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Hindutva Targets Hindu Students and Teachers at Jawahar Lal University

JNU: hindu masked men thrashed students, including Girls and Teachers inside the campus with wooden and iron rods.
JNU: Hindu masked men thrashed students, including Girls and Teachers inside the campus with wooden and iron rods.

Ali Garh Jamia Milli Islamia is Muslim Universities and this is a reality as well that students of these universities have played a pivotal role in motivating the people against the disputed citizenship act of the Indian Parliament. Attacks of Police on these universities, beating male and female students in the classrooms, washrooms, and library of the university with sticks and iron rods, all these scenes were recorded by the students of the university and shared over the internet. These recorded clips of Police torture got viral on the social media unveiling the real face of the so-called Mother of Democracy the real Hindu Extremism. 
New Delhi: A day after Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students were attacked by a masked mob in the varsity, JNU Student Union (JNUSU) president Aishe Ghosh, who was also injured in the violence, on Monday alleged that it was an organised attack and some "RSS affiliated professors" were promoting violence.
New Delhi: A day after Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students were attacked by a masked mob in the varsity, JNU Student Union (JNUSU) president Aishe Ghosh, who was also injured in the violence, on Monday alleged that it was an organized attack and some "RSS affiliated professors" were promoting violence.
This torture forced citizens of other cities to get on the roads to protest against the Hindu Prime Minister and Interior Minister. The steadfastness of University female students despite merciless Police Torture encouraged educated Indians to raise their voice for the right that if these weak girls can stand against the torture and Hindu extremism than why not they. The majority of the Indians were unaware that what would be the consequences of the Citizenship Act passed by the Indian Parliament on India. While seeing the ferocious attacks of Indian Police on the students of Ali Garh University, the public analyzed the Citizenship Act which revealed that through this Act, BJP wants to convert India into such a state where non-Hindus will not have any rights at all. 280 million Muslims will be either murdered, forced to leave India or spend the rest of their lives in mass concentration centers or convert to Hinduism.
Hindu Professor Sucharrira Sen injured in JNU attack by Hindu extremists.
Hindu Professor Sucharrira Sen injured in JNU attack by Hindu extremists.
Outside of India Hindus are identified as one nation but in fact, there are 4 categories of Hindu caste system i.e. Brahmans, Khastriya, Wesh and than Shudra. The basic rights are available to only first three castes while Shudra and a fifth caste known as Dalits (untouchables) existing in India have no rights at all. Giving India a Hindu identity and imposing Hinduism in India means that rights will be available to Brahmans only followed by Khastriya and Wesh. Shudra and Wesh who form 64% of Indian population will have no rights forcing them to live a life worse than animals. This should be kept in mind that activist of Hindu Extremist RSS Ram Nath killed Gandhi because Gandhi was against the division of the Human Rights on the basis of the caste system of Hinduism. In 1933, Gandhi visited all across India on the train and ensured Shudra and Dalits through his speeches that in Free India they will have all the rights to develop and progress. Especially in Madras, RSS protested against Gandhi’s speech that by giving equal rights to Dalits, Gandhi is insulting higher caste Hindus as a traitor of Hinduism. 
With her SOS video msg Swara Bhasker appealing New Delhi people to reach JNU and save the lives of Students and Teachers from Hindu RSS mob.
With her SOS video msg Swara Bhasker appealing New Delhi people to reach JNU and save the lives of Students and Teachers from the Hindu RSS mob.
Since Modi came into power in 2014, RSS demanded to declare Nathu Ram as a National Indian Hero and they demand that foreign delegates should be taken to the Nathu Ram’s memorial (to be constructed) in spite of Gandhi’s. The new law of citizenship has raised concerns only among Muslims but Wesh, Shudra, and Dalits as well. They know that their protest against the new Citizenship law will be considered as treason from Hinduism. RSS leadership, Hindu Prime Minister and Interior Minister know that if lower caste Hindus continued becoming part Muslim protests against Hindu Citizenship Act, not only their plans to convert India into an extremist Hindu state will be failed, the BJP’s govt. will also be demolished. In the light of the above concerns, hundreds of mask-wearing Hindu goons attacked the Jawahar Lal Nehru University of New Delhi on 05 January 2020 despite being the holiday of Sunday; their target was residencies of the teachers and hostels of female students. The torture in the university, cries of the teachers and female students attracted a big crowd. Female students contacted their relatives to save them. 
New Delhi: A day after Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students were attacked by a masked mob in the varsity, JNU Student Union (JNUSU) president Aishe Ghosh, who was also injured in the violence, on Monday alleged that it was an organised attack and some "RSS affiliated professors" were promoting violence.
Aishe Ghosh
Few girls recorded their video messages and shared them on social media appealing natives of the New Delhi to help them. Within a short time, Indian Media reached on the Central gate of the University giving full coverage to the whole incident of violence. Everyone was mad that despite heavy numbers of Police no one was ready to enter the University and save the teachers and female students. In other words, Police were given a safe way out and protecting the Hindu goons. Police were of the view that they cannot enter the university premises while this is a bitter reality that entering universities in India and torturing students with batons is a routine for Indian Police. Attack over Jawahar Lal Nehru University was the first time in the history of the university that extremist Hindu govt. was silent over the issue. Public Opinion is that attack over the university was done by the goons of the RSS but why? No one has the answer to this question.
RSS Terrorists
Hindu Extremist Goons of RSS
After two days of the said violent incident, the video message of the Bhupendra Tomer alias Pinky Chaudhary leader of Hindu Raksha Dal on 07 January 2020, jolted India. It was claimed that attack over Nehru University was done on the orders of Hindu Raksha Dal leadership acknowledging the responsibility the attack as the university has become a center of the anti-Hinduism and anti-India elements. It was said that these people live in India, eat from India and speak against India. Opposing Hinduism means opposing Hindu Desh i.e. India. It was blamed on  Aishe Ghosh, University Student Leader for damaging Hindu Nationalism (she is still admitted to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi for treatment). Pinky Chaudhary said in the video message:

“JNU is a hub of communists and we don’t tolerate such hubs. They abuse our religion and our country. Their attitude towards our religion is anti-national, in the future too, we will take the same action. In other universities, if anyone tries to indulge in anti-national activities”

“Hindu Raksha Dal” leader Bhupendra Tomer takes responsibility for JNU attack.
“Hindu Raksha Dal” leader Bhupendra Tomer alias Pinky Chaudhary takes responsibility for the JNU attack.
The attack over Nehru University and silence of Indian govt. shows that Hindutva has waged war not only against Muslims and minorities but against Hindus who oppose extremism. Astonishingly, no one from so-called Pakistani communists, liberals and flag bearers of “Red Flag” have felt any need to react against Hindu Extremists for attacking Nehru university…

Urdu Copy Part-I
Urdu Copy Part-II

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 16 January 2020.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Why British Hero “Oliver Cromwell” has been made a Villain in Pakistan?

Oliver Cromwell Pic
Oliver Cromwell

While giving 5 times death sentence to General (R) Musharraf and in case of his death before being hanged, dragging his corpse Islamabad’s D-Chowk and keep it hanging for 3 days, British Dictator Cromwell was specially mentioned. Cromwell's dead body was exhumed in 1661, his head was cut apart, the head was hanged on the wall while the rest of the body was hanged with the chains. In the Pakistani court’s decision, the above-mentioned incident was quoted as precedent and termed Musharraf to be treated in similar manners. After the verdict of the Special Court, a wave of hatred and hateful analysis was started on social media. This cannot be coincident that Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa mentioned Cromwell in similar words as were used in the Special Court’s verdict during his remarks in the court. The details in the Pakistani court’s verdict and the analysis over the social media it seems that Cromwell is one of the biggest dark spots on the British history, the most hated character of English society and English villain.
Statue of Oliver Cromwell at West minister
Statue of Oliver Cromwell: Wesminster

Our intellectuals, our university teachers and historians no one dared to object that if Cromwell is a villain then why a documentary was telecasted by BBC Channel-4 in October 2002 in which a survey revealed that Cromwell was regarded as the 10 Great personalities of of Britain. Yes the Cromwell about whom during the hearing of the trial of treason against Musharraf, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa gave the comments on 26 March 2019 that a culprit cannot be allowed to control law and court on his own will and while heading the three-member bench, he mentioned the punishment given to the Cromwell. Respected Chief Justice’s comments and thinking clashes with the British History.
Inauguration of Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector.
Inauguration of Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector.

