month American newspapers published the news that “50% of American aid for flood victims will be spent through sub-NGO’s of Black Water (Xe). Accordingly Black Water has established NGO’s with different names which have been registered in European countries, through these NGO’s America will provide aid to flood affected families of Pakistan. Because it is impossible for Black Water to continue its activities in Pakistan so these NGO’s will be used”.

American journalist and researcher “Wen Medison” in his special report that “Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (Taliban of Pakistan) is a movement established and supported by America. It works under American Foreign Ministry, its leaders Hakimullah Mehsud and Wali-ur-Rehman has been deployed in place of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in the so called war against West. Moreover Black Water is conducting terrorist activities in different cities on the orders of CIA. Afterwards Taliban are blamed for these activities”. Wen Medison has accused American govt. that after publishing this report he is receiving threats from FBI and CIA.

A map of flood affected areas of Pakistan...

After analyzing above reports we come to know that under a special plan first of all a strong propaganda campaign against rulers and administration of Pakistan has been launched through print and electronic media that now no one is ready to trust Pakistan. The whole of this was one in the name of love and affection to the Pakistani public. So that the aid from the world could be saved from going to coffers of few and could be directly spent on development of Pakistani public. While if America and other imperialists wish they can return the wealth hidden in their countries by these corrupt rulers of Pakistan and give a lesson to corrupt people so that next time any greedy ruler or corrupt official do not dare to transfer looted wealth of nation. And on the other hand America, Great Britain and other allies in spite of giving aid to Pakistan could utilize the wealth collected from taxes in other poor countries and change lives of their people. Third it will be helpful in crushing the corruption, hoarding and black marketing in Pakistan and America will get praise in Pakistani public. But America will never wish so because its purpose is not development of Pakistani public but it wants to continue that play of corruption to fulfill its secret plans of expansion and imperialism. It does not care that poor have to face vicious circle of poverty for generations, corrupt waste money of poor on luxuries or transfer them to western countries.

In this way when govt. of Pakistan demanded for aid in order to tackle devastations of flood, USAID and other NGO’s came forward as they knew that it will not possible for security agencies to keep eye on them. This was duty of central govt. that they receive the relief goods in Islamabad and then distribute them to army and civil administration busy in relief and reconstruction work. Here I would like to give example of Srilanka! Few years ago when Tsunami spread devastation in east and north-eastern part of country General Secretary of UNO Mr. Kofi Annan along with three ex Presidents of America Jimmy Carter, Regan and George Bush arrived Colombo. So that they can help Srilankan govt. after calculating the affected area however Srilankan govt. made it clear that all the relief goods should be handed over to govt. in the Capital. The work of rehabilitation will be done through Srilankan army in the affected areas. In front of such solid stance UN and America has to give up. Because at that time activities of Tamils (LTTE) were on peak and Tsunami has also destroyed those areas where Tamil Gorillas were active with the help of Indian agents. And Srilankans were not ready to allow RAW to enter its agents undercover of relief activities.

Chief of USAID for South Asia Farah Pandit! Born in Srinagar

However in our country Federal haven’t taken preventive measures, taking benefit of this people of such underdeveloped countries have arrived here to flood victims who themselves need foreign aid. For example in August two journalist women of Australia “Mulipa” and Mrs. Jakson not only conducted meeting with some Maulana’s (Religious Clerics) of Muzzafargarh but also visited some Madrisahs. They were expelled by Muzzafargarh administration after they got these reports.

Victor Oluc of Nigeria, Gonlarsew of Kenya and other along with them arrived here as journalists. They came in the eyes of administration due to suspicious activities of Mrs. Sara of Nigeria in Dera Ghazi Khan.

Citizen of Nepal “Sumer Yatang” arrived here to help flood victims and she wanted to goto Quetta from Dera Ghazi Khan via road. On collecting information about the journey she came in the eyes of administration. In this way Kamal of Nepal arrived to South Punjab for undercover assignment. French “Come De Darax” (country manager of NGO named as “ACTED”) has been expelled for gathering sensitive information from local from Dera Ghazi Khan.
Administrator of USAID Rajeev Sha (of Indian Origin)

Either they are “Moyo” or “Andreo Victor” of Zimbabwe or persons from Nepal, Nigeria, or Oman they are not our helpers or relief workers. The interests of the persons in South Punjab behind these so called relief workers are not hidden. Moreover our foreign guests are moving here freely as they have no fear terrorist attacks, and how it could be? Because any act of terrorism is not good for America. Because USAID has just started initial contacts and dozens of NGO’s have just established their offices and infrastructure. While belonging to India Hindu administrator of USAID Rajeev Sha has already warned Pakistani govt.;

“The bulk of a 7.5 billion aid package pledged to Pakistan before the flooding will now go toward reconstruction, but that assistance is conditional as long as Pakistan's leadership shows how the money is spent”.

However this is now duty of Pakistani govt. and public that they take steps to safeguard integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan and tell the world that we will pass through these difficult times on our own resources but will not sell our nationality. Or we will accept unseen slavery in the form of USAID and will dance on the order of CIA. In case of natural calamities helping each other is duty of all countries but considering our internal circumstances and sovereignty is duty of all of us (Pakistanis)…

Urdu copy:

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 16 October 2010.

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