Saturday, April 4, 2020

International Pandemic Corona and Our Irresponsible Behavior!

On 17 November 2019 when the first patient infected with Corona virus died in Wuhan Province of China, no one has ever imagined that the virus causing death would spread all over the world within the few weeks. Till 17 December 2019 more than 60 persons were infected with Corona virus in Wuhan. Chinese newspaper China Morning Post wrote that Chinese doctors informed the Chinese Health Ministry about the critical situation of the virus infections, however, it was much late. Not only the number of deaths was increasing, but the number of infected persons was also increasing rapidly. The world was preparing to celebrate New Year Night. China was also preparing for these celebrations. Chinese govt. discussed the situation with the World Health Organization (WHO) however, New Year Celebrations were not postponed. With the start of 2020, WHO informed the World about the serious and critical situation of the Corona Virus Pandemic. The irony of fate is that not a single country took the warning of WHO seriously. Chinese govt. locked down the public in the Wuhan limiting them to their homes. Keeping in view the increasing number of infected persons, Chinese govt. constructed latest hospitals within few days astonishing the whole world proving that China as a nation. A nation where political chaos and wars, violating laws, dividing nation, black marketing and hoarding of medicines and eatables is not tolerated. The steps taken by Chinese were seen by the whole world. When Corona was spreading not a single developed country showed any seriousness. Due to this, WHO had to warn that if all the countries did not take it seriously than many lives will be lost.

With the start of the new year whole world has secluded itself from China practically including trade. Relatives of thousands of Pakistani students studying in China and Pakistani media pressurized Pakistani govt. to bring them back. In order to ensure the integrity and restore the trust of the world on Chinese steps to counter Corona, Chinese govt. needed that Pakistan expresses trust over the steps taken by China to cure the infected persons. Pakistan faced internal pressure and criticism but did not call back its students. However, steps were taken to screen the passengers over the airports. In the meanwhile, corona took over Italy while in China the numbers of new infected and deaths decreased. In Pakistan, everyone was satisfied that the virus has not been transferred from China to Pakistan. Although, the threat was not over yet. Corona virus reached Italy and other countries in Europe and the USA.
Pandemic spread in Iran. Threats rose than thousands of Pakistani pilgrims may get infected with the virus as well, which afterward not only proved to be true but also provided a chance to the opposition to criticize govt. A storm arose over social media. Our Private media channels also fueled the situation, in spite of warning the public about the results of violations of the lock-down, govt. became the target of media talk shows. In spite of calling the doctors and health experts to discuss the situation, politicians and political analysts were called to discuss the pandemic of the corona. Due to such behavior of the Pakistani private media, in such a critical situation expression of division and disputes arose among the nation. The situation of Italy, France, Germany, Britain, and the USA was no more hidden where due to the sluggishness of govt. and the public to take steps against the pandemic resulted in the wide-spreading. In such a situation the opposition of these parties avoided the point-scoring and this was the point that was needed for cooperation between govt and opposition parties.
In Pakistan, Public violated imposition of Section 144 and continued its routine life. At such a critical time this was the duty of the govt and opposition that keeping in view the collective behavior and literacy standards to minimize the movement of the public through Police and Law Enforcing Agencies. It was the need of the hour to ignore the political disputes and get united against the Corona Pandemic. Experts of Politics busy in criticizing govt. in the talk shows should have kept in mind the psychology of the public even in developed countries. That is due to the public psychology that despite the availability of all the latest healthcare and law enforcement facilities they seem powerless in front of the collective behavior of people against the Corona pandemic. In spite of showing a better discipline public was seen fighting with each other for dumping eatables and other necessities.

In Pakistan neither we have the healthcare facilities like Europe and the USA nor the lifestyle like them. Our healthcare is capable to provide medical facilities to a maximum of 10000 at once out of 220 million population. In such a situation Sindh govt. is trying to portray its expenditure more effectively to prove Federal and other Provincial governments as a failure. In such a situation the raising of concerns over the steps taken by the other Provincial as wells as Federal govt. by the public is natural. Corona is neither considering whether someone is rich or poor, belonging to a specific sect, religion, lingual group or area. VIPs in Canada, Brazil, and the USA got infected with Corona but no one blamed one another for this. In Pakistan we also need that in spite of blaming each other, the public should break apart the social contacts in order to break the chain. If public is not ready to do that voluntarily than there is no other option except to use the security forces…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 26 March 2020.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

ISIS Attacks and Protocol for Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir in Afghanistan!

Members of National Assembly Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar were stopped at the Islamabad Airport on 8 March 2020 when they have boarded the airplane, they were told by the FIA officials that as their names are including in the Exit Control List (ECL), they cannot leave the country. Both of these members of the Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) were going to participate in the oath-taking ceremony of Ashraf Ghani as President of Afghanistan. Both of them were arrested for attacking Military Checkpost in South Waziristan. Both of these members of PTM were also involved in anti-Pakistan propaganda and activities of PTM. However, in May 2019, Peshawar Highcourt accepted their bail. When they were stopped by the FIA officials, they created propaganda. 
They both were well aware that their names are on the ECL, they should have contacted the Interior Ministry before boarding the plane for going abroad. They also knew that they will not be allowed to leave the country and that was what they wanted so that they can further their propaganda against Pakistani security agencies. The sacrifices and struggle of Pakistan for the America-Afghanistan-Taliban peace agreement, these both wanted to waste it on the beck and call of the enemies of Pakistan. Afghan govt. also disclosed its future plans about relations with Pakistan by inviting these two members of PTM in spite of Prime Minister or President of Pakistan. Despite this on the special permission of Prime Minister of Pakistan these two Afghan agents were allowed to go to Afghanistan. They were received with the special protocol by the National Directorate of Security (NDS) secret agency of the Afghan National Army (ANA). They were taken into the Afghan Army Helicopter to the Presidential complex. This raised questions in Afghanistan over the protocol given to them. Especially Tajik leaders asked Pakistani officials that why these two agents of Ashraf Ghani were allowed to visit Afghanistan. Moshin Dawa warmly thanked Ashraf Ghani for delaying his oath-taking ceremony as they got late.

