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Pak-China Nuclear Cooperation is Guarantor of Peace in the Region…!

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What change has occurred in the area that America has become kind and India is willing for our friendship? One General leaves and other American General is getting ready to visit Islamabad. Only three American F-16s have been given to Pakistan it seems Pakistan is going to conquer the moon. Whatever channel you tune into a celebration is going on. No one is there to answer that what will be America’s behavior when time comes to use these war crafts for our Eastern Enemy? (Same as America has done during 1965? America is giving guarantees to India even from now). Such celebration have not been made by our private T.V. Channels when Pak-China made JF-17 Thunder war crafts were given to Pakistan Air force, which is the true honor for us. It seems as suddenly the weather has changed, in extreme heat clouds have appeared, cool breeze is blowing. Strange day dreaming…! After drizzling surely is will rain and weather will get pleasant. Keeping in view today’s situation do not you feel that we had no disputes with India? Never had we had any quarrel. Even chairman of Indus Water Commission have also awaken up from long sleep and said, “India is not stealing Pakistani water; due to weather changes water flow has been disrupted”. Why we don’t feel shame kidding with our own people?

What is all this? It is beyond the understanding, whether we are deceiving ourselves or befooling the world. Is that enough for us that talks with India have been initiated? Or we want to prove to the world that Pakistan is so much hospitable that upon visit of her enemy to her house Pakistan has forgotten its demands including Kashmir dispute and water dispute. But world focuses only on Indian voice, looks with Indian eyes and understands.

Look at the SAARC Foreign Ministers summit joint declaration, no where Kashmir has been considered for which both countries have fought four wars. Undercover of war games two times have been tried to attack Pakistan. And by blockading Pakistan for one year Indian armed forces have made new record in modern era. While joint declaration includes one thing as an anthem that South Asia will be cleared from terrorism. Have this been discussed in Foreign Ministers Summit that leave the South Asia, in the whole world except where is terrorism, and why only Pakistan is target for terrorism? Against terrorism only Pakistan is fighting. On the roads, in the Bazaars, in the residential areas, Govt. buildings which place are where terrorists have not played ‘Holi’ of Blood. Who are all these terrorists which have decided to destroy Pakistan? Who is providing those weapons and training? Who is providing them finances? Who are those who planted bombs last Friday (2 July, 2010) on railway tracks to sabotage passenger trains coming from Karachi to inner country? Does calling themselves ‘Sindhi Nationalists’ and accepting responsibility for blasts have sure that passengers in the train did not include any Sindhi? (Although these trains after departure from Karachi stop at 4 major stations of Sindh). For one moment we consider that there were no Sindhi passengers then what was the fault of other passengers, who have not started their journey with language, sectarian or provincial identity but just only as Pakistanis. If engaging in politics on Indian finances does not accept that than passengers of these trains were at least human beings. Innocent people including women, infants, and elderly. Moreover are explosives freely available? Then who is investing on terrorists to weaken Pakistan? Who is cultivating sectarian, lingual and provincial disputes in Pakistan?

Indian Foreign Minister Chadam Baram has replied to these questions by saying that, “I am standing in the Red Zone (extremely sensitive area according to security) of Islamabad. Indian Capital New Delhi has no such ‘Red Zone’”. What is the meaning of such irritating sentence? Meaning that India has no threat of terrorism, and how it can be? While RAW has made Pakistan its ‘Playing field’ for its terrorist activities under the supervision of CIA and MOSSAD. But we have been unable to let world understand that Pakistan is under the attack of Cross Border terrorism. Yep! We have become a joke by getting overjoyed for arrival of F-16s, whose price we have paid 30 years ago. And in this celebration we forgot that if enemy is kind to us then there are some evil purposes behind this. Under cover there are some other interests, America and India cannot be friends of Pakistan.

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Actually our enemies want economical bankruptcy of Pakistan. They have no other way to flex Pakistan. Political disturbance, problems of peace or rising flood of inflation can be stopped even by weaker govt. moreover the shortage of energy has brought Pakistani economy to brink devastation. Before this that situation becomes according to the will of enemies China came forward to support us. However China has been offering us Civil Nuclear Agreement from last 6 years, but we in spite of listening towards that were begging to America for agreement like India. In spite of this China declared to give us two Nuclear Reactors to fulfill our energy needs. After above mentioned declaration of China our enemies got restless. The first objection was raised by America breaking her own rules and principles who made nuclear deal with India. Spokes person for Chinese Foreign Ministry gave a straight forward reply, “America has himself made deal with India, so she has no right to pressurize China”. European union also issued statement that it has no objection on the deal but it should obey IAEA rules. When America made too much propaganda China had to repeat the harsh truth, “in war against terrorism allied forces of 42 had not bear so many losses as Pakistan Army had to face alone. Moreover economical loss of Pakistan is more then America, for which USA and its allies have not helped Pakistan which was its right”.

