Saturday, July 24, 2021

Indian Frustration After Retreat from Afghanistan!

India has pulled out all its diplomats and security personnel from its consulate in Kandahar in Afghanistan just at the midnight in a hurry, even the Afghan Taliban was surprised when they entered the consulate on Sunday 11th July 2021 and no one was there to resist.

From the last 2 to 3 weeks Indian media was posing as there were links and communication between Indian govt. And Afghan Taliban. News about the meeting of Indian representatives and Afghan Taliban were telecasted as well. ON 11 July 2021, the Afghan Taliban attacked the Indian consulate at Qandahar. The videos shared by the Taliban that got viral and the analyses of the recorded sounds shows that Indian officials abandoned the Consulate one night before the attack hastily. The belongings of Indian consulate officials were present on their work desks. It seemed they are gone on vacations. Beds were set in the residential area. Wet clothes were still hanging. Bedsheets on the beds showed that at the time the officials got the orders to evacuate the building, most of them were asleep. They were awoken and ordered to evacuate.

Afghan people witnessing how the Indians are leaving away their consulate in Kandahar at the midnight.

In the haste, Indians evacuated the building proves that Indians were informed that the Taliban are going to attack their complex. This point should be kept in mind that although the Taliban have attacked and taken control of different cities they have not taken control of any country’s consulates except Indian consulates in Mazar-e-Shareef and Qandahar. As long as the Qandahara Indian consulate is concerned it was known as the stronghold of Indian RAW. Since 2004, terrorist activities in Balochistan were being controlled by the Indian Consulate in Qandahar. Afghan province remained the stronghold of the Afghan Taliban since their establishment, however, after the American invasion in 2001, it was of grave importance for foreign invaders especially the Northern Alliance. Hundreds of Taliban and their supporters were martyred in cold blood. In order to take revenge from the Taliban, Abdul Razzaq Achakzai was deployed as Police CHief of Qandahar in 2002; he was pleased to be known as General and always wore the army uniform bearing badges of Lt. General. With the support of Abdul Razaq Achakzai, RAW established two training camps for training Baloch terrorists. In addition to this, RAW has also established two control centres in the sensitive area of Qandahar with the support of Achakzai. Terrorists from Pakistan were given shelter here. Such a stronghold of RAW was destroyed by the Afghan Taliban on 26 November 2018 through a bomb blast.

A number of people along with Aslam Baloch alias Achu a commander of proscribed BLA were killed in December 2018 as a result of the suicide attack on an Indian RA&W’s secret hideout building in Aino Mina Township Kandahar.

In the bomb blast, Baloch terrorist Aslam Achu along with Taju Murree, Raheem Murree, Nasir Baloch, Rustam Baloch and two others was killed along with RAW terrorists. At the time of the blast, few officers of RAW were also present in the building. Aslam Achu was the one who targets Quad’s residency in Ziarat in 2013. Abdul Razaq Achakzai has been notorious for inhuman tortures on arrested persons and murders. He supported RAW in many terrorist activities in Quetta. RAW supported terrorists along with Achakzai planned and executed the assassination of President Balochistan Bar Advocate Bilal Anwar Kaasi; when Bilal Anwar Kaasi was brought into the hospital in injured condition, the hospital was targeted through suicide bomb blast martyring more than 80 people while 150 were injured. The majority of martyrs and injured belonged to Balochistan lawyers. Not only in Balochistan but many terrorist activities in Karachi were also planned in Qandahar by the nexus of Achakzai and RAW. The revengeful and malafide attentions of NATO and the West can be imagined from the fact that they gave the licence to kill to an extremist Abdul Razzaq Achakzai with all the powers to exploit human rights at his will. 

In 1994, Abdul Razaq Achakzai’s father and uncle were killed by the Taliban. Achakzai and RAW had deep relations which were well-known to the Afghan Taliban. That is why as soon as India got the news that the Taliban have entered Qandahar, India ordered officials of Consulates, RAW officers and terrorists to abandon the building as soon as possible. India broke the news that 50 officials of the consulate were ordered to return back but did not disclose that why the strength of 500 Special Frontier Forces persons belonging to Tibetan refugees was deployed in the consulate and why they were only present in Qandahar?

Since the Afghan Taliban’s capture of the Indian terrorist camp at Qandahar, India is frustrated. Indian media is telling the stories of ISI and Taliban relations. Indian media is busy in propaganda to deceive the world that in the name of the Afghan Taliban, the Pakistan army’s soldiers are capturing Afghanistan. The presence of Pakistani soldiers in Afghanistan might threaten the peace of the whole region. Indian media did not disclose that members of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan, Baloch terrorists, Tehreek Al-Ahrar and Pakhtun Tahafuz movement etc. who were enjoying in the Indian shelters; what has happened to them? Have they been shifted to India or left there as Afghans? If they have been camouflage as Afghans, then these Indian terrorists may join the Afghan Taliban and sabotage the peace of Afghanistan defaming the Afghan Taliban. 

Aslam Achu mastermind of Chinese consulate terror attack In Karachi.

