Saturday, July 11, 2020

India attempting to Cover her Defeat in Ladakh through Aggressiveness Against Pakistan

Pakistan Army ready to surprise India

                India killed more than 80,000 Muslims after capturing Hyderabad Dakkan through the Indian army in September 1948. The world kept silent. In June 1984, India attacked Sikh Religious center Golden Temple in which more than 2000 Sikhs were killed by Indian army. The world kept silent over this state terrorism. In the months of October and November 1984, the Indian ruling party exploited Police and Hindu extremists killing more than 20,000 Sikhs across India as revenge for the death of Indira Gandhi. Thousands of Sikhs were set on fire alive; thousands of Sikh women were kidnapped and gang-raped but the world kept silent and did not feel any need to protest against State terrorism in India. In June 2000, in the riots against Christians in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi thousands of Christians were forced to convert to Hinduism or chose death. Churches were set on fire. After Hindu terrorist their thirst with the blood of the Christians; riots spread in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. In 2008, Christians were killed in Kerala. In 2015, Hindu terrorists killed Christians in Hariyana and Mumbai. Churches were burnt. Australian Professor and Pastor’s hands were cut and forced to see his wife gang-raped. Later on, the couple was burnt alive. Including Britain and the USA, the whole world maintained criminal silence.
                The history of India for killing Muslims in state terrorism is full of bloodshed since 1947. Riots against Muslims are spread across India from time to time resulting in the genocide of Muslims. In these riots, Hindu extremists not only have the support of the Indian Security Agencies but courts and judicial system as well. Despite all this, all those countries claiming to be the flag bearers of human rights and democracy have never dared to condemn India. Muslim states especially Arab states have remained unconcerned for the state terrorism of Hindus against minorities. The story of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) is a separate story. India has been committing war crimes and state terrorism in IHK since October 1947, because World Powers or investor countries are not ready to take risk of losing big Indian market and their interests in the region for the rights of minorities. This is the support of the International imperialist powers that have encouraged India to violate human rights, international laws, and diplomatic values. India has converted itself into a cache of weapons to disintegrate Pakistan and continue to state terrorism within Indian captured territories especially IHK. India has been considering itself as a descendant of British Rules and the neighboring countries as its conquered areas. India has brainwashed her public that after the withdrawal of English they are the only power in South Asia.
Pakistan was disintegrated in 1971 through international conspiracies. Indian plan was to capture Bangladesh as she captured Assam and Nagaland. To capture Sri Lank India continued terrorism for 25 years through her proxy Tamil Tigers terrorists. After facing Indian slavery for 73 years Nepal has at least decided to give her citizens’ feeling of an independent country. Although Bhutan is an independent country but Indian Foreign and Interior policies are implemented there. To control the Maldives, just a platoon of the Indian army is enough. In the SAARC through the numerical support of Afghanistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal India planned to isolate Pakistan diplomatically. Indian exploited Afghanistan for terrorism in Pakistan. In the meanwhile, India established relations with China. China also increased its trade with India despite all the border dispute but China never supported India against Pakistan. Not only this, China played a vital role in making the defense of Pakistan strong; India was unable to understand the depth of the Pak-China relations. After completion of CPEC when it got functional, India started giving threatening statements considering that China will not these threats against her interests but a mutual dispute between India and Pakistan and will not take any reciprocal steps. The silence of China on Indian constructions in Ladakh despite the presence of agreements not to do any constructions on disputed area China remained limited to verbal objections. India thought that China will not do anything except verbal objections on the removal of section 370 regarding Jammu and Kashmir.
                Indian rulers and military leadership misunderstood; the removal special status of IHK released China from all the agreements over Ladakh and other disputed areas while at the same time the agreement to resolver the issue through  negotiations with Pakistan came to end as well.
In 1984 anti-Sikh riots over three days at least 17000 Sikhs were killed, their property looted and destroyed, many women were raped
Moreover, under the umbrella of the USA in South China’s sea an alliance of Taiwan, Philipines, Taiwan, and India forgot that in case of direct war with China neither America nor any other country of the alliance would face direct war along with India. This lesson has been well taught by the Chinese army to the Indian army from 05 May 2020 to 16 June 2020 in Ladakh. After such an insult on the international level, questions by Indian public over the Modi establishment and capability of Indian army; India has only one way left to befool Hindus of India i.e. to increase tension with Pakistan and launch terrorists in Pakistan. The unprovoked firing over civilians in LOC (Line of Control) and attacks over Rangers by so-called Sindhi Separatists. Indian orders to Pakistanis serving in Pakistan High Commission at New Delhi on 23 June 2020 is not a usual move. Violations of International Diplomatic values show that India wants to hide behind a limited war with Pakistan. Liberals and other pro-Indian elements are already active against the Pakistan army and ISI in Pakistan. In addition to this the politicians who looted the national treasury, few industrialists who came into the field through corruption and other corrupt elements of the bureaucracy are pushing Pakistan into chaos and disintegration to avoid accountability. In such a situation if India thinks that due to poor internal situation Pakistan will not able to give a befitting reply to India in case of misadventure like Pakistan did on 27 February 2019 then this is the daydreaming of India. However, in such a situation this is the need of the hour to stand beside Pakistan army against Indian nefarious designs…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 02 July 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Indian Army Embarrassing Defeat in Ladakh!

Indian Army Torturting Innocent Kashmiris but Crying in Ladakh!

                According to the report of Indian Defense Ministry released on 16 June 2020, Col Santosh Babu, Commandant Indian Bihar Regiment along with his two soldiers were killed in skirmishes with the Chinese army in the disputed Gulwan valley of Ladakh. Indian media claimed that the Chinese army suffered heavy casualties in exchange for fire with the Indian army, while three Indian soldiers were killed. Indian media remained reluctant to disclose further details while Indian govt. as well as Defense Ministry maintained silence. Soldiers escaping the active area reached the Bihar Regimental Headquarters, half a kilometer behind the active sight where the skirmish took place. They recorded the video clip through his mobile phone and sent it to their relatives in India. The clip shows Indian soldiers hugging and consoling each other. 
Soldiers are crying like women with unstoppable tears and getting hiccups. The dead bodies that are seen in the video clip are far more than 3. Families of Indian soldiers were informed that either these soldiers are missing or killed in the skirmish with the Chinese army. The poor and pitiful situation is visible in the video clip. Families of Indian soldiers got worried and contacted Indian army for information about their loved ones however, they were asked to wait. Indian media got the reports that the number of Indian soldiers killed in skirmishes with the Chinese army was much high but the Indian Defense Ministry was not ready to disclose the details and reasons of the skirmish, what type of weapons were used from both sides and how Commandant of the Regiment got killed.

