Saturday, June 15, 2019

Calendar Consisting of Greater Afghanistan Maps and Manzoor Pashteen!

            If after the passage of 71 years, Afghan rulers are not ready to end their conspiracies and enmity against Pakistan then any hopes of improvement in future are useless. The irony of fate is that enemies of Pakistan especially had such facilitators from within Pakistan who worked for them and never got ashamed of this. The conspiracies against Pakistan started with the partition of India in 194 when Sardar Abdul Ghaffar Khan of KPK (former NWFP) demanded a separate state of Pakhtunistan consisting of NWFP and tribal areas. He got famous as Sarhadi Gandhi. He never felt insulted over being called as Gandhi but he considered himself as equivalent to Mohin Das Gandhi of India. This might be his self-image but his friendship with Nehru, Gandhi and other Congress leaders was not a secret. This friendship forced him to oppose Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Two Nations Theory which was converted into stubbornness after defeat in the referendum for inclusion into Pakistan. This is a strange situation that at this time Afghan govt. supported him that a separate state of Pakhtunistan consisting of the areas under the Durand line should be formed. The pact of the Durand line was signed as a result of the skirmishes between the British Army and tribals. After defeat in the referendum, the difference of opinion of Sardar Abdul Ghafar converted into hatred and the hopes of Afghanistan died as well.

            The second part of the enmity against Pakistan started after 14th August 1947 when Afghanistan rejected to acknowledge Pakistan as an independent state. Kabul and New Delhi prepared the map of Greater Pakhtunistan. In order to execute this conspiracy, Sardar Abdul Ghafar Khan alias Sarhadi Gandhi and his son Sardar Abdul Wali Khan presented his services. Sardar Abdul Ghaffar Khan was appreciated in India. This is a separate story that how Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani’s National Awami Party in East Pakistan became the identity of Sarhadi Gandhi and Wali Khan in 1957. People in the Western Pakistan having inclinations towards communism joined this party. During the era of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, this party was banned as a result of a suit filed in Supreme Court of Pakistan for treason and this party was converted into National Awami Party to continue its activities. However, respect of Sarhadi Gandhi in India for creating hurdles in the construction of Kala Bagh Dam is a bitter reality. He was given the PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE AWARD in 1962 by India. In 1967 he was given the JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU AWARD and BHARATRATNA award in 1987.

            However, after the Soviet invasion and successful resistance from Afghan Mujahideen in 1979, Sarhadi Gandhi lost all the hopes of Greater Afghanistan. He made the will that he should be buried in the Nangarhar area of Jalalabad Afghanistan. According to his will when he died on 20 January 1988 at the age of 97, his dead body was taken from Peshawar to Jalalabad and buried there.

            Whenever, one talks about the agenda of the Soviet Union to access the warm waters, leaders of Awami National Party and supporters of communism get angry. Soviet Leaders of that era openly accept this agenda. After the withdrawal of the Soviet Army, American manufactured Taliban who was into power according to the needs of the USA. When the differences developed between the USA and the Taliban, America invaded Afghanistan under the cover of the presence of Osama Bin Laden and 9/11. Taliban were ousted with the help of the Northern Alliance. The links between the Northern Alliance and India, paved the way for the Indian role in Afghanistan. In 2002 India established consulates near the borders of Pakistan which were actual secret centers. In these centers, youth from the Pakistani tribal areas were brainwashed in the name of Tehreeek Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The real strength of these terrorists was the secret hideouts having narrow passes and difficult approach. After waging the terrorist war in Pakistan in the form of suicide bomb blasts, enemies of Pakistan had not imagined that Pakistan army will crush their trained terrorists in their hideouts, not only these terrorist camps were destroyed but the fence over the Afghanistan border was erected as well to stop the invasion of the terrorists as well.

            From here started the Plan-B of the enemy. Manzoor Pashteen, Mehsud and other persons involved in politics in the universities of KPK in the name of ANP were given the plan of Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM). First, these persons were taken to London and other Western countries for the training with the support of the different foreign NGOs. Their anti-Pakistan sentiments are polished than they are sent to KPK in order to fuel the hatred in the name of Pakhtun racism. The names of Manzoor Pashteen, Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir got publicity in January 2018 when a youngster named Naqeebullah Mehsud was murdered in a fake Police encounter in Karachi and his heirs protested against it. The above-mentioned people were busy in fueling racism in Peshawar since 2016. Afterward, through planning, they were given coverage in the media. Now Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir have been arrested for attack over a check post in North Waziristan in which 4 soldiers were injured while one soldier was martyred. On the other hand, Afghanistan is printing and publishing such Calendars in which on one side there is the picture of Manzoor Pashteen while on the other hand there is the map of Greater Pakhtunistan that was prepared by the Sarhadi Gandhi including the areas of Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and KPK has been shown as part of Afghanistan. The point to be noted is that Manzoor Pashteen is not such a big leader that his pictures should be published on Calendars and posters. This printing and distribution of such posters and calendars show that enemies of Pakistan are hatching conspiracies against Pakistan in which role of Manzoor Pashteen will be of great importance. There is a possibility that Afghan Intelligence Agency NDS and Indian RAW are planning to murder Manzoor Pashteen so that the allegations of Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir against Pakistan army can be supported. This might lend some support to the Manzoor Pashteen’s appeal to UNO for interference.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 04 June 2019.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Two Nations Theory Rather Then Hindu Extremists has Won in Indian Elections!

