Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Pakistan Army Chief’s Call for the Peace!

“However, we feel that it is time to bury the past and move forward, but for resumption of the peace process, or meaningful dialogue, our neighbor will have to create a conducive environment, particularly in Indian-occupied Kashmir.” Pakistan army chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa addresses the Islamabad Security Dialogue conference on March 18, 2021.

on 18 March 2021, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Army Chief Pakistan, emphasized the need for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute with India to end 7 decades-old tension between two nuclear states to promote development in the area, in his address to the National Security Dialogue Forum. Analyses to misinterpret the address are at their peak. American Print and Electronic Media have interpreted this as a change of Pakistani policy towards India as a result of the handwork of UAE and KSA. All those so-called intellectuals who spare no chance to criticize the Pakistan army are also celebrating it. Saying that the same thing when they used to say they were termed as friends of India and if now Army Chief is saying to start a new era of friendship with India that accept that India was right that as long as Pakistan does not stop terrorism as a policy in neighboring countries, peace negotiations are not possible with Pakistan. Opposition parties are repeating their blames on the ruling party to have sold out Kashmir. On the other hand, Indian media is getting crazy that Pakistan is begging for peace in front of India. A strong propaganda campaign has been launched on social media in which just sentences of their own interest out of the Army Chief are being quoted in order to mislead Pakistanis.
“It is time that we in South Asia create synergy through connectivity, peaceful co-existence, and resource sharing to fight hunger, illiteracy, and disease instead of fighting each other,” Gen Bajwa said.

In his previous address on 03 February 2021 to the Graduation Ceremony of Pakistan Air Force Academy, General Qamar Bajwa has said;

“We stand firmly committed to the ideal of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence. It is time to extend the hand of peace in all Directions. Pakistan and India must also resolve the long-standing issue of Jammu and Kashmir in a dignified and peaceful manner”.

Not only this, in all his previous speeches, General Qamar Javed Bajwa has always emphasized the need to resolve the Kashmir issue for peace in the region. He also said that Pakistani wishes for peace should not be taken as weakness. If we look in the past, all the Army Chiefs of Pakistan have been emphasizing the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute according to the UNO resolutions. This is India who has always rejected Pakistan’s offer for peace and staged false flag terrorist attacks within India to get a lame excuse to thwart international pressure for peace talks. If we look at history, there is a huge list of arrests of Indians sent to Pakistan as terrorists who were sentenced by Pakistani courts but our rulers from the past released them in the name of restoration of peaceful relations with India. Indian State terrorist is Kulbhushan is still in the custody of Pakistan. In order to save her terrorist from the death sentence, India begged to International Court; Pakistan respected the verdict of the court to retrial the Indian terrorist in Civil Court but India is not ready to provide a lawyer to his own state terrorist and citizen.
Unrest in most of the Indian cities.

Through such tactics India cannot change the reality of Indian involvement in terrorism in Pakistan, murder of innocent Baloch in Balochistan through RAW trained BLA’s suicide bomb blasts. Sometimes Indian terrorists target people of Hazara to fuel sectarianism and sometimes laborers of Punjab and Sindh working in Balochistan. Indian Generals forget the professional values and threaten Pakistan just like pimps. Despite all this Pakistan's army leadership has never given up professional values and did not reply to Indian Generals in their pimp language. Pak Army leadership has always condemned Indian state terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir and War Crimes of the Indian Army, ensuring Kashmiris that Pakistan will continue their moral and political support.

Why now the speech of the Army Chief is being misinterpreted for Indian propaganda to mislead the nation? Extreme of propaganda is that the Army Chief’s statement to practically imposing the policy of eradicating facilitators of terrorism in Pakistan is being misinterpreted to support the propaganda of Dawn Leaks i.e. Pak Army was supporting terrorism while Nawaz Sharif was opposing it. Moreover, the Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan getting Corona and writing a letter on 23 March 2021 to Modi is also being exploited for propaganda.
Indian farmers protesting for the last 8 months.

These propagandists are ignoring that since its independence on 15 August 1947, India is first time facing hard times internally as well as the foreign front. A few days ago Naxal Freedom Fighters killed  Indian soldiers in an ambush. Now India has imposed an undeclared curfew and arresting innocents. Indian Farmers are protesting against so-called Agriculture reforms for the last 8 months and the Indian state is unable to do anything. Indian decision regarding Indian Held Kashmir made on 05 August 2019, has been rejected worldwide; India has also failed to control freedom movement in IHK. India is just like a pressure cooker just to explode, due to the imposition of the black law of CAA targeting Muslims and Lower Caste Hindus. Increasing hold of Hindutva (Hindu Extremism) is also resulting in anger and agitation among educated Indian youth.
In mid-March 2021, five jawans of the Indian army were killed by Naxals in Chattisgarh.

Indian Army’s defeat in the hands of the Chinese Army on Ladakh has not subsided that EU DisInfo Lab disclosed the network of Indian Propaganda defrauding UNO and other such institutions for the last 15 years. Indian False Flag attack on Indian Army Convoy in February 2019, Indian Air Force’s bombing deserted areas of Azad Kashmir, Arnab Goswami’s leaks showing that Indian Army was exploited for BJP and Modi has also raised questions in India over the professional role of Indian army. In such a situation a de-escalation in relations with Pakistan is inevitable for India but the Pak army and civil leadership of Pakistan are very clear in this regard that relations with India are linked with the resolution of the Kashmir Dispute…

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 29 March 2021.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Political Chaos is Weakening State

Jammu & Kashmir: Indian army’s war against innocent Kashmiris started in Oct 1947 not ended till now.

