Friday, October 4, 2019

Indian Camp Established at Geneva for Anti-Pakistan Propaganda!

Rana Basharat Ali along with Mubashar Ch, exposing Indian propaganda setup namely global chair; outside United Nations Geneva,  Switzerland.

                There is no doubt that India is facing diplomatic problems since she has converted Indian Held Kashmir in a place worse than prison. Whether it is the European Union or American Congress, Kashmir is being discussed as a big dispute. Despite the interests of the world powers with India, Kashmir dispute has become an important topic in the parliaments of the world powers and concerns have been expressed over Indian State Terrorism in IHK. Indian has no proper reply to the questions. The rallies and protests held within Kashmir against the curfew in IHK and expressing solidarity with Kashmiris have also created problems for Indian govt. On 05 August 2019, Kashmir was merged in to India and 0.9 million Indian soldiers imposed curfew in IHK. Despite the curfew and straight firings from Indians, Kashmiris have continued their protests against Indian presence. This has unveiled the Indian propaganda that militants in IHK operate due to the interference of Pakistan otherwise the majority of Kashmiris want to live with India. In such a serious situation there is only one solution for India that it should exploit its friends within Pakistan to fuel sectarianism, linguistic disputes, and regional disputes. By trying to give new life to slogans of Baloch, Sindhu Desh and Pakhtunistan India are trying to deceive the world that all these want separation from Pakistan especially Pakistan army portrayed as Punjabi army. According to this propagnadaPakistan army has been controlling resources in Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK. This anti-Pakistan conspiracy is not new. The foundation was laid with the Independence of Pakistan when Afghanistan denied accepting Pakistan as a separate country and few fuedals of Balochistan and NWFP chanted slogans of separation from Pakistan.
                Khan of QIlat in Balochistan, Sardar Abdul Ghafar Khan alias Sarhadi Gandhi of NWFP started brainwashing the poor of the provinces who were also their subjects for Greater Pakhtunistan and Balochistan with the support of India and Afghanistan. Right just after two years of independence, Pakistan army was termed as Punjabi army, Punjabi administration and Punjabi politicians being responsible for the financial problems of these provinces.
                On the basis of this conspiracy using the pro-Indian elements within the country and outside the country, Pakistan was disintegrated in 1971. Most of the Indian intellectuals and historians have recorded this in their books that through effective propaganda against Pakistan, India succeeded in disintegrating Pakistan. After the fall of Dhaka, the conspiracy was furthered in the name of Sindhu Desh while Greater Pakhtunistan and Greater Balochistan terminologies were introduced in KPK and Balochistan. The concept of the Greater Pakhtunistan combining areas of Balochistan and KPK was like old wine in the new bottle. Few new faces running anti-Pakistan propaganda were introduced but the real characters remained the same who worked against Pakistan in 1947.
                In the decade of the 1980s, a linguistic party Muhajir Qaumi Movement  (MQM) was established. Within no time on the footprints of underworld active in Mumbai it got arranged in Pakistan's coastal city and economical hub and got control over the economy, culture, politics, and society of the country under the leadership of Altaf Hussein. With the establishment of MQM, the use of automatic weapons was introduced into Karachi.
                In Balochistan and KPK the armed conflict was started under two different ideologies. KPK and areas adjacent to Afghanistan saw a terrorist organization named Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) working under the slogan of the imposition of Islamic Shariah and started killing innocents. In Balochistan the killings were started in the name of the fight for the rights of Baloch people; terrorist activities were carried out all over Pakistan. All of these armed movements shared the conspiracy of the Punjabi army, Punjabi bureaucracy and Punjabi politicians. This was a very complicated war which was waged within Pakistan via Balochistan which engulfed the whole country in no time.
                Then the world saw that MQM unveiled its original face and started anti-Pakistan activities openly. According to the international experts of war and defense, such a complicated would have left any country in the situation like that of Iraq, Libya, and Syria. This was the blessings of Allah that the Pakistan army destroyed the hideouts of terrorists established in tribal areas like that of cantonments and cleared the whole country from terrorism with bravery and zeal.
                When it became impossible for the enemies of Pakistan to operate within Pakistan and execute terrorist activities, they started propaganda war against Pakistan. Rallies and protests were held in the favor of the Baloch insurgents, militants in tribal areas of KPK (which now have become constitutional part of KPK), supporting Muhajirs in Karachi in the capitals of the world powers like America, British and other European countries. In these rallies the first time Altaf Hussein, few Baloch traitors on self-exile and characters working in the name of Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) were seen together. This did not stop here, Indian terrorist agency RAW acquired land in front of UN building on rent and established a marquee/tent for propaganda against Pakistan on a permanent basis. Here the fabricated stories of torture of the Pakistani army against Baloch, Pakhtun, and Muhajirs were told by the hired persons linked with universities. They were provided lodging in 5-star hotels. Afterward, the envoys of such hired traitors were arranged to meet with the heads of states or foreign ministers of important visitors coming to UN building. They used to convince them for separation of Balochistan, Pakhtunistan and Karachi from Pakistan. This propaganda is going for the last 5 years.
                The walls of the marquee are full of anti-Pakistan and Pakistan army propaganda banners. Whenever, the procession of the Human Rights held in the UN building, this marquee termed as “Global Chair” sees increased numbers of guests. Hussein Haqqani is specially invited to this marquee to express his anti-Pakistan propaganda on heavy hourly payments. All these scenes are painful for the Pakistanis residing in Geneva. They try to counter it within their limited resources. Sometimes they arrange banners on the local transport highlighting the Indian atrocities committed in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and minorities. This is insufficient. Indian is spending billions of dollars for anti-Pakistan and Pakistan army propaganda which cannot be countered by Pakistanis living in Geneva. They have also established an Organization of Human Rights under the leadership of Rana Basharat Ali whose goal is to unveil the dirty face of India to Western Countries. They do not want money to counter Indian propaganda but supervision of Pakistani govt. they want support from Pakistani govt. and Media to overthrow the Indian established Marquee “Global Chair”.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 26 September 2019.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Indian State Terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir and Threats of Nuclear War!

