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We Were Thrown Out Of Army...!

After spending two years of training in military academy young man of 19 or 20 years age joins regiment as Second Lieutenant his ideal personality is Chief of Army Staff and that designation is set as his destination. He starts his professional life with one passion that at least he has to be the Chief of Army Staff. In the difficult journey of competition he not only obeys military discipline but also avoids any other wrong deeds so that even a little charge doesn’t make his destination unachievable for him. However out of the officers who pass out at the same time only one of them is able to reach his destination.

            How much important and holy is the designation of Army Chief can be understood through this fact in past or modern history of army, stories in case of successful mutiny becoming ruler or in case of failure being hanged can be found. However till now no Army Chief has been dismissed on the shameful accuses of corruption and fraud. But the willing of becoming Asia’s boss India, has got that honor of dismissing her army Chief under the charges of corruption. Yes! General Deepak Kapoor is not being dismissed for being deaf but alleged for Corruption. Keep in mind that it is that Deepak Kapoor who had jolted international defense few weeks ago by presenting Doctrine of war with Pakistan and China simultaneously. Afterwards in order to show down his predecessor General V.J. Kumar and to take revenge from him General Deepak Kapoor prickled the bubble of the technical shortcomings and the capability of Indian army. Moreover he also told the world about the internal disputes and groups in the Indian army, which is not less than a shock for Indian army.

From Truth By Kbaig
General Deepak Kapoor
            The stories of Indian army officers being involved in financial scams and sex scandals is not a new thing. In 2001 brought to the light fifteen defense deals having corruption or kick backs with other countries and really jolted the India. But the story doesn’t end only upon corruption, there is also revenge taking between army Generals which makes story much interesting and complicated.

            In 2009 General Deepak Kapoor asked permission from govt. for the unique doctrine “New War Vision” for war simultaneously with China and Pakistan. What else had Indian rulers needed? They were already dreaming of being the big boss of Asia. However before granting instant permission Indian defense ministry consulted with other formation commanders which revealed that a group of Generals consisting of General V.K. Singh does not agree with their chief’s War Doctrine. But General Deepak Kapoor has more votes on his side, so he was granted permission. Indian rulers were much satisfied with the progress of General Deepak Kapoor but on the other hand not only the Generals the secret departments of Indian army also got divided. RAW was backing up General Deepak Kapoor (Army Chief) while MI (Military Intelligence) was in favor of General V.K Singh.

From Truth By Kbaig
New Indian Chief
            Israel had a keen eye on its largest buyer of weapons India’s Generals’ internal disputes. Secret contacts of Israel with both groups were the coz of large sales of Israeli weapons to India; Israel is also using India for its interests in Afghanistan without sharing to America. Including Indian Generals people of Defense Ministry have been blinded due to the heavy commission of large weapons deals. They were unable to feel that with the purchase of costly modern weapons not only the volume of their budget is increasing but India is also moving towards destruction.

            Seeing the praise to the General Deepak Kapoor’s New War Doctrine from New Delhi, Chief of Army Eastern Command General V.K. Singh got much worried. In order to help General Singh Chief of MI Leutenant General Lomba presented him the proofs about the corruption in a deal to buy land for military in Northern Bengal against Principal Staff Officer (PSO) of General Deepak Kapoor. General Singh presented these proofs of corruption to Indian defense minister A.K. Anthony. However Mr. Anthony regarded these proofs as inadequate. The coz was that the Indian govt. was badly deceived by General Deepak’s War Doctrine. It was dreaming of defeating Pakistan and China at same time. How can they initiate an inquiry at that time against their Chief of Army Staff’s PSO?

            General V.K. Singh and his friends got disappointed but they kept probing for more details of corruption in Bengal. For Indian MI it was a matter of importance equivalent to India’s integrity. There hard work brought fruit and they were able to find that PSO General Prakash alone is not the receiver of corruption. Seven more Generals were also involved in corruption of selling extremely costly land of “Ranikhet Kumaon Regimental Centre” in northern Bengal to Retired Brigadier M.K. Singh (now a days a property dealer) and receiving in bribe 300 crore rupees. On the top are Lt. General Ramesh Hallaguly, Lt. General P.K. Rath, and Major General P. Sein.