The second important aspect of the Ashraf Ghani’s oathtaking ceremony was the bomb blasts somewhere near the venue due to which the stage of the Afghan President was also jolted and sounds of firing were also heard. The beauty of the drama was that on hearing the sounds of bomb blasts and firing participants ran towards the building. Ashraf Ghani and his guards did not show any signs of panic, he continued his speech even during the bomb blasts. Ashraf Ghani and his security guards showed fearlessness. In order to add more drama to the ceremony Ashraf Ghani opened his waistcoat like coat showing his chest that how brave he is, he is not wearing any bulletproof jacket. Everyone, that in such cases security guards take the VIPs into their security and shift them to safe places. Afghanistan has a long history of such attacks and loss of lives and destruction.

Moreover, until now the place where firing and bomb blasts took place have not been disclosed on the media, however, ISIS accepted the responsibility for the attack, an attack in which neither any casualties nor destruction of any building has been reported.
This is the same ISIS that has attacked 25th death anniversary of Hizb-e-Wahdat’s Leader Abul Ali on 05 March 2020 killing 32 people and injuring more than 80. Taliban at once condemned the attack and said that they are involved in this attack. Afterward, when ISIS accepted the responsibility of the attack, few analysts said that the target of ISIS was Abdullah Abdullah's leader of Northern Alliance. After three days, Abdullah Abdullah held a separate oathtaking ceremony and took oath as the President of Afghanistan. Zalmay Khalil Zad did his best that Abdullah Abdullah accepts to take oath as Chief Executive having equal powers of President and both take oath in the same ceremony. The views expressed by Abdullah Abdullah about Ashraf Ghani to Zalmay Khalil Zad has been reported by the Afghan Media. According to Afghan media supporters of Abdullah Abdullah Ashraf Ghani is behind the attack on 06 March 2020 on the death anniversary. If this is true then only NDS and RAW can exploit ISIS for the attack. No doubt the attack over Abdullah Abdullah was too fierce. Perhaps that is why Abdullah Abdullah decided to take over as the President. 
In 2014, there was a similar situation when Abdullah Abdullah rejected to accept Hamid Karzai as President of Afghanistan. He was stubborn that he should be given power as the President. At this time US Secretary of State reached Kabul and controlled the situation. A new designation of Chief Executive was included in the Afghan govt. to accommodate Abdullah Abdullah. In the current scenario, not only Afghan establishment but the public is worried as well that who is the leader of the country. Those areas of Northern Afghanistan that has the majority of supporters of Northern Alliance, there Abdullah Abdullah, has started giving orders including the appointment of governors of three provinces of Afghanistan. 
Al-Jazeera TV’s report shows that the public have linked their hopes with the Taliban and they are watching towards the Taliban for their future. Taliban, who have defeated World’s Super Power USA in the 19 years long war forcing Americans to sign a deal with the Taliban. According to this report, the Afghan Public considers that Ashraf Ghani will have to leave the office. If this is so than protocol for Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir and special invitation of Ashraf Ghani is not without any reason. In such a situation keeping an eye over the PTM and its anti-country activities is the need of the hour…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 19 March 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Haseena Wajid Confesses that Conspiracies for Separation of Bangladesh was Started in 1948!

The so-called Liberals negating Two Nations Theory deny that anti Pakistan's conspiracies were started with the independence of Pakistan. The Conspiracies of Greater Pakhtunistan, Separation of Balochistan and Bangladesh are no more a secret. Indian attack and capture of Jammu and Kashmir were also linked with these anti-Pakistan campaigns. Just 10 days before the announcement of independence Muslim majority areas like Gurdaspur and Ferozepur were added into India which resulted in the century's largest migration entangling Pakistan into the rehabilitation of the migrants fleeing these areas due to the state-sponsored massacre by Hindus and Sikhs. This was such a bloody chapter of human history that can never be ignored. Indian rulers not only denied to give the part of Pakistan’s finances but also the heavy weapons as well. In order to run the state affairs, Pakistan did not have the buildings for Police Stations and offices. The state affairs were run by renting the buildings. Many British Bureaucrats who were deployed as Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner in British India and responsible for the partition of India have written in their books that the resources that were given to Pakistan at the time of Independence were insufficient for keeping Pakistan independent, this was hoped that within 10 years due to economic problems Pakistan will have to request to India to be included into India while some were of the view that life of this state will be only 25 years. The main reason behind these prophecies was the geographical areas of United India that were given to Pakistan. In the East there was a continuous threat of sea storms, the majority of the land was not suitable for crops except Jute and rice. In the Western Parts, the agriculture was limited to only two provinces for which water was required. The other two provinces were dependent on the agriculture of Punjab and Sindh despite this these provinces were made the incubator of conspiracies.

Whether these were the negators of Two Nations Theory, perpetrators of The Communist system in Balochistan and separation of Balochistan, or elements working for the Greater Pakhtunistan they were all supervised by India. India won the support of Soviet Union as well by promising that Pakistan’s NWFP will be given to Soviet Union via Afghanistan for access to warm waters. For this India exploit the nationalism and linguistic disputes in East and West Pakistan. Punjabi Bureaucracy, Punjabi army, Punjabi Feudals, Punjabi politicians denying rights of Bengalis was the famous statement of anti-Pakistan elements. The irony of fate is that in the Western Pakistan anti-Pakistan elements disguised as followers of Lenin also propagate this propaganda. After the Fall of Dhaka, the Pakistan army was held responsible for it so that the actual characters of this conspiracy could be covered. All of these were those characters who termed the arrest of Mujeeb in the Agartala Conspiracy Case as political revenge by the Pakistan army despite having all the evidence. Just like now a days few intellectuals and journalists on the payroll of India defend and cover the anti-Pakistan statements and mutilating of Pakistani flag by the Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar of so-called Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM).
After the success of Fall of Dhaka conspiracy in 1971, we still feel proud in calling the Mujeeb as a patriot and blaming Pakistan army for Fall of Dhaka. However, 21 February 2020 during the 4 days celebrations of Mother Language at Mother Language Institute Dhaka, Haseena Wajid of Bangladeshi Prime Minister confessed that her father Shaikh Mujeeb has decided to separate Bangladesh from Pakistan right after the independence in 1947 as he dreamt of a free country on the basis of language in spite of religion and kept working on it. In order to fulfill his dream, he established Tamuddun Majlishi, Chatra League, State Language Action Council and established many student organizations in the educations institutes. Due to such wishes of Mujeeb in March 1948 he has to face arrest and this laid the foundation of separate land for Bengalis. Haseena Wajid said,
“We have achieved independence depending on the language movement. And this is the reality.”