Since I have been in my senses, I have seen the country engulfed in political chaos. As a result of this chaos, the country was divided into two parts. The army that has stopped the Indian army by laying their lives in 1965; has laid down in front of Indian tanks to ensure the defense, world appreciated the professionalism and fond of martyrdom for the defense of the motherland. How can such an army be responsible for losing half of the country in 1971? Was this merely due to the laying of weapons by the Pakistan army? No! From the day first India has been hatching conspiracies against Pakistan but in 1971, those elements within Pakistan who were against Two Nations Theory were also hired by the Indians. They were ready to go to any limits for giving KPK to Afghanistan resulting in Greater Pakhtunistan and took up weapons for the separation of Balochistan supported by India and the Soviet Union. In Sindh, Nationalists were also organized. It was not possible for civil administration to control all these powers. If this has been possible Quaid would have never ordered in 1948 Pakistan army to control those who wanted to separate Balochistan. This was the first operation of the Pakistan army. Most of the pro-Indian intellectuals do not mention this operation because it discloses their treason.
General Frank Messervy

The propaganda against the Pakistan army was started in October 1947, when India violated the rule of division of India, the Indian army attacked the State of Jammu and Kashmir; Quaid ordered English Commander-In-Chief Gen Frank Messervy to stop the Indian army but he did not obey the orders. Pakistani tribals along with soldiers of the Pakistan army not only stopped Indian advances in Kashmir but also freed 1/3rd Kashmir from India as well. In this war that was fought for a year, India was forced to beg to UNO. After the retirement of Gen Frank, Gen Douglas Gracey took over the command of the Pakistan army but he was not ready to take any action against India. Despite all this in the way the Pakistan army defeated the Indian army while having a shortage of ammunitions; pro-Indian intellectuals have not forgotten it. They believe that India is the flag bearer of humanity, the biggest democracy, and a secular country. This group of traitors also take the Pakistani army responsible for India-Pakistan disputes and the dispute of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). They believe in whatever Indians say. They believe that the 1965 war was waged by the Pakistan army. They are of the view that the Pakistan army should not help Muslims living under Hindu occupation in IHK. The second military operation against Baloch terrorists was done in 1973 on the orders of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. In this operation, such notables were also arrested for fighting against Pakistan and Pakistan army who is now known as intellectuals, journalists, and anchorpersons. Their intellectual services are limited to inciting the public against Pakistan and Pak Army in the name of Freedom of Speech.
General Douglas Gracey

If we look at the first decade of Pakistan after independence, the Indian Prime Minister joked that I do not change so much Dhotis as the rulers of Pakistan are changing. Political Chaos, crossing all the limits for gaining power, dirty politics and even supporting India in conspiracies against Pakistan forced the country towards dictatorship. At that time looting the national treasury and filling up the coffers was not the need of the politicians but they wanted to have power which created hurdles in the flourishing of the democracy. They forgot that political chaos in the country supports Indian plans against Pakistan’s integrity. Now even after the passage of seven decades, politics in Pakistan is still in a similar place. The irony of the fate is that now democracy has become a lucrative business by looting the national treasury. Now politics is not used for respect and service of the public but for filling up the coffer by hook or crook. There is a shortage of moral values. Police Station shave been converted into torture cells. From justice to respect and prestige everything depends upon one’s wealth.
27 Oct 1947: Indian Army invaded Jammu & Kashmir

The white-collar word used as respect for the poor has become a symbol of insult. Indian conspiracies against Pakistan have been converted into terrorism. In 2002, in the way Indian attacked Pakistan through her trained suicide bombers and terrorists via Afghanistan, this was not a regular war. Pakistan's army sacrificed 10,000 lives while 70,000 civilians also lost their lives in this war waged by Indian terrorist agencies. The war waged against Pakistan has been declared as the most difficult war of history. The defeat of Indian terrorists in hard terrain like tribal areas of Pakistan adjacent to Afghanistan has been seen as impossible by the international military. In such a situation when we look at the situation within the country, since 2008, the elected elite has been in power.
Oct 1947: Pakistani Tribesmen from Waziristan ready to enter Jammu & Kashmir to fight against the Indian Army.

The propaganda against the Pakistan army for interference has become now a fashion and a cheap way to gain fame. The army that has never interfered in billions of non-productive projects, that have not interfered in the looting of national treasury and shifting of wealth abroad how that army can interfere in the election process? Pakistan steel mills, PICA, Pakistan Railways, etc. Were made a burden over the public, no one talks about them, however, the Defense budget that is inevitable for the integrity of the nation is criticized. In spite of resolving public problems, no stone is left unturned to protect the black money and criticizing the army to divert attention from political corruption. In such a situation any negative impact that hurts the integrity of Pakistan is the duty of the Pakistan army to negate it which is termed as interference by the Pakistan army to hide political corruption…

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 15 March 2021.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

New Propaganda of India Against Pakistan Army

After disclosures of Indian conspiracies and propaganda network in November 2020 by DisInfo Lab it was hoped that India will stop her conspiracies and propaganda against Pakistan. According to EU DisInfo, Labs India has been busy spreading fake news against Pakistan through its network of fake media houses spread across 166 countries, this network was established n 2005. Exploiting this fake media network, India persuaded FATF to include Pakistan in the grey list. The next step was to get Pakistan blacklisted and declared as a terrorist State by UNO. In order to achieve her nefarious goals, the Indian army and secret agencies conducted false flag bomb blasts in various Indian cities. Bomb blasts at Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad Dakkan, Gujarat, UP, and Ajmer Sharif killed innocent Indian citizens. The Samjhota Express fire, terrorist attak on Mumbai Hotels were all conducted by Indian secret agencies and on-duty Indian army officers. India blamed ISI and Pakistan's army through her propaganda for this Indian army terrorism within India. India also launched bomb blasts across Pakistan through her trained TTP terrorists. This was part of the conspiracy against Pakistan. The second aspect of the Indian conspiracy was disclosed by EU DisInfo Lab after one year of research; India was forced to close this chapter but she did not give up her conspiracies.

