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A terorist event in Europe Israel's requirement

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Before 11 sept 2001, Israeli terrorism against Palestinians was in focus. Every nation has protested against Israeli actions. World electronic and print media was unable to ignore brutal actions against Palestinians. All stake holders were in agreement to establish a sovereign state of Palestine. Britain and USA, reason of all geographical conflicts, were posing through their diplomatic maneuvers that problem will solved through negotiations. (they have adopted same policy on issue of Kashmir no matter how many Kashmiris or Palestinians are killed). Israel would send its troops in the name of destroying terrorists, attack a village, some Palestinians would be killed, others would vacate it. Israel would promptly occupy the land and start building Jewish settlements. USA would issue so called warnings. However, Israel would continue genocide of Palestinians. UN security council under Kofi Annan, Would pass resolution every week demanding vacation of Palestinian lands and halt construction of Jewish settlements. Israel would disregard all these international efforts. All major countries less Britain and USA had grown wary of British and us support to Israel. At that time there was no Al Qaeda or its network. Yet Muslims were protesting.

Than what happened, an incident of 9/11 changed the whole focus from Israels brutalities to increasing extremism in Muslims. Freedom struggle of Chechnya was termed terrorism. Freedom fighters of Kashmir became terrorists. Israeli actions were pushed into background. Al Qaeda and taliban occupied center stage of international media. International media propagated them as threat to global peace and urged European nations to unite. The security council that could not stop Israel, permitted allied forces of USA and Europe to invade Afghanistan. In the name of terrorism, Muslims were not only killed in Afghanistan but Iraq was also raised to ground. Pakistan is still facing the consequences. In fact war on terror is against Muslims for protesting against Israel and USA.

After 9/11, Muslim elites forgot about Palestine and Kashmir and started saying,"Islam is a peaceful religion, it has no place for violence, we have no connection with Palestinian or Kashmir freedom fighters, these are misguided in the name of jihad by mullahs". On the other hand, brutalities against besieged Palestinians and Kashmirs, instead of decreasing, increased many fold. Global fascist powers, cooperating hypocrite Muslim rulers and apologetic response of Muslim intelligentsia infuriated Muslim youth. Muslim youths from Europe and USA decided to punish so called civilized nations of the west at their own. Either it was part of "game plan" or terrorist attempt of few individuals, whatever it may be, Hindu, Jew and western neo cons succeeded in suppressing Muslim Ummah. Even Muslim welfare organizations were banned for alleged collaboration with AL-qaeda. In any natural calamity, Muslim countries will be forced to look towards west for help. What helplessness and powerlessness could be more?

However, power drunken Zionists could not stop at that. They not only let themselves down but Britain and USA also by attacking aid flotilla for besieged Gaza strip. They damaged conspiracies, planning and efforts of CIA and British secret services to destroy Muslim resistance movement which were being hatched for last ten years. After ten years, Palestine is again focus of world attention that has been pushed to back stage by Hindu and Zionist media. Now it has dawned on international media that Gaza has been besieged since 2007. The condition of helpless children, women, old and patients is on media now. Israeli actions have brought plight of Palestinians into line light. British and us diplomatic standing suffered another shock when Turkish prime minister Tayyeb Erdogan announced that he would accompany aid flotilla along with his navy. He said,'if Israel has intention to stop than let it be known that Turkish enmity is as strong and clear as its friendship".

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Whatever Turkish prime minister has said he will act on this because he has come to conclusion that EU will not accept turkey despite its all out efforts and criminal silence over Israeli brutalities. This dangerous situation is not acceptable to us congress and British parliament. Not withstanding turk Israeli war, even a skirmish will unite Muslim nations and damage us and British interests. British and us stay in Asia and oil rich Arab states will be difficult. United Russia and china will emerge as global power shattering idea of uni polar world. If Iran conducts nuclear explosion than what? In this scenario, Britain and USA have two options; one, force Israel to end siege of Gaza for which Israel will not be ready because it would defame it further, two, cause 9/11 type incident to help focus international media on al qaeda and Lashkar taiba whom Hindu media is already posing as greater damage.