According to American Publication company Grollier Incorporated Encyclopedia in Published in 1963 Volume 3 Page No 390 the details of the Dictator Cromwell is that he was a brave General, a very pious and practicing Christian but he was against the influence of Church over the state machinery. After his initial education, Cromwell looked after his estate. In 1926, he became the part of the British Parliament. He was against the authority vested into the Church. He started a campaign to stop the Bishop’s government Episcopacy through power. In 1642, he became part of the civil war. Very soon he organized an army of Cavalry consisting of soldiers in high morale. They (Puritans) succeeded in securing to be identified as a force to be reckoned with. His army was known as Ironside. It soon became an organized army. In 1644 in the Battle of Marston Moor, he got the victory.
King Charles-I
King Charles-I

In 1645 Parliament acknowledged his army as the New Model Army. Under the command of Oliver Cromwell, his army defeated the army of the lords supported by King Charles-I and Church in 1645. The Minaret constructed in the commemoration of this historic victory is still present at the place of Naseby and this day is commemorated even today as well. Till the end of the 1st Civil war in 1645, Cromwell earned fame as a leader. He tried to convince King Charles-I towards democratic rights, but King was not ready for that because King had the support of the majority of lords in the parliament. Through the support of these lords, King attempted to over through the Parliament in 1648, once again the Civil War started. Scottish Army attacked England in the support of the King. Cromwell defeated Scottish Army at Preston forcing King for the negotiations. However, besides all this King and Church were not ready to give their powers to the Parliament. Lords in the Parliament were not ready to give up the support of King and Church in the favor of the democracy and rule by the public.
We Pakistanis made Cromwell a villain but the British history and the books written on the British Civil War never mention Cromwell as a character to be hated. In 1648, on the basis of power, he decided to start the accountability of King Charles-I and his loyal lords so that lawlessness can be controlled in London. This was the time of the Civil war in Britain. This was the war of the power between the public and the King and Church. King Charles-I was not ready for that during this war King Charles-I Cromwell and his army successfully toppled the govt. of King Charles-I. Charles-I was arrested and trialed by the court. On 27 January 1649, the High Court of Justice gave a death sentence to Charles-I. Court wrote in its decision:
He uphold in himself an unlimited and tyrannical power to rule according to his will and to overthrow the rights and liberties of the people.
King Charles-II
King Charles-II

On 30 January 1649, Charles-I’s was executed in the presence of a big gathering. This execution became disputed in British history as the war between parliament and King in the English countryside. Famous British Historian Samuel Rawson Gardiner wrote;
“With Charles’s death the main obstacle to the establishment of the constitutional system had been removed. The Monarchy as Charles understood it, had disappeared forever.
The civil war did not end even after this. The Lords supporting the Kingdom gathered in Ireland. They convinced King Charles-II to regain his Kingdom through their support. Cromwell had to fight with the Lords in Ireland’s cities Wexford and Drogheda. In 1951 Scottish Army attacked London. Cromwell and his army stopped the Scottish Army at Worcester and forced them to retreat. Seeing the clear inclination of Parliament towards King Charles-II Cromwell dissolved Parliament in 1653 and established a new Parliament supporting his views. In order to choose the members of the Parliament a Provisional Council was established. All these steps of the Cromwell were for the establishment of democracy against the Kingdom. He wanted democratic rule in Britain according to the Magna Carta. He died a natural death.
Depiction of Beheading of King Charles-I
On 30 January 1661, the exhumation of Cromwell’s dead body cutting off his head and hanging his dead body was done by those elements who were against democracy and giving the rights to the public in Britain; this was not ordered by any court but the Lords who supported Charles-I and afterward Charles-II. Today's democracy in Britain is due to the sacrifices and war of the Cromwell. His dead body was afterward buried in the lawn of the Cambridge University’s Sydney Sussex School with due respect. A revolution started by the followers of Cromwell from 1688-89 resulted in the approval of the Bill of Rights taking away powers from the Church and the Monarchy.
Alas! Just in the enmity against Pakistan army and to provide support to the hanging of Musharraf’s dead body for three days we mutilated British history by posing Cromwell as a Dictator and villain. Despite many disputes and objections against Musharraf, the reality is that terming him a traitor as a Chief of Army is equivalent to terming Oliver Cromwell as the traitor of British Nation…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 02 January 2020.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Hasty Verdict for Pervaiz Musharraf is Sacrificial for Judiciary