                Indian media continued threatening China as per their routine propaganda campaign in order to befool poor Indian public. In the chaos, the tweet of  Retired Col. Ajay Shukla who also served as CO of Bihar Regiment jolted the Indian public that more than 47 Indian soldiers were killed while more than 135 were badly injured and may not be able to survive or live a normal life anymore. He further said that about 65 Indian soldiers were taken as prisoners of war (POW) by the Chinese army but some were released afterward. However, 35 soldiers including a Major are still in Chinese custody. The tweet revealed that in the skirmish no firearms were used. In fact, it was a face to face fight in which besides hands and feet, wooden batons were used as well. He said that the Indian Army’s morale was already on the lowest level, however, after this skirmish, the Indian soldiers may not be in the form to face the Chinese army.
                Chinese Defense Ministry released a clip showing recent Military exercises in the Ladakh area. The video shows the preparedness of the Chinese Army, Air Force, hundreds of latest missiles, and artillery guns deployed in the area. It was a clear message to India any misadventure will lead to a befitting reply. First time after capturing approximately 60 km area, Chinese Foreign Minister made the official statement that  one month ago Indian army entered Chinese area and threatened the Chinese army, this time when Indian Army entered the Chinese area a befitting reply was given by Chinese. Chinese Minister demanded that India should investigate and point the black sheep in the Indian army who deteriorated the situation. He further said that China believes in peace and resolving issues through negotiations but no one is allowed to violate China’s integrity.
                Chinese media has a clear stance that since 1962, China has made this clear to India that Gulwan valley is the part of Tibet which is the integral part (Atoot Ang) of China which will not be compromised at any cost. China not only claims the Tibet but Districts of Indian controlled state of Himachal Pradesh, Nelang, Pulam Sumda, Sang Jadhang as well as Uttarkashi and Lapthal of Uttar Khand. In the light of language, culture, history, and deals made by the British Rule China has the right to control these areas but she does not want to use force for getting the control of these areas and wants to resolve the disputes through negotiations. China also claims that Arunachal Pradesh between Bhutan, Assam and Nagaland is also part of China. Keeping in view the military developments of India in the Gulwan area, China assured that if India is not given a strong reaction, Indian developments would threaten Aksaichen and Sinkiang as well because Aksaichen provides easy access to China for Sinkiang.

                The important question that needs to be answered is what was the motive of Indian CO who took the whole battalion to the Chinese camp? According to Indian claims, Col. Santosh Babu along with few soldiers went to Chinese camp for negotiations. If he went for the negotiations why he took the whole battalion with him and especially in the tense situation when two flag meetings at the GOC level were failed what a Colonel would have attained? What type of the negotiations was that situation deteriorated to fight in which batons wrapped with barbed wire were used resulting in the 47 deaths of the Indian army? 97 seriously injured were airlifted to Southern Command Military Hospital in Leh.
                A strange haphazardness and unprofessionalism is being observed in the Indian Army leadership. Indian politicians and including Modi has not condoled the families of the killed soldiers. Indian establishment and politicians threatening to teach a lesson to Pakistan and China simultaneously are unable to answer why the Indian army on the front line was unarmed in Ladakh? If Indians are afraid that China may fire artillery shells in response to Indian bullets than such a big state army (state terrorists) have been trained only to kill innocent Kashmiris in fake encounters? What type of army is that in spite of facing Chinese they are crying like women…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 26 June 2020.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Indian Media Concerned for Sind and Balochistan In Spite of Ladakh

This is astonishing that Indian media is telecasting stories about under development of Sind and Balochistan in spite of keeping their public updated about defeats of Indian Army in Ladakh in the hands of Chinese army. In this regard, Altaf Hussein who besieged Karachi for last few decades through his terrorist wings in the name of linguist disputes has appealed American Members of Congress to present the bill for separation of Sind and Balochistan. Altaf Hussein has said that 90% of the public of these provinces want separation from Pakistan in the form of a separate country consisting of Sind and Balochistan. Few days ago India media was telecasting slogans of defeating China; clips of Indian parades of Indian media were being telecasted, movement of Indian Army towards Ladakh was portrayed as full fledged war has been started between China and India. Indian analysts most of whom were retired Indian army officers had defeated China many times in their analysis. However, the ground reality is that news of defeat of Indian army in the hands of Chinese army are being shared over social media. Around the Galwan valley at the height of 16-18 thousand feet an area of approximately 60 kms has been captured by Chinese. Since these videos got viral over the social media, Indian Media is dead silent. Not only Indian media, Indian govt. and Defense Ministry is silent as well. Indian rulers are neither confirming nor rejecting these videos. There were the news that a small village of Daulat Baig situated at the end of Ladakh situated in the right of Aksaichen and left of Siachen. India had deployed a battalion of Indian army to protect this village. However, keeping in view the defense importance of this area, India increaed its strength from a battalion to brigade. Not only this India constructed state of the art roads and bridges across the Shyok river. This road named as Darbuk Shyon-Daulat Beg Road was opened few days ago. After the successful construction of this road India started threatening Pakistan to attack Gilgit Baltistan and issued maps showing Gilgit Balistan as part of India. Indian media also started telecasting the weather forecasts of Gilgit Baltistan as well.

