Monday, January 18, 2021

Pakistan Ranked 3rd in Water Shortage

                Our politicians, civil society, intellectuals, and other notables in society have no awareness that Pakistan has been added to the list of those countries who will have to face drastic weather changes in the future; especially water shortage, rapidly increasing population, and problems linked with it. Despite all this, the dozens of talk shows on Pakistani media portray that the only problem of Pakistan is on Politics, access of few families to the power corridors, the analyses given in these talk shows show that these families who have been in power for the last few decades if they are separated from Pakistan, the future of Pakistan will be disintegration. Private TV Channels have been operating in Pakistan for last twenty years but they have not matured yet, they have not felt any need to make them up to the standard of the rapidly developing world. New inventions are daily being made across the world. Fossil fuel-powered vehicles are being replaced by electric vehicles; many technologies have become inevitable. Many technologies have become obsolete and replaced by new inventions. The world has seen the devastative attack of Corona and the production of vaccines has been started as well. Corona has devastated strong economies in such a way that thousands of companies have been declared bankrupt leaving their employees jobless, owners forced to suicide. Internationally the reviews or talk shows reported the destruction of the corona, effects on the economy and human beings, production and access of poor to the vaccine, etc. carefully. No matter not only Americans but the whole world as interested in the defeat of Trump, hurdles created by Trump in shifting of Presidentship to Jobiden, BBC, CNN, and other television channels gave coverage to only Trump's supporters attack Congress's building but most important was given to the coronavirus and production of its vaccine. in contrast to this in Pakistan despite difficulties created by the Corona pandemic, our TV channels remaining busy in politics and covering political conspiracies.

                This immature behavior of Pakistani media resulted in the unawareness of the Pakistani public on climate changes and their effect on the Pakistani economy and lives of Pakistanis. Last year fields of vegetables were destroyed by the rains and floods; due to which public is still forced to buy costly eatables. The irony of fate is that the media reported the devastation of climate changes in such a political way that we are unable to understand the climate changes and their effects in the coming years. If we do not realize the impact of climate changes the economical problems will develop over time which may not be resolvable.

                Our eternal enemy India and her supporters within Pakistan few nationalists are agreed to create such problems so that integrity of Pakistan may be sabotaged. They are linking inflation of eatables due to climatic change with politics to blame not only the ruling party but the Pakistan army as well;  all these conspiracies are being furthered by Pakistani talk shows as well.

                What is the reason that according to IMF Pakistan is facing more shortage than the world's least developed country Ethiopia but our media did not pay any attention to such grave warning. IMF has warned that Pakistan has been reported on the list of countries having a shortage of water in 3rd place. As a result of this Pakistan may have to face the worst drought till 2025; due to decreasing underground water level, Pakistan may have to face famine. According to the report, India is violating International treaties by stopping the Chenab river. These acts of India may result in a big war in the region. IMF has not said all this in the love of Pakistan but warns Pakistanis of upcoming challenges.

                Our politicians busy in conspiracies against the ruling party and Pakistan army damn care that shortage of water is a bigger challenge than their politics or coming into power. It is linked with the integrity of Pakistan. The politics and corruption of our politicians are linked with the existence of Pakistan; their protocols and everything is dependent on Pakistan. If they want to continue enjoying their status as Pakistani elite and politics then they will have to think about the challenges faced by Pakistan, the threat of water shortage and famine. They should play a leading role in building a national unity over water shortage and play their role in developing a plan to tackle the threats. this is only possible when these politicians and anchorpersons distributing knowledge in their talk shows give proper coverage to the threats of water shortage rather than political games...


Urdu Copy


Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 12 January 2021.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Anti-Pakistan Indian Propaganda Network and Hussein Haqqani Nexus

With the disclosure of the Indian Chronicles, a flood of disclosures of Indian Network spread across the globe against Pakistan has been observed; this network has been active since 2005. The procedure adopted by this network left behind the Underworld. First of all, a fake media house established outside India published a fake report by a fake think tank in some other country. Other fake Indian Media network gave their analyses over the fabricated report; this analysis was taken as basis by Indian Media and Propaganda Machine against Pakistan. Taking the talk shows as a base, Indian international newspapers published their editorials. These editorials were then picked up by fake Indian NGOs located in New York, London, and Geneva; seminars were held where these fabricated reports were discussed and published in notable Western Newspapers. Before reporting these reports in the mainstream media, the reports were circulated over social media and the internet in such a way that one was forced to believe it to be true. Even the experts of research over the Internet took these reports as genuine. The Indian network was so much strength that even the UN and its attached organizations were deceived as well. 