The American Weekly “Time” Date 20-26 May 2019’s International Edition has the picture of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on its Title Page with the heading “India’s Divider In Chief”. There are two main forecasts in the edition, No. 1, is the winning of Modi i.e. Hindu Extremists in so-called Secular India and No. 2 the forecast of breaking apart of India into 28 independent states. Weekly Times uploaded the picture of Title Page on Twitter with the question, “Will the biggest democracy of World will bear Modi for the next five years”? The reply to the Time’s question and all those who opposed BJP was given after the telecasting of non-official results on 23 May 2019, in which BJP has secured 345 seats.

 On a crowded road two persons stopped their car in the mid of the road stopping a  car behind them, then they walk near the following car and shoot down the persons in the car with full confidence that no one will interfere them, one of the car’s passengers tries escapes and he is killed with a single fire as well. The whole scene was captured into the mobile phone by someone, according to the sounds in the video it seems that the murdered person was active against BJP in the elections. Various concerns have been expressed over the identity of the killers, they seem to be professionals and officials of some govt. agency. This showed that not only for the minorities and Dalits but for the Hindus of high class having belief in democracy, secularism and human rights a hard time is ahead for the upcoming days, months and years of India. Justice Markandy Katju retired judge of Indian Supreme Courts has disclosed in his interview in February 2019 that Modi and Extremists Hindus will try to win the elections at all costs and the upcoming time will be hard for Minorities, especially Muslims and Kashmiris living in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).
BJP workers worshipping the statue of Nathuram Godse, Murderer of Gandhi

                This is the first election of Indian history in which the Indian army has utilized its budget on securing votes for BJP. Indian army’s trucks were used to transport voters to the polling stations. The opposition protested over this and showed the pictures and video clips to the Election Commission in which uniformed Indian soldiers can be seen entering into the Polling stations. A uniformed SUbedar of Indian army argued with the person recording the video that he should record the video but should avoid the signs and units numbers written on the military trucks. It was clear that Indian soldiers were not worried about being caught supporting the BJP they were only worried for the identification of their unit and identification marks on their trucks. BJP’s securing of 300 seats alone was celebrated by throwing black ink on the huge effigy of Gandhi. In order to celebrate their success, the supporters of BJP had prepared big posters of Gandhi and fixed them in different parts of India. In such an insult of Gandhi by Sadhvi Paragiya Thakur in Bhopal, a representative of TV Channel asked question about the services of Gandhi for the independence and his respect in the Indian society; she replied that real hero of India is not Gandhi but his murderer Nathu Ram Godse who murdered the traitor of Hindus, therefore, it is the time to make corrections to the Indian history. 

"Nathu Ram Godse is our true hero," says Sadhvi Paragiya Thakur, The Newly Elected Member of Indian Parliament

It should be kept in mind that Sadhvi was arrested by Indian Anti Terrorist Squad of Maharashtra in 2008 for bomb blasts in Malegaon, Ajmer Sharif, Hyderabad Dakkan and New Delhi along with an on-duty Colonel Purohit and in the leadership of Hemant Karkare they were presented in the court where they confessed there involvement in terrorism. This was the time when the Hindutva i.e. Nexus of Hindu Extremists, Indian Army, Civil and Military Intelligence against the Muslim minority and Pakistan was unveiled. This nexus used to plan and execute bomb blasts within India and blamed Pakistan and ISI and Kashmiris fighting for the freedom through propaganda for these terrorist bomb blasts. Under these allegations, on the one hand, the innocent Kashmiris were abducted by Indian army while on the other hand the propaganda to defame Pakistan as a terrorist was supported by these bomb blasts. Sadhvi was released on bail after 09 years in the prison. In April 2017 she joined BJP after which the section of Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act was dropped which were a big hurdle in her release on bail. Now she is facing charges of being involved in illegal activities. Astonishingly despite being involved in serious allegations, her nomination papers were accepted by Indian Election Commission. BJP’s leader Amit Shah has declared the success of Sadhvi as a milestone towards converting Indian into an Extremist Hindu State.
India: After winning with a landslide victory in the election 2019, BJP female leader from Ali Garh shooting black ink at Gandhi's effigy

                Keeping in view the mandate of 300 seats to BJP in India, foreign analysts are expressing concerns over the human rights situation in Indian Held Kashmir. They are concerned that now Modi will not only torture Kashmiris but will use unchecked killings to push Kashmiris into Azad Kashmir. They are also hoping that before starting her aggressive state terrorism in IHK, India may start negotiations with Pakistan. This will be a bitter test for Pakistan because Pakistan will neither in position to stop Kashmiris from entering into Azad Kashmir nor to reject the negotiations. On the one hand the state terrorism in IHK will be on its peak while on the other hand the propaganda will be started that Pakistan has no concerns over the situation of Kashmiris. This point will be used by the opposition in Pakistan as well. Few pro-Indian TV Channels will try to defame Pakistan army and allege that the Pakistan army is responsible for the poor situation of Kashmiris in IHK i.e. they are being punished for the bad policies of the Pakistan army. These are those traitors who have never raised their voice over the violations of human rights in IHK and Muslims of India. The upcoming time is very hard for minorities in India especially Muslims. This will fuel the freedom movements in India. This is a bitter reality that in this elections Hindu Extremists has not won the elections but “TWO NATIONS THEORY” has won the elections proving that why Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah demanded a separate homeland for Muslims 71 years ago…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 May 2019.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Problems Faced by the Government and Threats to the State!