From the military point of view rapid excess of Indian Army to the Daulat Beg sector and increased deployment of Indian army in the area clarified the Indian nefarious designs. Indian army was planning to capture Karakoram pass 8 miles away from Daulat Beg. After successful capture of Karokaram Pass, Gilgit Baltistan would have been secondary target. With capture of Karokaram pass, land link between China and Pakistan would have been cut down cutting down the CPEC project as well. Indian PM Modi’s threats of stopping CPEC at any cost is on the record. Afterward remain limited to threats of capturing Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. Meanwhile India started claiming that when she talks about Gilgit Baltistan she means her claims over Jammu and Kashmir whose part is Gilgit Baltistan. India has no dispute with China in this regard. 
Lt. Gen HS Panag
Although India cleverly tried to cover her nefarious designs but whole world had known that behind the objections over CPEC is America who considers as a threat to her interests and influence in the region as well as in the international politics. This was America who was inciting India to capture Karokarm Pass from Daulat Beg sector. India always failed to satisfy China over her military constructions in the region. The construction of road and bridge from Darbuk to Daulat Beg in Ladakh has been completed last year. Indian defense analysts are worried that neither China tried to stop the construction through power. Bridge was constructed successfully, Indian military started moving on the road to Daulat Beg. China remained limited to verbal objections over the construction of the road however, no practical measures were taken. Has China suddenly realised that India wants to capture the areas beyond the Daulat Beg in the months of May and March 2020 or wants capture Aksaichen. The answer to this question has been given by Lt. (R) General Harcharansit Sing who retired in 2009 and also remained GOC of Northern Command in these words that while removing the special status of Kashmir India forgot that the war of 1962 between India and China was due to Ladakh. In this war Indian army has to face uncounted number of casualities. In this regard Indian and Chinese troops engaged more than 35 times without weapons. In 2010 and 2017 the dispute increased to the war. Since cease fire of 1962 China has been demanding that India will not construct bunkers and other military installations in Ladakh. Despite this India continued construction of roads. Especially after capturing of Kargil by Pakistan India started construction of network of roads in Daulat Beg. China did not object over the construction of roads but increaed her number of troops to such an extent that in case of any dispute China can catch India from neck and this has been recently shown as well.

The first defeat of India and Indian army is that they remained unaware of Chinese military movements and war preparations. The second blunder was committed by India by removing the speical status of Kashmir which provided reason for China to violate all the deals that were stoppping her from capturing Ladakh. Indian General has said that silence of Modi establishment and military leadership as confession of the blunder regarding Kashmir.

Indian govt. has nothing to satisfy Indian public over the capture of 60 kms of Ladakh area to China that she can present over the media. India has only one way to avoid public criticism by starting propaganda against Pakistan. Tell her public that people of Balochistand and Sind are living below the poverty line. In order to decieve Indian public interviews of Hussein Haqqani are telecasted. Through the analysis of Tariq Fateh notorious for anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan statement Hindu extremists are entertianed. Indian audience is entertained by the live telephone calls of Altaf Hussein that Sind and Balochistan are looking towards India for freedom. The groud reality is that world is condemning atrocities committed by Indian state terrorists in Indian Held Kashmir. Whether it is American Congress, British or European Parliament protests are staged against fake encounters and massacre of Kashmiris and absence of human rights and freedom. Kashmiris are being appreciated that they are continuing their struggle for freedom despite curfew since 05 August 2019…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 18 June 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Afghan Forces Unprovoked Firing on Pakistani Areas!

Martyr Major Ali Javad Changezi
Regarding Pak-Afghan relations, 14 June 2016 will be always remembered because on this day, Pakistan initiated the work of erection of barbed wire fence, by constructing Gate 37 meters within the Pakistan from 0 point at Turkham. The purpose of the construction of gate and erection of fence is to check the illegal crossing of the border by terrorists. Pak-Afghan border is 2430 km long. Afghan forces started unprovoked firing on Pakistani forces martyring Major Jawad Ali Changezi. After destroying the Indian sponsored terrorists in the tribal areas, it was realized that unless Pakistan stops infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan by erecting fence and constructing gate in order to check the visa and other travel documents as per International Laws, terrorists will keep martyting innocent Pakistani by operating from Afghanistan.
Pakistan informed not only Afghan leadership but Command of American Army that next time not a single person will be allowed to enter and exit Pakistan without proper documentation. Because terrorists were continuing terrorist activities across the border through their supporters in by crossing the border through traditional narrow passes on the border or Turkham. Afghan govt. was not ready to take any action against these Indian sponsored terrorists.

The sudden attack of Afghan army on the troops of FC deployed on the supervision of the erection of the gate through heavy machine guns proved that Afghan govt. along with India exploiting Afghanistan as a second battle front against Pakistan were unhappy over the establishment of Border Management and erection of gate. These anti-Pakistan powers were unhappy over the defeat of their trained terrorists and their strongholds in the tri bal areas that were considered as undefeatable. Their trained terrorists were either killed or fled to Afghanistan to take refuge from their handles in Afghanistan. Moreover, these powers were afraid that if Pakistan succeeded in erecting the fence and imposing the Border Management System than it will impossible for them to continue terrorism and lawlessness in Pakistan. Pakistan army and nation has not defeated the terrorists without any sacrifices; nation paid the price of the victory in the form of thousands of soldiers and offcers of Pakistan army. 
This success cannot be sacrificed for the wishes of liberals, NGOs working on foreign funds, leaders exploiting the nation in the name of Pakhtuns, intellectuals active against Paksitan army in the name of Freedom of Speech and Indian and Afghan terrorist secret agencies. So pakistan decided to erect fence and started work over it. Despite martyrdom of Major Jawad Ali Changezi, gate was constructed over Turkham border. The second phase was the erection of barbed wire fence over Afghan border. In these 2430 km long border, there were few hard to pass mountains as well as snow covered mountains 1200 feet high from sea level. World saw the scene when Pakistan army deployed its tanks in front of Tora Bora mountains in the Ningarhar province of Afghanistan at the point of Koh Sufaid; deployment of tanks at such high and narrow mountains was not only astonishing for international defense analysts but also a new record in the war history.
Pakistan Army has proven to the world once again why it is one of the best armies of the world. The armored regiment of Pakistan Armoured Corps of Army took its tanks to Brekh Muhammad Kandao Pass, part of the Koh-i-Safed in Pakistan which is nearly 3,176 meters above sea level and opposite to Torra Bora mountains of the Nangarhar province in Afghanistan to Protect troops fencing the border.

