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Why world is silent on India’s serious crime of selling nuclear secrets…?

Few days ago writer was stopped by three young men on the Quaid-e-Azam Road. Although there style of interception on road was within the limits of civilization but much aggressive. One of the three questioned, “do you write in Nawa-i-Waqt”? I replied “Yes”. The second young man raised question why you are so much against India? Before replying this question I demanded for their introduction and it revealed that they were students of Nishtar Medical College.

Now I questioned them have they objection over opposition of India or my writings against India? At this they got confused and the young man who was silent yet said smiling, “No there is nothing like that, actually we think and are confused that have our ancestors done a great mistake by getting separation from India? Because India is developing by leaps and bounds. Their people are happy; there is no shortage of business and employment. While our journey of development is towards backwardness. Day by day pessimism is increasing.”

Listening to this young man’s conversation I got shocked and I recalled the statement made by Italian wife of Rajeo Gandhi in Rajeo Gandhi’s regime, she had said, “Our culture and media has conquered brains and hearts of Pakistanis. After this we will not need to attack Pakistan through military”.

I signaled three young men to come to a nearby bench in the green belt away from footpath. So that other passers do not get troubled due to us. Sitting on the bench I told them that our ancestors did no wrong by getting separation from India. Because if they had not done that then today we all Pakistani and Bangladeshi have been slaves of Hindus like 280 million Muslims of India. Some one has been a barber, other one has been sweeper, to extent we might have been working as tailors or peons in offices. According to Indian govt. statistics 85% of Muslim population is indulged in such low category professions. I am not against of India. My only struggle is to educate readers that our only enemy is India. Now we are facing the entire crisis, India is responsible for that. India has made us coward with the help of black sheep like Mir Jafir and Mir Sadiq and India is not enemy of Pakistanis but of all religions except Hinduism. India is enmity of their presence over the face of world. In all the wars of world so much people have not been killed as much were killed by ‘Arians’ due to religious disputes in subcontinent. They laid the foundation of humanity and human life system over classes. They are so much deceptive and cruel that they removed even signs of Buddhism and Jainism (whose foundation was laid by a Khatri Mahaveer 600 years before Christ as a rebellion against Arian Society). They were forced to leave sub-continent by massacre, the others who remained converted to Hinduism or were murdered. Now the followers of Jainism and worshipers of Mahavir can be only traced in folk tales of India. In the same way when Ashok Chand (Great Ashok) great son of Chandar Gapt Moria converted to Buddhism; Buddhism became favorite religion from Afghanistan to Thailand but now a days there is no place for Buddhists in India. In order to destroy other religions Hindu not only use power but they adapt the way of worship, culture and education in such a way that even the followers of the religion lag behind them. After sometime they return the mutilated religion to the real followers in such a form that only Hinduism is left. Look at the Muslims of subcontinent, many customs are present in us who have no link with Islam, but these customs of Hindus are present within us and are destroying Pakistan (we even do not know that the thing which we are adapting as enjoyment is actually worships of Hindus and weapon to destroy other religions).

Hindu Policy of Destroying Other Religions
Even the modern democratic system is unable to change thousands of years old “warna sarma dharm” (religious system of professions and human classification) applied in India. According to this;
  1. Brahman is a sacred human being and Avatar of God on the earth. Any struggle to check their acts or accountability is a sin.
  2. Kshatriyas is a soldier. There duty is to protect the state of Brahmans and protect Brahmans.
  3. Vaishiyas are farmers, traders and other persons engaged in business.
  4. Shudras are the lowest in the Hindu system. There value is less than animals.

After my long discussion students of Nishtar Medical College got satisfied or not but bitter realities are that Brahmans have succeeded in deceiving world to such extent that world is silent even on grave crime of selling atomic secrets.

According to ISIS India is involved in selling “Centrifuge” and drawing and designs of related parts, while Dr. Abdul-Qadeer has been detained in fake accuses of such nature

Recent example of this is accusing India by Institute of Science and International Security (ISIS) that India is involved in selling of design and drawing of ‘Centrifuge’ and nuclear technology to smugglers.

Central office of ISIS is located in Washington. It is an NGO whose work is to oppose spread of nuclear weapons and keep eye on those countries which are involved in illegal selling of nuclear weapons. According to “ISIS” under which accuses and pressure of specific lobby of Europe and America Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is detained, India is doing same acts openly. Not only that in spite of international sanctions India is continuously purchasing chemical used in enrichment of uranium i.e. Tributyl Phosphate (TBP). The purpose of purchase of this chemical is increase in amount of nuclear weapons and moreover selling this chemical secretly to such country who is trying to develop nuclear bomb under hand and world is ignorant of that.