Everyone in Pakistan is astonished that why Judicial System of Pakistan was in haste to sentence the punishment of General (R) Parvaiz Musharaff in which all the procedures of the justice were violated; even the tense situation over the border was ignored as well. We have been divided so much socially whether this division is on an ideological or political basis; we have no respect for our opposers. What was the situation in which Parvaiz Musharaf toppled the democratic government? Why Judicial system of Pakistan acknowledged and reinforced the non-constitutional steps of Gen Musharaf? Not only this a dictator was allowed to amend the constitution of Pakistan. Leaving this discussion aside that after the decision against Musharaf the protest rallies against and in favor of the judicial decision are astonishing. The basic point is the threats to the sovereignty of Pakistan is being faced by the army alone. In such a situation the decision against the ex-Chief of Army and the wording used in the decision invited the reaction naturally. In the way lawyers and other analysts rejected the sentence of Musharaf as being injustice and against the constitution; this shows that the majority of the public of Pakistan does not trust the judicial system of Pakistan and has concerns over the democratic institutions of Pakistan. However, the issue of graver concern is the morale of the Pakistan army.
The report published in the Daily Nawa-i-Waqt on 18 December 2019, about the deployment of Brahmos anti-tank guided missiles on the Line of Control (LoC) shows that India has plans to attack Azad Kashmir as a result of a failure in controlling situation in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) despite 5 months-long curfew Kashmiris protest are unstoppable, the amendments made in the Indian Constitution against Muslims and the uncontrollable protests in the long and short of India. Although, India has been expressing her plans against Azad Kashmir. In the elections of 2019, BJP used conquering Pakistani Azad Kashmir as the slogan for its election campaign. Now there are reports that the Indian army has started cutting the barbed wire fence constructed over the LoC. These developments demand that not only Pakistan govt. should stand with Pakistan army but opposition and Pakistan judiciary and other institutions should also stand by the shoulders of Pakistan army. The irony of fate is that the sentence awarded to the Gen Musharraf negates national solidarity.

Although, those celebrating the death sentence of Gen Musharaf are showing that they do not oppose the army as an institution but against a single person. Despite this in their analysis and interviews the enmity and hatred against the Pakistan army can be smelled easily. All of us are aware that what was the situation in the Karachi, the life and the business of people was in the clutches of extortionists, most of them wanted to leave Karachi and shift their investment abroad, the tribal areas were converted into the safe havens of the terrorists and launching pads for terrorism within the whole country, Pakistan army soldiers were being attacked over the Afghan border, their heads were being cut and used as footballs, important military centers were being targeted through suicide bomb blasts. Despite the grave, the situation, our intellectuals, and anchors were terming terrorists as B-team of Pakistan army in their love and friendship for India at all costs. Most of the political parties remained unconcerned terming this as the war of the Pakistan army. All the stakeholders were well aware that India, America and Israel are active behind these terrorists in order to target Pakistan as a failed state, terrorist state and economically bankrupt.
In such a situation Pakistan army kept its senses and faced the faceless enemy bravely. Pakistan army crushed the terrorists within their hideouts at the cost of the soldiers’ lives. This was such a difficult warfare in which the enemy was present disguised within own citizens. The enemy has never imagined that the Pakistan army will be able to crush the terrorists equipped with the latest lethal weapons hiding in the unconquerable narrow mountain passes of tribal areas while terrorists had full supply via Afghanistan. After this devastating defeat enemy decided to attack the Pakistan army through Hybrid Warfare in which the morale of the army is the main target. Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa has mentioned this many times. The recent developments one after the other support the concerns of Gen Bajwa. Especially the sentence of Gen (R) Musharraf, the tone of the decision, the wording used in the detailed decision is equivalent to the attack over the morale of the soldiers. Under the cover of the judicial decision against Gen (R) Musharraf our so-called intellectuals having enmity against Pakistan army are busy in giving such analysis in the name of civil supremacy showing enmity against Pakistan army. 
All the pronounced and famous lawyers of Pakistan have pointed out that if Ishaq Dar, Hassan Nawaz, Hussein Nawaz, Hussein Haqqani, and other accused persons’ cases can be stopped due to their nonavailability than why Parvaiz Musharaf’s decision was given in haste in his absence without hearing him. On the order of the ex-Cheif Executive Chaudhary Iftikhar, in the way, the case was set up against Musharraf during the reign of Nawaz Sharif, in 2010 the law was passed to ensure that Musharraf gets death sentence at all costs for imposing emergency in 2007. Musharraf is under treatment abroad. In contrast to this case, Mian Nawaz Shareef, Asif Ali Zardari, and many others to mention who have pending cases against them are given the facility to get treated abroad. Despite being aware of the bad health of Musharraf he has not been given any relief; the verdict of the court to mutilate his corpse after death and keeping his dead body hung in D-Chowk Islamabad for 3 days; such biased and inhuman court verdicts have no place in the modern era. No matter someone may dislike Musharraf but this is the reality that in the way he fulfilled his duties as a Chief of Pakistan army after the American invasion in 2001 and laid the the foundation of NATO and Americans defeat in Afghanistan; this is his achievement which has made him a hero for the majority silent public and Pakistan army. In the haste to please the foreign powers, the justice has been murdered while writing the sentence of such a heroic Chief of Army…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 26 December 2019.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Unsafe Indian Nuclear Programs A Threat to the World’s Existence