Pakistan army was forced to deploy tanks at such difficult places because Afghan army along with Tehreek Taliban Pakistan terrorists was busy in attacking Pakistan army soldiers busy in erection of the fence. Although these terrorists were always given a befitting reply by Pakistan army. Pakistan’s plan was not limited to only erection of the barbed wire fence but construction of 843 forts as well; most of the work has been completed. These forts were constructed to check the activities of the Indian RAW terrorist working under cover of Indian Consulates in Afghanistan. These RAW agents along with Afghan govt. and forces are trying hard to create their supporters and facilitators in tribal areas to continue terrorist activities but Border Management System and strict patrolling over the border is greatest hurdle.
 Keeping the situation in view, RAW and NDS tried to fuel nationalism through Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) exploiting the murder of Naqeebullah Mehsud. Although, foundation of PTM was laid in 2014 with the start of operation against terrorists in tribal areas so that if their terrorists are defeated by Pakistan army then PTM may be exploited to defame Pakistan army in the name of atrocities against tribal people and capturing tribal areas reviving dead horse of Greater Pakhtunistan. In 2018, PTM that got general acceptance by exploiting the murder of Naqeebullah with the support of pro-Indian liberals, now is not ready to take the name of Naqeebullah Mehsud. It is limited to the protests and seminars out of Pakistan just like Indian sponsored Baloch Liberation Army. These protests and seminars has also been haulted due to Corona Pandemic across the world. However, PTM is trying to defame Pakistan army for the murders over family disputes, terrorist attacks from Afghansitan in Paksitani areas etc. the most shameful fact is that few media personalities of Pakistan in the name of Freedom of Speech are busy in minting dollars from India by supporting PTM propaganda. This is the duty of the Pakistani nation to keep an eye over the ground realities and check the enemy propaganda…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 June 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

India Facing the Results of Aggressiveness towards Neighbors

Despite being a small Hindu state in between China and India, Nepal is facing Indian imperialist designs for the last few decades. As Nepal is landlocked so she is forced to bow in front of India for her trade, food and other state affairs. If India stops the movement of vegetables, rice, and other eatables from India, Nepal would have to starve. In this regard India does not need formal order from Delhi establishment; in past India has experimented the blockade of Nepal through strikes of transporters and through mutual fights between the tribes living across the road joining Nepal with India and forced Nepal to make decisions according to the wishes of India in 2015.
On 08 May 2020, Indian Defense Minister Raj Nath Singh opening ceremony of the Lipulekh Road 80 Kilometers inside the Nepali border, Nepal protested against it. As a reaction of the protest, New Delhi issued a new map of the India and Nepal border in which the disputed area was shown as the part of India. This created hatred against India in Nepal. Nepali people took to the roads chanting slogans against India. Nepali govt. also protested against the issuance of new maps and termed it as aggression against Nepal reprinting the mutually agreed maps that were also published by India before 08 May 2020 as well. India took the stance that she constructed the dispute road for Hindu pilgrims so that they can easily visit the religious areas adjacent to Chinese borders. Moreover, Indian govt. termed the area of the road as disputed area between Nepal and India and rejected the stance of the Nepal. In past, Indian Defense Analysts has been claiming this road as very important road for defense against China. If we look at the map, after construction of the road, India has included the 350 kilometers Nepali area of Kalapani into India. According to Indian Defense Analysts this road and area will provide supremacy to India in case of war against China.
The silence of the world over the illegal capturing of Nepali area despite protest from Nepal shows that everyone is chained by their interests with powerful countries. Although International Media gave coverage to the dispute between both countries but neither UNO nor any powerful country termed Indian aggression as a violation of international laws. In Nepal, many students during protests took the oath that they will take up weapons if Indian army attacked Nepali areas. The protests in Nepal were rejected by Indian BJP terming them as Chinese planted protests. On 09 May 2020, Indian newspapers published threats to China of BJP extremists as highlights while in their talk shows they captured China many times. Another Indian anchorperson claimed that soon the Indian army will capture Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. After this China will have to bow in front of India for access to Gwadar. Few days ago these extremist Indian anchorpersons were terming the opening of Lipulekh road as a symbol of India-Nepal friendship. All of them were silenced by the video of a Gorkha soldier of Nepali army; in this video, he threatened that the Gorkha tribes will attack Indians present within the Nepali area. Indian politicians, army leadership, Hindu extremists and media had never thought that such a reaction will be seen from Nepal on Indian aggression.
On the other hand in Ladakh China has taught a tough lesson to India. In the area of Ladakh the video clips of Chinese and Indian soldiers pushing each other and verbally fighting each other often get viral but the recent situation is different in the way that Chinese soldiers first of all asked Indian soldiers to get out of the area where Chinese have now deployed heavy artillery. Indian soldiers said that they will not leave the area at any cost and threatened Chinese soldiers. After this Chinese arrested the Indian soldiers, shaved their heads, tied them with ropes and pulled their faces upwards so that they can be identified in the video clips. This video was shared on social media. Such a pitiful treatment of Indian soldiers was shameful for Indians and Modi showing the weakness of the Indian army. India that had planned to attack Pakistani Gilgit Baltistan through Ladakh.
China has given a clear message to India by constructing posts and bunkers inside India that enough is enough. Indian threats and conspiracies will not be tolerated anymore. Chinese President has ordered the Chinese army to remain prepared against India. India has ordered Army Chief General Manoj Makkand to take control of the deteriorating situation. He has said that India and China both are equally responsible for the deteriorating situation in Ladakh and claimed that the situation will improve soon. This statement is a slap over the faces of those extremist Hindu leaders, retired Indian Generals and TV anchors who always keep daydreaming on Indian media that they can teach a lesson to China and Pakistan simultaneously. Now they are condemning their army chief for supporting China.
Chinese Media has made it clear that India has violated the agreement between China and India over Ladakh by removing the special status of Indian Held Kashmir and Ladakh on 05 August 2019. Chine has claimed over Ladakh as the Chinese area. This was also acknowledged by India as a disputed area but now Indian cannot be given any leniency after removal of special status. It is now proved that India has not only aggressive plans against China but for Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and this is acknowledged by the members of SAARC as well. Only those liberals in Pakistan do not accept this reality who are paid by India and consider as the Mother of Democracy in spite of Mother of Extremism and terrorism claiming that Pakistan army is the reason behind India Pakistan disputes…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 05 June 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Pakistan Army Soldiers and Officers Who Sacrificed Their Lives for The Motherland!

