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“Black Water” Neither Hide nor Come on the Front Screen…

What type of these talks is for regaining trust and strategic purposes? That on the day Pakistani delegation departured for Washington, on the same day Deputy Attorney for American Interior Ministry called New Delhi and congratulated Indian Foregin Minister Chadam Baram that ‘David Coleman Headley’ has affirmed for being involved in planning for attack on Mumbai. On the contrary Headley was in the police custody since 13th October 2009, before this in March 2009 name of Headley was on top of the news in American and Indian media and it was shown that Headley has been arrested, but after this a grave silence was observed. The name of David Headley was seen third time when Ajmal Qasab disclosed that he was arrested before 26th November 2009 from the Mumbai Cost and he had a meeting with a man named David Headley under police custody; however he was unable to understand the purpose of this meeting. Here mind it that real name of David Headley is Dawood Jillani and his parental city is Multan, but his changed name is due to his links with American secret agencies like FBI, CIA etc. Like famous character of Aimal Kansi Mr. Headley is also having many stories and complicated American interests (will discuss these stories some other time).

Whether these are domestic relations, official or institutional dealings, or bilateral friendly relations (either between two persons or nations) cannot be established on the basis of threat, blackmailing, or through the use of power. While America has this policy that it enslaves nations through blackmailing and power and name it as friendship and bilateral relations. The example of developed country like Japan is in front of you. Apparently Japan is sovereign country but enslaved by USA actually. Japanese are protesting against American control. They want to withdrawal of 47000 American soldiers to give a reality to their dream of freedom. But America is not ready to withdraw troops in the name of friendship and protecting Japan. As a result leaving opposition aside the ruling Democratic Party’s important leader “Ichiro Ozawa” went to Beijing along with the delegation of 100 members of Parliament. This visit was not less than an earthquake for White House. American Officials could not even imagine such a big change. Then will no this Japan effect our area (although it may take two decades)? If like western media our media also keeps our people ignorant of the changes occurring around us than this does not mean that America is free to do whatever it wants and no one is there to check it. Or China behaves just like a silent spectator. Writer here has especially mentioned visit of 100 members of Japanese Parliament because many readers have objected my past article that China is present in Afghanistan and trying to tackle USA’s influence there. According to these objectors China does not have courage and power to create hurdles in the way of Americans.

Center of American Interests: Five Star PC Hotel Peshawar

Before this I come towards the blackmailing of Washington and increasing activities of Black Water in Pakistan. I would like to draw the attention of readers towards another effort of USA of “killing friends”, its results may threaten international peace and stability. This is the incident of beginning of New Year. In Pakistan the presence of Black Water (although its name has been changed to XE but world will continue calling this assassin organization as Black Water) was being discussed with full pressure in Pakistan, in Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar the news of wandering armed Americans in un numbered vehicles having black glasses were common. In such disturbing cirmustances a news was published in Nawa-i-Waqt on 3rd January 2010 that “British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called international summit for tackling increasing Islamic Fundamentalism in Yemen on 28th of January. Gordon Brown said that Yemen could be a safe heaven for terrorists in future and network of Al-Qaeda is fully functional within border areas between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.”

On 4th January 2010 news was published as main heading on the main page of Nawa-i-Waqt that, “American army has entered into Yemen, operation against Al-Qaeda has been launched, abodes of Al-Qaeda has been targeted by Cruise Missiles and consulates of America and Britain has been closed”. Giving his comments on this situation Gordon Brown said in London during a press conference that, “After Pakistan and Somalia Yemen has become a big threat. In all these three countries militants are brain washing youth for war against west”. In this press conference Gordon Brown mentioned Lashkar-e-Taiba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jesh Muhammad and Harakat-ul-Mujahideen especially that these groups have been especially active in southern Punjab.

