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Pakistan’s Geographical Map in The Shanghai Cooperation Organization

New Pakistani Map
Pakistan’s new map marks the Himalayan region as “Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” unlike its former status as “disputed territory,” while showing that Kashmir shares a clear border with China.

On 04 August 2020, the Cabinet of Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan approved the new map of Pakistan which gave a new horizon to the freedom movement of Kashmir against the Indian Occupation since 1948. This is a reminder to the world that when Indians illegally entered into Kashmir and Pakistan army along with Kashmiris challenged Indian invasion. The war continued for more than one year, being afraid of the results of the war, India went to UNO begging for a ceasefire. On 20 January 1948, UNO passed a Resolution on the wishes of India known as Resolution No. 39. According to this resolution, not only the world but India herself acknowledged Kashmir as a disputed area and also acknowledged that Kashmiris will be given a chance to decide their fate, whether they want to join Pakistan or India. This Resolution was the basis of the ceasefire between India and Pakistan. This resolution was presented as a great achievement by Indian rulers because they succeeded in stopping the movement of the Pakistan army in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and had successfully freed 1/3 of IHK for Indian invasion forces. According to Indian Defense Analysts, this one-year-long war has destroyed the Morale of the Indian Army. Despite having a shortage of weapons, ammunition, and other resources Pakistan army’s success against India was unstoppable by the Indian army. Indian intelligence agencies have warned Indian rulers that if the war continued and the Indian army kept retreating it will not be possible for India to maintain its control of IHK. The western imperialist world having interests in Indian markets and India’s Supervising country Britain both were of the view that India should contact UNO for a ceasefire. India acknowledged and accepted the UNO Resolution with the bad intention of borrowing time to strengthen her military in IHK. That is why initially India gave statements and wrote letters to Pakistan for implementation of the Resolution but afterward rejected the basic right of Kashmiris to decide their fate. 

India started committing atrocities against Kashmiris and tortured them to accept the Indian invasion. On the other hand, India imposed a puppet govt. of families linked with the Indian Congress party. On the other hand, in order to stop Pakistan from supporting Kashmiris and talking about the implementation of Resolution 39, India started conspiracies against Pakistan. Few politicians doing politics in the name of nationalism were taken as facilitators by India, India slaughtered more than 100 thousands innocent Kashmiris in order to maintain her illegal control of Kashmir on gunpoint. Thousands of Kashmiri women were gang-raped by Indian state terrorists as a state policy of crushing the freedom movement. Houses were set on fire or destroyed with dynamite after looting them. Thousands of Kashmiri youngsters were kidnapped and kept in state torture cells till they died and were buried in mass graves. In order to safeguard Indian state terrorists from falling into the category war crimes, India protected them with various black laws. The sacrificing of Kashmiris and stories of Indian state terrorism and tortures cannot be covered by hundreds of books. Pakistan and Pakistanis also have to pay the price. Pakistan and India fought 4 wars. For a decade Pakistanis have to face Indian waged terrorism. More than 70 thousand Pakistanis lost their lives in terrorism by India. India wanted to make Pakistan so much weak that Pakistan did not speak in favor of Kashmiris. India also planned to seclude Pakistan on the international level. In this regard, India purchased weapons from influential Western countries so that they support India against Pakistan. India has left no stone unturned to prove Pakistan a terrorist state.
In Jammu and Kashmir, the abuses range against innocent Kashmiris from mass killings, enforced disappearances, torture, rape, and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech.

Then the world saw India face the insult on the boycott of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on 15 September 2020 against Pakistan. The reason for the boycott was the map that was approved by Pakistan. When Dr. Mueed Yousaf, started addressing Virtual Summit, the map of Pakistan was pasted behind him, Ajeet Kumar Doval of India could not tolerate this and walk out of the summit. Even Indian analysts his behavior against the diplomatic values. According, to the Indian analysts Doval misperceived that his walk-out will be accepted by Russia, the summit will be paused and Pakistan will be forced to remove the map and Doval will be requested to join back. The boycott of Doval insulted India internationally. Doval’s Boycott provided Pakistani representative a chance to disclose the Indian atrocities, war crimes, and state terrorism committed in IHK. India has not only illegally captured Kashmir but also turned it into mass prison where neither International Human Rights organizations nor journalists are allowed to enter so that reality of Indian state terrorism could not be unveiled. 
Pakistan’s NSA Moeed Yusuf in SCO meeting with Pakistan’s new political map as a background for the discussions.

Moreover, the boycott of Doval at the time of speech of the Russian Foreign Minister, creating distance between her only friendly state Russia in the region. It is perceived that Russia accepted the Pakistani stance on IHK and rejected the amalgamation of Kashmir in Indian Union on 05 August 2019. Being worried over the different analysis printed in Newspapers of India, representative of Indian Foreign Ministry Anurag Srivastra called a press conference and tried to clear his position that Doval’s boycott was a reaction against the Pakistani map pasted behind the Dr. Mueed Yousaf as Pakistan’s steps were against the accepted rules of the SCO. In this way, Pakistan brought her stance over IHK to SCO. In this situation, the Indian representative told the media that India boycotts the summit after a discussion with Russia which is a straightforward lie. However, Indian journalists not controlled by the Modi establishment rejected the clearance given by Foreign Ministry and termed Doval’s boycott as Indian Diplomatic defeat from Pakistan.
India's NSA Ajit Doval left the (SCO) Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting mid-way after Pakistan’s NSA sat before a Map of Pakistan.

