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Indian Aid; Contaminated With the Blood of Minorities

In an Military Camp of Assam a scene of taking girl's dead body to be thrown into Jungle who died due to Gang Rape by soldiers. These Pictures have been given by a soldier after being forced by his conscience. While Indian Interior Minister has said it is "Colloteral Damge" of War beteen Maoists and India

Two weeks ago brief news was heard that India offered Pakistan, aid of 5 million US dollars for flood victims. However response from Pakistani govt. was unclear. But Pakistani nation was sure that their selected democratic govt. will reject this mentioned “Lolly Pop”. That is not only contaminated with rape of thousands respected daughters of Kashmir but also with the blood of Indian Minorities. Now term it as bad luck of Pakistanis or senselessness prevailing over conscience that our Foreign Minister Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi disclosed on 20th August in an interview to Indian NDTV that Pakistan has decided to accept Indian aid for flood victims. Shah Mehmood said both countries are not using this problem for political interests. Indian step is welcomed and we are looking forward to talks with Krishna to improve the environment, build confidence and to bridge the trust deficit between the two countries. . (What are these mutual subjects for which work is being done to regain trust, have not been cleared yet). Before the broadcast of Pakistani Foreign Minister, statement of India was seen that acceptance of Indian aid is a very positive gesture.

Gori! Running for her life

The way Indian print and electronic media started propaganda on the statement of our Foreign Minister, this ashamed the Pakistani nation. Because there is not a single when in cities of Held Kashmir Indian army and police does not martyr 3 or 4 Kashmiris. Dead bodies of innocents are not seen on the roads. These dead bodies are of those young students whose ancestors have been sacrificing their lives and assets for freedom since last half century. At that time Indian govt. tried to cover its violence in Kashmir by blaming Pakistan for terrorism and infiltration. Now there is neither infiltration nor Mujahideen are seen wandering in Kashmir armed with weapons. Protestors against Indian control are unarmed young students. India has failed to stop these protests by using all of its state terrorism tactics. Now India is using gradual withdrawal of Pakistan from moral support of Kashmiris as a psychological weapon against Kashmiris. In addition to this our present rulers say that by accepting Indian “Lolly Pop” our diplomatic credibility has improved. Definitely it will improve because we have been doing this from last 64 years. To please India, which loss has not been born by this nation? In order to improve our credibility in competition to India we lost half of the country. The remaining country has been drowned by not building Kala Bagh Dam to please India. We had declared to send our Director General ISI to New Delhi after staged drama of attack on Taj Mahal and Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai just to save our diplomatic credibility. Moreover we provided India with lists of Sikh activists just to improve our credibility. No! too much has been done. To please India now this nation has nothing to left to lose. It is possible we are ignorant of it, but Delhi is claiming our acceptance of Indian aid as its diplomatic victory. Kashmiris are worried over this but they are not ready to give up. No one knows what we will have to give to India in return of this aid of 5 millions.

Adivasi Male and Female students who have been killed by administration of Assam and High Caste Hindus protesting against death of Gori through Fire Truth By Kbaig

It is not a complicated question. However let us discuss a tragic incident which occurred on 28th November 2007, in the north-western Bengal. This happened in the area of Guwahati. Indian and western media ignored this incident in spite of having knowledge of it. After the knowing the reasons behind this incident you decide yourself that is India worthy of having friendship or relations? This is the incident of 28th November 2007 in the famous trade city of Guwahati that some students belonging to Adivasi Tribe of Assam decided to stage a peaceful protest against inhuman law of “Schedule Caste”. They rode over the college bus after their college timings and went to Bazaar. They were unaware that Indian police has been made aware of their protest and what plan Indian police has made to stop them. Such a plan for which you cannot find a single example in today’s civilized society. These students whose number was only 40, as soon as they arrived in the city and started protesting against “Scheduled Caste” the shopkeepers of the bazaar closed their shops and took rods and sticks and started beating them. Students were not ready for this. They could not imagine that traders belonging to upper castes will attack them like beasts. If police had done such act the students would have saved their lives by running into streets or had recorded their protest by being beaten through police. But here whole bazaar has been beating them. They went to whichever street to save their lives the people of higher castes were already there with sticks. Astonishing fact was that there was not a single policeman on that day, while usually about 10 to 12 policemen are always present till sunset.

From Truth By Kbaig

During this President of Bazaar’s Union Sanjeet Chakroti targeted a female student protesting along with other protestors, he held her while other trader stripped her clothes. The student of F.A named “Gori” whose age was only 17 years was totally naked. At looking this scene other traders left the other protesting students and all turned to Gori. Some were beating her with their feet while other targeted her sensitive areas by sticks and rods. Many traders took their mobiles and started recording their satanic act. Gori begged for her life, but no one was there to have mercy on her. She was forced for nude dance. If she disobeyed she was beaten by sticks. At least she ran for her life. Her yeling has been stopped, her tears have dried up, she wanted to die but Hindus belonging to upper were not willing to murder her. They wanted to make Gori an example in the naked form for her lower caste. Gori tool gold medal in the Matriculation on the basis of her hard work and took admission on scholarship. Now that hard working girl has been mutilated in her own city. She kept on running, where ever she stopped due to tiredness Hindus of upper caste attacked her with spears. She kept running for 8 kilometers. Her body became paralyzed and she fell down.

