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Two Nations Theory:

Is Only Nawa-i-Waqt Responsible to Safeguard Ideology of Pakistan?

The licensing of free private channels has resulted in lottery of pro-Indian elements. Their campaign against Two Nations Theory is going on without any pauses. These elements include intellectuals having specific thinking, few famous journalists, few personalities from trade and industry, a very famous lawyer, foreign sponsored NGO’s and their followers (easily recognizable as so called leaders of civil society), a big broadcasting institution and few politicians as well. Some of them feel pleasure by being known as Moderate, few as Progressive, or liberal. Their targets are unclear or they are being kept secret however in spite of their disputes they coincide against Two Nation Theory.

                They are trying their best to prove all those solid basics false, which are foundations of Pakistan and independence or all those facts through which Muslims of subcontinent gained Pakistan under the leadership of Great Leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The following logic could not falsify hatred of Hindus against Muslims. They raise objection that if Muslims had freedom in the form of Pakistan than why millions of Muslims remained in India? Our pro-Indian elements are aware of the situation of Muslims in India that in spite of being in millions how Muslims of India living their in the form of minority are suffering (but alas greed has turned them deaf and blind) and it was not possible that all Muslims migrate from India to Pakistan.
Majid Nizami (Editor In-Chief Nawa-i-Waqt group)

                These elements are not ready to accept Pakistani as a nation; they present the mutual disputes of different units within the country proudly against Two Nation Theory. From the last half century they have left no stone unturned that Pakistan should ignore Kashmiri Muslims and close its eyes over the ongoing human rights violations by Indian state terrorists in Indian Held Kashmir. According to them Indian Held Kashmir belongs to India and protest of Pakistan against Indian state terrorism and gang rapes of Kashmiri sisters is equivalent to interference in internal Indian affairs.

                Whether it is Dewali or Holi they are always worried to show solidarity with Hindus and when they arrive at Wahga Border with lamps in their hands their happiness is worth watching. They name this process as message of peace. However, they never felt any need to give same message to estrange Baloch People or nationalist Sindhi brethren.  However, armed Indian interference in Baluchistan or Indian sponsored extremism in FATA is termed by them as failure of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy. Moreover, they claim that these activities are reaction of utilizing Islam and Jihad for defense of Pakistan by Pak-Army and ISI. They are so much intelligent and patriot that after every terrorist attack in India they start pointing towards ISI even before India does so. They are so much stubborn that they do not feel ashamed even when it is proved that Indians (like Col. Purohit) were behind these terrorist activities so that Pakistan could be defamed by blaming ISI. They are not concerned even if India stops air of Pakistan along with the water, because they think India has right to do so.

                These elements are of the view that right after independence Pakistan has itself started friction in relations with India. If Pakistan had not sent its tribes into Indian Held Kashmir to protect an independent state, than our relations with India would not have worsened. If someone tries to remind the formula for division of India (in which all Independent states were given choice either to join Pakistan, India or remain independent), they get angry that the root of this dispute is the formula based upon the Two Nations Theory which has converted sub-continent into hell. They are of the view that India is innocent even after capturing Junagarh, Hyderbad Dakan and Kashmir valley with the help of Lord Mount Baton. The scanned image of “Hindustan Times” published on 28th October 1947 tells the story of the conspiracy which was mutually prepared by English and Hindus in such a way that new born country Pakistan facing shortage of resources and water begs to India to rejoin it like Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal.
Scanned copy of Hindustan Times Published on 28 October 1947; This an evidence of conspiracy of Raja Hari Singh, Nehru and English govt. for illegal invasion in Kashmir