This should be kept in mind that this is the same map of Pakistan which was laughed upon by so-called Pakistani liberals. This included the intellectuals linked with the opposition who feel proud by talking against Two Nations Theory. Few journalists from a specific media group made fun by adding other countries into the Paksitani map and this video was made viral on social media. They forgot that the new map was approved by all the political parties of Pakistan. This is the real map of Pakistan which SCO has acknowledged as well rejecting Indian protest…

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 24 September 2020.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Resign of General (R) Asim Saleem Bajwa and Provision of “Money Trail”

Lt. General Asim Saleem Bajwa: Chairman CPEC

                Indian conspiracies to sabotage China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) is not a secret anymore. Indian armed interference started with the arrival of Chinese engineers for the construction of Gwadar port in 2002. India reactivated and reestablished Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) in Balochistan while in KPK and tribal areas from where the CPEC trade route has to pass terrorists were launched under different covers. Indian launched Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was given the task to sabotage CPEC. India was not alone in the conspiracies against CPEC, she was supported by America, Britain, and other countries of the region who took CPEC as a threat to their economic future. In this regard, America and her allies supported India to exploit Afghanistan as a proxy war front against Pakistan under the cover of the Afghan Taliban’s resistance against foreign invaders from NATO and America. Initially, India used a network of smugglers from Rajasthan and Sindh for the supply of ammunition and weapons to terrorists in Balochistan as Indian strongholds in Afghanistan were not yet established. Till 2004, India established Consulates in seven Afghan provinces adjacent to the Pakistani border and established a terrorist network within tribal areas of Pakistan. India succeeded in creating an environment of terror by establishing TTP, establishing strongholds, training camps, and factories to produce IEDs for suicide jackets and vehicles. Not only war planners of India but America, Britain and other allies were convinced that not only India will be able to sabotage CPEC but also weaken Pakistan economically, breaking the defense of Pakistan to such an extent that Pakistan cannot become a hurdle against Indian plans for China. India has been openly demanding from America that India will not be able to American war against China until Pakistan withdraws from the demand of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and limits military capability.

                Irony of the fate that when terrorism in KPK and Balochistan started, the Pakistani political elite remained criminally silent. Indian Paid liberal intellectuals of Pakistan linked terrorist activities of BLA like remote control bomb blasts, sabotaging trains, bomb blasts at bazaars and public places, attacks on state installations as acts of freedom fighter fighting for the rights of Baloch people. The terrorist activities of TTP were linked with the imposition of Islam posing that it is due to the presence of the Pakistan army in power and suppressing those who demand their rights. India molded this perception that the Pakistan army trains and arms terrorists for use against neighboring countries successfully. The goal was to prove Pakistan as a terrorist state. In this way on one hand Pakistan has to face the worst terrorism internally while in the light of the Indian propaganda world was looking at Pakistan as a terrorist state. Internal terrorism and external propaganda against Pakistan, all were aimed at sabotaging CPEC. The security agencies of Pakistan had promised to defend the geographical and ideological borders of Pakistan and complete the CPEC project on time. This strange victory of history was achieved by the Pakistan army, ISI, and other agencies destroying terrorist hideouts in tribal areas along with the cache of weapons.

Major Retired Gaurav Arya: Initially propagated fake business documents against Chairman CPEC

                Terrorists were either killed or fled to Afghanistan. Their supporters although located across the border did not help them at all. The network of Indian sponsored terrorists from Karachi to Peshawar was destroyed. This victory cost Pakistan thousands of precious lives. With the end of terrorists, the CPEC activities got accelerated. the construction of the world’s 4th largest seaport at Gawadar has already been completed. After the defeat of India in terrorism, there was only one way left to enemies of Pakistan i.e. wage propaganda war against CPEC by blaming the newly-elected Pakistani govt. and Pakistan army of slowing down work on CPEC and China is also concerned about it while the ground realities are against the propaganda.

Ahmad Norani: Nowadays in USA on special scholarship with Alfred Friendly Press Partners Organization

                In the meanwhile, govt. made General (R) Asim Saleem Bajwa as Chairman of CPEC Project. As soon as he took charge he not only accelerated the work on CPEC but also finalized the project of construction of a high-speed train network along with motorway from China to Gawadar. ML-1 was signed and launched as well. The world knows that CPEC and ML-1 railway line within a few years will change the fate of Pakistanis. With a strong economic position, Pakistan will be able to play important role in international politics. CPEC will attract countries as well, which has started. The strong economy will further strengthen the Pakistani defense. The pressure on India for resolving the Kashmir issue will increase. How can India silently witness all this? Indian propagandists exploited Indian paid intellectuals against the Pakistan army and the new Chairman of CPEC. 2 months ago they brought forward Indian Retired Major Gaurav Arya for alleging General (R) Asim Saleem Bajwa of making illegal assets in which he presented a fabricated story of Genera Bajwa’s different assets and more than 100 companies abroad on youtube. As the reality of Indian Major was known to the media, no one even from Indian media and international media gave any importance to the propaganda of Indian Major. At least India decide to use a self-proclaimed journalist Ahmed Norani who is living in the USA on the scholarship provided by Indian sponsored Alfred Friendly Press Partners. This organization claims to lift up journalism around the world. Ahmad Norani does not know the financial terms and technicalities. In order to fabricate a story against General (R) Bajwa, a journalist from India also on the scholarship of the said organization Abhishek Waghmare was hired who is an expert in finance. Ahmad Norani posted the fabricated story of Abhishek on his website “Factsfocus”. After this, the elements struggling for spreading obscenity in the society and other Indian assets in Pakistan started a propaganda campaign on social media. Few opposition leaders also furthered the enemy propaganda. General Bajwa issued the complete money trail of his family assets on social media. He also resigned from his post as Advisor fro Ministry of Information. The resignation was rejected by the Prime Minister. 

Abhishek Waghamare, (Expert in Financial Matters) The Indian Journalist also on scholarship with AFPP, helped Ahmad Noorani for a propaganda campaign against Lt Gen (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa.