Female Jouranlist of Assam Who dared to unveil real damned face of india

The Hindus of upper caste following her thought that she is dead. In the journey of these 8 kilometers hundreds of cameras recorded her so that the India can be certified as world’s largest Secular State. So that the whole world can see the behavior of Upper Caste Hindus with the daughter of Mother of Democracy. When this Satanic Play ended police also arrived their. They took Gori to her home. When this news spread in the whole city, media personnel contacted Deputy Commissioner Samitra Mohan and Head of Police Department, they rejected that no such incident have been occurred. And claimed this incident as a public reaction to “All Assam Adivasi Students Association (AASA)” and declared that this is a political issue. Meanwhile Human Rights Activists also arrived in the Police Head Quarters. They had only one demand that F.I.R should be registered on the incident of Gori and beast traders should be arrested. Police was also worried that they had allowed traders to beat protestors but some fundamentalists has created a difficult situation for them by stripping Gori naked. Police registered the case and arrested Trader Leader Sanjeet Chakroti, Ati Berman and three others so that this problem did not get more attention. When trader leader got arrested Civil Administration, Police and Civil Society including journalists pressurized parents of Gori to take back the case. This process of pressurizing went on for some days. At least parents of Gori had to take back the case due to pressure.

Beating and Draging A girl of Minorities 

This news was not less then a tragedy for Gori. Till now she had been alive on the hope that the persons torturing her in the hands of law and will be punished. As soon as Gori heard the news about compromise between her parents and satanic traders she poured petrol on her and put herself on fire. When the news of Gori’s death through fire arrived to her colleagues they started protest on the roads where not only police but Hidus of Upper Castes were also present. When they attacked protesting male and female students of Adivasi they also defended. In this way that protest converted into Riot. This riot which continued for two hours 13 students were killed including 4 females while 3 females were kidnapped.

Gori Burnt Here Sorrows as well By burning Herself How Many Wishes and Dreams have been burnt?

After this state police of Assam and Delhi Govt. suppressed this tragic incident in such a way that world kept ignorant of it. Whatever happened to Gori, local journalists were not ready to give it coverage. However a female journalist named as Lakashmi Aurang did not give up. She gathered footage of torturing Gori nude and also kept on gathering the pictures for what ever happened with Gori. At least on 9th August 2010, Lakashmi Aurang published all these proofs on Jharkahnd Blog titled as “Adivasi Girl”. Two video footages have been also released on torturing Gori with titles as

1. Guwahati Businessman attacks stripped woman.

2. Guwahati-Assam Men strip and beat poor tribes

Through these videos we can see the damned face Indian secularism.

From Map of Assam

Astonishing fact is that our pro-Indian groups supporting “Aman Ki Asha” are not ready to tell that in Indian states from Kashmir to Manipur, and from there to Chateesgarh Indian Rulers, Brahman Imperialists are using raping daughters of minorities as state policy and weapon against people who demand freedom. In spite of this that we should protest against such state terrorism, condemn satanic acts on innocents for humanity, we are claiming acceptance of Indian aid as Diplomatic Credibilty.

Note: In some blogs Indians have tried to veil this incident as a love affair between Gori and an Upper Caste Hindu so that its seriousness can be decreased by claiming it as a decision of local people/Penchayat.

Urdu Copy:

From Truth By Kbaig

Written By Khalid Baig,
In Daily Nawa-i-Waqt.
Dated: 28 August 2010.

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  1. uffffffffffff............ its a shamefull thing... we shouldn't accept Indian aid... no respect for girls....
    they can't even help their own people, how can they help us...
    they are just ..... no words to describe ma hate for them

  2. As a woman, I am particularly concerned to see women targeted as victims of state terrorism. The UN has declared targeting women for rape and physical abuse a war crime. I think the people responsible need to be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court.

  3. How sad
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  4. I am surprised and speech less...really i love my india......

    mandiro main maaa ko chadaawa chadate hain aur bahar...kapde utarte hain..........

  5. Not at all surprising in a country like India... Damn....

  6. I am feeling too shy to say that I am an "Indian" and "Hindu"

  7. I am feeling too shy to say that I am an "Indian" and "Hindu"

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    Sudheer PresinguMay 2, 2012 1:44 PM
    I am feeling too shy to say that I am an "Indian" and "Hindu"

  9. Islam is a only religion that gives rights of women

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