Indian Propaganda and lies were disclosed when a Western NGO EU DisInfo Lab working as an observer to observe the fabricated news reports on the internet; a news report claiming human rights violations in Azad Kashmir was broke by a famous news website. This was strange and unbelievable that the Pakistan army was involved in the violations of human rights in Azad Kashmir. On research, the said news report was observed on other hundreds of news websites. The IP of these news websites were traced back to India after passing through many countries. On further research, the fabricating network was spread over 166 countries through different links and fake media outlets like fake news websites, media houses, etc. This jolted the IT experts; the target of the propaganda was Pakistan controlled by India. This network is so well organized that defamation of Pakistan was not bein done by India but by different Western Countries, NGOs working in different Muslim Countries have complained against Pakistan, and analysis was represented by experts of these NGOs. 

Two months ago in November 2020, the jolting disclosures were made by EU DisInfo Lab. Many Western experts furthered the research and tried to trace those personalities who were serving in preparation of fabricated news for Indian propaganda. The majority was of those Pakistanis who were residing in Western Countries and they had support from within Pakistan as well. Astonishingly most of the fabricated news was reported by ex-Pakistan Ambassador Hussein Haqqani and his think tank SAATH for Indian propaganda. Was Hussein Haqqani working for India since 2005 or he joined Indian later on, this is a separate discussion. According to the research of Andrew Hamilton, most of the news reports used in Indian Propaganda were fabricated by Hussein Haqqani and his think tank. The procedure was that first of all he gave suspicious interviews to unfamous and fabricated media outlets operated by India from different countries in which he blames the Pakistan army for human rights violations and deteriorating peace. He told fake stories of Pak Army atrocities committed in Balochistan and NWFP, sometimes he blamed the Pak Army for controlling Sindh and Punjab. 

In his interviews, he not only used insulting sentences for the Pakistan army but also spoke against Pakistan. These interviews were then given coverage by Indian media as breaking news. How Hussein Haqqani’s fabricated reports and stories damaged Pakistan can be observed from the inclusion of Pakistan in the Grey List by FATF. Due to Indian Propaganda Pakistan has to face different pressures. Although the Indian Propaganda network and fabricated media outlets have been disclosed, Indian propaganda would continue until agents of different NGOs working for India and members of Hussein Haqqani SAATH think tank is active against the Pak army within Pakistan. Although the Prime Minister of Pakistan has ordered to take action against these Indian elements in Pakistan; let's see how seriously the order is implemented...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 January 2021.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Indian Media Continues Spewing Venom: Diplomatic Defeat anticipated on All Fronts

20 thousand Pounds fine has been imposed on Indian Channel for telecasting hatred content against Pakistan and Pakistanis. this is being taken as unusual and defaming for India by some elements in India who have indifferences with Hindu extremism and Modi establishment. The said program telecasted by Chief Editor Arnab Goswami of Republic TV Channel running under the license of Worldview Media Network. The title of the Program was "Puchta hi Bharat" (India Asks), the guest of the program used obscene and third language showing the mentality of Hindutva against Pakistan. From the choice of the words and language, these guests were not acceptable as International Analysts, politicians, and retired army officers. Indian Retired Vice Army Chief Lt General Sarni Was Kumar Sinha addressed Pakistanis in these words;

"Oh, you useless people, Beggars. Oh Beggars, oh beggars. We will douse you with 1.25 kg, 0.75 kg, with 2 inches. Pok, PoK, we are coming to the PoK. We are coming to Gilgit-Baltistan, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We are coming to come... be ready. People in your country are shivering with fear that the Indian army may come. We will barge inside your home in Balochistan, in Karachi, in Rawalpindi, and kill you. From Lahore, from Karachi to Gilgit-Baltistan when we will have control"
Lt Gen Srinivas Kumar Sinha was an Indian Army General who served as the Vice Chief of Army Staff. After his retirement, he served as Governor of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir and Assam

The anchor of the program is notorious for mindless talks against Pakistan, getting out of control as he will attack Pakistan by coming out of the TV Screen. His talks are based upon lies and fabricated facts. that is why he is the blue-eyed boy for Modi and Hindu extremists. On 04 November 2020, he was arrested for forcing his studio architect Anvay Naik in Mumbai. Studio architect before attempting suicide has left a written letter blaming Goswami for his suicide that Goswami and his channel are denying to pay my 455 million. he further wrote that he has indebted due to the studio and people are asking for repayment, he has no way left except to attempt suicide. The widow of the studio architect posted his letter on social media and started a campaign. When police arrested Goswami, RSS and other Hindu extremists started protesting against Police. Modi's Ministers also joined the protests, Modi interfered and the Indian court has to release him in haste with full protocol making a joke of the Indian Judicial system. Goswami is one of his Talkshows at Republic Bharat declared all Pakistanis as terrorists. Addressing his guest especially General Sina he said, "You are dealing with a terrorist entity. Their scientists, doctors, leaders, politicians all are terrorists. Even their sports people, every child is a terrorist over there".
India's Supreme Court has granted bail to TV Anchor Goswami who was arrested in abetment to suicide case

During his conversation, he addressed Pakistani as "Paki" which considered abuse by Pakistanis living in the West. Said program was telecasted thrice in 24 hours on 06 September 2019. British Telecom Authority OFCOM took notice of the telecast without any complaint and issued notice to Worldview Media Network who issued a license to Republic TV. They were of the view that Goswami has used hateful speech against Pakistanis in his programs which may enthreat the lives of the Pakistanis. Moreover, such programs may instigate riots among Pakistani and Indians living in the UK.