On 29 January 2021, the Bangladeshi News website ‘The Daily Sun’ wrote, “Pak Army General Admits China’s support in crushing Baloch Freedom Movements”. This was reported as Breaking News. On the second day, all Indian notable newspapers published this fabricated story. UNO, USA, UK, and other countries have declared Baloch insurgents as terrorist organizations. Despite the declaration, the headlines “Baloch Freedom Movement” show the nefarious goals of the fabricators of the report. After this following words were reported linked to an on Duty Pakistan Army Major General,

“China has deployed me here to crush the Baloch Movement and has given me a six-month task. China has paid me the salary and a large sum of money and officially posted me here for their regional interests and to thwart Iran’s conspiracies against CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) as it is a kind of investment in regional interests”.

This shows that through her propaganda India wants to hit so many targets. It is hilarious that uneducated Indians are unable to understand that how an on-duty Army officer of a country can be deployed by another country, given orders and salary etc. Had any such powers to deploy such officers in Bhutan or Nepal although these are much smaller states as compared to Pakistan; although these states have been claimed as states controlled by Indian politicians? In fact, India has lost its vision of enmity against Pakistan. Indian terrorism waged against Pakistan via Afghanistan has met its end. Indian conspiracies and propaganda against Pakistan have been disclosed. EU DisInfo Labs has not only unveiled the Indian propaganda network but destroyed Indian credibility as well. Despite all these Extremist Hindu leaders are unable to realize that their lies have been badly exposed and in their fear of CPEC are touching the bottom of moral shallowness. For their propaganda, if they have used their Arnab Goswami in spite of Major General Bilal of the Pakistan army, Hindu extremists might have believed that Pakistan is waiting just to get out of FATF’s grey list, and after this, we will infiltrate into Iran to teach a lesson to Baloch insurgents. By posing Pakistan and China as occupants cannot hide Indian war crimes and state terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir. India cannot create misunderstandings between Iran and Pakistan through her Chanakiyai thinking and conspiracies.

Alas! Private electronic media of Pakistan have no time to counter hilarious Indian propaganda or inform Pakistanis about Indian propaganda and lies. They can only discuss political chaos and dirty politics. They are unable to understand or at least not paid for it that the Integrity of Pakistan is more important than anything else. This is Pakistan that politicians are busy in horse-trading and the elite has been engulfing the rights of the poor to ensure a bright future for their coming generations.

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 08 March 2021.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Political Abuse of Indian Army and Air Force!

Few weeks ago the disclosures of Favourite Anchorperson of Hindu Extremists, RSS, and Modi, Arnab Goswami’s conversation proved that False Flag Attack of 14 February 2019, at District Pulwama of Indian Held Kashmir was planned by Modi along with higher command of the Indian Army and Military Intelligence. In this attack, more than 60 Indian soldiers were killed. These Indian soldiers who became the target of State terrorism belonged to the lower caste. The families of the killed soldiers protested in New Delhi along with the leadership of the lower castes on 17 February 2019. Till then it has been widespread in India that the Pulwama attack was staged by Modi and Amit Shah for elections was few months ahead. The families of the killed soldiers blamed that through proper planning, the bus carrying only lower caste soldiers was targeted. 

File photo of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with General Bipin Rawat, now Chief of Defense Staff.

The windows of the bus had steel rods while the doors of the bus were also locked from outside with iron bars. That is why no one was able to get out of the bus or get out the soldiers who were injured. Whether it was the Indian Defense Minister, Minister for Information, or Indian Army Spokesperson no one was willing to face the Indian media. In spite of giving answers to the journalists on giving contradicting answers, and the questions raised by the journalists Secretary of Defense left the press briefing. BJP in spite of postponing the election campaign on such a big incident chose to exploit its election campaign to fuel hatred against Kashmiris terming them as murderers of the Hindu soldiers. As a result, Kashmiris studying in different cities became the target of Hindu terrorism. Hindu extremists were also fueled against Pakistan by blaming Pakistan for being responsible for the attack. Hindu extremists started demanding to take revenge of Pulwama attack from Pakistan. Modi was also busy fuelling hatred against Pakistan and propaganda.

India: a propaganda poster used by the ruling BJP in the 2019 election exploiting the army to promote their political gains.