                Provision of Money trail of his assets and resignation has no previous example in Pakistani society. A society where senior judges and public representatives do not have the courage to present the Money trail of their assets. Presenting himself for accountability by a retired General shows the upcoming changes in the system. This is the need of the hour that every Pakistani should prove through his character and acts that no matter how powerful and influential he/she is, he/she is not above the accountability or country laws…


Urdu Copy


Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 17 September 2020.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

05 August 2019 has proved to be 06 September 1965 for Modi

                In September 1965, Hindu extremists, BJP, and RSS terrorists were not in power in India, however, BJP’s Prime Minister Modi repeated the same mistake on 05 August 2019 that was done by the Congress party on 06 September 1965 by dreaming of capturing Lahore. Information Minister of that time Indira Gandhi issued had already issued a press release by the Indian govt. on the eve of 5 September 1965 i.e. “Lahore has been captured”. Due to the difference in time zones of India and European countries, India was sure that when newspapers will be published in these countries, India would have captured Lahore. When the European public will read the newspaper they will get the breaking news of Indian victory. Indian Army Chief General Chaudhary’s talk with journalists on 05 September 1965 was also published by the Western newspapers along with the capture of Lahore in which he has invited journalists to visit Lahore and meet him at Gymkhana Club Lahore for celebrations of victory. Neither Indira was an alcoholic nor General Chaudhary was fond of repeating movie dialogues. In such a scenario why they were dead sure that the Indian army will easily capture Lahore? This question is still under discussion in India and raised in September by Indian analysts and intellectuals. Ex-Deputy Chief of India, Lt. General (R) Harwant Singh wrote in his post to titled as 1965 War, General Chaudhary did not order withdrawal behind river Beas. In his post, although he has fabricated Indian victories against Pakistan however, in the opening paragraph he writes;

                “Fifty three years have passed since the 1965 war with Pakistan. Still, controversies and confusion on may issues and events persist. It is not because the official history of this war is shrouded in secrecy. The documents with the MOD, MEA, RAW, IAF, and blackout of authentic information. Hearsay, gossip, speculation, calumny continue to be floated and controversies around.

                The above mentioned concerns of Indian ex-General show that leaving aside the skirmishes between India and Pakistan in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK), Indian retired officers and Generals accept the decision of India to attack Lahore as a wrong decision. This should be kept in mind that the results of the 1965 war were not those that are being taught to us by Pakistani liberals, pro-Indian intellectuals and pro-Indian western media. They make us happy by telling us that Indian dreams of capturing Lahore were shattered, Indira and General Chaudhary has to face insult in the light of their claims. They do not explain why India having 5 to 10 times bigger army, weapons and economy failed in fulfilling her nefarious designs. The simple answer is that difference in the both armies for fighting against the enemy and the passion was the main thing that Indians could not capture even a single inch of Lahore. This passion of Pakistan army made Pakistan army win against the worlds worst terrorism in 2002 imposed by enemies of Pakistan in such a way that handlers of terrorists are worried that how their terrorists were captured and destroyed. When a nation is filled with the passion to defend its freedom, ready to sacrifice lives than neither it can be threatened nor defeated.

                Kashmiris living in IHK is the living example of such passion and sacrifices. Hindu leaders of India thought that by removing the special status of IHK, using inhuman torture as a weapon of state terrorism, Kashmiris will not be able to stand against such torture and will give in front of India. The speculations of Modi, Amit Shah, and Ajit Kumar Doval proved to be wrong as in 1965 Lal Bahadur Shastri, General Chaudhary, and Indira have speculated before attacking Lahore. Despite the passage of 1 year and 1 month of curfew in IHK, the Indian govt, Army and The media is not ready to disclose why curfew has not been ended in IHK. Why international media is not given access to Kashmiris living in state prison of IHK? Why peace mission is not allowed to visit IHK despite various demands from UNO. Why the development projects of billions of dollars to win the hearts of Kashmiris have not been started?

                This will never happen because Kashmiris are not ready to accept the slavery of Hindus at any cost. According to the American thinktank, the US Institute of Peace has rejected the Indian stance over Kashmir as a fabricated story and expressed concerns that daily murders of Kashmiris terming them as terrorists by Hindu state terrorists will create further restlessness and resistance. US think tank considers Indian stance that the unlawful capture of IHK is an internal matter of India as a lie that India cannot prove. Now the atrocities committed by the Indian army in IHK are being taken as war crimes rather than violations of human rights. Indian analysts are terming the stance of Hindu extremists over Kashmir as dangerous for the overall existence of India. All those states where freedom movements are active, youngsters are joining these movements to get rid of terrorist India. Indian secret agencies have reported to the Indian parliament that after 05 August 2019, people of 12 Indian captured states are inclined towards freedom from Indian state terrorism. They do not consider themselves as Indian citizens but citizens of Indian captured states. These feelings cannot be ended by so-called democracy or election because are raising concerns over the electoral process. The majority of the Indian public has understood that soon Indian rulers will have to admit that like the failed attempt of capturing Lahore in 1965, the ending of the special position of IHK was a wrong decision. This decision has not accepted by the world as well as Indian opposition parties. Kashmiris are stead to their demand that being a Muslim majority area Kashmir cannot become a part of India. This is to be decided only by Kashmiris that whether they want to join Pakistan or India…



Urdu Copy


Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 03 September 2020.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Pakistan Defeats India in Happiness


Pakistanis Are the Happiest People in South Asia: UN

                One may be unhappy and hopeless in castles and palaces while one may enjoy happiness in cottages and shanty houses. One seems to be longing for happiness and hope in branded clothes while one laughs like he/she has got whatever a human may desire wearing torn out clothes. It is believed that feelings of happiness or unhappiness are linked with inner feelings. A country having heaps of diamonds cannot be said to be happy or content. Money has never been able to stop sorrows and hopelessness. This depends upon the inner self of humans that how, when and with whom we feel happy. This is commonly observed that while meeting with one another we say that we are okay. It means that most of the lies are told to those who ask about us. It does not mean that we are telling lies purposedly but we know that one asking about us is not concerned about our well being but asking us as formality therefore reply is also according to the feelings of those who are asking about us.