On 19 May 2020, 6 Soldiers of Pakistan Army on patrolling duty were martyred while returning to their base camp in Pir Ghaib area of Mach, Balochistan as their vehicle hit the mine laid by Indian backed terrorists. The martyred included Naib Subedar Ehsan Ullah Khan, Nike Zubair Khan, Nike Ijaz Ahmad, Nike Maula Bakhsh, Nike Noor Muhammad, and Driver Abdul Jabbar. The second incident of terrorism took place in the Kech area of Balochistan when Sepoy Imdad Ali was martyred during the exchange of fire while on patrol duty. Before this on 8 May 2020, in the area of Kech a patrolling FC vehicle was hit by the mine martyring Major Nadeem Abbas, Nike Jamshaid, Lance Nike Taimoor, Lance Nike Khizar Hayat, Sepoy Sajid, and Sepoy Nadeem. In the month of May, one Commissioned Officer, one Junior Commissioned Officer along with 13 sons of the motherland sacrificed their lives. This is not new for the officers and soldiers of the Pakistan army. The current series of sacrifices started as a result of the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, puppet govt. of Hamid Karzai, the pivotal role was given to the Northern Alliance and the freehand given to India in Afghanistan. India established her consulates in the provinces adjacent to the Pakistani border. Within one year of Indian establishing consulates in Afghanistan, with the support of Afghan govt. and Afghan Intelligence Agency NDS along with RAW organized terrorists under two different flags and motto i.e. Baloch Insurgents for separation of Balochistan and Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) under the motto of the imposition of Islamic Shariah in the whole country. Centuries-old mountainous passes which were used by the tribals were exploited by India and other anti-Pakistan powers to establish terrorist camps in tribal areas for waging terrorism within Pakistan. After these enemies of Pakistan played the bloody game through their proxies in Balochistan and martyred a large number of tribal elders who were against their presence in Pakistan so that no one dares to challenge their presence in these areas. During this time incidents of abduction of Pak-Army soldiers, torturing them to death, cutting down their heads, and playing football with their heads were recorded and spread over the internet. All this was done in the name of the imposition of Shariah.
Situation of Balochistan was not any better. Here Pakistan army was termed as a tyrant army capturing Baloch resources and responsible for non-development and poverty in Balochistan. The irony of fate is that few pro-Indian elements within Pakistan protected these terrorist activities just point-scoring in the name of the Baloch fighters fighting for their rights. They also covered TTP terrorism as a result of the Pakistan army’s disputes with Afghan Mujahedeen. During this time hoisting Pakistani flag or fixing a picture of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was equivalent to inviting death. Those Baloch leaders who remained in power during all the governments and exploited funds issued for the province were also, on the one hand, supporting insurgents while on the other hand kept busy in procuring more funds from the Federal government in the name of development and restoration of peace. One may remember the sad day of 15 June 2013, when Indian backed terrorists attempted to destroy the last residency of Quaid Azam at Ziarat. Although Quaid’s residency was soon restored, however, the purpose behind blazing the building was to give a message to the world that Pakistan has lost control over Balochistan and it is ruled by insurgents.
Pakistan Army, ISI and other secret agencies of Pakistan army started operation against Indian sponsored terrorists in Balochistan as well as tribal areas; no one has ever imagined that these terrorists launched by anti-Pakistan forces and handled by India will be defeated who were not only trained for gorilla war but also had a great number of modern weapons. These terrorists not only had an undisrupted supply of weapons from Afghanistan but also technical support to monitor the movement of the Pakistan army through satellites. Despite all these terrorists were defeated. The basic reason behind the victory of Pakistan was the uncountable number of sacrifices of Pakistan army soldiers and officers. No one can ever imagine how many soldiers and heroes of the motherland left their real mothers in tears to go into the shower of the bullets and sacrificed their lives. When one son of the soil fell down embracing martyrdom other one came ahead to face the enemy. This is still going on because the country is still facing the war. Despite all these few Pakistanis are busy criticizing the army as a national security agency.
Few days ago an incident that took place on Hazara Motorway in which a woman pretending to be the wife of a Colonel used bad language with the Police deployed on the barriers; exploiting this clip some people over the social media criticized the Pakistan army even saying that “This army will free the Indian Held Kashmir”. Some criticized the army for such training. The criticism of the Pakistan army was done mainly by the people supporting opposition parties and few intellectuals as well; they forget that what would be emotions of the mothers and widows who receive blood-stained uniform and flags in spite of their loved ones. Many innocent children of these martyred soldiers are confused that why their mother is crying while receiving the blood stained uniform and why their father has not returned. All those busy in criticism from the ease of their homes should not forget that when the country was in the clutches of terrorism and they feared going out due to bomb blasts the officers and soldiers of Pakistan army and unsung heroes of secret agencies were fighting with these terrorists and they are still doing…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 May 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Monday, June 1, 2020

Suspicious Martyrdom of Kashmiri Freedom Fighter Riaz Naiko and Nervousness of Indian Army

On 04 May 2020 Indian Forces envisaged Beighpora area of District Pulwama, Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) at about 10 am. People of the area considered it as a routine activity of the Indian army. Because since the removal of Special Status of IHK Curfew and other bans were imposed and after every two weeks Indian Army used to envisage the area and search operation in the homes. Sometimes, few males who resisted against the manhandling of the Kashmiri women during the so-called search operation were abducted claiming that they are suspect facilitators of Kashmiri Mujahedeen or Freedom Fighters. People of IHK are used to such atrocities in the name of the Search Operations by the Indian Army. However, on 04 May 2020, the Indian army after envisaging the area did not enter into the village but started to dig up tunnels in the fields destroying many ripe crops. Villagers thought as per routine Indian State terrorists are destroying their crops in the name of the search for the tunnels dug by Kashmiri Freedom Fighters. This situation continued for two days. During this Indian state, terrorists cut down many apple trees. When the owners of the apple orchards protested against it, they were tortured and tied up to the cut tree trunks and afterward continued the process of cutting the trees in front of them. People feared that the Indian army wants to capture their lands because the number of Indian state terrorists was more than routines. Secondly, they were accompanied by APCs. On 6 May 2020, Indian state terrorists started firing on the village. 
Indian state terrorists did not warn the people of the village that what are they going to do nor they were concerned about the innocent lives in the blind firing. During the severe firing, some blasts were also heard. Afterward, people got aware that the blasts were the sounds of the RPGs that were targeted at selected houses. The firing continued for 6 hours. Despite the end of firing no one was allowed to get out of their homes for 2 hours. Afterward, when people got out of their homes they came to know that Indian state terrorists have martyred Riaz Naiko along with an accomplice who took the leadership of Hizb-ul-Mujahedeen after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani in 2016. in this 6 hours long drama fighting with the 2 Kashmiri freedom fighters Indian state terrorists destroyed 5 homes with RPGs while 10 were damaged in such a way that they were no more inhabitable. In addition to the destroyed homes, many homes were badly effected with the fire of Machine Guns. In the evening Father of Riaz Naiko was told that his son has been buried at some unknown place. As a result, protests broke out in the IHK. The pictures that were received and published by Indian Media has raised many questions about his martyrdom.