The increasing burden of foreign debt, decreasing the value of the rupee, increasing prices, black hoarding has made it impossible for the people to make both ends meet. On the eve of the Month of Fasting i.e. Ramazan, many hoarders, middlemen followed their old custom of creating an artificial shortage of fruits, vegetables, and other eatables in order to earn extra profit. This increased the problems for the govt. The opposition parties facing charges of corruption and booked under several cases have started exploiting the increasing chaos among the public for their political interests. Internally this situation started as soon as the govt. took oath in the Captial and Punjab. People already facing financial could not get the relief which they were expecting from elected govt. as Prime Minister and his team as announced in their addresses before the elections. The pressure over the Prime Minister increased and objections were also raised over his choice of Cabinet Ministers and important postings of bureaucracy. The changes made by the Prime Minister due to the pressure and criticism of opposition created unrest in the public. The opposition that has been alleging establishment for bringing Imran Khan into power, its exploited this situation. Especially the propaganda cells on the social media blamed Pakistan army for the problems of the public that while selecting Imran Khan for Prime Ministership army did not take into account that whether he is capable of running the govt. These enemies of Pakistan army exploited the situation over the remaining terrorism, target killing, extortion, chaos, etc. for their propaganda against Pakistan army.
Asif Ali Zardari announced to come on roads against the Imran Khan govt.

                If we look beyond the internal situation across the borders there is no hope as well. On the one hand, India is busy in the genocide of Kashmiris martyring Kashmiris on daily basis in order to change the demography of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). Children are being blinded by pellet guns (shotguns). No one is ready on the Indian war crimes in IHK. India is violating ceasefire in order to pressurize Pakistan and please extremist Hindus. On a daily basis, the people living in the Azad Kashmir are targeted by the Indian army. Pakistan army has to respond to the unprovoked Indian shelling. In the proper words, Pakistan army is in the active war over Line of Control (LoC).
People of Pakistan worried for the utilities price hike

                Similar to the situation is over the Western border of the Pakistan where Enemies have established terrorist training camps for infiltration into Balochistan, KPK and tribal areas for terrorism. Soldiers and officers of the Pakistan army are busy in neutralizing these terrorists while sacrificing their lives. The fence is also being erected over the border. Enemies of Pakistan want to stop the erection of the fence so that their terrorists can easily enter into Pakistan. Whether this is the war against terrorism, erection of fences or skirmishes over LoC, the expenses over these activities is inevitable for the security of the Pakistanis. The decreasing value of Pakistani rupee has also laid pressure over the defense of Pakistan as well. The world financial institutions want Pakistan to decrease the defense budget so that weak Pakistan can be easily persuaded to make the decisions under their pressure.
US Navy sends USS Theodore Roosevelt toward Persian Gulf
                Obviously, Public going through the wrath of increasing prices does not realize the value of defense. Their main problem is employment and making both ends meet. If we sacrifice the security agencies for the food, what would be the results this is not difficult to predict. In such a situation our country cannot afford any type of chaos and unrest whether it is of the financial nature or political. This will pave way for the enemy to further its conspiracies against Pakistan and attack Pakistan. Many treacherous elements are attempting to hijack the protests against inflation into protests against the Pakistan army. Foreign Media has become active keeping in mind the internal economic problems of Pakistan. The notables are the Jewish lobby and Pro-Indian American Think-Tanks. In the past when the American contractors were present under the cover of Black Water and TTP, these lobbies pressurized America to take over the nuclear assets of Pakistan as they may fall into the hands of terrorists, so American Army should quickly make a decision. Now, once again Western media has started exploiting the situation to pressurize America.
PML-N protesting in the National Assembly

                In all the big political parties of Pakistan there are such experienced parliamentarians who have special respect not only in their own friends but in opposition as well. This is their duty that they should leave aside their political differences and chalk out a plan to take out Pakistan from the current economic crisis. There should be no concept of giving and take over the accountability of the corrupt. All the respect and prestige of our political elite class is due to Pakistan. If Pakistan is strong then they can enjoy this status.
Opposition Parties devise strategies against govt. in Bilawal's Iftar Party

                The hoarding and black-marketing can be also curbed by these politicians. Every year the hoarding of fruits, vegetables and other eatables and selling them on higher prices in Ramazan has become a routine of these greedy businessmen. All over the world, the businessmen sell their products below their cost in this Islamic month considering that by serving the fasting Muslims they are earing the real profit. Even in the non-Muslim countries businessmen community arranges special discounts for Muslims. However, in Pakistan, these greedy businessmen take Ramazan as an opportunity to earn extra profits. they are neither afraid of law nor of the day of judgment. All these artificially high prices take a toll from the public. No matter who is in power, opposition exploits this situation for the point scoring but no one takes serious steps to curb this situation. By establishing Ramzan Bazars, govt. issues license to those businessmen who do not become part of Ramzan Bazar to loot the public. This should be stopped here, proper laws should be made and implemented through planning. But who will do this? The political elite has no concerns over the economic crisis nor they feel the artificial inflation in the month of Ramazan. The devaluation of rupee is also due to the greediness present within the country which shows that problem is not the economic crisis but moral bankruptcy of the nation…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 May 2019.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Nishtar Medical University’s Student Nauman Wani and Indian Enmity Against Kashmiris