Independent Indian media was disclosing such evidence of the Pulwama attack that was in contrast to the Indian propaganda, statements of the Indian establishment, and Indian state media. Indians were not ready to disclose the details of the Indian soldiers killed in the false flag attack. NDTV and few other channels started telecasting not only the names and pictures but also interviews of their families. According to the details, 1 Muslim, 3 Sikh, 1 Bengali, 5 scheduled Dalit, and others belonged to lower caste Hindus. Indian army in spite of explaining the details of these realities was busy supporting Modi and BJP. Indian Retired Officers protested on such an unprofessional attitude of the Hindus army. Indian Retired Officers, advised the army remain away from Hindutva politics rejecting the threats given to Pakistan in a gathering by Modi on 15 February 2019. Army Chief was warned that Modi’s politics will destroy the professional capability of the Indian Army. Indian Navy’s Retired Admiral Arun Prakash wrote:

"Ruling party politicians successfully exploited what passed for military gains on the election campaign trail, to project the B JP’s ‘robust’ handling of national security issues. And in turn the self-centred and pecuniary minded soldiery, in most instances, was rewarded with promotions whilst in service or lucratie employment after retirement, or in some cases both. It is no many senior officers are increasingly identifying themselves with the ‘Hindu Nationalism’ of the BJP led administration, that in turn unashamedly seeks to exploit military achievements for political gain."

The second episode of the Pulwama attack was the violation of Pakistani aerospace by dropping Israeli Spice 2000 bombs in the deserted areas of Balakot on 26 February 2019. in this attack, few trees were destroyed by Indian terrorists. India posed this as a big achievement. Indian media started propaganda that the Indian Air Force destroyed the training camp of Jaish-e-Muhamamd at Balakot. Local Pakistanis spotted the deserted area where the Indian air force dropped the bombs. The video of fallen trees and big craters got viral on social media negating Indian propaganda. On the second day, the befitting reply by the Pakistani Air Force destroyed the morale of the Indian Air Force as well as the Army. Now was the turn of the Retired Indian Air Force leadership. They said that the failure of the Indian Air Force is the result of serving the political interests of BJP and Hindu extremists. Not only the befitting reply of the Pakistan Air Force was appreciated across the world, but the Pakistani verdict was also acknowledged as well. Opposition Leadership of India demanded that Modi should stop exploiting the Indian Armed Forces for political purposes. However, after being insulted by being exploited in the hands of Hindu extremists, Indian Army Chief General Bappan Rawat accepted the resignation of Chief of Defense Staff after retirement proving that concerns of Retired Admiral Arun Prakash were correct…


Opinion by most of the retired Indian senior army officers

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt, 

Date: 01 March 2021.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Disclosures of Youngster from Gilgit Working for "Indian Chronicle"

The disclosures by European DisInfo Labs of the Indian network spread across 116 countries for propaganda and enmity against Pakistan, more and more Indian chronicles and conspiracies against Pakistan are being reported that are mind-blowing. In today’s developed era when it has become difficult for IT experts to hide their IDs for a long time while defrauding others; India was busy deceiving the International community for the last 15 years; the target was the persons related to the news. Affected by Indian deception many International media houses and Departments had concerns about Pakistan. India kept silent to counter the disclosure of the Indian network by European DisInfo Labs. The serious blow to the Indian propaganda network was the resign of the members of the South Asian Democratic Forum that was established in Brussels by Indian Chronicles, members said that they do not want to be part of a fake think tank. Said think tank remained at the forefront in propaganda against Pakistan. Indian Sponsored Baloch Insurgents, Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM), and supporters of Sindu Desh were exploited by the said forum for fabricating statements and stories against Pakistan Army and ISI. In January 2021 reports of resignation by members of said forum jolted the Indian Foreign Ministry, India left no stone unturned, however, Board Members announced their resignations on 21 January 2021.

Another blow for India was the confession of Mehdi Shah Rizvi working for the promotion of Indian propaganda against Pakistan in Gilgit-Baltistan. He confessed that how he was entangled by Indian Network to be used against Pakistan as a pawn.  He said that Indian agents fuel nationalism in students of Gilgit-Baltistan and afterward they are used for Indian interests against Pakistan and Pakistan army. He said that he was also misguided by Indian agents in nationalist parties and used to work for them. After analyzing the disclosures by DisInfo Labs he realized that he is not alone, there are many Pakistani youngsters who are being exploited by RAW for financial assistance, migration abroad, and shining futures against the motherland and Pakistan Army.

He said that agents hidden in national movements incited his father (in the name of nationalism) to speak against Pakistan and Pakistan's army in the International Seminars. Similarly, he was given a script prepared by RAW agents to be read in a Human Rights Session at UNO against Pakistan Army. He further added that along with him, Dr. Amjad Ayub Mirza living in Scotland, Sajjad Raja, Head of National Equality Party living in the UK, and Head of United Kashmir Peoples National Party Shaukat Kashmiri was also exploited by Indian agents for propaganda against Pakistan. Mehdi Shah in his statement disclosed that Advocate Mehbub Afaq Bilawar, Shabbir Meyar, Gheyas Uddin, Najaf Ali, Asif Naji, Qamar Naji, Mushtaq Comrade, Ali Shan, and Habib Ullah, etc. persons are active in propaganda against Pakistan supported by India. On the incitation by few out of the list, he joined Baltistan Students Federation and Biladristan National Front, afterward, he was exploited for statements against Pakistan army and security agencies. He also was incited to submit an application to France for Assylum. 

