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The Told Untold Story of External Interruption in Balochistan…

The main line supplying natural gas from Balochistan to whole country was destroyed by Dynamite on 7th January 2005. Most part of the country was deprived from natural. The industries were paralyzed but household were also much effected. The natural gas department restored the pipeline after hard work of a week but due to this incident govt. has to bear loss of billions which was ultimately the loss of whole nation. The responsibility of this act of terrorism was accepted by Baloch Liberation Front. As a reaction to a so called incident on 2 January, 2005 (five days ago) in which a Lady Doctor was allegedly raped by a Captain. If the she had been called in spite daughter of Balochistan, daughter of Pakistan or Pakistani the sensitivity of this incident had decreased. Nor the culprit has been forgiven. But in this way situation in Balochistan cannot be equivalent to stories of Pakistan Army’s violence in West Pakistan 1975 (which has been proved fake propaganda of Hindus by time and Bangladeshi historians). Political leaders against Musharaf and all intellectuals thought it necessary to use this incident against him. Taking this as an evidence some groups targeted army, it was given name of oppressor, conqueror of own country and murderer of public. In such situation how the inquiry of alleged rape was possible. Baloch started struggle for revenge. Everyday the destruction of gas pipelines became routine. Such a fire was set in the Balochistan that its heat could be felt in whole country. During this time affected Lady Doctor shifted to Europe. However the disturbance in Balochistan took a new turn and army and its buildings were directly attacked. The history after this is not much old. Musharaf left, dictatorship left. Era of democracy started in the country, two years have passed. But the problem of Balochistan is still going on. Non Baloch’s are being target killed. Then was the act of gang rape with lady doctor was the real cause of disturbance in Balochistan? In fact this incident is a little “scene” of a big damn plan whose script was written in 2002. There one question rises in minds whether it is the incident of walking a nude woman on the roads of Nawabpur, Multan in Zia-ul-Haq Regime (which was propagated in international media and protesting against Aasima Jahangir got famous). Either it is the incident of gang rape with Muhktiran Mai or incident of rape with Lady doctor, so much disturbance is made, (May Allah protect all of us), but as soon as army govt. is removed people forget about such incidents. Seems that it is also a part of struggle against dictatorship. How much reality was in these incidents ask to inhabitants of Nawabpur and Muzaffargarh.

From 13 August 2005, Picture of Dr. Shazia along with her husband with Benazir Bhutto in London

The foundation of external interruption in Balochistan was laid at that time when in September 2001 Russian President Mr. Puttin arrived to address General Assembly of UNO. And there he met with American President Bush. Bush tried to make Puttin agree agisnt China’s increasing hold in South East Asia. According to American journalist ‘Andrew Gavin Marshal’ Mr. Puttin did not give any encouraging reply to American President, however also did not discourage him as well. During this period impossible occurred in international politics. In the elections of leadership for organization of Human Rights America and China came face to face. In secret talks China offered Pakistan to build Gawadar Port for supporting China in elections. Deal was not bad China asked just for support not making it win elections. And in this way a deal of construction of Gawadar Port in three for 1.5 billion dollar was signed (remember that China won these elections). How can America bear this that she is present in Afghanistan and China reaches Gawadar? She also decided Russia to join in as well. American President reached Moscow accompanied by Ramsfield. Where they succeeded to concur Mr. Puttin for interruption in Balochistan on the condition that Russian interests will not be harmed. American purpose was clear that it wanted to limit China’s economy and stop China from reaching Gawadar Port. Opposite of it Russia has three purposes:
1. Take revenge from Pakistan.
2. To keep America busy in Afghanistan for long time so that it can be lost war as in Vietnam.
3. To make China’s access impossible practically however Russia did not want to deteriorate relations with China.
Puttin ordered people of KGB to support America who raised Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) on the wish of Kremlin after occupation of Afghanistan in 11978-79 getting worried about armed interference from Pakistan. And also advised that Russia will only give its old links in Balochistan and do nothing more. However this secret needs to be understood how KGB used Baloch youth for Bomb Blasts in Pakistan. After Bush and Rumsfield returned back a deputation consisting of four members reached “Kremlin”. They were told that in the era of Soviet Union KGB formulated a long term, ‘Blue Print’ so that after their backed up Govt. comes in rule in Afghanistan, in Pakistan rebellious people are brought to rule and access to the Gawadar is secured for Russia. For this in Quetta Balochistan Students Organization (BSO) was formed and in every university of Soviet Union special quota was fixed for students from Balochistan. When students from most undeveloped area of Pakistan i.e. Balochistan returned back after studying in Russian cities and told stories about splendor the people got astonished. That is why when KGB raised BLA it did not have to face much difficulty. However after defeat in Afghanistan and disintegration of Soviet Union, Russian economy did not have enough capacity to continue KGB’s activities in Balochistan. Although BLA vanished away from the scene but its central command kept in contact with KGB, much of them are now tribal chiefs. Under a special policy KGB officers interfered in Balochistan. In the beginning Russia laid emphasis on cooperation from India (rulers of Afghanistan Northern Alliance also wanted that) because Moscow brought India and China face to face with much cleverness keeping in view the border disputes between China and India.