                They claim that war of 1965 was started by Pakistan and Pakistan had to face defeat. In this way these people do not accept heinous role of India in fall of Dhaka as well, in contrast to this they blame Pakistan Army, ISI, Punjab and Punjabi establishment. While neither this slogan of ادھرتم اَدھر ہم  (We here and you there) was raised by any Punjabi nor this warning was given by Punjab that any member of parliament from Western Pakistan trying to participate in meeting of National assembly will have to face grave consequences. The most astonishing fact is that if anyone discusses about Two Nations Theory or in other words Ideology of Pakistan (having no reply/evidence) they get violent and start blaming Muhammad Bin Qasim as a looter and blame that Islam was spread in subcontinent through the force of sword. In such a discussion when writer respectfully requested few liberals, “If you are so much angry with Islam and claim that Hindus are real owners subcontinent, peaceful and preachers than why you do not go back to your identity in subcontinent before Islam?” Then they also get violent over this and try to prove that there is no better Muslim in the world as compared to them, moreover Islam is the only target in their life. Okay! We accept their claim, than why a struggle is going on to divide nation among Sindhi, Punjabi, Baloch, Pakhtun and local and migrants, who is behind this conspiracy of weakening Pakistan in the name of Punjab, Punjabi establishment, blaming ISI for being Islamist? At least who are these people? Who are the people who want to change the identity of the nation from Pakistani to Hindu caste system divided in upper and lower castes or divided over the provincial or linguistic basis? Why they want to end ISI ? So that India can open so many fronts against Pakistan, Pak-Army is trapped into these disputes and in case of expected Indian aggression army cannot face Hindu army and Pakistan had to bow in front of India and USA against China?
Majid Nizami along with Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani and Shahbaz Sharif at the foundation ceremony of Aiwan-e-Quaid-e-Azam

                In the decade of 1940 during the freedom movement when Muslims decided that they cannot live under the control of Hindus, behind this decision was history of centuries and experience of aggressive Hindu behavior. This experience of aggressive Hindu minds produced the courage in Muslims of India to stand against Hindus believing in inhuman caste systems and they got their destination in the form of independent Pakistan. All this became possible just because of Two Nation Theory and our enemy is aware of this reality that as long as Pakistani nation has little affects of Two Nations theory and Ideology of Pakistan, its dream of Akhand Bharat (Greater India) will remain a dream. On the other hand, this is also a painful reality that only Nawa-i-Waqt and Waqt TV has been fulfilling its duty to stop this invasion against Two Nations Theory. Not only this on emergency basis Nazaria-e-Pakistan is trying to conduct such gatherings and seminars in which nation could be informed about the reality and facts of Freedom Movement of Pakistan and Two Nations Theory. From the platform of Nazaria-e-Pakistan Trust different seminars are conducted within the whole country to create awareness among our young generation about the hardships that our forefathers had to bear to gain freedom and how they had dedicated their lives for this noble cause. These campuses and lectures about Ideology of Pakistan are necessary for our youth, as the most students who pass out from modern private schools study nothing about Pakistan in their course books. On the other hand, the abundance of Indian channels is affecting our children; most of the programs are dubbed into Hindi by Indians spreading their beliefs. Through this post, I would like to request Majid Nizami and his colleagues that like Nazaria-e-Pakistan a special campaign should be started to educate our children about the Ideology and Freedom movement of Pakistan. Moreover, a special campaign should be started to dub cartoons and other programs of children into Urdu in order to save our young minds from being infected by Hindu mythology and fairy tales, or these youngsters may forget their own history. 

So that when our youngsters grow up as preachers of Two Nation Theory and when anti-Islamic, Liberal and pro-Indian elements abuse them that they have joined غیرت برگیڈ  (honor brigade) they can reply them bravely, “Yes I am supporter of Two Nation Theory, and I am proud of being Pakistani”. They should be told that the reason behind poor situation of law and order in Karachi is due to our neglect of Ideology of Pakistan i.e. Two Nation Theory. Enemy will not let us live peacefully until we forget our mutual disputes and create the passion like it was at the time of freedom movement of Pakistan. We can only live respectfully by being known as Pakistani not being identified by provincial or linguistic identities…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 24 September, 2011

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Pakistan is Born to Exist Forever...

A different map prepared by another US think-tank, in this map they have tried to prove that USA had decided to break Pakistan and limit to Sindh river in order to block Chinese access to Gwadar. The Northern areas of Pakistan had been shown as part of Afghanistan. This operation had been code named as Operation Enduring Turmoil. The only mistake that maker of this map had done is that in spite of writing the name of New Delhi it has been denominated by Chakra Wheel (shown in the right side in the red circle), this proves that this map is also innovation of Hindus as well...
One dispute doesn’t end that other starts, every moment there is such unrest going on, which forces nation to worry about the integrity of country. At least there is some force behind this which wants to keep nation in chaos? Sometimes the linguistic riots erupts, the process to cool down this is going on that religious and sectarian disputes are highlighted,  if no reason  for unrest is found the provincial disputes are promoted to create chaos. While no one is ready to give attention towards the actual problems of the public, used by all parties and their leaders to win elections, but after getting in power they blame ex-govt. for all these problems and this process keeps on going. The most painful aspect of this game is that when these politicians could not give a satisfactory reply to the problems they all end up on this, “the integrity of Pakistan is endangered, Pakistan is going to be disintegrated because it is useless now for USA”. Pakistan is the sole country in the world whose citizens' favorite topic is safety of their mother land, is this discussion done by general public? No! this duty is fulfilled by our rich elites, so called enlightened and modern liberal fascists in lobbies of five star hotels, or in the gatherings of so called intellectuals. In the free time their favorite topic of discussion is, “When Pakistan is going to be broke” (and they going to be entitled for payment).