                Being a Kashmiri was not a lesser crime that his name also included “Wani” as well, how is it possible that he is saved from the hatred of Indian army, Police and Hindu Extremists. Student of Nishtar Medical University when entered into India through Wahga Border he was insulted and tortured by Indian Immigration, Custom officials and notorious Border Security Forces (BSF). Nauman Wani has not taken admission into Pakistani university through fraud, he is not the only student studying in the Nishtar Medical University Multan. There are 4 to 5 Kashmiri students studying at Nishtar Medical University including female students. When Nauman Wani reached Attari he was separated from other passengers, taken into custody, his cell phone was taken from him, he was claimed as an agent of Pakistan, he was enquired about the contact numbers present in his cell phone. He was forced to chant slogans against Pakistan. Nauman Wani who was in the custody of armed Indian security forces and was worried about his safety followed the instructions of Indian Security personnel, while he was chanting slogans against Pakistan and in favor of India, his video was recorded and uploaded to his personal Facebook account. He was threatened that if he deleted the said clip from his profile, his family members will have to bear the brunt.
New Delhi: Kashmiri Students waiting for the security to go back home safely
                In the light of the pact signed between SAARC countries, all the member countries are bound to specify seats for admissions of the students of the member countries. Students are exchanged between the member countries. Besides SAARC countries Nishtar Medical University gives admissions to many foreign students as well. Under this pact, the students from Indian Held Kashmir also come to study in Pakistan. The list of these students is prepared and issued by the Indian Foreign Ministry. Pakistan govt. adjusts these students according to the availability of the seats. However, India is the only country of the region which neither acknowledges the international rules nor her own signed pacts. Hindu extremist govt. has fueled hatred against Kashmiris since it has come into power. This is being faced by many Kashmiri students studying in the different cities of India. They are attacked by Hindu extremists, they are beaten in their hostels and if they resist Police arrests them under fake charges and cases. After arrest by the Police, they are subjected to the third-degree torture of Hindu Police. They are being forced to quit studies and return to Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). The highly educated Kashmiris teaching in the Indian Universities are not safe from Hindu extremism. They are always termed as enemies of India and agents of Pakistan.
Hindu Extremists want Kashmiris to leave India
                In the atrocities against the Kashmiris, Extremist Hindu Rulers and armed forces have crossed all the boundaries. During the elections, more than 13 Kashmiris were martyred. The number of Kashmiris subject inhuman torture on the roads by Indian army is more than 130. More than 200 were arrested while those who were kidnapped by the Hindu army and later on termed as missing are uncountable. More than 20 houses were blown up by the dynamite. All these atrocities were committed in the name of reaction to the boycott of the Kashmiris to the Indian drama of elections. These are not the first elections which have been openly boycotted by Kashmiris and there was no one seen on the polling stations. Hindu Extremist Modi and his cabinet wanted to show to the world that a few handfuls of people wanting freedom from India on the agenda of Pakistan while the majority of Kashmiris want to live peacefully with India. The drama of Pulwama attack was also to provide grounds for torture and killings of Kashmiri youngsters in order to threaten them. The killing of more than own 50 soldiers is not a normal conspiracy; Extremist Hindu leaders and Indian Military leadership that killing of Indian soldiers will turn the international community against Pakistan to support India and will pressurize Pakistan. In such a situation when Indian was mourning over the deaths of its soldiers, it will not be possible for China to support Pakistan as well.
A common scene of hatred against Kashmiri Students in India
                The irony of the fate of the Hindu Extremists in power that the director of Pulwama attacks drama left many loopholes which forced even Indian media to question its genuineness. In the light of the objections raised by the Indian media, Indian opposition also rejected the Indian drama and raised many questions over the staged suicide bomb attack over the military convoy. The reactions of the BJP, Modi and his Cabinet all proved the attack was nothing more than a drama to win support. Whoever, raised questions, Indian Ministers answered them that they should go to Pakistan. When Modi establishment could not find a way out, they planned the surgical strike over the Azad Kashmir through Indian Air Force. However, this created another problem for the Indians, on the one hand, it became difficult to prove the attacks over a compound in Balakot while on the other hand 2 Indian fighter jets were shot down and one Indian fighter pilot was arrested alive. In the fog of the war, Indians shot down one of their own helicopter and fighter jet. Pulwama attack went in the background and the Balakot surgical strike raised a new wave of questions for which India has to tell more lies. At least Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has to accept that Indian establishment was telling lies over the Balakot Surgical strikes.

                As now Hindu extremists and their coward army has seen that they cannot do anything against Pakistan on the battlefront they started expressing their anger and hatred against unarmed Kashmiris especially Kashmiri students and businessmen who travel India for their studies and business. Hundreds of them were tortured to death under the supervision of state machinery while the remaining had to leave their businesses and return to IHK to save their lives.
                Nauman Wani became the target of similar hatred on the Attari Railway Station which has been fueled in the Hindus by Hindu extremists like Modi. The story of Nauman Wani was reported as a Sikh journalist was also present there. Other Kashmiri students returning to India has to go through similar torture and insult. This is the hatred that BJP and Hindu extremists have been fueling in the hearts of Hindus which is not going to be neutralized easily…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 16 May 2019.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

PTM’s Propaganda Reaches Dadu from Turkham

ON 01 May 2019, Afghan terrorists numbering 60-70 attacked the team working on the erection of fence on the Afghan border in North Waziristan. As a result of the attack Lance Nike Ali, Lance Nike Nazeer, Sepoy Imdad embraced martyrdom while 7 others were injured. Pakistan army reacted and many terrorists were killed while the attack was thwarted. It was not possible for the Pakistan army to cross the border to chase the terrorists and kill them all. That was the duty of the Afghanistan army and especially the Americans who are in control there. If American considers themselves powerless in front of the Afghan Army then they should allow the Paksitan army to chase terrorists in Afghanistan and kill the murderers of our soldiers. This demand is not unjustified. America should remember that whenever any terrorist activity happened in Afghanistan, America and her puppet govt. repeated the demand to DO MORE to destroy the alleged safe havens of terrorists in Pakistani tribal areas. Kabul issued the statement that if Pakistan does not take action against the terrorists hiding in tribal areas than the American and Afghan army has the right to enter into Pakistani areas and kill terrorists. Supported by these statements, Indian rulers also started threatening Pakistan for surgical strikes. While daydreaming, India has also received a befitting reply on 26th February 2019.