Pakistani viewers cannot watch Indian media, therefore, India is presenting her propaganda on social media to defame the Pakistan army and ISI. It is the need of the hour to disclose the real face of India and counter the Indian propaganda so that Indian terrorism that continued for more than 2 decades could be unveiled in front of the international community. This is the time that all private TV channels telecast the heinous faces of those terrorists who planned and executed terrorism in Pakistan while sitting in the strongholds of India in Afghanistan. The irony of the fate is that Pakistan private TV channels except to show the wrestling of the Pakistani politicians in their talk shows...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 19 July 2021

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Need to be Vigilant after Allegations of Fake Drone Attack

On 27 June 2021, two light blasts were heard in the Technical Area of the Indian Air Force’s Civil airport in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK); Indian media started baseless propaganda that Pakistani targeted Indian Airbase through Drone, however, no loss of lives or building was reported. According to Indian Media, one drone rocket fell in the deserted area while the other caused a small hole in the roof of the building. The allegations of a drone attack in addition to the already tense situation between the nuclear rivals, during Modi’s fruitless meeting with pro-Indian Kashmiri politicians and Indian failure to crush Kashmir Freedom Movement, created a hysterical situation. Indian media left no stone unturned to fuel war mania. In the evening of the same day, the Indian Air Force took back its statement of drone attacks and said that investigations are underway that whether the attack was conducted using drone or quadcopter. On 28 June 2021 the second day of the alleged attack, India Today wrote in contrast to its previous day propaganda; 

“No trace has been found of the two drones that dropped explosive at the Indian Air Force station in Jammu, top Govt. sources told India Today, adding it is likely they were pulled back by the handlers later. The agencies involved in the probe did a careful investigation of debris and its surroundings but found no clue about the drones. The agencies are now trying to trace the drones through any internal or external CCTV footage.”

In this news report on the one hand India Today is clearly stating that this was not a drone attack because no evidence has been found in this regard. However, the Indian government’s hilarious stance has been told as well that Drone operators pulled back the drones after conducting successful attacks. According to the newspaper, Indian investigation agencies are of the view that drone operators used small drones around the area of the airbase and pulled back the drones after targeting the specific area of the airbase. In contrast to the above news excerpts, Dil Bagh Singh, DG Police of Jammu and Kashmir in an interview with NDTV said that the Indian govt. Claims that the attacked place was within 14 km of Line of Control (LoC). This is the first time in the history of India that an open drone attack has been conducted which may pave way for further attacks. NDTV anchorperson said that will India conduct drone attacks against Pakistan as a response? Police Officer said that this is to be decided by the Indian govt. However, he claimed drone attacks as terrorism.

Dil bag Singh DG Police Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir

Here the question is that can toy drones be used to launch a light bomb or Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)? If not then baseless Indian propaganda should be noticed on the international level. According to the TV footage, the building showed a 12-inch diameter hole in the roof along with the effects of blast on the roof. The effects seem like a hand grenade. Indian media is not satisfied over the blames of drone attacks on Pakistan they are fueling rage for revenge just what they did after the false flag attack over the Indian convoy on 14 February 2019. The difference between the Indian Air Force and Indian Govt. over alleged drone attacks is making the incident suspicious. 

In the way Indian Air Force crossed LoC after staged drama of Pulwama attack on 26 February to and on 27 February lost the false image of Indian Air Force on 27 February; Indian pilot Abhi Nandan was arrested. It seems now India wants to wage a drone war under the cover of an alleged drone attack on 27 June 2021, this has been clearly mentioned in the NDTV’s program. It is clear that India is not in the position to lose further fighter jets in the hands of PAF, that is why the story of drone attack has been fabricated. One reason might be the fruitless meeting on 24 June 2021, with Pro-Indian Farooq Abdullah and his alliance of Jammu and Kashmir National Party (JKNC), Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party, and other Kashmiri leaders. In this meeting, Kashmiri leaders who remained loyal to India since 1947, made this clear to Modi that till the restoration of Kashmir’s position under article 370 before 05 August 2019, they cannot support India. Modi and his terrorist Hindu leaders had never imagined that traitor Kashmiri leaders who always remained loyal to India will give a straightforward reply. Due to such expectations, Modi did not invite the actual representatives of Kashmir. Indian terrorist state machinery may once again attempt to stage another surgical strike in Azad Kashmir to befool extremist Hindus, thinking that Pakistan army and govt. is busy in Afghanistan…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 06 July 2021

Thursday, July 8, 2021

End of Indian Reign of Terrorism Against Pakistan via Afghanistan!

Chuck Hagel.... Former United States Secretary of Defense

American invaders are retreating from Afghanistan, increasing the chances of civil war. The reason is the absence of the govt. Representing the Afghan and American imposed Ashraf Ghani clinging to the power. Ashraf Ghani may not remain in power for long after the American withdrawal. The situation may be similar after the withdrawal of Soviet troops with the Dr. Najeeb Ullah govt; the clashes between Indo-American created ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Afghan Taliban which may create a widespread civil war. Perhaps America also wants to keep Afghanistan entangled in bloodshed and lawlessness. Besides all this, Afghan land for India will become narrower. During the British and American reign, Indian agencies exploited Afghanistan against the integrity of Pakistan. Even American Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hegel disclosed in his speech at the Cameroon University of America in 2011. He claimed in front of dozens of members of Congress, international media representatives, defense analysts, and University Professors that due to the Indian presence in Afghanistan, Pakistan is reluctant to support the USA against the Afghan Taliban resulting in the difficulties of American and NATO troops. He said,

“India has been using Afghanistan as a second front against Pakistan. India has over the years financed problems for Pakistan on that side of the border, and you can carry that into many directions.”