                In Libya the treachery against Gaddafi formed the shape of civil war and for six months whole country was in the grip of civil war. There are also people from different cultures, languages and tribes, but no one ever dared to talk about the disintegration or change in the boundaries of the country. Whether these are Congo, Rwanda or troubled countries of Latin America, in spite of the grave internal situation no one has ever dared to talk about the disintegration of these countries, than why only we are indulged in this problem. At least why we have less trust over the integrity of our motherland, and more over the rented external think tanks and their negative reports?
                However, have we ever thought, American intellectuals, unaware of our seasons as well, why don’t they represent their hypothesis or imaginary maps about other countries of the world like they do in case of Pakistan. Why only they make forecasts about Pakistan that it will break in 2012, than they extend their forecast to 2015 and now according to new prediction till 2025 Pakistan will not be present on the map of the world. Cannot we understand such a little fact that in the whole world there is only country India who has made the separate identity of Pakistan the problem for its integrity? It is the only country which thinks Pakistan as an integral part of India, which was cut down by Muslims of India under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah based on Two Nations Theory. India; whose all foreign policies hover around only one point that Pakistan should be weakened internally to such extent state that it loses its identity, and in order to fulfill its damn dreams, Two Nations Theory is the first target of India, because this ideology was the cause of division of India. This is the miracle of Indian investment that Pakistan is unable to build Kala Bagh Dam, and this is the miracle of Indian investment as well that American (rented) think tanks are issuing negative reports against Pakistan on daily basis. But the shameful aspect is that such propaganda is warmly welcomed in Pakistan, on the one hand anti-Two Nation Theory elements take it as a success of their heinous thinking and try to spread further pessimism, while on the other hand the opposition uses these reports to pressurize ruling party.

                Otherwise had any think tank of USA presented any map before disintegration of Soviet Union or in the case of fall of Dhaka there was no such map or report visible. In contrast to this USA was angry with Pakistan because during China-India war in 1962 Pakistan has not allowed India to use Eastern-Pakistan air bases against China and USA wanted to make Eastern Pakistan an independent state before any expected India-China war. Behind the fall of Dhaka, there were also Hindu conspiracies and dream of Akhand Bharat. In this conspiracy, India had full support of higher officials and prominent personalities of Pakistan. If American think tanks are so much capable of predicting future than why did not they warn USA about attack over Afghanistan that do not go there this will prove graveyard for American forces. In spite of ten years Americans have failed to bring peace there or give a suitable reason for attack over a sovereign country. Than why there is pessimism just because of the so-called maps prepared by few lunatics of American think tanks, why are we worried that USA wants to disintegrate Pakistan. If we are ourselves ready to burn our own house than why blame others, on the one hand we take oaths to protect our motherland and on  the other hand we discuss the possibilities of disintegration of Pakistan, at least why? We should be ashamed of this and we should be accountable to our subconscious, are not our enemies using us against our own country?