According to representatives of ISIS ‘David Albright’ and ‘Paul Brenen’ have issued a report with title of “Indian Nuclear Export Controls and Information Security” and questioned IAEA’s bosses that whether India is allowed to conduct illegal business of nuclear technology, and selling sensitive secrets to unseen hands? About which neither any one knows and nor their purposes are clear. Then America who has assured its public that India will be bound to act upon Civil Nuclear Deal that India will not spread this technology, silence of America shows that it is equally responsible for this criminal act.”

according to report of ISIS an subsidiary of ‘India‘s Department of Energy’ “Rave Earths” have ordered for parts of a special machinery made up of special Metal to European company and under cover of this order it transferred designs of Centrifuge Machines and other concerned parts to the mentioned company. Although the nature for which order was placed it had no far relation with uranium enrichment centrifuges.

Not only is that according to ISIS India buying TBP with the names of fake companies (TBP is used to separate plutonium from used material). Before that India used to import TBP from china but in 2003 china stopped supply of it saying that India has already sufficient amount of “Plutonium” which is enough for its needs. Now this chemical is being imported from Germany and Russia through secret means.

Accusing India by ISIS is not the first incident. Before that including Australia many European countries have blamed India for such blasphemous acts. But world especially Europe have took no notice of it and it is not expected in future as well. The cause of this is very simple. by adopting western culture and languages brahmans have succeeded in making them understand that centuries old difference between east and west has now vanished. Moreover this Hindus have started naming their babies like Christians. The result of this policy is in front of us. Educated people of Europe think Hindus as of their religion and Hinduism as old culture of India. The left need has been filled by dependency of western economy over Indian markets.

You can see that during last 6 months more than 150 churches in south-east provinces of India, dozens of chaplains, there estates have been burnt to ashes; hundreds of Christians have been forced to convert to Hinduism. But America is silent, United Kingdom is silent. Even the ‘Vatican City’ has taken no notice of it.

But we Pakistanis are not less in senselessness. We are not protesting on the massacre of Kashmiris. Have we condemned India for genocide of Muslims under the name of Hindu Muslim crisis? And this is the success of the Indian media and cultural warfare. This has forced our youth to think that India is not our enemy but friend. But the dream of “Greater India” can never come true. Because Pakistanis are neither followers of Mahavir nor of Buddhism, it is Islam which forced Arian deceptiveness to lick the dust in the form of Two Nation Theory. Although Hindus have used or are using all possible ways preached by 'Kotliya Chankiya'. Do not believe us look at the guidance (Book) of Chankiya for Hindus “Arth Shastar”. But Brahmans have been unable to defeat two nations theory and will not succeed in future as well by grace of Allah.

Look at the translation of 12th part of the above mentioned book;

“If the enemy is strong and cannot be defeated by any other ways. Then the use of deceptive acts will be useful. For example try to make main persons of country join your side by other tricks like money, women and other such tricks. Try to search disputes in enemy's territory and spread them. Spread epidemics through trained physicians. Conducting activities of terrorism by purchasing border or tribal people of country will be fruitful. If this does not work, then convince other neighbor country of enemy to attack it and when it attacks, sign a pact of your will with enemy in the name sympathy. When friendship is formed sell useless and substandard goods to the enemy in the name of trade, send your special deceptive soldiers in the form of traders, along with beautiful women, if these women are professional whores it will be much better”.

Afterwards Kotliya Chankiya advises;

“Remember initiating war with enemy ready to die is not good. If the enemy has decided to go on for war then try to make cease fire or sign agreement even at the terms of enemy and postpone war. during this try that enemy tribes/groups get rebellious to each other. The areas from which commanders of army belong start disorder in those areas through agents. Rulers and people willing to gain the rule are of very ill minded. Try to convince near ones of the enemy ruler through palmists etc. by watching at their fate that they are about to get govt. and tell them to do such things to get the govt. acting upon which they become suspicious in the eyes of king. In this way make enemy king to lose his men and replace them with greedy, lustful for women and alcoholic men. While this process is going on, enter beautiful women of your country after proper training for spying in the enemy's country. These women should make important men of govt. enemies of each other. Then start propaganda about their enmity, so that when you murder anyone of them through your agents, people blame other rival for it. Make your enemy alcoholic, and attract enemy towards adultery. Then success will be yours.”

Readers many advices of such nature are given in Chankiya’s book, acting upon them is part of Hinduism and duty of Hindus. They are fulfilling their duty. But bad luck we are not ready to understand their deceptive tricks. Moreover this our free media has taken it as duty to propagate Indian culture and in the name of “Enlightened Moderation” spread adultery, in such situation the confusion in our youth is not something unusual. They will feel followers of Chankiya as their friends and India as developed country. Every girl living there (India) is waiting with flowers to welcome them (our youth). Alas! Our media focuses little farther from Indian film industry and big cities and dares to show the poverty and hunger spread in all over the India, and then our youth will understand that our ancestors have made not a mistake but done a great good to us by getting separation from India.

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Written By Khalid Baig,
In Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 2 November, 2008.

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