Before 9/11 conditions were the same. Israel had captured Jenin and made it no go area to the world. No aid and welfare organization was allowed. Under pressure from UN, china and Muslim countries, Israeli army allowed humanitarian organizations to provide aid on conditions that no cameras, mobile phones and computers will be permitted. All media persons accompanying aid caravan were stopped out of Jenin. However, description of suburbs and border settlements was enough to cause uproar. It seemed the area has suffered great earthquake. Most of the buildings were destroyed along with their inhabitants. Even the members of age caravan were stunned. They informed that there were no males, every building has been raised to the ground, there is no one to recover bodies from rubble. Stench is everywhere. Women, children and old people were in dire need of help. No one was there to help them.

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 When these news were broadcast, world called it genocide of Palestinians. Israel claimed it war and all is permitted in war. One must remember that stone throwing devices used by Palestinian children were presented as weapons. World adopted silence because USA and Britain were preparing for invasion of Iraq after destroying Afghanistan. Now after five years, same script is being repeated. Let me show you the attitude of western media. On 2 June, famous us newspaper 'new york time' writes under title of "terrorist at the helm":
"Terrorists at the helm
Wednesday, June 02, 2010
Turkey's Islamist prime minister, Tayyip Erdogan, knows better than most why Israel found it necessary to confront that phony "peace" flotilla off Gaza Monday. Certainly he knows that the convoy was organized and manned by the Foundation for Human Rights & Humanitarian Relief -- as bloody-handed a terrorist gang as exists in the Mideast.

Known by its Turkish acronym, IHH, the group has strong and enduring ties to Hamas and al Qaeda. Indeed, the Turkish government itself raided IHH's Istanbul office in 1997, uncovering guns, explosives, bomb-making manuals and jihadist flags -- along with documents showing that its members had been dispatched to war zones like Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya.

And a 2006 report by the Danish Institute for International Studies linked IHH to a foiled al Qaeda bombing plot against Los Angeles International Airport. No surprise, then, that the one vessel whose passengers violently resisted boarding by Israeli commandos seems to have been the IHH flagship -- and that most, if not all, of those who died in the ensuing struggle were IHH members.

Nor that IHH leaders stated openly that the flotilla's real purpose was to provoke a confrontation with Israel that would further damage Jerusalem's already frayed diplomatic and military ties with Turkey -- not that Ankara needs much encouragement in that regard. All of which makes Prime Minister Erdogan a flaming hypocrite.

But wait -- there's more. There is no "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza in the first place: This year alone, more than a quarter-million tons of medicine, food and other supplies have already moved from Israel to Gaza. More to the point, Israel offered to send the flotilla's supplies to Gaza once they'd been inspected for weapons and other contraband. The offer was flatly rejected.

As was a similar offer from Egypt, which also maintains a Gaza blockade -- for essentially the same reason: The Islamist lunatics who make up Hamas also pose a mortal threat to Cairo. All this adds up to sufficient justification for Israel to have intercepted the flotilla.

The fact is, the convoy's purpose was to break a blockade of Hamas-run Gaza that is fully supported under international law -- even if Israel chose to act in international waters. And, as a government spokesman said, given Hamas' constant effort to import weapons into Gaza, "If this blockade is broken, every man, woman and child in Israel will pay a price." Not that the crisis has passed.

The media is in full-throated condemnation mode, as is the "international community." No surprise there -- that's what they do best. Then there was news yesterday of two new "aid" ships under way in the Mediterranean, bound for Gaza. Has a seaborne intifada now begun?

If so, its purpose is not peace, but rather the destruction of Israel and the eviction of democracy and human rights from the Middle East. Neither Israel -- nor America -- can flinch. New York Post
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The weapons loaded on Freedom Flotilla against which Western Media kept crying and a propaganda was launched declaring them as "Lethal Weapons" For terrorism...

Dear reader, on the day this report was broadcast, Turkish prime minister had not announced to go to Gaza. USA and Britain are comprising against turkey. If it is so them not only Pakistan but whole Muslim ummah should announce in support of turk prime minister that he will not in alone. Every Muslim country will send its naval ship. Are you considering it mad man's vision than wait for another 9/11. Rest of the work will be done by USA, Britain, Israel and India.

Written by Khalid Baig
Translated by Ahmed!

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