                In June 2011, on the request of the Prime Minister of Bhutan UNO decided to conduct a survey in member states to measure the development on the basis of happiness of the public. On 02 April 2012, the first World Happiness Report was presented in the meeting of UNO held under the presidentship of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Prime Minister of Bhutan. This was prepared by the Centre of Economics, Earth Institute at Columbia University, Performance at LSE, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and Vancouver School of Economics at UBC. These institutes collect information carefully through the Gallup World Poll every year. Keeping in view the social and economical changes it is decided whether the public is happy with these changes and development or not. On the basis of this information, countries are arranged. It is also considered that which country is developing in happiness or its public are happy or hopeless as compared to the previous year. All efforts are made to keep report free from political influence. Govt. departments and officials are kept away in such a way that not a single aspect of the common man’s life are left covered. The interest of the people from all over the world shows their trust in the institutes preparing the report. Keeping in view the interest of the public the Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford was also included in the research institutes and the area of research was also widened as well. It included Healthy Life, Social Support, GOP Per Capita, Generosity, Freedom, Expectancy and Absence of Corruption were included so that it can be measured that how much the public are hopeful about their future or they are hopeless. How much generosity and passion for the sacrifice they have. How much corruption has affected society and how much public resist or dislike corruption?

                Such questions have always been under discussion in our society. Despite disagreements, these are the aspects that can be used to measure development in any country or society. Initially, 149 countries were included in the survey however, in 2020 the list includes 153 countries. The lists were published in 20 March 2016 and 20 March is now celebrated as World Happiness Day. It is not possible to give the details of all the countries in this writing, therefore, we will limit our discussion to Pakistan, India, China, Russia, Bangladesh and Iran from 2016 to 2020. 

In 2016 Pakistan was at No. 92, in 2017 at 80, in 2018 at 75, in 2019 at 67 and in 2020 at 66. In 2016, India was at No. 118, in 2017 at 122, in 2018 at No 133, in 2019 at No 140 and in 2020 at 144. China was at 83 in 2016, at 79 in 2017, at 86 in 2018, at 93 in 2019, and at 94 in 2020. Bangladesh was at 110 in 2016, 110 in 2017, 115 in 2018, 125 in 2019 and 107 in 2020. Russia was at 56 in 2016, 49 in 2017, 59 in 2018, 68 in 2019 and 73 in 2020. Iran was at 105 in 2016, 108 in 2017, 106 in 2018, 117 in 2019 and 118 in 2020. Afghanistan has been given the last grade in the list in 2020 and Finland is on the top of the list. Finland is securing that position 3rd time in  8 years. It should be kept in mind that Corona Pandemic has nothing to do with the list because all the data was collected before February 2020.

                In the neighbourhood of Pakistan, India, China, Russia, Bangladesh and Iran are such countries with which Pakistan can be compared on the basis of happiness. Moreover, the world’s 3 nuclear powers India, China and Russia are located around Pakistan. As compared to the national economy or industrial development Pakistan is behind these countries. If we compare Pakistan and India leaving other countries aside why there is an astonishing difference in happiness in both countries, this shows that people of India are forced to live a sorrowful and hopeless life. Pakistan has been facing worst Indian sponsored terrorism since 2002, there was a time when every citizen felt unsafe, even young students were forced to attend schools under security parameters. There was not a single place safe from suicide bombers. India was behind the bloodshed and still busy in terrorism despite the defeat of her trained terrorists. From 2016 to 2020 Pakistan has travelled from Grade 92 to 66. This shows the safe future of Pakistan and their power to move ahead despite all the difficulties.

                In contrast to this, India who has the power to buy airtime on International Media for her praise, this media has been presenting India as Shining India while the Indian public was dying in hopelessness. The Indian Goddesses, laughter, dancers and success shown by Media got limited to Indian Movies and TV dramas. In this way, India travelled down from grade 118 to 144 from 2016-20. India is followed by Maladi, Yemen, South African country Botswana, Tanzania, Central Africa Republic, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Afghanistan, however, this could not be understood by pro-Indian elements praising Shining India…


Urdu Copy



Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 27 August 2020.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Hindutva Mentality Crushing Humanity in India!


                On the night of 11-12 August 2020, Naveen Kumar, nephew of Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy MLA of Congress, from Pulikeshi Nagar, Bangalore Karnataka uploaded blasphemous content against Prophet Muhammad  on Facebook. As soon as the blasphemous content was uploaded the news spread like fire in the last hours of the night among Muslims. They all knew Naveen Kumar and his father; contacted the local police station, DJ Halli. Police remained lethargic as routine and were unable to understand the seriousness of the situation. Perhaps they were unaware that Muslims will tolerate everything but the insult of their Last Prophet is intolerable and they are always ready to sacrifice everything including their lives. On the lethargic attitude of the Police, violent Muslims arrived at the home of Naveen Kumar and his uncle that are adjacent to each other. Muslims were demanding that Naveen Kumar should be handed over to them. in spite of understanding the situation, Hindus supporting MLA attacked Muslims. The number of Muslims was increasing; in no time the whole area was turned into the battlefield. In meanwhile Police also woke up and arrived there. Muslims told Police that they have nothing to do with Hindus living there, they just want Naveen Kumar. Police tried to control the situation by suppressing Muslims when Police failed to control the situation, Police baton-charged Muslims. Muslims burnt the vehicles parked outside the house of MLA and Naveen Kumar.

