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If We Will Stand Upside Down, How Can We See Correctly… (Match Fixing Scandal of Pakistani Cricket Team)

Pakistani Public Protesting Against Their Cricketers

We are the only nation in the world who makes ourselves disgrace and then repent that we got defamed. British newspaper “News of The World” published report along with pictures about Pakistani Cricket Team accused in match fixing. We got fainted; our TV channels woke up to criticize our own players. And then whole nation got out of control, cartoons of the cricketers were burnt, their names were written on donkeys and these poor animals were beaten with shoes. No one dared to think for a moment that they should wait till the whole situation gets clear. What type of the behavior is this? Always complaining against ourselves will destroy us. Ok! Let us accept that our few players were involved in Match Fixing or Spot Fixing, and then has this happened for first time? Are the football matches on international level gambled? Go to the internet and search, then you will feel that gambling on Horse Race has grown old. Now a days gambling is done only on international game events. You will see such stories of gambling that you will not be angry on your players for being involved in it but for getting involved for such a low amount. If we talk just about cricket then what was Kerry Packer Show? Why no one has ever objected it? This was the start of gambling in Cricket from which players got habit of wealth. In the Sharjah Cricket what is not done including match fixing? Moreover what is Indian Premier League (IPL)? Have you ever thought who is behind the purchases by Indian actors of cricketers? Why these actors leave their sure profit in film industry and invest in cricket? And is that huge investment by actors their own? (We will talk about it later).

President of ICC
The above lines do not mean that I support gambling or match fixing. But the fact that needs attention is, whether the matter is important or unimportant why international media especially western media makes it a storm in a cup of tea? Why a propaganda campaign is started to defame Pakistan. Why such an impression is given that Pakistani nation is culprit? Is the gambling over cricket more serious crime as compared to war crimes of British and American forces which have been published along with proofs on WikiLeaks? In the modern era of today first on the basis of lame accuses Iraq and Afghanistan are attacked and millions are killed like insects. Afterwards when it is proved that proofs which were used as a reason for attack on these countries were fake, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and American Foreign Minister General Mike Molin get free by just saying that they were misled by security agencies. By saying that they got free in the name of democracy, has any culprit of massacre i.e. British n American politician, soldier or bureaucrat in Iraq and Afghanistan brought in the court for justice?

You have seen on the TV how a British Police Officer is pulling Team Captain Suleman Butt for investigation. If Pakistani nation has to protest they should protest against British Police who have acquitted real culprit Bookie Mazhar Majeed. They have not even kept him in Police station as long as they have investigated Pakistani team as they are not players but professional dacoits.

In This Way Even The Children Do Not Count Currency Notes...
Now let us talk about the real event. In the dark scenario of cricket color was filled by the report of “News of the World” on 29th August by publishing the picture of bookie Mazhar arranging the currency notes on its title page. As soon as the news was published a movie of Mazhar Majeed was also issued to electronic media. Look at that movie carefully and then other movies recorded from hidden spy cams. You will notice a clear difference that the movie has not been recorded by hidden camera but by a professional cam fixed on a stand. Afterwards to claim it as movie recorded by hidden cam it has been darkened. Think yourself who arranges currency notes in such film like style, counts them and feels happiness. Ok let us accept for a moment that the whole movie is true. The “James Bond” recording the conversation with Mazhar Majeed has told ICC or Police or any other agency about that so that they can be a witness about Muhammad Asif or Bowling of Amir? Afterwards you can take any footage of dropping catch by any player and claim it to be a deal. The reply of this was given by another British newspaper “Daily Mail” disclosing, “the drama of match fixing was prepared by Indian Secret Agency RAW. In this shameful act the president of ICC also an Indian Sharad Pawar, British journalist Mazhar Majeed, Indian High Commissioner and Indians working in Scotland Yard played an important role. According to the newspaper the purpose of this drama was to get Pakistani team banned for 3 or 4 years. The newspaper discloses that for the quick bale of Mazhar Majeed Indian High Commission, RAW pressurized Scotland Yard. They also prepared reporter Mehmood to publish this incident as a scandal for 50000 pounds who is famous for filing such investigation files. No one has rejected this report. No one has commented on the accuse that Mazhar Majeed works for sub unit of RAW i.e. Special Operation Division (SOD).

Bookie Mazhar Majeed is not an ordinary person. This role living in a bungalow costing 1.8 million pounds in posh area like Surrey is partner of 24 different companies. He has established Cryolon Athletic Football Club in Britain. In order to understand the link of this person living life like kings and RAW we will have to go to the past and understand the interests of RAW in gambling of cricket.
In The Cricle Raveet Varma Vice of Chota Rajan Who Got Murdered in Bangkok

The foundation of earning money for secret and hidden operations through unfair means was laid by British secret agency MI-6. It used to get money through human trafficking, gambling in Night Clubs etc. afterwards CIA and MOSSAD invested in such businesses. And RAW is also involved in such acts. According to an afghan girl RAW is also involved in prostitution and selling girls. In 1983 when Sharjah International Matches started, underworld of Mumbai took special interest in it under the leadership of Dawood Ibraheem. He has enough resources due to activities like gambling, prostitution etc. Special network of Mumbai underworld provided special facilities who visited to Dubai for watching matches. Afterwards this became a cause for heavy investment from Arab Sheikhs in Indian film industry. So RAW got attention towards this. RAW had already links with Dawood Ibraheem because without the support from underworld it was not possible for RAW to establish center out of India in Dubai.