Hackers attack sensitive information from Indian Nuclear Program

                Muslim are killed by torturing to death as a result of the Hindu Extremism, they are burnt alive for not chanting JE SHRI RAM, Babri Mosque is demolished under the slogan of “ISLAM IS UNACCEPTAB LE”; world remains criminally silent, not so called secular states, western countries but Muslim countries also remain silent as well. Genocide of Muslims is conducted the umbrella of Hindu-Muslim riots; UNO damn cares. India gives a shit to the UN revolutions, crosses all limits of state terrorism and violations of Human Rights in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK),  world does not step ahead to give the right of referendum as they did in East Timur and Sudan. On 02 August 2019, India revoked the special status of IHK and imposed curfew on 04 August 2019 curtailing all the communications converting IHK the worlds largest prison on earth for the 8 million Kashmiris. They are denied to food, water, medicine and basic living facilities. International media termed this as human tragedy in an attempt to awaken the international community but in vain because India is the largest market for the world’s largest economies.
India- NPCIL admits cyber-attacks on computer in Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant
                Leaving all these disparities aside, Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant of India at Tamil Nadu was attacked by hackers and they succeeded in stealing important details. USA is silent on such a big security breach in Indian Nuclear Program. Britain, France, Germany and especially IAEA remained criminally silent; just because India is the biggest market? The biggest purchaser of weapons in the world? International powers get billions of dollars deals from India? Can we put the whole world at stake just for the damn interest of few countries?
                 World got aware of this security breach when hackers listed these stolen details for sale in the under world market. This was reported by the US magazine publishing news regarding nuclear technology. Investigations started in India which revealed that in 2019 from April to June hackers did multiple attacks and stole handful of the information and nuclear secrets. Subex a firm working on the Cyber security and networking equipment disclosed in a report 0n 28 October 2019 with reference to Pukhraj Singh, Cyber Security Expert of National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) that during the recent months several successful attacks have been done on Indian Nuclear Power Plant. They were unable to determine that hackers succeeded in stealing how much and what type of the information. These news were published by the Indian media and the website of the cyber security company. These reports were rejected by the administration of the Nuclear Power Plant as fabricated story. He was of the view that not a single section is linked with the internet therefore the chances of cyber attacks are ruled out.
Indian blame North Korean Lazarus Hackers Group for their nuclear security breach
                The investigation board in its report on 30 October disclosed that Power plant was linked with the external internet but this was limited to the administration of the power plant only. The members of investigation team also accepted that computers of administration linked with internet had significant information about the power plant. Indian investigation agencies further disclosed that have failed to identify the hackers until now, however, a group of hackers Lazarus Group seems to be involved which may belong to North Korea. Said group has attacked the website of the Sony Pictures in 2014; in this attack cyber hackers had stolen the comedy movie made on the North Korean King Kim John. In 2016, said group attacked Central Bank of Bangladesh and stole 81 million dollars. When these news were reported, it was revealed that the group attacked 0.2 million computers in 150 countries.
                Under the umbrella of the attacks of the said group India has attempted to cover its useless nuclear security system and cyber attacks on its under construction nuclear power plant so that its weakness may be hidden by blaming North Korean Hackers. In order to provide clutches to the lame excuse, Indians have based their blames on the report of a British Think Tank Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in which it was disclosed that the North Korea is constructing Light Water Nuclear Reactor keeping in mind the technology used in under construction Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant of India.
                North Kore rejected the Indian blames saying that due to the international bans, it is useless for North Korea to achieve such technology through cyber attacks. An Indian analyst while defending India for the blames of cyber attacks on China, Russia and North Korea by USA and its allies said that Indian Nuclear Power Plant at Tamil Nadu is Thorium Based as an alternative for Uranium, however this cannot be used as nuclear bomb.
                S.A. Bhardwaj, ex-Chairman Atom Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) accepted the cyber attacks of North Korea on Indian Nuclear Power Plant at Tamil Nadu but he denied that any information was stolen. The silence of IAEA on such a significant issue and security breach is astonishing. This is the duty of the IAEA to clarify the concerns prevailing in the world. Whether this is the stealing of nuclear information or the sale of Yellow Cake after being stolen from India and its sale either within India, Bangladesh or Nepal in the under world; all these are not new.
                In July 2016, in the Kolkata few persons were arrested by Indian Police while they were selling one kilogram Uranium. IAEA protested over this report. IAEA also disclosed that an Indian Ship going to North Korea was intercepted by Taiwan Authorities, during the search big quantity of Aluminum Oxide and Yellow Cakes was recovered. According to International Media India is the most unsafe country regarding Radio Active Material. The Radio Active Material is supplied to unauthorized persons 52% via stealing while 48% via suspicious persons. According to International Media these suspicious persons are the officials and officers working at the Nuclear Projects of India.
All Indian Nuclear assets are concentrated in the states fighting for the separation, any device falling in the hands of the militants will wreak havoc for the whole region
                The reports of stealing of enriched Uranium have also been disclosed. After the increased influence of extremists Hindus over the govt., military and intelligence agencies there are concerns that Indian nuclear weapons will be used for religious purposes rather than security of India. Indian nuclear weapons have actually become Hindu Bombs. Extremist Hindus may sell these nuclear weapons, stolen sensitive information and enriched Uranium to such powers through underworld who believe in hatred rather then humanity. In such a situation International community should get out of the influence of its interests and pay attention to the threats to the very existence of the world due to security breaches in Indian Nuclear programs.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 21 November 2019.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Establishment of Exiled Government of Minipura in London!