Mehdi Shah said that he met Amjad Ayub Mirza in Italy, he was paid and assured that India is at his back against Pakistan. Amjad Mirza incited him to deliver a speech against Pakistan and the Pakistan army in front of the Pakistan embassy in Italy and demanding that Gilgit Baltistan should become part of India. He was provided with a written speech by Amjad Mirza. After the protest in front of the Pakistan embassy in Italy, his speech and video of the protest were made viral on social media. Afterward, he was incited to participate in various online conferences on the promises of having one to one meeting with Modi and representation in UNO. on 22 October 2020, Indian sponsored nationalists staged a protest in Gilgit Baltistan; people from Shugar, Khiplu, Skardu, etc. had to be brought in for the protests but govt. did not allow the protest and admins of the protest were arrested. He was promised heavy financial assistance for reacting against Pakistan by burning his Pakistani Passport and flag in front of the Pakistani embassy in Italy. He said that many other youngsters like him have been converted into Indian RAW agents by so-called nationalists; they have been betrayed and deceived by nationalists on the platform of the Baltistan Students Federation.

Although disclosures by DisInfo Labs have made Mehdi Shah realize the deceptions and betrayal of Indian RAW from Mehdi Shah’s heart, he also disclosed all those characters who are busy inciting youngsters against Motherland and Army in the name of sectarian issues. These confessions and disclosures by Mehdi Shah should have been reported by Pakistan Electronic Media by giving it proper coverage, it should have been discussed in talk shows so that youngsters may save themselves from venomous Indian propaganda and conspiracies, perhaps our anchors on TV screens are not paid for this. In the end, it is requested to the govt. that youngsters like Mehdi Shah who became agents of India in past and have now returned back should be encouraged and given protection...

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 08 February 2021.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Silence of Indian media over the disclosures of Arnab Goswami

On 14 February 2019, an Indian army bus was targeted by a suicide car on Sri Nagar Highway in District Pulwama of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Indian media started blaming Pakistan for the bomb blast while reporting the attack over the Indian army convoy. Fierce propaganda war against the Pakistan army and ISI was started. This news was first of all telecasted by Republic TV of Arnab Goswami. Other TV channels took some time in verifying the reports of Republic TV. In the meanwhile, Goswami has created a strong case against Pakistan in his notorious hateful style against Pakistan. In such a situation it was not possible for other Indian TV Channels to differ from the statement of Goswami. This was also initially reported by Goswami that the suicided bomber who hit the vehicle laden with explosives in the Indian army’s bus was a local namely Adil Ahmad Dar who also claimed the responsibility for the blast through a video message; Goswami also claimed that he belonged to Jaish Muhammad. According to Goswami, the video was uploaded on the website of Jaish Muhammad. Other Indian TV Channels had no choice left but to follow Goswami’s version in propaganda against Pakistan. The bomb blast was unusually strong. Indian media was claiming it was a suicide bomb blast. The scenes telecasted by Indian media showed the human remains and injured soldiers scattered everywhere. The soldiers present in the target bus were scattered, the other vehicles were also heavily damaged. According to the Indian media, 50 soldiers were killed while more than 100 were injured. Modi and his ministers blamed Pakistan for the blast. India had been blaming Pakistan for training terrorists and the use of terrorists against India. Although Pakistan has rejected the Indian blames, however, Arnab Goswami was celebrating on his channel that he was the first to report the blast.

Arnab Goswami

The strategy for propaganda has raised concerns in Indian journalists. Moreover, the information is given y Indian Amry and Defense Minister was clashing with each other as it was a fabricated story; it became impossible for Modi establishment to defend its version of the incident. For example, Indian  Investigations revealed that 300 kg explosive, 80 kg RDX, and Ammonium Nitrate was used in the blast. The question is that how Adil Dar secured such a big quantity of explosives and how he loaded it into a truck converting it into a suicide truck? As a reaction to these questions “Truck” was converted into “Car”, and the explosives were told to be stolen from a company working in the breaking of mountains by6 GOC Northern Command Lt. General Deependra Singh Hooda. When journalists asked about the registration of a case on such a big theft in the Police, General Hooda said that it is possible that explosives may have been smuggled across the LoC. Journalists asked that how 300 kg of explosives could be smuggled into IHK in the presence of the Indian army over LoC? General Hooda left the briefing incomplete. 

Arnab Goswami paid me $12,000 and Rs 40 lakh to fix ratings: Partho Dasgupta

Indian opposition rejected the role of Pakistan in the Pulwama incident claiming that this bloody drama was staged by the Modi establishment to win the contests and expressed concerns over the Army’s involvement in Modi politics. After this the stance; “Pulwama attack is an Indian act” got acceptance in India. Modi establishment tried to hide behind the tortures and Hindu extremist attacks on Kashmiri students studying in different Indian universities. Kashmiri shopkeepers were attacked and their shops were looted. Kashmiri students were protected by Sikhs in Mumbai to return to their homes because Hindu extremists had threatened to take revenge from Kashmiri women for the Pulwama attack. India also demanded Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to blacklist Pakistan. According to the reports of the EU DisInfo Labs, Indian propaganda was given acceptance and weightage at that time. The Pulwama Incident resulted in the national insult for India on 27 February 2019 by Indian Air Force. 

Now the WhatsApp conversation between Goswami and his partner Parthu Das Gupta, CEO of Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) has been leaked out. These leaks have jolted the Indian media. Goswami used to share the national secrets of India with Gupta, he used to show that he has links with the higher command of the Indian army and Modi, he used disclosing such information ahead of time with Gupta so that his channel is ranked higher. Due to some illegal activities by Gupta, he wanted Goswami to help him in mutilating the investigations but Goswami in spite of helping him broke links with Gupta. Gupta got angry and leaked out the conversation with Goswami, while leaking out the conversations he forgot that he has also leaked out some dirty secrets of India as well. 

