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Modi’s Suicide Attack over Indian Constitution!

August 09 2019: Srinagar. Kashmiri student with Pakistani flag killed by Indian army in Indian occupied Kashmir with many others.
August 09 2019: Srinagar. Kashmiri student with the Pakistani flag killed by Indian army in Indian occupied Kashmir with many others.

                Interior Minister of India Amit Shah, presented the bill to abolish the article 35-A and 370 of Indian Constitution related to Indian Held Kashmir. Opposition parties protested over it, they made noise that no one was able to understand the speech of Amit Shah. Despite all this when Amit Shah continued his speech, opposition first tore up the copies of the draft of Indian Constitution says that Indian does not need this constitution that is being violated by Indian govt. herself. The opposition boycotted the session of Parliament. Before the presentation of the bill, Chadam Baram Leader of Indian Congress said that

“Lok Sabha is responsible to safeguard the rights of the states included in the Federation according to the Indian Constitution while states are responsible to safeguard the rights of their citizens; Lok Sabha has failed to safeguard the rights of the states. He said that today will be remembered as Black Day of Indian History and upcoming generations will have to pay for this blunder. Lok Sabha has changed the status of states to the Indian defeated colonies. By abolishing article 370 not only Lok Sabha has fueled the Kashmir dispute but also degraded other states to the status lesser than Municipal Corporation. Under the cover of Article 370, not only protests and freedom movement in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) has been given a new life but also threatened the other states and forced them to follow the footprints of Kashmiris. Is there a legal expert in the ruling party that can advise govt. that in the name of fulfilling the slogan raised during the electoral campaign, govt. is going to do such activities that will have disastrous results for India and no one will be able to make the loss good”.

He declared this as a deception to the public of the IHK. He further said that by closing the educational institutions, canceling the exams, expelling the tourists in the name of Amarnath Yatra whole world has been given a message that India has been controlling Kashmir through power against the will of the public. The representatives of Indian friendly countries in UNO are asking that what blunder has India committed. In Islamic countries, our diplomats are unable to answer the questions raised by the public. Pakistani is taking the issue to the UNO. Indian actions in the IHK are reinforcing Pakistani stance over Kashmir.
In Kashmir Move, Critics Say Modi is Trying to Make a Hindu Nation

The New York Times analyzed the situation in these words that in the way the Modi and his Ministers are explaining the decision of Kashmir is unacceptable and it is not as much simple as they claim. Under the picture of deserted areas of Sri Nagar due to the Curfew imposed by the Indian Army, the newspaper published the headline “In Kashmir Move, Critics Say Modi is Trying to Make a Hindu Nation”. Other Western and American newspapers also expressed concerns over the decision of Modi establishment over IHK. Most of the Western analysts are raising objections that why did not Modi establishment wait for the decision of Indian Supreme Court where a case is under trial filed by the “We the People” NGO over abolishing of Article 35-A and 370. 6 other applications were lodged as well which Indian Supreme Court adjourned along with the case of the NGO. In between 2014-18, 20 hearings have been conducted by the Indian Supreme Court. The decision was expected in December 2018. But Indian Supreme Court adjourned the case 6 times from December 2018 to July 2019. The reason was the protests over the abolition of the said articles which might grow out of control for Indian military in IHK while on the other hand if the decision came in the favor of the Kashmiris than  there will countrywide violent protests of Hindu extremists due to which three judges panel of Indian Supreme Court avoided the give the verdict. 
Curfew in Kashmir

Curfew has been imposed in IHK since 05 August 2019. Despite the curfew, protests have broken out in Pulwama, Barahmolla, and Sri Nagar. As a result of direct fire over the protestors on 7th August 2019, 8 Kashmiris were killed while more than 100 were injured. In order to stop the coverage of the atrocities committed by the state terrorists of India, Indian army blocked all type of communications. The video of burning 5 inhabitants alive in their home was leaked out to the outer world on 08 August 2019. The sobbing of the video maker can be heard in the said clip. UNO and European Union expressed concerns over the blocking of all type of communications and no good news from IHK and demanded that UNO’s Human Rights team should be allowed to visit the area. Similarly a member of European Parliament said that he is going to present a resolution against India in September 2019. He compared the abolishing of separate status of IHK to the British military action over Scotland after abolishing the Scottish parliament.
Indian States concerned over their separate identity after Indian Held Kashmir

A similar fear and concerns have been felt in other states of India as well. They are concerned that following the Kashmir case, New Delhi may degrade their status at any time. It is pertinent to mention that more than 9 states of India have special status under article 371 of the Indian constitution. Nagaland 371-A, ASSAM 371-B, Manipura 371-C, Andhra Pradesh 371-D, Sikkim 371-E, Mizoram 371-G, Arunachal Pradesh 371-H and Goa 371-I and inhabitants of Himachal Pradesh have special status and separate identity. These states have active armed freedom movements. In these states just like IHK, the Indian army has complete protection for the massacre of the freedom fighters and locals. Youngsters are arrested there under no charges and case and go missing forever. Whether this is the rapes or gang rapes in the Indian army camps, Indian govt. has banned Indian media from publishing such news; however, despite this, clips of these heinous crimes of Indian state terrorists are leaked out. After, the abolition of the special status of IHK, protests are going on in these states. They are protesting fearing that they will be deprived of their special status and rights as well. Many analysts in New Delhi who are termed as against Congress are claiming the way Modi abolished the article 370 and 35-A as suicide attack over the Indian Constitution. According to them under the cover of converting India into Hindu state, Hindu Extremists party RSS and Modi have created such a situation after which the destruction and disintegration of India are inevitable…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 15 August 2019.

