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David Cameroon’s Statement and Wiki Leaks…!

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American B-52 bomber delivering death to Afghan villages
So called enlightened, progressive and pro-Indian classes are very happy like children as their demand has been fulfilled. Whatever David Cameroon has said was their heart’s voice. Yesterday a so called enlightened intellectual journalist was saying on the T.V., “that Pakistan has done a historical mistake by going in war against Soviet Union in Afghanistan, so this is the fire lit in this war which is now burning us”. In this mentioned person’s talk he tried to alter the history and his irritating speech was full happiness. As he wanted to say, “Pakistanis! You have not allowed Comradism to come here so bear its punishment. Inspite of getting angry on whatever British Prime Minister has said try to correct your mistakes etc.” that mentioned person is not alone, before that many such educated characters are present in our society who think only they have the complete knowledge and intelligence. According to them there is only one way redress mistake of defeating Soviet Union i.e. not only Pakistan accepts India big boss like Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives but also accepts its slavery. Not only that they also want to make Pakistani Public slave of western imperialism. That Public about which American survey results say that they hate America. (Keep in mind that after death of Soviet union now our Liberal and Enlightened classes count America as Boss (My Father), wow! What a change in ideology from communism to capitalism). These classes can neither see massacre of Kashmiris nor the genocide of Palestinians. They have no regret over the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to them being a Muslim is an unforgivable crime. So whether they are Kashmiri or Afghan as they are fighting in the name of Islam against Imperialism so they have no right to live or mercy. If nation wants to get familiar with ideology, purpose and morals of this class, they should watch Documentary prepared by BBC Channel 4 in 1985, “Who will cast the first stone?” That how some Pakistanis criticize Islam, Shariat, and Islamic laws as inhuman and unnatural. And in Afghanistan upon adapting the resistive policy by Pakistan army against Soviet Union Pakistan army has been abused with immoral abuses. If our own thinking about national identity and pride is just like enemies then British Politicians like David Cameroon will threaten us for economical interests. 

            David Cameroon represents which British Crown? That British Crown which made different countries slave after creating disputes among them. Captured and looted their resources like British right? In own country British Crown followed democracy while in occupied areas billions of humans were deprived from their rights through imperialism? When they have to leave due to freedom movements and change of time they created such disputes before leaving that several countries are at war? That British Imperialism who is still trying to keep its image of “Great Britain” alive by the use of ‘Common Wealth’?  Whether it is Kashmir dispute or Palestine can British prove themselves non guilty of it? Even today Britain is source of all the conspiracies in the world.

            Whether it is attack on Iraq or destruction of Afghanistan British secret agencies MI5,6 were on the front in this brutality. Napoleon had rightly called British as ‘Pity Shopkeepers’, who got there livelihood from pirating. Do not believe? Look at the British history in ‘Grolier Encyclopedia International’ of 1963. even in this modern era British economy has only one support i.e. looting of resources from other countries and sale of weapons. One day like ‘Wiki Leaks’  a website may disclose that in Iraq war how much benefit America has enjoyed concerning oil and how much British have earned including tons of gold and diamonds.

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British Prime Minister in India
            Whatever British Prime Minister David Cameron has said against Pakistan, world condemn it as much as it can, that it is against diplomatic rules and a person like Prime Minister should not use such words but truth is from the leader of a nation having ideology of traders such words were expected. Especially when he is on purely trade mission. Yes! He arrived at India with history’s biggest delegation. Five ministers, 50 chiefs of big trade companies, 17 experts of economics, 8 Indian ancestor British traders, vice chief of secret agency and including other govt. representatives total of 90. people of media were additional to it. When airplane arrived New Delhi the style of coming out of plane was strange, like a bridegroom visits in-laws house before marriage. According to an Indian journalist ‘it is first time in 63 years old history in which British Prime Minister has visited India with such a big delegation, like the hero of a movie’.