On 5 August 2019, Indian Prime Minister Modi and BJP who were trained by the Hindu extremist organization RSS, revoked the special status of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) on the basis of their number of members in the Lok Sabha by changing the Indian Constitution. IHK was divided into two parts and the Indian army is attempting to make it a part of India on the gunpoint. The biggest hurdle in the way of Indian nefarious goals is the Kashmiri public. They are facing atrocities committed by Indian soldiers since 27 October 1947. however, 2 days before 05 August 2019, IHK was converted into a big prison and all the records of torture and inhuman acts were broken. 8 million people have been cut off from the outer world. They are not allowed to get out of their homes in the name of curfew. All these war crimes are not happening in the 16th or 17th century but in today's developed and so-called era of human rights. The world has become a global village due to the fast communication system. This state terrorism of India is the slap on the face of all those preaching democracy and democratic values across the world who used to appreciate India ignoring all the atrocities of extremist Hindus against minorities just because India claimed to be a secular and democratic country. The supporters of India not only included American and Western Media but organizations working for human rights and democracy. They were unable to assume that India will close the doors of life and human rights on the public of IHK by deploying 900,000 soldiers. In the way, Hindu extremist leadership and extremists defended the atrocities committed against Kashmiris and the immoral comments against Kashmiri women, created hatred and anger against India in the international media and community.
14th August 2019: Nagaland declares independence from India, hoists flag.
            BBC and CNN recorded their protest against Indian state terrorism by telecasting documentaries of the situation in IHK after 05 August 2019. Western and American Print Media also attempted to awaken the so-called civilized nations fulfilling their journalistic duties. Before this was only being done by some of the Pakistani media, which was rejected by India as propaganda. Indian Opposition and educated Indians also rejected Indian governments revocation on 05 August but also termed it as a dangerous act against India. Seminars were held in this regard. Indian intellectuals, constitutional experts, Hindu scholars and lawyers that acts of terrorism against minorities in India, forcing Muslims to chant “Je Shri Ram” threatening either to burn alive or murder, state terrorism in IHK and revocation of special status of IHK is not restored, the insecurity among those states would increase who became part of India after the partition of India under a special agreement that their separate status will not be violated. Under this agreement Kashmir, a Muslim majority state acceded to India by Hindu Raja Hari Singh. Just like the IHK, the article 371 of Indian constitution Indian states Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Manipura, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Sikkim, and Himachal Pradesh the first reaction was observed from the Nagaland.