From September 17, 2011

From September 17, 2011

The maps shown by Altaf Hussein during Press Conference which were prepared by Ralph Peter, who got self retirement from US military, he published those maps in his article BLOOD BORDERS in 2006 in American Armed Forces Journal. While above mentioned article had been already published in January 2006 without maps. In his article he has tried to convince international community that in order to establish peace in the world the present boundaries of the Middle East should be changed because Muslims have been divided into Ismaeli, Naqashbandi, Shia and Kurds etc. So that is why whole world is in the clutches of terrorism, especially Wahabi sect is misusing this situation and is busy in cultivating extremism and terrorists. For this purpose Saudi Arab and Pakistan are playing important role. The change of boundaries on the basis of Blood relations, sects and tribes is inevitable. This was the reason behind the name of the article BLOOD BORDERS. The strange thing in this map is that the link of Pakistan with China in this map has been cut-down, which is the old dream of India, keep in mind that along with the publishing of these maps editor of the magazine had included the stance of American govt. as well in order to fulfill legal demands. Commenting on this White House termed these maps as innovation of writers brain and termed this as impractical because the geography of a country is not the cake of Ralph Peter’s birthday which can be simply cut down according to his wishes and divided among peoples. Moreover Armed Forces Journal has nothing to do with American forces or govt. and neither it has any readers outside USA.
Now a days a map about American conspiracy has been cause of trouble for Pakistani public. People are worried that what will be their fate? Above mentioned map was presented by Altaf Hussein as a proof while talking about a USA conspiracy against Pakistan. If this had been done by a common man this was not something to be worried about because due to favors of India we can see hundreds of such maps on the net. While Altaf Hussein has also said that after unveiling the USA conspiracy and maps he may not address the public, live again. However, he did not disclose that when and where these maps were prepared?

                Lets first talk about the above mentioned map, these maps were published by American digest, “Armed Forces Journal” in its June 2006 edition. If one may remember Dr. Shahid Masood had done 2 or 3 programs on these maps as host in a talk show and in order to pressurize Musharaf govt. our famous politicians have given their comments over these maps that this is because of the dictatorship that USA is going to break Pakistan into pieces. Like Altaf Hussein, Mr. Shahid had not informed nation that who had prepared these maps and what was the purpose behind them and are they really part of any conspiracy to disintegrate Pakistan? Astonishing fact is that even now, our intellectuals and politicians predicting the future of the Pakistan on the basis of these maps have not dared to look over the pruning of other Middle Eastern countries in these maps. In these maps, in very funny manners the boundaries of Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been changed and divided into a dozen of states, in this map neither Palestine is visible (for which UNO is preparing to accept it as a sovereign country) nor the Chinese province Xinjiang has been cut away from China (for which USA and India had joint ventured for creating unrest), nor the freedom fighters within India had been given any importance where 16 recognized freedom movements are present. Even India itself accepts that about 1/3rd of India is under the control of freedom fighters. The great joke in the map is including Indian Held Kashmir into India while showing Azad Kashmir as part of Afghanistan. All these factors show the immaturity, hatred against Muslims and sponsorship of India and Jews for the maker of the map. This is also visible from the title of the map i.e. Redrawing the Middle East Map. Moreover there is nothing exceptional in the map to worry about, you may buy latest “world atlas” or encyclopedia, or open any website you will find thousands of such maps. In these maps one can find the details of religions, nations, languages, tribes of sects of every continent, which had been represented leaving aside the geographical boundaries of the countries.

                Here one may raise the question if these maps do not have any importance that what is the problem, the problem is not of these maps but traitors present within us in the name of liberalism, who think division of India and establishment of Pakistan was unnecessary, and position of Pakistan against India is source of pain for them. In spite of expressing their views against Pakistan openly, they take the support of Hindu and Jewish propaganda and try to create unrest and pessimism in Pakistani public. Sometimes they have the dreams of Greater Pakhtunistan and sometimes they foresee Greater Baluchistan. They cry for the shortage of electricity but when one talks about the building to Kala Bagh Dam they threaten that Pakistan will broke apart, so no construction of dams, if one talks about the independence of Kashmir from India, they get angry because according to them Pakistan is a failed state (while India murderer of uncountable humans is favorite state, so why do not they migrate to India to enjoy liberalism and democracy?). But they should keep in mind that Pakistan was established forever and will be there forever (they may live or die not a problem).
Ralph Peter

In the end I would like to give a brief introduction of Ralph Peter, he is German by birth. He joined US army in 1977 and got commissioned in 1980 after completing training. He was posted in 46th Infantry regiment of 1st Battalion, which is the part 1st armored division of US army. He spent ten years of his job as Military Intelligence Officer in Germany and as being expert on USSR he used to visit Afghanistan regularly. In 1998 he himself got retirement from army. During his service he wrote novels with the name of OWEN PARRY. Now a days due to being famous for his hypothetical and violent analyses he is Permanent Defense Analyst for American News Channel FOX. In 2008 he wrote an essay against Pakistan and tried to prove that Islam has failed to unite Sindhi, Punjabi, Baloch and Pakhtun, the title of the article was;


Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 17 September, 2011.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nation should be informed about the conspiracy behind 1965 War…

The Arrows shows attack of Indian forces over Pakistan
This is 5th of September, before sunset three jeeps entered into Pakistan via Wahga. Few American diplomats were riding in them, they were planned to attend a gathering in American Center Lahore on the night of 5th September. All these three jeeps stopped at Wahga Road near Manawaan Police Station. The luggage from 3rd jeep was transferred into other two jeeps , the passengers of jeeps duting this were gossiping with Pakistanis standing on the road to welcome the guests. After this two jeeps from India departed towards Lahore while the 3rd one returned back to India.