From Truth by Kbaig

Brahmans were happy that America and Russia were forced to accept India’s importance. In this presumption India challenged China and forgot it is not a state. But a union of dozens of states having different cultural identities, dresses, languages and several Bhagwans. Which can return back to their origin and they all are supported by China in some way (study the past, present and clashes with New Delhi the economic and military capability of Mao Rebellions).

From Truth by Kbaig

In the spring of 2002, via Afghanistan a convoy consisting of 5 members of CIA and RAW, entered into Pakistan for establishment of first Safari Camp in Balochistan. They included two Americans, two Indians and one Afghan driver. The Afghan driver was chosen after much care and investigation so that he can safely take the members to their destination from infamous routes(driver was linked to a group of weapon and drug smugglers). Riding on the Double Cabin Hilux all 5 people entered through the Rashid Qila of Afghanistan to the border area Muslim Bagh of Balochistan and from there they reached Kohlu. In narrow passes Israeli satellite was observing them so that if they come in contact with Pakistani security forces American airforce can be launched from Afghanistan. However due to driver’s vigilance no such incident occurred. Agents of CIA and RAW conducted meettings with Baloch people, after few days stay one American stayed in Kohlu. While one American and two Indians left for Dera Bugti in the security of Baloch leaders. After few days they all three arrived back to Kohlu and attended some more meetings. In these meetings retired pesonnels of KGB played an important role. After long discussions initial training camp was decided to be setup in Kohlu. Kohlu was given importance at the will of Balach Muri who has spent a long time in Moscow during education of engineering.

From Truth by Kbaig

First group of trainees consisted of 30 young men. Initial course was confined to lectures and talks only. So that these 30 young men can be deployed as instructors in upcoming training centers after brain washing them. After making Baloch people rebellious they were to be used against Pakistan as per past five point plan of Soviet Union:
1. To awaken Baloch’s in the name of freedom and rights.
2. Propagate theory of Greater Balochistan and practically struggle for it.
3. For freedom use target killing, terrorism and bomb blasts as weapon.
4. To propagate slogans like “Superiority of Punjab”, “Punjab is responsible for poverty in Balochistan”, and “cause of Punjab freedom is inevitable” etc. on international level.
5. To support their (damn) purposes and make them acceptable to general public use Media Friendly Methods.

In order to utilize above five pointed agenda KGB had literature (Pamphlets, booklets) printed at Soviet Union time, even the maps of greater Balochistan, and thousands of flags were also saved by KGB. Which were given to Americans. Using them in new way was headache of Americans. However as compared to Soviet Union Americans have more influential propaganda machinery. The English media of whole world is available to them through Jews. Compared to 1980s in 2000 the electronic has been much developed. Internet and mobile technology is also available. So America started practical interference in Balochistan after full preparation and with the support of India. America has pulled in Israel into Balochistan by taking help of the spy Satellite. In this way after RAW, MOSSAD also became partner in American policy of weakening Pakistan. America succeeds or not, Israel is not concerned with it. Israel has received India as a gift buyer of her weapons. On the increasing of relationships between India and Israel, Jews succeeded in selling costly weapons to Hindus.