Haseena Wajid blamed Pakistan army for the murder of Mujeeb in the hands of his security personnel of the Bengali army on 15 August 1975. she said that the murder of Mujeeb was planned in Pakistan while in all the books and news reports written on the murder of Mujeeb, Pakistan was never blamed because he was not murdered one or two persons but a Regiment Bengal Lancers of Armored Division of Bangladeshi army. All the soldiers and officers of this 13 Lancers Regiment had started fighting against the Pakistan army supported by the Indian army. That is why after taking on the power in Bangladesh, Mujeeb chose this unit for his security and the officers of soldiers of this unit were considered as most loyal and near to Mujeeb.
Sheikh Mujibur Rehman and his family killed by Bangladesh Army Regiment on duty to guard his house in Dhaka 15 August 1975

Perhaps this is the bitter reality that Haseena Wajid wants to hide from the modern generation of Bangladesh that Mujeeb chose to be slave of India but he also wanted to enslave Bengalis to India as well; this role is now being fulfilled by his Daughter Haseena Wajid and wants that Bengali people keep the distance from Islam and Pakistan as per the requirements of India, however, nature has its own plans and the truth cannot be kept hidden underlies for a long time.

Haseena Wajid has confessed conspiracies against Pakistan now while Modi did similar confession on 08 June 2015 during his address to give awards to those who played an important role in the Fall of Dhaka and said,
“India played a part in the break up of Pakistan in 1971 liberation.”

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 12 March 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Monday, March 9, 2020

Trump’s Silence over Massacre of Muslims in New Delhi

Kapil Mishra (BJP Extremist) threatened massacre of Muslims through Indian TV Channels. On 23 February 2020, he announced that if Muslim women protesting against the disputed bill at Shaheen Bagh does not end their protest sit-in, then Hindus will teach these women and other Muslims such a lesson that they will forget their religion. He said that once Trump’s visit to India ends, not a single Muslim will be visible on the streets of New Delhi protesting against the disputed bills. He threatened Muslims to return to their homes silently and bring the documents as required by the bill passed by the Indian Parliament to prove their citizenship as Indian. Otherwise, Hindu (state terrorists) have completed the plans to crush the Muslims. One day before this on 22 February 2020, Daily The Hindu and Daily Times of India published the statement of the Surendra Singh, BJP’s member of Parliament. He claimed that protests of Muslims and sit-in of Muslim women in Shaheen Bagh since 15 December 2019 against disputed bills as an International Conspiracy against India. Without taking the name of Pakistan he said that Muslim countries want to break apart India. He will not allow another Pakistan to be born within Hindu India. Muslim’s protest against disputed bills will be crushed iron handedly. On 10 February 2020, BJP member of India Rajya Sabha (Senate) Sudhanshu Trivedi blamed ISI for the protest and sit-in of Muslims claiming that the number of students of Jamia Millia Islami is 4000 only so how is it possible that on the call of the Jamia Millia Islamia 30 thousand women gather in the Shaheen Bagh for the sit-in. while in India not a Muslim Cleric or Religious party/organization has not given the call of protests or sit-in against the disputed bill. It was further said that people fueling protests have no political identity. BJP Senator further said that BJP and its militant Hindu youngsters are practicing extreme patience because Hindu leaders want that Muslims accept the bill otherwise not a single Muslim protesting on the roads will be allowed to leave alive.

There is no doubt that Indian state Police is protecting Hindu goons and terrorists as we can see in the attacks over two universities of New Delhi i.e. Jawahar Lal University and Jamia Millia Islami University. Under the supervision of the Delhi Police, Hindu goons attacked female students and teachers with iron rods. Now this is clear that Indian Security Forces and Courts are controlled by Hindu goons and terrorists. Criminal Silence of Delhi Police and Courts over the Kapil Mishra’s threats of genocide of Muslims show that they are party in this state terrorism. Reacting over the threats, few journalists had made this clear that during the visit of Trump's Hindu extremists will take some actions against Muslims. On 23 February 2020, after the threats of Mishra, were telecasted on Indian TV Channels, Hindu goons started stoning the women staging a sit-in at Shaheen Bagh. The representative of NDTV also got injured along with other women and media representatives and women present in the sit-in. Police enjoyed the stoning and Hindu goons went away.
 On the other day, goons of Bajrang Dal and RSS Hindu Terrorists attacked the shanty towns of Muslims in the North-Eastern areas of New Delhi chanting the slogans “Je Shri Ram”. In these attacks of Hindu State terrorists 7 people including one Head Constable of Police were killed. Police Constable tried to stop Hindu terrorists from firing and was killed by Hindu terrorists on the spot. When the news of the murder of 6 Muslims and burning of Muslim towns was telecasted, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh said that now only those will be given right of life who will chant Long Live India while those who are protesting against the disputed bill we will have to think about their future in Hindu India. After this, Hindu terrorists supported by Indian security agencies started attacks over the Muslim business points, homes and mosques.
Hindu terrorists were armed with Petrol bombs, stones in the bags and iron rods. In the video clips, one can clearly see Indian Police along with Hindu Terrorists attacking the Muslims who tried to flee the attacked zones with iron rods, knives, etc. In one video clipping Indian Policemen are shoeing the dead bodies of Muslims laying on the Delhi Roads, putting rods in the mouths of the Muslim dead bodies. During the presence of the Trump in Indian Capital heavy consignment of Indian Police were deployed there. Despite such a heavy presence of Police massacre of Muslims in not understandable even by the Indian journalists. In the way, the motorcycles, cars, vehicles, hotels, businesses, showrooms, petrol pumps and shops of Muslims were ablaze, according to Indian journalists this is not possible without pre-planning with support of the Hindu Establishment. The representatives of Aam Aadmi Party who won the election in New Delhi told the media that Commissioner of Delhi is under the Federal Interior Minister not them. Commissioner did not respond to the Chief Minister’s calls while the Muslim genocide was being carried on. Chief Minister sent several e.mail messages to Indian Establishment and requested Indian Army’s support to control the Muslim massacre. Modi Establishment neither replied to the e.mails nor sent the Indian Army to control the situation. Leader of Aam Aadmi Party said that Kapil Sharma is responsible for the massacre of Muslims while Indian journalists also support the claims. Whether this was the sit-in of the Muslim women in Shaheen Bagh or protests at other places, all were peaceful. Than why massacre on such a big level.