            Pakistan has alleged that Afghan terrorists were involved in these attacks over the Afghan border of North Waziristan. However, the bitter reality is that these attacks were not possible without the willingness of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. If the number of terrorists had been limited to a few terrorists, Afghan govt. may have claimed it to be a reaction TTP against the removal of terrorists from Pakistan who fled to Afghanistan to their masters after Operation Zarb-e-Azab. But the movement of 60-70 persons armed with latest weapons riding more than ten jeeps, parking jeeps at a safe distance and then attacking Paksitani soldiers busy in the erection of fence hiding behind the mountains is not possible without the planning and information regarding the number of Pakistani soldiers present there. Pakistani soldiers erecting fence in the open land without any hideout deserve the appreciation for fulfilling their national duty. They are working on the narrow passes, mountains covered with snow with great hardships so that the Pakistani public could  be protected from the terrorists invading through Afghanistan. Astonishingly, neither any leader from the opposition party or their higher leadership has condemned this attack to encourage those soldiers or they were unaware of the martyrdoms of soldiers in their political fights.

            This is not the first attack from Afghanistan, this has been going on since American invasion and arrival of India in Afghanistan. Sometimes, terrorists attack Pakistan army’s checkposts and sometimes target the locals with rockets. However, the biggest attack from the Afghan army was done on 13 June 2016, while they attacked the Pakistani soldiers busy in construction of the Gate over the Turkham border to check the entry-exit into Pakistan through the border management system. The plan of construction was shared with the Afghan, American and NATO officials in advance while the gate was being constructed 37 meters inside the Paksitani area. In this unprovoked firing, 10 Frontier Constabulary personnel including Major and Lieutenant were injured. 7 civilians were injured as well. Major Ali Javed CHangezi afterward succumbed to the injuries. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah supported the firing of Afghan soldiers saying that they have been deployed for the protection of Afghan public and Afghanistan while the construction of Gate over the Turkham border has raised suspicions and concerns among Afghan public. Major Ali Javed Changezi was buried in Quetta with full military protocol. His brother and many other family members are serving in the Pakistan army. His father Brig. Khadim Changezi worked day and night for the rehabilitation of Afghan refugees who left Afghanistan after the defeat of Soviet Union due to civil war. Afghan army controlled by India martyred son of that great person who served the Afghan refugees.

            Major Ali Changezi belonged to Hazar family. Hazara family is the worst target of terrorism from the Indian consulates across the border. During one of such terrorist attacks, while Hazara people were protesting against the killings, PTM people raised the slogan “Yeh jo Dehshat Grdi Hi, is ke peeche wardi” (Uniform is behind the terrorism), trying to wage a double attack against Pakistan army. On the one hand they tried to defame Pakistan army while on the other hand, they forgot that from General Musa to Major Ali CHangezi thousands of Hazara persons served in Pakistan army for protection of Pakistan and are still serving. But PTM persons does are not concerned about it. Their only goal is to spread chaos and defame Pakistan army. PTM leadership raising slogans against Pakistan army is still silent over the Afghan attack.

            Many analysts have written that 01 May 2019, the terrorist attack  was the reaction of Major General Asif Ghafoor’s Press Conference on 29 April 2019. In this press conference, he has raised questions about the PTM and presented evidence that PTM leaders are getting funds from Indian Intelligence agencies and NDS. He raised questions about PTM’s statement that when TTP terrorists were killing tribal elders, playing football with the heads of Pashtoon notables, why Manzoor Pashteen, Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir were silent. The PTM slogan “Uniform is behind the terrorism” is the new version of conspiracies that were hatched in 1968 in Eastern Pakistan like Punjab, Punjabi army and Punjabi politicians. This conspiracy was started one year ago from in Peshawar but it has been now exported to District Dadu of Sindh. In Dadu, not only slogans against Pakistan army were raised, but also slogans in favor of Sindhu Desh were chanted as well on 21 April 2019. A dozen people tried to confront with Rangers personnel, raising anti-Pakistan slogans. All this does not happen without any reason, a few weeks ago the shame faced by India on the international level is behind all this. That is why Major Gen. Asif Ghafoor had to say that India may test us if she can afford but she should also keep in mind the number of Indian fighter jets that were downed…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 09 May 2019.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Attempts to Black Mail Pakistan through IMF

