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“Black Water” East India Company of 21st Century…

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Old Monogram of Black Water
If we look carefully through institutional structure of Black Water, its silent arrival to Pakistan, unclear purposes, all this reminds of the East India Company. In 1600 Queen of Britain allowed some British traders to conduct business in foreign countries especially India, and to establish a company. In 1613 with the consent of Mughals English traders established first headquarter of company in “Surat”. Afterwards also by the consent of Mughals centers and factories of company were established in Madras, Kolkata, and Mumbai and local youth were recruited for their protection. Apparently British govt. had no link with East India Company but they knew that Company has established influence and huge army whose command was in the hands of retired British army officers.

In 1757 in the war fo Plasi East India Company captured most parts of Bengal, then Britsh Crown took the business and army of the Company in its control and imposed “North India Act” for controlling the area. Afterwards in order to increase power and strengthen their hold “Pitts India Act” was imposed in 1784. So with the help of traitors (which had no shortage in any era) whole India fell in the hands of British Crown just like a wall of sand. Traitors of country were bestowed by respectful titles as Sardar, Khan, Malik and Makdoom while public as Slaves and Servants.

In this way it took East India Company 250 years to reach South Punjab from Surat. The reason behind such a long delay might be weak sources of transportation. The system of transport was not even present and in spite of army of traitors English have to bear the resistance at every step. Now let us look at the difference between East India Company and Black Water.
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Present Vice Chairman of Black Water "J. Coffer Black"

That reality was known to the inhabitants of subcontinent that Mughals awarded East India Company to get established here. But with whose allowance Black Water is working in Pakistan. No one is ready to answer that by whose consent they are moving freely here? Neither they need visa nor dare anyone to stop or investigate them over airports. At least why? Second difference is that East India Company got established in Subcontinent so it was involved in crimes done in past. While Black Water’s face is mutilated due its involvement in war crimes, looting, murders, target killing, bomb blasts, acts of creating disputes among Shiites and Sunnis, weapon smuggling, human trafficking and selling of women. Whole world is protesting against their violence in Iraq. Although stories of their crimes in Afghanistan have not been brought forward but European countries have many times shown concern about it. Third difference is that East India was questionable by someone but Black Water has unlimited activities and no laws applicable to it. Even the Supreme Court of USA cannot call it to justice. Fourth difference is that British Crown never denied of having links with East India while Americans have stated several times that White House has no link with Black Water. Fifth difference is very clear. Black Water is much more modern, equipped with lethal weapons, trained, well equipped modes of communication, economically independent and most important full with incentive of spreading terror to barbaric level as compared to East India. However purposes behind both are same. They were English and came here in the name of trade. They are also English and have invaded in the form of private institution and if they are really here to snatch our freedom. Then it is wrath and revenge of nature from us that we are not capable of understanding the value of freedom. In the previous century if personnel of East India Company got angry with someone, that someone was sent to ‘Black Water’ as a punishment. And now the Black Water himself has came to us. Perhaps to punish the whole nation. Yes! Nations having guilty of joint sins are punished like that. However this is an objectionable sentence. Let us come towards activities of Black Water in Pakistan and its history.
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Founder of Black Water "Erik Prince"

Black Water is a private security firm. Which is registered as an industry by American govt. its founders are Erik Prince and Al Clark two American investors. They are trained from American Naval Academy. (Prince is Considered as important financer of Republican Party). Both of them while laying foundation of this company in American North Carolina apart from Head Quarter established a training center consisting of 7000 Acres. The number of trained persons having latest weapons is equivalent to 9 Divisions of Army. For internal security American Interior Ministry have signed 987 deals with different private security agencies. While 744 of them are only with Black Water. Black Water gets 90% of its income from American Interior Ministry. In this way link between American Govt. and Black Water can be clearly understood. Black Water provides training to 40000 personnel per year. Important think is that Pentagon also gets its soldiers trained from this agency. More over they also get contracts from the whole world. They recruit local people and bring them to America for training. However they have established centers in Iraq and Sudan for training locals. And it is also said that they have established a center in Peshawar (NWFP of Pakistan) too.

In January 2009 soldiers (terrorists) of Black Water in Iraq (Herat) attacked civilians without reason and murdered 17 while injuring 60. And later they took the stance that they thought that Iraqis were gathering to attack them. This incident laid great trouble and pressure on White House and Pentagon. American govt. stated that they do not have any link with Black Water and Iraqi govt. is responsible for that. Iraq rejected these accuses and clarified to the world that Americans have brought them here that they will provide security to Iraqi govt. after withdrawal of American troops till Iraqi police and army did not get capable of it. As soon as Iraq cleared its position Black Water became center of attention of the international media. Bright (Inhuman and barbaric) activities became the headlines of media. Protest started within America against them and their illegal acts within America came to the light. Thinking American courts as sovereign some Americans went to courts for justice and then it was revealed that American courts did not have the authority to hear the petitions against Black Water as during his reign George W. Bush provided full legal security to it. However after getting too much defaming on 13th February 2009, present President of Black Water changed its name to “Xe” (Pronounced as zi). However officials of Black Water and American institutions have been unable to separate the torture and stories of barbarism from its character.