A Kashmiri Child beaten by Indian soldiers

                Kashmiri youngsters have started protested against Indian forces violating the curfew imposed by the Indian army. The number of targets of pellet guns and live bullets during skirmishes are rising day by day. Injured are not allowed to be shifted to hospitals due to curfew, they are being treated in the corners of the streets by Kashmiris for taking out pellets. The first aid given by untrained youngsters to injured has got viral on social media. In a similar video a Kashmiri youngster unveiled that hospitals are under the siege and control of Indian army and the injured and those shifting the injured to hospitals are arrested and go missing forever. Many injured Kashmiris have lost their lives due to arrests rather than first aid. The heirs of the martyred Kashmiris are unaware of their fate. Indian forces are not ready to inform the heirs of martyred Kashmiris. Few Kashmiri families have succeeded in fleeing to Indian Held Punjab with the help of Sikh friends. In such a video message a Kashmiri wearing veil has told that many Kashmiris try to enter Indian Held Punjab via Jammu but most of them are arrested. On the protest, they are told that govt. has ordered to stop Kashmiris from fleeing out of IHK. The Kashmiri who succeeded in getting out of the IHK told that people inside IHK have a shortage of eatables, milk, and feed for children and medicines. It seems that the Modi establishment and Indian State Terrorist army has planned to kill Kashmiris through hunger and thirst. If the international powers did nothing to save Kashmiris from Indian State Terrorism than a large number of people would die. He begged to the Red Cross, World Food Organization and other so-called Human Rights Organizations to arrange supply of eatables and medicines to Kashmiris in IHK. He further disclosed that in most of the areas electricity, gas and Petroleum supply have been suspended. Children, elderly and Kashmiri people are forced to eat uncooked vegetables and grass. Women are being kidnapped during home searches. In order to safeguard themselves from Indian Rapists, Kashmiri women gather in a single house of the locality, as soon as Indian soldiers try to enter that house, they start beating up utensils so that males can safeguard them, however, most of the males are being shot at point-blank while trying to save women  from Indian state Terrorists.

                The reports f International media like CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, and other channels reinforce that the situation in IHK is very bad due to curfew imposed by Hindu soldiers. Indian govt. is trying through propaganda that schools are open in the IHK; this statement is funny as well as a serious slap on the face of international powers. In the way India is trying to deceive the world, one can only curse those who are being deceived. The protest against Indian State Terrorism has been recorded in the major cities of the world. In London, thousands of people took part in the rally against the Indian State Terrorism. The officials of the Indian High Commission were so much confused that one of them made 8 minutes long video and commented in his video that thousands of people have been paid by ISI to protest against Indian State Terrorism holding flags of Kashmir. He himself said that protestors taking part in the rally are more than 15000. He was angry that why the British govt. allowed ISI agents to stage protests in London. He was also criticizing London Police protecting the rally. The rallies held in France, Germany, and Italy had a similar number of protestors and well organized.
                Sikhs are participating in these protests against India with the demands for the separation of Khalistan. India is concerned over the participation of the Sikhs as they are spread all over the world. The participation of the Sikhs in these protests is the evidence that not only Kashmiris but minorities are not safe in Hindu India. This has badly shattered the image of Mother of Democracy.

                The continuous meetings of Human Rights Organizations and demands that curfew should be at once lifted from IHK and communications should be restored. In a special meeting of Human Rights Council at Geneva more than 50 representatives of different countries demanded that curfew should be at once lifted, human rights violations should be stopped, communications should be restored, political prisoners should be freed at once, representatives of Human Rights Organizations should be allowed to visit IHK, use of pellet guns should be stopped. Representatives taking part in the meeting made it clear to the world that two nuclear powers are in front of each other while India is committing atrocities against Kashmiris of IHK. The world should wake up and stop it otherwise a nuclear war is evident. In order to avoid this war, the Kashmir dispute should be resolved through political means.
Indian Soldiers in IHK worst example state terrorism

                Members of American Congress have also expressed their concerns over the situation in IHK. Candidate for upcoming Presidential elections has made expressing concerns over violations of human rights in IHK a part of his political campaign. Wherever he addresses, he expresses his concerns over Human rights issues in IHK and bans imposed on Kashmiris by India. Many members of American Congress have demanded in their tweets that curfew should be lifted and Kashmiris should be allowed access to social media and other modes of communication. They are condemning tortures of Indian soldiers on Kashmiris and denying education to Kashmiris. In light of the increasing pressure on India, many think tanks and defense analysts are warning about the possibility of war on the Line of Control (LoC). According to them, it is not possible for India to continue curfew for long, as soon as the curfew would be lifted the protests of Kashmiri people would grow out of control and Indian army has only one option i.e. use the live weapon. Kashmiris already suffering in the hands of the Indian army would be further incited by the use of direct power which would result in war between India and Pakistan. Once the war is started, it will spread like a wildfire towards other countries.
A soldier marching during Curfew in kashmir where public is facing shortage of food, water and medicine