On 14th August 2019 the separatists of Nagaland hoisted the flag of a separate state of Nagaland and chanted the national anthem. This declaration of separation was not unexpected. With the revocation of the special status of IHK, the protest started in Nagaland and the public of these states were demanding restoration of the special status of IHK. When the protest of these states was not given any attention, Naga separatists declared on 10 August 2019 that they stage a gathering for the formal declaration of independence on 14 August 2019; after this Indian establishment started negotiations with the separatists. New Delhi demanded that they should take back their declaration of independence on 14 August, Indian will remove their concerns. Nagaland separatists demanded that in order to restore the trust India should remove curfew in IHK, restore the communication system than they will take back their declaration. This was not possible for the Indian establishment controlled by the RSS and Hindu extremists. Hindu extremists tried to stop the declaration through the power which resulted in the loss of lives of Indian army as well as Naga separatists but on 14 August 2019 the independence of Nagaland was declared and the flag of independent was hoisted as well. Indian govt. once again started the negotiation with the separatists. Nagaland was not ready to give up their separate flag. Moreover, they imposed the condition of the separate constitution for Nagaland for a truce. People of Nagaland not only want independence from Indian but increasing influence of Hindu extremists while India has once again planned to deceive them, however, they are not ready to be fooled in the hands of New Delhi once again.
Manipur leaders in London announce separation from India
            The second jolt to the Extremist Hindu rulers was the press conference of Minpura separatists in which they declared Manipura as a separate state and declared the establishment of exiled govt. in London. They appealed to the world that they should follow the democratic values and accept Manipura as a separate state. It was told in the press conference that Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba has declared the independence from India and established a separate state council of Manipura. According to them, Yambeen Brien was declared as Chief Minister and Foreign Minister, Narengbam Samarjit as Defense Minister. During the Press conference, Chief Minister Yambeen Brien along with Defense Minister told the journalists that on the orders of the Maharaja they were working for the independence of Manipura since 2013. After getting asylum in London in September 2019, Maharaja decided that the time has come to declare independence from Hindu Extremist India. They told the journalists that while living in Manipura they were not able to declare the independence of Manipura. In such a situation they would have been arrested and inhumanly tortured to death and afterward they corpses would have been thrown away. They told the journalists that Indian state terrorists have murdered thousands of innocent people of Manipura after arresting them.
Manipur ‘king’ refutes declaration of “Govt in exile” in London
            After Modi’s coming into power in 2014, the citizens of the states who acceded to India is given a lower status than Dalits. They further said that raising voice for human rights in Manipura for 16 years and staging hunger strike against the Black law, social worker Iron Charu Sharmila was gang-raped by Indian soldiers after which she protested naked out of the Indian army cantonments along with other women. These pictures reached the international community through the international media, which disclosed the reality of Shining and Democratic India and how minorities and citizens of acceding states are treated in India. They further said that they are going to represent the revolution of independent Manipura to the Quen of the UK. In Manipura, Maharaja was forced to expressed no link with the exiled govt. Cases have been registered against the Chief Minister and Defense Minister in Indian Held Manipura. However, in this way India cannot crush the freedom movements in Indian held states…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 November 2019.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Army Chief Telling Lies is Ineligible for the Job

Press Conference by DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh on surgical strike in Azad Kashmir, Sep 2016

In the whole world, the soldier is considered as a high standard citizen. In history, we see that soldiers and the army have been given such respect. Being brave and facing difficulties is not the only reason for this special treatment, not telling lies is also one of the reason. A brave soldier who enters into the battlefield risking his life, he is neither afraid of the arrows of the enemy nor the sword that may cut his throat; why he would tell lies, especially the Army Chief? An Army Chief on whose single order thousands of soldiers put their horses in the river, burn their boats, attack enemy bigger than itself without ever thinking what is the number and capability of the enemy, what are the weapons available with the enemy. He only knows one thing that their Army Chief is like their Father who cannot tell lie to his children, he will never repel them in the valley of death. However, Indian Army Chief Dilbeer Singh has violated the military history by telling lies for the political interests of extremists and remained steadfast on his lies despite being exposed and shown his professional incapability.
Indian army, 2016-: GOC-in-C Northern Command Lt Gen DS Hooda

In September 2016, General Dilbeer Singh Suhag ordered his DG Military Operations Lt. General Ranbheer Singh to tell the lie of the surgical strike in Azad Kashmir in the Press Conference, according to a report published in India Lt. General Ranbeer Singh denied telling such a big lie. Because neither Indian Army Aviation has the capability and technology to fly at night especially in the mountainous area full of forests nor Indian Commandoes had such equipment and training for night operation. In such a situation the claims of Indian Commandoes invading into Azad Kashmir across the Line of Control (LoC) would be only accepted by uneducated Hindu extremists, not the world. The Indian army was also unable to prove that it crossed the barbed wire fences, then crossed the Neelum river passing through extremely dangerous slopes in the dark of the night. According to the Indian claims killed hundreds of terrorists in the training camps in Azad Kashmir, and all the Indian commandoes returned back without any loss of life. During the whole operation, the Pakistani soldiers deployed to protect every Inch of the LoC were dead sleep, neither they heard the sound of the firing, nor anyone woke up or we may assume that Pakistan's army was not present on LoC.
Indian army soldiers killed in Uri attack in Sep 2016