Friday, August 2, 2019

While Trying to Seclude Pakistan on International Level India Herself Has been Secluded!

International Court Verdict in Kulbhushan Case
The International Court

                What could be worse on the international level that Pakistan facing terrorism was termed as a terrorist state. India exploited her big international markets and deals of weapons with world powers against Pakistan on the diplomatic level. This is no more a secret. Through her such strategies, she developed her role in Afghanistan due to her influence over the USA. Afghanistan was used in the proxy war against Pakistan. Militants were launched in Balochistan in such a way that the world considered them as fighting for the freedom of Baloch people. Similarly, in the name of imposing Islam another terrorist organization was established in tribal areas and FATA. These Indian sponsored terrorists played with the blood of innocent Pakistanis all over Pakistan under different identities and slogans. India’s successful launch of these terrorists made India sure that now Pakistan has no other way except to accept the slavery of Hindu India. Indian propaganda against Pakistan was on one hand welcomed by Western Media while on the other so-called liberal elements in Pakistan supported it. They were reinforced by the elements who are enemies of Pakistan army. No one was ready to give it a shit that why would army target itself and its own citizens in Pakistan. Pakistan army sacrificed thousands of their soldiers to protect the motherland.
Chahbahar to Balochistan route followed by Kulbhushan

                The increased successful terrorism of India in Pakistan resulted in overconfidence of India. In 2014, Ajeet Kumar Doval, Advisor Of Modi in a seminar held at New Delhi acknowledged the support of terrorism in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan has destroyed the Pakistani economy, society, and politics to such an extent that if India attacks Pakistan, Pakistan will be disintegrated within no time. He claimed that Pakistan’s neck is in the control of India. His threats were not baseless. Karachi was bleeding in the hands of Altaf Hussein. Extortion, kidnapping for ransom, robberies, target killing were made a profession. Karachi was identified for its lawlessness on the international level. From Karachi to Peshawar, Mosques, places of worship, state installations, courts, educational institutions, public places all were targets of terrorists. Despite all this, Pakistan was alleged for terrorism all over the world. While expanding her terrorist activities through her Naval Commander Kulbhushan Jhadev India forgot that he might get arrested. Perhaps Indian state terrorists especially RAW was sure that the strong terrorist network established by RAW in Balochistan and Pakistan will not allow Pakistan Army and ISI to put hands on their state terrorist.
Pakistani representative at international court

                Kulbhushan was involved in terrorism since 2003 in Iranian city Chah Bahar; he was training Baloch militants, providing them weapons, and targets. He was responsible to lure unemployed Baloch youngsters to join Baloch terrorists. The support of NDS and increased contacts within Pakistan encouraged him to enter into Pakistan himself. He visited Karachi via Balochistan. He created new facilitators in addition to his existing network to separate Balochistan from Pakistan and stop CPEC. He was so confident that he started visiting Balochistan and Karachi frequently. No one from Indian Defense Ministry and RAW objected his visits to Pakistan. RAW was supported by Israeli MOSSAD and American CIA. These agencies were providing technical support to RAW and advice. No one informed him about the threats in entering into Pakistan just like movie scenes of Bollywood. Both of these agencies were well aware of the capability of ISI and Pakistan army.
                Kulbhushan was being observed by ISI. ISI wanted complete details of his links in Balochistan and Karachi otherwise as soon as he has been arrested, his facilitators would have gone underground. On the suitable time, he was arrested. After investigation when his facilitators were arrested, his arrest was declared by Pakistan. India denied to acknowledge him as an Indian citizen and rejected his confessional statement as well. However, could not deny this bitter reality for long as Kulbhushan was serving an officer of Indian Navy and serving RAW since 2003. Despite denial from India, Kulbhusan would have been sentenced to death for his killing thousands of innocent Pakistanis (which he has confessed and disclosed his activities as well). This would have discouraged those who work for RAW. They would have lost morale as their state was not ready to stand behind them in hard times. The details of Kulbhushan’s family, his job in Indian Navy and serving for RAW has been disclosed by Indian Media.
Kulbhushan's fake passport

                India accepted Kulbhushan as its citizen and declared that India will go to any limit to save her son. According to the constitution of Pakistan Kublhushan was sentenced to death by the military court. India took the case to the International Court. The decision of International has nothing in favor of India. Indian plea for release of Kulbhushan was rejected. In other words, International Court acknowledged that Kulbhushan is a terrorist who cannot be given any soft corner. International Court allowed India to contact her terrorist through Indian Counsellor. Pakistan accepts and abides by the human rights and diplomatic values. Indian counselor would be given access to Kulbhushan. However, this is to be decided by India that whether she is ready to stop her terrorism in  Pakistan or will continue it? She has to be held accountable for her links with BLA (Balochistan Liberation Army) declared as terrorism on international level…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 25 July 2019.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Muslims Living in Old Delhi Alleged for Creation of New Pakistan!