At 9 O’clock in the Amartasar cantonment the commanders of three divisions were busy in a meeting, there faces were shining due to happiness. The latest report from the Pakistani side of border was in front of them, there was no sign of movement of Pakistani forces, meaning the court was clear for them to play. The above mentioned secret report was forwarded to General Chauhdary in New Delhi, as soon as the report was received an emergency meeting was called in Camp Office of Indian Prime Minister Shastri, the mysterious activities were already going on here. Everyone’s face was showing signs of tensions as they were waiting for some report anxiously.

Indian Tanks Captured by Pakistani Forces
As soon as General Chauhdary arrived the doors of the conference room were closed, the persons waiting outside were silent in spite of having a crowd present there. No one was ready to look into each others eyes, suddenly the door of the conference room opened, General Chauhdary, Secretary Defense Chawan and Defense Minister Gulzari Laal Nanda came out together. Gulzari Laal told the staff present outside happily that Prime Minister has signed the orders to attack Pakistan at once, now by the grace of Bhagwan/God the problem of Pakistan will be buried for ever along with Kashmir.

The Secretary of Information Ministry met the Shastri along with the prepared notes for headlines of tomorrow’s newspapers and script for the special bulletin of radio Aakashwaani. There was only one news report, “Indian army has captured Lahore without any big war/fight, on few places the continued resistance by Pakistani forces is being reported which will be crushed soon. General Chauhdary has left a message in the name of nation that on the evening of 6th September he will drink in the name of victory in Lahore Gymkhana Club and will inform the nation about the future of Pakistan as decided by Prime Minister.”

The Jeep of Indian Major General Parasad; he left it and ran away during a retaliation attack by Pakistani forces
It was not dawn yet, the cold air was forecasting the changing weather, this was the last quarter of the night between 5 and 6 September. The infantry troops of Indian army were forwarding towards Pakistani border singing songs and happily followed by APC’s and Tanks. Nothing was audible in this noise of armored vehicles. The peace and trust over the faces of advancing Indian troops was telling some other story, otherwise there is no such an example of the army advancing in such a non professional way towards the enemy. Even in the time of swords and arrows the powerful armies did not attack the weak countries in such manners under the cover of night, these armies used to move under the sounds of drums and this was the sign of bravery of the army but there was nothing like that in our case. Than what were the reasons behind the confidence of Indian army? Were they informed through trustworthy resources that there will be no Pakistani forces to resist them? In order to get the answers to all such questions a big commission should be formed, after complete investigations nation should be informed about the actual situation and conspiracy. People demanding investigations in Kargil war, or disclosure of reports over the fall of Dhaka, why they do not demand the investigative commission over 1965 war? Who is the big traitor of Pakistan behind this conspiracy who could not allow an open investigation?

According to the orders given to Indian army by High Command they had to capture the BRB canal before the sunrise, than they had to move towards Lahore through Mehmood Booti root and capture Badaami Bagh, afterwards troops had to move forward north and capture Ravi bridge. The central part of the attacking Indian troops had to capture Pakistani troops lying within their quarters. The core of General Harbakhash Singh including 3 division and 2 brigades of Armored Personnel Carriers was given responsibility for this fast victory. After fall of Lahore the second big attack was planned over Sialkot. Moreover Sambrial, Gujranwala and Wazirabad were to be captured as well. Why New Delhi was so much confident about its plan, obviously there were some reasons behind this, some conspiracies with the help of Pakistani traitors were going on.