                Understanding the seriousness of situation Police announced that Naveen Kumar has been arrested and shifted to Police Station. Muslims left for the Police Station. When they reached Police Station, they were told that the accused has been shifted to some unknown place. Muslims realized that they are being deceived. They broke into the two PS of the area. after setting vehicles and office of the PS on fire, the violent mob tried to enter living areas of Police. Police started straight firing, killing 19 years old Yasin, 18 years old Wajid, and 26 years old Siddique on spot; many people were injured out of which 3 are seriously injured. 200 Muslims were arrested. In the areas of two Police Stations of Bangalore curfew was imposed.

                On the 12 August 2020, Chief Minister B.S Yediyurappa called an emergency meeting, ordered the investigations to be carried out and told media that blasphemous the content was removed from Facebook on the same night, however, he did not tell that where is Naveen Kumar and whether any case has been registered against him or not? Interior Minister Basavaraj Bommi accused Muslims of organized burning of MLA house and Police Stations hinting that Muslims, not Naveen Kumar will be punished.

                MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy gave the statement, "I appeal to my Muslim brethren not fight over some who has violated the law. Whatever be a matter we are all brothers. Whoever is responsible we shall ensure that proper punishment is given to those responsible. I am with you".

                This statement was repeatedly telecasted by state and local channels. Indian National channels, newspapers, and TV channels reported that violent Muslims tortured journalists during the protest and broke their cameras. India Today journalists reported that journalists were tortured by Police not Muslims. Commenting on the post protest situation he said that the place on which journalists were present, there was only Police and no one else. Policemen knew that they are all journalists. When police started beating journalists they targeted journalists of specific media groups especially those who were against Modi's extremist policies in India.

                In the areas where Muslims were killed by Police, the situation was tense. In the meanwhile, Muslims besieged a Hindu temple by making human chain by taking hands into hands. They did not want that Muslims get violent due to Police's policies against Muslims and damaged temple. In such a scenario the situation might have been converted into Hindu Muslim riots causing a great loss of innocent lives. Especially Amit Shah and Modi may exploit the situation against Muslims all across India. The protection of the temple by Muslims was appreciated at all levels in India except by extremists of BJP, RSS, and other extremist parties. Naveen Kumar issued a statement that blasphemous content was not uploaded by him. His Facebook account was hacked for spreading Hindu Muslim riots. Sashi Tharoor of Congress party condemned the Facebook post fueling riots saying that mere a post on Facebook should not be given such importance. He appreciated the protection of the temple by Muslims and said that followers of all religions should practice such patience. Bangalore's Muslim MLA Rizwan Arshad and MLA ABZ Zamir said that they demand strict action against Naveen Kumar and appealed Muslims to remain peaceful. Pakistani Foreign Ministry's strict response against blasphemy was also reported in Indian media.

                Astonishingly, other Muslim countries did not react against the blasphemy. facebook's role in spreading the riots and removal of the post after the death of 3 Muslims on 3rd day was also criticized. The third story was reported on the 3rd day as well as reporting that Naveen Kumar is linked with BJP and inclined towards Hindu extremism. MLA Murthy told media that he has ended terms with Naveen Kumar for last year. He expressed solidarity with Muslims saying that he has been elected MLA 3rd time by the support of Muslims. This should be also taken in mind that Karnataka is ruled by BJP. BJP was exploiting the situation to divide Muslims of Bangalore. CM Karnataka BS Yediyurrapa is working to take action against the Muslim leadership of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) as they were the first to give the call for the protests. Whatever the situation of internal politics is in India, Muslims of India have proved that they are true lovers of Prophet Muhammad  and will not tolerate any blasphemy...

Urdu Copy 

Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 21 August 2020.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Indian State Terrorists VS Unarmed Kashmiris


 Despite being kept as prisoners for last one year Indian army failed to broke Kashmiris. Indian army equipped with the latest weapons and state support for all inhuman acts, 1 million Indian soldiers seem powerless in front of 8 million unarmed Kashmiri, children, women, and the elderly. On 05 August 2019, after ending the special status of the Indian Held Kashmir, Modi claimed that after becoming the part of the Indian Union, Kashmir will witness the new era of development and peace. Kashmiris knew what Modi meant by new era of development and peace i.e. life would be made worst than hell for Kashmiris. Kashmiris were also ready for this because in the last 7 decades Indian terrorist army has tested all tortures to break the Kashmiris determination for freedom. Kashmiri youngsters have been put to the worst torture ever imaginable to humankind in the Indian state torture cells but Kashmiris are not ready to accept anything less than freedom. Kashmiri women are being gang-raped as a weapon to break the determination of Kashmiris but Kashmiris did not give up their great cause i.e. Freedom from Hindu Terrorist India. Their houses are set on fire, fields, and orchards are destroyed, they are martyred in fake encounters and afterward buried in mass graves but Kashmiris are steadfast to their demand for freedom. This has made Indian soldiers psycho. They are a symbol of hatred for Kashmiris. Terrorist activities of the Indian army have made Kashmiris fearless of death. The stones thrown by unarmed Kashmiris in response to Indian soldiers firing prove worst than hand grenades for Indian soldiers. The fearlessness of Kashmiris mentally tortures Indian state terrorists. 

Despite being well-armed with automatic weapons, they feel themselves cowards in front of stone-throwing Kashmiri youngsters. They take revenge of their powerlessness and cowardness by suiciding or killing their officers and colleagues. Kashmiris are also well aware that the International Community is deaf due to interests linked with India. The criminal silence of the so-called flag-bearers of Human Rights countries is also in front of Kashmiris. No one is ready to raise the voice against Indian atrocities committed in IHK. That is why Kashmiris have no difference between liar Modi and rulers of so-called western developed countries. They also feel indifference between BJP’s Modi and Congress’s Nehru. Nehru promised in the UNO to give right of self-determination to Kashmiris but as soon as he reached New Delhi broke the promise while including UNO all the powers of the world also left Kashmiris on the mercy of Hindu Terrorists. These international powers left no stone unturned for freedom of East Timur and referendum for Christians of Sudan but in the case of IHK these so-called human rights activist countries are playing their role in the massacre of Kashmiris in the hands of the Hindu terrorist army.