After action began against Republic TV in the UK, India tried to control the situation through her Foreign Ministry. Republic TV telecasted apology 280 times for telecasting hatred program against Pakistan and Pakistanis without any demand. This was rejected by the British Telecom Authority saying that apology has nothing to do with law and rules & regulations.
Anvay Naik; an architect who designed Goswami's Studio

In contrast to this Pakistani media remained indifferent to the whole episode and focused on power games between Pakistani politicians. Except for BOL TV, not a single media outlet condemned Goswami for his anti-Pakistan propaganda. No one felt any need to give coverage to the fine on the Indian channel, no one felt any need to give coverage to the actions taken against the Indian TV Channel from 06 September 2019 up till now. If this is the leniency of Pakistani media to India then why the same leniency is not shown while telecasting statements of few pro-Indian politicians against the Pakistan Army???

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 December 2020.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Indian Exploits Social Media for Propaganda Against Pakistan

On 09 December 2020, EU DisInfo Lab, an NGO has unveiled Indian propaganda in which it has been revealed that Indian has been exploiting fabricated news reports, fake NGOs, and media outlets to defame Pakistan across the globe. It has been disclosed that in the last 15 years India has made thousands of fake social media accounts, more than 750 fake media houses have been active against Pakistan named Srivastava Group. These disclosures are very dangerous. It is astonishing how a country can utilize its fabricated and fake news networks in such a way that members of the EU, American Congress, and UNO are forced to believe in Indian lies. India has been utilizing her propaganda to hide her war crimes in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). All this has been done in such a way from fake social media accounts spread across 166 countries that India was not mentioned anywhere, these fabricated news, analyses, thinktanks, and fake editorials of Western Newspapers were exploited to prove India innocent and defaming Pakistan for spreading lawlessness in IHK;

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

If we see all this propaganda from another angle if international institutions and organizations can be misguided than why social media cannot be used to spread, sectarianism, lingual disputes, and regional disputes leading to civil disturbance. The situation of Pakistan in this context is not hidden from anyone; ironically we do not have a shortage of such elements who are against Pakistan ideologically. The socialists who were under the supervision of Moscow are now following western capitalism wanting freedom from social values in the name of liberalism. 

They are torturing the nation mentally; they want to prove the country as a failed state to fulfill the agenda of their foreign gods. Their main supporter is India who wants to disintegrate Pakistan. India has been working against Pakistan since independence. India has made various attempts against Pakistan but she has realized that a direct clash with the Pakistan army will result in the devastation of India. India waged a terrorist war against Pakistan which the Pakistan army won by sacrificing thousands of lives. If we look back, during the terrorism, Indian propaganda left no stone unturned to create disputes between the Pakistan army and the public but Pakistanis supported their army.

India can harm Pakistan without direct clash with Pakistan exploiting uncontrolled social media to create chaos in the minds of Pakistani people. India is trying to exploit the existing rift between Pakistanis through social media. In order to achieve her nefarious designs, India has been exploiting fake social media accounts and pages to brainwash Pakistanis against the Pakistan army. These fake IDs and so-called analysts claim that the Pakistan army is responsible for the problems of the public like unemployment, inflation, injustice, poor health facilities, etc. The opposition is also playing a dirty role by criticizing the Pakistan army to win support abroad. They are supporting the enemy to work against Pakistan. In such a situation, establishing rules and regulations and laws to monitor and control social media are the need of the hour.

Besides the integrity of Pakistan, Cybercrimes have also been widespread with the spread of social media. In the current situation, e-commerce and online activities are rapidly spreading as well. People are facing cyber attacks for which various laws have been introduced across the globe to protect people from social and economical losses. Western countries have strict laws regarding the integrity of the country on social media. In this regard PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has been working with different stakeholders on the advice of the Prime Minister and on 06 October 2020, Cabinet approved these regulations as well. These regulations will be used to check propaganda, fueling sectarianism n the country, and harassment of women on social media. After the imposition of such regulations, anti-Pakistan elements will start protesting as they did while establishing a barbed wire fence over the Afghanistan border...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 20 December 2020.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

New Indian Propaganda War Against Pakistan

Indian new propaganda weapon against Pakistan: Web-radio & POD Casts!