One may imagine the interests of America and the West linked with India, that such an important statement of American Secretary of Defence was not given coverage by Western Media until February 2013. What happened to Chuck Hagel for disclosing Indian designs against Pakistan and terrorism via Afghanistan, this is a separate topic, however, his truth and realistic approach could not stop Indian terrorism via Afghanistan. Another serious conspiracy against Pakistan was disclosed after the murder of Indian Nuclear Scientist Ravi Mule. 

Ravi Mule. Indian Senior Nuclear Scientist

Ravi Mule was living in the fortified secure residential colony of the Indian Navy. In March 2009, he woke up early in the morning for a walk but never returned. Indian Media raised the hue and cry for gone missing of such an important nuclear scientist. On the 3rd day, Indian Navy divers searched his dead body from the Kali river and his death was declared an accident. His widow rejected the claims of the Indian Police and said that his death is the state murder by the Indian Terrorist Agency RAW. She disclosed that RAW agents were pressurizing her husband for some secret mission while Ravi rejected to play in the hands of RAW terrorists. Karnataka Police got rid of the issue by claiming that further investigations are underway. Indian Media raised the question that how a healthy person can himself fall in the river? 

Indian Kaiga Atomic Power Station

One may remember the False Flag terrorist attack of 26 November 2009; with the international propaganda, Pakistan was being seen as a country sponsoring terrorism. In such a situation the claims of the widow of an Indian Nuclear Scientist were creating suspicion in India. Indian famous journalist and historian Amresh Misra alleged that along with RAW Israeli MOSSAD was also involved in Indian Nuclear Scientist’s murder. According to his article published in Indian Newspapers, he claimed that RAW and MOSSAD were planning to conduct a dirty nuclear bomb attack on NATO installation in Afghanistan so that the world can be assured that the Afghan Taliban has got access to Pakistani nukes. RAW and MOSSAD agents were pressuring Ravi to design a small-scale nuclear device for a limited nuclear attack. Ravi did not agree, moreover, he required the help of other experts as well. RAW decided to get rid of Ravi. According to Amresh Misra, if RAW and MOSSAD succeeded in their mission, UNO would have been exploited to impose bans on Pakistan and take charge of Pakistani nukes. The dead body of Ravi’s colleague Mahalingam nuclear scientist was also found from the river passing through the Indian Navy’s Malapur Colony, he also went for a morning walk and after one week his dead body was also found from Kali river. Police filed the case by claiming it as suicide. Until now blind murders of these two nuclear scientists of Kaiga Atomic Power Station have not been solved. Their murder mystery can never be solved because they denied being part of RAW’s conspiracy. Ravi Mule’s brother said during a protest rally that murderers are so much strong that the Indian govt. And Police both are powerless in front of them. 

Lokanathan Mahalingam Nuclear Scientist working at the Kaiga Atomic Power Station

This is the dirty face of the Indian role in Afghanistan for which Pakistan is still paying the price. A remote control bomb blast on 23 June 2021, in Johar Town of Lahore shows the confusion of India after the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and the foreseeable Indian future in Afghanistan…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 28 June 2021. 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Pakistan Says "No More" to USA!

No More "Do More"

‘Absolutely Not’: PM Pakistan Imran Khan says US bases won’t be allowed.

If American President Jobiden had a little doubt that Pakistan will not allow America to use Pakistani soil for American interests in the region after the US retreat from Afghanistan he would have kept steadfast to his statement in April 2021 in which declared that withdrawal from Afghanistan is difficult. However, due to internal pressure and the Taliban’s increasing attacks, he had to change his mind and declared to withdraw American troops in September 2021. Afghan Taliban made this clear that after May 2021 they will not allow American troops even for a single day. So Americans who have tested all of their lethal weapons and inhuman tortures in Afghanistan but have to lick the dust declared to complete the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan from May 2021 to 30 September 2021. America demanded Pakistan to provide airbases located in KPK and Balochistan province. The world saw a different face of the Pakistan Army and Pakistan. America increased pressure; diplomats of different status were sent to Pakistan so that Pakistan accepts American demands. 
C. Christine FairAmerican political scientist.

No doubt Americans would have tried old tactics of threats and presented billions of dollars as compensation; details of American tactics will be disclosed after some time by American media. The most painful point was that when American CIA Director, William Burns himself met with Army Cheif General Bajwa and DG ISI Lt General Faiz Hameed requesting to shift Counter Terror Ops to Pakistan which was rejected. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan rejected the request of the CIA Director for a meeting saying that meeting with the Prime Minister was not within his scope. Americans also were stunned once again when American Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken called Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan but his call was politely rejected that PM will only talk to his counterpart i.e. American President; American Secretary may call Pakistani Foreign Minister. According to US media, the US Secretary of Defense also telephonically discussed the need for Pakistani airbases for America with Army Chief General Bajwa but the demand was once again clearly rejected. The question was raised in America as well that when Pakistan is diplomatically demanding that the American President should talk with PM then why US President is hesitating to talk to PM Imran Khan? American journalist himself replied to the question that during Obama’s reign Jobiden as Vice President neglected all the promises made with Pakistan and provide full support to India to exploit Afghanistan as a second battlefront against Pakistan. With American support, India painted Pakistani streets and markets with the blood of innocents through suicide bomb blasts. America not ignored but attacked Pakistan’s integrity just for her interests.