                A year ago on 05 August 2019, when Modi announced the end of the special status of IHK on the basis of BJP's majority in the Indian Parliament, this was not something unexpected for Kashmiris. They are bearing all these tortures and crimes against humanity since 1947. Addition of 2 lac army to existing 7 lac army without any declaration was in fact the confession of India that IHK is captured territory. The bans and curfew imposed in IHK is also a confession of Indian defeat in the hands of unarmed Kashmiris. Under the cover of these bans and black laws, Indian terrorist soldiers wrote a new history of war crimes. Telecommunication system was shut down so that massacre and genocide of Kashmiris could not be reported to the criminally silent world. Curfew is continuing for more than 1 year without any relaxation creating a big human tragedy. Due to the shortage of food Kashmiris are forced to eat grass. The number of deaths due to the shortage of medicine, milk, and eatables in the curfew has not been reported until now.

                According to Indian media 213 Kashmiri youngsters were martyred in fake encounters, violating curfew and protests while the number of injured is also in thousands. More than 21 thousand Kashmiris were arrested including the elderly of 80 years to children of 8 years of age and women. As the prisons in IHK were filled, arrested Kashmiris were sent to prisons in other cities of India. Arrested/kidnapped children were released after taking heavy fines. Allegedly these children were arrested for protesting and pelting stones on the Hindu terrorists. Just in 1 year, more than 379 Kashmiris were blinded by Hindu terrorists through shotguns while other injuries due to these shotguns are more than 900. 113 children were orphaned, 78 women were widowed. Just in one-year IHK economy has to face the loss of 400 billion, many businesses vanished, 456000 Kashmiris were unemployed. Students were not allowed to attend educational institutes wasting their hard work and there is still no chance of restoration of studies because Indian army officers have converted these schools, colleges into their homes. What happened in 1 year in IHK, the deaf and dumb world does not know that but this is clear that India failed to defeat unarmed Kashmiris. The powerlessness of India is in front of everyone. Kashmiris are still steadfast to their promise made on 14 August 1947  despite scarifying more than 100,000 lives.



Urdu Copy


Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 23 August 2020.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Two Hindu Brothers who Left Pakistan for Modi’s India! Part-II

Diplo is one of the oldest regions of Sindh boasting Sindhi culture. this Tehsil of District Tharparkar is situation 40 km away from Mithi and 170 km away from Badin in the desert of Thar near Ran of Kach. Hindu Mandir namely  Parbharhmh Dham, Verjijhap Dham and Chari Saheb Dham are historically famous in the subcontinent. Hindus especially participate in the religious gathering on 3rd of Jeth. in 1947 after migration of the majority of Hindu families, Hindus constructed a temple Chari Sahib in Kubernagar of Ahmadabad. despite this Hindus from all across the world visit the Parbharm temple at Tehsil Diplo for worshiping Shiva and Parbharm is celebrated. this far-flung Tehsil of Sindh is connected by metallic road. Under the supervision of the Sindh government, there are 10 schools for boys and 8 schools for girls. there is a separate high school for girls and boys and a Degree College as well while Tehsil Hospital provides health facilities. this shows that Hindus of Diplo are enjoying all those basic rights that are available to a common Pakistani Muslims. neither there has been any threat to their temples, religious gatherings nor the Hindus residing in Sind have felt insecure. Most of the Pakistanis were unaware of the Diplo district, that is why we received questions that in contrast to the propaganda that Hindus and minorities of Pakistan do not enjoy equality when Pakistani Hindus enter India for performing rituals they start facing hurdles. On their return, they complain that in India they are continuously being spied, forced to answer unnecessary questions, etc. They are not allowed to enter many Indian cities. Many areas of the city for which they procure visas from the Indian embassy are marked as NO GO AREAS. They are stopped in the markets and forced for a body search, their luggage is unpacked and have to face insulting behavior during their stay in India. they face disgusting behavior as long as they are in India.

                This has been going since long and Pakistani Hindus are well aware of the facts. they are also aware of the situation that a decade ago India shifted many Hindu families from Balochistan and Sind to India through her agents for propaganda against Pakistan where these families are struggling to get basic human rights. as soon as these Hindus reached India, they were exposed to media as per plan. they were forced to say that they were insecure in Pakistan and request India to provide them protection. In 2010, the Indian newspaper published reports in which Indian analysts requested Indian govt. to save Hindus in Balochistan from atrocities of the Pakistan army by using the Indian Air Force. such as blames have been used by Indian govt. defame Pakistan on the international level. Indian govt. tried to show that she is under severe pressure for infiltrating Pakistan but she does not do that respecting diplomatic values and looking towards the international community to force Pakistan to protect Hindus. all this propaganda was to provide cover to Indians launched terrorists in Balochistan so that the world may consider them as fighting for their rights. At that time International Media was also working hard to prove Pakistan as a failed state. Terrorism was spread all over Pakistan. Western newspapers were busy in propaganda that Pakistani minorities are unsafe. in order to support this propaganda, many Hindu families were shifted from Sind to India offering them businesses, lands, and reasonable amounts. however, when they reached India they were left helpless.