General Ayub Khan visiting Chumb
This is true that due to the war with China in 1962 America and followers had provided heaps of weapons to India, soviet union was also providing India with lethal weapons due to its disputes with China. Neither Indian army had shortage of manpower nor of weapons, while Indian army officers were trained from British Military Academy, most of them had participated in the 2nd world war, they were aware that what is war and how it is fought. But here the case was different, Indian army was not going to fight a war but to make a history of very disgusting conspiracy. The links of this conspiracy were spread from head of Foreign Ministry of Pakistan to Washington, however the soldiers of Pakistan army drew a line with their blood and made it impossible for Indians to cross this line.
Here I would like to mention a little about 1962 China-India war and cunningness of Hindu forces, this will be helpful in understanding the 1965 war. Because Indian children are being thought this mutilated history that China showed aggressiveness and captures Indian areas, but according to historical facts, in 1951 America signed a defense treaty with Pakistan and in 1958 at the time of its renewal India started propaganda that Pakistan will utilize the weapons given by USA against India. On this USA assured India that this will not happen and if this happened USA will take practical measures against Pakistan. The reason behind Indian propaganda was that India had planned to cut of China from areas neighboring to Kashmir and India was afraid that during India-China war Pakistan may attack India

On 12 October 1962 Jawahar Laal Nehru told Indian parliament that he has ordered his army to, “push back Chinese forces out of disputed areas”. The newspaper from New York, Herald Tribune published this as a formal announcement of war on 15 October while British newspaper published this as a warning of Nehru to China. As soon as Indian forces attacked China, US and British cargo planes got busy in piling weapons into India or in other words an aerial bridge of weapon supplies was established. On this few members of US Congress protested against this and criticized that India has attacked China so USA is not bound to provide support to India. On this American Joint Chief of Staff General Maxwell in a secret meeting confirmed that India has attacked China but it is necessary to backup India for safety of USA. On this question that India will not use these weapons against Pakistan General replied that India has assured not to do so. The details of this meeting are present in New York Times published on 19 April 1963.

Till 20 November 1962 India had lost at least 15000 square miles of its area, in this way in the east of Bhutan whole of the North East Frontier Agency (NEFA) was captured by Chinese forces, not only this Sikkim was also to fall out of Indian hands. However on 21 November Chinese had taught enough lesson to Indians and announced censure of war. But USA and Britain continued supply of weapons to India. Through this support India increased its number of 11 regular divisions to 22 till 1964. America and Britain also signed a deal to train 6 mountain divisions of Indian army. All this was being done under the cover of increasing Indian military power against China.

Lets come back towards today’s topic, Indian army forwarding towards Pakistani border was dead assured that no Pakistani forces will be present in the area to resist. According to the drivers of American jeeps (one of them was identified as commandant of Indian infantry unit while other two were also officers of Indian army) had reported that their were no signs of Pakistani army over the border. While the Pakistani foreign ministry was repeatedly telling the govt. that we had to show the world that Pakistan and Pakistani forces are peaceful and away from borders even in such intense situation. In contrast to this Pakistani army keeping in view the movements of Indian army across the border had deployed few units in civil trucks with light weapons on the border. As soon as Indian soldiers entered into Pakistani territory they were welcomed by Pakistani bullets. They were not ready for such attack, they thought they had been trapped and lost their nerves. In the first attack uncountable Hindu soldiers were killed while a big number of them laid their weapons, the driver of American jeeps was also one of them (how many good deeds of Americans we can deny, they had done so much to show their friendship towards Pakistan). After this Indians attacked a full attack with the help of the APC’s and tanks but Pakistani soldiers had built such a strong defense line with their blood that in spite of repeated attacks and modern American weapons India had to lick the dust.

After this India decided to use its air force and on 7th of September proud of Pakistan, M.M. Aalam downed 5 Indian hunter plains just in one flight with the help of his fighter jet F-86 over Lahore. Uncountable Lahori people witnessed this scene by standing over their rooftops. This destroyed the morale of Indian air force to such extent that they did not dare to look towards Lahore again. However Pakistan air force dropped personnel from special services group on Indian airports Pathan Kot, Adampur, and Halwara, they without caring for their life destroyed ready to flight Indian fighter jets. In spite of capturing Lahore as planning and conspiracy of India, she had to loose 1617 square miles of its area. Hundreds of Indian soldiers were made Prisoners of War.