                Stopping this war is the responsibility of the United Nations. Alas! United Nations is showing the lethargic attitude over the Kashmir issue. India is exploiting this opportunity to crush unarmed Kashmiris. In order to divert the attention of the world from the atrocities being committed in IHK, India has started interference into Pakistan in the name of the Sindhu Desh, Saraikistan, and Pakhtunistan. God knows who are the advisors of Bilawal Bhutto who write such speeches for him while on ground neither there is such situation in Southern Punjab, KPK or Sindh. In the way, the public of Karachi is forced to live on the heap of garbage, despite planning to remove this garbage Bilawal is talking to disintegrate Pakistan. This would not harm the integrity of Pakistan however, this will make Kashmiris hopeless, who have put everything on stake for freedom and Pakistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 19 September 2019.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

World Should Ensure the Safety of Kashmiri Women!

BJP Leader encourages rape of Muslim Women in India
Sunita Singh

                Whether these are the Hindu riots in India or strategy to crush the freedom movements; India has a history of sexual torture on women. If we look at the history we see that whether these are Indian army and security agencies, rulers of Congress claiming to be secular or Hindu extremists and their leaders, whenever they got the chance they crossed all the limitations of inhuman and immoral torture against the women of minorities and Muslim. The history of sexual abuse of women is as old as Hindu rule; however, its extreme can be seen right after the partition of India. Hindus exploited Sikhs of Eastern Punjab to punish Muslims and their women. Afterward, the so-called secular Party Congress divided Eastern Punjab into three parts in order to weaken Sikhs. This created confrontation between Sikhs and the Indian govt. which resulted in the attack and destruction of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. In this attack against a religious minority, the Indian army used tanks and Armoured Vehicles. From 1 to 7 June 1984, Indian army kidnapped uncountable numbers of Sikh women from Amritsar and the men accompanying these women were declared as terrorist and murdered. The women kidnapped during the operation have never been found. In order to take revenge for this attack on their religious 2 Sikh guards of Indira Gandhi  murdered her on 31st October 1984.  As a reaction of this murder, more than 18000 Sikh were killed in the hands of Hindu terrorists under the supervision of secular govt. Only in New Delhi, more than 8000 Sikh were killed in which the Cabinet Ministers of Indira Gandhi were directly involved. Police and Municipal Committees provided addresses and records of the houses of Sikhs, their businesses and vehicles under their use to Hindu extremists. In order to set fire to the homes and business of Sikhs Indian Police provided Petrol and kerosene oil to Hindu extremists.  Sikh women were dragged out of their homes in the crossovers where they were gang-raped and later on set on fire alive. Many Sikhs burnt the faces of their women with acid in order to save them from Hindu rapists while few Sikhs killed their own women in order to save them from the revenge of Hindus. Only In New Delhi, more than 50000 Sikh were forced to leave their homes. According to the registered cases more than 10000 Sikh women were gang-raped within a week and most of them were never found again.
Sikh women raped

                United Nations, UNHCR, International Organizations for protection of women remained confined to concerns and statements avoiding demand of any action against Indian State terrorism. So-called independent Media did not give any coverage to the genocide of Sikhs and covered the situation by giving reports about the funeral of Indira Gandhi. The issue was taken to the Indian Court, where inquiries were held and the case was prolonged for the years and at least buried on 2009 by expressing sadness and shame in spite of punishing the involved officials of the Police and govt. New Delhi High Court gave the verdict:
“Though we boast of being the world’s largest Democracy and the Delhi being it is National Capital, the sheer mention of the incident of 1984, Anti-Sikh riots in General and the role played by the Delhi Police and state machinery, in particular, makes our head hand in shame in the eyes of the world”.
Blood and dead bodies in The Golden Temple
It was appalling inside the Golden Temple with humans blood and dead bodies everywhere

Meaning the biggest punishment of the culprits of 1984 Sikh genocide is only that Delhi High Court has been ashamed in front of the world. All the so-called democratic countries should be ashamed who still claim that the system of Indian govt. is secular and India is the biggest democracy.
                If we look at the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK), Indian Army and BSF have been using rapes of Kashmiri women as a state policy to crush the freedom movement for the last 7 decades. These reports are not published within the Indian media but also challenge the advocates of democracy and justice. In 2009, 17-year-old girl Aasia Jaan of District Shopian was awarded Gold Medal in Secondary School and was waiting for the admission in College, she was kidnapped by Indian soldiers along with her sister in law; these both women were gang-raped by more than 50 Indian soldiers even after their death. Despite the presence of all the evidence, not a single Indian soldier was punished.
Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple): after Indian army attack

