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Will we keep silent on deaths of Kashmiris in the hands of Indian Army…?

Kashmiri Children Martyred on 17th September

Yes! Today Kashmiris are watching towards us with hope, world does not help them they do not care, because in the past half century no one has came forward to help them. Kashmiris are fighting their sacred war of freedom themselves. This courage was given to them through the moral support from Pakistan and that clear stand of Pakistan that “Kashmir is artery of Pakistan”. Due to firm stand on its stance Pakistan has fought four wars with India. And when in the future the signal of war will be given no one knows. Because India has became crazy in war mania and gathering huge caches of weapons and dynamite. But unluckily we have been overcome by historical senselessness and are behaving as we have no relation with Kashmiris. While this is the time when we should come forward for Kashmiris. We should have arranged seminars in their support, protested against violence in Kashmir, Black day has been announced, Indian High Commissioner should have been called and given protest letter to stop satanic act of massacre of Kashmiris. India should have been pressurized to stop firing at unarmed Kashmiris, what the hell can India do, will India attack us if we protest? India has only one reply that Pakistan should not interfere into internal affairs of India, then have we accepted Kashmir a part of India? Kashmir is a disputed area, world knows it, resolutions of UNO are witness of this, the movement of freedom is proof of this.

From us China is better, who first of all has denied to issue visa to traders belonging to Held Kashmir on Indian passports (these traders included Hindus as well who accepted to get visas on simple paper in spite of Indian passports). India has made much noise but China has not listened to her. Moreover recently China denied visa to GOC of Northern Command General B.S. Jiswal just because he is deployed in disputed area i.e. Kashmir. General Jiswal was member of that delegation of India who has to discuss schedule and procedure of China-India mutual war gamed in Beijing. Indian Defense Minister and other members of delegation had arrived in Beijing one day before, while General Jiswal had to directly go from Srinagar to Beijing. On the courageous act of China, India at once called her delegation back and announced that no mutual war games will be held and second step taken by India was cancellation of visa for a Chinese Colonel who was planned to give lecture in Indian National Defense College. India made much noise, editorials were written, statements were given, Indian Foreign Ministry protested severely but China did not show any reaction and Indian propaganda was not given any importance. On the silence from China Indian rulers blamed that, “Chinese secret agencies are behind the recent wave of movement of freedom” but Chinese have not given any reaction.
Lt. General B.S. Jiswal; China denied visa because he is commandant of disputed area Held Kashmir

Actually India has been badly trapped in Held Kashmir. Including its old claim of “Atut Ang (that Kashmir is part of India)” all of its ways to deceive Kashmiris and world are failing. What violence and torture Indians have not Indians applied on Kashmir. From planned massacres to use of rape of Kashmir’s daughters as state policy, India has tested every way of barbarism and state terrorism over innocent Kashmiris, but they have failed to break courage and determination of Kashmiris. Their fourth generation is resisting against Indian army, they are fighting, and they are young children neither they are afraid of occupying army nor of their deadly guns and bullets fired from them. In the past whenever freedom movement of Kashmiris have gathered momentum India succeeded in transferring world’s attention from Kashmiris genocide by doing any attack of terrorism in its own countries and then blaming Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistan for it. Under planned policy international media also poses the incident of terrorism in front of world that India and Indian troops appear as oppressed in the hands of Kashmiris. Look at the attack on Mumbai in November 2008 by a superman named as “Ajmal Qasab” (alone Ajmal Qasab faced one brigade of Indian army this could be done only Hollywood films by Rambo or Superman) world ignored the struggle of Kashmiris for their legitimate right of freedom. This movement has appeared after in the center of Muslim populated area land of 100 acres was transferred to a Hindu Trust in 2007. before this India used to accuse Pakistan for such protest but when the protest against Hindu Trust got momentum even the fundamentalist Hindu Brahmans advised New Delhi that if Kashmiris are ignored at this point then the problem of Kashmir will go beyond Kashmir’s freedom from India to division of India in several parts. International media was forced to publish and broadcast Kashmiris movement for freedom. Although Indian govt. has announced to take back the land from the trust but Kashmiris were not ready to listen anything less then freedom, meanwhile a superman named “Ajmal Qasab” came to the front and Kashmiris struggle was once ignored. Pakistan got busy in saying that we are not involved in it although non state groups might be involved. The process of such explanations is still going on which is given as the name of improvement in diplomatic credibility of Pakistan.