From Truth by Kbaig

After Kohlu when safari camps were opened in other parts of Balochistan till that time the brain washing and lectures have been completed. Now it was the time for use of small automatic weapons, rocket launchers and dynamite. Via afgahnistan it was possible to send modern weapons to Baloch militants (BLA) but due to long distance and difficult routes it was not possible to fulfill the demand. On the other hand Chinese engineers have arrived and rapidly started the work over Gawadar Port. Along with this Baloch leaders were continuing their propaganda campaign that, “with construction of Gawadar Port Baloch will be declined to status of minority as ‘Red Indians’”. “The construction on Gawadar Port is conspiracy of occupying Baloch resources which we will not let succeed” etc. etc. Elements opposing Kala Bagh Dam were also pouring their part against protest of Gawadar (they have never raised a single word against India’s water aggression, Why? At whom will they wish they will not allow Kala Bagh Dam to be built even whole country is converted to desert, fertile lands are decreased to barren lands. Consider that little question and u will understand that what feature is mutual in opposers of Kala Bagh Dam and protestors protesting against Gawadar). In its news propaganda some Columns and Newspapers of special ideology were also playing their role.

Seeing the difficulties in supplying the weapons to Balochistan from Americans, India took that responsibility and offered to supply weapons from eastern border of Pakistan. Which was accepted at once. In order to make this offer acceptable in Indian parliament RAW claimed construction over Gawadar port as great to India’s integrity and started a new discussion in Indian media. Astonishingly not a single writer was of the view as opposing of Gawadar port as interference to Pakistan or has advised India to stay away from this problem. This was the initial point of india’s individual interference in Pakistan. Which did not confine itself only to Balochistan but also its fire spread into NWFP and afterwards in the shape of Suicide Bomb Blasts to whole Pakistan.

From Urdu Scanned Copy


In order to utilize armed interference in Balochistan India just needed American signal but here it has full support of west. What else New Delhi has needed? Whereas from CIA India had mandate only to provide weapons in Balochistan so that China can be stopped from acting upon the plan of Gawadar but RAW has planned far from that. Just like that camel in Arabic Nights which was given permission to put its mouth into the tent by its owner. From the eastern border of Pakistan to the point which joins Sindh and Punjab the distance of Balochistan is not more then 130 kilometers. Here in spite of fence of barbed wire there is a well coordinated network of smugglers. India selected 5 km inside Pakistani territory a point named “Kashan Garh”, cause in this area secret warehouses of smugglers for storage of Wine and other goods were much useful for RAW. RAW with the support of local police and Border Security Force took smugglers in confidence, and very silently the warehouses of Kashan Garh were converted in weapon stores. Keeping themselves away from this area deployed soldiers and officers of RAW for smuggling of weapons inhabited Shah Garh, 190 km away from Kashan Garh and started their activities. Initially Kalashnikovs, mines, dynamite, explosives, hand grenades, automatic pistols and other devices for connectivity were smuggled. After damping heavy amounts of these afterwards heavy machine guns ands Mortars were also sent to Balochistan.

From Truth by Kbaig

All these weapons after crossing the border through smugglers help, were loaded to camels and transferred to border areas of Sindh, Kandahla, Yarulund, Meerpur Mathelo etc. from there it reached to trucking stations through mini trucks. And afterwards hiding it under other trade goods in trucks passing through Ayaro or Ghotki it reached it destination Balochistan. In this way after journey of few hours the dangerous weapons of destruction passed safely through Police check posts, under the rules of smuggling and was given to the terrorists. Truck drivers, labor working on trucking stations or Police men took it wine or other such like goods being smuggled as per routine. And that route was easier and less dangerous as compared to Afghanistan.

From Truth by Kbaig

Readers may raise a question that why our security agencies were unaware of this? It has simple reply. During peace regular army keeps away from borders. However Rangers is not only present on border Check posts but also patrols on border. In spite of all these measures it is out of human control to watch every inch. Moreover the intelligence network can keep up-to-date from aggression of enemy but not on the smuggling. Second like KGB the contacts of RAW in Sindh proved useful for it. Third aspect is that the transfer of weapons took place in peaceful time. The series of violent activities have been started but it was limited to Gawadar or its neighborhood.