                Anant Nag is considered as the most beautiful area of the IHK. On 18 May 1990, the marriage od the 25-year-old Mubeena of Mohri Pura was scheduled to be held upon on 18 May. On the same day, the Indian army imposed curfew and started searching in the houses. The groom Abdul Rasheed and his friends got special passes from the state administration for the marriage which was also countersigned by the Indian army commander. The procession arrived at the bride’s house before afternoon. Indian soldiers at the check posts allowed the procession to enter into Mohri Pura after checking the passes and permits. After Nikah and meals served, the bride entered into the procession bus to return to the home of the groom at about 8PM. Roads were deserted due to curfew. The bus has gone only 3 kilometers that two vehicles of Indian army stopped the bus. The internal lights and headlights were ordered to be switched off. The bus driver was ordered to get out of the bus, he tried to show the permit, groom and others protested but the bus driver was shot dead by Indian soldiers. The songs of happiness inside the bus were turned into screams. Indian soldiers opened fire on the bus, how many were killed or injured no one knows. Few Indian soldiers entered into the bus, grabbed the bride out of the bus and punished her for hours for being a Kashmiri. When she returned to her senses she was in a hospital where other women from the marriage procession were also admitted. Some of them were injured by the bullets of Indian state terrorists while others were raped by Indian soldiers.
                The list of war crimes of the Indian army against Kashmiri women is very long. The basic reason is the hatred against the non-Hindus present within India and reinforced by the Hindu caste system. The evidence can be observed by the post of Mahela Morcha (women leader) Sunita Singh, Member of Indian Parliament of BJP, on 26 June 2019 on facebook for Hindu extremists in which she writes despite herself being a woman;
                “There is only one solution for Muslims; Hindu brothers should make a group of 10 and gang rape their (Muslim) mothers and sisters openly on the streets and then hang them in the middle of the bazaar for others to see”.
The first responsibility was of the Facebook administration to block the account of Sunita Singh for such violent post. This never happened, her immoral message against women remained on the facebook, it was tweeted on twitter and its screenshots got viral on the WhatsApp. On such a violent and inciting message even Indian media(famous for fueling hatred against Muslim) reacted because according to Sunita Singh there was no other way to safeguard India but rape Muslim women. On the protest of Indian media the President of BJP’s women wing issued the press release that Sunita Singh has been relieved of her designation. Many Indian journalists are not ready to believe it. They claim that RSS believes on the agenda that was openly expressed by Sunita Singh. That is why whether it is India or IHK, Indian army, Police and Hindu Extremists sexually abused and gang raped non-Hindu women according to their philosophy of Hinduism. They are of the view that RSS gives respect to those workers who show practical acts based on the Hindu extremism.
Save Kashmiri women left on the mercy of the Hindu soldiers
“Save daughters of Kashmir”
                On 05 August 2019, after the removal of separate position of Indian Held Kashmir in the Indian constitution, the statements given by Hindu terrorists against the women  of Kashmir; the curtailing the communications in IHK by serial killer Narendra Modi no one knows that what is going on in Indian Held Kashmir. It is the duty of the United Nations, Human Rights Organizations and International Powers (who do not think the second time while attacking a Muslim country for merely fake allegations of inhuman acts) to protect the Kashmiri Women or declare that Muslims of India and Kashmir have no rights as human beings…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 12 September 2019.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Pakistan’s Will for Peace should not be considered as Weakness!

New Delhi: Muslims protesting against lynching to say “jay shiri ram”.
New Delhi: Muslims protesting against lynching to say “jay shiri ram”.

                After 9/11, in order to calm down the American people, the USA got support from UNO to attack Afghanistan. British and other Western Countries along with NATO were the allies of the USA in this attack. Everyone was aware of the fate of Afghanistan in the hands of such a big army. In such a situation, India was the only country who tried to convince the USA to attack Pakistan in spite of Afghanistan. India paid to her lobbyists in American Congress, pressurized USA from Israel, contacted NATO countries in this regard, Western and American newspapers and journals were paid to write against Pakistan. All these efforts of India were pivoting around the single point that Pakistan is the only terrorist state in the world. Pakistan trains terrorists that are afterward launched into neighboring countries and even other continents. Through such propaganda, the USA and international community was incited to target Pakistan in spite of Afghanistan in order to end terrorism in the world. When all such efforts of India did not bear fruit, Indian Foreign Secretary Chokila Lyer was sent to the special mission by Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee to convince Americans to attack Pakistan. L.K. Adwani offered Indian cantonments and airbases and Indian army, air-force, and Navy  to the USA if USA attacks Pakistan. Americans did not give any positive response to the Indians. With the aerial attacks on 07 October 2001, the war in Afghanistan started, however, India continued her propaganda against Pakistan. After defeat on all fronts, Indian govt. staged an attack on Indian Parliament on 13 December 2001. India blamed Pakistan for this staged terrorist attack and Indian Prime Minister ordered the Indian army to move forward to attack Pakistan. This was serious situation; on the western side of Pakistan America along with her allies was attacking Afghanistan while on the Eastern side whole of the Indian army was deployed to attack Pakistan. Pakistan’s brave army was present on the border in order to thwart any misadventure by Indians. Indian was the first to start the attack; the Pakistan army was only present to give a befitting reply and put an end to Indian war. In such a situation when the enemy was at the heads of Pakistanis but Pakistani people did not give a shit to it. They were not afraid of war but they had trust and believe in the professionalism of Pakistani army and its command. India wanted to blame ISI for attacking Indian parliament through Lashkar-e-Taiba in order to prove Pakistan as a terrorist state.
                DG ISPR Major General Rashid Qureshi has made this clear to the whole world in his press conference that Mumbai attacks were staged by Indian Secret agencies. Indian plans were to declare freedom fight of Kashmiris in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) as terrorism and defame Pakistan as well. DG ISPR made this clear to the whole world that if India attempted to cross the international border she will have to pay heavy costs.
India 1991: Modi staged protest demanding the abolition of articles 370, 35A-IHK.
India 1991: Modi staged protest demanding the abolition of articles 370, 35A-IHK.