NEW DELHI: Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut raised the issue of purported WhatsApp chats of Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami in Parliament, saying the BJP-led NDA government "should be ashamed of protecting" him.

Now the situation is that Indian propaganda against Pakistan has been reported internationally. The conversation shows that the Pulwama attack was staged by the Indian army, Goswami was aware of the upcoming attack ahead of time. However, Indian media is silent over such a sensitive issue. Gupta has been arrested by Police, however, the actual culprit who disclosed all this information is still at large. By staging Pulwama Drama Modi established got double benefits, on the one hand, Pakistan was entangled in the Grey list of FATF while on the other hand, Modi secured the votes in the election. Goswami’s chat has disclosed the reality of Indian terrorism which should be reported to FATF and other countries through diplomatic channels.; Not only this, India has become a Mafia of terrorists in spite of showing some responsibility, which is dangerous for the whole region...

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 25 January 2021.

Monday, February 1, 2021

DG ISPR Calls Spade a Spade

Major General Babar Iftikhar Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

 Our politicians cannot deny the reality that Opposition parties celebrated the imposition of martial law. They thanked the army for toppling the govt. Even members of Assemblies recited Adhan in Parliament for salvation from the ruling party and imposition of martial law; the reason was the behavior not accept the rule of the other party. This behavior is present in approximately all political parties and politicians as well as party workers. The dispute is started after the election results by rejecting the election. The rest of the time is spent in conspiracies and protests against the ruling party. Although these politicians welcome the imposition of martial law, however, after the imposition of martial law they get united with the ruling party and start a campaign for the restoration of democracy. While criticizing the dictator no one (politician) discusses hir role in toppling the government. Although two big parties i.e. PPPP and PMLN remained in power but they never tolerated each other's winning and always remained active in protests by joining hands with the nationalist and religious parties. Due to such behavior, not a single party succeeded in completing its 5 years in power. From 2008 to 2018 after signing the deal of democracy between the two parties, ruling parties completed their 5 years in such a way that the ruling party and opposition supported each other's reign, however, political and emotional statements continued keeping the whole nation in chaos.

The painful aspect of this dirty politics is the blames on the Pakistan army for interference in democracy. Our political analysts leave no stone unturned in criticizing the army. They are of two types; 1) who always felt proud in being known as followers of Lenin and Marx who consider Pakistan army the biggest hurdle in the imposition of their thoughts. These analysts are also against the Pak army for the failure of Greater Pakhtunistan and the separation of Balochistan conspiracy. They are also angry over the defeat and disintegration of the Soviet Union, when they left socialism and joined their hands with capitalism they did not give up their enmity against Pakistan. The other group of analysts is those who are inclined and supported by two big political parties i.e. PMLN and PPPP. Although the Pakistan army kept itself away from politics despite the poor situation in the country; the Pakistan army only concentrated on facing the terrorism war imposed by India after American infiltration in Afghanistan. Enemies of Pakistan have planned to overrun Pakistan from East and West. Indian army is busy targetting unarmed civilians across LoC, Balochistan is facing terrorism by Indian trained Baloch separatists, in tribal areas India launched TTP; India and her allies targeted Pakistan with suicide bomb blasts and terrorist attacks. This was not only India but the USA, UK, Israel, and Afghanistan as well.

Despite the weak economy and terror in Pakistan, the looting and shifting of the national treasury continued. Including children, innocent Pakistanis were being targeted by Indian sponsored terrorists. Pakistan's army laid lives in the war against Indian terrorism. International media was paid to prove Pakistan as a terrorist state. Failures of NATO and American forces were being blamed over Pakistan and ISI. Despite this, the Pakistan army defeated not only terrorists in 16 years but their sponsors i.e. India and her allies. This is such a victory that can be hardly found in history. This war has not ended yet. With the victory of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf, the opposition parties started blaming the Pakistan army for their defeat by terms like “Selectors”, saying that they are not protesting against govt. But Pakistan army. Chief of Army Staff and DG ISI were blamed by these hereditary politicians. These anti-Pakistan army statements of hereditary politicians were celebrated by enemies of Pakistan. Not only this, the hereditary political parties crossed all the limits to procure the power; leaders of nationalist parties were given free hand to insult Urdu speakers in Karachi, Punjabi in Punjab in an attempt to revive the dead conspiracies of Greater Balochistan and Pakhtunistan. The fence over Pak-Afghan was threatened to be uprooted. This is the patience of the Pak army that despite the concerns over anti-army propaganda in TV shows and protests Pakistan army remained silent. When opposition parties threatened to stage a sit-in at Rawalpindi, then DG ISPR  reacted that the army should not be pushed into politics, Pakistan army is a department under the Pakistan govt.; on the wishes of govt. Pakistan's army organized the elections of 2013. Pakistan's army is fulfilling its duties. If anyone has a problem with elections, he/she may contact the responsible departments. DG ISPR also gave a befitting reply to those threatening to uproot the fence over the Pak-Afghan border.

Our politicians habitual of rejecting the results in case they lose the elections should consider that while they want to enforce the democracy then they should avoid creating anarchy and such a situation which forces the Pakistan army to interfere. They should have the vision beyond their personal interests that what is happening across the borders, what new conspiracies are being hatched, and how the Pakistan army is sacrificing lives to defeat these conspiracies.