Riaz Naiko pictures showing that he was arrested before being martyred in the fake encounter

In one of the pictures, he is seen sitting on the ground, while his hands are tied to his back, envisaged by the Indian soldiers. This is obvious that before martyrdom he was arrested. The second picture is after his martyrdom, in which ropes of his hands are cut down, and his dead body is full of dirt. Indian media and army both are silent over these pictures. No one is ready to tell whether Riaz Naiko was martyred due to the hitting of bullets or buried under the rubbles of the destroyed houses? His body and face both have no blood stains and bullets. In both pictures, he is wearing the same T-Shirt with full sleeves. This proves that he was arrested alive, taken to one of the destroyed houses where he was tied and drama of fake encounter of 6 hours was staged. During this bloody drama cattle of the village were killed by Indian state terrorists. In this way, many families who used to sell the milk for their livelihood were left resourceless.

The most important question is that what about the inhabitants of the houses that were destroyed by Indian State Terrorists? Were they shifted to some other place before the start of the operation? Or they died under the rubbles of the houses? They might have been expelled from the houses in the dark of the night, if they have been left buried under the rubble it cannot be kept hidden for such a long time. Moreover, during the 6 hours long firing of automatic weapons, the death of only Riaz Naiko and his accomplice out of 450 population of the village is suspicious. The stance of the local population has not been reported yet. However, since 6 May 2020, despite the lockdown and curfew IHK is protesting against the fake encounter. First-time women and children are also accompanying the protests. Uncountable women and children have been injured due to the firing of Indian state terrorists over these protests. Being psychologically overwhelmed by these protests Indian Soldiers (feeling ashamed for writing assassins as soldiers) martyred a Kashmiri Mairajuddin Shah when he stopped he got out of his vehicle proved his identity on the check post, he was shot down when he turned back to his vehicle. Indians are of the view that he was shot down because he did not stop on the check post. While according to the eyewitnesses he was seen stopping on the check post and talking to the Indian dogs. On the martyrdom of Mairajuddin, people started protesting against Indian state terrorists. He was wrapped up into the Pakistani flag and laid to rest. During the funeral and burial, thousands of Kashmiri were present and chanting slogans “Long Live Pakistan”, “Kashmir will become part of Pakistan” and “Indian soldiers get out of Kashmir”. Many Kashmiris were hoisting Pakistani flags at the funeral. According to the Indian Media, hoisting Pakistani flags and chanting slogans in favor of Pakistan in front of Indian soldiers is the severe blow to the Indian Parliament's decision of 05 August 2019. This has proved that the first and last option for Kashmiris is Pakistan, not terrorist India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 21 May 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Kuwait Demands OIC to take steps Against Islamophobia in India

A few months ago on 24 August 2019, a historical welcome of the Indian Prime Minister was done by UAE. This was jolting for the Muslim Ummah, Indian intellectuals and journalists as well because on 05 August 2019, India abolished the special status of Indian Held Kashmir. Not only Kashmiris but the whole world was protesting against the slavery of 8 million Kashmiris on gunpoint. No one has ever imagined that Modi having the credit of massacre of thousands of Muslims of Gujarat in 2002 will be awarded the highest civil award. This helped India to neutralize the protests across the world in favor of Kashmiris. In this regard Samah Hadid, known as the flag bearer of Human Rights, wrote:
“With several Gulf States in an ever tightening embrace with Modi, human rights have been disacarded in favor of economic oppurtunities, India not only escaped international condemnation for its action, it is even shoring up support from Muslim allies, the plight of Kashmiris will not only be by Indians clampdown but also the apathy of those who long claimed to speak for them.”
Then suddenly what happened that the Arab states that were considered by Hindus as their second homeland, voices are being raised against India. Hindus are being realized that they earn their bread and breadth from the homes of Muslims. There is a difference of only a few weeks that Pakistan was begging to OIC to issue a statement against India for inhuman acts against Muslim minority state terrorism of India in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). Now the same OIC has been forced to demand India to protect the Muslim minority and stop Islamophobia because the public of Gulf states are not ready to tolerate the propaganda against Islam and tortures on Muslims of India by Hindu extremists. Not only the public, but the female member of the Royal family of Arab states were also forced to express her concerns against the Hindutva and Hindu terrorism in India. The Princess of UAE Hend al Qassim having three degrees from Manchester University of Britain and is an expert in the state affairs; when she saw the propaganda of Hindus in living in UAE for years against Islam and Muslims on twitter, she warned them to stay within limits on which she got such disgusting replies from Hindus that shows the gutter mentality of the Hindus. Out of such replies, one was written by Saurabh Upadhyay;
“What’s with the peaceful people and spitting? The new form of Jihaad custom made from 2020? I think they were still stuck 1400 years in past and dint”
Similarly Noora Alghurair is one of the businesswomen having 3 big companies including banks and other companies having thousands of employees. A big number of Hindus are employed by her companies as well. Despite being aware that Member of Indian Parliament elected from Karnataka Tejasvi Surya wrote in reaction to twitter tweet of Noora in which she condemned torture against Muslims showing the filthy mentality of Hindus and Hindutva,
“95% of Arab women have never had an orgasm in the last few hundred years! Even mother has produced kids as an act of sex not love”
Indian Hindus openly expressed their filthy mentality, however, Sheikh Noora still practiced patience and replied,
“Pity your upbringing Tejasvi Surya that respect for women couldn’t be in U despite India having some great female leaders. Please, note if someday the Govt. bestows a foreign ministry to you avoid traveling to Arab lands. You are not welcome here. This will be remembered.”
The filthy the mentality of extremist Hindus can be imagined from filthy posts on social media. In this regard, OIC warned Indian Foreign Ministry through a written letter that ‘Indian Media is involved in the propaganda against Muslims. India govt. should stop the Islamophobia and torture against Muslims. Blaming Muslims for the spread of Corona Virus, torturing Muslims for being Muslim is highly condemned. India should take steps to counter this.’ While a young lawyer Mejbal al Sharik who is also working as Director of Human Rights in Kuwait wrote a letter to Modi to take steps against Tejasvi Surya for humiliating Arab women. He has also declared to raise the issue in the International Court of Human Rights as well.
The Muslims of KSA are also reacting against the hatred of Hindu extremists and propaganda of India and the torture of Hindus against Muslims. Saudi intellectual Khalid Al-Sufyan has demanded OIC, UNO, Security Council, and Human Rights organizations to interfere at once and take steps to protect the Muslims of India. However, the most severe reaction has been observed in Kuwait. Kuwait Council of Ministries expressed their concerns about increasing Hindu terrorism in India in the letter written to OIC to take immediate steps to protect Muslims of India especially when there is the govt. of Hindu Extremist BJP party.
One day after the letter, Minister for Religious Affairs Abdullah-al-Shoreka wrote this on his letter pad and tweeted it;
“Did those who commit crimes against humanity against Muslim in India and violate their rights think that Muslims in the world will remain silent about these crimes and do not move politically, legally and economically against them.”
the reaction of Kuwait was concerning for India. Indian Foreign Minister took the stance on this that Indian govt. has nothing to do with the propaganda on social media and twitter. Now this is the irony of the fate that on the day Indian Foreign Ministry’s statement regarding Kuwait was issued on the same day the USA declared India as the worst country for minorities…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 May 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Pakistan Should Support China Against the American Alliance