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Chairman Black Water "Gary Jackson"

In Pakistan Black Water has established it’s headquarter in University Town Peshawar with the name Creative Associates International Inc. “CAII”. Wearing black glasses, black suites, armed with assault rifles, in black colored Sub Urban Chevrolet (Bullet Proof) there soldiers can be identified easily. Whose majority has shifted recently from Iraq to here. Inhabitant of University Town, Engineer Imtiaz Gul told in an interview to representative of German Press Agency “D.P.A” that “he is living in the Chanar Road University Town, Peshawar. At the distance of few hundred yards there is headquarter of Black Water, armed person guard it. All persons living in the area are afraid of them. They point their weapons on every passer by without any reason. They even threaten the children going on their way to schools. All are afraid of them. People think that at any time some sad incident may occur. Some respected people of area went to civil administration and police but no one is ready to stop these armed persons. Someone answer our question that our roads are ruled by Pakistan govt. or these assassins”?

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On the 2 September High Ranked Official of Foreign Ministry Welcoming Cofer Black and His Colleagues

Readers the above mentioned interview is present on the website of D.P.A. in which news has been given with reference to New York Times that federal govt. of Pakistan has ordered all provincial govts. to keep a track of this agency. Through the website it has been told that this agency is working in the form of NGOs. The duty of these NGOs is too recruit criminals, people having well built body, unemployed especially angry with govt. for reason able pay and use them for their own purposes. All those parts of NWFP and Balochistan where there are fewer resources are special target of these NGOs. D.P.A writes that this agency provides weapons to terrorists fighting against Pakistan army. Moreover due to causalities and financial losses of American army in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam Pentagon is willing to use Black Water for wars outside the USA. And this news will be a great discovery for readers that American officials are now working for coming outside the U.S.A and conquering the whole world for establishing “CONUS” i.e. Continental United States.

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Vehicle in The Use of Black Water Marines Without Number Plate, It can be clearly read that their activities are unlimited and no law is applicable to them...

If we look at the situation with reference to Pakistani media relating to Black Water a very complicated situation is revealed. According to the reports in costly (Posh) areas of Islamabad i.e. Sector F-6 and F-7 they have taken many houses on rent and are continuing there mysterious activities. All the ways towards those houses are blocked by Concrete blocks, and barriers. Equipment of latest communications can be clearly seen on roofs of these houses. They have established a training center at Rwat Industrial Estate. Their activities have been discussed above. They have been seen in Balochistan too. The report about their presence in D.G. Khan have been given the son of ex-President Farooq Lughari during a discussion on T.V. the news about their activities in Khushab, Wah and Mangla have been published in newspapers. Whole nation is protesting against them because no one in Pakistan has been able to understand their purpose for presence in Pakistan.

Out of the international community China is the sole country who has warned America that it should consider safety of Pakistan while extending American consulates. China has also expressed objections over American afghan policy and term of “F Pak” and has stated that Pakistan is a sovereign country. It is not good to attach Pakistan with Afghanistan. Chinese Ambassador has clearly stated that Chinese have been target killed, in spite of this China has no intention of deploying Chinese army to Chinese embassy in Pakistan. Against extension of American consulate more influential objection cannot be.

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Armed Men of Black Water, Outside a Rented Bungalow in Islamabad

In spite of public protests and news being published by media Pakistani govt. is silent. Are they (govt.) waiting for an incident like Iraq in Pakistan? Innocent people are killed by them (Black Water). Will the govt. get active after this?

Keeping in view the past and inhuman crimes of Black Water they should have been investigated for their possible role in target killing. Especially their role in Balochistan should be investigated that is that agency part of a master plan to weaken Pakistan?

However fellow country men should know that aid given by (1 billion dollars per year) will be distributed under supervision of Black Water and Black Water will take the decision that which district needs to be developed through this aid. However this also depends upon the district/local governments that are they capable of developing good relations with Black Water and getting most of the aid for their area. However American consulate has completed its home work by meeting with elders/influential persons of the area. Just wait for the approval of Logar bill and then there will be you and aid given by Black Water.

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Written By Khalid Baig,
In Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 12 September 2009.

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