Perhaps we do not realize the Indian conspiracies against our freedom. After the defeat of Indian trained terrorists, India has realized that in the presence of the Pakistan Army, Pakistan cannot be defeated. So it was decided that in order to defeat Pakistan it is inevitable to destabilize Pakistan internally. In order to create restlessness, the fifth-generation war was launched. In the fifth generation, war propaganda is used in such a way through media that they cannot differentiate between lies and truth. When something is repeatedly told by different media channels, personalities, and other sources, the public is forced to believe it as true. In the way terrorism spread in Pakistan since 2002 from Afghanistan, this is not a long-ago story. From Karachi to Peshawar there was not a single city where innocent Pakistanis were not martyred in terrorist attacks. Mosques, Hospitals, Parks, Schools, and Markets there was not a single place where the public felt safe. This was a very hard time. Enemies have waged terrorism against Pakistan in a well-managed way. It was literally impossible to identify the enemies hidden within ourselves. Terrorists had pinpointed targets while targets were unaware of their enemies. The 2nd lethal weapon used by India was the confusion spread pro-Indian elements about the identity of the terrorists. Indian trained terrorists were given the name of the Mujahideen who fought against the Societ Union, it was claimed that these Mujahideen are attacking Pakistan as they are angry over Pakistan’s decision to support the USA against terrorism. Statements of Political leaders were also misleading, they were claiming that this is the result of wrong policies adopted by the Pakistan army over Afghanistan. From liberal intellectuals to NGOs and anchorpersons no one was ready to disclose the real identity of terrorists to procure their dollars.

Brahamdagh Bugti
Harbyar Marri

This was the Pakistan army who dared to identify terrorists hiding within the public and destroyed their strongholds in the tribal areas of Pakistan securing the public. This achievement cost Pakistan 8000 lives. Pakistan army wrote a new history of sacrifices with its blood and the world was forced to acknowledge the professional capability of the Pakistan army. When lost the battle on the ground, she started the propaganda war against Pakistan; for this purpose internet, social media, and other sources were used. Indian IT experts all over the world were hired to produce fake news and spreading into Pakistan through fake IDs. When people became used to such fake news, fake IDs were used to launch statements and criticism against the Pakistan army. This propaganda was warmly welcomed by pro-Indian elements and politicians fighting for their political interests misguiding their blind followers. In Balochistan, the names of Baloch terrorists trained by India and the Balochi language was used. For Sindh, names of Sindhi nationalists and Sindhi Language was used while for KPK Pashtu was used. Afterward, video messages of Baloch terrorists and Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) traitors were shared. Propaganda was so much well planned that few Pakistani TV anchorpersons were hired as well to give coverage to such anti-Pakistan messages. Few of the anchorpersons who felt shy speaking against motherland created their youtube channels.
Hussain Haqqani
Tariq Fateh with UP Chief Minister

Now a new development in propaganda against Pakistan has been observed. From 02 December 2020, Web Radio and POD Casts are being used for propaganda. Moreover, Indian experts are working hard to boost up the power of Indian Radio Stations located near Pakistan so that they can be heard in Pakistan. The importance of the project can be imagined that Indian Army Chief General Manoj Nirwa has to update Indian Chief of Defense General Bapan Rawat and other notables for the development. In order to provide content for POD casts and web radio traitors like Harabyar Murree, Barahamdasgh Bugti, Altaf Hussain, Mama Qadeer, Hussain Haqqani and others living abroad are being interviewed. For the interviews, anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam Tariq Fateh living in India for a long time ago has been hired as host…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 14 December 2020.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Indian Shelling on a Marriage Party in Azad Kashmir

Nov 23, 2020: When at least 11 participants of a wedding ceremony, mostly women and children, were injured and one of the victims, a seven-year-old girl named Hoorain, had been martyred after mortar shells fired by the Indian army from across the Line of Control landed on a house in Kotli district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmiris living on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC) are facing the worst state terrorism. In Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) Kashmiris are being subject to the worst torture and atrocities of Indian State Terrorists. In the blood-freezing cold, the homes of Kashmiris are being destroyed. There is no one to help Kashmiris who lost their homes due to Indian state terrorism. According to the report presented by the Human Rights Commission on 25 November 2020, Indian soldiers destroy the homes of Kashmiris under fake allegations of providing shelter to Kashmiri Freedom Fighters. Indian soldiers are continuously destroying homes across the IHK for the last few weeks. Most of the affected families used to earn their livelihood by grazing goats and sheep or small farmers. They earn their livelihood from apple orchards or cultivating crops over their lands. Indian army is also cutting down orchards.