All the supplies for American and NATO troops in Afghanistan were being supplied through Pakistan without any charges. Now Jobiden should keep in mind that whether it is the political or military leadership of Pakistan, Pakistani interests are the top priority for them. In history the US has exploited Pakistan only for needs; in contrast, whenever Pakistan needed America, Americans always betrayed Pakistan, and the payments made for using Pakistani roads were posed as an aid to Pakistan and exploited to defame Pakistan. Pakistan army remained the target of India supported by the US and allies for more than 2 decades. India takes Pakistan army a hurdle in its imperialistic designs while the USA thinks Pakistan army as a hurdle in her targets against China; propaganda campaign in the name of Freedom of Expression was launched in Western Media while few traitors within Pakistan were hired as well. These included those so-called journalists who previously supported the Soviet Union in the name of Communism and always talked against Western capitalism. However, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, they changed their fathers from Soviet communism to Western capitalism. Not only this, American universities held seminars in which Pakistan was blamed for American defeats (the bitter reality is that the American army has no history of victory) so that the Pakistan army may be brought under control. In such a seminar at George Town University, Christine Fair also linked with the Indian Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses said during a question,

For Pakistan state of collapse, it is basically Pakistan army which has to collapse for better or worst, I do not see that happening.
Antony BlinkenUnited States Secretary of State.

America is not happy with Pakistan, keep in mind that in today’s scenario it is not possible to attack any country traditionally. This is the time of propaganda war. Especially no one knows better than Pakistan army’s Sipahee to General have been in the state of war against Indian trained terrorists; this has converted Pakistan army into a hard trained military; our soldiers are always ready to lay their lives for the geographical and ideological boundaries of the country. The US is well aware that Pakistan's army is armed with nuclear weapons and ready to use them as a deterrent. This is the fear of nuclear weapons that stopped America from openly invading Pakistan since 2002, despite fierce resistance from the Afghan Taliban.

In contrast to this, India adopted the propaganda to defame Pakistan as a terrorist state so that no one pays any attention to Indian terrorism via Afghanistan especially when America is at the back of India. After the denial of Pakistan to the US, the US will never give up her conspiracies against China: Never!
William Joseph BurnsDirector of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

America will leave no stone unturned to create differences between the Pakistani public and Army like she did in Iraq and Syria. Suspicions will be created regarding the Pakistan army’s professionalism. Such a law and order situation will be created which political governments will not be able to control and will be forced to call an army. We have already seen the trailer in the form of the rally by supporters of Sindhu Desh of Jiye Sindh; they chanted slogans against the Pakistan army in their rally at Karachi. The letter being shared over social media against Corpse Commanded Gujranwala is also linked; political leaders who are not in power are at the forefront in spreading such hoaxes. This propaganda within Pakistan should be stopped against the army that has sacrificed its lives from Pakistan becoming Syria and Iraq and is ready to lay lives in the future as well...

Written by Khalid Baig, 
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 21 June 2021.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Attempts to Create Differences between Pakistan Army and Public


1947- 1948 Pakistani Army in war with India to save Kashmir

                Communist Intellectuals and writers willing to create a free sex society started criticizing Pakistan army after the Indian invasion in Jammu and Kashmir was challenged by Pakistan army. Their criticism increased after inclusion of Balochistan in Pakistan and start of military operation on 27 March 1948 on the orders of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah after a handful of Baloch tribal chiefs declined to accede to Pakistan and started armed resistance. Whether it was Jammu & Kashmir or Balochistan army of newly freed country did not have sufficient arms as well as Pakistan also did not have enough resources to run the machinery of the country. Despite shortage of arms a befitting reply was given to the Hindu invaders in Kashmir; such a reaction was not expected by India and her English handlers. The befitting reply of Pak army made Britain upset; on 13 January 1948, British magazine published propaganda against Quaid Azam, Two Nations Theory and Pakistan Army. British publication attempted to threaten Pakistanis for the consequences of clash with India; the whole post was based upon the Western statement against the integrity of Pakistan. This propaganda has now evolved into the ‘Hybrid War’ against Pakistan and Pakistan Army. Whether it was Pakistan army’s action to stop invasion of India in Kashmir or 1st Operation against Baloch militants both were executed on the orders of the Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Afterwards, the operation and the success in the operation became the foundations of planned propaganda against Pakistan; Pakistan’s integrity was under attack and on Pak-Army was able to defend Pakistan. Moreover, the bitter reality that India wanted to capture Independent Pakistan based on the Two Nations Theory was buried under the propaganda as well. In order to fulfill her nefarious designs India was supported by Afghanistan, Soviet Union, Britain, Israel and those elements within Pakistan who were biased against Muhammad Ali Jinnah for his fame in the Muslim world and failure to stop accession of NWFP and Balochistan to Pakistan. This is such a failure that the wounds are being transferred from generation to generation and they are unable to give up their treachery against Pakistan.

Pakistan Army in war on terrorism

                2nd operation against Baloch terrorists started in 1973 on the orders of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto when a big cache of latest weapons was seized at Iraqi embassy in Islamabad. These weapons were to be supplied to Baloch terrorists; Bhutto toppled the provincial govt. blaming it for partnering the conspiracy.