In this 17 day long Pak-India war, India had to face severe international criticism. This was not something usual, India had to second go to world powers for cease of war after China taught it a lesson. Pakistan made India to lick the dust in spite of getting afraid of its ten times bigger army. But alas! The defenders of Pakistan defeated the conspiracy to disintegrate Pakistan in 1965 by giving up their lives, but at least in 1971 the traitors succeeded. If we had conducted fair trials of the traitors of 1965 war of unveiled the culprits of this conspiracy the tragedy of 1971 could have been stopped. Now the situation in Pakistan would have been much different. We accept at that time the disgusting game against Pakistan was hidden and there was no free media to unveil the traitors. But the shameful fact is that same internal traitors are busy in conspiracies, like the past USA is busy in conspiracies against Pakistan in the disguise of friend and the traitors present within us are agents of US. In order to tackle these conspiracies and defeat these traitors it is necessary to unveil the conspiracy behind 1965 war…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 10 September, 2011.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

For God Sake don’t Put Integrity of Country on Stake for Power Game…

Dr. Zulifqar Mirza; With Holy Quran on his head during press conference
Is it possible that American and Israeli spy satellites are hovering in the space for keeping an eye over Pak-Afghan Border, Nato and US forces are also present there, not only Alllied forces but their trained thousands of personnel of Afghan National Army are also on duty on the border, so that terrorists from Pakistan can be stopped from entering into Afghanistan, while in this mission they have also support of US Drones murdering hundreds of innocent Pakistanis. Under such circumstances and measures more than three or four hundred trained, and well equipped terrorists cross the border in the presence of all these forces and attack check posts of an nuclear power i.e. Pakistan. Not only these terrorists had latest weapons but spare ammunition as well, after resistance from Pakistani defenders they cross the border safely to their safe heavens in US controlled Afghanistan. This is not the first incident, this has been going on since Raymond Davis was sent back alive from Pakistan and has been appointed in Afghanistan. Is this possible that these terrorists are not backed up or supported by US and Nato forces? Now lets see this incident in the reverse manners, if these terrorists had crossed the border from the Pakistan side and had attacked in Afghanistan on the check posts of occupant forces, what would have been  the reaction of media?

                Obviously this would have jolted the whole world, this news had become “Breaking News” on all the international and local channels of every country. Such activity would had been considered as attack over a sovereign country (enslaved by Europeans is sovereign?) and suspected areas would had been destroyed by drones and air strikes. But what is the reaction to this activity, the terrorists who crossed the borders (Allies and their trained terrorists might be present among them), attacked the Pakistani check posts martyring 40 security personnel, 20 terrorists were killed in the cross fire while rest went back to their safe places under the control of Allies.
Map of Pakistan especially prepared for Books of Syed Jamaluddin

                However, as a nation perhaps this was not a big news for us otherwise there would have been some reaction. This does not mean that Pakistani people are not concerned with the  deaths of their soldiers or they don’t take these militants as terrorists and their attack as aggression against Pakistan, they are aware that soldiers on these check posts were present there to save the country. So than what is the reason that such a big terrorist activity has been ignored in this way?

                What should public day, they are worried due to the increasing prices within hours, lawlessness and corruption of officials. On the other hand the poor situation in Karachi is also a cause of constant depression to the public, they are angry and sad what is going in Karachi, just in one year about four thousand persons have been murdered. The murderers cutting the throats of their own people do not know why they are torturing their own people to death, even this dance of death did not stop in the holy month of Ramadan. In contrast to this our rulers are busy in power game and conspiracies in spite of doing anything to stop these terrorist activities. The allies kept on playing the drama of leaving the govt. and returning back to the govt. The parties in alliance kept on blaming each other but no one dared to take any practical measures to stop death game in Karachi. The lust for being in govt. and looting country has been given the name of compromising policy. The people has been left to the murderers and terrorists and gangs. Now the situation is that not only in Karachi but in the whole Pakistan this demand is echoing that control of Karachi should be given to Pakistan army. Even those analysts and journalists who were against the role of army in politics are demanding that Karachi should be handed over to army.
Rehman Malik; Interior Minister Pakistan

                                In such situation the provincial minister of Sindh and an important member of ruling party has created a storm in his two hour long press conference by taking oath on the Holy Quran. During his press conference taking sometimes Holy Quran on his head whatever he said and in what manners he said is too much serious. A separate mission should be made to investigate the allegations of Dr. Zulifqar Mirza so that 18 crore Pakistanis could be brought out of chaos.