 Concerns are being expressed that these lands captured at the gunpoint are to be used for constructing homes for Hindus just like Israel did in Palestine. Before destroying the homes Indian army surrounds the community and spread terror in the name of the search for Mujahideen. The inhabitants are forced to get out of their homes including men, women, children, and the elderly. Men are allowed to take out whatever they want from their houses. If anyone resists, he is tortured and shifted to an unknown concentration center. Afterward, houses are demolished and leveled to the ground. Kashmiris keep on crying for their homes. They do not where to take refuge from the blood-freezing cold. Where should they take their cattle? Powerless Kashmiris are demanding that they should be buried alive by Indian State Terrorists.

On the other side of the LoC, the Indian Army is involved in continuous shelling across the LoC. On 13 November 2020, the Indian army started shelling with heavy artillery across the LoC in Neelum Valley and other sectors destroying civil installations. Many houses were blazed. Indian army tries to destroy as many civil installations as possible. Pakistan's army remains vigilant to give a befitting reply to such Indian state terrorism. Those Indian posts are targeted that are targeting civilians in Azad Kashmir. In the response from Pakistan, not only Indian posts and artillery guns are destroyed but Indian terrorists are sent to hell as well. The difficulty of the Pakistan army is that we have to protect Kashmiris living across the LoC while the Indian army has been attempting to install artillery installations within the inhabited areas. In these civilian villages across the LoC, there is a majority of Sikhs. It is very easy for the Pakistan army to destroy everything including Indian posts across the LoC if we also have not to regard for the civilians. But Pakistan tries to abide by the ceasefire of 2003 and only targets Indian check posts involved in shelling civilians.

Alas! The international community and UNO remain silent over the war crimes of the Indian army in IHK and shelling over civilians in Azad Kashmir. This silence of the International community is encouraging India to continue its state terrorism. On 22 November 2020, the Indian army targeted a marriage ceremony in Jagjut village of District Kotlli with rockets and mortar shells. This state terrorism of Hindu India injured six women, 4 children, and 2 men. Afterward, a 7-year-old girl succumbed to injuries. Her mother was also among the injured. According to District Administration, due to corona only limited near relatives were invited into the marriage ceremony. Due to the presence of only a few persons, the loss and injuries were less otherwise Indian state terrorism would have claimed a large number of lives. When the news of targeting a marriage ceremony spread over social media; people within India started criticizing the Indian army who forgot to give a reply to the Chinese Army in Ladakh but feel proud of torturing unarmed civilians in Kashmir. Indians raised questions not only on the professionalism but moral values of Indian state terrorists. A well trained and disciplined army never target children and women in civil inhabitants but the Indian army is only trained to fire on unarmed civilians, women, and children. Whether these are Hindu extremist leaders or the Indian state terrorist army, they will not give up their terrorism and war crimes unless they are criticized on the international level. The time has come for the world to come ahead, impose bans on Terrorist India, and declare India as a terrorist state involved in terrorism not only in its illegally captured states but across the borders in neighboring countries as well…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 December 2020.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Dossier Against Indian Terrorism Handed Over to UN Secretary General


Pakistan has handed over a Dossier on India’s Long-Standing Terror Campaign to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

India exploited her presence in Afghanistan with the support of American and NATO invaders after 2001 to fuel terrorism in Pakistan. The so-called war on terror was pushed into Pakistan by India supported by America and her allies. This international terrorism made a loss of 150 billion rupees to the Pakistani economy while 80,000 precious Pakistani lives were lost as well. From Peshawar to Karachi there was not a single city that was safe from Indian-funded suicide attacks. The worst face of the terrorism was that school-going children were targeted in their schools, in order to terrorize the young brains their female teachers were burnt alive before martyring them. The second face of Hindu terrorism was that not only Pakistan was the target of Hindu exported terrorism but also blamed as the state funding and supporting terrorism. 

Through well-managed propaganda and support from the traitors within Pakistan, no stone was left unturned to prove Pakistan as a terrorist state. These so-called intellectuals (prostitutes) supported Indian propaganda just to secure their dollars. Indian trained and supported terrorists were blamed as “B” team of Pakistan army to create misunderstandings between public and Pakistan army. Even banned outfits and terrorist organizations like BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) were termed as Freedom Fighters. Despite having the complete evidence of Indian support to terrorist activities in Pakistan, our Foreign Ministry remained criminally silent. Our leaders/politicians preferred to stay silent instead of presenting evidence to the International Community against Indian terrorism which provided further support to India to continue her state terrorism. Despite the massacre of Pakistanis through terrorism, Mastermind of terrorism in Pakistan Ajit Kumar Doval, security advisor to Indian PM arrived at the home of PM of Pakistan, this was termed as the result of a successful strategy of India against Pakistan by Indian media. Due to such anti-Pakistan activities of Pakistani responsible, it was not possible for the world to reject Indian propaganda against Pakistan.