If readers may remember that during this 3000 mass graves of Kashmiris were discovered out of these 28 were dug up and hundreds of corpses were recovered. But the such terrific scenes for humanity were also suppressed by drama of Ajmal Qasab. Like this on 29th July of last year the murder of two girls Aasia and Nilofer through gang rape in the hands of Indian beast in Indian army camp Occupied Valley remained in protest for 9 months. Many innocent Kashmiris were martyred but India succeeded in lending time and deceiving world in the name of investigations. But the present freedom movement has come forward with special features and most important aspect is that the participants of this age between 10 to 22 years only. In a picture present in this article you can imagine that persons martyred were of what age. When they were targeted by bullets they were not holding Grenades, rockets or Kalashnikovs but useless stones through which they were expressing there hatred against India. Then will we act just as silent spectators over the deaths of innocent Kashmiris in the hands of Indians? If we did not broke our silence, then soon India will succeed in staging another drama after which world will forget about innocent Kashmiri children and will become busy in Indian drama. What can India do? Before discussing this I would like to tell you a historical incident of Held Kashmir through which you can imagine that the roots of hatred against Muslims are how much deep in the minds of Hindus. That alleged murderer of 20000 Muslims Narinder Moodi is taunting Indian Party Congress, “stop tackling Kashmiris kindly or give control of occupied Kashmir and then see that how he restores peace in Kashmir. After this Kashmiris will not dare to imagine freedom from India”.
Mother of a young Martyr
This is the incident of 19th April 1931 that Hindu Raja of Jammu and Kashmir banned Eid’s address one hour before Eid prayer. As soon as this news was heard the whole valley came out to protest. In such a protest a young Kashmiri man Abdul Qadir signaled towards Raja’s palace and said that if violence against Muslims did not end they will destroy palace. State police arrested Abdul Qadir in the accuse of making people against state. Keeping in view the anger of the people in the Srinagar Jail court procedure was started so that Abdul Qadir can be punished. On 12th July 1931 within the Jail the decision of case against Abdul Qadir was to be given. It was postponed for one day due to protest and anger in public. When the historical sun of 13th rose whole Srinagar came to the roads. Everyone was heading towards Central Jail where Judges were already present to give the decision. As time passed anger of public grew. Meanwhile at the time for Noon prayers a young man climbed up on the wall of an adjacent building to the jail and said Adhan. He has just said Allah-o-Akbar that on the order of Governor Tarlok Ramay he was shot dead. On his place another man came forward to complete the Adhan he was also martyred. In this way 22 Kashmiri men were killed in the crime of calling for prayer. After this in every corner of valley protests were staged and this went on till 26th July. On the interference of English martyrs were allowed to be buried in the Khawaja bazaar of Srinagar.

This year on 17th of September after 70 years same history has been revised, when Kashmiri youth was protesting in Srinagar. In spite of curfew young men were advancing forward towards central chowk of Srinagar that suddenly occupying army opened fire. In the first attack dozens of children were shot. Viewing situation some one called for ambulance but no one came. Some brave young men took the wounded on their shoulders and ran towards hospital. When they arrived they discovered that there are no doctors and nursing staff as well who can give first aid to the injured. On this day 20 Kashmiri children sacrificed their lives following the footprints of their ancestors and 200 were injured. Where were doctors, why did not ambulance reach their? When Kashmiri journalists traced this the discovered that 56 ambulances along with drivers were locked up in police stations and doctors and other nursing was not allowed to goto hospitals in the name of curfew. It means that occupying army has planned to play with the blood of Kashmiris. But in spite of this no decrease have been noted in the passion of freedom fighters, now what should India do?
The Corpse of young Kashmiri "Shahzad" According to representative of WallStreet Journal  "Tom Wright" Indian Army hired that young man for 11 dollars per day and after taking his services in army camp for few days they brought him to the LoC along with other two Kashmiri men and afterwards told media that they were terrorists trying to enter the valley for terrorism...
I will again repeat that India has been badly trapped in Kashmir. Now it has only one way out that in any major city of India major terrorist attack happens, hundreds die. For this the Common Wealth Games in next month can be a good target for this bloody game of India. In this players from the whole world, spectators, and media personnel will be present. I have before mentioned such threats. But in the Internal and Political competition for power our govt. is giving no attention to such an important problem neither we can hope anything form our govt. in upcoming days that it will get world’s attention before India stages any bloody drama and accuses Pakistan for it that India should guarantee safety of every player and spectator. If you remember in the past Olympics India have demanded such guarantee from China that China should allow India to send its commandos for protection of its players. I would like to request my journalist brothers that they should give attention to this problem so that we can stop India from repeating any such satanic act and struggle of Kashmiris achieves their ultimate goal…

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Written By Khalid Baig,
In Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 25 September 2010.

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