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig, 

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 18 January 2021.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Pakistan Ranked 3rd in Water Shortage

                Our politicians, civil society, intellectuals, and other notables in society have no awareness that Pakistan has been added to the list of those countries who will have to face drastic weather changes in the future; especially water shortage, rapidly increasing population, and problems linked with it. Despite all this, the dozens of talk shows on Pakistani media portray that the only problem of Pakistan is on Politics, access of few families to the power corridors, the analyses given in these talk shows show that these families who have been in power for the last few decades if they are separated from Pakistan, the future of Pakistan will be disintegration. Private TV Channels have been operating in Pakistan for last twenty years but they have not matured yet, they have not felt any need to make them up to the standard of the rapidly developing world. New inventions are daily being made across the world. Fossil fuel-powered vehicles are being replaced by electric vehicles; many technologies have become inevitable. Many technologies have become obsolete and replaced by new inventions. The world has seen the devastative attack of Corona and the production of vaccines has been started as well. Corona has devastated strong economies in such a way that thousands of companies have been declared bankrupt leaving their employees jobless, owners forced to suicide. Internationally the reviews or talk shows reported the destruction of the corona, effects on the economy and human beings, production and access of poor to the vaccine, etc. carefully. No matter not only Americans but the whole world as interested in the defeat of Trump, hurdles created by Trump in shifting of Presidentship to Jobiden, BBC, CNN, and other television channels gave coverage to only Trump's supporters attack Congress's building but most important was given to the coronavirus and production of its vaccine. in contrast to this in Pakistan despite difficulties created by the Corona pandemic, our TV channels remaining busy in politics and covering political conspiracies.

                This immature behavior of Pakistani media resulted in the unawareness of the Pakistani public on climate changes and their effect on the Pakistani economy and lives of Pakistanis. Last year fields of vegetables were destroyed by the rains and floods; due to which public is still forced to buy costly eatables. The irony of fate is that the media reported the devastation of climate changes in such a political way that we are unable to understand the climate changes and their effects in the coming years. If we do not realize the impact of climate changes the economical problems will develop over time which may not be resolvable.

                Our eternal enemy India and her supporters within Pakistan few nationalists are agreed to create such problems so that integrity of Pakistan may be sabotaged. They are linking inflation of eatables due to climatic change with politics to blame not only the ruling party but the Pakistan army as well;  all these conspiracies are being furthered by Pakistani talk shows as well.

                What is the reason that according to IMF Pakistan is facing more shortage than the world's least developed country Ethiopia but our media did not pay any attention to such grave warning. IMF has warned that Pakistan has been reported on the list of countries having a shortage of water in 3rd place. As a result of this Pakistan may have to face the worst drought till 2025; due to decreasing underground water level, Pakistan may have to face famine. According to the report, India is violating International treaties by stopping the Chenab river. These acts of India may result in a big war in the region. IMF has not said all this in the love of Pakistan but warns Pakistanis of upcoming challenges.

                Our politicians busy in conspiracies against the ruling party and Pakistan army damn care that shortage of water is a bigger challenge than their politics or coming into power. It is linked with the integrity of Pakistan. The politics and corruption of our politicians are linked with the existence of Pakistan; their protocols and everything is dependent on Pakistan. If they want to continue enjoying their status as Pakistani elite and politics then they will have to think about the challenges faced by Pakistan, the threat of water shortage and famine. They should play a leading role in building a national unity over water shortage and play their role in developing a plan to tackle the threats. this is only possible when these politicians and anchorpersons distributing knowledge in their talk shows give proper coverage to the threats of water shortage rather than political games...


Urdu Copy


Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 12 January 2021.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Anti-Pakistan Indian Propaganda Network and Hussein Haqqani Nexus

With the disclosure of the Indian Chronicles, a flood of disclosures of Indian Network spread across the globe against Pakistan has been observed; this network has been active since 2005. The procedure adopted by this network left behind the Underworld. First of all, a fake media house established outside India published a fake report by a fake think tank in some other country. Other fake Indian Media network gave their analyses over the fabricated report; this analysis was taken as basis by Indian Media and Propaganda Machine against Pakistan. Taking the talk shows as a base, Indian international newspapers published their editorials. These editorials were then picked up by fake Indian NGOs located in New York, London, and Geneva; seminars were held where these fabricated reports were discussed and published in notable Western Newspapers. Before reporting these reports in the mainstream media, the reports were circulated over social media and the internet in such a way that one was forced to believe it to be true. Even the experts of research over the Internet took these reports as genuine. The Indian network was so much strength that even the UN and its attached organizations were deceived as well. 

Indian Propaganda and lies were disclosed when a Western NGO EU DisInfo Lab working as an observer to observe the fabricated news reports on the internet; a news report claiming human rights violations in Azad Kashmir was broke by a famous news website. This was strange and unbelievable that the Pakistan army was involved in the violations of human rights in Azad Kashmir. On research, the said news report was observed on other hundreds of news websites. The IP of these news websites were traced back to India after passing through many countries. On further research, the fabricating network was spread over 166 countries through different links and fake media outlets like fake news websites, media houses, etc. This jolted the IT experts; the target of the propaganda was Pakistan controlled by India. This network is so well organized that defamation of Pakistan was not bein done by India but by different Western Countries, NGOs working in different Muslim Countries have complained against Pakistan, and analysis was represented by experts of these NGOs. 