                However if we say that this conference was the logical end of conspiracies going on between politics between politicians for being part of govt., a struggle to ignore deaths in Karachi in the name of reconciliation policy, this will not be wrong. But one fact disclosed in this press conference is of grave importance, i.e. the interest of America in disintegration of Pakistan and dissolving of ISI. This had worried every Pakistani. Because the allegations raised in the press conference are not the problem of struggle between two personalities, now this has become the problem of saving Pakistan. This situation demands a very serious attitude and formation of a comprehensive strategy to face American conspiracies. As the aggressive and enmity of US towards Pakistan, moreover activities of CIA, MOSSAD and RAW are not secret anymore.
Indian Author Syed Jamaluddin living in France

                In order to understand conspiracies of enemies against Pakistan we will have to go back into the past; it is February 2007, for fifteen days CNN was running a propaganda campaign in the name to advertisement of a book about Pakistan. The book which suddenly came on the front was named as DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM, the author is Syed Jamaludin. This name was not heard before, however he was introduced as an Indian now living in France. In this book author claims Pakistan as a burden on the international level, according to author the terrorism on international level is due to division of India in 1947 (now one should ask him when he loves India so much why he left India?).  in order to understand the views of author lets read two paragraphs of the book as reference;

1.       Regardless of the fact that advocates of Two-Nation theory have finally realized after half a century that the division of united India was not a good idea for international peace. There is a need to correct mistakes. India’s democratic strength for the best of 59 years had proved its existence was fully justified. On the contrary Pakistan emerged as a failed state for a one single reason that a country which was founded  by assembling almost eight different nations in the name of Islam, was unable to justify its existence.
2.       The whole world has become vulnerable to terrorism. The question is who is masterminding such terrorism? Who is providing all possible support to terrorism? Who us creating terrorist minds? Who is threat to international peace? The answer is very simple… Pakistan!

Syed Jamaluddin's book published in February 2007

In this book this has been claimed that division of Pakistan in several small states is the only solution for the international peace (what if every state developed their own ISI). In this map along with the map Jinnah Pur has been also shown. In an analysis to the book an Indian scholar living in America Guru Dev has written that in order to get rid of terrorism the it is necessary to act upon the suggestions given in the book, Pakistan should be divided into Sindhu Desh, Jinnah Pur, Punjabistan, Pakhtunistan and Baluchistan. The following paragraph is in the words of Guru Dev;

                The author says thanks to India, people of East Pakistan who were harassed and tortured by Pakistan became an independent state called Bangladesh, in 1971, but what about rest of its provinces who are craving for independence but are suppressed by ISI and Pakistan Army.

                Before the advertisement campaign of Jamaludin’s book, the book written by Ahmad Rasheed  “Descent into Chaos” has been introduced with full support of USA, India and Israel. The above mentioned single book was published by eight publishers with different title pictures. In this book Ahmad Rasheed has clearly blamed ISI for international terrorism, and extremism. Now one should ask such well educated and enlightened authors were Crusades sponsored or planned by ISI and Pakistan Army? Or the world wars were advised by ISI and Pakistan army, had these two institutions asked Europeans to fight against each other and drop nuclear bombs over Japan? Had ISI advised Britain to capture whole world or enslave their (author’s) mother India? If not! Than what is that propaganda for?  For how many dollars own institutions are being blamed because they are a hurdle in the way of the enemies?
The book of Ahmad Rasheed which was published by different American and Britain publishers at the same time

                The analysis were going on the first book of Jamaludin’s book that second one came on front. In this book Pakistan, Pakistani army and ISI was criticized in more clear words. These institutions guarantor of our defenses were termed as more dangerous than Hitler’s Nazi army and secret agencies. In this book author tried to convince international community that as long as Pakistan is there nothing could be done against Pakistan army and ISI.  So in order to convert whole world to peace (Hindu extremist state) it is necessary to disintegrate Pakistan into several small states, this should be initiated by formation of Jinnahpur, the title of book is;
Formation of Republic of Jinnahpur
Second Book of Jamaluddin

I don’t think that any political party from Peshawar to Karachi, or any Pakistani speaking any language accepts jargon of Jamaludin or will accept what Ahamd Rasheed has said that in presence of ISI the peace in sub-continent is impossible. After the press conference of Dr. Zulifqar Mira it is obvious that India and USA including Britain, Israel and other crusade countries are busy in some grave conspiracy. Any such conspiracy has not to be neutralized by me, you, or other common Pakistanis but by those forces that collectively are known as “Government of Pakistan”. Now this is the duty of govt. to bring forward the actual facts, unveil conspiracy against Pakistan and tackle it…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 03 September, 2011.