                International media was concerned that the Indian attack on Pakistan may result in failure of International war against terrorism. Pakistan and India both are nuclear states and war between these two countries would ultimately result in nuclear war. Indian posed as she wanted to target so-called terrorist camps across the LoC in Azad Kashmir; the deployment of the Indian army on the border in Punjab was to thwart any reaction from the Pakistani side. In this regard in January 2002, a special meeting of Indian Cabinet was held in which it was decided that “Tiger Squadron” of Indian Air Force will target terrorist camps in Azad Kashmir; afterward, the Indian army will enter into Azad Kashmir and return back after a limited military action. Indian  media posed that as USA had right to invade Afghanistan for Osama Bin Laden, similarly New Delhi has right to invade Pakistan and take military action against hideouts of LeT.
Muslims Killed in Indian Held Kashmir by Hindu Soldiers

                After Indian claims, Americans newspapers reported that Pakistan has deployed ballistic missiles near the Indian border. In order to support these claims, pictures taken from satellites were published as well which showed the presence of Pakistani missiles near the Indian border. Indian govt. was constantly changing stances; Hindu extremists were criticizing govt. for not issuing orders to Indian army to attack Pakistan and delaying in teaching a lesson to Paksitan. Indian media was also fueling the situation that this is the chance to crush Paksitan forever as international powers are already active in Afghanistan. However, few Indian Defense analysts were criticizing Indian Command that they wasted 23 days while moving the Indian army to the border meanwhile Pakistan shifted its troops to the border as well. Pakistani army was waiting for the 1st fire from the Indian side and Indian Command was well aware that in case of war, India will have to bear great losses.
                On 14th May 2002, Indian media claimed that 3 terrorists of LeT attacked military barracks of Indian army in the Kaluchak area of IHK in which more than 40 persons were killed including women and children of Indian soldiers. Indian media was claiming this as the second biggest attack by Pakistan after Parliament attack. Indians started protesting and demanded Indian govt to attack Pakistan. In order to calm down the rage of the Indian public, Indian Prime Minister called the meeting of Indian cabinet claiming that we will have to put an end to the situation. American Foreign Minister Richard Armitage gave the statement that attack on the Kaluchak barracks was conducted by such elements who want a war between Pakistan and India and Pakistan is not involved in this attack. In this way Indian conspiracy to enrage the international community against Pakistan in which India killed families of her own soldiers failed badly.
Ahmadabad 15 June 2004: The bodies of the four peoples along with Ishrat Jahan killed in a fake encounter
Ahmadabad 15 June 2004: The bodies of the four peoples along with Ishrat Jahan killed in a fake encounter.

                On 13 July 2013, during the hearing of the murder of Ishrat Jahan (a Muslim student) at Ahmedabad in a fake encounter by police, Secretary of Indian Interior Ministry R.V. Mani gave the affidavit that whether it was 2001 Parliament attack or Mumbai attack in 2008, these were conducted by secret agencies of India. Ishrat Jahan was killed by Indian Police in Ahmadabad in 2004 allegedly for being the Muslim suicide bomber sent by Pakistan by the police officers Senior Superintendent of Police and above ranks. The bad planning of Indian police and state terrorists; that two students killed along with Ishrat Jahan claimed as activists of LeT and accomplices of Ishrat Jahan were identified as Sikh and Hindu. On the protest of their families, the investigation revealed that encounter and the allegations were fake. The affidavit of R.V.S. Mani proved to be the last nail in the coffin of the fake story. In his affidavit he further wrote that the goal behind the fake encounter was to support changes in the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), which gave arbitrary powers to Police and the Indian army in IHK to take action against persons termed as suspicious. After these terrorist activities, the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) was introduced.
RVS Mani, who as a home ministry under-secretary signed the affidavit summited in the Indian Supreme Court said “parliament attack 2001 and 26/11 Mumbai were orchestrated by the Government in power”
RVS Mani, who as a home ministry under-secretary signed the affidavit summited in the Indian Supreme Court said “parliament attack 2001 and 26/11 Mumbai were orchestrated by the Government in power”.

                The purpose of quoting above mentioned incidents was to disclose the enmity of Indians and Hindus against Muslims, Kashmiris, and Pakistan. A country that can stage bomb blasts and kill its own citizens, kill its own soldiers in Pulwama the attack in order to pave the way to attack Pakistan; no good can be expected from such a country.
                The inhuman activities of Indian state terrorists in IHK has been now changed into genocide of Kashmiris. India is facing criticism from the whole world and human rights organizations. International powers are concerned that Indian acts may result in the nuclear war, their investments and interests in India would be burned to ashes. In such a situation they will try everything to bring both countries to the talks, however, if Pakistan starts negotiations with Indian without getting the demands fulfilled this would be treason with Kashmiris and suicide for Pakistan. Pakistan should keep unveiling the ugly face of Hindu terrorism. India has been exploiting Pakistan's struggle for peace as Pakistan’s weakness; this should  be out to an end NOW!

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 August 2019.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Plans of Hindu Extremists Against Kashmiri Women

MUZAFFARNAGAR: A day after the Indian Govt. moved to scrap special privileges to Occupied J&K under Article 370, BJP MLA Vikram Saini said that BJP workers in the country should be happy that they can now marry "white-skinned” Kashmiri girls without any fear.
MUZAFFARNAGAR: A day after the Indian Govt. moved to scrap special privileges to Occupied J&K under Article 370, BJP MLA Vikram Saini said that BJP workers in the country should be happy that they can now marry "white-skinned” Kashmiri girls without any fear.