The question was raised in India that why the GOC Northern Command General Depinder Singh was not present in the Press Conference who is the supervising all the activities in the IHK and Commander of Indian Army in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). Indian Media was told that he is much depressed due to the killing of 30 soldiers in the attack over Uri Brigade Headquarters on 18 September 2016 and does not want to face the journalists. As Pakistan was blamed for the attack, Indian public was demanding revenge from Pakistan. In order to make the claims of the surgical strike, it was decided that the Press Conference would be held on 24 September 2016. However, after General Huda apologized from telling the fabricated story of Surgical Strike it was decided that DG Military Operations would give the Press Conference. Lt. General Ranbeer Singh first of all apologized, however, he was given an offer of being promoted as Indian Army Chief after the retirement of General Dilbeer Singh Suhag on 31 December 2016. He agreed to give the press conference on the condition that no one would be allowed to ask the questions and he will leave the hall after completing his statement. In any army the designation of DG Military Operations is very important and sensitive supervising the Military operations and activities. He is in contact with all the Services Chief and Formation Commanders. He has nothing to do with the politics or the press conferences. As a DG Military Operations, when the world saw him giving a press conference on the state private Indian TV Channels the first expression in the military establishments of the world was that something fatal has happened in the Indian army. A famous writer and columnists Shobha De after hearing the Press Conference rejected it as a bundle of lies and wrote a long article “Soldiers Do Not Lie, Politicians Do”, in which he declared the Surgical strike as a joke not only with the Indian public but the whole world as well. He started his article by expressing sympathy with the Indian soldiers in these words,
“Ever since the surgical strikes took place, the one person I have been feeling most sorry for is the beleaguered jawan”.
"Soldiers Don’t Lie. Politician Do" Shobhaa De
Obviously, what would be the feelings of soldiers who are ready to jump into the fire on the order of his General or Commander is telling the fabricated story that never occurred. Such a soldier would die of shame whose Commander is a lier. The fabricated story of General Ranbeer Singh was condemned by senior retired Indian Army officers and termed as the death of professionalism in the Indian army. BJP establishment exploiting the Indian army for their political interests did not give a shit to this. They only wanted to increase their vote bank. They did not realize that Indian Generals who are telling lies for the political interests of the BJP, what would happen when these Generals will tell lies for their personal interests, at that that what would be the position of India.
Sep 2016: Indian Army Chief Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag, the story writer of the surgical strike in Azad Kashmir

On 20 October 2019, Indian army targeted civilians living in the Jura Shah Kot and Noseri Sectors of LoC with the mortar guns and Bofor guns used during the war, in this unprovoked shelling one Pakistani soldiers and 5 civilians embraced martyrdom. This attack was either to incite Pakistan army to start a war or divert the attention of the world from the Curfew in IHK and atrocities being committed by Indian army their. Besides this the statement of General Bapan Rawat was astonishing in which he claimed that three camps in the Azad Kashmir responsible for lawlessness in IHK were destroyed which were to be used as launching pads for terrorism in IHK and India. The unprovoked shelling of Indian army was given a befitting reply by Pakistan army destroying Indian bunkers and killing 9 Indian soldiers while many were severely injured. The condition of the Indian army was that they were forced to hoist white flags in order to collect their dead bodies. The reports from the Indian sides disclosed that number of soldiers killed was more than 9. On the statement of General Bapan Rawat, DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor expressed hopelessness and invited Indian High Commission to visit the areas and show that which terrorist camps were present there that were targeted according to General Bapan Rawat.
Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat with his controversies over fake surgical strike stories and threats to Pakistan

On 22 October 2019, on the invitation of DG ISPR, representatives of local and international media, some ambassadors and military attach in these embassies visited the areas that were targeted by the Indian army. Indian High Commission was also invited but they remained dead silent. It was unbearable for the Indian High Commission to get the claims of General Rawat being rejected in front of the dozen of ambassadors. Such a lie was told by Indian Air Force on 26 February 2019 after bombarding deserted areas in Azad Kashmir. This resulted in the Indian jets being shot down by PAF fighters and their pilot being taken as POW, shooting down their own helicopter in the friendly fire carrying 6 pilots who were going to Sri Nagar Airbase from Pathankot airbase for participating in the activities against Pakistan. In the way Indian Generals are competing for one another in telling lies, they should themselves hold accountable as professional soldiers…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 31 October 2019.