The disputes between RAW and Dawood Ibraheem started when RAW demanded greater part in the money earned from Sharjah Cricket Cup. When Dawood Ibraheem did not accept demands of RAW, it decided to bring another character of “Chota (small) Rajan” to compete with Dawood. Chota Rajan got famous as parallel to Dawood in Dubai gambling and match fixing. When this competition started the business of match fixing spread to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Bangkok under the supervision of Indian Underworld. Along with this the fight between Dawood and Rajan also went on. But the control of matches played in Sharjah 1991 remained to Dawood. According to some reports on a single match between Pakistan and India group of Dawood Ibraheem made up to 25 million Dirham. Moreover they earned money from Horse Race and in the World Cup they made up to 250 million dirham.

Indian High Commisioner Nalin Suri to London

RAW established a special sub unit to control underworld named as SOD keeping in view the money earned from gambling in cricket and shower of wealth from Arabs on Bollywood. The bomb blast outside Mumbai stock exchange drew a permanent wall between Dawood Ibraheem group and RAW. Dawood Ibraheem went behind the scenes however he kept hold on Dubai through his vice Sharad Sethi. Without removing Sharad Sethi it was impossible for Chota Rajan to succeed in underworld. For this several attacks were attempted to murder but he remained intact. However when group of Dawood Ibraheem got chance they killed vice of Chota Rajan, Raveet Varma in Bangkok in 2001. on weakening of Chota Rajan RAW came forward to help him. On 19th January 2002 Sharad Sethi was killed in Dubai. After this Chota Rajan became king of the gambling in the subcontinent. Mumbai, Delhi, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Bangkok there was no one to challenge him. If we keep this secret war of underworld in our mind we can understand why Indian cricket rejected to play in Sharjah in 2003. Definitely they were afraid that they might get killed in this fight of bulls.

Due to the kindness of underworld and RAW Cricketers were not limited only to match fixing, they also needed secret doors to hide their illegal money like Indian actors. In this underworld came forward to help them and players started investing in different businesses including Bollywood. The result is in front of you. The largest film industry of world in India and Cricket got merged. The beauties of India and actors started the Bazaar like Egypt in the days of ignorance and put famous cricketers to be sold. Actually IPL is a project of RAW for secret income. How much deep roots of Indian Underworld or RAW are in the Bollywood can be understood from this example that in the sitatuion of extreme disputes Pakistani actress (has worked in Bollywood films) avoided to bring proofs of match fixing against his husband (Fast Bowler) but now when Pakistani Cricketers were accused of match fixing she came to TV and said all that which benefited enemies of Pakistan.

The Merger of Cricket and Film Industry for Monetary Benefits Which Became Cause of Defame for Pakistan

Now Mumbai is the largest center of gambling for cricket. The ICC has to look towards India and Indian Cricket Board for meeting its administrational expenses. If the most largest international institution United Nations Organization is not independent and has to look towards for purchasing a box of Tissue Papers, then the ICC for cricket played in few countries how can it be independent? If the people interested in cricket search they can see how much is the budget of ICC, from where it gets income for expenses, and by who its administration is selected. Readers this is war and in love and war everything is allowed. There is only one game of criket is left through which Pakistani nation gets some entertainment but our worst could not bear that and why should he bear that. Our enemy knows that there is no mercy for enemy. These we are fools who give milk to our enemies and try to prove ourselves as kind people. First in the name of terrorism foreign cricket teams were stopped from coming to Pakistan, the cricket team of Sri Lanka came forward to keep cricket alive in Pakistan they were attacked in Lahore. Now when Britain provided a neutral point for Pakistan, accusing Pakistani cricket team of match fixing not only an attempt has been made to destroy Pakistani cricket but to pessimism in Pakistani nation. Our enemy knows that it cannot defeat us in the war field so it has brought war in playground but he will have to lick the dust here as well. To be successful and win this was nation and media will have to understand the conspiracies of enemy...

Urdu Copy:

Written By Khalid Baig,
In Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 14 September 2010.


  1. I like you truth
    you are really true Pakistani

  2. What is the real hidden untold news story behind the cricket spot-fixing headlines? Cricket agent Mazhar Majeed, 36, remains only a front man, a sideshow or fig-leaf. Majeed was greedy and stupid. But the real match-spot fixer-recruiter got away with millions. The mastermind tempted and coerced sportsmen with free five-star dinners and top luxury cars for days in Dubai. Crime pays criminals who hide their ill-gotten gains, evade taxes, launder money, and mock justice. Investigative journalism and law enforcement are dead. This was a tip of the iceberg. Spot and match fixing remains as old as the games, and it will never end. So, who knows the manipulative mastermind match fixer who made millions from this reported, and many other unreported global scams? Law enforcement agencies failed to trace, trap, investigate and make the masterminds face the music in the UK. The shameless fraudster feels no regrets as he and his beneficiaries enjoy the fruits of their crimes and scams in the UK and abroad. The mastermind mocks British law enforcement and judicial system. Can you name the mastermind? Contact the author of this brief when there is need trace the fugitive, and uncover the complete untold news behind the headlines.


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