One month’s infant to 85 years old women is included in those burnt alive by Hindu terrorists. Indian media is still telling the number of murdered persons as 45 while more than 200 are injured. However, according to Indian media, the real number of deaths might be much higher. Because those shops, business buildings who were set on fire with petrol bombs, the people living in the upper stories did not get a chance to get out. All this was done to the Muslims living in the Hindu majority areas. The details of the war crimes in Muslim majority areas are not included in these numbers. The injured Muslims in the hospitals of India have hands or arms cut with the swords. Most of the Muslims died due to bullet injuries; it is yet to be decided that whether Hindu Police fired bullets or Hindu terrorists were armed with pistols and Police rifles.

Not only Extremist and Terrorist Hindu Leadership of India but racist Trump is also responsible for the Muslim Massacre in New Delhi and being criticized by Human Rights Organizations. World should understand that Indian Hindu Establishment is Terrorist and Trump is the support of the Hindu Terrorist Establishment…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 March 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Month of February: Pakistan Air Force and Kabbadi World Cup Final

Arrival of Indian Kabbadi Players on 09 February 2020 to participate in Kabbadi World Cup was good news for Pakistanis. Before this India had been denying to send her players for any game. In spite of resolving the disputes, India always expressed enmity against Pakistan. The announcement of stopping the waters of Pakistani rivers, unprovoked shelling over civilians around the Line of Control (LoC) with heavy artillery, despite all this Pakistani govt. and Public tried to keep game fields away from the state disputes. Although Kabbadi is not as much famous as Cricket but being a traditional game, there are great numbers of persons who like this game both in Pakistan and India. After arrival of Indian players, even those people who had no interest in Kabbadi were waiting to see the Pakistan-Indian Kabbadi game. Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Azerbaijan, India, Germany, Britain, Iran and Siera Leon participiated in Kabbadi matches. This was a coincidence that on 16 February 2020, India and Pakistan played against each other in the final. Perhaps this was the reason that even those having no interest in Kabbadi watched it live on their Televisions. Till the end it was impossible to forecast that who will win, however, in the last moments Pakistani players defeated India.
As per the sportsmanship it was termed as winning of the successful hosting of the games in spite of win of Pakistani. On 03 March 2009, after direct attack of Indian trained terrorists the game fields of Pakistan had been deserted. However, after success of Zarb-e-Azb and then Rad-ul-Fasad world has started considering Pakistan as a safe and peaceful country. In the jeep rallies people all around the world participated. The interest of international tourists was increasing in the Northern snowcovered mountains of Pakistan. The Captain of Indian Kabbadi team also acknowledged the respect and love he received from Pakistan and termed Pakistan as a safe country for the games.
Indan Media and Hindu extremists in order to fuel the enmity against Pakistan, denied the defeat of India in Kabbadi. They were of the view that why Modi establishment alowed Indian Kabbadi players to visit Pakistan. According to them Indian Kabbadi team was defeated on the day they arrived Pakistan and this was not the defeat of Kabbadi Team but Bharat Mata. Till the evening, Indian media had done digging the mountain and finding the reason behind defeat of Indian players. They told Indians that Indian Kabbadi Team was defeated by the Pakistani Air Force. Not only the coach of the Pakistani Kabbadi team but few players were on service soldiers and officers of Pakistan Air Force. The name of the coach is Faryad and he is serving as Chief Warrant Officer in Pakistan Air Force. Similarly player Waqas Butt Warrant Officer, Obaidullah Chief Technician, Sajad Chief Technician, Nafees Senior Technician, Bilal Mohsin Senior Technician, Zulqarnain Senior Technician, Team Manager Squadron Leader Amir, Group Captain Ajmal Vice President Pakistan Kabbadi Federation, Group Captain Nadeem Ajmal received the trophy after winning the Kabbadi World Cup 2020.
These news proved as salt on the wounds of Hindu Extremists and RSS terrorists. Anti-BJP elements posted a group picture of Indian Kabbadi Team on twitter in which on each Indian players face the picture of Indian Prisoner of War Indian Air Force Pilot Abhinandan was pasted. Not only this the other picture showed Indian players wearing IAF uniform and taking tea. The comments were mostly about the lesson taught by PAF to IAF on 27 February 2019 in which shooting down of Indian Army Aviation’s helicopter MI-17 was especially mentioned. Indian Defense Minister and Army continously denied shooting down of any helicopter on 27 February 2019 while the videos of the burning remains of the helictoper got viral. India media tried to portray these remains as remains of Indian claimed hit of PAF F-16 which was rejected by the Indians. On 27 February 2019, PAF’s flights within Indian controled territory, dropping of bombs near Indian important targets etc. Indians were unaware of such details. They were only told that one Indian jet was downed in Azad Kashmir and Abhinandan was arrested. Indian got aware by the Press Briefing of Pakistani DG ISPR that two Indian jets were shot down, one fell in Indian Held Kashmir while other one fell in Pakistan. One day before this IAF jets bombed a deserted place, Indian establishment claimed that 5 hideouts of militants were destroyed. On the very same day DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor disclosed Indian lies and assured that Pakistan will take the revenge in which Pakistan will choose the target and time itself and this will be a big surprise for India.
Indian media continued analyses of DG ISPR’s statement whole night. They never thought that Pakistan will be so much swift in giving surprise to India. On the very next day on 27 February 2019, it became a problem for Indians to hide the successful strike (surprise) of Pakistani jets while denying destruction of IAF jets and arrest of Abhinandan was not possible for India. DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor once again gave the Press Briefing and asked India to deny the facts if possible. It was further disclosed that PAF may have hit the Indian Army Headquarters in IHK but Pakistan did not want war that is why bombs were targeted aside. Indians were aware that if they rejected the claims of the Pakistan, Pakistan will disclosed the evidence of PAF jets attack within Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).