At a joint press briefing FM Qureshi, DG ISPR Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar disclosing Indian terror financing, future killing plans, US $500m funds to sabotage CPEC..... Say Islamabad will share “irrefutable evidence” to the UN, OIC, P5 countries.

On 14 November 2020, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar in a press conference disclosed the details of Indian involvement in major activities of terrorism in Pakistan negating Indian propaganda. In the press conference, the evidence relating to Indian Terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and India, their pictures are taken from the satellites and location was disclosed. The evidence provided also included the conversations of Indian higher-ups with terrorists. After the press conference, the next step was the handing over of the Dossier of evidence of Indian terrorism to 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council which was also handed over to the European Union and Arab countries, and OIC. 

On 25 November 2020, Pakistan’s Representative to UNO Munir Akram handed over these shreds of evidence to UN Secretary-General Antonio Neugotrais in a special meeting. It was also disclosed that how Indian is funding terrorism to sabotage CPEC. UN Secretary-General has assured that Pakistani reports will be reviewed. After this, it was decided that the evidence will be also presented in the UN Committee against terrorism. China has also supported Pakistani statements that India is involved in terrorism in Pakistan forcing world powers to review the Pakistani dossier and if they reject it, it will be concluded that they are also supporting Indian terrorism. Even if these international powers do not support Pakistan due to their interests with India, it will not be possible for them to support Indian propaganda against Pakistan.

There is only one way that India may avoid grave consequences i.e. by quitting terrorism in the neighboring states, provide protection to minorities from Hindu State Terrorism and provide the right of self-determination to Kashmiris of Indian Held Kashmir.

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 November 2020.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Changing Features of Pakistan's Foreign Policy and Positive Effects

Karachi back to lights

Except those who reject the Two Nations Theory who have been trying to make Pakistan slave to India since partition in 1947, any common Pakistan who has any sense of conspiracies against Pakistan, sacrifices were given for freedom, the struggle of Quaid Azam is well aware that India is targeting sovereignty of Pakistan since freedom. From freedom, Pakistan faced a financial crisis. The rehabilitation of millions of refugees was one of the grave problems. India denied paying the money that was inherited by Pakistan. In freedom, Pakistan did not have offices and trained staff. Police stations were established in rented buildings. There was a shortage of educational and medical institutions. India attacked Jammu and Kashmir and fueled separation movements in Balochistan. In contrast to Pakistan, India had the infrastructure established by British rule, schools to universities, not only hospitals but medical colleges were also established by the British. Pakistan had to establish Military Academy from scratch to fulfill the need for defense. Despite all these issues, there was passion and enthusiasm that we have to go ahead at any price negating all those powers who want to defeat the state of Pakistan.

North Waziristan: after TTP terrorists lost the battle.

Taking loans from International Institutes and purchasing weapons for the defense of Pakistan was such a problem that affected the foreign policy of Pakistan. In contrast, the strong economy and vast trade markets of India were such a difference that attracted International Investors to India. That is why despite being the toddy of the Soviet Union, India claimed being unbiased and enjoyed facilities from the US and Western Countries as well. India enjoyed American support against UN resolutions despite being a supporter of the Soviet Union. After, 1971, the greatest hardship for Pakistan was witnessed in 2001 after the American invasion of Afghanistan when India imposed terrorism in Pakistan through Afghanistan. In this terrorism war, India enjoyed the support f Western countries including the USA, Britain, Israel, and NATO from automatic weapons to satellite. This most difficult war of history, on the one hand, created a financial crisis for Pakistan while on the other hand the propaganda that Pakistan trains and supports terrorists created problems. Investors preferred India over Pakistan. Pakistan sports fields were deserted while India enjoyed sports events. After sacrificing thousands of lives Pakistan army did not give up and astonished the world by defeating terrorists supported by multiple international powers. This was the time when the foreign policy of Pakistan started changing. Pakistan through its determination and support of Almighty Allah devastated the anti-Pakistan conspiracies of international powers who wanted to enslave Pakistan to India and serve America against China in the region.

The Pakistani Army credits the fence with helping to transform security in the country.

After the war against Indian sponsored terrorism, a new Pakistan was born rejecting the international pressure and blackmailing by international powers. Now the interests of Pakistan are given preference in the Foreign and Internal Policies. The biggest example is the erection of the 3399 km (Pak-Afghan border 2430, Pak-Iran border 959) long barbed wire fence on the Afghanistan and Iran border. The Border Management system was also imposed in 2016. The erection of a barbed-wire fence was opposed by internal as well as external powers. The daring decisions of Pakistan restored the trust of international investors.