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On the other hand India is going to its extremes of diplomatic struggle to stop Pak-China nuclear deal. American media has also given such impression that China’s cooperation for Pakistan could result in cold war between America and China. As a response to this Chinese newspapers published editorials on Pak-China historical friendship and tried to realize world that China will not leave Pakistan alone and it does not need allowance from Nuclear Supplier’s Group. China made it clear that America wants to keep using Pakistan for its evil purposes; USA is always in a struggle to keep Pakistan in such a way so that Pakistan just keeps breathing. While Pakistan and China are two such neighbors who have relationships based open mutual cooperation and existence. They always respect each others needs. Chinese newspapers mentioning India’s joint War Doctrine against Pak-China and Limited Nuclear War against Pakistan, have raised a question that what is “Limited Nuclear War”? After this Chinese newspaper ‘Guangmin Ribao’ writes answer to this question that we understand only one meaning of this term that, “as a result of India’s nuclear attack Pakistan becomes incapable of nuclear attack and war ends”. War should condemn India’s war fever and passion. But the newspaper published in Chinese and English ‘People’s Liberation Army Daily’ looks Indian and American objections over Pak-China Nuclear Deal in a different perspective. Newspapers defense analyst and observer “Cim Chan Chin” writes in his 21st June’s article, “America and India’s crying over construction of two nuclear power plants (which will be constructed by China’s engineers of Chinese Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Company and China Zowangoon Engineering) is all drama. Because both countries know that China has declared of providing Pakistan with two Nuclear Reactors before establishment of ‘Nuclear Suppliers Group’. So objection of both countries is extremely stupid and while making deal with India America has given this excuse that Nuclear Suppliers Group policies do not apply to already declare decisions. Actually their real problem is China’s “Satellite Killing KT-2 Weapon” missile program. This destroyed floating satellite of China FY-1C in space at a height of 530 miles which astonished a country developed in space technology like USA. Because nor Nuclear Warhead carrying missile can reach its target without getting guidance from satellite and neither “AWACS” branded air crafts can support their headquarters. In this way Chinese technology has made international powers restless by capability of blinding enemy’s military machinery when needed. This has forced international powers to think before they initiate war. Now especially India is worried that Pak-China Nuclear Cooperation may grow further to transfer of KT-2 Missile technology to Islamabad that fear of India is not without reason. India had herself forced its neighbors towards Nuclear Cooperation by declaring aggressive ambitions against its both neighbor countries. And India is still acting upon her “Cold Start War Doctrine”. Not only is that but India on front to lay hurdles in China’s trade access to Gawadar which is declaration of war against Pak-China”. Addressing his govt. Mr. Cim Chang advises govt. to not only expand Nuclear Cooperation with Pakistan but also support Pakistan to tackle war against terror.

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Chinese Anti-Satellite Missile System KT-2

Chinese newspaper “Yesky” has repeated Pak-China friendship history in its 14th June Publication and has cleared that for China Pakistan's integrity is China’s integrity. Newspaper writes, “Pakistan is the first country who recognized China as a independent country. After which friendship between both countries started, and arrival of Ayoub Khan to Beijing laid foundation of Great Friendship. The great turn came in this journey of friendship in 2002 when both countries signed a deal to build Gawadar port, and this deal was the point of start of external conspiracies in Pakistan. After this Pakistan is facing many crises and most important is energy crisis. To tackle this situation just two Nuclear Reactors are not enough their number should be more”.

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Gawadar Port Which is Considered as LifeLine in China

Readers China and India both are neighbors of Pakistan. To one neighbor access is hurdled by mighty mountains and bad weather. But not on their govt. their intellectuals are also worried about Pakistan. Other neighbor in spite of being extremely near is threat to our survival. One is giving Nuclear reactors while other is demanding explanation for nuclear cooperation with Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister demanded explanation from Pakistan when he was departure to Canada for signing Civil Nuclear deal. Very shameless are Indian Rulers but we are also not less. No one has asked Man Mohan Singh, “Who are you to demand explanation?”


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Written By Khalid Baig
In Daily Naw-i-Waqt.
Dated: 3 July, 2010.

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