                After removal of Article 270 of Indian Constitution on 05 August 2019, which gave separate identity to Kashmir, Hindu terrorists of Rashtriya Sewak Singh (RSS) are posting such abusive posts which cannot be accepted in any society except stinking Hindu Extremist society of Modi’s Terrorist state. These posts are being appreciated in India, which shows the moral shallowness of Hindu India’s society. A society where men treat women as things of utilization, how can one expect something good from such a society. Besides an organization of UNO, Amnesty International has already declared India as an unsafe country for women. According to the numbers reported by India, daily more than 110 women are raped or gang-raped in India. These are those numbers that are reported to the Police Stations. Those incidents in which Indian state forces are involved or those that are not reported to the Police stations are not included. Most of the cases occur in the Capital of India (also known as Capital of Rapists) New Delhi. The dark aspect of the whole situation is that the Indian Police is not ready to accept rape as a crime. Even if Police registers a case of rape on the public pressure, the victim has to pass through such treatment of Police and authorities that their difficulties to survive in such a narrow-minded society. Although, India media has not disclosed the religious identity of the women who become the target of such brutality most of them are from minorities and lower castes.
  Lockdown in Indian occupied Kashmir. “The new death trap for Kashmiri girls”
Lockdown in Indian occupied Kashmir. “The new death trap for Kashmiri girls”.

                In a society where Muslim males are tortured to chant Hindu religious slogans of Jai Shri Ram and in case of resistance they are murdered through beating up and burning alive; the clips of these murders are proudly shared over the social media, there is nothing known as Police, Courts of law, the abusive statements against Kashmiri women are nothing unexpected.
Indian army has been using rape of Kashmiri women as a strategy of war in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) for the last 30 years. Kashmiri women are kidnapped and gang-raped in Indian military camps in order to suppress the Freedom Movement. Failure of Hindu Terrorist army to suppress the freedom movement has resulted in the anger of Hindu terrorists which can be easily observed on Hindu extremists posts on Social Media. These Hindu state terrorists want to take revenge for their failure from Kashmiri women.
Haminder Singh Ahluwalia from Delhi along with his three Sikh friends collected Rs 4 Lakh donation to buy air tickets for 34 Kashmiri student girls stuck in Pune (Maharashtra), and were harassed by hindu extremists. All 4 Sikh friends accompanied the Kashmiri girls to ensure they all reach back to their homes safely in IOK.
Haminder Singh Ahluwalia from Delhi along with his three Sikh friends collected Rs 4 Lakh donation to buy air tickets for 34 Kashmiri student girls stuck in Pune (Maharashtra), and was harassed by Hindu extremists. All 4 Sikh friends accompanied the Kashmiri girls to ensure they all reach back to their homes safely in IOK.

                Considering these plans of Hindu extremists in  India, the leader of Sikh Religious Movement “Akal Takht” has ordered Sikhs to ensure the safety of the women of IHK. He said that protection of the Kashmiri women is now the religious duty of the Sikhs. It is pertinent to mention here that Akal Takht has the importance equivalent to the Supreme Court. Its leader (known as Jathedar) is politically elected. The present leader of the Akal Takht is considered by the majority of the Sikhs to have been deployed by the Indian Prime Minister Modi, RSS, and RAW. According to them, he was appointed to weaken the Freedom Movement of Khalistan. Perhaps that is why when he instructed Sikhs to protect Kashmiri women as a reaction to the posts of Hindu terrorists on social media, he did not mention that from whom Kashmiri women have threats. When journalists asked him about the threats to Kashmiri women, he said that these are those groups who during riots against Sikhs in 1984 targeted Sikh Women. All Indian newspapers published this statement as headlines in their edition of 10 August 2019. According to Sikhs Jathedar was forced to give such statements in reaction to the 34 Kashmiri women that were trapped in Maharashtra, few Sikhs collected a donation of 0.45 million Indian Rupees and arranged air tickets for Sri Nagar for these girls. These girls arrived in their homes under the protection of Sikhs despite Curfew in Sri Nagar. This is an open message to the ruling Hindus that Sikhs will not stand with Kashmiris.
Protect Kashmiri Girls. Akal Takht Jathedar

                The moral shallowness of Hindu extremists can be imagined from the statement of Vikram Seni, member of Parliament of BJP which he gave on 06 August 2019 while addressing Hindu extremists, he said that unmarried Hindus are free to marry beautiful white girls of Kashmir after removal of 370 and 35A. Hindu extremists celebrated the statement of their leader. Many Indian journalists criticized the statement of Vikram Seni and termed it as the insult of India. According to them, this statement is not merely a political statement but it shows the plans of RSS against Kashmiri women.
                Member of British Parliament, Syeda Warsi in a special interview to BBC said that human rights organizations should come forward after the statement of Hindu leader and ensure the protection of Kashmiri women imprisoned in IHK. She said that the statement of BJP’s elected member is shameful and insult of the women of the whole world. She further said that international community should take notice of this. She said that during the blackout of telecommunication and curfew in IHK, there are threats that Kashmiri women will have to suffer the atrocities in the hands of the state terrorists of Hindu India. She demanded that India should give access to the IHK so that the world can know the facts.
                After 05 August 2019, the situation is developing rapidly. Protests are going on across the world against India. The day of 15 August 2019 was celebrated as BLACK DAY. The protest of 20000 people in front of the Indian High Commission in London on the same day  in which the majority Sikhs participated along with people of other religions shows that the world has rejected Indian stance over IHK.
4 Kashmiri Girls trapped in Puna returning to home

                While imposing Hindu Extremism to the whole India, Hindu rulers are unable to realize that they are destroying the whole region. They cannot imprison Kashmiris for long. Kashmiris are not afraid of fresh troops of the Indian army. They are not afraid of death.
                This is the duty of the international powers to realize that if they did not control Hindu Extremism in India, their investment in India would be destroyed as well. During the protests at London Sikhs declared Eastern Punjab as an Indian Occupied area and declared to increase their efforts for the freedom of Khalistan. The flag of Free Nagaland was hoisted in the Nagaland by Freedom Fighters. This has further reinforced the news reports that there are freedom movements in The Indian Held States and there are such districts where the Indian army is afraid to enter. In such a situation the statements of Indian members of Parliaments against Kashmiri women shows that they will soon disintegrate Indian through their extremism and terrorism…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 22 August 2019.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Modi’s Suicide Attack over Indian Constitution!