From Truth by Kbaig

With the beginning of 2005 when on the rules of Gorilla warfare, terrorism started, America and India have been able till that time to establish 50 or more training camps in Balochistan. Every camp has strength of five hundred trained terrorists. The supply from Indian border have been decreased cause on one hand they had dumped weapons and secondly America has established supply chain from Afghanistan to Dalbandeen, Kohlu, Noushaki, Sibi, Khazdar and Dera Bugti. On one side Chinese engineers have lost too many lives and were trying to complete work on Gawadar port before time. While on the other side America was spending dollars recklessly (in this situation if US does not have the fear of international war it had bombarded Gawadar for accuse of Osama-Bin-Laden hiding there). Terrorists were given salaries in dollars. As per designation they were being paid 200 to 350 dollars per month. Clothes and other facilities were additional. Such lucrative facilities were enough to attract more people towards terrorism. In remote isolated areas of Balochistan there were safe shelters for terrorists. Which were actively used against Pakistan by enemies. “Siahan Range”, “Koh Ras”, “Koh Sultan”, “Chaghi Range”, “Koh Suleman”, “Kerthar Range” and like that “Pala and Barahvi” are such mountain ranges of Balochistan where if external support is alive militants can keep hidden their for years.

From Truth by Kbaig

Here the important fact is that whether it is the act of sabotaging the Natural Gas Pipeline from Sui on 7th January, 2005 or destruction of Sui to Multan Pipeline via Kashmor n Ooch Sahrif continuously. In all these acts terrorists used to come from India, conducted acts of terrorism and returned back to training centers of terrorism in India. While in Pakistan pro-Indian media claimed these activities as reaction to Baloch underdevelopment and rape to Dr. Shazia trying to reduce seriousness of these incidents and advised to look over these incidents in the light of 1971.

From German Walther-p1 Pistol

Pakistan has no way left but to send army to control the situation. After which arrival of terrorists from Indian side was stopped. However India opened up consulates in different cities of Afghanistan and setup a network to weaken Pakistan. Now her target was not only Balochistan but whole Pakistan. Not only that using its old contacts with Iran, India tickled Iranians to build up modern port at Cha Bahar. For which finance was provided by Iran and design n construction was completed by Indian engineers. In 2003 India started the work of construction at Cha Bahar. Afterwards Cha Bahar was linked to Afghan city Zarang via Motorway; from there it was linked to famous Ring Road in Dilaaram. From its border to Motorway Iran financed construction of road, while from to here on all expenses were met by India which are in billions of dollars.
India was ready to go to any limit to make this area hell. In spite of having friendship it was supporting Regi group of Abdul-Malik. It was a result of the deal with America and Israel to disintegrate Pakistan.According to report of “Semur Bush” in Zahidan Indian consulate has rented a building “Kheyaban-e-Danishgah”. Where for Greater Balochistan or to the militants in Balochistan were given all facilities. For the training of terrorists discussed above America, Israel and India had established joint camps in Afghan areas like “Shah Isamil”, “Ziarat Sultan Owais Qarni” etc. these terrorists entered into Iran via Pakistan, from there they arrived into Zahidan where RAW hosted them. After conducting terrorism in Iran they also returned back to Afghanistan via Pakistan. Definitely this route was used to put up all the activities of terrorism in Iran to Pakistan. Moreover to create misunderstandings between iran and Pakistan. And also to start war between sects and cults.

It is possible readers are thinking why writer has left Pakistan and enter into Seestan Province of iran. So they should keep in mind that future of the whole world is concerned with the seashores of Balochistan. The shortage of energy is advancing to the nations of world in the shape of storm. To tackle it all have hopes linked to natural gas and petrol present in central Asian states. And the easiest route to them passes through seashore of Mikran and Balochistan. In future the trade route having capability of helping world to reach extremes of development, if we call it “Black hole” of International states, it will not be wrong. Soviet Union being the second world power decided to take the adventure of occupying warm waters alone and lost in the black hole. America has also chosen that road of death along with its western allies. But wants to leave the road before it falls in this pit or wants to avoid it. But Hindu investor has fit tightly to US foots as a heavy stone. The whole intelligence of “Uncle Sam” seems powerless against followers of “Kotla Chankiya”.