Moreover, the destruction of Indian Aviation Helicopter in friendly fire and death of 6 important military personalities out of which 5 were Indian Pilots while the other one was on duty Brigadier, also became a problem for India. Due to internal pressure after 8 months on 04 October 2019, Indian Air Chief Rakaish Kumar Bhaduria acknowledged that on 27 February 2020, Indian Air Defense System target Indian Helicopter considering it as Pakistani jet in the chaos which was a big mistake. This was actually the acknowledgment of PAFs superiority over IAF which took 8 months to IAF to accept. In such a situation the defeat of Indian Kabbadi team in the month of February in the hands of PAF players in Pakistani Kabbadi team has made Indian wounds afresh.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 27 February 2020.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

India Puts the Future of Whole Region at Stake in Enmity against Pakistan

                Leaving Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) as a dispute between Pakistan and India Lord Mount Batten, Lord Ismay Chief of Staff and Chairman Boundary Commission Cyril Redcliffe did the historical embezzlement; District Amritsar’s Distt Ambala, Ferozepur Tehsil of District Ferozepur and two other Tehsils of District Jalandhar were included in India for providing passage to India towards IHK just 5 weeks before the partition of India. According to the census of English, Muslim were 51% of the population of Eastern Punjab. Out of four Tehsils of District Gurdaspur Shakargarh, Pathankot, Gurdaspur, and Battala only in Pathankot Hindus were in majority while in the rest of the tehsils Muslims were in majority and Sikhs were only 10%. Inclusion of Ferozepur, Gurdaspur, Pathankot was necessary because there was no other way for India to enter into Jammu Kashmir. Rejecting the majority of 51% of Muslims, Lord Mount Battan prepared a report with the help of his Governor Evan Jenkins through Lard Records in which it was shown that Muslims paid only 35% of agriculture tax in order to suppress the population of Muslims. Many writers and intellectuals of India accept the inclusion of the above-mentioned areas into India as dishonesty of the Boundary Commission.
Lord Mount Battan
Lord Ismay
Cyril Radcliffe
                These dishonest decisions show that British imperialism was not happy at the partition and independence of Pakistan. English never wanted that Muslims of India once again rise as a power to reckon with. Biased actions of English were not hidden. In fact, the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his arguments on TWO NATIONS THEORY forced English to accept the demand of a separate homeland for Muslims of India. However, English created such a situation that Pakistan could not sustain itself for a long time and is forced to join India due to overburdened problems. This was the reason that the British Empire did not pay any heed to follow the formula prepare by the British for the division of weapons, financial resources, and cash; everything was handed over to India. India was well aware of the defense weaknesses of Pakistan, that is why while attacking IHK, India was not afraid of any resistance from Pakistan. The capturing of Jammu Kashmir meant control over Pakistani rivers which meant control over Pakistani agriculture and economy. Whether it was General Frank Walter Messery leading Pakistan army till February 1948 or his successor General Douglas Gracey, both of them did not do anything to take any action against the Indian army invading Kashmir. Despite this, troops of Pakistan tribal Mujahideen and Pakistan army soldiers not only saved 1/3rd of Kashmir from India but in a year-long war made it impossible for Indians to maintain their hold on remaining Kashmir. With the advice of Lord Mount Battan, Nehru went to the United Nations where America and other Pro-Indian countries were ready to save India from defeat.

                On 1st January 1949 the declaration of the ceasefire and on 05 January 1949, the passing resolution of Kashmiris to decide their own fate, Nehru returned back celebrating his success, his statements showed that India went to United Nations only to the cease-fire and not for giving the right to Kashmiris. However, in order to win the trust of Pakistan and Kashmiris in his letters written to Pakistan, Nehru mentioned and reinforced his promise of the referendum which was nothing more than a deception because practical actions of India were in the contrast of this.

                On the one hand, India started the conspiracies in NWFP through  Afghanistan in the name of Greater Pakhstunistan for the separation of NWFP and Tribal Areas from Pakistan. In Balochistan terrorism was started through armed militants. Russian Secret Agency KGB supported Afghanistan and India in these conspiracies. In order to cover the conspiracies and win public support, propaganda against the Pakistan army was launched, in which the followers of Lenin and Marx Pakistani journalists and intellectuals played a vital role. They were dreaming of converting Islamic Pakistan based upon the TWO NATIONS THEORY into Communist State and were propagating atheism as the only way of progress and the Pakistan army was the only hurdle in their way. That is why they started propaganda against the operation of Pakistan army in Balochistan as actions of the Pakistan army to deny the basic right of Baloch and still, they do this but avoid to mention the orders of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to start military operation in Balochistan, they also did not discuss the whole historical perspective due to which Khan of Qalat was forced to break his promise for inclusion into Pakistan.
                Indian rulers converted their promises made in UNO to hold referendum into Kashmir for knowing the will of Kashmiris whether they want to live with Pakistan or India, into enmity against Pakistan. India's Foreign Policy is limited to attacking the sovereignty of Pakistan. India developed as the biggest purchaser of lates weapons. In order to sell their weapons to India the 4 veto powers of UNO America, Britain, France, and Russia started protecting and legalizing the Indian war crimes in IHK. The torture and atrocities committed by Indian state terrorists in IHK are meaningless for these countries in the light of profits they derive from sales of weapons to India.
                From 1947 to August 2019, International Media also supported India's war crimes in IHK. However, on 05 August 2019, when the Indian Parliament changed the constitutional state of Kashmir into a defeated land and converting Kashmiris into slaves of India, International Media was forced to look once again into the bitter realities and they saw the real bloody face of India. The reports prepared over the crimes against Kashmiris by the international media jolted the western public that how India is committing war crimes against humanity in IHK. Protest against the change of Indian Constitution was going on that Indian Extremist Hindu Leaders imposed another Draconian law regarding Citizenship of India on 15 December 2019 attempting to deny citizenship to 280 million Muslims of India. India is protesting against this as the whole of India is in the clutches of Extremist and Terrorist Hindus. Hindus of lower caste are also concerned that if Extremist Hindus are not stopped now, this may result in such a human the tragedy that will not only destroy the sub-continent and South Asian society and economy of the half of the world…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 13 February 2020.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Modi should Train his Army for Internal Civil War!