                3rd Military operation against Baloch terrorists started during the reign of General Pervaiz Musharraf when the drama of rape of Dr Shazia Khalid on 02 January 2005 was staged at Dera Bugti. When General Pervaiz Musharaf announced to start inquiry in the incident, Dr Shazia Murree fled to London. Baloch terrorism started under the disguise of fight for rights of Baloch with the start of work over Gawadar port by China in 2002. Despite Indian support and propaganda Baloch terrorists could not win international acknowledgement. However, after the blame of Dr Shazia being raped by an army officer, international media created a propaganda war against Pakistan and Baloch terrorists attacks against Pakistan amry  increased manifolds as well. With the Indian funding a full fledged propaganda war was launched against Pakistan army. America and Britain also supported india in this war so that Pak Army can be pressurized to work for their imperialistic plans in Afghanistan. When Pakistan army denied to be exploited for American interests in Afghanistan; propaganda war was started to blame Pakistan army and ISI for terrorism in Afghanistan and neighboring countries so that Pakistan can be declared as a terrorist state. Our intellectuals and anchorpersons also supported the propaganda against Pak Army to mint dollars. While blaming Pakistan army for alleged atrocities committed in East Pakistan they purposedly ignored orders of Quaid Azam and Bhutto for military operations in Balochistan.

As the first phase of construction at Gwadar Port began in 2002, Baloch Nationalists started resistance to fail the project with the help of Pakistan enemies.

                Despite, all the attempts to defame Pakistan army and Pakistan, terrorism in Pakistan in the form of suicide bomb blasts America and her Western allies are forced to beg Pakistan for safe withdrawal from Afghanistan after a disgraceful defeat. Now they demand Pakistan to provide military air bases to America. After clear denial from Pakistan army; we witnessed the American and British frustration. Hamid Mir, was threatening Pakistan army and its Generals after an incident of torture over a blogger namely Assad Tur. In the way Hamid Mir challenged Pakistan army it seemed that the institution defending Pakistan since independence by sacrificing thousands of lives will not be spared. A TV anchor, a traitor awarded with the certificate and medal of treason by Bangladesh, who profoundly went to Bangladesh along with Modi to receive the award of traitorship for his father from Bangladesh; who demanded trial of Pakistani military officers cannot be violent over torture of an infamous blogger (no one can justify the torture of a blogger/anyone). This frustration was not for the torture, if so why Mr Mir did not lose temper for other citizens. Such a doggish behavior of Mr Mir was neither seen after attack over Absar Alam nor over the kidnapping of Matee Ullah Jaan. Then what fueled him that after disgraceful retreat of Western looters he alleged higher Command of Pakistan army for morally shallowness? The only goal was to create gulf between Pakistan army savior of the national integrity and public…


Urdu Copy


Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 13 June 2021.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sale and Smuggling of Hundreds of Kilograms of Enriched Uranium in India

Pakistan seeks probe into seizure of radioactive Uranium in India

On 16 June 1998, an important Indian Politician Mashewar SIngh was arrested by West Bengal Police at the border of Bihar-West Bengal due to presence of a suspicious packet in his vehicle. After analysis
the packet contained 100 kg Uranium. The recovery of 100 kg Uranium from a Congress party’s politician was a shocking news. He was shifted to Calcutta for further investigations where he confessed that he was the part of the big smuggling group which was arrested in 1994 while smuggling a big consignment of Uranium from the Meghalaya to Maldives via sea. The disclosure of Indian politician was jolting that his group was involved in smuggling Uranium into Pakistan from India. International media started propaganda war against Pakistan based upon his baseless allegation. Pakistan was already under pressure due to 6 nuclear tests after Indian tests. In spite of criticizing India for recovery of Nuclear material from Indian politician and failure of India to secure nuclear materials Western Media started propaganda against Pakistan; astonishingly Paksitani govt. and foreign ministry remained silent on such serious blames.
India: Uranium theft threatens not only India People, also the world population as well

In 2000, Mumbai Police recovered 30 Kg enriched Uranium from a closed school during vacations; Police was unable to arrest anyone as the persons present in school fled from the scene. In 2003, 225 grams of enriched Uranium was recovered by Bangladesh in a village adjacent to Indian border. The arrested person were claimed to be belonging to Jamaatul Mujahideen. During investigations it was revealed that they purchased Uranium from an Indian Officer who was supervising a Uranium mine. Initially India rejected the allegation and said that the recovered Uranium was not Indian but later on accepted that the selling officer was working in Jadugoda Uranium Mining Complex.

In 2008, son of a higher level officer of India’s Atomic Minerals Division was arrested while entering Bangladesh along with the big amount of Uranium. In the similar year, a group was arrested smuggling Uranium to Nepal.

In 2009, an official working in Madrass Nuclear Reactor killed dozens of his colleagues by poisoning them. Investigation revealed that they were involved in stealing enriched Uranium. How long hey were stealing it was never revealed and the investigation report was never made public.