Two months ago in November 2020, the jolting disclosures were made by EU DisInfo Lab. Many Western experts furthered the research and tried to trace those personalities who were serving in preparation of fabricated news for Indian propaganda. The majority was of those Pakistanis who were residing in Western Countries and they had support from within Pakistan as well. Astonishingly most of the fabricated news was reported by ex-Pakistan Ambassador Hussein Haqqani and his think tank SAATH for Indian propaganda. Was Hussein Haqqani working for India since 2005 or he joined Indian later on, this is a separate discussion. According to the research of Andrew Hamilton, most of the news reports used in Indian Propaganda were fabricated by Hussein Haqqani and his think tank. The procedure was that first of all he gave suspicious interviews to unfamous and fabricated media outlets operated by India from different countries in which he blames the Pakistan army for human rights violations and deteriorating peace. He told fake stories of Pak Army atrocities committed in Balochistan and NWFP, sometimes he blamed the Pak Army for controlling Sindh and Punjab. 

In his interviews, he not only used insulting sentences for the Pakistan army but also spoke against Pakistan. These interviews were then given coverage by Indian media as breaking news. How Hussein Haqqani’s fabricated reports and stories damaged Pakistan can be observed from the inclusion of Pakistan in the Grey List by FATF. Due to Indian Propaganda Pakistan has to face different pressures. Although the Indian Propaganda network and fabricated media outlets have been disclosed, Indian propaganda would continue until agents of different NGOs working for India and members of Hussein Haqqani SAATH think tank is active against the Pak army within Pakistan. Although the Prime Minister of Pakistan has ordered to take action against these Indian elements in Pakistan; let's see how seriously the order is implemented...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 January 2021.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Indian Media Continues Spewing Venom: Diplomatic Defeat anticipated on All Fronts

20 thousand Pounds fine has been imposed on Indian Channel for telecasting hatred content against Pakistan and Pakistanis. this is being taken as unusual and defaming for India by some elements in India who have indifferences with Hindu extremism and Modi establishment. The said program telecasted by Chief Editor Arnab Goswami of Republic TV Channel running under the license of Worldview Media Network. The title of the Program was "Puchta hi Bharat" (India Asks), the guest of the program used obscene and third language showing the mentality of Hindutva against Pakistan. From the choice of the words and language, these guests were not acceptable as International Analysts, politicians, and retired army officers. Indian Retired Vice Army Chief Lt General Sarni Was Kumar Sinha addressed Pakistanis in these words;

"Oh, you useless people, Beggars. Oh Beggars, oh beggars. We will douse you with 1.25 kg, 0.75 kg, with 2 inches. Pok, PoK, we are coming to the PoK. We are coming to Gilgit-Baltistan, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We are coming to come... be ready. People in your country are shivering with fear that the Indian army may come. We will barge inside your home in Balochistan, in Karachi, in Rawalpindi, and kill you. From Lahore, from Karachi to Gilgit-Baltistan when we will have control"
Lt Gen Srinivas Kumar Sinha was an Indian Army General who served as the Vice Chief of Army Staff. After his retirement, he served as Governor of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir and Assam

The anchor of the program is notorious for mindless talks against Pakistan, getting out of control as he will attack Pakistan by coming out of the TV Screen. His talks are based upon lies and fabricated facts. that is why he is the blue-eyed boy for Modi and Hindu extremists. On 04 November 2020, he was arrested for forcing his studio architect Anvay Naik in Mumbai. Studio architect before attempting suicide has left a written letter blaming Goswami for his suicide that Goswami and his channel are denying to pay my 455 million. he further wrote that he has indebted due to the studio and people are asking for repayment, he has no way left except to attempt suicide. The widow of the studio architect posted his letter on social media and started a campaign. When police arrested Goswami, RSS and other Hindu extremists started protesting against Police. Modi's Ministers also joined the protests, Modi interfered and the Indian court has to release him in haste with full protocol making a joke of the Indian Judicial system. Goswami is one of his Talkshows at Republic Bharat declared all Pakistanis as terrorists. Addressing his guest especially General Sina he said, "You are dealing with a terrorist entity. Their scientists, doctors, leaders, politicians all are terrorists. Even their sports people, every child is a terrorist over there".
India's Supreme Court has granted bail to TV Anchor Goswami who was arrested in abetment to suicide case

During his conversation, he addressed Pakistani as "Paki" which considered abuse by Pakistanis living in the West. Said program was telecasted thrice in 24 hours on 06 September 2019. British Telecom Authority OFCOM took notice of the telecast without any complaint and issued notice to Worldview Media Network who issued a license to Republic TV. They were of the view that Goswami has used hateful speech against Pakistanis in his programs which may enthreat the lives of the Pakistanis. Moreover, such programs may instigate riots among Pakistani and Indians living in the UK.

After action began against Republic TV in the UK, India tried to control the situation through her Foreign Ministry. Republic TV telecasted apology 280 times for telecasting hatred program against Pakistan and Pakistanis without any demand. This was rejected by the British Telecom Authority saying that apology has nothing to do with law and rules & regulations.
Anvay Naik; an architect who designed Goswami's Studio

In contrast to this Pakistani media remained indifferent to the whole episode and focused on power games between Pakistani politicians. Except for BOL TV, not a single media outlet condemned Goswami for his anti-Pakistan propaganda. No one felt any need to give coverage to the fine on the Indian channel, no one felt any need to give coverage to the actions taken against the Indian TV Channel from 06 September 2019 up till now. If this is the leniency of Pakistani media to India then why the same leniency is not shown while telecasting statements of few pro-Indian politicians against the Pakistan Army???

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 December 2020.