Few days ago on 26 January, on the democratic day of India, there was not a single notable country where thousands of people had not protested against India hoisting black flags. All Indian efforts to stop the protest in front of Indian High Commission London went in vain. Local English men and women participated in the protest which was astonishing. A British woman was asked by the journalist why she is accompanying protest rally of Kashmiris and Sikhs, she said that she considers this as her duty to protest against the worlds biggest oppressor and enemy of Human rights i.e. India. When journalist told her that India is celebrating 26th January as Democracy Day and India is the biggest democracy of the world; British woman rejected the stance of the journalists and said that India is exploiting Democracy as a slogan in order to deceive the world. Democracy not only means the process of the election but giving the rights to the public. India has snatched the rights of Kashmiris in the name of Democracy since 1947 and in the name of secularism minorities of India have been denied basic human rights. Now since 05 August 2019, Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) has been converted into the world’s biggest prison. India is also attempting to snatch citizenship form the Muslims of India.
During the media briefing in Washington, Vice Foreign Minister of America demanded that American ambassadors should be allowed to visit IHK and all political leaders to be released. Similarly European Parliament has first time approved the resolutions against the Modi establishment's CAA bill unveiling the heinous face of so-called mother of democracy. Modi in spite of replying the questions raised on the International Level has started threatening Pakistan.
Modi while addressing National Cadet Corps Rally on 28 January 2020 threatened Pakistan that Indian Army can defeat Pakistan with 7-10 days. He said,
“The Indian Armed Forces won’t take more than a week to 10 days to make Pakistan bite the dust”.

Modi’s tone was that as he was addressing an election campaign or Hindu Extremists’ rally. During his address, he was wearing a baseball cap of the National Cadet Course. Ex-Indian High Commissioner M.K. Bahadur said that while wearing the baseball cap in the National Cadet Core, Modi posing himself as a young cadet forgot that Pakistan is a nuclear power and Pakistan army has been facing war practically for the last decade. Indian economy is drowning rapidly, unemployment is increasing day by day. Whatever the interests of Modi had behind the disputed CAA; it has raised concerns among the Muslims living all over India raising a big question mark on their future. Not only Muslims, but Hindus of lower caste are also afraid and feeling unsafe due to the slogans of converting Indians into a Hindu State by the Hindu extremists of upper-caste Hindus. They are aware of the Hindu history that the Hindu state is not bound to give basic human rights to Dalits or lower caste Hindus. Many Dalits and lower-caste Hindus have completed their studies and employed in govt jobs by hiding their identities, teaching the education sector, living a happy life through business or sending dollars while working abroad. In the CAA where Muslims are being demanded to provide the evidence of their living in India before 1970, Lower Caste Hindus are also being questioned about their caste and religion. When their reality will be disclosed everything they have will be forfeited. In such a situation even Indian Courts will not provide them any protection but stand with the Higher Caste Hindus. That is the reason that Dalits and untouchables are participating in the protests arranged by Muslims against the CAA. Not only Dalits, the educated Hindus from the upper caste consider the policies of Modi and Amit Shah as an attack over the integrity of India and are not only supporting Muslims but trying to awaken the Indian Public.

Irony of the fate is that Modi is still enchanted by the fantasy of Surgical Strike in Azad Kashmir of 2016. During the address to the young cadets, he not only mentioned the 2016 surgical strike but the Israeli manufactured bombs that were dropped in the jungles of Azad Kashmir in February 2019 by Indian Air Craft, claiming it as the achievement of the Indian Army. He claimed that the Indian Air Force destroyed the camps in which hundreds of militants were being trained for terrorism in India. Modi neither had the courage to tell the cadets that the 2016 Surgical Strike fiction story has become a joke over the Indian army and BJP govt. nor he mentioned the retaliation of Pakistan Air Force in February 2019 in which Indian Fighter Jet was shot down and Pilot was arrested as Prisoner of War. How could Modi had mentioned all this, he was giving dreams to the cadets for defeating Pakistan with 10 days considering them as RSS Goons in the uniform. He forgot that the Indian army that has failed to defeat the Kashmiris (elderly to infants of Kashmiris) despite all the inhuman acts. How such an army will face a nuclear power, Pakistan.
Modi and his army should pay attention to the freedom movements within India which have gathered more momentum after approval of disputed CAA. Indian Held Kashmir has once again gathered international attention. Sikhs living outside India are planning to hold the referendum for Khalistan in continuing year. Indian Sikhs due to the fear of Hindu atrocities may not take part in the referendum but securing the major votes in the favor of Khalistan Sikhs will pressurize India through Western Countries and UNO to hold the referendum in India as well. The denial to hold the referendum would result in the armed struggle for the freedom of Khalistan. Indian army is already facing low morale and hopelessness in Assam, Nagaland, and Jharkhand. In such situation Modi, Modi establishment and Hindu Commanders should train their army to face the internal civil war in spite of training their soldiers to rape minorities and murder unarmed protestors. As long as Pakistan is concerned, any misadventure of India would be a clear message of Death of Indian Army…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 06 February 2020.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

India Alleging Pakistan as a Terrorist Country has been Proved as A Terrorist State