However, in 2013, while diffusing a Crude Bomb installed by Naga Separatists, it went off; bomb carried amount of Uranium which resulted in huge lost of lives.
07 May 2021: Indian Police seized over 7 Kg (15.4 pounds) of natural Uranium and arrested 2 men in the Western Maharashtra state for "illegally possessing" the highly radioactive substance

American think tank observing the countries involved in nuclear research for weapons of technology development presented a detailed report to American govt. in 2014-15 for Indian security lapses in protecting nuclear material and technology. The report says that America turns a blind eye towards accidents and incidents of smuggling of Uranium in India due to India’s big deals of weapons but such incidents in India are a big hazard for not only Indians but on the international level as well.
"Uranium mines have ruined our lives. We know they won't rest till they bury us all in those pits." Villagers living near Uranium mines in different Indian states

Few days ago arrest of Uranium smugglers from Jharkhand and 1 month ago arrest of 2 persons attempting to sell Uranium in Maharashtra has highlighted serious loopholes and weaknesses in Indian security of Nuclear technology, weapons and nuclear material. American and British interests linked with India and American policies to use India against China does not mean that Indian should be allowed to play with the lives of people living in South Asia. India has been involved in propaganda war against Pakistan from 2005-2020 through its more than 100 fake media houses across the globe. Pakistan has to pay a huge cost due to Indian terrorism via Afghanistan. America and British has not only been silent over Indian conspiracies against Pakistan but also facilitated and supported India in its state terrorism. The silence of America and West over the misuse and smuggling of Nuclear material and technology is a criminal act against humanity. Indian people has been exposed nuclear radiation due to sale of Uranium in streets and in future a big nuclear tragedy cannot be ruled out. Pakistani Foreign Ministry has reacted against Indian nuclear accidents and smuggling but this is not enough. A strong campaign to educated international community regarding mishandling of nuclear and radioactive material by Indian should be launched. Pakistani political parties should unanimously pass a resolution against the increasing incidents of smuggling and sale of nuclear materials by India.
Tamil Nadu. Indians protesting against nuclear power plant with the fear of radioactive material leakage.

This issue should be raised in the UN General Assembly. India has a strong propaganda network; India may use such nuclear material anywhere or India herself may stage false flag bomb blast within India using its own stolen nuclear material; Indian will blame Paksitan for such an incident within a second. Pakistani media should also spare sometime from useless discussion of politics and give proper coverage to Indian involvement in smuggling and sale of nuclear and radioactive materials…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 09 June 2021.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

The UK! The Culprit Behind the Kashmir and Palestine Disputes!

Years have passed, whenever Israeli terrorist forces attack Muslims of Palestine, this state terrorism is portrayed as a battle between two powers. Israel martyrs Muslims of Palestine in aerial as well as ground attacks for few days. During this state terrorism, while testing destructive American weapons, Israel martyrs hundreds of unarmed Palestinian children, women destroying their homes. When Israel has quenched its thirst for blood, America and its Western allies start diplomatic attempts using terms like ceasefire to stop one-sided state terrorism of Jews. The basic reason behind American and its allies' statements are the protests against Jewish terrorism and the massacre of Palestinians at the hands of Jewish terrorists and the demands of human rights organizations to declare Israel as a ‘terrorist state’. After the so-called ceasefire, Palestinians return to their destroyed homes, hospitals, and schools; funds are raised by Arab states for the reconstruction of the destroyed infrastructure. In order to please, blood-thirsty Jews, America also approves billions of dollars aid so that the land snatched from Palestinians in the name of ‘buffer zone’ can be used for constructing buildings for Jewish settlers. UNO has passed several resolutions against such constructions, in these resolutions UNO has also demanded that such illegally constructed Jewish colonies should be destroyed but who has the power to execute these resolutions.

Ironically the game show of massacre of Palestinians, which is termed as war by Western Media, so-called ceasefire, after few years of reconstruction of buildings once again Jewish terrorists attack the cities of Palestine and the whole world watches the game live on their TV screens from last few decades. Every time statements are made that for sustainable peace in the region, two states i.e. Israel and Palestine must be established. Out of these two, one state will be allowed to have weapons of mass destruction like chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. This illegal child of the West has been already established on the lands of Ottomans captured by the British in 1948. In contrast to this, Palestinians will be given a state divided into three parts not linked to each other; Palestine will have not right to have army or purchase weapons, moreover, the Palestinian Ministry of Interior will be controlled by Israel. In other words, Jews will have the right to control the lives of Palestinians. Despite this, it will be known as an independent state which will have President, Prime Minister, and Cabinet; in order to betray the masses, elections will be also conducted. Other countries will be able to have embassies in the undeclared colony of Israel i.e. Palestine. There cannot be the worst joke of imperialist forces than Palestine that for their financial and political interests a nation has been imprisoned in its own land and murdered at will.

Such a joke was done to the Kashmiris by Britain. In 1847, India on the gunpoint and undeclared Britain's support invaded Kashmir. India disconnected Kashmiris from the whole world and crossed all limits of war crimes. UNO also has resolutions on Kashmir as well while Britain, America, and other Western countries’ interests are the biggest hurdles in the implementation of the resolutions of UNO. Just like Palestinians, Kashmiris also have stones against the occupying army, Indian state terrorists retaliate with bullets, rocket launchers, and dynamite used to destroy their homes. Indian Held Kashmir is such a mass prison in which there is an Indian soldier for every 11 Kashmiris. Indian state terrorists not only have handheld arms but tanks, artillery guns, APCs, fighter jets, and helicopters. Every month an average of 10 Kashmiris are martyred in fake encounters. Those who are kidnapped and tortured to death are not included. The Hindu terrorism against Kashmiri women is a separate story; from gang rapes to the selling of young Kashmiri girls to brothel houses in different cities of India. Human Rights Organizations working for women's rights are protesting against the war crimes of Hindu state terrorists in India.