            All this was not without any reason. New govt. of Britain wanted to show India that very friendly relations with India at any cost are their first priority. Why it should not be like that, till 2005 UK was 5th biggest exporter of India, and annual trade volume was more than 4.12 billion pounds. This has now decreased to 2.7 billion pounds and British stands now on 18th number in exports to India. When financial and economical interests occupy brain then what type of protocol, diplomatic style, rules and regulations. At this we demand that British Prime Minister takes back his words, is he crazy to spoil deal of 126 Medium Multi-role Combat Aircrafts in billions of dollars, or risk the production of “Jaguar cars” in India through Tata Company? Have you noticed brutality on David Cameron’s face during blaming Pakistan? If not go to Youtube and see the footage, you will notice that he spoke every word after reading from paper and after much consideration.

            This is good luck for UK that Pakistani people are entangled among natural calamities in the form of flood, in spite of this protests are going on in whole country. At that time it was duty of our govt. to tell British about anger and feelings of Pakistani people. Opposite to this Pakistani President arrived London as personal guest of Mr. David via France. While representatives of Mr. Zardari are claiming that he will ask for explanation to British Prime Minister for blaming Pakistan. Already present in London Foreign Minister said on such statements relations cannot be broken. When on such national matters show unseriousness, then why should enemies be blamed? Definitely at this time Pakistani nation was expecting that President will postpone or change his visit to UK (to attend a conference for his son Bilawal Zaradari’s right on govt. of Pakistan) as a protest. And Mr. Zaradari will try to impress Pakistani nation that he is fully aware of feelings of Pakistanis, but alas! Such could not happen. On statement of David Cameron we should have called back our representative/diplomat to UK or just called him to Islamabad to discuss this situation. Then world has realized that Pakistani nation has some respect, but what could be done. Diplomat to UK is not representative of Pakistan but of ruler family of Pakistan. He is himself a British citizen and care taker of the interests of the ruling party in UK.

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Situation after America Captured Kabul
      &;nbsp;     Let us now see another aspect of David Cameron’s statement which has been ignored due to destruction of floods in Pakistan and present scene of Mr. David’s statement. The sensitivity and importance of this aspect is more then words said by Mr. David. David Cameron has visited America few days before departure for India. Till that time stories about torture and war crimes of American and Britain forces have bee published to a website Although the number of these disclosure was in thousands and it consisted of 70 thousand pages so electronic and print media was unable to fully investigate it and decide about which document or video should be published. However American govt. was aware about the reality of these documents and impact of them in future on the American diplomacy. Out of these thousands of pages less than ten pages have information about Pakistan which is based upon hypothesis and analyses of specified British and American defense analysts having biased thinking against Pakistan. Iraq has been totally ignored by world or world can be satisfied by withdrawal of forces from Iraq. While Afghanistan is a problem which cannot be solved without Pakistan’s support. Pakistan has denied give further sacrifices keeping in view its interests.

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Why David Cameron is silent on murder of innocents?
            In such a situation America decided to blame Pakistan with the help of international media already working against Pakistan for blaming Pakistan for Wiki Leaks. With the statements of American senators this was initiated. Chairman of Senate’s Armed Services Company ‘Aik Mikelton’ said, “I have several times told that policy on afghan war is not correct, in this regard we will have to keep eye on Pakistan’s role”. Mr. Adrice said that threatening role of ISI for support of Taliban has been unveiled. Moreover enmity with India is equivalent to calling death for Pakistan. Senator Rasfin Gold, Vice Chairman for Senate’s Intelligence Committee Senator Gat Bond, and John Mc. Caine has also given such statements. Now it is not coincident that David Cameron was present in this venue and when journalists asked him to give his opinion, he restrained to pass any comments. Probably he has been advised to show his reaction in India.

            Readers! Who is behind WikiLeaks? How he got access to such sensitive information? And why did America decided instantly after the extension in services of General Kiyani to use WikiLeaks against ISI and Pakistan Army? While the soldier who provided these documents to WikiLeaks has been detained since May and he has told American officials that till arrest he had passed 26 thousand documents to WikiLeaks. All this will be discussed in next week…

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From Truth By Kbaig
Written By Khalid Baig,
In Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 7 August, 2010.

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