                International imperialist powers have not left a single stone unturned to pressurize Pakistan. Being forced by the Two Nations Theory and the arguments of the Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah British Rulers agreed to divide their colony “Greater India” and Hindu leadership also accepted the bitter decision of separation of Pakistan. The division of India was done with so much dishonesty that not only the peace of South Asia but the whole world is at stake. These concerns have been expressed by all the notable defense analysts and experts that if the increasing tension between the two countries is not decreased this may lead to the use of nuclear weapons. Western analysts also talk on the reasons behind the India-Pakistan tensions. Since, 1947 Kashmir dispute has not been resolved. At the time of the partition of India, British govt. was well aware that the 86% of the population was Muslim and they will never accept to be captured by Hindu India, left the Kashmir issue unresolved. With the support of the British govt. Hindus have planned to capture Kashmir on gunpoint. They were sure that Pakistan will not be able to sustain independence due to financial, administrative and economic problems and will surrender to India. However, the results were in sheer contrast to this, Pakistan snatched 1/3rd Kashmir from India and controlled most of the problems that were inherited by Pakistan as a conspiracy of Hindu India and English, out of which rehabilitation of Muslims who migrated from Eastern Punjab was a big achievement.

                The second test for India and her English supporters was to save the Indian army from defeat in Kashmir, as a result of which India would not only have been slipping of entire Kashmir from the hands of Hindus but also, damage to the credibility of a big state of India especially to make it stand in front of the states having the socialist and communist type rulers. The only solution was the ceasefire through the United Nations. Thus India went to the United Nations where Western Imperialist powers were ready to help him in the form of lollypop of “Resolution of Right of Self Determination for Kashmiris”. The war that was waged against Pakistan after a few weeks of independence continued for a year. In this time period, Indian rulers and army had become powerless. The resolution of the United Nations was just a trap so that India can be saved from defeat. Otherwise, if these imperialist powers were serious in giving the right of Self Determination on the humanitarian grounds to Kashmiris, it would never have been possible to be denied by Hindus. In spite of fulfilling the requirements of the UN resolution, India attempted to usurp Kashmir through military power and conspiracies against the integrity of Pakistan. Through investment in Pakistan, anti-Two Nations Theory elements were prepared. They were given the task to fuel hatred against Pakistan army and Two Nations Theory. It was portrayed that Kashmir is not a dispute but an issue created by the Pakistan army. They were unaware that in the near future many Indian states that were not captured through military power would also acknowledge the benefits of Two Nations Theory and demand freedom from Hindu India and adopt militancy as well.

                Indian not only used propaganda and other cold war tactics against Pakistan but she also attacked Pakistan. After defeat in 1965, the separation of East Pakistan was the result of Indian aggression. However, after this, the situation changed. It became impossible for India to defeat Pakistan through traditional war and weapons. Indian initiated the race of nuclear weapons but Pakistan left India behind in this war. Pakistan developed such tactical weapons, which shattered the Indian army’s dreams to defeat Pakistan through traditional weapons. India decided to attack the Pakistani economy and internal peace. The economic weakness takes its toll from the defense. To weaken the economy of Pakistan it was necessary to weaken Pakistan internally. America and her allies consider India indispensable for their interests in the area especially checking the rising power of China. Moreover, presence of nuclear weapons in the hands of a country having Muslim identity was not acceptable for Israel as well, in such a situation whether it was the USA or any other Western how can they reject the Israeli stance. All these powers after US invasion in Afghanistan under the cover of 9/11, provided full support to India to establish its terrorist training camps under the cover of consulates near Pakistani borders in Afghanistan. Through Afghan Secret Agency NDS, a war of terrorism was waged against Pakistan through the tribal areas.

                Whatever, Pakistan faced after 2002, this is not a secret anymore. We sacrificed more than 70,000 innocent Pakistanis. Our economy has to face the loss of more than 100 billion dollars. The imposed rulers broke the backbone of the Pakistani nation through external debts. All these debts were used on such non-productive plans through which even payment of interest is not possible. Astonishingly, whether it was IMF or World Bank, all these institutions generously issued these loans to Pakistan. Not only this, the corrupt rulers were provided the full support to transfer the money earned through kickbacks into the banks of the western powers. This has always been the most effective weapon of imperialist powers to control developing countries. Ironically, our rulers fell in the plans against Pakistan. After the failure on the traditional front to defeat Pakistan, the double-edged sword of terrorism was used against Pakistan. On the one hand, is aimed at limiting the international investment in Pakistan through terrorism and secondly limiting the business activities on the internal level. Moreover, Pakistan was trapped in non-productive debts. India and her allies did not ever consider that Pakistan will be able to defeat their terrorists. Pakistan not only defeated terrorists but also erected fences over the Afghanistan border to check the entrance of terrorists and smugglers. 2nd blow to the enemy was the trade route from Gawadar to Chinese Sinkiang. This plan named as CPEC made the defense of Pakistan indestructible. The concept of CPEC has made Indian rulers restless.

                Pakistan needs more loans in order to repay its debts and improve the economy. Pakistan is in contact with the IMF in this regard. Imperialist powers are using IMF to blackmail Pakistan. Imperialist powers want to slow down the work over CPEC so that India, USA, and her allies may get a chance to sabotage it. Pakistan is being pressurized to get out of CPEC. America is one of the top players in exerting pressure over Pakistan. Pakistan economic growth is also being misrepresented. According to the World Bank, it will 27%, Asian Bank it will be 34% and International Financial Institutions are claiming it to be 39%. One of the many impracticable conditions of IMF is the securing of 5400 billion dollars debt in the next financial year. Pakistan is also being forced to increase the revenue collected through taxes up to 40%. What could be the example of hypocrisy that on one hand it is being said that the growth of Pakistan will remain sluggish and on the other hand condition of 40% increase in the revenue is being imposed.
                The guidelines issued by America to IMF has also been unveiled. America wants Pakistan to disclose all the help, loan, and conditions of the loan which Pakistan has secured from China under CPEC which has increased tension between Washington and Beijing. It has been observed as well that under bailout package IMF wants a decrease in Pakistan's Defense Budget. In such a situation when India is threatening Pakistan and increased her defense budget manifolds all this is nothing more than blackmailing.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 02 May 2019.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Only Political Leader Involved in the Counterfeit Currency!