Donald Trump started trade wars against China as soon as he came into power. this was the biggest attempt to slow down the Chinese Economic Development after creating hurdles for China's sea routes by USA, Japan, Philipines and India especially for the transportation of oil. The decades-old terrorism in Pakistan was also part of this conspiracy so that China's access to Pakistani seaports could be stopped. The Corona Pandemic broke down in November 2019 in the Chinese province Wuhan which provided a chance to America to seclude China on the international level alleging China for spread of Corona Virus. A well-planned propaganda campaign was launched over the social media that China has destroyed American supremacy across the world. Such propaganda messages became viral in the different languages of the world on social media so that the international community can be forced to believe that China is behind the Corona Pandemic. from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to WhatsApp there is not a single social media service over which this propaganda message has not been shared in which China has been blamed to spread Corona virus. this propaganda war was not one-sided. in the conspiracy theories, this was also said that Corona virus was transported to China by American soldiers who participated in the war games at Chinese province Wuhan. Many notable columnists and analysts wrote the articles over the conspiracy theories. Many diplomats gave video messages supporting conspiracy theories as they were scientists. Some researchers raise concerns over the old movies regarding virus pandemics, novels, and even prophecies of Nostradamus.
On the one hand social media was being exploited to form anti-China minds across the world while on the other hand Corona pandemic after claiming thousands of lives in Wuhan spread across the western countries and The USA. during the whole situation, Trump has expressed his hatred against China by terming Corona as the Chinese Virus. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York was the first person to object the Trump's statement; he was of the view that Trump should avoid blaming others on the basis of race, Trump should take steps to stop the spread of Corona in the USA and providing medical facilities to the infected patients. Trump for whom everything is wealth continued his criticism and in spite of taking Corona seriously just repeated that all is well in America. Corona started spreading havoc in the USA after Europe. As a reaction, Trump blamed the WHO for favoring China and not taking any steps to stop the Corona and suspended the funds for the WHO. this was a very extreme and dirty step taken by racist Trump. American media disclosed the report of the secret agencies sent to Trump on 31 December 2019. in which Trump was requested to take emergency measures to stop the spread of Corona in China. After disclosure of this report, the Director of US Centres for Disease Control disclosed his telephonic talk on 03 January 2020 with his Chinese counterpart and the details that were sent to the White House. Keeping in view the non-serious attitude of Trump regarding Corona, Trump's special advisor Peter Navarro wrote an urgent memo to Trump, urging him to take emergency measures. When this memo was published in the media, a journalist asked Trump during a Press Conference regarding the memo; Trump denied having read or seen any report or memo.

First patient of Corona was reported in America on 21 January 2020 and first death due to Corona was reported on 26 February 2020. On 24 February 2020, Trump tweeted;
"The Corona Virus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all the relevant countries. CDC and World Health Organization have been working hard and very smart."
At that time Coronavirus has become an important issue; the number of infected persons has reached 0.7 million while the number of deaths is rising sharply. WHO has already declared that New York is the center of the Corona Pandemic. American public especially supporters of the Republican Party are not ready to accept the bans imposed by the lockdown. Racist Trump has been seen sometimes apologizing from China for terming Corona as Chinese virus and sometimes requesting China for Masks and ventilators. After one week Trump started blaming China for spreadingCorona virus and threatened China to be ready for the consequences. Italy and France have also demanded China to pay for the damages due to the Corona.
Chinese living in Australia has been banned from shopping and they have been tortured by Australian racists as well. American Media blames Trump for spreading Corona in the USA. American medical experts also say that the non-serious and business mindedness of Trump has made Corona a life threat for Americans. Professor of Columbia University and Director of Centre for Sustainable Development, Jeffrey Sachs has criticized Trump,
"Trump repeatedly praised China during February, only turning on China when the situation got tough in the US. Unlike China, which turned to public health experts, Trump turned to Vice President Mike Pence and son in law Jared Kushner. Thousands of Americans are dying unnecessarily as a result and we are still far from any coherent national plan."
Now American Defense and political analysts are expressing concerns that Trump, Republican Party and other White Racists may take any extreme step to avoid their foreseen defeat in the upcoming elections. They are terming Trump's statements and the alliance of the USA, Western Countries, India and Japan as a siren of some big mishap. During such a situation the USA and her allies would try to force Pakistan to become a part of the American alliance. Pakistan should reject all such pressure and stand by the side of the time tested friend China. Especially terming China for the damages across the world could be an attempt to impose a New World Order by America and nothing else...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 April 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Vishva Hindu Parishad Wants Ban on Tablighi Jamaat

India: petition in Supreme Court demands demolition of Tablighi Jamaat’s Nizamuddin Markaz, New Delhi.
India: petition in Supreme Court demands demolition of Tablighi Jamaat’s Nizamuddin Markaz, New Delhi.