Muslim residents served food at the procession outside Durga Mandir after decorating the Mandir with new Durga’s Idols.

                How much greatest blessing is Independent Pakistan for us, this can be imagined from the torture and attacks of Hindus on Muslims that started on 30th June 2019 at about 10 PM Indian time when a Muslim youngster named Aas Muhammad parked his motorcycle near the house of Hindus. Muslims are living in Old Delhi along with Hindus for centuries.  Muslims are in the minority as compared to Hindus. Muslims prefer to live in areas having Muslim majority so that in case of attacks from Hindus or any calamity they can face the situation. Like other old cities, Old Delhi also consists of narrow streets and markets selling from scrap to latest electronics. As Muslim are concentrated here, therefore, Hindus do not disturb them usually. However, with the passage of time, the situation has changed as old Hindu families shifted to other areas and a new one replaced them.
Police  Blocked Old Delhi locality from all sides.
                A similar incident took place on the night of 30 June 2019, a Muslim youngster Aas Muhammad parked his motorbike outside of the 45 year-old Hindu Gupta, he stopped Muhammad from the motorbike there and threatened him of grieve consequences. Aas Muhammad was not ready for such a reaction and looked towards Gupta that why he did not allow him to park his motorbike while there was neither the door nor window of the Gupta’s home. In the meanwhile, Gupta’s wife also came out and started threatening Muhammad. The passer-by Hindus misinterpreted Gupta’s wife as Muhammad has harassed her. Without investigating the reason they started beating Muhammad, other Hindus joined them as well. Few Hindus tried to diffuse the situation but they failed , Aas Muhammad as beaten badly and fainted. Hindus continued beating him with sticks even they considered him as dead. In the meanwhile relatives of Aas Muhammad and Indian Police reached on the spot. Gupta and his wife alleged that Aas Muhammad attacked them as well as their children and Gupta’s elderly mother. The CCTV camera fixed on the Gupta’s neighbor disclosed the lies of Gupta. This was the incident of the Hauth Qazi area. Police took both parties to the Police station for registration of FIR.
Central Reserve Police Force seen patrolling after the clashes broke out over parking issue, at the Lal Kuan Bazar in Old Delhi area.
                Still, the FIR was to be lodged, the mobile of the Police Station rang and he was informed that Muslim has started stoning two Hindu temples due to which the idols in the Durgah temple have been broken. The registration of the FIR was postponed and Police informed their higher-ups of this new development. The Muslim who had come to Police Station left Police Station worrying for their homes. In no time Muslims and Hindus took to the roads in the Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk, Jamia Masjid Chowk, Dariya Ganj, Pahar Ganj and Laal Kuwaan area. Muslims were denying stoning Hindu temples while few of the Hindus also supported Muslim stance. According to them the persons who pelted stones were 17-20 and were never seen before in the area. It was impossible to be decided whether they were Muslim or non-Muslim. Muslim notables were struggling to diffuse the situation through negotiations with Hindu notables. Police arrested many Muslims most of them children in order to decrease the anger of Hindus. The control of the whole area was handed over to Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). They imposed an undeclared curfew. The Muslim and Hindus living in the area are mostly linked with trade. They disliked the spreading of riots in the area. However, the leadership of extremist Hindus in New Delhi wanted to exploit the situation to pressurize Muslims. The presence of troops of CRPF was the main problem for Hindu extremists in attacking Muslims. The video recording of CCTV cameras installed in Hindu temples also supported Muslim stance that Muslim was not involved in the stoning of the temples. Moreover, Muslim have always respected temples and never attacked them.
Muslims in the area had volunteered to pay for the new Durga Murtis for 100 years old Durga Mandir in Old Delhi.
                The Hindu journalists of India were of the view that stoning of temples in Old Delhi was the result of a well-planned conspiracy. Sanjiv Kumar who was involved in the disputed that started over the parking of the motorbike told India Today in an interview that few politicians wanted to exploit the attack over Durgah temple for their political needs. He is not ready to accept that Muslims attacked Hindu temples. Despite the passage of two weeks, the area is still in the control of CRPF. People are not allowed to go out of their homes. In order to diffuse the situation, the Muslims of the area have prepared the new idols of white stone for Durgah temple and fixed them in the Durgah temple in a large gathering. Perhaps this has happened first time in the history of the area that Muslims have installed idols, chanted slogans and sang Hindu religious Bhajan as a gesture of solidarity with Hindus. The Hindus of the area are satisfied over the role of Muslims and want an end to the dispute, however, leaders of Hindu extremists have rejected the gesture of solidarity of Muslims terming them as a fraud. They have demanded from BJP and Narendra Modi that Muslims should be exiled from the area of Old Delhi. They are fueling hatred against and violence against Muslims of these areas and areas outside Old Delhi. Hindus are supporting extremist Hindus on the basis that Muslims consider Old Delhi as Pakistan and now they are trying to establish this area as a new Pakistan. The Indian state has asked Indian media to totally blackout the situation in Old Delhi and not to publish any news.
                After being defeated in the elections, Congress is also silent over the situation. According to an Indian analyst, Sonia Gandhi is taking revenge for defeat in the elections through the violence of Hindus against Muslims. Pakistani media should inform the world about the threats to the lives of Muslims in Old Delhi. Our journalists paid from NGOs and India might consider this as interference in Indian Internal affairs; they should keep in mind that the safety of Muslims in India is more important than their love towards India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 18 July 2019.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Declaration of BLA (Balochistan Liberation Army) as a Terrorist Organization by the USA is not Enough!