Stop State Terrorism

Blue Eyed Child of International Imperialistic Powers, India is under criticism by International Human Rights Organizations, International Print and Electronic Media even within India as well. Western Countries are demanding that India should allow their envoys to visit Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) in order to know the graveness of the situation in IHK. This matter has also been discussed in the UNO as well that India should restore basic Human Rights in IHK without any delay. Western Journalists have raised their concerns that by locking down Kashmiris in the name of Curfew, the shutdown of communication services, India Army is using RSS goons for the genocide of Kashmiris and raping Kashmiri women. These Hindu terrorists are uninformed as Indian Army, looting properties of the Kashmiris, breaking into Kashmiris homes, torturing men and women. A similar situation is being faced by the Muslims of India as well. Indian terrorist establishment of Modi is using RSS terrorists with the support of Local Police. In order to mentally torture the Muslims, men are tied and their women are gang-raped in front of them. The extremism of the shallow morals of Hindus is that such incidents are recorded in the Mobile Cameras and shared over social media. In these videos, the Hindu terrorists can be easily identified but Police are unwilling to take any action over such grave crimes that fall into the category of the war crimes. A representative for UN Mission for Human Rights in New Delhi, Nishta Satyam has demanded that UNO should hold an inquiry for the torturing Muslim Women during protests against disputed CAA as Modi The establishment is responsible for the torture.
Indian Chief of Defense Staf Gen Bipin Rawat joins hands with PM Narendra Modi against innocent Kashmiris and the Muslim minorities in India.
These heinous crimes are being reported by the Western Media. According to these reports Indian Police is providing support to the Hindu Goons involved in the gang rapes of Muslim Women in Uttar Pradesh. There are also reports that Muslims are taken into the Police Stations for allegedly participating in the protests against CAA on the leads provided by the RSS Goons, in the Police Stations they are shown the orders of forfeiture of their houses by the Indian Govt. and black mailed either to pay the ransom or provide their women for rape. While continuously reporting such crimes, Western Media has realized that this was India who started the proxy war in Sri Lanka through Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in order to enslave Sri Lanka. In this 26 years long terrorist war thousands of innocent men and women lost their lives. India used to deny armed interference in Sri Lanka but India has no reply for the uniformed Tamil Tiger’s Military, Navy and Airborne units operating from the coastal areas of India. Tamil Tigers had prepared special suicide bomber squads which mainly consisted of women and children. Most of the lives were lost in Sri Lanka due to these suicide bombers.
Now Western media has also realized that the terrorist war waged against Pakistan via Afghanistan was also on the similar pattern of Tamil Tigers. The only difference was that this time Indian terrorists were named Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP). In spite of giving them military designations, these terrorist leaders were called Ameer and Vice Ameer according to the Islamic Environment of Pakistan. Tamil Tigers had established militant wings of specially trained women, however, due to the cultural restraints of Pakistan, it was not possible for India to use women in terrorism in Pakistan. Like Tamil Tigers it was not possible to provide helicopters and lightweight fighting aircraft because in case of shooting down of any of these jets would have meant to leave the evidence that TTP is operating from Afghanistan for which India and NATO along with the USA would have been held responsible. Just like the USA and NATO, India also did not want that they are termed as supporters of terrorism in Pakistan under the disguise of the imposition of Sharia. Now analyses are being done that in the proxy war of India in Sri Lanka 80,000 lives were lost out of which 3500 were Sri Lankan soldiers. While in Pakistan 70,000 lives were taken by Indian sponsored terrorists while 7000 Pakistani soldiers sacrificed their lives in this war against terrorism.
After launching TTP terrorists in Pakistan, India staged terrorist attacks in India for blaming Pakistan for terrorism; Indian propaganda was so much effective that the world was forced to accept it. In the anti-Pakistan propaganda India not only used her own media but due to the American interests American and Western Media also supported Indian Propaganda. This is the support of Western Media that India continued alleging Pakistan for terrorism despite the arrest of its state terrorist Kulbhushan Yadev who confessed in his video statement that he was given the task to wage terrorism in Balochistan and Karachi by Indian Govt.
Now International Media is disclosing that ISIS has been sponsored and established by India into South Asia. According to the International Business Times’ report, in 2016 UAE deported 4 Indians for involvement in suspicious activities who were taken into custody by Indian Intelligence on their arrival to India. These persons were allegedly involved in recruiting militants within UAE for ISIS. UAE provided evidence to India as well. These persons were kept in a secret place for ten days and afterward released silently. Now it has been disclosed that Indians deported from UAE for having links with ISIS are higher in number including women as well. Indian media has also reported arrests of many Indians from Kerala for having links with ISIS. These people were arrested by Indian Law Enforcement Agencies in the name of investigations and afterward released silently. Out of these suspects, some have been seen in Afghanistan. According to Business Times, Modi’s Advisor for Security Ajeet Kumar Doval visited Iraq and Syria during 2015-16 several times and held meetings with ISIS leadership. ISIS representatives also met with the TTP representatives in the Indian Consulate at Jalalabad which was reported in UNO as well. However at that time due to American interests in India, these reports were ignored.
However, now when ISIS leadership in Iraq and Syria has been destroyed. The participation of veiled persons carrying ISIS specific logos on their banners in protests against CAA in different states of India is alarming. On the one hand the attack of Hindu extremists on the Jawahar Lal Nehru University with full planning torturing Hindu female students and Professors; few veiled female students accompanied Hindu terrorists for pointing out the specific students. Hindu extremists accepted the responsibility for the attack over the university claiming it as hatchery of communists. Hindu extremists claimed that they will clean up the university from communists. On the other hand, Akhil Gogoi worker of freedom of expression has been arrested under the fake allegations of supporting separation as he protested against the disputed CAA act. According to the National Investigation Authority books of Marx, Linen and Maozedong about the Chinese Revolution were recovered. However, Indian Police and National Investigation Authority did not arrest those who hoisted the ISIS flags in the protests. This shows that Modi establishment and Hindu terrorist agencies are planning some big conspiracy of terrorism against Muslims. Even Western Media has been forced to express concerns on such suspicious activities of Extremist Hindu Establishment…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 31 January 2020.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

PTM Once Again Gets Active!

2008: Comrade Ali Wazir addressing the followers of Marxism.