Spokesman of Islamic Observer Organization Faisal Muhammad issued a statement which was published on main page of Nawa-i-Waqt which shows the restlessness among Islamic countries on the American and Britain attack on Yemen. Faisal Muhammad warned America, UK and other western countries, “declaration of was against terrorism in Yemen will weaken Saudi Arabia, and there will be the same circumstances which are being faced by Pakistan due to war against terrorism in Afghanistan.” Morover he said, “Imperial forces want to change geography of Muslim countries, there main targets are Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, in order to tackle this Islamic countries will have to take revolutionary measures.” Along with these few news if you observe the unrest in areas of Saudi Arabia linked with Yemen border the objections of Islamic Observer will get much clear. Now let us come towards the increasing American interests in Pakistan and linked with them dangerous organizations like Black Water which locally controlled through American embassy in Islamabad. And govt. of Pakistan is continuously denying the presence of Black Water. While according to provincial minister Balor, Black Water is responsible for protection of NGOs working in the province. American magazine “Vanity Fair” CIA has made a plan to assassinate atomic scientist A.Q. Khan through Black Water but due to some political reasons this plan was dismissed. How Black Water will be used in Pakistan recent Pak-America talks will decide it and if we consider past mutual agreements we feel that we have ignored past and are expecting much from America. We will have to analyze that why USA ignored its own rules against spread of Nuclear technology while signing deal with India and why declared any agreement of such nature is impossible with Pakistan? Now what change has occurred on international level that Pakistan is being given hopes that such deal with Pakistan is also possible? And what type of benefits are they demanding from Islamabad as a reward to the hopes they have given to Pakistan? Having in one hand aid and in other hand threats if America wants like past to use Pakistan in Afghanistan and run away itself from there, then is not it befooling us once again? In the light of this whole situation one question is much important, if really America wants to quit Afghanistan accepting its defeat than what are the purposes of its extension of consulate missions on emergency basis in Islamabad? Yes! While watching at the extension of consulate in Islamabad it seems as they are building “Cantonment” or “Mini Pentagon”? after all there is some reason that construction of American consulate with huge budget of 945 million USD (this mentioned is part of American aid to Pakistan) is being called as “Regional Centcom’s & CIA Center” outside America by international defense analysts. Area covered by it has been increased from 38 acres to 56.5 acres.

If we consider the extension plan of American consulate, 405 million dollars will be spent for protection of old building according to modern demands, 111 dollar will be spent on construction of new complex for 330 people and 193 million dollars for construction of 250 residential units. Definitely after this construction completes this building will be the largest consulate in the whole world.

Extension Work is going on for American Consulate

According to law in any consulate maximum of 350 persons can be deployed while in Islamabad only there 750 persons working in American consulate. According to out own foreign ministry America is wants to keep 1000 more persons in its consulate. In contrast to this according to international news agencies the number of more American persons will not be 1000 but in between 3500-7000, which will be only responsible to protect the embassy. How much of these will be agents of CIA, how many will be workers of NGOs, and what will be the number of auditors for auditing the aid being spent in the country? This has to be decided by Americans yet. Definitely it will also include persons of internationally defamed Black Water. Most of them are already present in different areas of Pakistan.

I will repeat the same question again, at least Why? Why America wants to convert its embassy in Islamabad to a military under the cover of aid? If really the problem is of right use of 1.5 billion aids (in 5 years 7.5 billions will be given which can be taken back in case disobeying) then Egypt will also get 1.5 billion dollars during this year(while this is going on from last two decades) as the reward of supporting America for attack on Iraq America not only forgave all international loans but also promised to give aid, but neither America needs auditors there nor feel any need to extend its consulate. In the same way Israel is the country which gets the most of the American aid in the world. This year American congress has approved aid of 3.5 billion for this year. Then in the Israel and Egypt the aid given by Israel has not been wasted / misused?

APC made by Engineers of Black Water

America is not only extending it consulate in Islamabad, building of its consulate present in “Mai-Kulachi’ area of Karachi is also being extended. How much Americans have advanced in the purchase of Five Star hotel Pearls Continental present in Peshawar it is yet under cover. In five star hotel of Islamabad two floors are already under control of Americans. News about Mysterious foreign inhabitants of Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad are often published in national newspapers. Only in Islamabad American consulate has verified renting of 228 houses. Presence of Americans in Kharo has been also published. Moreover on import of special Armored Vehicles made by engineers of Black Water which are used only in war has worried public as well. The reports about purchasing of land in Faisalabad, Chakwal, and Charsada have been also reported. Their presence in Dera Ghazi Khan is beyond rationalism.

The most important of these is the report that Pakistanis belonging to major cities will be sent on a special course of 3-4 weeks to America. This includes influential people linked with NGOs. Whether they belong to education, or agriculture or some other business what will be taught to these people this is unclear. However considering the above circumstances we can say that although America may withdraw from Afghanistan after being defeated but it will struggle to safeguard its interests in the area by controlling Pakistan. These interests include weakening China as main target and Russia as second one. Russia who has strengthened its economic and military in 20 years and is now again a threat for America. Then are we ready to be used against our neighbors especially China? And that only for 1.5 billions aid and civil nuclear agreement? How much we will have to pay for friendship with America, how much lives will be sacrificed, moreover we will have to analyze that from where the explosives are being supplied which are used in bomb blasts in Rawalpindi GHQ and in other cities? And what is the role internationally defamed Black Water in these attacks? Why are Americans forcing that in the form of diplomats persons wandering in Grand Pajeros with tempered Number Plates should not be checked on police check posts? If readers put a little attention the answer of all these questions are within their own minds…

Urdu Copy:
From Truth By Kbaig

Written By Khalid Baig

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