General Qamar Javed Bajwa at Lords Cricket Stadium

            On 23 June 2019, Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Javaid Bajwa visited the Cricket Stadium at Lords, to watch the cricket match between South Africa and Pakistan. Spectators were astonished by his visit. They started chanting the slogans in favor of Pakistan army and Pakistan. DG ISPS Major General Asif Ghafoor was also along with him. General Bajwa used the common entrance by standing in the queue in spite of using the special entrance which was published in all the notable newspapers of London. Pakistani spectators were in high spirits when they saw General Bajwa around them. Everyone was struggling to see him. On the request of the Stadium administration and British, he went into the VIP Enclosure. He was joined by the British Army Chief General Nicolson and Prince William in the VIP enclosure. 
General Qamar Javed Bajwa at Lords Stadium along with Prine

This was the one aspect of the match at the Lords. On the other hand, anti-Pakistan pamphlets were being distributed. Billboards carrying anti-Pakistan texts were erected, trucks carrying such billboards were standing around the stadium. These billboards carried anti-Pakistan slogans with respect to Balochistan

“Help End Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan”.

Every passer-by was forced to read these slogans. The distributors of the pamphlets were claiming themselves being the persons who had fled from Balochistan for their lives. Whether it was the distribution of the pamphlets or billboards on trucks this was not a secret activity but it was being carried in the presence of the Police. Afterward, whatever happened on 29 June 2019, this was also witnessed by the whole world that a banner tied behind a small aircraft was flying over the stadium which continued for at least 5 minutes. It appeared twice over the stadium carrying two different slogans regarding Balochistan. When it appeared again, the suspicious persons carrying Afghani flags with them attacked Pakistani spectators. Outside the stadium, Pakistani spectators were attacked as well on three different points. These attackers were not afraid of the London Police standing outside the stadium. Police did nothing to save Pakistanis. If London Police had reacted as per Police standards than no one would have dared to attack Pakistanis. It seemed that attackers were aware that Police will not arrest them.

            Let's assume that spectators fight with each other while watching matches but this fight is never one-sided. But here Pakistanis were just defending themselves or watching whole activity by standing apart. They had arrived in London along with family members from far-flung areas and the USA.

Flying banners against the integrity of any sovereign state cannot be termed as the freedom to speech.

A country where children are not allowed to fly a toy drone in the name of security how is it possible that an aircraft carrying anti-Pakistan slogans was flying without the knowledge of the British govt. The total time of the aircraft’s flight is about ten minutes. Was this plane only viewed by the Pakistani spectators and not by the British Internal affairs ministry and Civil aviation authorities. Why the plane was not ordered to return to the airport at once?


After seeing the whole activity it is evident that whether it was the distribution of the pamphlets, billboards or flying of the aircraft all was being done with the support of the British govt.

It is a well-known fact that British supported target killing, extortion, terrorism, and murders of innocent people in Karachi and Hyderabad because British Intelligence agency was behind the MQM and Altaf Hussein. Altaf Hussein who murdered hundreds of innocents in the name of linguistic disputes is still in the protection of Britain and still involved in the anti-Pakistan speeches under the umbrella of English authorities. London is supporting the activities of PTM. BLA members operate and plan their terrorist activities from  London, they give anti-Pakistan statements. The names of the organizations for the separation of Balochistan are different but their supporters and leaders are the same. Brahamdagh Bugti and Harabyar Bugti have applied for British nationality while living in Switzerland. Khan of Qalat Salman Dawood is living in British on the basis of asylum just like Altaf Hussein.

            These terrorists are involved in terrorism in Karachi, Balochistan and other cities by bomb blasts and sabotage of trains. These enemies of Pakistan operate and kill thousands of Pakistanis from London it is acceptable but if we declare them as terrorists and demand them back so that they can be brought before courts, these terrorists are given asylum by British authorities.

It is evident that British authorities are supporting these terrorist activities in Pakistan.

anti Pakistan pamphlets


On 02 July 2019, America declared Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) as a terrorist organization and froze its accounts.

This is a good gesture but still, no statement about the future of Barahamdagh, Harabyar Bugti and Prince Salman Dawood has been given. BLA is involved in terrorism since 1970. It was established by the Soviet Secret Agency KGB; training, weapons, and finances all were provided by the KGB. India was also involved in the establishment of BLA along with the Soviet Union. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, BLA was handed over to USA and UK while India remained on its back as well. After the American declaration of BLA as a terrorist organization, the European Union has also declared it a terrorist organization. This is not enough. The terrorists of BLA should be handed over to Pakistan. Even after the declaration of BLA as a terrorist, leaders of BLA are still at large.

Let's see when London will take legal actions against those who exploited London for propaganda against Pakistan.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 July 2019.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Politicians’ Responsibility to SafeGuard State from the Political Tension!