The difference between the IHK and Palestine is that Western Media telecasts the Israeli Army’s war crimes against the Palestinians; the 11 days long Israeli attack showed Israeli war crimes against humanity and the destruction of Palestine was shown live. One purpose of these live telecasts is to hurt Muslims of the world and make them realize that how weak and powerless they are. The second purpose is to secure funds from oil-rich Arab countries in the name of reconstruction of destroyed Palestine. In IHK neither there are any independent media to show the real destruction nor there are any religiously important buildings like Jerusalem for Muslims.

The bitter reality is that whether it is Palestine or Kashmir disputes both are created by English.

In 1947, English was forced to divide India on the basis of the Two Nations Theory and leave but due to the malafide intentions and inclinations towards Hindus, Engish delayed the implementation of the agreed rule of division in such a way that India can invade Kashmir. The plan was to grant control of rivers to India so that Pakistan an agriculture-dependent country could not stand against India and is recaptured. Similarly, after defeating Turks, the English captured Jerusalem the center of the crusades; created an illegal state of Israel in order to keep Muslims under pressure, and mint money from the oil-rich Arab countries.

This should be kept in mind that after the discovery of oil in KSA in 1938, Britain decided to create the Israeli state which was fulfilled in 1948…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 31 May 2021.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Silence Over the Genocide of Palestinians!

Dr. Mooein al-Aloul and Dr. Ayman Abu al-Ouf were killed by the Israeli air force in Gaza.

Israeli warplanes martyred more than 300 men and women including more than 60 innocent Palestinian children; Chief of Internal Medicine, Al-Shifa Medical Complex Dr. Aiman Abul Auf, and famous neurologist Dr. Mueen Al-Aalwal were martyred as well. Their houses were targeted using guided missiles. 5 children of Dr. Mueen were martyred as well. Human Rights Organization of Doctors protested in front of Israeli supporter western countries that they should stop Israeli attacks on Medical workers and Hospitals. They were of the view that neither doctors have any quarrel with anyone nor they are a party to the regional disputes. Doctors only believe in serving humanity irrespective of color, creed, race, religion, or nationality. The two martyred doctors were not only famous in Gaza but in Britain and other western countries due to their professional capabilities. These doctors had limited them to Gaza after the Israeli blockade of Gaza for the last 14 years. After Israeli air terrorism on Gaza, they used to serve whichever hospital or healthcare they were required to save the lives of the injured. On 16 May 2021, they went home to take some rest on the rest of the healthcare workers where they were martyred in Israeli terrorism using guided missiles before sunrise.

In the afternoon funeral of the martyred doctors was performed; Minister of Health in Gaza Dr. Yusuf Abu-Alrais said that Israel is targeting hospitals and doctors in its state terrorism. He said that 6 big hospitals and 12 medical centers have been destroyed in the Israeli terrorism. Israel purposely targeted Electricity supply lines especially those supplying power to hospitals and roads connecting hospitals. Due to the destroyed roads, it is impossible to shift injured to the hospitals, while disrupted power supply has made it impossible to provide emergency treatment to those injured in Israeli state terrorism, surgeries cannot be performed due to nonavailability of electricity while lives of Corona patients have also been threatened. Dr. Yusuf demanded that many doctors from Western countries want to join hands in saving the lives but Israeli aerial terrorism is a big hurdle in their visits. The healthcare system of Gaza has been destroyed by Jewish terrorists. Dr. Yusuf also provided pictures of those children and women who lost their lives in the hospitals after Jewish terrorism.

The picture shows how Al-Jalla's (media) building collapses after being hit by Israeli missiles.

On the martyrdom of two Palestinian doctors, Al-Jazeera TV telecasted a special program; on 15 May 2021, Israeli fighter jets destroyed an 11 storey Al-Jaala building. This building contained offices of Al-Jazeera and Associated Press an American news agency. This was the first time in history when media representatives fixed their cameras at safe distance and telecasted the live destruction of Al-Jaal tower through state terrorism.  The so-called flag-bearers of freedom of speech and human rights, rulers of America, Britain, and other Western countries did not dare to say anything. Al-Jazeera female representative Youmna Al Syed disclosed that Al-Jaala tower contained different business offices and 60 residential apartments. When the Israeli army’s representative called AP’s office and said that after 1 hour, Israeli fighter jets will target the building. There was only 1 working elevator in the building. The difficult task was to inform the occupants of the building to evacuate the building so that everyone can escape only carrying hand baggage. Elevator was spared for children, women, and the elderly. The panicked people decided to evacuate the building by carrying their children.

AP staff evacuating Al-Jalaa building before the Israeli airstrike.