Availing the chance India has increased her influence and intelligence network so much that it has hurt American interest. Smuggling of drugs, weapons and selling of Afghan women all these are being conducted in Afghanistan by Indian secret agencies. The money brought through here is being used against Pakistan in suicide attacks, terrorism. The cause of Israel’s help against Pakistan is her increasing interest in south west coastal strip of India. Jew investors are buying lands from Goa to Mumbai. Owners of many multinational companies have already shifted their central offices to Mumbai. Against which there is acute reaction in the people of these areas. Well this is another topic. But Americans have to think, have they succeeded in utilizing resources of central Asian states by attacking Afghanistan? Not at all! Whatever game Washington has started allying Northern Alliance to their side in Kabul. Indian interests have failed it even before the game ends. According to news in “Newyorker” India is also using coasts of Oman and Dubai for terrorism in Balochistan. America had one purpose in its mind that China cannot reach to the Gawadar. But what happened? With the support of China militants fighting for freedom have destroyed infrastructure from central Asia to Dilaram. Will Americans send APCs with fighter helicopters for protection of every truck? If no, then what did they get? Why America wants to run away from Afghanistan? Want to know the reason? Read the long news published on 12th February, 2009 in CNN. According to which Germany has demanded clarification from USA that defense ministry had sent Walther-p1 pistols to arm Afghan police and army, out of which 60% have been stolen or they have no record. After his when Washington checked the record from December 2004 to June 2008, it was revealed that out 242000 light machine guns, latest automatic rifles and other weapons, 87000 have no entry anywhere. However remaining 46000 have the record but weapons have been disappeared. All these weapons were issued to newly established Afghan Army. And Indians were responsible for training that army. When CIA investigated into this matter, it came to light that half of the weapons have been sold by Indians to Afghan militants through Drug Mafia and the other remaining is being used by terrorists in Pakistan. Much amount of these weapons has been captured by Pakistan army after defeat of terrorists in Swat and other parts of NWFP and tribal areas.

From Truth by Kbaig
Indian Training Centers in Tajikistan and Afghanistan, from which after terrorism in Balochistan, these centers are also responsible for unrest in China's Province Sinkiang...

The discussion has been started from interference in Balochistan which has now spread in whole country. The detail of it’s so long and complex that twenties of articles can be written on each aspect but it is impossible to cover them just in one article. But would like to write that via Afghanistan the interference is still going on and it has been controlled too much extent. For which Pak-army, secret services and Police have given too many sacrifices. But army ahs not left patience and courage. The attacks on Rawalpindi Prade lane GHQ, and it the bazaar’s of Lahore and Peshawar had just one purpose that army starts aggressive operation in those civil areas where terrorists have taken shelters among civilians. So that maximum civilian causalities happen and this can be used in propaganda against Pakistan army on international level. But army is advancing with much care. As far as Balochistan is concerned I do not agree with those people who are hopeless for it. Like others Baloch are also Loving and Patriots of Pakistan. The way govt. is trying to reduce poverty and under development in Balochistan very soon nation will see good results. Otherwise which province is not under developed? And this does not mean that we take weapons from enemies and play “Holi” with the blood of citizens of own county. If the hopelessness is due to the on going Target killing in Afghanistan, then the game enemy has been playing in past three decades it will take time to end it. However this is good news for general public that those leaders of govt. which were shy to name India for interference of Balochistan now boldly accept that India is responsible for terrorism in Balochistan. It is clear that when disease is found its cure is easy…

From Urdu Scanned Copy

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  Written By Khalid Baig,
In daily Nawa-i-Waqt.
Dated: 13 March and 20 March 2010.


  1. Wow, A Article full of Lies.

    After reading this article i came to know that the writer is trying to hide the Injustice of Pakistani Establishment over balochs. As it was said that You can't hide a sun by your finger.

    First BSO means Baloch Student Organization not Balochistan student organization.

    The author is Saying that BSO was formed in 2002. Sorry to say you don't know about BSO.

    BSO was formed in early 1950s not in 2002.

    The author is saying that BLA was formed in 2000s. Wow, no one knew this

    Where did you get all these facts from. You are a genius person.

    Whenever, wherever pakistani establishment and Army does injustice with someone you guys try to convince the people that it was India.

    What Pakistani Army did in Bangladesh were Indian, 63 years of Injustice in Balochistan were done by India.

    For god Sake Don't blame other which were done by you people.

  2. Dear thanks for ur comments. I wish u had read this post with open eyes and mind. But alas ur thinking is biased. However writer have no where written that bso was formed in 2002. And as india was one of its suporters so u better know when it was formed. Secondly pakistan army had no where injustice fresh examples include peace in swat and waziristan after army operations. However i feel sympathy and pity on india and indian people that how are they being decieved by indian govt. and army. Look at the fresh example of General deepak kapoor the post behind this one. If u have any proof then prove this article story of lies. Otherwise as per ur own words " you cant hide a sun by ur finger". Thanks for ur visit. Hopefuly see u again...

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