Bilawal demands to issue production orders of MNAs Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir

                In January 1968 two trusted friends of Sheikh Mujeeb u Rehman i.e. Education Specialist Muhammad Ali Raza and another working as Steward in Pakistan Navy visited Agar Tala India. They finalized negotiations for the armed treason against Pakistan with Indian RAW. Leader of Awami League Sheikh Mujeeb of East Pakistan was in contact with Indian RAW since 1962 for separation of East Pakistan. ISI was observing the links between Sheikh Mujueeb and India. In the meeting at Agar Tala, the deal against Pakistan was finalized which included establishment, gorilla training, provision of weapons and funding of military wing of Awami League. Colonel Shams-ul-Alam of ISI belonging to Bengal was observing the whole situation since 1967. He was busy in arranging undeniable evidence of a conspiracy against Pakistan. In 1967, he faced an assassination attempt, he faced the assassins alone and arrested one of them alive. It was revealed that Rauf-u-Rehman of East Bengal Regiment was behind the assassination attempt on Colonel Shams. During the investigations 1500 person was arrested, however, these apprehensions were kept secret. However, after the meeting in the Agartala, Mujeeb along with 35 others was arrested and govt. unveiled the conspiracy against Pakistan. Arrested persons included a few govt. officials. While the few officers and soldiers of the army were already under arrest. Despite the assassination attempt Colonel Shams continued his mission to protect Pakistan for which he was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz Military.
The Round Table Conference convened by President Ayub Khan, Shaikh Mujibur Rehman is visible sitting there

                This was the time when political chaos was on the peak during the Ayub Khan’s regime. Most of the politicians who played a vital role against Ayub Khan afterward acknowledged that this was a golden era for development in the field of industrialization economic stability. When Ayub Khan was overpowered by the opposition parties for their struggle to restore democracy and wanted to negotiate with the opposition in the round table conference. United Opposition denied taking part in the negotiations without Mujeeb. All of them were agreed that Ayub Khan has fabricated the treason and Agar Tala conspiracy for political revenge against Mujeeb. In addition to the opposition all those so-called intellectuals who linked themselves with communism, they all termed arrest of Mujeeb as military revenge. As a result of the pressure from a united opposition, Ayub took back the allegations and released Mujeeb, however, the political chaos continued and the situation deteriorated day by day. Ayub Khan left power, in order to restore democracy elections were held in Pakistan. 
On combined West Pakistan political parties leadership’s demand, President Ayub Khan released Shaikh Mujib to attend RTC and welcomed him in the conference.

Mujeeb won the elections. However, those politicians who were in favor of the release of Mujeeb rejected his right to establish govt. As a result of this denial, armed riots spread in East Pakistan; as per plan Pakistan army was ordered to control the situation. Disguised as Mukti Bahni, Indian commandoes and Indian trained Bengali terrorists started attacking Pakistani soldiers that numbered 28000. Awami league was also involved in these attacks. Pakistan army that was already spread in the urban areas of East Pakistan to restore the peace was unable to defend the 4156 km long border with India. As per the plan, the Indian army attacked East Pakistan. India has already closed its aerospace for Pakistan under the staged hijacking of Indian Air Lines Ganga airplane. 250,000 Indian soldiers attacked Eastern Pakistan. 175000 trained Mukti Bahni terrorists were in addition to these Indian soldiers. This war that continued for 13 days resulted in the laying down of arms by Pakistan army on 16 December 1971. Pakistan was divided into two parts. Then the history witnessed that those from within Pakistan who supported the treason against Pakistan were awarded Bangladeshi awards by Haseena Wajid. Those who received awards included Shaukat Ali who remained Deputy Speaker of Bangladeshi Parliament from 2009-14. Shaukat Ali openly acknowledged that Agar Tala was real and demanded that this should be made the part of the Bangladeshi curriculum so that the new generation can be taught that Mujeeb disliked peaceful struggle for separation from Pakistan. He was in continuous link with India for armed struggle. When the conspiracy was unveiled it was denied for the time being. If politicians of Western Pakistan has not demanded the release of Mujeeb for their anger against Ayub and terming the arrest as political revenge, the conspiracy could not have been successful. When Shaukat Ali was arrested for being part of Agar Tala conspiracy, he was serving in Pakistan army as Captain.
In 2010, surviving conspirator and Deputy Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament Shawkat Ali confessed to the parliament at a point of order that the charges read out to them about “Agartala Conspiracy Case” were accurate and based on facts.

                Now let's come towards the current political chaos in the country. Neither there is martial law nor any military commander is heading the country. All the politicians dying for democracy are all aware that how their parties' are practicing inheritance in the name of democracy. Despite all this, they are agreed that democracy should continue in the country. On 26 June 2019 after 9 hours long All Parties Conference that was held for changing the govt. resulted in the demand for the production order of Mohsin Ali Dawar and Ali Wazir belonging to the Tribal areas. These two members of Parliament are under arrest for attacking check post of Pakistan army that was established for the protection of the locals. In the way, these two persons incited the locals to attack check post, the videos recorded from different angles are on the record. In this attack, 5 soldiers were injured out of which embraced martyrdom.
MNAs Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir: arrested for attacking army check post in Boya, North Waziristan Tribal District.