Hindus of Uttar Pradesh have boycotted Muslims selling fruits and vegetables on hand carts demanding that Muslims should be banned from selling fruits and vegetables until Corona pandemic ends. in the Arunachal Pradesh, armed Hindus stopped Muslim truck drivers on the entrance of the province and tortured them alleging that they are spreading Corona. Including New Delhi at various points in India Hindu shopkeepers have denied accepting currency notes from Muslims alleging that they are spreading Corona. Hindus are running campaigns on social media that a huge number of Indian Currency polluted with Corona has been smuggled from Pakistan to India, so currency notes from Muslims should not be accepted. after such a Hindu extremist behavior some banks have also denied accepting currency notes from Muslims resulting in the restlessness amongst Muslims. Neither Muslims can buy anything nor Muslim shopkeepers could sell anything. such incidents are being published in Indian newspapers on a daily basis. Extremist Hindu govt. is completely silent. According to a survey, Muslims are 50% of the population selling fruits and vegetables on the hand carts, while 30% are Hindus, and rest belong to other religions. Muslims constitute only 27% of the daily wagers or weekly paid workers while only 1-4% are having well-paid jobs. this is the main reason that Corona is being exploited against Muslims due to which the majority of the Muslims are facing an extreme financial crisis. Human Rights organizations are terming current boycott of Muslims as a plan to destroy Muslims financially. due to the fear of the Corona virus those secular elements of India who were supporting Muslims in their protests against the biased Citizenship laws and supported Muslims against the genocide of Muslims are now avoiding Muslims.
CM Aditya Nath Yogi ensures long haul for Tablighi Jamaat in UP
CM Aditya Nath Yogi ensures long haul for Tablighi Jamaat in UP
Keeping all this in view, Indian intellectuals are openly expressing the concerns that if Muslims are destroyed financially and threatened socially than India will not be able to maintain its geographical integrity. the increasing influence of Hindu Extremist organizations and Hinduism in the key institutions of India is the main cause of the hatred against Muslims in the Hindu state. due to this influence, the Indian Parliament dissolved the special status of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and the black law of CAA was approved. this is a clear message to the Muslims of India that as a Muslim they have no place in India. When Muslims protested against this in spite of negotiating with them and giving them assurance, Modi and Hindu leaders threatened to teach a lesson to Muslims through Hindu terrorist organizations by genocide and gang rapes of Muslims. Hindu goons were given free hand to attack and kill Muslims.
Rajasthan India: Shambhu Lal film himself while killing Afrazul Khan with an axe and leaving the body on fire, then speaking on camera to warn Muslims against “love Jihad”, term used by Hindu Extremists to accuse Indian Muslims.
Rajasthan India: Shambhu Lal film himself while killing Afrazul Khan with an axe and leaving the body on fire, then speaking on camera to warn Muslims against “love Jihad”, term used by Hindu Extremists to accuse Indian Muslims.

According to Indian Media, Hindu goons used to attack Muslims were transported to the New Delhi from other districts. BJP leader Kapil Mishra arranged the meals for the Hindu terrorists in New Delhi. Hindu terrorists met with the Indian police in the secret meetings; in these meetings Indian Police assured the Hindu terrorists that while murdering Muslims, burning the homes and shops of Muslim and all other terrorist activities they will provide protection by the Indian police against any legal activities. In order to facilitate the Hindu terrorists, the CCTV cameras installed in the target areas were shut down. Taking the edge of non-availabilty of the CCTV footage, courts have denied to proceed against the Hindu terrorists on the basis of private video clips made by the public and journalists.
India is a “Hindu Extremist State” now!
India is a “Hindu Extremist State” now!
Muslims were unable to recover from the attacks of the February, Muslims were alleged for spreading the Corona pandemic resulting in the torture over the Muslims across India. Muslims are being termed as "Corona Jehadi" and "Corona Terrorist". This situation was going on that on 06 April 2020, Vishwa Hindu Parishad demanded a complete ban on Tableeghi Jamaat (preachers). they demanded that Tableeghi center in New Delhi should be sealed. Not only the Tableeghi Jamaat but all the people linked with this organization, their accounts should be frozen. this demand was made on a time when 8000 Tableeghi workers were declared as Corona positive by Indian govt. and declared as a threat for the whole of India.
Hindu terrorism
What’s next to Indian Muslims?

This is a well-known fact the Tableeghi Jamaat is a well known and popular organization across the world that has members in hundreds of millions. BJP is against the annual gathering of Tableeghi workers in New Delhi which continued from 13-15 of March 2020. BJP is of the view that despite the declaration of lockdown by Modi why did not Tableeghi Jamaat cancel its gathering. Indian media is witness that just 4 hours before the start of the annual procession, Modi's order for the lockdown was telecasted. till then thousands of Muslims all across India and the world has reached Tableeghi Centre. Indian Interior Ministry was well aware of this fact. Due to the sudden lockdown announced by the Modi, it was not possible for the Muslims to return to their homes within India as well as across the world. Now Raj Thakeray (son of Baal Thakeray), leader of Maharashtra Naynirman Sena has declared that wherever you say a member of Tableeghi Jamaat just shoot him. BJP leader Rajiv Bindal is declaring Tableeghi workers as walking bombs. these statements raise the question that thousands of Hindus who violated Modi's lockdown through public transport, or they are still on the roads why Hindu terrorists are silent over this violation.
However, the increasing difficulties of Muslims in India and the demands of General Secretary Surendra Jain of Vishwa Hindu Parishad to ban Tableeghi Jamaat; if Muslims of the world still do not protest against Hindu terrorism and raise a collective voice against this then history will never forgive Muslims...

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 April 2020.

Translated by Naveed Ahmed