                Last year in the month two brothers from Sind Tehsil Diplo Lakshman Singh and Jalim Singh reached Morbi, Gujarat convinced by the statements of Modi. They believed that India is the biggest Hindu country and secondly they are shifting to India on the promises of Modi, Hindu ruler. they also thought that being a Hindu from another country they will be treated as guests by the local Hindus in India. When they arrived in India, they realized that they have committed a big mistake by falling prey to the Modi's political statements. first of all their Sindhi language was not understood and welcomed by Gujarat Hindus. Moreover, as soon as Indians found that they have come from Pakistan they forgot that they are Hindus as well. their attitude showed hatred against them. they were not allowed to meet their relatives and move out of the area. they first time realized how Dalit and lower-caste Hindus feel about such treatment. Both Hindu brothers despite belonging to an underdeveloped area were enjoying an equivalent living standard. all the savings they had ended and no one was ready to admit their Pakistani children in their Indian Schools. they tried to leave Morbi Gujarat and shift in some other area but they were given a clear cut message by Indian secret agencies and Police that either live in Morbi, Gujarat or get lost to Pakistan. their return to Pakistan was a problem as well because they have sold their agriculture lands. their children were suffering the most and demanding to return back to Pakistan. they were admitted to a private School but due to the hatred and insulting behavior of teachers and schoolfellows children refused to attend the school. When their father and other Hindus in Pakistan knew about their sufferings in India they got worried. Their father Siwaye Singh was known as a respectable landlord in Pakistan. All the people of the area including Muslims got worried over the problems of the migrated Hindu brothers in India. It was unanimously decided that Siwaye Singh should visit India and take back his sons along with their families to Pakistan. Siwaye Singh returned back to Pakistan along with his sons, the whole village was happy while Lakshman Singh, Jalim Singh, and their children were in tears. It seemed they have been released from prison. On the happy return of Hindu brothers, Muslims who bought their lands returned to them saying that this was a trust which has been returned to the original owners, they may repay the money by the earning from these lands.

                This painful story of the Hindu brothers is the great example of the love, interreligious harmony, and brotherhood in Sind Pakistan which cannot be imagined in India. this story should reach those who consider India as a secular country on an international level and those elements in Pakistan who is in love with India and praise Mother of Democracy...


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11 Pakistani Hindus living in Rajasthan murdered. Indian Police trying to cover the incident as a suicide.


Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 06 August 2020.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Two Hindu Brothers who Left Pakistan for Modi’s India!

Hindu Caste System

                On 09 December 2019, while approving disputed black law of Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Lok Sabha Modi made a very emotional speech claiming that Indian borders are always open for Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. If these Hindus want to migrate to India they will not only be awarded citizenship at once but they will also get all those rights for which they have been deprived off in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Modi’s speech was to exploit Hinduism for his political stunts for which Muslims of India have been suffering from the last few years. In these exploitations of Hindu extremists, Modi is always supported by Hindu terrorist organizations like Bajrang Dal, RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad etc. Disputed CAA law was approved by BJP with 311 votes as compared to 81 votes against it. Modi and BJP were in so much hurry that just after two and half hours of discussion the voting was started; most of the time for discussion was given to Amit Shah and other extremist Hindu leaders. The opposition was not given the chance to express its views. On the second day in the Rajya Sabha (Senate) the disputed got approved at once; Hindus were the first to protest against this law as compared to Muslims. In the start the protest was limited to statements only saying that after imposition of this law hundreds of thousands Muslim will not be able to enjoy India citizenship; Muslims had only three ways according to Amit Shah i.e. 1) Convert to Hinduism, 2) Leave India or 3) Get ready to be slaughtered.

Hindu Caste System

                Amit Shah has been threatening the Muslim minority to choose the above mentioned three ways since Modi came into power in 2014. In the 2019 elections, on the demand of RSS, the amendment in the citizenship act was made part of BJP’s manifesto. According to the analyses of Indian experts, the conditions imposed in the disputed CAA were impossible to be fulfilled by India’s biggest minority i.e. Muslims. It was not possible for Muslims of India to provide documentary evidence that before the Independence of India to provide proof of marriage and births of their parents while at that time there was no custom of written marriage contracts or registration of births. Initially, this law was made for those Bengalis who were shifted to Assam for the fulfillment of Bangladesh conspiracy. Afterward, Muslims living in Eastern Indian states and Western Bengal were included. According to the Indian census department in 2011, the number of migrant Bengali Muslims was 30 million. The protest on this law was going on that it was revealed that it has been imposed across India for all the Muslims. Not only this it was also disclosed that in the upcoming census of 2021 every Hindu will have to provide proof that to which caste of Hindus he belongs i.e. most respected Brahmin, Kashtria, Vaishyas or Shudras or the most lower-caste Dalit who do not reside at one place and are considered having no human rights.

Indian Poverty

                According to the recent figures, 26% are Brahmin, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas are 43% conclusively while Shudras and Dalits are 22% and Adivasi tribes are 9% of Indian population. This division does not include Muslims or other minorities. Indian Brahmins are not satisfied with the results of the 2011 census. They believe that the population of lower castes i.e. Shudras and Dalit are far higher than reported. They are of the view that these lower caste Hindus have been hiding their lower caste under the cover of secularism and enjoying higher status in society due to their progress in education and business. This is not only a high crime equivalent to treason but a great sin. Shudra and Dalit are not allowed to listen to the voice of Brahmins, sit equivalent to them, pass in front of the Mandir, ride on the horses how can be they allowed to get facilities of health, education, and business? By hiding their status through education and business they have been successful in getting in relation with Brahmins. They do business equivalent to Brahmins and Kshatriyas and live in houses that are only allowed for higher caste Hindus. As doctors they touch and treat higher caste Brahmins, teach children of Brahmins in the form of professors in Indian Universities.