 Leaving aside this attack, these two persons are notorious for their anti-Pakistan statements and conspiracies. They not only want the separation of the tribal districts but the separation of KPK. Their threats and statements of TTP terrorists have no difference. This has been disclosed by the ISPR that these two persons along with their leaders are in contact with agencies working against Pakistan. Despite all this one of the leaders of political parties said that Mohsin Dawar cannot be involved in such attack. Meaning he does not trust the Pakistan army and its statement? He is not ready to accept the videos recorded by the accomplices of the Mohsin Dawar. The demand for a production order is nothing more than the treason and conspiracies against Pakistan. They are members of parliament but this does not mean that they start firing on our soldiers and they cannot be arrested as well. Our politicians may continue their dirty politics but they should secure the state from the impact of their dirty power plays and conspiracies…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 04 July 2019.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

BBC Worried over the Defeat of Terrorists!

                BBC may remember the visit of Chief of General Staff, Nicholas Patrick Carter on 13 October 2017. During his visit, he expressed happiness over the destruction of the TTP centers, secret hideouts, and suicide bomb manufacturing units. He said, “United Kingdom greatly appreciated Pakistan's sacrifices in this regard”. General Nicholas termed the actions of Pakistan army a step towards the restoration  of peace in the region and assured British support to Pakistan. On the wish of General Nicholas, he was allowed to visit tribal areas. Afterward, on 06 April 2018, British Army Chief visited Pakistan. During his visit, he visited Balochistan especially Pak-Afghan border. More important for this was the visit of British Army Chief on 16 October 2016 he spent most of his time in tribal areas and said, “It is a great privilege for me as a head of the British Army to come to Miran Shah, the Administrative Headquarter of the North Waziristan. I’ve heard so much about What Pakistan army has been going in this part of the world”.

                General Nicholas’s interest in victories of Pakistan army against terrorists in North Waziristan and other tribal areas was not without reason. he has served in Afghanistan in 2001 as a part of the American allied forces. British forces were responsible for the areas near the Pakistani border. He was well aware that fighting against the terrorists hiding in the narrow mountains was equivalent to fighting against the mountains. General Nicholas expressed his feelings in his visit to Miran Shah. The second reason for his interest was the defeats of the British Indian army in 1849 in these tribal areas. In one skirmish all British soldiers except Doctor and local Indian soldiers all were killed by the tribal fighters. English doctor was left alive so that he may convey the reports that all British soldiers were killed. Such a defeat British army was experienced in Mohmand, Khyber Agency and North Waziristan. General Nicholas was also aware that in spite of attacking tribals on the order of Governor General Lord Dalhousie why Sir Charles Napier and Sir Colin Campbell preferred to resign. British Army Chief was well aware that which forces were funding TTP for their establishing strongholds in Afghanistan. Which international agencies were providing weapons, training and planning to the terrorists. He was well aware of the capability of the weapons that were given to the terrorists. Despite all this, the victory of the Pakistan army against the terrorists was a historical achievement. For this victory, Pakistan army has sacrificed thousands of soldiers and officers. These martyrdoms of Pakistani soldiers were the base of the Pakistan army’s victory against terrorists funded and supported by the international powers.

                BBC tried to defame Pakistan army and their own General Nicholas by publishing the fabricated report, “Uncovering Pakistan’s Secret Human Rights Abuses”. The 3 visits of this General from October 2016 to April 2018 has been reported by BBC itself. These reports carried the appreciation of Pakistan army. If the BBC has got news of Human Rights abuses by Pakistan army, then this was the duty of the BBC to disclose these reports during the visits of their General and appreciation of Pakistan army. BBC could not report cutting throats of those who opposed TTP, hanging dead bodies in crossovers, kidnapping young girls from their homes and murdering those who resisted. BBC should have included the demands of DO MORE since the American invasion in Afghanistan. BBC should have translated that DO MORE meant hitting terrorists with flowers so that neither any house was destroyed nor anyone got hurt. Such flowers should have been provided by BBC that whose smell converted all terrorists into human loving.

                The crime of the Pakistan army is that in spite of destroying tribal areas just like Americans and their allied wanted, Pakistan army chose difficult and hard to understand strategy. Before the start of the operation, civilians were shifted to safe places and afterward the military operation was started. This was against the plans of America and its allies, especially who had imposed these terrorists on Pakistan. The goal behind the propaganda and pressure on the Pakistan army to start operation was that when the Pakistan army will start an attack against the terrorists hiding in the civilians, locals would be forced to take weapons against Pakistan army. In this way, in the allegations of attacking Pakistan army, they could have easily pressurized Pakistan army to protect interests of American allies especially if Pakistan army to save itself from being trialed under the allegations of human rights abuses. This also included giving up support of Kashmiris living under illegal occupation of Indian army. The American demand to start action against the Haqqani network in tribal areas was just to befool the world. America was well aware that the Afghan Taliban attacked Americans from strongholds within Afghanistan.
                BBC’s report might had some credibility if it had not posed Manzoor Pashteen as an oppressed leader. This report was purposely published after 26 May 2019, on the day when Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir attacked a military check-post with few miscreants. Five soldiers serving on the check post got injured 1 of them got martyrdom. In the reciprocal firing 3 persons were killed while 15 were injured. It was necessary to wash up the negative image of PTM, which was done by the BBC by fabricating the story of human rights abuses by Pakistan army…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-waqt,
Date: 27 June 2019.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

India! Only State in the World Where there is Lawlessness in the Name of Law!

