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Formulation of “Female Battalion” Consisting Of Prostitutes in Indian Army…

From Truth By Kbaig
Uniformed Prostitutes of BSF

After reading the last article in which we discussed about the strange stories of Indian generals corruption, some readers questioned that where is our famous defense analyst Dr. Ayesha Sidiqa, can not she look at all this? Possibly some readers also raise such question after reading today’s article. The title of this is article is about humiliation of women and using women for sex by Indian govt. On this act not only western women are protesting but Indian intellectual women have declared that their govt. is trying to corrupt and mutilate the society. Whereas Ayesha Sidiqa, she is destined to write against Pakistan army. When she’ll get free from that only then she can look at the acts of Indian army. Moreover after she has been selected in the committee for “Backdoor Diplomacy” with India she says all is well in India just like Aasima Jahangir. According to Saraiki quotation the person who eats someone’s food can’t speak against him. However let’s leave it here and move forward towards today’s topic.

A country like India where from the crawling insect to mighty elephant is worshipped. To clean clothes, body and other things Urine of cow is used; such a nation can be expected to do anything humiliating to humanity. Astonishing fact is that they don’t feel shame while providing cause to their evils. That is why when they formulated a regiment of whores consisting of 300 professional body selling girls arrived to fulfill their duties in Occupied Kashmir, everyone was astonished. On asking they were replied that they are soldiers of BSF, which have been sent to guard LoC. So that possible women terrorists can be stopped coming from other side of Border. However this could not satisfy media present in Occupied Kashmir. The women under discussion haven’t behavior like soldiers but like professional prostitutes of brothel. The decision of formation of “Female Battalion” consisting of camp flowers (which is the true reflection of ‘Kotlia Chankiya’s’ teachings) was actually made after joint discussion by Defense ministry and Higher Command of army. In order to tackle a six months old incident in which two Kashmiri girls Asia and Neelofer were murdered in a gang rap by Indian soldiers. This incident formed the shape of an international problem and even it was noticed by UNO’s Committee for Women Rights. When India was asked about this incident its answer was: “As soldiers appointed in Occupied Kashmir stay away from their homes so such like incidents happen and cause political disturbance. However some measures are under discussion to stop such incidents. One of them is formulation of a regiment of call girls”. In order to provide reason to their act consisting of violence they revealed uncountable incidents of suicide and killings of their colleagues. In past Indian army has been hiding such incidents. These were shown to the world so that…

1. Morale of Indian army can be sustained.

2. Their deployment in Kashmir does not become a topic of discussion in lower ranks of army.

3. Such news of brutal acts cannot be used by Mujahideen for encouraging their comrades and for propaganda.

Indian army and defense ministry issued report that…

“The consultants and Analysts reached the conclusion that Indian soldiers deployed in the valley were committing suicides and killing colleagues out of acute frustration and depression. Medical and psychological consultants were of the view that since majority of the soldiers deployed in the valley were away from their wives for very long periods. They were in the grip of sexual frustrations which ultimately transformed into mental frustration”.

To this end it is true that majority of Indian army deployed in occupied army feels themselves powerless in front of high morale and passion for freedom of Muajahideen. And they understand that their govt. has occupied Kashmir through force and unjust means. While after passing 63 years there has not been a little change in Kashmiris stance. Due to which they watch themselves in the mirror of their conscience as a cruel and barbaric person. As a result they kill themselves or kill their own colleagues and think that the violence and wrongs against Kashmiris have been redressed. It is also true that Indian govt. has been thinking for long time to reduce, increasing events of such nature. There was also an advice that soldiers deployed in occupied Kashmir should be given holidays of 3-7 days every month (keeping in view the distance from deployment to home). However it was declared as impractical due to financial restraints. But the reality is definitely not the one told by India to UN Committee for Women Rights.

From Truth By Kbaig
Gunner Women in Indian Army

When matter of gang rapes with women as a policy to crush freedom campaign in occupied Kashmir, was raised to international level. India decided to hit two birds with one stone. One the soldiers deployed their, should get some means for enjoyment, and second to shut the mouth of protestors protesting for the rights of Kashmiri women.