North Waziristan: new beginning of happy life after reconstruction of the area.

The construction of CPEC also posed positive effects. In order to negate the negative influence of terrorism, Pakistan's army assured security to international players, the sports activities started in Pakistan once again. Indian conspiracies against Pakistan failed along propaganda against Pakistan was unveiled as well. In September 2018, in the way, Pakistan presented the Kashmir Dispute in the General Assembly of the UN after decades and jolted the UN about its promises to the Kashmiri people. These efforts were not only appreciated across the world but voices were also heard against Indian State Terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). These are the fruits of the successful foreign policy of Pakistan that the world is now watching India as a terrorist state for which India blamed Pakistan through her propaganda.

The steps taken by Pakistan to counter the Corona Pandemic are being appreciated by WHO and across the world. This was the economic strategy Pakistan adopted Pakistan during the lockdown that prevented our economy from great devastation. Keeping in view the economic strategy of Pakistan, international companies were forced to rank Pakistan higher in the international ranking. The joint exercises of the Russian army with the Pakistan army and the central role was given to Pakistan in Afghan peace restoration are being seen as the result of successful Foreign Policy. The growing strength of the Pakistan Rupee to US Dollar and minimizing Current Account deficit shows that Pakistan economy is getting positive...

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 16 November 2020.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Pakistani Political Elite Negating National Interest for Personal Interest


There have been some reason that Special Presidential Ordinance XXVI was issued in 1971 to maintain the respect of Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum. This ordinance bans any type of political activity, protests or noise, etc. within the 10 feet of the mausoleum’s walls. Afterward, in 1976, amendments made on 26 May, o4 June and 26 June, carrying of weapons inside the mausoleum, damaging any part, scuffles, or any act that hurts the respect of the mausoleum, the culprit to be punished with 3 years imprisonment and fine. According to this ordinance, around the 62 acres of mausoleum construction of any building higher than mausoleum (91 feet) is banned within the radius of 1.2 km. This is not something unexpected. In the whole world, the memorials of founders of country such laws have been formed, and acting upon these laws is taken as a national duty. The active soldiers are deployed on the mausoleum; at the time of change of guards, people visit these places along with their children to see the parade. This not only shows the professionalism of the soldiers but also the love of the nation with their finding fathers. This also incites youngsters to know more about the personality who created a free country for them and the journey of freedom. In some western countries, one has to take special permission to visit memorials of the founders of the country. The purpose is to maintain the record of the visitors and punish those who may violate the respect of the memorial. 

In Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia like countries laws are much more strict. In contrast to Pakistan, laws in these countries are formulated to abide by them. While in Pakistan elite class takes pride in violating the laws. Our nation has accepted the lawlessness of these people. Moreover, the unjust social and judicial system, the politics of these elites being above the law has further pushed the society into such social shallowness where the biggest crimes of the beloved political leaders are taken as something appreciatable while a usual fault of the opponent as the biggest crime. Such a social system may be near to the Hindu caste system but does not fit with democracy or Islamic values.

On 18 October 2020, the Peoples Party of Pakistan hosted a political gathering to commemorate the Karsaz tragedy, in which the leaders of the union of opposition named as PDM arrived in Karachi. Mariyam Nawaz and her husband Captain (R) Safdar along with other Muslim League (N) and activists arrived at Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum. Mariyam Nawaz, Captain (R) Safdar, Ex-PM Khaqan Abbasi and some other politicians from Karachi jumped over the iron fence erected 3 feet apart from the grave of the Quaid. If these politicians had crossed the fence to show their love to Quaid, no one would have objected but Captain (R) Safdar started chanting the slogans while moving around the grave. Pakistanis from different groups protested over his insulting acts. Mustansar Hussain Tarar and other people from mass media condemned the act of N-League, protests on social media started as well. The ruling party condemned the violation of respect of the mausoleum while opposition parties started defending this insane act. In this political dog fight, the respect of the mausoleum and related laws became a joke. On the other day, the arrest of the culprit, the procedure adopted by Sindh Police for arrest, the collective leave applications of higher officers of Sindh Police left behind the criminal act at mausoleum creating political chaos in the country.

India which has been already exploiting Nawaz Sharif’s address to PDM gathering at Gujranwala condemning the Pakistan army started a new wave of propaganda. Indian media portrayed the collective leave application of Sindh Police as armed conflict between the Pakistan army and Sindh Police and civil war in Pakistan. Now the situation was that higher leadership of the Pakistan army was being criticized by opposition parties while soldiers were being targeted by Indian trained terrorists in Balochistan and tribal areas. Following the Indian media, Western Media is also involved in propaganda against the Pakistan army. At the opening ceremony of Sher Jawan a newly launched outfit of N-League, Mariyam Nawaz chanted slogans in her speech YEH JO DEHSHAT GRDI HI ISS K PEECHE WARDI HI (Pakistan army is behind the terrorism) following PTM. 