After the partition of India, when British rule came to its end, Army was the only department in India that was left intact according to the rules of India. Indian rulers claimed it as the only good work of the English. They boasted the professionalism, discipline and abiding by the rules by Indian soldiers. In 1948 during his address to Indian Military Academy at Dehradun in 1948, Jawahar Lal Nehru said that Indian army is better than rest of the society because they dislike lies and every soldier acknowledges his mistake without any hesitation, this feature of Indian army surpasses its bravery and zeal.

                On 26 September 2017, Major Leetul Goi of 53 Rashtriya Rifles tied a Kashmiri youngster Farooq Ahmad to his military jeep as a human shield against the stones of the protestors. When the videos of this incident got viral on the social media, criticism started all over the world against the Indian army. Indian journalist Karan Thapar wrote that Major Gogoi has ashamed the Indians by falsifying Nehru. Retired Indian officers were ashamed of their link with the Indian army while Indian Defense analysts demanded that Major Gogoi should be punished for destroying the credibility of the Indian army.

                As a result of the criticism from all over the world, Indian Defense Minister ordered to hold inquiry of the incident and assured that once the crime is proved, Major Gogoi will be punished according to the law. Commandant and Brigade Commander of 53 Rashtriya Rifles gave the statement that Farooq Ahmad Dar was himself pelting stones at the Indian army and inciting others to throw stones. Indian Print Media and Electronic Media in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) rejected the Indian Army’s claims. According to the report of Indian army Farooq Ahmad Dar was a tailor and returning to home after casting his vote despite a boycott from the majority of IHK, he was arrested by Major Gogoi and his soldiers. Whole India was astonished  when Indian Army Chief General Bapan Rawat announced to award Major Gogoi as an Indian hero. This act of General Rawat proves that Indian army has left the rules and discipline of the British army long ago and now their standard is below the Indian Police. The appreciation of General Rawat incited other Indian soldiers to use Kashmiris as human shields as a military strategy. They were not tied in front of the Indian military jeeps but on the sides and rear as well. Moreover, wherever the Indian army had threats of stone pelting they kept passengers as human shields while these passengers had no link with the protests.

                This strategy is now being adopted in all the other cities of IHK. These Kashmiris used as the human shields are not injured by the stones but by the butts of the Indian soldiers guns and batons. When these human shields cannot stand up due to injuries they are thrown on the road and other Kashmiris are taken as human shields. Social media is full of videos showing the bravery of the Hindu army against unarmed human shields. Daily 2-4 Kashmiris are being martyred. After re-election of Modi, the Indian army’s barbarism is crossing all the limits. The arrest of children aged between 7-10 years are being arrested in the name of spying under Public Safety Act (PSA). Amnesty International has prepared a comprehensive report on the misuse of PSA and demanded that Indian govt. should end this black law at once which allows Indian army and Police to arrest anyone and keep in custody for 2 years without any registration of crime. Neither courts have jurisdiction over this nor human rights are allowed to interfere in such detentions. Amnesty International arranged a seminar at Sri Nagar to get the attention of International Powers against the PSA. In this seminar, Amnesty International was going to present its report to the media and Indian govt.

                On 12 June 2019, the day fixed for the seminar when the local representatives of Amnesty International arrived Sri Nagar they were stopped from the seminar in the name of the critical situation  in Sri Nagar by the Indian army. Amnesty’s local representative protested against this and told media that Amnesty International has been protesting against PSA black law but now the situation has deteriorated to the limits and it can be termed as lawlessness. The report prepared by the Amnesty International was sent by e-mail to the international media which published in Washington  Post, New York Times and other western print media as the highlights. According to the report during the last two decades, the Indian army abducted more than 20,000 Kashmiris who are still missing. Their heirs have died while waiting for them those who are alive are unable to get any help against the state abductions. They keep watching the pictures of their loved ones hoping that they may return one day. Indian Hindus have selected RSS and its supporting parties converting India into a practical Hindu extremist state. Hindu extremists have given full unprecedented support to the Indian army to make Kashmir a part of India no matter at the corpses of Kashmiris.

                Those intellectuals and journalists who used to raise their voice against crimes of Hindu Army in IHK, are now silent since the re-election of the Modi. Either they have lost hopes or are worried about the lives of their loved ones. This is the duty of the Pakistan and Pakistanis to support Kashmiris in which Pakistani govt. has to play a vital role. In the start of the negotiations with India they do not want to make India violent by talking over the Kashmir issue; this is the policy of India that on one hand, it keeps killing Kashmiris while on the other hand keeps a cold attitude towards Pakistan in the negotiations so that Pakistan keeps on expressing solidarity with Kashmiris but could not openly support them…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 20 June 2019.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Calendar Consisting of Greater Afghanistan Maps and Manzoor Pashteen!