Hindu Extremism

                RSS's main ideology is against secularism in Independent India. Acting upon this ideology, Nathuram Godsay Hindu extremist of RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi on 30 January 1948. RSS would have killed Gandhi earlier but they did not get the chance. Terrorist Hindu organization who was formed on the ideology of Hindu extremism who did not Gandhi for the propaganda of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai; Sab k sab hein bhai (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian all are brothers) how can they spare Dalit and untouchables for enjoying status equivalent to Higher Caste Hindus? That is why as soon as the black law of CAA was approved, the protest was initially started from Universities of Delhi, in which not only students but Professors were also at the forefront. Whether this is the attack of Indian Police on Jamia Milli of Delhi on 15 December 2015 or attack of Hindu terrorists of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) on 05 January 2020 Jawahar Laal Nehru University with iron rods on teachers colony after the start of protests in Universities; the teachers injured in these attacks were Hindu while students were mixed. ABVP is the student wing of RSS that has been involved in attacks over Muslims across India. Similarly, in the sit-in staged at Shaheen Bagh Muslim women in the cold of 13 December, Hindu women accompanied as well. RSS terrorist Hindu leaders threatened to crush this sit by force on camera and afterward fulfilled their threats. Now, on the one hand, Hindu terrorists were given free hand while on the other hand, Modi was deceiving Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Two Pakistani Hindus of Sindh Lakham Singh and Jalim Singh fell prey to Modi’s political stunts…

 Hindu Caste System

To be Continued…


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Written by Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 30 July 2020.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Pak Army Sacrificing Lives for Motherland!!!

                On 14 July 2020, terrorists ambushed the Pakistan army’s patrol in the Kuhan Valley of District Panjgur of Balochistan. This attack claimed 3 lives while 8 were severely injured, 5 being in a critical situation, and shifted to CMH Quetta. This is not the first terrorist attack near the Afghan-Iran border area of Balochistan. On 19 May 2020, Pakistan army’s jeep was targeted with a mine, 9 Km away from Iran border in which 6 soldiers were martyred. Before this on 08 May 2020, in the Kech of Balochistan FC patrolling vehicle was targeted with a remote control mine martyring 6 soldiers including Major Nadeem Abbas. The question is how terrorists suddenly got active in the areas adjacent to Iran and Afghanistan. While BLA terrorists target Karachi for attacking state buildings, first they tried to attack the Chinese Embassy but failed and a few weeks ago four MISSING PERSONS of BLA terrorists were killed while attempting to enter KSE building. Due to the erection of the barbed wire fence and implementation of the Border Management System at the Pak-Afghan border, it is difficult for Indian RAW and Afghan NDS to infiltrate their terrorists in Pakistan from Afghanistan. If any reports of the presence of Indian terrorists are received, our soldiers do not waste a moment in crushing these snakes. In the operation against terrorists on 12 July 2020, 4 Pakistani soldiers were martyred while a big number of Indian state terrorists were killed, a huge cache of automatic weapons was recovered as well from Miranshah. Pakistan army neutralized Indian's attempt to harm innocent Pakistani by sacrificing lives. After the erection of strong defense of Pakistan army in tribal areas, India is targeting through RAW trained terrorists. In Balochistan, the Pakistani army has limited terrorists in a few areas of Southern Balochistan and it is not possible for these terrorists to extort money from local inhabitants by threatening them. Baloch is no more interested in the slogans of Freedom for Balochistan. In such a situation why BLA is targeting Chinese consulate and national departments like KSE?
Indian Funded Terrorist Organization
Indian Funded Terrorist Organization
                International analysts agree that internationally declared as Terrorist BLA was working under the supervision of KGB of Soviet Union, Afghan Khad, and Indian RAW from 1973-1979 before it got its new identity in 2000. At the start of 2000, BLA started working under the disguise of protecting the rights of Baloch but its main purpose was to pressurize Pakistan to bow in front of American interests in Afghanistan. After 2002, when China and Pakistan started working on Gwadar Port, BLA was given the task to stop China from stopping Chinese access to the Pakistani sea. CPEC was also unacceptable for few countries of the region, however, India was funding BLA.
KGB Soviet Union Intelligence Agency.
RAW Indian Intelligence Agency.
                After 2003, discussions were started in India that the Pak-China trade route would limit the Indian role in the region. The results of these discussions were nightmares for India. Even Western media and think tanks also agreed to increase the role of India in Afghanistan so that India may exploit Afghanistan as a proxy battlefront against Pakistan to stop CPEC. In order to make India acceptable for the International Community and uplift the soft image of terrorist India, International Media started the campaign of SHINING INDIA portraying India as a developing country. India was portrayed as an undefeatable state. Indian govt. issued special funds to Bollywood for the production of films showing the Indian army’s successful operations and wars against Pakistan. This was the time when Afghanistan was used as the second battlefront against Pakistan under the cover of war against terrorism and to cover state terrorism of India, Pakistan was blamed for terrorism in neighboring countries. International media was funded for furthering Indian propaganda. This was the hardest time for Pakistan. From Peshawar to Karachi Indian terrorists were busy in suicide bomb blasts, target killing, and terrorism. The economic development of Pakistan was halted. International investors focused on India. More than 60,000 innocent Pakistanis were martyred in this Indian terrorism.
                Pakistan army waged war against Indian terrorism in the long and short of Pakistan. Operations were started in the tribal areas targeting hideouts of Indian terrorists. This was the hardest war of history. More than 7000 Pakistani soldiers along with officers were martyred. The nation gave the sacrifice of the unsung heroes of ISI and other secret agencies who invaded enemy lines and reported the latest developments. The world witnessed the victories of the Pakistan army. The next target was the Indian sponsored agents hidden within the public and the Pakistan army achieved the target successfully.
KHAD Afghan Intelligence Agency.
NDS Afghan Intelligence Agency.Formed in 2002.
                The recent attacks of BLA terrorists are the last breathes of the Indian sponsored terrorism. The sacrifices of the Pakistan army make it clear that no power on earth can harm Pakistan in the presence of these brave sons. Astonishingly neither notables of political and religious parties have issued any statement on these martyrdoms nor they have felt any need to participate in the funeral of the martyrs. Indian anti-Pakistan propaganda has lost its attraction. Indian soft image has been tarnished in the region. India has been isolated due to its terrorist activities in the neighboring countries. God knows when so-called pro-Indian nationalists and intellectuals would understand that…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 July 2020.