Blaming Pakistan army soldiers and higher leadership of Pakistan army may be satisfying for blind followers of N-League but the consequences of such slogans are not imaginable. Pakistan is on the target of an international war which has been at various times mentioned by General Qamar Javed Bajwa in his speeches as Hybrid War. He has made this clear in his speeches that the peace restored in Pakistan at the cost of thousands of lives will not be allowed to destroy on someone’s wishes. This is not enough, our political elite should defend the country from where they earn by hook or crook. They should not become traitors and agents of India for their personal interests lest nothing is left for their politics…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 09 November 2020.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Explosion at Peshawar Madrassa after Threats by Ajit Doval

Mufti Rahim Ullah Haqqani

This cannot be a mere coincidence that on 26 October 2020, Ajeet Kumar Doval, Security Advisor Modi discloses New War Doctrine against Pakistan and China and wage war within both countries while talking to extremists Hindus of UP and 2 days after the threats bomb blasted in Madrissa Jamia Zubairia. At the time of the explosion, Maulana Rahim Ullah Haqqani was teaching the students about the Quran and Hadith early in the morning at about 8 am. Including 2 teachers 8 people were martyred. 4 of them were children of age less than 13 years. This is the 2nd incident in which underage students were targeted by Indian sponsored terrorists. In December 2014, terrorists from Afghanistan attacked the Army Public School. According to the reports Doval was present in the Indian terrorist center (Consulate) at Jalalabad and was guiding terrorists to live through mobile. The evidence (voice recording) was presented before the Afghan govt. by higher leadership of the Pakistan army. Approximately after 6 years, Indian secret agencies have once again targeted innocent Pakistani children through Indian terrorists. Right after the blast, through proper planning, Indian media tried to pose the incident as a sectarian issue. However, no one paid any attention to Indian Propaganda. This blast has proved that till the presence of Indian in Afghanistan neither peace in Afghanistan is possible nor Pakistan is safe from Hindu terrorism.
VoA news report

India has grown so much influence in NDS and the Afghan National Army in the name of the training and advice that the Afghan govt. seems powerless in front of them. Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah have time to time promised that Afghan land will not be allowed to be used against Pakistan. But terrorists attack Pak-Army convoys in Balochistan, Pak-Army check posts in tribal areas, Pak-Army’s military convoys are targeted through mines and Pakistani soldiers are targeted from inside Afghanistan without any provocation. This has been reported by International Media that on 16 August 2020, a meeting was held between Indian Terrorist agency RAW, Afghan NDS, TTP, Jamaat ul Ehrar and Hizb ul Ehrar in Paktika, Kunar Province of Afghanistan. 

In this meeting representatives of the above-mentioned terrorist organizations promised to spread terrorism in Pakistan collectively. The meeting was recorded and afterward uploaded to their website claiming that the meeting was held somewhere in Pakistani tribal areas. They wanted to pose that despite Paksitani's claims they are still present in tribal areas and control areas of Pakistan. A news website from Afghanistan rejected the claims and pinpointed the place in Paktika where the meeting was held between three terrorist organizations, RAW and NDS. After the said meeting, the Pakistan army became the target of terrorist attacks in Balochistan especially those areas adjacent to Afghanistan and Iran. In Tribal Areas, military vehicles were targeted through land mines. This shows that misusing the trade facilities and lenient policies for Visas to Afghan citizens were abused by the terrorists to infiltrate Pakistan. Moreover, the propaganda of Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM and Mehmood Achakzai like pro-Indian nationalists against the Check Posts of Pakistan army the number of check posts was decreased which provided the chance to terrorists to restart their activities.
The Express TRIBUNE report Aug 17, 2020

The bomb blast in Peshawar Madrissa Jamia Zuberia shows that terrorists are once again trying to reorganize themselves, however, they have not been able to conduct their activities on a greater level. They do not have the capability to conduct suicide bomb blasts, the credit goes to the Pakistan army and Secret Agencies. Pakistan army and its secret agencies are continuously in the war against terrorists, due to the untiring efforts of ISI terrorists are unable to establish the center in tribal areas. No one has claimed responsibility for the blast in Peshawar. According, to Western Media, Maulana Rahim belonged to Afghan Province Nangarhar and his Fatwa against ISIS in 2016 while he was in Afghanistan, and migration to Peshawar shows that Maulana Rahim Ullah Haqqani was the actual target of the blast.

Pro-Indian elements like My Body My Choice blamed the Pakistan army for Security Lapse. They should have opened their mouth against powers involved in terrorism in Pakistan and blamed those masterminds of terrorism in Pakistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 02 November 2020.