August 09 2019: Srinagar. Kashmiri student with Pakistani flag killed by Indian army in Indian occupied Kashmir with many others.
August 09 2019: Srinagar. Kashmiri student with the Pakistani flag killed by Indian army in Indian occupied Kashmir with many others.

                Interior Minister of India Amit Shah, presented the bill to abolish the article 35-A and 370 of Indian Constitution related to Indian Held Kashmir. Opposition parties protested over it, they made noise that no one was able to understand the speech of Amit Shah. Despite all this when Amit Shah continued his speech, opposition first tore up the copies of the draft of Indian Constitution says that Indian does not need this constitution that is being violated by Indian govt. herself. The opposition boycotted the session of Parliament. Before the presentation of the bill, Chadam Baram Leader of Indian Congress said that

“Lok Sabha is responsible to safeguard the rights of the states included in the Federation according to the Indian Constitution while states are responsible to safeguard the rights of their citizens; Lok Sabha has failed to safeguard the rights of the states. He said that today will be remembered as Black Day of Indian History and upcoming generations will have to pay for this blunder. Lok Sabha has changed the status of states to the Indian defeated colonies. By abolishing article 370 not only Lok Sabha has fueled the Kashmir dispute but also degraded other states to the status lesser than Municipal Corporation. Under the cover of Article 370, not only protests and freedom movement in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) has been given a new life but also threatened the other states and forced them to follow the footprints of Kashmiris. Is there a legal expert in the ruling party that can advise govt. that in the name of fulfilling the slogan raised during the electoral campaign, govt. is going to do such activities that will have disastrous results for India and no one will be able to make the loss good”.

He declared this as a deception to the public of the IHK. He further said that by closing the educational institutions, canceling the exams, expelling the tourists in the name of Amarnath Yatra whole world has been given a message that India has been controlling Kashmir through power against the will of the public. The representatives of Indian friendly countries in UNO are asking that what blunder has India committed. In Islamic countries, our diplomats are unable to answer the questions raised by the public. Pakistani is taking the issue to the UNO. Indian actions in the IHK are reinforcing Pakistani stance over Kashmir.
In Kashmir Move, Critics Say Modi is Trying to Make a Hindu Nation

The New York Times analyzed the situation in these words that in the way the Modi and his Ministers are explaining the decision of Kashmir is unacceptable and it is not as much simple as they claim. Under the picture of deserted areas of Sri Nagar due to the Curfew imposed by the Indian Army, the newspaper published the headline “In Kashmir Move, Critics Say Modi is Trying to Make a Hindu Nation”. Other Western and American newspapers also expressed concerns over the decision of Modi establishment over IHK. Most of the Western analysts are raising objections that why did not Modi establishment wait for the decision of Indian Supreme Court where a case is under trial filed by the “We the People” NGO over abolishing of Article 35-A and 370. 6 other applications were lodged as well which Indian Supreme Court adjourned along with the case of the NGO. In between 2014-18, 20 hearings have been conducted by the Indian Supreme Court. The decision was expected in December 2018. But Indian Supreme Court adjourned the case 6 times from December 2018 to July 2019. The reason was the protests over the abolition of the said articles which might grow out of control for Indian military in IHK while on the other hand if the decision came in the favor of the Kashmiris than  there will countrywide violent protests of Hindu extremists due to which three judges panel of Indian Supreme Court avoided the give the verdict. 
Curfew in Kashmir

Curfew has been imposed in IHK since 05 August 2019. Despite the curfew, protests have broken out in Pulwama, Barahmolla, and Sri Nagar. As a result of direct fire over the protestors on 7th August 2019, 8 Kashmiris were killed while more than 100 were injured. In order to stop the coverage of the atrocities committed by the state terrorists of India, Indian army blocked all type of communications. The video of burning 5 inhabitants alive in their home was leaked out to the outer world on 08 August 2019. The sobbing of the video maker can be heard in the said clip. UNO and European Union expressed concerns over the blocking of all type of communications and no good news from IHK and demanded that UNO’s Human Rights team should be allowed to visit the area. Similarly a member of European Parliament said that he is going to present a resolution against India in September 2019. He compared the abolishing of separate status of IHK to the British military action over Scotland after abolishing the Scottish parliament.
Indian States concerned over their separate identity after Indian Held Kashmir

A similar fear and concerns have been felt in other states of India as well. They are concerned that following the Kashmir case, New Delhi may degrade their status at any time. It is pertinent to mention that more than 9 states of India have special status under article 371 of the Indian constitution. Nagaland 371-A, ASSAM 371-B, Manipura 371-C, Andhra Pradesh 371-D, Sikkim 371-E, Mizoram 371-G, Arunachal Pradesh 371-H and Goa 371-I and inhabitants of Himachal Pradesh have special status and separate identity. These states have active armed freedom movements. In these states just like IHK, the Indian army has complete protection for the massacre of the freedom fighters and locals. Youngsters are arrested there under no charges and case and go missing forever. Whether this is the rapes or gang rapes in the Indian army camps, Indian govt. has banned Indian media from publishing such news; however, despite this, clips of these heinous crimes of Indian state terrorists are leaked out. After, the abolition of the special status of IHK, protests are going on in these states. They are protesting fearing that they will be deprived of their special status and rights as well. Many analysts in New Delhi who are termed as against Congress are claiming the way Modi abolished the article 370 and 35-A as suicide attack over the Indian Constitution. According to them under the cover of converting India into Hindu state, Hindu Extremists party RSS and Modi have created such a situation after which the destruction and disintegration of India are inevitable…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 15 August 2019.