                Just after 1 year of the American invasion of Afghanistan, international media has disclosed that on the recommendations of Northern Alliance America has agreed to grant an important role to Pakistan’s eternal enemy India in Afghanistan. After a few months, establishing of Indian consulates in the areas adjacent to Pakistan like Qandahar and Jalalabad proved that India is going to exploit Afghanistan as a second front for Pakistan. Afterwards, India established its consulate in three other provinces of Afghanistan. America had invaded Afghanistan to fight against the Afghan Mujahedeen speaking Pashto that was organized and named as Taliban by America herself. In this way, world was well aware of the name, establishment, and purpose of the Taliban. Before 9/11, the time period Taliban remained in power, Western Media kept us brainwashing that how the Taliban restored peace and harmony in Afghanistan. Although, Taliban were criticized for imposing the veil for women they were admired as well that how they imposed Islamic Sharia resulting in the abortion of the cultivation of opium and banning the public show of weapons as a tradition. People of Pakistan facing social evils like bribery, nepotism, extortion, black-marketing considered the Taliban like the system as the only savior. They wanted that just like the Taliban, a govt should be established in Pakistan as well that curbs all these social evils.
Kabul: links of PTM leaders with Afghanistan’s secret agencies have been revealed. The former director of Afghan secret agency National Directorate of Security (NDS) has asked the United States of America (USA) to help PTM leaders Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir. He has said the US should support the activists of PTM.
                India and other enemies of Pakistan were aware of this psychology of Pakistanis. Exploiting this psychology of Pakistanis they planned to establish a dummy Taliban terrorist organization in Pakistan; who despite waging terrorism in Pakistan to attack Pakistan army and Pakistan, seem to Pakistanis as Mujahedeen fighting for the imposition of Sharia or Islam. International media played a pivotal role in providing disguise to these Indians created Taliban; even Pakistani media claimed them as B-team of Pakistan army. Pakistan army also started calling them as terrorists. This raised disputes between Pakistan army and TTP (Tehreek Taliban Pakistan). Moreover, the way of correlating their terrorist activities as an attempt to impose Islam in Sawat, Malakand, and areas of FATA created chaos among the public of these areas. Muttahida Majlis Amal (MMA) a political union of religious parties of KPK were unable to threaten their belief and life by declaring TTP as a terrorist who was claiming to be struggling for the imposition of Islamic Laws. During this time TTP with the help of India and other allies in Afghanistan converted narrow mountain passes that hard to access into fortified cantonments and caches of latest weapons. The suicide bombings all over Pakistan were planned and executed from these strongholds. The central control of these suicide blasts was in the hands of Indian officers of RAW sitting across the border in Indian Consulates in Afghanistan. Astonishingly terrorists attacked important defense installations that were in the eyes of India, mosques, places of worship, churches, parks, hospitals, courts, funeral gatherings in which thousands of Pakistanis got martyrdom but many Pakistanis thought these as an effort to impose Islamic Law. However, the planners of TTP and terrorism in Pakistan had never thought even in their worst nightmares that the Pakistan army will defeat their manufactured terrorists in the narrow mountain passes where English Army did not dare to go despite capturing the whole sub-continent. The real strength was the unstopped reinforcement via Afghanistan.
The journey of PTM leadership from “Marxism” to “Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement”.

                Pakistan the army destroyed terrorist hideouts, captured the latest weapons. First in the form of Zarb-Az’b and afterward through Rad-ul-Fasad cleaned Pakistan from terrorists. This war was unwinnable without the sacrifices and cooperation of people of tribal areas. They left their homes, businesses and shifted into temporary shelters so that the Pakistan army may start operation against terrorists without any fear of civilian casualties was such a sacrifice of Tribals that can never be forgotten. Afterward, the rehabilitation of the tribal areas people, installation of barbed wire fence over Afghan border to check the infiltration of terrorists and establishing border management system were such acts of Pakistan that maddened the launchers of TTP. It became impossible for them to attempt suicide blasts in Pakistan from Afghanistan. Afghan National Army along with terrorists attacked Pakistan army soldiers busy in the installation of barbed wire fence various times. Enemies played the card of Greater Pakhtunkhuwa(a dead horse) to spread lawlessness in the country. Few so-called nationalists from within Pakistan tried to revive the dead horse by claiming KPK as the area of Afghans. Few Afghan Ministers gave the statements challenging the status of Pak-Afghan Border. An organization in the name of Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) was established which blamed the Pakistan army for capturing the resources of tribal area people. They not only objected to the check posts established for the restoration of peace in tribal areas, but they also claimed barbed wire fence as denying a basic right of the tribal area people. 
Manzoor Pashtin-MohsinDawar-Ali Wazir
Manzoor Pashtin-MohsinDawar-Ali Wazir
When people of the tribal area did not give them shit, PTM activists started propaganda against the Pakistan army abroad and different cities of Pakistan. In the meanwhile, not only tribal areas were merged in the Federation of Pakistan but they also got the right to elect their representatives in provincial and national assemblies. In the elections of National Assembly two activists of PTM Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir got elected as Independent Candidates where they took the oath to follow the Constitution of Pakistan and to remain loyal to Pakistan but their anti-Pakistan activities continued.
Swat. May 01, 2018. A man in red ⭕ raises Israeli Flag in PTM really with slogans: death to Pakistan, Long live Israel.

                Their attack on Pakistan army’s checkpoint on 26 May 2019 has become an old episode. Now once again Ali Wazir has used threatening tone against Pakistan army while addressing a gathering at Bannu which is unacceptable. According to a video viral on social media, Ali Wazir has said that he will unroot the barbed wire fence installed on the Afghan Border and it will be used to hang Pakistani soldiers. Few analysts are of the view that the statements of PTM are an attempt to divert the increasing protests and reaction against the Modi establishment’s disputed CAA law in India and continuous violations of Human Rights in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). In order the divert the attention of the international community India exploited its pet Ali Wazir against the Pakistan army. Whatever the reasons may be the threats of Indian Amry Chief to Pakistan and statements of PTM cannot be ignored.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 January 2020.