                Kapil Sibal is a very famous name in Indian politics. After completing LLB from Delhi University, he got the Masters degree from the Department of History and started his professional life as a lawyer in New Delhi in 1970. Afterwards, he went to London for higher education and completed his LLM from Harvard University in 1977. From 1995 to 2001 he was three times elected as the Indian Supreme Court Bar. Having political inclination towards Indian National Congress he remained close to the govt.  and despite working as Minister for 5 ministries he remained unbiased and undisputed. Two times he was elected as Member of Indian Parliament from 2004-14 in New Delhi. His father H.L. Sibal was also a renowned lawyer in British India. He started his practice in 1937 from Lahore and at the time of the division of India he migrated to Eastern Punjab from Lahore. In 1994 he was awarded the Living Legend of Law Award by International Bar Association which is a great achievement for the lawyers.

                One may be thinking that why we are discussing Kapil Sibal? In fact, he has leveled grave allegations against Indian Prime Minister Modi, BJP’s President Amit and Indian Intelligence Agency RAW. It should be kept in mind that as a lawyer he has no history of leveling fake allegations against anyone. In his political career as well he has never alleged his political competitors. Perhaps this is the reason that Indian Congress choose Kapil Sibal to disclose the evidence against Modi and Amit Shah. While Kapil Sibal disclosed the frauds done by Modi and Amit Shah in his press conference and questions were raised against BJP leadership. BJP’s Minister Rawi Shankar Prasad while reacting against the conference termed it as an attempt of opposition parties to defame BJP and declared to take legal steps against it, however, nothing was said about the Kapil Sibal. It was said that Congress is afraid of BJP’s acceptance among the public that is why Congress is doing such propaganda. Despite the reaction of BJP, the allegations leveled against Modi and BJP’s President are so much grave that it is necessary to be investigated on the international level.

                Indian opposition party Congress on 13 January 2019, arranged a Press Conference, journalists were already told that one of the biggest scandals of Indian history whose impact would be felt for years. In the press conference, there were many politicians of Congress party, while Microphone was installed only in front of Kapil Sibal. Kapil Sibal claimed that Modi is involved in the printing of counterfeit money about 100 billion. The denominations of 500 and 1000 notes were printed in some other country. These notes were transferred into the cargo aircraft of the Indian Air Force to the Maharashtra state when Modi banned the 500 and 1000 notes and Indian public was given the deadline of a few weeks. In the beginning, the exchange rate was 15% which was afterward increased to 40%. Sibal claimed that in order to legalize such a big amount of counterfeit currency RAW supported Modi and BJP leadership. BJP’s President Amit Shah, his son Jay Shah and Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat Netan Patel supervised the whole process. Sibal also showed two video clips which were recorded by some undercover reporter disguised as the dealer of counterfeit currency. In one clip BJP’s leader Amit Shah can be easily identified in which he is dealing for the 40% exchange rate. In the clip, he mentions the process of bringing the counterfeit currency to Maharashtra through cargo planes of Indian Air Force with the support of Indian RAW. The second video clip was recorded in a govt. godown of Maharashtra where counterfeit currency brought from the foreign countries was stored. In this clip, few people can be seen counting the notes who seem to be the officers of private banks through the audio.

                Sibal demanded that the people identified from the video should be arrested and investigated through which a big money trail can be identified. He termed Modi as a corrupt person and a psycho who wants to put BJP in power forever by snatching the right of living from the minorities. Modi started his political career by fueling hatred against non-Hindus and his political career is established over the bodies of Muslims. Not only this, Modi corrupted important security agencies of India for his political success. Otherwise, how is it possible that Indian Air Force planes are used to transfer the counterfeit money and then this money is exchanged with the new currency under the supervision of Indian Air Force and RAW?
                As per routine Pakistanis denied giving comments over the Sibal’s Press Conference terming it as an internal problem of India. Our Print and Electronic media limited the coverage of Sibal’s conference to the news reports only. Neither any talk-show discussed it nor did any newspaper analyze it. Terrorism, in Balochistan, is not possible without the use of investment. The Indian state terrorist Kulbhushan in the prison of Pakistan has confessed that his duty was to finance the terrorism, target killing, and lawlessness in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan and Karachi. Whether it is BLA (Balochistan Liberation Army), TTP or other terrorist organizations, none of them have their weapon manufacturing units; they are provided weapons and financial funding by RAW.

                Despite, the arrest of Kulbhushan and on his information other terrorists were arrested but still, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan is attacked and terrorism in Balochistan continues this means that RAW has many other assets besides Kulbhushan. Modi’s threats to Pakistan especially threat to separate Balochistan from Pakistan are on the record; similarly, Indian Generals also threaten Pakistan. In such a situation suicide attack Quetta’s Vegetable Market, Martyrdom of Security forces personnel on the Coastal Highway all show the involvement of India in terrorism in Pakistan. Pakistan should take this issue at once to the UNO…

Urdu Copy

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 15 April 2019.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Elections in India are Possible without Hatred Against Pakistan!