American News Agency contacted their Central Office to interfere but it was useless. It seemed as in place of Israel America was attacking an Arabic country otherwise it was not difficult for Americans to stop Israeli terrorist attacks. The most precious thing for inhabitants were their children and their own lives. Media persons had many more precious things to evacuate, especially the recorded clips and the computers that contained all that data. After denial from America, AP news journalist contacted Israeli Intelligence Officer and requested for 15 extra minutes but his request was turned down and 4 missiles were fired on the building destroying it. After the destruction of the building, Israel claimed that the building was being used by Hamas which was exploiting journalists as human shields. Israel has no evidence to prove his allegations, moreover, Israel is not bound to answer anyone for her state terrorism. However, Jewish terrorism has disclosed the reality of so-called human activists shedding tears of the fabricated holocaust. In the current scenario, it seems that stories of the holocaust are mostly fabricated and fake.

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 25 May 2021.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Massacre of Muslims! A new Strategy of America in the Region?

On 8 May 2021, a bomb planted in the car targeted a girl's school in the Afghan capital Kabul at the time of closing the school. The bomb blast targeted school girls coming out of the school's main gate, initially the news of 50 martyrs were reported. After the delay of 30 seconds, 2 more bombs were blasted. Within few hours the number of deaths rose to 82. All the martyred girls were aged between 6 to 14. These innocent children neither have anything to do with international politics nor have any quarrel with murderers. Why their lives were taken? Afghanistan is in control of the USA for the last 20 years. America along with 50 allies invaded Afghanistan in the name of freeing Afghans from the clutches of Al-Qaeda. After establishing a stronghold, America used Afghanistan as a forward base camp to destroy Iraq and then Libya. With the destruction and capture of Iraq, the USA established ISIS terrorists targeting Syria. ISIS  destroyed and martyred only Muslims in the name of establishing the Caliphate. Muslims were burnt alive. ISIS never targeted Europe, America, or Israel. Western news agencies reported that ISIS has been shifted to Afghanistan.

Bomb blast at Kabul

In the 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump disclosed that the USA was the creator of ISIS. He quoted statements and interviews of Hillary Clinton as Foreign Minister. The ground realities show that for the last two centuries only Muslims have been the continuous targets of western imperialists. If we look at the past, only Muslims have been the target of the USA, Israel, and other western countries' planned massacre. America invaded Afghanistan with destruction and grave tortures for humanity, withdrawal or retreat of American troops after 20 years is also proving new dawn of destruction. In these 20 years how much plunder America and its allies received from Afghanistan, how much mineral resources were looted by Americans will be disclosed by the upcoming time. However, America cannot deny the responsibility of the 8 May 2021 school attack after remaining in control of Afghanistan for two decades. America is not leaving Afghanistan gifting terrorism and murders to Afghanistan without any reason. Although the ulterior motives of America are hidden from the eyes of the world sudden attack of Israeli state terrorists on unarmed Palestinians is pointing towards something else. On 7 May 2021, the Israeli army invaded the Al-Aqsa mosque without any provocation and attacked Palestinians busy breaking their fast.

Families of the martyred children in Kabul Blast

Every Ramadan the number of worshipers increases in the Al-Aqsa. In this month of Ramadan people also gathered in large numbers to offer prayers in Aqsa including children, women, and the elderly. On the eve of last Friday of Ramadan, a large number of Palestinians were present in the mosque when more than 200 Jewish heavily armed soldiers attacked the mosque. Palestinians always remain ready for such situations. They resisted against Israeli attack due to which their protest spread in the wide areas adjacent to Masjid Al-Aqsa. according to Israelis thousands of Muslims had planned to protest against ousting 8 families from Sheikh Jarrah for giving their houses to Jews. In order to stop the expected protest, Israelis used force. Palestinians kept protesting for the whole night. On the eve of Friday reports of more than 300 persons injured including 10 children created protests against Israel in the western parts of Gaza. On Saturday and Sunday Israeli forces bullets in response to stones of Palestinian protestors. On  Monday whole world was shocked when Israeli terrorists set afire the part of Masjid Al-Aqsa. Seeing the Al-Aqsa in fire, extremist Jews celebrated it by dancing. 

A badly mutilated corpse of a Palestinian

As I am writing this, Israel has started airstrikes, tank, and artillery shelling on Gaza. More than 100 buildings have been destroyed including 5 multi-storey buildings martyring at least 38 children and more than 189 Palestinians. As a response from Hamas, rockets were fired killing more than 20 Israelis including Indian man and woman and injuring dozens. Israeli PM has announced to invade Gaza. Including the USA, so-called developed nations and UNO are playing hypocrisy as they always do. In spite of condemning Israeli state terrorism, they are asking Palestinians to remain calm and receive dead bodies of martyrs patiently. 

Baby killed by Israeli state terrorists

Similarly, in July 2014, Israel attacked Palestinians protest rallies, waged war martyring more than 1100 Palestinians, destroying 100 buildings especially schools and hospitals.

In 2021, Muslims are busy in mutual disputes and enjoying the destruction of Palestinians. The rulers of Muslim countries are unable to utter a word as they have hidden their loot money In Western countries. Although Pakistani and the Turkish government have strongly condemned Israeli state terrorism. Recip Tayyip Erdogan has even termed Israel as a terrorist state but such statements cannot stop Israel from state terrorism. 

Let's see what are the ulterior motives behind sudden terror attacks In Afghanistan, and sudden Israeli state terrorism in Palestine, and when American motives will be disclosed. Is America doing all this as a reaction to restoration of links between KSA and Iran, possible nexus or KSA, Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan or increased tension between Russia and America? Whatever the reason is, American ulterior motives will be disclosed soon…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 17 May 2021.