            If after the passage of 71 years, Afghan rulers are not ready to end their conspiracies and enmity against Pakistan then any hopes of improvement in future are useless. The irony of fate is that enemies of Pakistan especially had such facilitators from within Pakistan who worked for them and never got ashamed of this. The conspiracies against Pakistan started with the partition of India in 194 when Sardar Abdul Ghaffar Khan of KPK (former NWFP) demanded a separate state of Pakhtunistan consisting of NWFP and tribal areas. He got famous as Sarhadi Gandhi. He never felt insulted over being called as Gandhi but he considered himself as equivalent to Mohin Das Gandhi of India. This might be his self-image but his friendship with Nehru, Gandhi and other Congress leaders was not a secret. This friendship forced him to oppose Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Two Nations Theory which was converted into stubbornness after defeat in the referendum for inclusion into Pakistan. This is a strange situation that at this time Afghan govt. supported him that a separate state of Pakhtunistan consisting of the areas under the Durand line should be formed. The pact of the Durand line was signed as a result of the skirmishes between the British Army and tribals. After defeat in the referendum, the difference of opinion of Sardar Abdul Ghafar converted into hatred and the hopes of Afghanistan died as well.

            The second part of the enmity against Pakistan started after 14th August 1947 when Afghanistan rejected to acknowledge Pakistan as an independent state. Kabul and New Delhi prepared the map of Greater Pakhtunistan. In order to execute this conspiracy, Sardar Abdul Ghafar Khan alias Sarhadi Gandhi and his son Sardar Abdul Wali Khan presented his services. Sardar Abdul Ghaffar Khan was appreciated in India. This is a separate story that how Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani’s National Awami Party in East Pakistan became the identity of Sarhadi Gandhi and Wali Khan in 1957. People in the Western Pakistan having inclinations towards communism joined this party. During the era of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, this party was banned as a result of a suit filed in Supreme Court of Pakistan for treason and this party was converted into National Awami Party to continue its activities. However, respect of Sarhadi Gandhi in India for creating hurdles in the construction of Kala Bagh Dam is a bitter reality. He was given the PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE AWARD in 1962 by India. In 1967 he was given the JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU AWARD and BHARATRATNA award in 1987.

            However, after the Soviet invasion and successful resistance from Afghan Mujahideen in 1979, Sarhadi Gandhi lost all the hopes of Greater Afghanistan. He made the will that he should be buried in the Nangarhar area of Jalalabad Afghanistan. According to his will when he died on 20 January 1988 at the age of 97, his dead body was taken from Peshawar to Jalalabad and buried there.

            Whenever, one talks about the agenda of the Soviet Union to access the warm waters, leaders of Awami National Party and supporters of communism get angry. Soviet Leaders of that era openly accept this agenda. After the withdrawal of the Soviet Army, American manufactured Taliban who was into power according to the needs of the USA. When the differences developed between the USA and the Taliban, America invaded Afghanistan under the cover of the presence of Osama Bin Laden and 9/11. Taliban were ousted with the help of the Northern Alliance. The links between the Northern Alliance and India, paved the way for the Indian role in Afghanistan. In 2002 India established consulates near the borders of Pakistan which were actual secret centers. In these centers, youth from the Pakistani tribal areas were brainwashed in the name of Tehreeek Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The real strength of these terrorists was the secret hideouts having narrow passes and difficult approach. After waging the terrorist war in Pakistan in the form of suicide bomb blasts, enemies of Pakistan had not imagined that Pakistan army will crush their trained terrorists in their hideouts, not only these terrorist camps were destroyed but the fence over the Afghanistan border was erected as well to stop the invasion of the terrorists as well.

            From here started the Plan-B of the enemy. Manzoor Pashteen, Mehsud and other persons involved in politics in the universities of KPK in the name of ANP were given the plan of Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM). First, these persons were taken to London and other Western countries for the training with the support of the different foreign NGOs. Their anti-Pakistan sentiments are polished than they are sent to KPK in order to fuel the hatred in the name of Pakhtun racism. The names of Manzoor Pashteen, Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir got publicity in January 2018 when a youngster named Naqeebullah Mehsud was murdered in a fake Police encounter in Karachi and his heirs protested against it. The above-mentioned people were busy in fueling racism in Peshawar since 2016. Afterward, through planning, they were given coverage in the media. Now Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir have been arrested for attack over a check post in North Waziristan in which 4 soldiers were injured while one soldier was martyred. On the other hand, Afghanistan is printing and publishing such Calendars in which on one side there is the picture of Manzoor Pashteen while on the other hand there is the map of Greater Pakhtunistan that was prepared by the Sarhadi Gandhi including the areas of Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and KPK has been shown as part of Afghanistan. The point to be noted is that Manzoor Pashteen is not such a big leader that his pictures should be published on Calendars and posters. This printing and distribution of such posters and calendars show that enemies of Pakistan are hatching conspiracies against Pakistan in which role of Manzoor Pashteen will be of great importance. There is a possibility that Afghan Intelligence Agency NDS and Indian RAW are planning to murder Manzoor Pashteen so that the allegations of Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir against Pakistan army can be supported. This might lend some support to the Manzoor Pashteen’s appeal to UNO for interference.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 04 June 2019.