                The elections have started in India. Opposition party Congress along with other parties in the coalition is taking part in the elections with the motto of decreasing army in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and starting negotiations with Pakistan. While BJP and its allies believing in the "Hindu Pra" have raised the slogans of based on the hatred against Islam and Pakistan and Modi has already announced to change the current position of IHK in Indian Constitution and merge it into India. There is news that on the advice of Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, Modi has plans to push Majority of IHK Kashmiris into Azad Kashmir and shift Hindu extremists to IHK. In this plan, he has the support of Indian army as well. According to the reports from India, the cases registered against the leadership of Kashmiri Freedom Movement are an initiation of the Modi's plan. Keeping this in mind, on 10 April 2019, Farooq Abdullah, President of National Conference said that if India tried to merge IHK with India, this would violate the deal of Maharaja Hari Singh. He said that Kashmiris are not slaves of India and if an attempt is made to enslave Kashmiris than the consequences would be unpleasant. Mehboba Mufti has already made this clear to Indian govt. that any attempt to change the status of IHK will have strong resistance.

                Hindu extremists just want one thing i.e. to declare India as an extremist Hindu state where there are no human rights for non-Hindus no matte they have to kill all the non-Hindus and Kashmiris. RSS, Bajrang Dal, and other extremist Hindu organizations have worked hard for this. This is the result of their hard work since 1947, that majority of Hindus considers it their religious obligation to caste votes to BJP and its allies. They are satisfied to live below the poverty line, they are aware that even if they get educated their status as a Dalit or lower caste Hindus will not change. According to the reports of Indian govt. 11% of Indian population is living on the footpaths, scums, tents established on the heaps of waste, unusable pipes of Sewerage and under the railways' bridges. They get married here, give births to children and children get adulthood. If anyone is lucky, he works hard and establishes a hut made of iron sheets which is a big achievement for them. They only want one thing from govt. i.e. they are not forced to leave their places to sleep at night. The chunk of the population that experience poverty or unemployed-ness are the problems of Hindus of the upper class than Dalits or untouchables. These people are the real power fo RSS and other extremist Hindu organizations. Where BJP is in power, its major part of income comes from extortion, loot, and illegal business. They may be compared with the party of Altaf Hussein in Karachi.
                Hindu Muslim riots that are actually anti-Muslim riots are a lottery for these Hindu terrorists living below the poverty line for which govt. and state machinery gives them free hand to satisfy their Bhagwans and loot Muslims property while attacking the Muslim community. Not only Indian police protects these Hindu terrorists, but Indian courts also support them.
                If we look at the scenario before elections in India, as soon as the current year started, Indian army raised the violations in IHK. The violations of ceasefire at LoC (Line of Control) and unprovoked firing increased as well. Suddenly the drama of Pulwama attack on Indian army on 14 February 2019 gave a new turn to the situation. Following the past, Indian govt. blamed Pakistan for the alleged suicide attack, however, the first time in the Indian history such like suicide attack has happened on which Indian media, army, opposition, and intellectuals all have blamed Pakistan for the terrorist attack. However, after the Pulwama attack Indian Media and govt. kept busy in their propaganda against Pakistan while Indian opposition, retired Indian Army Officers and intellectuals of India rejected the stance of Indian govt. raising technical questions which have not been answered by Indian rulers and Generals yet. It was alleged that in order to secure votes in the elections, Modi establishment decided to give the sacrifice of soldiers in spite of fueling anti-Muslim riots in India.
                The alleged suicide bomber Adil Dar was reported to have been arrested by Indian army on 09 September 2017. This cannot be a mere coincidence that Indian national newspapers have the news of the arrest of the alleged suicide bomber and Indian govt. does not have answers to the questions raised by Indian journalists. Despite all this the permanent members of UNO Britain, France, and Germany on the basis of Indian propaganda submitted the resolution for declaration of Masood Azhar as an International terrorist.
                The Pulwama suicide attack was used for two purposes by India and her international friends i.e. on the one hand to win the elections whose first episode was the drama of dropping bombs in the uninhabited areas of Azad Kashmir claiming it to be a big historical achievement by Indian Air Force. However, on the basis of Pulwama attack, The USA wanted to blackmail Pakistan through getting Massood Azhar declared as an International Terrorist. It is not possible for Britain to go against the wishes of the USA. France and Germany are those countries who are selling their weapons to India and are ready to do everything for India. They were not expecting flopped drama of Pulwama attack and objections raised from within India. After the Pulwama attack, in the way India started butchering Kashmiris terming them as terrorists, the media of the USA (supporting India) was forced to condemn attrocties committed by Indian army in IHK. Washington Post wrote that

                "Indian tactics to crush Kashmiri movement has forced highly educated Kashmiris to say farewell to their bright future and raise arms against the Indian army. In 2013, only 16% of Kashmiri youngsters were taking part in the freedom movement. However, with the start of 2019, it seems that every Kashmiri youngster is ready to give up his life for the freedom".  
                Hindu extremists have established an environment that whenever elections would start in India, it will be like a declaration of war against Pakistan and Muslims of India. Whether the result of current elections comes in favor of India or against. The tsunami of Hindu extremism is not going to subside in India. America, Britain, France, and Germany should reconsider their support towards India that just in order to sell their weapons they are supporting Hindu extremism and terrorism in IHK raising threats for not only Muslims but Christians and other minorities as well…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 18 April 2019.