            As soon as General V.K. Singh got these proofs he called on PSO General Parkash to clarify his position. General Deepak took such call as an attack to himself and stopped General Parkash from appearing in front of General Singh. He complained to Defense minister that General V.K. Singh is breaking Military rules. On asking from Defense Minister General V.K. Singh told him that General Parkash being the “Colonel Commandant of the Kumaon Regiment” is directly involved in the sale of land, so he should must clarify his position. At that time A.K. Anthony revealed that General Deepak is being given extension of one year in his services after completing his retirement age. So he will remain Army Chief for one more year. An inquiry should not be initiated against General Deepak’s MS.

            For General V.K. Singh that new was not more than letter of death. In the mean days General Deepak was scheduled to go to Israel for military deals. Chief of MI General Lomba requested for help from MOSSAD. What was the difference to Israel; it is the incident of start of November 2009. General Deepak Kapoor arrived in Israel for purchase of “Barack-8” Upgraded Tactical Air Defense System (costing 1.8 billion dollars these missiles will be given to India in 2017). A newspaper being published from Tilabeeb published following Headline; “Spineless and Corrupt Indian Army Chief Deepak Kapoor in Israel”, subheading was ‘Indian must demand court martial of Deepak Kapoor.’  Newspaper published different stories of corruption under the command of Deepak Kapoor. Especially in 2008 when a large quantity of tents was purchased from Israel, in which after news of receiving heavy commission Lt. General H.S. Panning was appointed as inquiry officer. However after few weeks General Panning was not only stopped from inquiry but also dismissed due to pressure from Israel. After publishing of news by Israel whatever India has to bear, Russia’s wound also got renewed. In 2005 India made a deal with Russia to target aircrafts from land and naval units as well as some type of cruise missiles. After naming those as Trishul and Prithvi when these missiles were tested in India they could not achieve their targets. When Russian engineers fired them they were 100% accurate but as soon as Indians touched them they became unfit. At least India rejected Russian missiles and decided to buy Israeli missiles. Russia was extremely shocked of this decision. Moreover the largest purchaser of weapons was lost by Russia and fell in the lap Israel. After two days of the Israeli newspapers news against Deepak Kapoor, Moscow times also published news not only against Indian Generals but political leaders as well. The main feature of the news was that it was published by the name an Indian journalist living in Russia Manohar Ram. With the publication of news Manmohan Govt. had a tough time. General Deepak Kapoor was decided to be dismissed at once, but for this they needed some excuse. At that time General V.J. Kumar Singh came forward to help Indian Defense Minister.

            He gave the news that he has completed inquiry in corruption in deal of northern Bengal’s land through Lt. General Parnaik (Commander 4 Core Tezpur). And he has also got “Termination of Services” for General Parkash from under his command (Jag) Judge Advocate General. More 6 Generals have been also found guilty and they all have supervision of General Deepak.

            However Indian govt. was not ready to dismiss its Chief of Army Staff under the accuses of corruption or bribery. At that time with the help of MI General Singh prepared a secret report from Indian Army’s Research and Referral Hospital. In which General Deepak was claimed to be a deaf and this report was also published in media. With the publishing of news General V.K. Singh and MI increased pressure on Indian govt. for premature retirement of General Deepak Kapoor.

            From here the story of corruption in Indian Generals takes a new trun. RAW told General Deepak that Indian govt. is going to dismiss him and his enemy General Singh is being selected as new army chief. After this General Deepak decided to teach a lesson to General Singh so that as long as he remains Chief of Army he gets insulted. In a press conference as a reaction to the news of his being deaf (which included Indian and international journalists) he unveiled the shortcomings in Indian army. He told to the journalists that “Indian Armored Infantry is incapable of fight in night, while as compared to India China has 100% and Pakistan has 80% capability to undertake operations at night”. This statement of Indian Army Chief hit straightly the Indian balloon just like as Trishul. A balloon in which General Kapoor has himself filled air of fighting simultaneously with Pak-China. A.K Anthony Indian defense minister was also present in the press conference. When he looked at the changing colors of Indian journalists heft the press conference.

            General Deepak has not contented on it just, he has also rumored that upcoming Indian Army Chief has been involved in many sex scandals and secondly has been selected into army by reducing his age through fraud. What will be the result of rumor by General Deepak, it will be decided by upcoming time? However he has taken revenge of his accuse being deaf by saying that Indian army gets blind at night. How can it fight with Pakistan army who has improved its professionalism by being busy in war in last two years?

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Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 27 Feb, 2010.

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