Friday, August 2, 2019

While Trying to Seclude Pakistan on International Level India Herself Has been Secluded!

International Court Verdict in Kulbhushan Case
The International Court

                What could be worse on the international level that Pakistan facing terrorism was termed as a terrorist state. India exploited her big international markets and deals of weapons with world powers against Pakistan on the diplomatic level. This is no more a secret. Through her such strategies, she developed her role in Afghanistan due to her influence over the USA. Afghanistan was used in the proxy war against Pakistan. Militants were launched in Balochistan in such a way that the world considered them as fighting for the freedom of Baloch people. Similarly, in the name of imposing Islam another terrorist organization was established in tribal areas and FATA. These Indian sponsored terrorists played with the blood of innocent Pakistanis all over Pakistan under different identities and slogans. India’s successful launch of these terrorists made India sure that now Pakistan has no other way except to accept the slavery of Hindu India. Indian propaganda against Pakistan was on one hand welcomed by Western Media while on the other so-called liberal elements in Pakistan supported it. They were reinforced by the elements who are enemies of Pakistan army. No one was ready to give it a shit that why would army target itself and its own citizens in Pakistan. Pakistan army sacrificed thousands of their soldiers to protect the motherland.
Chahbahar to Balochistan route followed by Kulbhushan

                The increased successful terrorism of India in Pakistan resulted in overconfidence of India. In 2014, Ajeet Kumar Doval, Advisor Of Modi in a seminar held at New Delhi acknowledged the support of terrorism in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan has destroyed the Pakistani economy, society, and politics to such an extent that if India attacks Pakistan, Pakistan will be disintegrated within no time. He claimed that Pakistan’s neck is in the control of India. His threats were not baseless. Karachi was bleeding in the hands of Altaf Hussein. Extortion, kidnapping for ransom, robberies, target killing were made a profession. Karachi was identified for its lawlessness on the international level. From Karachi to Peshawar, Mosques, places of worship, state installations, courts, educational institutions, public places all were targets of terrorists. Despite all this, Pakistan was alleged for terrorism all over the world. While expanding her terrorist activities through her Naval Commander Kulbhushan Jhadev India forgot that he might get arrested. Perhaps Indian state terrorists especially RAW was sure that the strong terrorist network established by RAW in Balochistan and Pakistan will not allow Pakistan Army and ISI to put hands on their state terrorist.
Pakistani representative at international court

                Kulbhushan was involved in terrorism since 2003 in Iranian city Chah Bahar; he was training Baloch militants, providing them weapons, and targets. He was responsible to lure unemployed Baloch youngsters to join Baloch terrorists. The support of NDS and increased contacts within Pakistan encouraged him to enter into Pakistan himself. He visited Karachi via Balochistan. He created new facilitators in addition to his existing network to separate Balochistan from Pakistan and stop CPEC. He was so confident that he started visiting Balochistan and Karachi frequently. No one from Indian Defense Ministry and RAW objected his visits to Pakistan. RAW was supported by Israeli MOSSAD and American CIA. These agencies were providing technical support to RAW and advice. No one informed him about the threats in entering into Pakistan just like movie scenes of Bollywood. Both of these agencies were well aware of the capability of ISI and Pakistan army.
                Kulbhushan was being observed by ISI. ISI wanted complete details of his links in Balochistan and Karachi otherwise as soon as he has been arrested, his facilitators would have gone underground. On the suitable time, he was arrested. After investigation when his facilitators were arrested, his arrest was declared by Pakistan. India denied to acknowledge him as an Indian citizen and rejected his confessional statement as well. However, could not deny this bitter reality for long as Kulbhushan was serving an officer of Indian Navy and serving RAW since 2003. Despite denial from India, Kulbhusan would have been sentenced to death for his killing thousands of innocent Pakistanis (which he has confessed and disclosed his activities as well). This would have discouraged those who work for RAW. They would have lost morale as their state was not ready to stand behind them in hard times. The details of Kulbhushan’s family, his job in Indian Navy and serving for RAW has been disclosed by Indian Media.
Kulbhushan's fake passport

                India accepted Kulbhushan as its citizen and declared that India will go to any limit to save her son. According to the constitution of Pakistan Kublhushan was sentenced to death by the military court. India took the case to the International Court. The decision of International has nothing in favor of India. Indian plea for release of Kulbhushan was rejected. In other words, International Court acknowledged that Kulbhushan is a terrorist who cannot be given any soft corner. International Court allowed India to contact her terrorist through Indian Counsellor. Pakistan accepts and abides by the human rights and diplomatic values. Indian counselor would be given access to Kulbhushan. However, this is to be decided by India that whether she is ready to stop her terrorism in  Pakistan or will continue it? She has to be held accountable for her links with BLA (Balochistan Liberation Army) declared as terrorism on international level…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 25 July 2019.