To establish a Female Battalion consisting of professional whores, Indian defense ministry and Chief of Army Staff General Deepak Kapoor made a Committee under the supervision of Lt. General Raj Kumar Krwal (DG Training Facility of Indian Army) consisting of six members, which included Major General Kumar, Major General Sanjay Mojeo Lomba, Brig. Anil Sharma, Colonel N.K. Khanduri and Colonel Sanjay Rai. Under the default policy committee came to the conclusion that soldiers should be provided with women. Look at one paragraph of the committee’s report:

“It is not possible to provide street whores directly to the soldiers’ thus professional prostitutes should be recruited with the title of sex workers and then they should be given basic military training and should be posted in Kashmir as soldiers so that the male soldiers can establish relations with them”.

After principled decision of recruiting prostitutes as soldiers the procedure of recruitment became a problem. Neither can it be published on national level neither ad can be published for this job. At least it was decided to take help from RAW, cause in every major city of India hundreds of whores are already in contact with RAW or are on payroll(the duty of these prostitutes was to attract rich tourists who come to India, provide them with sexual enjoyment in rooms of specific hotels. Where all the scenes were recorded by spy cams and RAW utilized these recordings to black mail and use these as agents for it).

Within in two weeks RAW completed its work and a group of 300 women was given to the Indian Committee. After medical checkups etc. it was decided that they should not be made part of regular army but should be given to Northern Command. Which will be responsible connecting them with BSF and deploying in Occupied Kashmir. On 15th august 2009 all these women were given to BSF.

On the leakage of the news Journalists in occupied Kashmir contacted Inspector General Hamnit Singh and wanted with these platoon of prostitutes. Initially Hemnit Singh accepted the arrival of women but rejected the journalists contact to these women saying,

“These women have been deployed near LoC so that female terrorists coming from Pakistani areas can be observed”. It was a very strange stance from IG cause in the history of Kashmir Indian army has never encountered with female Mujahideen. When journalists show surprised over this stance, IG BSF replied, “according to some reports for terrorism in occupied Kashmir Pakistan is also training women along with men. In order to tackle this on time deployment of Women Soldiers on LoC was inevitable”.

From Truth By Kbaig
Famous Writer Aron Dhati Rai

Rejecting the stance of BSF famous intellectual of India Aron Dhati Rai wrote articles on 28th August and 4th September 2009, “Prostitute Undercover n Female Soldiers”, and “Sex Workers” (which were published not in India but in British and American newspapers). She declared it as insult to women in modern era and warned international community that in future if any Kashmiri woman is killed after being raped she will be taken as terrorist by Indian govt. In this way Indian govt. will try to hide crimes of its soldiers. Moreover a country like India where poverty and unemployment is common, young girls will adopt profession of prostitution to get recruited in army. Society will get unethical. Due to which new body and psychological problems will arise among women. And to tackle them will not be even in power of Indian govt. Dhati Rai also raised question if purpose of deployment of female battalion is providing sexual pleasure to soldiers, and then just 300 women are useless for 600,000 soldiers. Dhati Rai said that through deployment of these women India is acting upon its conspiracy for continuing its stay in Kashmir. For which India is ready to sacrifice innocent women.

In order to counter protest of Dhati Rai, RAW brought forward defense analyst “Rohit Sharma”. Who declared Indian army’s decision as correct. He called it is Bold Step and Creative Move. But supporting Dhati Rai’s motive, American scientist of human psychology Dr. Christina Palmer writes: Formation of Indian prostitutes Battalion is an attack to women’s identity. But it will also have bad effects on female workers already working in Indian army who have regularly joined Indian army. How can all these women justify their presence in holy profession of army, after recruitment of prostitutes?

From Truth By Kbaig
Young Female Officer Passing out from Indian Military Academy

However this is the internal problem of Indian army. As Pakistanis we have to just think that through this step taken by India, no bad effects should harm freedom campaign of Kashmiris. And what benefit will India derive from this step to support its propaganda against Pakistani interference and terrorism in occupied Kashmir.

And it has only one way that we play our role to show the world the reality about India. If we succeed then India will not repeat its drama of insulting us after calling us for talks and then requesting our Old Friend Saudi Arabia for playing its role in peace.

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From Truth By Kbaig
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Written By Khalid Baig,
In Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 6 March 2010.

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